Upload (2020) s03e06 Episode Script

Memory Crackers

This is me.
- Uh, I'd invite you back, but
- Dupe detection.
- Yeah, Nora already gave me that
- Lecture.
- You always know what I'm gonna say.
It's so weird. I've never had a brother.
Yeah, yep, yep.
I mean, this place is where
you make your best friends,
but it is frickin' weird.
Like the poop settings. You know,
it's like if you try any other speed
besides "normal release,"
it just feels like a
World Series fastball.
Am I right?
What are you talking about?
There's no poop settings here.
You know, Aleesha says
pretty much everybody
Ugh. You have to be
so careful around her.
Hey, Mom. Look, I'm with other me.
I just got a package for you
that says "urgent" and "private."
- No, no, no.
- Who even knows you're here?
Mom, don't open it.
It's covered in a weird orange dust.
Okay, yeah, that's fine, open it.
It's from a friend.
"Nathan, what's up? It's Agent Cheetoh.
Here's David Choak on a hard drive.
You didn't get it from me.
Hope it helps."
I was wondering where Choak was.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
We can search his memories,
figure everything out.
Get evidence. This is
like having an answer key.
Choak is the one who murdered you?
I'm gonna put this in
the trash compactor.
Mom, don't touch that drive.
- Wait till I get there.
- All right.
Ooh, the things that I'm
gonna do to you, mister.
- No, wait till I get there.
- Wait till he gets there.
- If I can.
- Mom.
Call Nora.
Why isn't she answering?
Maybe she took off again,
like when she went off-grid before.
Nah, she wouldn't do that.
Ah, Nora's overrated.
She's like a pretentious Sundance movie.
You don't know what's
going on half the time.
It's just, it's so crap.
- Okay, just chill out about Nora.
- No, you chill out!
I'm fine. You're the
one who should be chill.
Oh, I'm Backup Nathan.
I'm just an extra fake ghost.
Okay, okay, okay. Easy.
You want to talk about this, big guy?
I'm sorry.
It's just been really hard lately.
You guys having such great chemistry.
Well, we're the same per
I'm talking!
And I feel like I would like
some time with Nathan, too.
Okay, I'll make time for you.
But later.
Call Nora.
Where are you?
Hello, Nora.
I don't expect you to
answer me right away.
- What?
- I know that this
Aleesha, wait, wait, wh-what is this?
- Is this, is this real?
- Nora.
- Let me out!
- Nora, calm down.
You calm down. I'm in Lakeview?
I'm-I'm dead?
How did, how did my
clients handle this so well?
I-I-I should've appreciated that more.
Oh, wow. Wow.
Oh, this feels so real.
I knew it would.
I am so sorry.
What happened?
Take me through your last day.
Do you remember?
I mean, can't you just
look at my last memories?
What's, what's going on?
Are they damaged? Did someone
fuck with them? Goddamn it.
No, no. Why would you say that?
- Nora, calm down.
[KARINA] Why aren't you
pressing her harder, Aleesha?
- Nora.
- Oh, this is nice.
- Oh.
- Sit down.
I will be right back.

I hate this. This is some sketchy shit.
When you told me to meet you at the jet,
I thought you were taking
me on a romantic getaway.
This Horizen employee
has been identified
as a security risk, so we're
dealing with it in-house.
Why does it feel like we're
breaking 13 laws right now?
Legally speaking, yes, yes, we are.
Fakeview is only supposed
to be used as a showroom.
But people often open up
when they think they're dead.
Uh is she on drugs or something?
Look, this woman has
been snooping around
in places she should not be,
looking for information
she should not have.
I mean, if she's a Ludd terrorist,
they go after senior execs, you know.
I mean, you don't want this
bangin' bod blown to bits, right?
- Are you two, uh
- What?
Uh, who, or why?
None of my business,
but you need to go to HR.
Al, I brought you in on
this because you know her.
If I brought somebody
else in, it could get ugly.
If you want to protect her,
then you need to get in there
and figure out her deal.
Okay, but do not drug her again.
She's not drugged.
Hit her with more drugs.
- I'm back.
- Whoa.
Hey, Angel, can I get a tea?
A herbal tea, please.
[LAUGHS] This is gonna be so much fun.
- Tea me!
- I will.
I will tea you forever.
First, I need to know,
uh, I'm just curious.
You had an accident in San Francisco.
[LAUGHS] Gosh.
What were you doing there?
What is this?
What's with the light from the window?
'Cause the color is wrong.
Uh, no biggie. I'll have that fixed.
San Francisco.
Yeah, we were there together.
Now, I'm-I'm the one dead now,
and-and he's walking around?
Nathan, I mean.
Remember, no mention
that Nathan is a download,
or that you dated him.
What is happening? Aleesh Ugh!
[WHISPERING] No mention
of Nathan at all.
You could get in really big trouble.
Uh, switching. Hi.
I am a new angel.
You were in California with
your client, Nathan Brown.
You once saved his drive in Los Angeles.
don't have anything to do with him now.
Yeah, I haven't worked
in that department for,
for months.
Well, do you know a Matteo Scavo?
Do you know where David Choak is?
In Lakeview?
Why did you knock on the door of a house
near Lafayette Park, Nora?
I mean, I don't know what
[WHISPERING] I had to use the bathroom.
It's a pretty house, though.
So, what's the big deal?
So, you asked for tea.
Call Mansour.
It's just a coincidence.
She knows nothing.
Okay, put her back.
And erase that asshole Kapoor.
Hey. It's about time.
Where have you been?
Nora, you can't keep
dong this to me, okay?
I get worried. You know, Luke says
I should tell you if you don't respond,
I'm withholding sex.
Damn. You have me over a barrel.
Yeah, well, I didn't want
to have to go nuclear,
but here we are.
All right, fine.
I'll try to respond faster.
All right. Feel better?
Yes, actually, I do.
You can keep sex privileges.
Where were you?
No idea.
I-I just woke up on a
park bench with a headache,
and I might have been mugged.
What?! I'm sorry, I didn't
I was joking about the
sex stuff. Are you okay?
I-I'm fine, and I-I
still have my wallet.
But I had the weirdest dreams
while I was asleep, though.
About Lakeview. It was so real.
- Are you sure you're okay?
- Yeah.
- The pills were Gas-X, Nathan.
- What?
- And the doctor's missing.
- Missing?
Some creeps were at his house pretending
that he never existed,
and one of the guys
chased me through the streets.
Okay, well, uh, what
I was calling about
Ivan sent me David
Choak on a hard drive.
That evil old turtle
must have everything
stored away in his recent memories.
- Holy shit, that's amazing.
- Yeah.
There might be evidence
for Holden on there.
I'll meet you at her place.
No, no, no, no. I'm gonna be in L.A.
Meet Backup at the Memory Parlor, okay?
Great. That works.
All right. I love you.
How could you not tell
me I was a backup, Ingrid?
You never asked.
Why would anyone ask if they were
a duplicated copy of themselves?
That's on you to tell me.
Okay, well, if we tell
each other everything
all the time, we'll lose our spark.
There's no mystery in that.
Oh, no, no, no, no. What does that mean?
What else don't I know?
[SCOFFS] I really cannot be responsible
for knowing everything
that you don't know.
I should auto back you up again,
so you can hear how dumb you sound.
- Stop making copies of me.
- Never.
- Ugh!
- I have to go.
- What? Where?
No. I can't tell you that.
I have to keep the
spark nice and strong.
Wow, very clever, okay.
Throwing my own words back at me.
Well, joke's on you, I
don't believe any of it.
I just say things.
Hey, don't see Nortula!
What? You're not even trying anymore.
- Nor-Northern.
- Nora!
Okay, what the fuck is this hardware?
It's IR. I really
thought it would be big.
Yeah, no, I know.
All right, I got this. You
guys better get out of here.
Okay, you old sack of
dust, where are you?
You! I knew you were up to something.
Yeah, it's me. You fucked
with my memories, old man.
- Now I'm gonna return the favor.
- No!
Deep watch.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, call Nathan.
Get your grubby fingers
off the moneymaker.
Shut up. I'll call you right back.
Why are you smiling so much?
I'm not smiling.
[LAUGHS] Yes, you are. Now
Now it's making me smile.
- You want me to frown?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Hey, I put him to sleep.
I just need to delete the most recent
Okay, let's split up
the rest of the memories.
Nora, you take Mondays and Tuesdays.
You-me take Wednesdays and Thursdays,
and me-me, I'll do Fridays and weekends.
Look for anything Freeyond,
- or just general evil.
So, Nora, where are you VRing in from?
Are you guys together?
I'm actually at Holden's.
Um, that's where we're
crashing in San Francisco.
Oh, he has you living at his ex's house.
Sounds like my brain
only downloaded halfway.
[LAUGHS] No, um,
Holden's really cool.
But, yeah,
you did initially leave out
that Holden's your ex when
we snuck into her place.
Well, it was easier than explain
Look, I can't concentrate on
the memories like this, okay?
I'll call you back.
So, I'm assuming
you didn't have a threesome with Holden?
Would you focus on your work?
That's not a no.
Damn, girl, you thirsty!
It's Nanoo.
New Nathan is into her, too.
One day you're gonna find a lover
who is going to treat you so right,
and who's even sexier.
Oh, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Don't you have any real
advice in that shit software?
You're a bartender, you're
supposed to give great advice.
Just give it to me straight.
Your drama is of your own creation.
Your mistrust of Mr. Brown
comes from your mistrust
of your own self-worth.
Be honest with him and
live with the consequences,
however he reacts.
No one has ever
talked to me like that before.
I have to go talk to Nathan.
Thank you.
So how is it?
Yeah, "it." Us.
Is it everything that
we thought it would be?
Are we compatible?
Is there chemistry in real life?
Hey, come on.
You know it's great.
Well, actually, I wouldn't because
we're only in his memories.
Might be for the best
because it might get
really hard for you to
concentrate on our work
if your memory was filled
with what's in my memory.
I'm glad I'm making you happy.
- I have to go.
- Oh, I just thought
- To the bathroom.
- Ah
I think Backup Nathan
just came on to me,
and I think I might have flirted back.
Mm, go for it. It's
not like it's cheating.
It's just your boyfriend six months ago.
Back when he was a little hotter.
You know, and I I get it.
You know, she's dating him,
but technically, she's dating me, too,
because I laid the groundwork,
and things were going great with Ingrid,
but now, not so much.
And I just It's crazy for
me to be jealous of me, right?
Everybody's jealous of you.
You're like Gaston times 50 million,
but good, and hotter.
- From Beauty and the Beast?
- Uh-huh.
Okay. Weird.
What do you think I should do?
Well, usually I'd say something
like you're Nathan fuckin' Brown
and you have to follow your heart.
But this time?
I guess I was gonna
say something different,
but now that I'm hearing
that out loud again,
it's like, fuck, that is
that is perfect advice.
You are Nathan
goddamn fuckin' big
badass Brown, bitch!
- What?
- Oh
Nathan fuckin' Brown.
Nathan fuckin' Brown!
[WHOOPS] Ho-ho, I'm ready.
I am ready, I am ready.
Oh, my God, that just
- It always gets me in the mood.
- My name?
It's like pure adrenaline, you know?
It's like it should be
illegal or something.
Oh, uh, Nathan's
FaceTiming me. One second.
What's up, bro?
Hey, where are you?
Oh, just hanging out with real Nathan.
I'm real Nathan.
Oh. [LAUGHS] I meant fake Nate.
I'm always switching
you guys up now. L-O-L.
Uh, I'm starting to get
a little freaked out about
other me and Nora spending
time alone together.
You don't think he'd
try anything, do you?
I-I hate hearing you be insecure.
Don't you trust yourself enough
not to make a move on your girlfriend?
No, I don't.
God, you're right. He
is Nathan fuckin' Brown.
Call you back in a bit. Love you tons.
Stop saying that. Don't hang
What's up? What's up?
- How's it going?
Uh, he's
eating a zebra.
Hey, I found something.
Let me screen share.
That's only 3,200.
We need 3,500 to flip.
Who has pull in Green Bay?
I know Trent Warring over
there, he owes me big.
He's good for a Freeyond or two.
[DAVID] That'll do it.
- It'll pass.
Are we done here?
To HR32255.
Stop toasting at our fucking
business meetings, Penny.
We've been over this.
We were right. It's about the election.
HR32255 changes the law
to allow uploads to work.
okay, weird, but I think I support this.
This proves a motive, right?
Nora? Nora?
Hey, you okay?
Uh zoom in on that woman.
Why? Who is she?

I'm not sure.
But I get a bad vibe from her.
- [INGRID] Babe. Babe.
- Oh, no.
- Open up!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, how'd you find me here?
- Wouldn't you like to know?
- Yeah.
A little birdy named
Vivian Demerits Brown.
Not her middle name. Wh
Why are talking to my mom?
Oh, wow, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, everyone.
[LOUDLY] I'm sorry, everyone.
Am I banned from talking
to any and every Brown?
- Okay, just
- Like, when did that law get passed?
- Shh, shh, shh.
- Huh? Shh, shh, shh.
Bring it down a little
Bring it down a little bit.
- Is that sand?
- Yeah. Hey.
- Why?
- Look at me. Watch.
You need to control
your girlfriend Nora.
Oh, my God, her name is
- What did you just say?
You got her name right
when you're drunk?
- Yah!
- Why do you have sand?
- I have more.
- Why?
- No. Stop.
- Hey, I have something to tell you.
- No, you're not staying.
- Yes, I am.
I think that your girl
is hanging with my fake dude.
[SNORTS] You better
figure that shit out.
You better get on it, okay?
Because you're messing everything up.
- And then everything is gonna fucking fall apart.
- Okay.
[CRYING] It's gonna fall apart.
Okay, oh Mm, okay. Yep.
Let's just go, shh,
shh, shh, right here.
No, not me, the chair. Yay!
- But you're softer than the chair.
- Oh, yay.
- Oh!
I need to talk something out.
So, there's a person in my life
that has a dark side,
like a-a corporate Jekyll and Hyde.
I hear you. I myself am torn between
a Jekyll and a slightly
hotter Jekyll. [PAINED GROAN]
Too much beef?
I know how much you love your beef.
Stop limiting my beef.
I have to limit your beef if
you eat no fucking vegetables.
It's my afterlife, let me after-live it!
[GROANS] Besides it's
not about the beef.
Every time I think about the Nathans,
I start to get a stomachache.
That's not possible.
Upload is not programmed that way.
[GROANS] Do not tell me how
upload is and isn't programmed.
My buttocks hole has been
taken on one wild ride
for the last three years.
That was me.
I get stomachaches when I'm upset.
My mom used to always make me tea.
I would love to know
what your mom was like.
She was great.
She taught English at Yuba City.
High school?
Maximum security prison.
She was a correctional officer.
And a poet.
That tracks.
So Nora's a strange
little druid, isn't she?
Well, she's super smart
and decisive.
She could have gone to law school.
Sometimes I don't even
know what she sees in me.
Are you shitting me?
That little nerd is punching
so far above her weight
it is legit crazy.
Well, she's one of the
smartest people I've ever dated.
That doesn't say a whole lot. [LAUGHS]
I mean, think about it.
You usually date, like,
dumb, like, sexy, like,
model blonde toys.
You know, just mm, mm,
mm. Mm, mm. [LAUGHS]
What's that face on your face for?
- It's my face.
- You think me?
- Mm-mm.
- Like, oh, no. No.
Nora broke us up, and I
literally created you again.
For me. Like, I am smart as shit.
I trust her, it's just
he's a more ripped version of me.
Slightly. Slightly more ripped.
You can imagine how I feel.
My guy is alone with the woman
you are constantly choosing
over me.
what is that? [LAUGHS]
What's wrong with me?
Hey, I have an idea.
- Let's drink, huh?
- Oh, no. I don't think
- my body could han
- Drink!
- Yep.
- Thank you.
So, how are things going with Ingrid?
Great. That's not true.
They were great, and then, uh,
she started lying to me again.
I mean, she's dedicated,
but to what, I don't know.
To you.
You're the only thing
she's ever cared about.
And if it weren't for her
secretly regrowing your body,
we never could have downloaded you.
Hmm. So I have her to thank
for you being with him.
Do you think anyone will ever marry me?
You're cool as shit.
[CHUCKLES] You're cool as shit.
I don't feel cool as shit.
I haven't felt like
myself since I downloaded.
I forgot how hard it is to be alive.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Join the club of life.
[CHUCKLES] I hate the hug suit store.
- Ugh.
- It's disgusting.
And look at these goggle pimples.
Okay, rude.
- I'm opening up to you.
My hair's a disaster, right?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- No.
- It is.
And I'm all hunched over all the time
from being in the tub all the time.
Oh, tell me about it.
I used to have combination skin, now
[BOTH] Oily.
- I know you knew. I knew.
- I know. I saw.
- Be honest.
- Yeah.
If you met me today,
you wouldn't even be into me.
- Whoa.
- You said be honest?
I'm gonna be honest.
You could be penniless
and have, like, diarrhea every day
for the rest of your life,
and I would still be
into you, Nathan Brown.
That's the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.
And I have both of those things.
Di All diarrhea, no money.
Oh, no.
- Jesus.
- Don't download.
Zero out of ten, don't recommend.
- Hey. - Hello.
I just found one with Oliver Kannerman.
Should we watch together,
or should I just watch
and tell you the news?
Oh, yeah. Yep, yep, yep.
- What?
- What?
For Yeah, let's do it.
All right.
Ingy's here, bitch. Just a goof.
- Yep.
- Excuse me?
Nora, it's me.
I'm also looking through memories.
I'm also an activist.
Also an activist.
- Numbers look good.
- [DAVID] Yes.
Take just the back office workers,
and just the people at Choak Industries.
If we get rid of those
sacks of worthless life,
and replace them with
sacks of worthless dead,
we save half a billion a year.
Oh, that works for me.
- Wow.
- Wow.
Horizen owns the uploads
and rents them to Choak.
Even that dickless
I mean, this is great, isn't it?
I mean, Choak's gonna
shoot himself in the foot
with his own brain.
better if Ingrid
was in that car with him.
[NATHAN] What did he say?
Wait, I-I heard my name.
Can you stop, stop it
and just slow it down?
Uh, nothing. Nothing important.
Let's see what else happens
- in his memories.
- No, I would like to hear it, please,
so go back,
turn up the volume. Thank you.
Well, I'm glad we got
rid of Nathan Brown, but
my bank account would look a lot better
if Ingrid was in that car with him.
- Shit.
Oh, man.
at least she's hammered.
- [NATHAN] Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
You okay?
I mean, like, I-I know
he's evil, you know?
I've just been working
really, really hard
to make my own way, and
I guess I just want someone,
like, anyone to be goddamn
proud of me for once.
[SIGHS] I'm proud of
you. Come here, come here.
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God.
Wow, it is so nice to feel your flesh.
You know, they're probably
doing all this and more now.
Okay, and you ruined it.
Okay, okay, well, since I ruined it,
maybe we should just
make the most of it.
You want to take out your penis?
- I would like to see if they got it right.
- No.
That was just a test; I was
testing you, and you passed.
- Great.
- Can I see it as a friend?
- No!
Okay, that was another
test. You passed it again.
- Can I see it as an enemy? Ooh.
- Ingrid, no.
Can I see it as a bunny?
Can I see it as your coworker?
[SIGHS] Poor Ingrid.
But, uh, also, she was
she was acting weird, right?
I mean, both of them were.
Oh, yeah, getting wasted with each other
away from us?
Exactly. I mean, Ingrid was great
when she was leveling
with me, but, I mean,
going and getting drunk with her ex
- after we have our first fight?
- Hmm.
Not cool.
And, I mean,
you already have an exact copy of me.
It's ridiculous.
- Not exact.
- Well
All right, Nathan's lost
a lot of his confidence recently.
I mean, he's a little lost in general.
And we talk about the conspiracy a lot.
- There's-there's that
look again. - What?
Don't-don't give me that look.
Why? What do you mean? That's my face.
I mean, 'cause I know that look.
And, ugh, I'm-I'm with Nathan.
I am Nathan.
Look, Nora, we're the same person.
- I can't. I can't!
- I know. I know.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I
I don't know, it's
You're both the same,
- but-but then you're not.
- I know.
And, oh, those annoying,
impossible, shitty-ass problems
with Nathan are real.
Ugh, and I Even though
I hate them, I love them
because I love him.
You know? And not you.
For better or worse,
no matter how long our future is
I don't know, at some point
I imprinted on
on that version.
I know. I know.
And insecure meat Nathan,
he-he gets under your skin.
He's like
he's like a brother to me now.
And Ingrid, I mean, Ingrid
she tries so hard.
I got to love her for that.
That crazy, loyal,
passionate weirdo.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
My destiny in this life
is Ingrid.
I think.
Harlem River, talk to me ♪
Tell me what you think about ♪
Harlem River, I'm in
love, love, love, love ♪
Harlem River, talk to me ♪
Where we headed now? ♪
Harlem River, I'm in
love, love, love, love ♪
All because of you ♪
In my pearl and my diamond shoes ♪
I've climbed the cloud,
now I stole the moon ♪
Harlem River ♪
All because of you ♪
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