Upload (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

Ticking Clock

[LUCY] You ready to roll?
This is my second day.
- Uh-huh.
- Still not exactly sure
what it is that we do here, but
[MAN] Uploads live a life of luxury.
Ingrid uploaded for me.
I'm with someone, too.
Oh. It's all good, brother.
- That was weird.
- So weird.
[AI GUY] It's Family Day, and
the new Proto-Tykes are here.
- Oh, what seems to be the problem?
- You're a moron.
You will become human
before that woman ever does.
Aleesha, you're promoted again.
- You ready?
Oh, it's on!
The Ludds hate our kind,
and they're capable of anything.
- What'd you hit?
- Freeyond.
Why pick on Freeyond?
They're the good guys.
[AUTOMATED VOICE] Upload for free.
Freeyond's a good idea.
Give the poor people even a smidgen of
what we enjoy here.
[DAVID] Nathan Brown isn't a threat.
He has no memories left
to tie me to anything.
My God, it was Choak.
He's the one who had me killed.
They knew you were
working on a free upload.
Choak bought your code, and
that's the guts of Freeyond.
We need to knock out the
whole thing all at once.
- We need allies.
- I mean,
I guess it would be nice
to see your boyfriend again.
Oh, no
Shut up.
[NATHAN] Freeyond unlocks
with my retina scan.
We have a way out.
I have been growing
your body back to life.
- Ingrid, you're dead.
- Surprise.
lied to him for months,
and made him out of his mind with guilt.
- Goodbye.
Nathan needs to download now
or millions of people's lives
are gonna be in real danger.
Nora, I have enough
time to use my retinas
to break into Freeyond.
Do you remember what
happened to the last guy?
The first download in human history.
I have to do it.
- Three, two, one.
What are you doing in NYC? You're dead.
Mr. Brown, he's nowhere in the system.
Restart Nathan and don't tell anyone.
I've been dreaming about this.
What happens in your dream?

Hold on, hold on, I
think I missed a spot.
Mm, points for being thorough.
Um, uh, are you feeling okay?
I feel great. Never
Never b
What the fu

- Right.
Hey. New burner.
So, you good?
Yeah, yeah. Just, uh,
enjoying the old body again.
Nice. Were there not enough
mirrors in Lakeview, pretty boy?
That's weird, I was gonna
call you "dead boy" just then,
but you're alive again,
so maybe, how about,
uh, zombie boy? Zombie pretty boy.
That's pretty good. "Oh, I need brains.
Brains. Other people's
girlfriends and brains!"
- Okay.
Yeah. So you won't be around for long.
We just need your
retinas for a couple days,
then you can pop off
back where you came from.
Well, you are legally
dead, so you can't get work.
In fact, yeah, how would
you even support yourself?
Oh, you could just mooch off Nora.
Like you did with Ingrid.
Isn't that kind of, like, your thing?
Right, well, I guess
if the hottest woman
I'd ever been with
rejected me for a dead guy,
I'd be a little salty, too.
Thanks for the phone.
I was wondering if Nathan
wanted to bird-watch with me.
- Um
- Where is he? Do you know?
- Mm
- Why are you here, alone in Nathan's suite,
wearing his clothes?
I'm pregnant.
It's a new thing.
Well, I saw the ads.
Yeah, yeah.
So we're gonna have a little one.
Mm-hmm. So, may I?
Oh, uh, mm-hmm.
Wow. Remarkable. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you. [LAUGHS]
- [LUKE] So Choak came by wondering where you were.
- Oh, shit.
The Ludds are about to
sneak us into Choak Tower.
We're gonna break into
Freeyond and shut it down.
You didn't say anything, did you?
Of course not. No.
You think I'm an idiot?
No, I told him I was
pregnant with our child.
Would you ever want
to co-parent with me?
Look, I can't keep
having this conversation.
- Yes?
What do you want from me?
That's not fair. I-I
don't always only call
when I want something.
Look, I know things have been
weird lately between us,
but can you take the
day off and help me?
[LAUGHS] And there it is.
I can't do this with you right now.
With my new lease,
I gotta make it work at work.
- Is this where Ivan is?
- I
[ALEESHA] I've been
looking for him all morning.
I I can't say.
What's it like having a body again?
It's weird. It's weird.
My fingers are still all wrinkly
from being in the tub so long,
and smells are way too intense.
I don't know how else to say this,
but I'm farting more.
- Did you tell Nora?
- Why would I tell her that?
I would tell you that.
Yes, I know you would.
So, did you guys hook up?
Was it everything you
thought it would be?
She seems like a bit of
a pillow princess to me.
It'll get better.
Maybe. Who knows, though.
Let's just say we had
an amazing connection.
Yeah, I had one of those once,
but then he downloaded.
Oh, my God, make a new friend, okay?
I don't know when I'm coming back.
Fine. Whatever.
So I guess I'll see you in a few days,
- or weeks, or months.
- Leesh
Don't. Lucy calls me that.
Well, looks like yours
went as well as mine.
What was that? Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah. I'm-I'm hungry for sure.
Oh, well, let's take your new stomach
- out for a spin, then.
- Yeah, that's great.
Oh, what a gorgeous day.
You're gorgeous.
- Oh, you're into me.
- [GASPS] Oh.
- Oh, good.
- One, please.
- Mm-hmm.
With, like, an unholy amount of onions.
All right, you better eat them, too.
No, just onion stink for you.
[BLACK PUMAS: "Colors"]
I woke up to the morning sky first ♪

Baby blue, just like we rehearsed ♪
When I get up off this ground ♪
I shake leaves back down ♪
To the brown, brown, brown, brown ♪
Till I'm clean ♪
- You like it?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mmm. It's really good.
- Mm-hmm.
God, I wish we had a
whole month together.
I just got back in this
body, I'm having fun.
I'm headed to town, town, town ♪
One month? What, and
then you get tired of me?
Not a chance.
Could be longer.
Yeah, could be shorter, too.
A month would be heaven.
The most elaborate
booty call of my life.
Huh, it is Nathan Brown.
And not on a screen either.
I have some questions for you.
Can you even get out of that thing?
Yes, but it's not worth it.
Just talk to me through the window.
Uh, Detective, are you stuck?
- I am not.
- [NATHAN] Mm-hmm.
Please stop.
So you were only pretending
to be in Lakeview.
Thing is, the scan tech
that uploaded you in L.A.
confirmed you died.
You mean was murdered.
Why don't you solve that
instead of worrying about
The guy in the elevator, I
know that was self-defense.
He's a contract killer.
Who hired him, though?
That's the question.
See, I'm putting it all
together piece by piece.
If you find another, here's my contact.
Well, you want a hint?
Connect elevator dude to David Choak.
The Yankees' new shortstop?
The dead billionaire.
Oh. That makes more sense.
[NATHAN] Yeah.
I never use these. I want a refund.
Is that the silk cutout
bra and G-string set,
or the open-gusset boyshort?
You can't tell the difference?
Programmed by nerds.
Ah. "Custom sexy fisherwoman's
outfit with assless waders."
I don't see how
these would be water-resistant.
You have no idea what it takes
to keep a relationship spicy.
Not that it made any difference.
He left me tied to a chair.
Oh. Oh, these'll do.
These will do just fine.
- Yes.
- Oh
Okay, first, why don't you tell me
a little bit about yourselves,
and why you have the arrogance
to think you can fill the
friendship shoes of Nathan Brown.
Okay, well, I'll go first.
I Hello, first of all.
Hi, my name is AI
Bartender, and I am a piece
of artificial intelligence
designed to let you know
what you want to hear.
And what I'm getting from you is that
we're not Nathan Brown.
Nathan Brown is perfect.
And why-why will we
replace him? We can't.
Because Nathan Brown is perfect.
That's a really good answer.
I know basketball.
Oh, yeah? Best player
in the history of the game, all of you.
- Michael Jordan.
- Bill Russell.
Nathan, if he tried.
You're gonna sweep
this thing, aren't you?
All right, uh, how about impressions?
Who can do impressions?
Who do you want us to do?
You know what, surprise me.
No. Nathan.
There it is.
Uh, to be honest,
I didn't really spend
a lot of time with him.
I don't really know what he was like.
Uh, that won't be a problem, right?
Of course not.
Access revoked.
[HIGH-PITCHED] Oh-oh. Whoa!
And then there were two.
Eh, fuck it.
Access revoked, access revoked.
Oh, I was a fool to think I
could just replace you, huh?
[FACE READER] Rafi Zukor. Approved.
Anna Ruiz. Approved.
- Seriously?
- What?
I was just being polite.
Hey, I don't remember
seeing you two before.
She Well, uh,
actually, she I'm
Her Me Well, it's
actually, we're, um
[WITH ACCENT] The story of my life.
Yes, a middle child of three sisters.
Older sister, cello prodigy.
Younger sister sick all the time.
We never knew what it
was, but it was bad.
And I was just doing my homework,
doing my-my chores, and what?
And getting ignored.
And why? Because I was not playing
at Dave & Buster's Lincoln Center,
and not in a hospital bed?
Maybe it's just me. It's just me!
Um, I been here for three months,
and still, no one sees me.
I'm so sorry.
[WHISPERING] I didn't know any of that.
Wow, you're bad under pressure.
What? I'm great under pressure.
Come on.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh. Whoa. Whoops.
Whoopsies. Sorry, Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown.
Yes, hi. What time is
Family Day starting tomorrow?
Family Day is starting
in minus two weeks.
I'm sorry, what?
The exact time until Family Day
is two weeks and 40 minutes ago.
Okay. Uh, Angel.
Hi. Oh, wow,
you look great, if I say so myself.
Thank you. Um, who are you now?
Oh, the server from our
dinner party last night.
Okay, great, yeah.
Thanks for getting your own avatar.
Yeah. Yes. Sure. How do you like it?
Sure, it's fine.
Uh, there's something
wrong with the concierge.
He seems to think that
Family Day already happened,
so I don't know, you might want to
do something about that before
the visitors start to arrive.
Right. Yes. Nice catch, Nathan.
Sure. Okay.
Uh, call on me whenever.
Oh, my God. Do you like him?
[SIGHS] Okay.
First person ever.
First person ever!
What are you doing?
Uh, nothing, nothing.
getting past the firewall.
Open root directory.
Open "Freeyond Code Edit."
It's airgapped.
I can't access it remotely,
only through the servers in
Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Okay, progress.
Your retinas work, and
now we have the address.
And I've always wanted
to see New Jersey.

Miss Kannerman, is this a good time?
I answered, didn't I?
Good news. We scraped the
shaft, and it's viable.
I'm sorry, who is calling?
NeckGen, ma'am. About
the hair you brought in.
We were able to get enough
DNA for a whole new clone.
And the accelerated
time table works, too.
Yeah, I'm actually rethinking
this whole investment.
Why should I treat him like a priority
when he treats me like an option?
I read that book, too.
- I'm playing myself.
- You're playing yourself.
I have made chasing after
this man my entire identity.
I don't even recognize myself anymore.
Well, this stops now. Okay?
Yeah, I am gonna make
myself into someone
that I can love, and
then I will attract love.
The love that I deserve.
- Preach.
Oh, shit, can you hold, please?
Hey, babe, where are you?
Where am I?
Yeah. I looked for you in
the room, the dining hall,
the spa.
Wait, you're back in Lakeview?
Uh, yeah. Where else would we be?
Just hurry home, okay? I miss you.
Hey, can I, um, put you on hold
just a little bit longer, please?
[NATHAN] Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- We're going in there?
- What's the problem?
Nothing. Nothing.
- Oh, my God.
- I know, I know. I'm trying to find the air freshener.
No, look.
Taken inside Freeyond headquarters,
Oliver Kannerman and David Choak.
Also, Rory Shickleman and Penny Chao.
He's the head of Panera Aeon,
and she runs Cove for Apple.
Wait, isn't that your boss?
Kamyar Whitbridge? Shit.
And that's his boss, Miro Mansour.
Why is Whitbridge so small?
[NATHAN] Maybe he
didn't use an assistant
to set up his hologram.
There's at least four
billionaires in that room,
and they're supposed to be competitors.
- What'd you do?
- Shit.
I hit "Coastal Tide." I
thought it was a scent.
Apparently it's an ambience.
- Oh, God.
[WHISPERS] Are you kidding me?
I'm normally very good
under pressure, okay?
Just play it cool.
[KAMYAR] Oh, it's back at
Founder's Grove this year.
Good chance to play a little golf.
Choak. Something wrong?
I know we have a timetable,
but my gut tells me we should advance.
I want to see trucks filled with drives
headed to the server farm tonight.
Not tomorrow?
Um, that's gonna be
Whichever branch can open, should.
Let's burn some heads tonight.
Heads will burn.
Open Miami-Dade.
Open Downtown L.A.
[WOMAN] Everybody, we're starting!
Yes! Ah!
So exciting. Are you ready, gals?
Hey, I know you.
You gave me that tour.
Nathan's mom.
Aww, call me Viv.
Thank you, Viv.
I'm Mauricio.
- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.
[MAN] Are you ready, New York?!
[MAN] Socialcare cards out and ready.
Here you go.
- Good luck. You're true pioneers.
- Let's do it.
look straight ahead.
If you'll excuse me, I have
other business to oversee.
See you all at the next one.
Maybe just an email
thread next time, guys.
Hey, watch it!
Don't leave your brooms
in our conference room.
[NORA] There's at
least four billionaires
in that room, and they're
supposed to be competitors.
Choak is in bed with
the upload companies,
and they control Freeyond.
This is the proof.
Yeah, or it's a deepfake.
After the video of Vin
Diesel going berserk
at the Columbus Zoo, no site's
going to publish anonymous footage.
Vin Diesel versus the three manatees.
Wait, that was fake?
Well, let's give Detective Sato
a little something
to chase down, though.
Nice. Text Sato most recent recording.
Also, we found the
address of the server farm
where they're keeping
the Freeyond source code.
- With my retinas
- And my brains.
With my retinas and both of our brains,
we can get in and finally
crash this fucking thing.
Great. That's great.
But, uh, Ivan, you can go with Nathan
to the server farm.
Nora, you're with me.
Wait, when did we discuss this?
I'm not going anywhere without Nathan.
Nora, you're a voice
people listen to, right?
You should come with
me to the retail store
and talk to the people in line.
All Nathan needs is some
dope to watch a door.
- Ivan can do that.
- Cool. I have a use.
Hey, it's fine, okay? Go.
I'm in no hurry to die a second time.
Good, you know, 'cause after last night,
I've been thinking about
Schwing! [LAUGHS]
Oh, don't stop on my account.
[LUKE] Hey, babe.
It's Ingrid.
Yeah, I know, that's
why I called you "babe."
- Hi, beautiful. Mm!
- Hi. What?
Okay. No, no, no, no, no.
You can't You can't just
I don't No. You
I I am going to live alone,
and I'm gonna work on myself.
Okay? And then I'm gonna get love.
All-all of it.
So so you take that, buster.
Shh. I get it, okay?
I'm sorry your parents don't
want to be here for Family Day.
That sucks.
But you know what? Screw them.
Okay? You're better than them anyway.
You can hang with me, Nevaeh, my mom.
We can be our own little family.
Just one second, please.
Yeah, okay, grow the thing.
Put it on my card.
Little longer. Sorry. Thank you.
- What was that?
Nothing, Brownie.
Just, um, I just wanted
you to miss me a little.
- Well, I missed you.
- You did?
- Yeah.
- I missed you.
Come here.
- Family Day, babe.
- Yeah, babe.
It's gonna be great.
- It's gonna be soon.
- Mm-hmm.
It'll be in the future.
Oh, you're so cute.
[NATHAN] Whoa.
Dude, I just have to get
to a hardwire terminal.
Look, I get it.
You're the nerdy
sidekick, not Jason Bourne.
That's where I come in.
I don't think these
are the right weight.
I'm a fuckin' monster ♪
Fuckin' up some motherfucker ♪
- Sorry, I'm just
- Ivan.
- You kind of
- Ivan.
How many fucking halls in this place?
Oh, shit, I cut myself.
I don't get it.
They're about to upload
millions of scans,
literally yottabytes of data,
and they have one server.
Yeah, great, nerd. In English, please.
Dude, you work at Horizen.
It-It's too small, okay?
There's not enough storage
for a new digital afterlife.
Wait a second, what's this?
[MATTEO] So, is being with Nathan
everything you wanted it to be?
- I hope so.
- Yeah. Thanks.
Good. Great.
I mean, obviously, the first
night would be romantic.
- It was.
- Yeah. What about the second and the third?
- Matteo.
- I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.
I-I, I wish you guys the best.
Okay? I wish you the best
with what little time you have left
before Nathan's head goes
Unlike me, who still has
all four grandparents,
average age 93.
- Okay, will you shut up?
- Okay, I'm sor
Ooh, trouble in paradise?
Oh, God.
Thank you for the opportunity
to address the tragedy
that has occurred,
that has touched so many
millions of Americans.
The Ludds have a
reputation for brutality,
but to destroy Freeyond?
Hundreds of servers with
over ten million souls?
Dear God.
Look. Bored Ape's Pulitzer
seal and everything.
We can only ask why.
I don't get it. This never happened.
- Did they know we were coming?
- No.
Oh, my God. They don't care.
That's why there's one little server.
They-they don't need Freeyond to work.
They just need to
lose ten million votes.
Look, I know they're the
bad guys and everything,
but can we admit this is cold as fuck?
Look, a free upload
would be great, sure.
But this is too good to be true.
I mean, you know what else
you lose when you upload,
besides your body? Your vote.
So what? I'd trade my vote
for a chance at heaven.
What do we do?
Smash shit and run.
No, no.
They want us to break it, right?
So we leave it.
Let's not smash it.
That'll show 'em.
- But we send out their press release
right now.
Thank you for the opportunity
to address the tragedy
Did you see this?
Freeyond has been destroyed.
Oh, well, that was close.
- Let's go.
- Sorry.
Once you sign, we have
to go through with it.
- What?
- Oh.
Run. Run!
[TECHNICIAN] Hey, where you going? Stop.
We lost our family farm,
then Oscar Mayer Intel
bought all the land in the county.
But I can grow anything
I want in Freeyond.
[WOMAN] Next three.
It was a nice try. Let me, uh,
show you how it's done.
Friends, comrades
Shut up and get in the back of the line.
- Yeah, I don't think
these people want to be helped.
- What?
- The opportunity
to address the tragedy
that has occurred,
that has touched so many millions
This must be Nathan. Come on.
Socialcare cards.
You know, those were just kids.
Stop this.
Oh, fuck, we have resisters.
Yeah, you're gonna leave now.
Turn around. Turn around. Let's go.
Just walk. Great.
Good for you.
These poor people who
scanned for nothing.
We have to save as many as we can.
We do. And speaking of us,
we make such a good team.
And it just, I don't know,
it just feels right to me,
so I just want you to
know that in a week or so,
after Nathan dies, I am
open to trying this again.
- God, Matteo.
- Yeah?
This is not the time.
- When would be a good time?
- Police!
Stop what you're doing.
Or how about you drop your
gun or I shoot you in the face?
- Put your weapon down.
- Put your weapon down.
Stop, okay, both of you.
You're on the same side.
No, what? Fuck the police.
The police aren't on my side.
Lower your weapon or
I will end you both.
She's willing to die for the cause,
and so am I, my friend.
Whoa. Matteo. Look, I know him.
He's Sato. Sato's fair.
And, Detective, Matteo is a friend.
Boyfriend, maybe. It's in play.
No, it is not.
Guys, just lower the
fucking testosterone, okay?
Just put your guns down.
- What is wrong with you?!
- Sorry, Nora.
Oh, please.
[QUIETLY] Text Nathan.
Cop bad. Don't come. Send.
I'll take that phone, too.
Oh, no.
New destination.
[MATTEO] Upload. Upload.
Just hang on, Matteo. I got you.
- Hey, Nora.
- Yeah.
- Upload.
- I know.
- I'm trying. Look, it just
- Upload.
It takes a moment to warm up.
How could you do that?
I can see why you're upset.
Upset? Fuck you.
Look, I thought you were
one of the good guys.
[SATO] Yeah, sorry.
I got your video.
And I bet the Choaks
would pay a lot for it.
Especially after I tell them
how I tied up all the loose ends.
So your boyfriend was right, I guess.
- Friend.
- More than friends.
Come on, faster, please. We got to go.
mate, there's a speed limit.
- It's ready. I can scan him.
You can, and I can scan you after.
But you won't end up anywhere.
I'm just gonna throw all
these drives in the river.
Well, still, you can't blame me
for-for doing what I can.
I guess not
[MATTEO] [LAUGHING] That was so cool.
Just hang on, buddy.
Okay? Just a little longer.
Buddy? Really?
After everything
Damn it. No.
Oh, let's never split up ever again.
Yeah, good with me.
Is that Sato's car?
Where's Matteo? My idiot
practically cut his finger off.
- [IVAN] Hey.
[SIGHS] Look, it's-it's a
long story, but we got to go.
Can you help me with these?

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