Upload (2020) s03e07 Episode Script

Upload Day


Is it a little
Yeah, yeah. I'll keep building it out.
But, uh, it's a lot for
me to code all by myself.
Once we upload me,
I'll have all the time
in the world though, so
I guess so.
Also, um, I may have spent
a little too much time on the recliner,
but it's gonna be my command center,
so this baby had to be perfect.
It heats, cools, massages
and, uh, well, reclines, obviously.
Oh, does it dispense
lotion and tissues, too?
Why would
- Very funny.
I'm not gonna be doing that here, okay?
A lot. I'm gonna be
Like, I'll do it a normal amount, okay?
Not a weird amount.
Come here.
This is just temporary, okay?
You're gonna win your case.
One day, we'll have free
upload for everybody.
I know.
I just wish we had more time.
Me, too.
What'd you add?
Uh, a couple more
batteries and solar panels.
Worst case, I have a friend
leave us in some canyon in Arizona.
It'd last 200 years.
No maintenance.
That's so sweet.
But I'm going to
misplace that way before
- it's time for me to upload.
- Yeah.
I'll be in the junk drawer
next to the batteries.
Should we do this?
I guess so.
[NORA] Tomorrow will be one month.
[NATHAN] Mm-hmm. Makes sense.
How do you want to spend your
last 20 minutes in a body?

Excuse me? No cuddle?
Oh, I just want to make
sure your avatar is perfect.
You know? There were some
things I missed last time.
Like what?
that little curve in your neck.
- This one?
- Mm-hmm.
And your smell.
- You creep.
Well, at least I get to go back
to ten percent body fat again.
Oh, no, no.
I-I like you this way.
- More to love.
- Don't even think about it.
- Okay, Nora?
I am dead-ass serious.
- Ten or less.
What if we push my upload a little?
I feel great, okay?
What's one more day?
Okay, if something
happens to you tomorrow,
I would never forgive myself.
Nothing's gonna happen to me.
- Sure.
- Yes!
- Okay.
- Ooh.
I mean, you know, why shouldn't you have
a real send-off day like everybody else?
Yeah, I didn't have one
the first time around.
- Fun.
- Hmm.
All right, we'll do all
your favorite things.
Oh, it's just past midnight.
Happy upload day.
You and Norma spent quite
a lot of time together
in the memory parlor the other day.
Must have been hard for
you to stay faithful.
You know, the two of
you in that small space.
And she's so pretty.
- Brownie?
- Yes?
I promise I am not going to be mad.
I just need to know the truth.
Did anything happen?
Ingrid, I promise.
Nothing happened.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Flesh Nathan and I almost kissed.
Feels so good to have that off my chest.
Honesty is the best policy.
Well, if we're being totally honest,
the same thing happened
with Nora and me, too.
We almost kissed, but I
decided I want to be with you.
I'm glad we can be so mature about this.
You piece of shit!
- What?
- Oh, my God!
You just admitted the same thing.
It is different! He is you!
Nothing happened!
Oh, but it almost
did. You said "almost."
- Almost, and then I chose you!
- But if
- You know what?
- What?
You're right.
I'm not gonna say
anything else about it.
I'm good.
You say you're good,
but you're not blinking.
I'm so good.
You don't seem very good.
[SIGHS] Oh, shit.
- Calm down.
Do you still have Norma's avatar
that you used for our dinner party?
Y-Yes. Why?
Okay, get it ready for me.
I'm going in.

And when we're together, it is great.
She's sweet, she pays for everything,
and she just gets me.
But then on the other hand,
she is into some sketchy shit.
And when I say sketchy, I mean sketchy.
Sketch. E.
Sounds pretty sketchy.
Well, why don't I meet Karina?
I'm a great judge of character.
Didn't you get catfished by a terrorist?
One time!
She was a colonel in
the Revolutionary Guard,
and she was beautiful.
Well, he.
Turned out not as
attractive as in the photo.
But I guess that doesn't matter.
Part of me will always love him.
I don't know.
I don't want her to meet
any more of my friends.
It gets weird.
That is the first time
that you have admitted that
we're friends, you know?
Hey. Ivan.
Am I interrupting?
Hmm? No, no, it's, uh
it's just the warm-up.
Real show doesn't start till everyone's
- nice and limber.
- Gross.
Uh, hey, I just wanted
to say thank you, okay?
You really came through with
the Choak drive. The stuff
Oh, man, geez, keep it down.
If anyone finds out that
I took Choak, I'm toast.
Okay, fine. I'm sorry.
I'll leave you to your, uh
Bird watching.
Hey, if you
- Hey, bud?
- Ah.
- Did you hear any of that?
- Uh-huh.
[IVAN] If anyone finds out
that I took Choak, I'm toast.
Oh, okay, okay, I-I
need you to delete that
right now, please.
I can't. It goes against
my programming. Sorry.
How about we keep it a secret, huh?
Don't tell anyone, okay?
- Why would I do that?
- Because.
Because of the most important
human programming of all.
The Golden Rule.
"Treat others as you
want to be treated."
If you had a secret,
you wouldn't want me
to tell anyone, right?
That's an elegant piece of code, sir.
I will keep your secret.
Oh, thank you.
But I have
this sudden desire to
tell someone though.
- Why do you think that is?
- Just don't!
- Understood.
- Okay.
That makes me want to
say it even more though.
So weird.

[GASPS] Item 1066.
Blue Man Group? You know what?
I also think NSYNC would
be cooler, but [SIGHS]
who has $10,000?
Baby ♪
Wait, so they're clowns?
Oh, sorry, mimes. Excuse me.
Oh, that sounds hilarious.
Can I get two of them?
Okay, well, um
Oh, what about "Blue Dude Solo,
not affiliated with Blue Man Group"?
How long of a weird dance,
and will he meet us at a park?
All you get is a mouthful ♪
Book him. [CHUCKLES]
Okay ♪
[PAPER KITES: "Bloom"]
Shall I write it in a letter ♪
Big day planned.
Breakfast in bed,
- unprinted, of course.
Then you'll put your rowboat pants on.
We're renting rowboats and we're
gonna row the shit out of them.
[GROANS] I left my rowboat pants in L.A.
What's this place's policy
on bottomless male nudity?
- Okay, one one sec.
Hey, I know it's your day off,
but I need you here ASAP.
Why? What's going on?
Clients with cold feet.
I need you to do your whole
sympathetic shoulder routine.
I mean, I'm pretty busy today.
- Psst. Psst.
- I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.
[WHISPERS] It's fine.
[GROANS] All right.
I'm on my way.
But we can't stay long, okay?
Big, hilarious day planned.
With no pants.
- Ready?
- Yep.
How do I look?
[TINSLEY] Pretty.
Pretty basic. [LAUGHS]
Hey, handsome.
Wow. That's quite the walk.
You look like Mildred on the
prowl for a new tennis coach.
Oh, uh, I slept weird last night.
what are you up to right now?
Just going to chill in the lounge.
Why don't we spend some time together?
Just all-access pass.
We don't even have to kiss.
No. No.
We talked about this, okay?
I know there's a spark
between us, but
I love Ingrid.
You're just friends with this Nathan.
Aw, so cute. He loves you.
All I heard is there's
a spark between them.
Time to put it out.

It's my upload day.
Then what are you doing here?
Well, we got a big day planned.
We're going to
going to Golden Gate Park later, so
Could you come in here for a second?
- Oh, uh
- It's a little bit of
a thing happening, um
Uh-oh. Looks like something came up.
What's going on?
Bad news.
All the evidence we got
from Choak is inadmissible.
What? Why?
Uploads are the intellectual property
of the upload companies,
so the information we got
from Choak is stolen property.
Fruit from a poison tree.
Okay, well, what if I testify?
Same problem.
You signed away the rights to
your brain scan at the hospital.
So even though you downloaded,
Horizen owns what's in your head.
God, Ingrid owns this body.
Horizen owns my thoughts.
But my heart, that belongs to you.
- Nice.
Well, keep that energy,
- 'cause I thought after the park, we could
- Oh.
Hey, can I just steal her
for a few more minutes?
- We'll buy you lunch.
- Ooh.
- Thank you.
- Oh, no, no, come on. I've already given more
It's fine, it's fine, it's fine.
Rowboats are there till 4:00.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, I guess we
have to eat either way.
- All right, I'll be right back.
- Go get 'em.
[HOLDEN] So there's
just a few more things
- we need to kind of talk about.
- Yeah.
Your order, please?
Um, I will have a marshmallow
sandwich on white, please.
Hmm, Americans can't handle spicy.
Fuck it. It's my last day.
I'll take the Godmother, the works.
Extra hot peppers.
Back in a flash with your order.
[ALEESHA] Mr. Choak?
Mr. Choak?
We're here to perform a wellness check.
Where the fuck is that old sack of code?
What's the weather like in New York?
'Cause it's raining where I am.
- Which is where?
- Toronto.
- Mm.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna
go to the art museum today.
- It's fucking cold here.
You must be Choak's Preferas
because you're far too
foxy to be business ladies.
Okay, I hated all of that.
Luke Crossley, veteran, free spirit,
and most importantly Aleesha's
most trusted confidante.
You must be Karina.
I have heard a ton about you.
No, he hasn't.
It is so nice to meet
one of Al's friends.
Nice. That's sticking.
Hey, Al, weren't you saying
the three of us should grab
a drink later and get
to know each other?
- No.
- That would be so fun.
I'll clear my schedule.
I am going to kill you.
I'm already dead, Al.
Man, it feels good to sit.
Even if it's in VR.
You know, I'm at a
standing desk right now,
'cause I've got a wicked
hemorrhoid flare-up.
- What?
- Yeah.
I tried to hit it with
some numbing cream,
but it took a whole tube and
No relief.
- Yikes.
- Yeah.
I get 'em all the time.
I thought of a great nickname for you.
Sylvester Cuh-lone.
[LAUGHS] It's good, right?
Because you're a copy
and not a real person?
Oh, that's mm.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's why.
Aw, babe.
You don't like it?
No, babe.
You know, you are acting
very strange today, Norma.
No, no, this is just really how I am.
- You love Ingrid.
- Mm-hmm.
And now I don't need to pretend anymore.
Oh, got to take these smelly dogs
out for a walk
sometimes, right, Sylvester?
Hmm, right you are, Norma.
[SIGHS] We should be ourselves.
Ingrid insists I keep
my shoes and socks on
at all times.
She just hates my feet.
Says I look like a hobbit.
- Can't imagine
- why.
Oh, here you are.
What are you doing out of uniform?
I told you when you went remote,
you have to sign in or we
can't assign you tickets.
I think he's talking to you.
Oh. [CHUCKLES] Sorry.
Uh, I'll do that next time.
Just come on. We have work to do.
I am coming.
What happened to "please"?
Good luck.
I'm so sorry.
All right, off to the lake
for an awesome adventure.
- Here we go!
So, what's new upstairs?
Well, rumor has it, we
have a new star witness.
Really? Who?
No idea, it's all super hush-hush.
But they're coming in
later to get deposed
with a full security detail.
And then they'll get whisked away
to a supersecret site until the trial.
Damn, must be someone important.
Maybe there's a defector
on the upload council.
So, something else
kind of crazy happened today, too.
Holden thinks that she can get the firm
to bring me on permanently,
and then, after a year,
pay for me to go to law school at night.
What? That's incredible.
I know. I don't know, it
just feels kind of messed up
to be making plans
when you're gonna be
waiting for me in your
digital masturbatorium.
Okay, well, we're definitely
not calling it that.
- I feel guilty.
- Don't. Don't, don't, don't.
Okay? I never, ever
want you to feel guilty
and I never want to be the reason
- that you're not moving forward.
Pick it up.
Hey, Holden.
Hey, the partners want to see you.
Can you come back?
Yes, yes, she can. We'll be right there.
This is your future, okay?
The partners.
Let's go.
[NORA] Change of plan.
Come to plaza at 410 Market Street.
- I'm not meeting with the partners, let's go!
- I know!
Okay, okay! [SQUEALS]
So, this is the executive club level.
Yeah, I thought you'd
get a kick out of it.
You know,
it's really nice to meet you, Luke.
It's so cool how you and Aleesha were
angel and client, and
now you're friends.
What Aleesha and I have is very special.
Can you say the same?
This is
A nice change behind the bar.
Bottle of HH Bespoke, Ms. Silva?
- Ugh.
- Oh, hang on.
What's your cheapest bottle of vodka?
That would be Calabasas
Class by Scott Disick.
A french fry base
with an oily mouthfeel.
Don't drink that.
This is on Horizen.
Order whatever you'd like.
I don't need your charity, thanks.
I'll take it.
We're all good here, champ, thanks.
Watch and learn, ladies.
One, two, three.
[LAUGHS] That's the good stuff there.
Luke, now is not the time nor place
to be showing off your little hacks.
- That was awesome.
- [BOTH] Really?
Those engineers think they're
perfect, and you're in here
getting fat off those
smelly nerds' mistakes.
[CHUCKLES] I love it.
I mean, if you like that
- Mm-hmm.
- he's got so much more.
He's, like, genetically disposed
to hacking shit. Right, Luke?
Cigars, booze, caviar,
whatever you need.
I've got a hack that lets me get
as many leather belts as I want.
I only need one, but, you know,
it's just, it's nice to have.
And how do you even find these bugs?
Well, it's not easy.
We're talking hundreds of man-hours.
The key is to do the unexpected.
Then you got to get the order right.
You know, do I squawk like a chicken
before or after I drink out of the sink?
So cool. So what's
your favorite hack of all time?
My free premium Lakeview.
I could've made stuff on my body bigger,
but that's cheating.
And I didn't need to.
How long is this gonna take?
[IT GUY] Got it.
- Oh.
- [WOMAN] Ridiculous.
For the amount we're
paying, it's outrageous.
You, take over.
Me? You
You want me to go over
there and do the
Uh, yeah.
That's why we pay you.
Wonderful, I'm Humpty fucking Dumpty.
What did you do?
I don't know.
You're so bad at your
job, it's unbelievable.
- Hey. Hey.
- Hey. Hey.
You didn't tell anyone
about our secret, did you?
No, of course not. What?
No, no, I would never.
I mean, except for the
other versions of myself.
They're great guys, though.
You can trust all of 'em.
Oh, my God.
The whole point of having a secret is
that you don't tell anybody.
Not even yourself.
Not myself? How does that
even ? How would that work?
All right, I'll see you soon, buddy.
- What secret?
- Oh, fuck me!
For that function, you require
Choak's master passcode.
- 1234?
- No.
- 5678?
- No.
"Password," but the
"a" is the "at" sign?
- You have been locked out.
It was worth a shot.
Well, we're almost near
the end of the list.
No idea why we had so
many requests today.
- We should have split up.
- It wouldn't be fair
to whoever got stuck with
her. She's dead weight.
[IT GUY] This is why I
didn't want to have a femoid
on my team. Women never
have to use their brains,
- so they shrink.
First of all, right here.
You can talk to me.
And, second, it's the 2030s.
Aren't you embarrassed
to be sexist still?
It's not sexist if it's true.
Let me ask you something.
Are your parents still together?
- Yeah.
- You?
Divorced, but they're both in really
good relationships finally. My mom
I don't care.
If I ever hear you
talking like that again
I will fuck your dad.
Or your mom, whichever
one's more into it.
I'll seduce them. I'll make sure they
fall in love with me.
I will get them to leave their partner,
and then I will dump them.
Leaving you to pick up the pieces.
And before you say, "Oh,
she couldn't do that,"
take a good look at me. I could,
I would and I will.
So this better be the end
of that misogynistic bullshit
or Mama's gonna
put on her fuck-me heels
and go hunting.
Do you understand me, shrimp dicks?
- Yes. Sorry.
- Won't happen again.
Great, let's go
fix some bugs.
So what?
Now you want to hear my opinion, because
this morning it didn't really seem
- Luke?
- She rocks.
All right? Can't
believe I'm gonna say it.
She 100% rocks.
You were right, she gets it.
She's like us.
What are we like?
Pirates, survivors
[STAMMERS] Sometimes we have
to color outside the lines
to get what we need, but that
doesn't make us bad people.
[SIGHS] Okay.
But the sketchy stuff
Was really sketchy, yeah, but
did you ask her about it?
Maybe she had a good reason.
My advice?
Stick it out and see where it goes.
And when she helps you
become a millionaire,
don't forget your little friend Luke.
For real.
Thought you didn't like hugs.
It's okay, I'm wearing goggles.
I don't feel anything.
Al! Al!
I take it back!
Your girlfriend sucks!
She sucks.
Premium view upgrade glitch
is the last ticket from Karina.
See y'all back at the office.
Oh, and, um,
good job today, Nora.
Yeah, g-good job.
Thank you so much.
Uh, hey.
Uh, I thought what you
did was really awesome.
- I don't know if you ever want to hang out sometime, but
No, not even for Nora.
- You rang?
- So
some Prefera is running around,
saying that the AI guys
have a secret.
When I asked them what it was,
they said to get you.
Hmm, weird.
That's weird.
My immediate reaction upon
hearing that for the first time
is weird.
Um, you know, maybe
you'd be more comfortable whispering
the secret to me.
- But you said not to
- No [STAMMERS] Yes.
Just, nothing to be shy about.
Just tell me what's going on.
Oh, yes.
[LAUGHS] Okay, great.
- All right, you feel better?
- I do.
- I'll take it from here.
- Okay.
So, uh
he said their secret
was that they
have a crush on their teacher.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
They said they wanted to 100101 you.
Which I don't even know what
that is, but, uh, it sounds hot.
- Oh, okay.
But I mean [LAUGHS]
- can you blame 'em?
- [SINGSONGY] I'm home.
- Hey, babe.
Do anything fun today?
No. Just
boring IRL stuff.
I, um
I saw Nora today.
How's she doing?
I don't know, she was
acting kind of strange.
Very unappealing, actually.
I say
give her a break.
You never really know what
people are going through, and
she might be having
a tough time at work.
Well, I just wanted to tell you
because of what you said earlier.
"Honesty is the best policy."
I think you were right, babe.
Well, thanks, babe.
That's that's very big of you.
So, anything else you want to tell me?
No, no. There's, um
nothing I can think of.
Think harder.
[LAUGHS] Babe.
There's nothing.
Just, um
just that I love you.
I love you, too.
Oh, my God, that took forever.
- That's okay.
- All right, um, let's get out of here,
- 'cause we still might be able to
- Hey, are you guys seeing this?
There's some blue guy out in the plaza.
Oh, shit, uh, that's from me.
Uh, happy upload day.
- What?
- I'm sorry
- it's been such a disaster.
- No, today was great, okay?
I got to spend time with you.
And now I know you're in a good place,
which is a huge relief for me.
It makes me happy.
Plus, I got my very own Blue Man.
- No, Blue Dude. Yeah.
- What?
He's not affiliated
with the Blue Man Group.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
- Do you like him?
- I do. I love him.
- Can I keep him?
- Okay, but he's your responsibility,
'cause I'm not gonna be taking him
for walks or painting
his face or whatever.
- Never mind, I don't want him.
- Gotcha.
Oh, that must be the new witness.
Oh, what the hell?
What, do you know him?
That's the leading download specialist.
He's the one that gave
Nathan those junk pills.
What's he doing here?
Guy took a bribe to
sabotage the first download.
Upload companies had to
crush the competition.
Right, why pay for centuries
at Lakeview if you could
download into a young
body and start over?
- Yeah.
- [LAWYER] Yeah.
Kapoor has info on all their plans
from Freeyond to stuff
we don't even know about yet.
Oh, good, my boba's here.
Out of the way.
Out of the way now.
If he sabotaged the first download,
he gave me fake pills because
Because you never needed them.
Your nosebleeds were just nosebleeds.
I'm gonna be okay.
- You're gonna be okay!
- I'm gonna be okay!
Come on.
Goddamn snackbot.

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