Utopia (2013) s04e07 Episode Script

Levers Of Power

My vision for this country - Roads, rail.
- Right across Australia.
- We are in the age of infrastructure.
- The dawn of a new era.
Take this country to the 21st century.
- Bucketloads of bitumen and bricks.
- Building a stronger country.
Record spending We're spending more than any government has ever spent.
- $44 billion.
- $75 billion.
- $100 billion.
- It's big money in anyone's language.
- This is a nation-building - Nation-building.
- Nation-building.
- Nation-building.
- Nation-building.
- Nation-building.
REPORTER: 11 times a year, on the first Tuesday of each month, members of the Reserve Bank board gather for an important meeting, a meeting at which Australia's fiscal future will be determined.
- I can't believe you haven't seen it.
- It's been a busy time, Rhonda.
Levers Of Power.
Quality series.
They've done episodes on the High Court, War Memorial, CSIRO.
Where is this headed? I've just had a very interesting conversation with someone from the ABC.
Did it involve yelling? Quite the contrary.
This will make you smile.
They want to feature us.
- Right.
- The NBA.
He's not smiling.
Rhonda, we've been kind of flat out, what with the redraft of this whole 20-year plan and What better time to showcase our work? Yeah, I'm not sure.
There's organisations queuing up to be on this show.
I tell you, the Governor-General's Office is desperate.
It's quite a compliment.
- A film crew here? - One week.
- I'll have a think.
- I've thought for you.
It's a yes.
Yeah, he's still not smiling.
It was just a memorandum of understanding.
Yeah, but I don't recall agreeing to it.
I think you just nodded.
I don't put nods in the minutes.
- OK.
- I could start.
Might be a good idea.
Can you chase that deal up? Today? - "Tony nods.
" - OK, what's next? Uh, it says "ABC".
- Oh, yeah.
- "Eye roll.
" We're gonna have a film crew in here next week.
- Oh, wow! Cool! - OK, let's just keep a lid on it.
They're just gonna be floating around the office.
- What's the show? - Uh, Levers Of Power.
No? Doco series? - Is it the one where you get painted? - No.
- Where you bring your antiques? - I know it, Tony.
It's pretty good.
- "Tony grimaces.
" - No, I didn't grimace.
- "Winces"? - No, no.
Well, if you think it's OK.
But if anyone doesn't want to be on camera, just put your hand up.
No-one? Oh, well, good.
Oh, Tony, one other thing.
The Taste of Harmony lunch.
Oh, it's come around again.
- Isn't it next week? - We still haven't chosen a cuisine.
What about, uh, Mexican? Oh, who's Mexican? Oh.
It has to represent someone's heritage.
- That's a grimace.
- NAT: I'll handle it.
That'd be - "Thumbs up gesture from Tony.
" - Alright.
Should we do it in the boardroom or the kitchen? - Kitchen.
- Yep.
- There's more space.
- Sorry to interrupt.
Got a moment? Those shipyards in Adelaide? - Osborne? - Yeah.
Where are we at? I only just got your email.
They want to expand some other facilities.
Yeah, I don't think it's a huge change, but government money, need to make sure it's all ridgy-didge.
- And the navy's involved.
- Are they? Common user facility, commercial and navy.
- Are you happy to keep an eye on it? - Sure.
Just to make sure it all runs smoothly.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Oh, shit.
- You OK? - I gotta go.
- Sorry, where were we? - We just need to decide on a country.
- What did we do last year? - Spanish.
Ohh! Those churros were amazing.
- Dimi in HR suggested Greek.
- Great.
- (GASPS) Dips and dolmades! - Churros? - No.
Greek it is.
- Great.
I'll let everyone know.
- OK.
- Cool.
TONY: Yeah, so, all and the amenitie .
like, the bathroom's just down through that corridor out there.
So, I'll keep going, Lucy, but you can leave all your equipment here.
Thanks so much for agreeing to do this.
Oh, it's an honour.
And when the Governor-General's people pulled out They pulled out, did they? Then Duntroon said no.
National Gallery had access issues.
- We were getting a little desperate.
- Er, yeah, sure.
Anyway, we try to keep it as unobtrusive as possible.
It's just Cameron, Stuart and myself.
OK, well, I'll leave you to set up.
Can we get you a coffee? - That'd be great.
- Is Katie here? - Katie? Coffees.
- Sure.
- They haven't started filming yet.
- Oh.
What can I get you? Ash.
- What's up? - Why are you sitting over there? - It's more comfortable.
- Come over here.
- Have you had your teeth whitened? - No.
Might be the toothpaste.
They're not even shooting this way.
- You just sent me this? - The shipyard project.
- You wanted the site specs? - There are no specs.
- I asked for the dry berth length.
- They wouldn't tell me.
I asked for the loadout wharf capacity.
They wouldn't tell me that either.
- Ship lift capability? - Nup.
Did you ask how we're supposed to audit a project without knowing any of the actual details? - They wouldn't tell me that either.
- Sorry, who's they? The navy.
Shared wharf.
I think it's all classified.
I'm not asking for the nuclear codes.
Just basic dimensions.
- Going on sticks? - Yeah.
- You OK to go? - Yeah.
Rolling up! And if you could just touch on that mantra you mentioned.
- (SHOUTS) Quiet, everyone! - Scotty? - Clear the set.
- Maybe.
I'm crossing.
- And just mention the mantra.
- Mantra.
So, you can call it a mantra if you like, but long-term is in our DNA, it's our cycle.
You know, rather than this term of government or the next term of government, it's this generation and the next generation - (PHONE BUZZES) - Take it.
We can stop.
I'll deal with this later.
And is that in your charter? Not explicitly, no, but it's certainly our focus.
We like to think in terms of 10-, 20-, even 30-year horizons.
- Hence redrafting the 20-year plan - (PHONE BUZZES) I am so sorry about this.
Are you sure you don't need to take that? No, no.
It can wait.
In fact, I'm gonna switch this off.
- OK, where was I? - 30-year horizons.
So, rather than respond state by state to immediate needs, we'll put up 2040, 2050 and work back from there, and we relish the, uh the - Katie? - (SHOUTS) It's Jim.
He just rang.
I'm in the middle of an interview! He wants to know if you've got time for a catch-up.
Yeah, I have to check my diary.
Maybe tomorrow.
- He's on his way over.
- I'm being interviewed, though! I'll see if I can head him off! Well, don't What's he doing that? - Did Jim get onto you? - Er, yep.
Uh, second action.
(SHOUTS) Quiet again! OK.
- Just there.
- NAT: What am I signing? - It's for the Taste of Harmony lunch.
- Oh, good.
- And who's the Galloping Greek? - Our caterers.
I think his real name is Stav.
- Everyone's really excited.
- Great.
- Shall we keep going? - Seriously, how many more questions? - A few.
- I just want to refurbish a wharf.
Which is why you need the security clearance.
(SIGHS) Alright.
Have you ever been dishonourably discharged from the Australian Defence Forces? I'll put no.
Are you a member of any proscribed organisations or associations? - No.
- Your book club? Ooh.
Shall I let you fill in the section on recreational drug use? - Yes.
- Mm-hm.
What is your reason for seeking a security clearance? I would like to know how long a submarine is.
I'll write "infrastructure planning".
- Yep.
We done? - Almost.
TONY: We rely on a range of inputs.
Demographics are hugely important to us.
Population shifts, changing urbanisation patterns.
I mean, if you're gonna plan a road network for the future, you have to take into account autonomous vehicles.
Again, trends that are gonna play out 20, 30, 40, even Sorry.
We're gonna have to come back to this here.
- Not a problem.
- Yeah.
A lot going on, what with the 20-year plan and all that.
Of course.
Is it OK if we keep shooting from the outside? Yeah, keep shooting that, yeah, Cameron - JIM: Hey.
- Hey, how are you? All good.
Just in the middle of an interview, though.
- Yeah.
- Won't be long, Lucy.
We'll - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Are you wired? - What? No.
You're not gonna believe this, but we're gonna have to call a by-election in a couple of weeks.
- What? Where? - North Queensland.
- Oh, shit! - Yep.
Super marginal.
- Are you sure they can't hear us? - Nah, nah, we're good.
So, before we pull the trigger, I need something.
- Such as? - Big spend! Some sort of project we can announce.
Have you got anything? - No.
- Something on the backburner? Jim, we're in the middle of a 20-year plan.
It was about the 20-year plan! Ah.
Perfect! - Is there something in here? - No.
There's gotta be something that's shovel-ready.
Power Ooh, network optimisation.
This is perfect.
- You don't even know what it is.
- It sounds great.
- It's a two-decade rail program.
- We can announce it next week.
- I don't think so.
- What's this? This is great.
So animated.
You long-lensing it? Any idea what sort of things they would be discussing? - Jim's holding the 20-year plan.
- KATIE: And Tony's grimacing.
- So, something long-term? - For sure.
You gonna punch in? - CAMERON: Yeah, probably.
- Yeah, nice.
Sorry, almost done.
Yeah, yeah.
You can't just pluck an idea out of there and start digging.
- Why not? - They have to be costed.
Feasibility studies.
Not one of them's got a proper business case.
You don't need a business case.
You just need a few bullet points and a press launch.
Every project in there requires massive plans.
Do you have any idea how far away we are? - Alright! - OK.
I'll come back this afternoon.
Oh, don't Done! Yep.
- Oh, it's great! - Oh, it is looking good, isn't it? - Yes! - Yeah, no, it's really good.
- The 20-year plan! - Yep.
Right here.
Ahmet? - IT? - No, E-T.
- No, Ahmet from IT? - Oh.
- And what's his problem? - The Taste of Harmony menu.
- Let me guess.
He's vegan? - No, Turkish.
- So? - We decided on Greek food.
We're serving tzatziki.
And according to Ahmet, tzatziki is not actually Greek.
It's Turkish.
Really? Surely not.
I've only ever had it at Greek restaurants.
It's causing a few issues.
Maybe we could have two separate lunches.
The Taste of Harmony? It celebrates how food brings us together? This says tzatziki could predate Greek and Ottoman Empires.
So, not Turkish or Greek.
Possibly Armenian or Syriac in origin.
Can you guys sort something out? - We'll reach out to Ahmet.
- Yep.
It's not a summit.
- This is your final mark here.
- Sure.
SCOTT: Walk and talk.
Anyway, I'd better get in with the talent, hmm? Alright.
It's just gone 1:30pm, and today, like any other day, the NBA team is hard at work planning, prioritising and calmly shaping our long-term future.
(SLAM!) Alright, one more.
Just got this from the PMO.
A solar power export scheme.
- What? - We export solar power! - To? - Cloudy countries.
What else have we got? SCOTT: Oh, the aquatic centre.
$10 million.
- It's not much.
- And we're not sure they need it.
Yeah, well, we'll cross that bridge when we - BOTH: A bridge! - Add it to the list.
- A bridge to where? - Where do you want? Come on, Tony! We can't do all the heavy lifting! What about a recreational fishing fund? - What is it? - I dunno.
Someone mentioned it.
Add it to the list? (PHONE DINGS) - Oh, shit! - What? Latest polling.
Bloody Independents! Yeah, cameras are still Our guy's hanging on by the skin of his teeth.
Oh, dental scheme.
Ooh! Add the word 'regional'.
- Are they still filming? - Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, so, the 20-year plan, we're gonna actually sign off I'm just trying to understand the process here.
The office has been working solely on the 20-year plan? Well, it's like our signature document.
But now Tony seems to be caught up on something else.
- What happened? - I think Jim came in.
- No.
- He did! Not connected.
We're an independent organisation.
We often go for days without a senior government adviser coming into the office.
- Ashan? Where are they? - Er, in the pod, Rhonda.
Thank you! What else? Flood relief package? - Hasn't rained up there for months.
- Drought relief? - Desal plant? - Why would they need to desal? - And? - Not much.
How'd you go? We're doing focus groups now.
Early issues seem to be jobs, power prices, law and order We could roll out that CCTV camera program.
In outback Queensland? What for? Cattle rustlers? Guys, I've just spent the morning talking up our long-term priorities.
If we turn around now and announce a knee-jerk spend, then Well, then we won't mention you.
Harden up, princess! OK.
Run this up the flagpole and get ready to salute.
A fully-integrated, long-term regional - Mm-hm.
- What? That's it.
- Not bad, eh? - Excellent start.
- Pretty good.
- Sorry, what are we saluting? I think we need to get up there.
Find out what they need.
- You're right.
- Yeah.
- Maybe flick through this on the plane.
- Let's do that.
- Oh, that's fascinating.
- Yeah, we've had good chats, yeah.
We thought we might do a few more individual interviews this afternoon, if that's OK.
Yeah, absolutely.
We couldn't squeeze you or Rhonda in? Oh, sorry.
Not today.
We're about to fly out.
Is this related to the 20-year plan? - What? - The 20-year plan.
Oh, yes! Yes! We are heading up north.
- To Canberra.
- That's right.
When the PM calls, says he wants an urgent meeting, what can you do? Yeah, what can you do? Yeah.
We'll, uh, shoot 'em as a pick-up.
Uh sure.
You guys getting overlay? - What? - Overlay.
So, this port refurbishment of yours.
We realise our facility is next to the submarine base.
Well, I'm not sure I can confirm that.
- What? - It's classified.
It's on Wikipedia.
You could Google Earth it.
I'm not at liberty to disclose details of operational matters.
- It's not operational.
It's a wharf.
- Sensitive information.
Oh, I've got this.
Yes, I was told I would need security clearance.
Yes, but this is just a baseline document.
This gives you access to a limited range of classified material.
Like the length of a submarine? - Sorry.
- So it's useless? Not at all.
Got you into the building.
Can I just ask, do you know this information? I have access to certain files, yes.
- But you can't show them to me? - No.
- Could you tell me? - No.
What if I said a figure like 50 metres and you said higher or lower? If you want this information, you need a level two security clearance.
Warmer or colder? - And how would you describe the team? - Oh, very dedicated.
- Really? - Yes.
They're very committed.
Day starts early.
Often goes late.
- So, long hours? - Oh, yeah.
Last night, Tony was here till midnight.
Really? - Yeah, big phone hook-up.
- With? Oh, the minister, prime minister, a local member from up, uh .
and, um, there was a couple of others.
A number-cruncher was here.
- And do you know what it was about? - No, not really.
The 20-year plan? They were definitely looking for a plan.
- KATIE: Morning, Tony.
- Hey, Katie.
- Are you? - Is it a bit too dark? - A little.
- Wait till you see Courtney.
- Where's Courtney? - Wardrobe change.
- And the film crew? - Downstairs, interviewing Brian.
What?! What do you mean? That's plenty.
- I've got plenty more if you need it.
- Oh, no Oh.
(PUFFS) Everything fine? - All good.
- Yeah.
Hope I didn't go on too much.
It was perfect.
Sounds like you had quite a busy evening.
What? Brian was just mentioning a late night phone conference call.
Was he? It would be great to film one of those phone hook-ups.
- Oh, great idea.
- Are you sure? Unfortunately, they're a bit rare.
Brian mentioned there's one scheduled for tomorrow.
- Did he? - Yeah.
11 o'clock, Tony.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
So, can we film? - (SQUEAKS) Yeah.
- Great.
- Good thing I reminded you! - Good thing.
Seriously? According to both Lena and Naz, it's definitely Lebanese.
- It's just tzatziki! - No, they call it 'laban'.
- It's a dip.
- Not necessarily.
Ivan's family are from Bulgaria.
They make it like a soup.
- Sorry, who said it was from Persia? - That was Samira from Legal.
Let me guess, Samira's Iranian? On her mother's side.
Her dad reckons it's Egyptian.
- Do we cancel this lunch? - No.
- Everyone's looking forward to it.
- Who? Everyone's at war.
- We'll sort something out now.
- Thank you.
So, where are we at with the security clearance? You need to apply for a level two.
And what does that entail? MAN: So A MONTH in China? What was the purpose of that visit? I was at school.
It was a school trip.
We were studying.
- Chinese? - Yes.
You also studying politics? - It was year seven.
- Year seven Let's move on to affiliations and supports.
Two years ago, you donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature.
Uh yes.
You donated at the Valley Falls Music Festival.
- Yes.
Problem? - Hmm.
- How much you give? - Probably five bucks.
Gave it to? I don't know.
One of their people.
Male? Female? They were dressed as a koala.
- So, you're getting that? Testing one, two.
- Yeah, I got that.
- One, two.
- Yeah, I got that.
OK, so, this is how you'll be presenting to the Prime Minister? Well, to everyone, because I like slides, or as we call it now, my deck, you know? - You're connected, Tony.
- Great, Katie.
- We're ready to go.
- Good.
- Over the coming decades - Hang on, hang on.
(CLAPS) - I just did that.
- That's for audio.
And in three, two, one.
You're on, Tony.
Over the coming decades, Australia's infrastructure needs will continue to change, but certain key areas will remain a permanent focus.
As you can see the, um "Any thoughts on" - Uh, I think a little regional - What's that? People are very conscious of the regions.
Not sure why Jim's piping in.
It must be on Bluetooth.
The graph represents our current allocation.
Transport, energy, dental .
uh, is definitely a suggestion.
Maybe not, uh Communications, water security, urban development, all key And bridges, of course.
The Bluetooth still coming through, I think.
- Each of these areas can be broken into - OK yeah.
Two sections, projects and initiatives.
Projects are advanced proposals.
That's the key to Voters? No.
I think Rhonda's on there as well.
That have undergone a full business case.
Need big dollars.
Always Try, uh, flight mode, I think.
- Is all this really necessary? - In what sense? I just need to know how long the new Attack class submarines are.
Well, that's highly classified information.
I could probably find out by looking at the manufacturer's website.
- And you've attempted access? - Access? No.
I'm just saying you you probably could, if y (WRITES) OK.
How long have you had an interest in Middle Eastern geopolitics? I don't.
Well, according to your internet search history You've got my search history? Well, you are applying for level two.
Well, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran.
When I join all those dots, what do you think I'm going to come up with? Tzatziki.
We're trying to find who invented the dip.
It's for our Taste of Harmony lunch.
Oh, I see.
It's Cypriot.
That the koala? I I think so.
So, Jim and Rhonda are both in Canberra? - Yep.
- For the 20-year plan? Yeah.
This is gonna be pretty routine.
So if you'd prefer to find something else - No, no, no.
This is what it's all about.
- Yeah, I mean, yeah, no.
- OK.
Oh, well, let's do it.
- Patching you through now.
- Alright.
Let's patch.
- Jim? JIM: Yeah, gotcha! - And Rhonda? - RHONDA: Yeah, I'm standing by.
Good morning to you both.
Um, just a reminder, we've got our ABC film crew here in the room, so they're very keen to hear about what's going on in Canberra.
Well, I'm currently in Canberra.
- I've spoken to several people - (COWS MOO IN BACKGROUND) We're j-just on the outskirts.
Uh, western Canberra.
- MAN: Hee-yah! - (WHIP CRACKS) Yeah, just getting a bit of interference there.
Crossed line there, Jim.
Maybe we might hear from Rhonda.
(WAVES CRASH, SEAGULLS SQUAWK) Yeah, I'm a little closer to the coast.
Er, the shores, Rhonda? Of Lake Burley Griffin? - What? - Shores.
Uh, a different range of local issues emerging here.
Recreational fishing.
Oh, the cane toad problem.
Yeah, that could be a problem.
I guess they're not there yet.
Um, and none of those are in our current 20-year plan, Rhonda Roads.
The building blocks of modern living.
But these things only get built after a dedicated team of infrastructure experts, working from this very office, scrutinises every detail.
Seriously? You could have at least worn a hat! Oh! We'll just say it was a little sunny.
- In Canberra? - Oh, could be frostbite.
Anyway, we think we might be onto something.
- Very promising.
- What do you think? - A coal handling facility? - Widespread support.
- From? - Focus groups.
Mineral Council's on board.
Sky News will do an OB.
Ticks all the boxes.
Jobs, investment, Alan Jones.
- A lot of boxes.
- Yeah.
Sticks it up the Greens.
- Coal? - Problem? We've just identified protecting the environment as a top 10 priority.
- Where's coal? - Not in there! - Top 20? - No! Well, let's add it! You're aware that the Great Barrier Reef is just off that coast? - Oh.
Gentlemen, let's - It's certainly an exciting project.
No, it's not.
No, no.
Shall we continue this conversation elsewhere? - Might have to.
- Tail-slate it.
Christo feels it might be cultural appropriation.
- Christo's Greek.
- BOTH: Macedonian.
He thinks calling tzatziki Greek could be inflammatory.
- Maybe we just don't serve it.
- Maybe we all lighten up.
Does it really matter where our food comes from? Does anyone care if curry is from India or Pakistan? Or Sri Lanka.
The point is we all come together and enjoy a meal.
- Would you have a word to Christo? - We'll put forward a compromise.
It's not a peace treaty.
- LUCY: You OK? - Long day.
Still working on that shipyard development? Trying to, but right now, no-one can tell me how long a submarine is.
- The Attack class? - Mmm.
About 97 metres.
- What? - 97 point something.
And get this, weighing in at 4,500 tonnes and 97 metres long, the Shortfin Barracuda submarine is Australia's most expensive piece of military equipment.
- And that was on Behind The News? - A kids' show? - We did a story on the subs.
- And they told you the dimensions? It's amazing what you can find out when you turn up with a camera.
(QUIET CHATTER) - Are we safe? - I think so.
- What do you reckon? - A coal handling facility?! We don't have to build the thing.
Just announce it.
Show the locals we're serious.
I will not have this organisation used as cover for a billion-dollar by-election splurge! I wouldn't call it a splurge.
We can't afford to lose this seat.
- Why drag us into it? - So it doesn't look like - Like pork-barrelling? - Well, I prefer splurge.
- I've spent a year on this! - You're not gonna get busted.
No-one's gonna know we've pushed something through.
- They must be getting suspicious.
- (BUZZING) - What's that noise? - What? Certainly, uh, a lot of interesting initiatives here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Should we try the basement? - Yeah.
How does the ABC afford a drone? That's the site plan of the docks.
It was on the local council's website.
That's a photo of the crane systems and gantry.
The Defence Minister tweeted that a few months ago.
I spoke to a commercial real estate agent.
They sent me through the dimensions of the facility, along with access points.
And the exact length of the submarine.
3 metres.
Where'd you find that? There was a doco on the History Channel.
Really interesting.
(LIVELY CHATTER) - Are you happy to - We're rolling, Tony.
Alright, OK, we'll start.
Alright! Kalispera, yassas, shalom, shukran, salam alaikum - Hey, have I forgotten anyone? - Christo.
Zdravo to all our Macedonian friends.
- Yeah.
- (APPLAUSE) Isn't it wonderful we've been able to come together again for another year and share a meal? Some beautiful food there.
Lovely breads and di and the other stuff.
Come on in, Jim.
So, in the spirit of harmony, let's enjoy.
Ooh, tzatziki! I love Greek food! Thanks for that, Paul.
It looks like a nice weekend ahead.
And recapping our main story, a surprise by-election win for the government in Far North Queensland.
That's it for ABC News.
Stay with us.
Levers Of Power is up next.
- Tony? - Yeah? I found the notes from that meeting with Jim.
You threw your head back, grimaced, rolled your eyes, sort of winced, then put your head in your hands, but no nods.
I knew I didn't agree to that.
- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.
"Thumbs up.
" Here you go.
And I got you a wienerbrod.
- Looks like a Danish.
- Heidi says they're Austrian.
But that's basically how we prioritise projects.
We sort of rank them in terms of cost-benefit.
And I can actually print that out for you if you want.
- Oh, that'd be great.
- Yeah.
But again, it's still the same thing.
It's careful analysis, and then consideration of future needs, and then we put them all together and then we, uh Why is that not printing? Uh, sorry, that's classified.