Upload (2020) s03e08 Episode Script

Flesh and Blood


[HOLDEN] Another ad shows third graders
that they can live forever
in Forever Ever Land
like Peter Pan.
Third graders.
Ms. Slack.
Whose idea was advertising to kids?
- Hers.
- The court reporter?
May I remind you that you're under oath?
It was me.
I was going through
a tough time at home.
Helmüt cheated, I cheated.
At a certain point, there were a lot
Lucy is getting divorced? Oh.
That is hilarious.
Why don't you have any top sheets?
Maybe we should upload her kid.
Then she can say she put
her money where her mouth is.
Oh, you look hungry.
Want to golden retriever some popcorn?
[LUCY] Could you repeat the question?
- I could eat.
[NORA] Holden killed it this morning.
Horizen looks terrible.
You know, maybe enough
so people will demand
to own their own brain scans.
Just give me one state, okay?
Make me legal in SoCalifornia,
so I can make some money.
Why do you need to make money?
I mean, with my new job,
I am keeping you in marshmallows.
Yeah. Well, I don't know.
I thought it might be nice
for you and me to go to Montreal.
Yeah. It's very romantic.
It is romantic.
And expensive.
Like a honeymoon destination.
So, when you're
thinking about the future
and something big you
want to save up for,
you're thinking a trip to Montreal?
I had to borrow Nora's cryptocard
just to buy this one apple.
So? I-I don't get the problem.
I want to support myself.
So you can play the field.
Yes. No. No.
What? The opposite, okay?
Nora, she stuck by me.
I'm never going anywhere
ever again without her.
I'm ready to take the next step.
Man, your life. [CHUCKLES]
So I'm gonna take her to Montreal.
Fly her father in if he can travel.
I need to find a place
with good Internet
and a big screen,
'cause I need you to be my best man.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
[WHOOPS] Best man!
And I give a toast and officiate.
I should probably wear
my uniform at some point.
God, there's just gonna
be so many costume changes.
Okay, it's not an awards show.
For you it's not.
One out
That was some secret stuff.
Swear you didn't hear that.
I swear.
Can we go back to Karina?
I don't think she has
a conscience. [GROANS]
I can't tell when she's ly
Uh, Luke, more bubbles, for God's sakes.
I can't tell when she's
lying, and she lies a lot,
which is scary as fuck.
I think she's too icky to date.
And I've dated DJs and a magician.
Dump her, you could lose your job.
- Dump her, I could lose my life.
- Easy.
Yes, she is an evil pirate.
But we're pirates, too, remember?
Good pirates.
And it's up to the good pirates
to take down the evil pirates.
Pirate style.
"Pirate style."
[HOLDEN] And I think she's the
only person that can Hey.
We're missing a link in the chain.
[HOLDEN] Freeyond was created
by the upload companies and Choak using
your code that he bought with Kannerman.
So that connection
makes them all liable,
but we need a witness to confirm it.
Hmm, and that can't be me.
Right. Your brain is Horizen property
until we get the law changed.
It has to be Ingrid.
- Oh.
- We'll fly you two to L.A. on the private jet.
You can take her out to the
best restaurant in the city,
wine her, dine her, pop the question.
Well, I-I don't have anything to wear.
Oh, expense account, lady.
You earned it.
If if it'll help the case, yeah.

Guys, we need your help
with something risky that could
possibly get you in trouble.
I'll do it.
In exchange for free
access to the bathrooms.
It's already free.
Then who have I been Venmoing?
- What do you want?
I want blue jeans.
I want to wear them on Fridays.
I've never worn them
before, and they look cool.
- Let's get the man some jeans.
- Yes.
[EXCLAIMS] I should've asked for that.
You're allowed to wear jeans.
Can't afford the permit.
- [WOMAN] Hi.
- [NATHAN] Hi.
Uh, under Nora Antony.
You're the first to
arrive. Shall I seat you?
Uh, no, that's okay.
I'll wait, uh
right here.
No problem.
Hello, cutie.
Sorry, guys.
Hey, handsome.

you look gorgeous.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
It's a Drental.
You think two hours is enough?
It's making me want to
go to Montreal right now.
Man, what is it about you and Montreal?
It's-it's got Mile-End, okay?
One of the most cool
and unique neighborhoods in the world,
according to Cinnabonpedia, so
Okay, weirdo.
[HOSTESS] Right this way, please.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, is Ingrid with you yet?
No, she's a little late.
Uh, hey, good news: My head's
not gonna explode anymore.
That's awesome.
Nora and I are gonna celebrate
by going to Montreal after the trial.
Okay, that's random.
Uh, make sure you check
out Mile-End though.
- Yeah.
- Hey, uh, do me a favor.
Don't keep Ingrid out too late, okay?
I've got something
special planned tonight.
Okay. Yeah, why? What's going on?
I'm gonna propose.
Really? When?
- Tonight.
- Tonight.
Something wrong?
No, that's
great timing.
I'm very excited for you guys.
Okay, I got I got
stuff to prepare. Bye.
That's cool.
You know, that he clearly
knows what he wants.
[NATHAN] Oh, incoming.
Well, this place is banging.
Did you see in the
corner, Sofia and Jayla?
No nannies.
[NORA] Okay, they
should not be drinking.
Definitely not Sofia.
She's in AA.
Here we are.
All three of us really doing this.
- So weird.
Okay, I'm not doing a threesome.
What? No, that's not what
I'm just saying, I'm not doing it.
We can talk about it.
Maybe for your birthday.
Nora only gets to watch.
Uh [STAMMERS] I-Ingrid?
- Yeah?
- We need you to testify.
If we didn't need you,
we absolutely would not
bring you in on this.
You really are our last resort.
Oh, okay.
Thank you so much. That means a lot.
Can I do it anonymously?
Like GoodHead?
- What?
- She means "Deep Throat."
- Yeah.
- N-No.
Okay, then no.
the Freeyond scam killed
hundreds of innocent people.
I mean, your testimony
would bring peace of mind
to families all over the country.
Do they have margaritas here? I wonder.
It seems like a margarita kind of place.
- Hmm?
- Can you give me a moment with Ingrid alone?
Okay, yeah, sure.
I'll just, I'll go see the
- rabbits at the front or something.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Just girl talk. [LAUGHS]
Look, bitch.
Things are going really well for us.
Your Nathan is deeply in love with you.
And my Nathan has a
fixation with Quebec,
which we're going to explore.
But they belong to Horizen, not us.
They're second-class citizens.
They don't have a future
without legal rights,
and to make that happen,
I intend to embarrass
the shit out of upload companies
on record and in a court of law.
- You'll be great.
- Hey.
- She's doing it.
Hey, can I borrow that
corporate card real quick?
- Uh, yeah.
- Thank you.
Hi. Uh
One goat to go.

- No peeking.
- Okay.
- Three
two, one.
Ingrid, I remember when we first met.
That dingy club in WeHo.
You were fighting the bottle girl,
and you threw a drink at her and missed
and hit me right in the face.
We've been through so much since then.
When we were both alive,
when you were, but not me,
when I thought you were an upload and
now back to half-and-half.
You asked me to give you a chance
to grow and to change,
and you did.
But one thing that never
changed was your belief in a guy
who lives in a computer.
Ingrid Bambi
will you marry
No, no.
- No.
No, none of this is from my mood board.
I-I have been dreaming of this moment
for, like, ten years, and in my dreams,
I am not wearing fucking this.
I told you to change.
I mean, it is a joke how bad this is!
- What the fuck?
Okay, you're right,
you're right. This sucks.
I can do so much better
than this. Okay? I'll-I'll
It's cheesy.
I can do better!
It came out kind of nice.
You want this framed?
No. I don't know. No. Hold on.
- Ingrid!
- Go get her.
Temperature is normal.
It's more of a stomach thing.
And my head.
- Oof.
- Well, you can stay
in the apartment and relax all day
while I go to work.
I-I'm scared.
What if I faint and
hit my head and bleed all over your rug,
and you don't find the
body until later tonight
Jesus, Aleesha.
And you get accused of a
crime you didn't commit?
You have to stay.
Okay. Maybe you do have a fever.
All right, I'll stay.
Gonna make you some tea.
Drop a ice cube in there.
I don't want to burn my little tongue.
Dude, what did you say to her?
She's testifying for you
but breaking up with
me? What the fuck, man?
Maybe you were moving a little fast.
What? Did you say that to her?
- No.
- What, are you jealous?
Dude, she said you were joking
around about a threesome.
What? No, she [GROANS]
We have witness prep later, okay?
Let me talk to her.
- Dude, is that a goat?
Don't worry about it.
You're free.
- All right.
Elevator boy?
Elevator boy, I need to speak with you.
Please come over here.
Choppity chop. Thank you, good.
What's up?
Elevator boy.
Hi, uh
Such a nice, wonderful day to work here.
Such a wonderful, fine,
lovely, amazing day.
For you maybe.
All my days are the same.
Going up and down in a box.
Ah, yes.
But, uh [GASPS]
Maybe you should try
looking out the window.
Really look, really look.
Really look outside the window.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I am waving my arms.
- It is an emergency.
- Bigger.
I'm really freaking out now!
That-that is crazy. What?
What's going on?
My angel is losing it.
The 2Gigs are pouring into the lobby.
I got to get to [GROANS]
Oh, hey! Okay.
Relax, relax, all right?
I'm gonna log in.
Oh, my
No, no, Lionel, help!
I got to go into work, babe.
- How about
I get you a special cozy VIP
get-well suite at Lakeview?
And then you stay here at my place,
you VR in, I'll come
see you between meetings.
Bye, baby.
[WHISPERS] Laptop.
[NORA] Nervous?
Just remember you're
in love with an upload.
This is a unique chance
to make the jury feel how unfair it is
that Horizen literally
owns your boyfriend.
No, no, no. Don't do that.
Stick to the facts. I'll lead you.
And when it's time for your
cross, the fewer words you say,
the less there is to catch
you in an inconsistency.
Seriously, Nora, she's
here for one single purpose.
Link Choak to Freeyond.
I don't even know
where I am with Nathan.
M-My version, I mean.
Hey, what happened?
Oh, did I hit the negatives
of dating an upload too hard?
I've just been chasing him for so long
that when he finally turned around,
I just I panicked.
You think if he likes you,
maybe there's something wrong with him?
[CRYING] Yeah.
[NORA] Oh, honey. Oh.
- Oh.
Your fucking parents.
I'm just not as confident as you.
Don't be so sure.
I don't even
I don't know what I'm expecting
or even what I'm looking for.
I mean, my Nathan and I
definitely have something good.
But I'm
I'm ready for more.
And Montreal just seems a little
You know, maybe
maybe he doesn't feel
the same way about me.
I would like to get proposed to, too.
I know. Come here.
[KARINA] And then I rented Botox Babies,
season eight of If
These Cribs Could Talk,
with all that "I'll breastfeed
whoever I want" drama.
So what do you think?
That's all you're gonna say?
I went through a lot of trouble
to set up this suite, Aleesha.
Text Luke. Can't unmute. Help.
Suite 11230. Send text.
Ding dong.
This place is nice.
Oh, mm.
Al, Al, Al. Aw.
Sick Al. You know what? You lie down
and don't feel the need to speak
at all. Just relax.
[HOLDEN] So, you overheard your father
and David Choak purchase the
code that became Freeyond.
What about the upload companies?
Can you attest to a
relation of mutual benefit
between David Choak and
senior management at Horizen?
Yes. Choak got Horizen
to block memory files of my boyfriend's
after he was uploaded.
[HOLDEN] Thank you, Ms. Kannerman.
That's all.
Ms. Kannerman,
isn't it true that under
the terms of service
that your boyfriend freely signed
[INGRID] In the hospital,
without a choice.
[LAWYER] he consented
that his upload scan would be
"owned by the Horizen corporation
for them to do with as they see fit?"
But how is that fair?
I mean, we're talking about
- a person here.
- Actually, we're talking about
a person simulation
that is the intellectual
property of a U.S. corporation.
No, you're talking that way.
I am talking about a person.
Someone loyal and loving,
unlike the Horizen company,
which is considered
a person under the law
for some crazy reason.
My boyfriend Nathan is a great man.
He is patient and understanding,
and, God, I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I-I pushed him away
out of a need to control
what was happening to me, you know,
like, like he was a
product that I bought.
And for a moment I was thrown
that he was the one
initiating something so big.
But, but that's the point.
He is not a product, he's a person.
I saw my ex Nathan
in real life recently,
and I still chose my guy
because I love him.
And if he still wants me,
then I would say yes and
marry him right now. [CHUCKLES]
I would.
[LAWYER] I'm sorry, Ms. Kannerman,
- Nathan Brown?
- Yes.
- Is currently your boyfriend?
- Yes.
Yet you also said "ex."
- So, is he your ex or is he your boyfriend?
- Both.
You said, "I recently saw
my ex Nathan in real life,
and I still chose my guy."
And then you said that
Nathan Brown was both.
So are there two Nathans,
Ms. Kannerman?
Hmm? Oh, I thought
you said we were done.
No, no. We're just getting started.
[NARRATOR] Sofia comes
back to find her pacifier
- in Jayla's mouth.
Hey, Al?
- Yes?
- I think I might leave for a bit,
maybe roll some calls in my office.
You let me know if you need anything.
Karina, Karina, Karina.
[LAUGHS] Uh, hey,
so I would love to get some notes
on my one-man show.
It's part rap,
it's part dance, it's
part autobiographical.
had some problems with
it, but she promised
not to say anything until it was over.
[CHUCKLES] Please?
You, just, you have such a great eye.
Okay, just make it quick.
Curtain goes up. All black.
"I didn't have a name!"
Boom, spotlight on me.
"And then I was born."
Stay with me.
"And my mama said,
'That boy's name is Luke Crossley.'"
My name is Luke and I was just born ♪
Just a moment ago,
I was inside my mom ♪
- And that's ♪
- This is awful.
No, you have no talent whatsoever.
Luke, please, just stop, no, just stop.
No, don't
No Oh.
Don't put it on your head.
Okay. You know what?
You are an idiot.
No, no, a complete idiot.
Got it.
[LAUGHS] You were fucking epic.
So were you!
Whoo! [LAUGHS] Luke!
Oh, my God.
Call Nora.
Hey, we're on a recess.
- How's it going?
- Disaster.
I wound Ingrid up
and might have ruined the whole case.
Well, I'm gonna save it.
I'm gonna send you a
terabyte of very bad shit.
Just make sure that everyone
knows it's from Karina Silva.
You're the best.
"When you're ready, but
only when you're ready,
wake me with a kiss."
You were
so sweet and strong and brave today.
Of course, I still want you.
Then yes.
- No.
- No.
- Yes. [LAUGHS] Yeah.
- No.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
What am I doing?
I've got a wedding to plan.
Oh, boy.
Ah, you're so cute.
All right, okay, I want to see
- if Stormi Jenner can
- Uh, forgetting something?
Oh, shit.
How could I forget this?
It's the most important part.
Just kidding, that's you.
[HOLDEN] Good morning. I'd
like to read into the record
some new documents just
given to the plaintiff team
by a Horizen whistleblower
named Karina Silva.
First an email from Miro Mansour
to David Choak, Rory Shickleman
and Penny Chao.
Uh, Your Honor,
we, uh, need an immediate recess.
[JUDGE] Court is in recess.
- Did you see their faces?
- Oh, yeah,
they know they're fucked.
Ooh, this is This is good, right?
You know,
I'm feeling pretty optimistic myself.
- Hmm.
- I could be legal enough
to get a license in Montreal.
Oh, a-a license?
What kind of a license?
I don't know.
What kind of license
can a guy get in Canada?
I don't need a moose-hunting license.
Hmm. No, no, mm-mm, you don't.
Ms. Kannerman, what floor?
Oh, um,
I actually am staying on this floor.
Oh kay.
Um, I wanted to invite
you to my wedding.
Oh, is it a multi-floor wedding?
I can take your guests from
the ceremony to the reception.
No, um, I haven't actually
figured out where I'm gonna hold it yet.
I wanted to invite you as a guest.
Yeah. Come on, AI elevator operator,
you know, like, as one of my friends.
So let me know, okay?
Oh, no plus one.
Or two or three or four or however many.
I mean it.
[HOLDEN] Plaintiffs, may
I have your attention?
You won.
- We won.
- Great.
Each family that lost a
member to the Freeyond scheme
should clear $1 million
after expenses in the settlement.
What are the terms of the settlement?
I mean, what happens to all the
incriminating shit we found out?
Well, it'll all be sealed.
That's standard practice.
Well, I-I thought we were
gonna make it all public,
blow the lid off this
thing, and get justice?
We got $140 million of
justice for the survivors.
Um, that's great,
but what about me?
That doesn't change
things for uploads at all.
We're still legally not real people.
I don't represent uploads,
I represent my clients and the firm,
and we won big for them.
But this is a disaster.
If that's your opinion,
you're not gonna make a great lawyer.
I was just thinking that.
Call Luke.
Nora said they're not going public
with any of the stuff that we sent her.
It's all gonna be sealed.
What? Why?
[LUCY] Leeshy,
Karina wants you in her office.
I'm gonna be fired.
If you get fired, I'll
never see you again.
Karina said now.
I will see you later.
[LUCY] Attention, attention.
Hey, guys. So, due to a recent lawsuit,
Horizen is gonna make a
greater effort at compliance
with the three regulations.
So, as you know,
legally there can only be
one brain running per human being,
dead or alive.
So, no judgment, no
penalties, we just need to know
how many angels in this branch
have, in the past, illegally
copied their uploads.
How many? Show of hands.
God fucking damn it.
I thought it was less.
- Hey.
- Hmm.
you want to talk about what we were
talking about earlier?
Or you feel less optimistic now?
Well, um,
I'm probably not gonna be
street legal anytime soon.
But I did think about it.
Fuck 'em.
I was a person before,
I'm still a person now,
no matter whose definition
I'm on the wrong side of.
And, I mean, one way to look at today,
it sucked, for sure,
but you could also look at it this way:
We did our part.
Okay? We killed Freeyond,
we got justice for the families.
The weight of that's
off our shoulders now.
We didn't fix everything,
the world still isn't perfect.
And even though you deserve perfect,
maybe now it's okay for
us to just worry about us,
not wait for some perfect moment.
I can't get some
piece of paper that makes it official,
but I do know what's in my heart.
It's in my heart, too.
I know.
That's all that matters to me.
Sir, can we see your identification?
Yeah. Um
Oh, it's in my other pants.
My jeans. You're not
supposed to over-wash jeans,
so I put 'em in the freezer overnight
and left it in that pocket.
Yeah, I've heard of that.
Okay. No problem.
- Great. Have a good night.
- Thanks.
That's him, you idiot.
I'm sorry, you're going
to have to come with us.
It's okay.
- What?
- No, it's okay, it's okay.
I'll be right back, all right?
We got a lot to talk about.
Ah. Shit.
- Nathan?
- No. No, no, no.
I'm fine. I'll be back.
[NARRATOR] The 48,000
employees of Horizen
have an announcement.
We know we have some work
to do to regain your trust,
and to acknowledge that,
we're giving ourselves
an aspirational nickname.
Introducing Betta.
- Gonna go to the place ♪
That's the best ♪
- When I lay me down to die ♪
- Freeze!
[SCREAMS] Oh, my God!
[NARRATOR] You can
still use the old name.
That's okay.
The old name will still exist as
a container for our liabilities,
but now our assets will be called Betta.
Run! Run!
To the Grey Zone, go!
Hup, hup, hup!
[NARRATOR] Betta is
dedicated to making life betta
for our shareholders and employees,
our customers and our uploads, too.
You know it's a must ♪
Go, go, go!
Gotta have a friend in Jesus ♪
So you know that when you die ♪
He's gonna recommend
you to the spirit ♪
Betta will be dedicated
to betta compliance,
which means strict adherence
to the three regulations.
That's where you're
gonna go when you die ♪
Shit, shit, shit.
And they lay you to rest ♪
You're gonna go to the
place that's the best ♪
[NARRATOR] When you
trust us with your scan
or the scan of a loved one,
you deserve our full compliance
with all governing legislation.

But looking to the future,
at Betta we believe
uploads want to work,
and we must all find a way to
make upload more affordable.
Never been a sinner ♪
[NARRATOR] So, depending
on the vote for HR 52556,
we are introducing Workload,
a special class of upload
for folks who want to
stay productive and vital
in their digital afterlife.
Just another way we're
making life betta and betta.
- Any word from the Nathans?
- No.
Me either. Just this from
Horizen customer service.
[WOMAN] Dear customer,
your duplicate error
has been effectively resolved.
Please fill out a quick survey
if you'd recommend our service.
- Da-da-da. Fuck off.
Oh, my God. Where is the remote?
- Where is the remote?!
- [NORA] Oh, my God, pick it up.
Pick it up, pick it up.
- Babe, are you okay?
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm gonna be okay.
Because those bastards
brought us down to one person.
I saw other Nathan.
They destroyed him.
Oh, my God!
Wait, wait!
Which one are you?

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