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1 So, what's the plan? What? What is the plan? What are plants? Which plants? I don't know, they're jeans! This is so stupid! We could've just gone out for a walk and kept our voices down! What? All right, look.
So, Choak and Kannerman bought your code, and that's the guts of Freeyond, right? Yeah, it makes me sick.
But it means we have home code advantage.
So, did you put in any back doors? Yes.
Yeah, I unlock with my retina scan.
I mean, that could still work.
Right? Do I still have a retina? I mean, I built your face with photos and memories, so Let me look.
You see anything? Yeah.
I mean, I-I have to look closer.
There's nothing good in there.
Okay, rude.
We need allies.
And the only ones I can think of that would want in on this fight are the Ludds.
I have to go back.
I mean, I guess it'll be nice to see your boyfriend again.
Oh no Shut up.
I can't.
This is gonna be fun, yeah.
Yeah, it's great time for me to be begging for help.
I don't love the sound of you out in the woods with some rejected weirdo creep.
I'll bring Ivan.
Now I feel much better.
Huh, what did I tell you? Lookee, lookee.
Oh, my God.
Ooh, and it comes with a state-of-the-art food printer.
Pretty great, right? This is amazing.
And every room comes with a massage wall.
Oh, fuck me.
This is what I am talking about.
This is seriously your first time in a low-level luxury apartment? This is low-level? You like it here, Leeshy? Yeah.
It is nice.
But I make $38,000 at both Horizen and FalafelHa Gross.
Gross, gross, gross.
I don't want to know that.
- Have some consideration.
- Sorry.
Let me share a little piece of info with you, Leeshy.
You're promoted again.
VP, baby.
VP life.
You're gonna make a hundred grand a year, and that's just for starters.
Next year, you should make probably Wait, did you say $100,000? And it's only uphill from here, my Leeshy Martini.
New foods, new friends, new world.
You ready? Hell yeah.
Get this, she literally slipped and knocked her teeth out.
So, she was like She was like, "Oh, God.
Oh, my teeth! Where are my teeth?" Oh, my God.
Who is this? This is my cousin, learning how to ride a bike.
- Idiot.
- Oh, my God.
Nice going, Abigail.
- She's nine.
- Aw.
I'm gonna be such a good mom.
- Right? - Right on.
Moms are hot.
Well, let's hope Nathan agrees.
You got to make me look real hot for this digital-baby doctor appointment.
Oh, God.
I'm gonna make you look so fire.
But wait, hottie, aren't you still alive? So no digi-baby for you, baby.
I just want Nathan to agree to a digital baby.
That'll be proof that he's committed to me and my relationship with him.
And then, I'm gonna tell him that we can have a real baby in real life, because his body's almost done.
- Happy ending.
- Oh.
Yes, he'll be so happy that he won't remember you lied to him for months and made him out of his mind with guilt.
Okay, what your robobrain can't process is that Nathan wants a child, and I will give him one.
So all the love that he feels for that baby is just gonna get, you know, smeared together with his feelings for me, and then the next thing he knows, wedding bells in real life.
I'll be Mrs.
Ingrid Brown, IRL, bitch.
Oh, that's my alarm.
I got to meet Nathan at the doc's, so just, like, finish the hair, okay? Do it.
Wish me luck.
Man, I just feel so guilty.
Oh, good God, I can't even breathe.
Of course you don't want to have a baby with Ingrid.
Although he would be my great-grandson if things worked out with Mildred.
Not Ingrid.
Sending her back into danger.
I was just about to say, the real question is Nora, right? Yeah, this is gonna keep us up at night.
Like a sleepover, huh? I can't help her, so I have to send her back to the Ludds.
What kind of man am I? You are Nathan motherfucking Brown.
Okay? You are the strongest, bravest, smartest, most brilliant man I will ever know.
- And I would give my left nut to be half - Luke.
You have to stop.
I told you it makes me so uncomfortable.
- Sorry.
- Great.
It's time.
Come meet me, Daddy.
Ew, you are not my child.
Well, I might be, if you go to this appointment on time.
- Leave me alone.
- Say you love me.
- No, don't do it, Nathan.
- I'm not.
Say it.
Do it.
Hey, get the fuck out of here, you little baby, before I kick the shit out of you.
He's creepy, right? Gonna be seeing him in my dreams.
No, no, no, no.
Your dreams are not child-friendly.
They are now.
Aleesha set me to G Dream, so I can only dream about kittens and cotton candy and rainbows and frozen yogurt.
Ouchie! - It's bullshit.
- Maybe I should just have a baby with Ingrid.
Right? If it wasn't for me, she'd still be alive.
No more guilt.
Okay? You follow your heart.
You start by breaking up with Ingrid.
Do it for you.
Then you grab your jammies, you bunk down with me, and we whisper all night about what comes next.
You got it? Yeah.
Yeah, uh, I don't know.
I got it.
It's time.
You go tell her, dude.
I'm gonna build a pillow wall down the middle of my bed.
- Which side do you want? - The couch.
That wasn't one of the options.
Y-You got stuff going on.
He's got stuff going on, everybody.
I'm gonna put a baby in you, Nathan Brown.
Hey, guys.
So, any questions about the process? Yeah.
Can we make her eyes, um, sparkle? - Easy.
- Great.
Whose eyes should she have, Nathan? I don't know.
- Let's just say mine.
- Great.
And now, who's going to carry this digital baby? - Not it.
- Uh So you, Nathan? - No, thank you.
- Wha Baby, this is serious.
Okay? We're getting a baby.
Okay, uh, look.
Ingrid, you know how much I care about you, right? - Mm-hmm.
- I mean, you you uploaded for me.
I sure did.
But you also want me to be truly happy, too, right? Um Okay, okay.
What are you saying, Brownie? I can't do this.
- Honey, honey.
Hey, look at me.
- Mm-hmm.
I know that it's scary, okay? But guess who's gonna be right by your side - the entire time.
- Who? - Me.
- Great.
And I'm gonna be a great mom.
Nathan, if it makes you feel better, when your water breaks, it doesn't have to be water.
Chocolate milk.
Whatever makes you feel most comfortable.
- Where would that even come out of? - Your anus.
- Okay.
He's in.
- Mm-mm.
Um, I will have no part of this, so I'm just gonna go.
Nathan, Nathan, hey.
Honey, we're a team, right? Now prove it.
Look, if you need this to happen right now, then you can raise your own clone, okay? Otherwise mm-mm.
Clones aren't legal.
Nathan needs to contribute a little bit of his info even one percent would do so that it's a new human, and also so that he's financially liable, too.
Nathan, will you try to, for me? Ingrid Bambi Kannerman.
I don't want a baby.
And I don't want a girlfriend.
What? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You don't You-you don't mean that, and you can't say that, okay? - Not when I am this close, damn it.
- This close? Okay, Nathan, I have felt more guilty about your death than you will ever know, but I have a surprise for you.
- Oh, my God.
No Brioni gift card.
No Brioni gift card.
- Baby, it's not No, no, it's better.
It's better than that, okay? Nathan we have a way out.
I have been growing your body back to life, and it is 98% done.
Um - What? - You're welcome.
You can finally download and come home.
Can't you just picture it? Holding your mother in your arms again.
Holding Nevaeh in your arms.
Holding me in your arms.
What are you talking about? Ingrid, you're dead.
Second surprise.
I'm hug-suiting it, babe.
I have been the whole time.
Look at your face.
Pretty good, huh? I owe you nothing.
Hmm? Goodbye.
What do What do you mean? Nathan.
Wh-where are you going? Will you Nathan, come back! - Can I say something? - Ivan, look.
You're cool, man.
I like you.
- But it's never gonna - No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I've actually never been less attracted to you than I am right now.
- Wait, what? - I just want to say that I admire who you've become, the leader that you're turning into.
I actually I really appreciate that.
Sorry, I thought it was the other thing.
Yeah, I'm not attracted to people that I respect.
Like, literally never.
I look up to you, Nora.
But I fuck down.
You know, the Roomba's pretty great, though.
Yeah, Monique is awesome.
Remember, phone stays in the car.
Antony, we got to go, come on.
We got no time.
Uh Yeah, just-just one sec.
I-I, um It's my sister.
Uh, yeah, we can wait.
I don't have much time.
What's up? - It's done.
- What? Me and Ingrid, okay? We're done.
And-and you can believe it, because, guess what, - she's not dead.
- Wait, what are you talking about? Yeah, she's alive, Nora.
Ingrid is alive.
She's-she's been holed up in a hug suit for months.
- No.
- Yes.
That's so fucked-up.
Right? Thank you.
Oh, and-and there's more.
Okay, they have my body back in L.
, and she's growing a new head on it for me to download back into.
Holy shit.
So, I mean I have to try.
Wait, what? You-you can't download, Nathan.
That's insane.
I mean, do you remember what happened to the last guy? Remember Rupert? "Fuck science.
" Boom.
I mean, people have tattoos of him exploding.
Yeah, yeah, I know, but they've been experimenting successfully on pigeons.
All right? At least 80 of them are still alive.
- Out of how many? - 700.
- 700? - Yeah, but of those 700, 400 of them made it at least 24 hours.
That's amazing.
What happens after 24 hours? Hey, are you okay, little buddy? Look, you'd be crazy to download now.
Nora, 24 hours is enough time for me to use my retinas - and break into Freeyond.
- No.
- I have to do it.
- No.
No, there's got to be a better way.
And why would Ingrid just give us your body? All right? She'd rather burn it.
Oh, we're gonna have to steal it, I just don't know how yet.
I know how.
What's up, Nathan? Come on, Nora.
I know you don't have a sister.
I stalk you on social media.
Hi, Ivan.
Look, there's Ludds in L.
, too.
If we can get Pastor Rob on our side, I think we got this.
- You really think he'd help? - Positive.
Remember I was gonna be a lawyer? I can be pretty persuasive when I want to be.
How dare you! Download is worse blasphemy than upload.
Only one download ever occurred.
And it was Christ our Lord.
And Christians are called upon to act, like Christ.
And Nathan is willing to risk his head exploding to save the poor.
Do you have any idea what he's giving up? I mean, yeah, you call it blasphemy, but for the lucky who get to upload, it is luxury.
And he's tasted it.
I mean, would you leave heaven to save the rest of us? I'll come.
Thanks, Rejoyce.
Matteo? We need your side, too.
I need you.
You seriously think I'm gonna help you bring your ex-boyfriend back to life? You think I'm that much of a wilsmith? So, you only want to help the masses if I sleep with you? What? I'm-I'm No.
That's not I.
That's I didn't say that at all.
You're twisting it.
Sounds to me like she got it right.
I I would never That's Yeah, I'm not gonna win this.
You win the way we all win: stopping Freeyond.
We know what to do.
Burn them down.
There are 600 locations scattered in swing states and two days left.
We need to knock out the whole thing all at once.
And to do that, we have to get Nathan's body from Los Angeles.
I'll help.
Of course I'll help.
Never said I wouldn't.
I have a guy planted in the Hyperloop.
We can be in L.
How's that? Hollywood? Take me with you.
Just shut up and dig, Boris.
You excited for me, Nevaeh? Tons.
I'll miss you, though.
You're just sending me ahead.
By the time that you're an old woman, I will have built a huge house for our whole family to live in.
Can Uncle Nathan come, too? Yes, but it's a surprise, so don't tell him what I'm doing.
Shouldn't you tell him? He usually has better instincts than you.
I will remember that, Nevaeh, and your digital room just shrank by a half.
Open up the champagne, pop This my house, come on Welcome to paradise.
- This is gonna be epic.
- Yeah.
Been here many times.
Little loud.
Come on, man.
Show me a little respect.
I'm taking you in.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Where can I throw my shoes? Right, uh, there is fine.
I mean, you know, whatever.
It's chill here.
Um Look, there's something you should know.
I do it, too.
It's totally fine.
No, not that.
Um I might be leaving sooner than later.
Okay, but you're coming back for dinner, right? Because I'm ordering us some turkey burgers, and I have cookie dough.
That actually sounds really good, but, um No, I mean, like like, leaving-leaving.
I'm downloading.
But you're coming back, right? I don't know.
Well, I can't forget This evening Or your face - As you were leaving - God.
But I guess that's just the way the story goes Luke.
You always smile, but in your eyes Your sorrow shows Can't live If living is without you This is the New York/Los Angeles 3:00 p.
Next stop, Indianapolis.
What are we gonna do for four hours? I don't know, maybe we could, uh you know, go over a few things in our relationship.
Try to figure out what went wrong.
Ooh, there's Wi-Fi.
- Yes.
- Oh.
I'll talk to you about your relationship, bro.
What's your favorite fetish? Okay, I meet them in the Grey Zone, right? Did you tell Luke? Yeah.
There was a lot of crying.
The program was literally running out of tissues.
We're right outside.
Excuse me.
Hi, there's some dick outside spray-painting the wall right now.
I just thought you should know.
Yeah, like, right now.
Hands up.
Move back.
Keep going.
On the floor.
- Wait, you're the dick? - Just get on the floor.
You're doing great.
Tie him up.
Hey, a bunch of these are upside down.
Look, Nathan, help me find which ass is yours.
Well, it's very tight.
Pretty toned.
At least it was, the last time I saw it.
Probably still is, right? No, that's not it.
Oh, God.
Please don't be me.
Please don't be me.
No, that's not me.
Aw, come on, Nora.
That's not mine.
- Baby.
- Shh.
What? - Baby, hi, baby.
- Can't you hear that? That noise, where do I know that noise from? You're all done now.
Let me get those tubes for you, all nice and comfy.
Huh? I brought a present for you, Brownie.
That's right.
Are you so excited, baby? They're Brioni.
They're your favorite.
We're gonna be together again, okay? Just you and me.
Does that make you happy? Yeah? I just have to move you in case they come and try and take you from me.
Oh, God.
Your abs have gotten so flabby since you've been in this tub.
Ingrid, no.
Norma? What the hell are you doing here? Look, I-I met you six times, but my-my name is Nora.
- Yeah, from impact yoga, right? - What? No, no.
Ingrid, just please step away from Nathan's body.
- It's an emergency.
- Uh-uh.
Nathan is mine, okay? Why, why can't you understand that? It is not that hard to get, Nara.
Ingrid, look, Nathan needs to download now, or millions of real people's lives are gonna be in real danger.
No, you're lying.
- Just get away from us, okay? - Hey.
We got to go.
What's the holdup? He is all I have ! Good Lord.
Hey, wait.
No, no, don't pull that! The computer's still controlling his life functions because the head is empty.
If she pulls that out Matteo, put the gun down now.
Hey, Ingrid.
Look, I'm not, I'm not judging you.
You grew up with wealth a-and beauty.
And people think your life is full of happiness.
They don't know that you worked hard for it.
But I know.
I see a woman with great heart who really cares about Nathan and-and wants him to be happy.
You're an amazing person who will find true love one day, a love that'll seem easy and not hard work.
Look, I see that coming for you, Ingrid Kannerman.
But right right now, i in this moment, we-we need your help.
Please, please, look, it-it's not it's not for me or anyone here.
There are good people that are in harm's way from some greedy, powerful people that I think you know.
But I know you.
You're a good one who will help us, so so help us bring Nathan Brown back to life, back to us and back to you.
The real you.
Not not this you.
You're good.
It's time.
The Grey Zone.
All right.
Wow, good for you.
- Need help? - Nope.
I got it.
You sure? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Just got to get a different angle here.
There we go.
What's happening? Give it to me straight.
How are my abs looking? - All right.
- Oh! New approach.
Is he okay? It sounds like he needs help.
Somebody should probably help him.
I'm good.
Okay, I need help.
- I need help.
- Okay, Grey Zone's ahead.
Hey! Hey, no! You cannot go there! Sorry, I don't think so.
You're not allowed in that area.
Hey, hey! No! It's cool, buddy.
It's all good.
It's good.
I'm with him.
Wait, what? Who the fuck are you? My name is Boris Netherlands.
I'm here to save your life.
We got to get to the Grey Zone download before the system knows we're missing.
And scene.
Hello, I'm Officer Jennifer Garner, an automated system with the voice of Jennifer Garner that can handle complete emergencies.
Your call is very important to us, and it will be recorded to help us catch whoever is doing whatever to you now.
Let's start with your location.
Oprime numero dos para español.
Help! I can't believe this is happening.
Well, believe it.
- Can I watch from over there? - Yeah.
Do you want to get, like, some drinks after that, maybe? - Don't even.
- That was a bad time, right? - God.
- Yeah, sorry.
We're ready.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, wait.
He's not balanced on the chair.
Nora, grab his arm.
Everything set? Do it.
In three Two One.
I got him.
I got him.
Shit, I lost him.
I can't find his consciousness now.
I I just had it here.
Damn it.
Find it.
He should've woken up by now.
Goddamn it.
Piece of cake.
Um Hello, boyfriend.
I'm sorry, that-that's not fair.
You did dump me this morning.
I can see you've really gotten over it.
All I ever wanted was for you to look at me like you look at her.
Ingrid, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
You take real good care of this client.
Okay? I'll pay extra.
We got to go, right now.
Come on.
- I'm so sorry.
- Seriously? Wait, I But didn't he just download? Just in case! Okay? Just in case.
All right.
All right, we got three compartments back to New York, so, Nora, I figured you share with Rejoyce and I'll bunk with Nathan.
Uh Just kidding.
You guys take, uh, compartment three.
Oh, um You can have the bed, I'll, uh, take the floor.
Nobody bought that.
Probably not.
So Here we are.
I've been dreaming about this, and now that it's here, I'm I'm a little nervous.
What happens in your dream? Well You start by standing really close to me and looking at me really softly.
Yeah, like that.
And, um and then you lean into me.
I like that.
Just like that.
That's nice.
And then you turn into my eighth grade algebra teacher.
It gets really weird, I know.
And then you fall into a ditch.
I've just really been Mmm.
You smell amazing.
I had no idea.
I smelled your T-shirt, so I kind of knew this would work.
How is this gonna work? Um maybe there? - Oh.
- Mm.
Well, that's narrow.
Uh, well, I mean, I could sleep on the floor for real, if you want.
Oh, don't be an idiot.
I'm not missing out on this.
Just means we'll have to lie right on top of each other.
That is a sacrifice that I am willing to make.
Oh, my T-shirt.
Wait, am I too heavy? No.
Not even a little.
All right, wait.
Are my knees are my knees poking you? - If they're, if they're sharp - No.
I love your knees.
Your knees are the best.
Is this okay? It's not too awkward? No, it's perfect.
I am a fruit that grows on a tree.
Finish my letters and you'll spell me! God, wake me the fuck up right now! Lucy.
- You have a second? - What's up? I thought about it, and I want to choose the apartment.
New world, new street, new foods.
You know what this means, right? Leeshy's on Horizen's golden leash? Leeshy's on the leash.
Yay! We're gonna have dinner parties, and I'll introduce you to everybody on the block.
It's really a terrific block.
And we'll turn you into the new me ! Oh, okay.
Hey, so I usually start my day by checking in on Mr.
Nothing weird.
It's not like I'm obsessed with him or anything.
That would be inappropriate.
Or would it, though, do you think? Anyway, um, he's nowhere in the system, and, um there's no record of him ever leaving.
He fell in a glitch.
What do I do? Restart from auto-backup and don't tell anyone.
Ah, don't worry, Brownie.
It's gonna take us a tiny bit longer than we expected, but I'm a really good mommy, and I've got you.
And nobody is gonna stop us.
Especially Norma.
This is so stupid.
You did it.
Yay! Go you! Mm-hmm.
I'm purple, tasty, sweet, yum.
I'm not a peach, but I'm a Plue? "Ploot"? "Ploom.
" Ploom? Skip.
I'm curved, yellow and long.
Eat me up and stay very strong.
I believe Bingo! Yeah! Ho!
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