Utopia (2013) s05e03 Episode Script

The Promise Land

Australia's best days are ahead of us.
We live in the best
country in the world.
- No asterisks, no footnotes
- From road to rail
We are in the age of infrastructure.
- The dawn of a new era.
- The great Australian dream.
To build a better future
We're spending more than any
government has ever spent.
- Money flashed around.
- Splash more cash.
- The cash splash.
- It's big money, in anyone's language.
- This is a nation-building fund
- It's innovation building.
Nation-building. Nation-building.
REPORTER: It's election day.
REPORTER: Polling has begun.
REPORTER: A very busy day at
polling centres across the country
- The race is now on
- Days of frantic campaigning
- Celebrations or commiserations.
- Could be decided by one or two seats.
Voting centres shut at 6:00pm,
which is under an hour away here
- Morning, Katie.
- Tony.
- Big result Saturday.
- Huge. We got over 2%.
- Sorry?
- Animal Rights Party.
- I was working the booths.
- Oh, right. Good on you.
- Might end up with a Senate seat.
- Really?
It depends on preferences from
the Camping and Cannabis Party.
- What?
- They merged. Oh, and Jim rang.
Oh! I think we know what this is about.
- Battery hens?
- No, us.
The NBA's new independent
structure. When's he coming in?
He said no rush, he'll give you a call.
- Oh.
- He says there's a lot going on.
Oh, there'd be a lot going on.
- Alright. Well, keep me informed.
- Yep.
- This milk tastes weird.
- It's oat.
- Right.
- Would you prefer almond?
I'd prefer milk. No, I said
I'd give it a try, so
Tony? Sorry, it's Jonathan's first day.
Oh! So good to finally
meet you in person!
- Great to finally make it down.
- Yeah.
Couldn't have come at a
better time. Huge result.
- Exciting time for you guys.
- Absolutely.
Hey, now, anything we
can do to help you settle in?
Uh, just my pass doesn't seem to work.
- Oh, I can sort that out for you.
- Oh, well Oh, yeah.
Okay. Right.
- Um
- Oops. Okay.
- Monday meeting, Tony.
- Oh! Come meet the team.
Uh, this way.
Hey, um, any word from Jim?
He said it might have to
wait till this afternoon.
- Oh, this afternoon
- A lot going on.
No, there is. Okay. Keep me informed.
All good?
Alright. First things first.
We welcome Jonathan Mendola
for the next month or so.
- Two months, Tony.
- Two months. Okay.
He'll be consulting on all our
financial systems and controls,
so let's make him feel at home.
Thanks, everyone.
Now, obviously, post-election,
the government's gonna be
proceeding with their commitments,
the big one being
- Phasing out live sheep exports.
- No, as it relates to us here.
- Meat-free Fridays?
- No, we put a pin in that.
Uh, as the PM promised,
we'll move to a new structure.
- Do we keep our jobs?
- Oh, absolutely.
It's more about how we
interface with departments.
- Meaning?
- Uh, so when you think of the
Reserve Bank, what comes to mind?
- They meet on Tuesdays.
- No.
- They got inflation wrong.
- Uh, yes but no.
- They're independent.
- Thank you.
We'll be transitioning
to the new structure
and I'm gonna be meeting
with Jim today, actually
Oh, he's had to push it back.
Probably tomorrow. Lot happening.
Yeah. Point is, we're meeting.
Anyway, in the meantime,
our important work goes on,
starting this week with
- Workplace respect training.
- What?
- Beverley's coming in.
- Seriously?
- It's only for an hour.
- Okay.
- Each day this week.
- Each day.
Katie, with this BLT
- Yeah?
- there doesn't appear to be any B.
- You said you were gonna give it a try.
- I'm not a guinea pig.
Guinea pigs are used
in medical research.
- Oh, are they?
- Tony, got a moment for Jim?
- Yep. Send him in.
- Uh, line 2.
- Oh.
- Tomorrow I'll make it with Tofurkey.
Beauty. Jim.
- How good was that?
- Yeah. Big win for your lot.
And you were thinking
of pulling the pin!
- Oh, it's been a tough few years.
- But now, smooth sailing.
- Yep.
- Anyway, what's on your mind?
What do you think's on my mind?
Your whole infrastructure
campaign was based on it.
- Weakening the Greens?
- No, our new structure.
- Moving to the independent model.
- How good was that?
- Totally blindsided the opposition.
- Yeah. And now?
- Now what? We won.
- Yeah. And?
- We do a victory lap!
- No, we have to act on it.
- Sure.
- Key election promise.
PM said we're gonna
hit the ground running.
We're sprinting, Tony, but
there's a lot happening.
- Let's chat in a couple of weeks.
- Couple couple of weeks?
We're gonna get media inquiries.
We've already got the other
departments emailing us.
I mean, what's the official line?
Rolling up our sleeves,
governing for all Australians,
promises made, promises kept
- No, as it relates to the NBA.
- Alright.
I'll make a few calls.
We'll send something through.
Okay. Thanks. And we're still meeting?
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah. Okay.
So, we thought we'd
set you up over here.
Perfect. And you found me a laptop.
It's Nat's old one.
We all upgraded recently, so
just until your one arrives,
- we thought that
- Is that John Legend?
I thought you said you wiped it.
Uh, it was a joke.
You went to his concert.
- I didn't buy the tickets.
- You bought three T-shirts.
- Can I just grab your password?
- 'bosslady1'. All lower case.
- I am gonna get this wiped.
- No, no. It's fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah. I like John Legend.
Okay. Uh
Oh, and there's this workplace
respect training session today.
- You don't have to sit through it.
- I'm happy to.
Be part of the team.
Spend more time with you.
This just came through from Jim -
election commitments
media briefing notes.
Oh, excellent. You've
got the bit about us?
I do yeah.
"The government has committed
to investigating the feasibility
of establishing the NBA
as an independent entity
during the current term."
"Investigating." Bit of a wishy-washy
start. What does it say next?
"Skilled visas are set to be
fast-tracked by the new government."
- What?
- What, you're against skilled visas?
- Is that it about us?
- And there's nothing about puppy farms?
Uh, no.
Tony, Rhonda wants to see you.
- About?
- NBA Power.
Ah, finally. Someone.
When does she want to meet?
- Now. She's on her way.
- Thank you.
- Morning, Tony.
- Beverley.
I'm almost ready to start.
You won't be joining us this morning?
- For?
- Respect in the workplace.
I've done it before. Can
I respectfully decline?
Can I respectfully
ask you to reconsider?
You may but my answer
is, respectfully, no.
Wow. You guys are really good at this!
Can I respectfully ask
about meat-free Fridays?
I thought we put a pin
in that, with respect.
Thank you, darling.
- Big night?
- Big weekend.
Antony Greene's afterparty,
then a farewell dinner
for one of our candidates
who didn't quite make it.
She's, "Waiting on
postals," but seriously
- Anyway, where was I?
- The NBA.
Ah, yes. I bring exciting news.
Oh. What's that?
The Australian Financial Review
would like to do a story on us.
- Oh, about the restructure?
- The what?
Our move to independence,
the key election promise.
- I'm sure that could be part of it.
- I think it should be the main focus.
- The main focus is actually you.
- What, me?
Mmm. It's an annual series
called The Power List.
Yeah, I know it. And they want me?
Well, we had to push a little.
Can I just double-check a few details?
- Are you still surfing.
- Uh, yeah but not for a few years.
- But you own a board.
- Yeah, it's somewhere.
Mmm. "Drawn to the ocean."
Travel, adventure,
been anywhere exotic lately?
Oh, yeah,
I had a golf trip to Launceston.
Oh, spare me!
- Weren't you in Dubai?
- Yeah, for a conference.
- Mmm. "Drawn to the desert."
- Yeah, not particularly
Anything else? Recent
milestones, life-changing events?
Oh, I've started
pressing my own olive oil.
Please don't mention that again.
So, it's a big topic, isn't it?
Let's start with some
practical do's and don'ts.
What's something that
you might say casually
that could make another
person feel uncomfortable?
"I like John Legend."
- Like, "Where are you from?"
- Perfect example.
- Of a do or a don't?
- It's a don't.
- 'Cause I asked Jonathan where he's from.
- Oh, where is he from?
- You can't ask that!
- Perth.
It relates more to where
are you from culturally.
- East Perth.
Ash, you would have
lived experience of this.
What do you say when people
ask, "Where are you from?"
- Infrastructure.
- Originally, Ash.
Oh, Education.
Let's keep drilling down on this.
- Some heavy hitters here.
- And who's he?
Something to do with crypto power.
Suspect he won't be
on the list this year.
- Mmm.
- There's, uh ooh, there's her.
She's wielding cultural power.
- And why is she in a lake?
- Oh, why anything?
It's a photo in the business press.
They've gotta jazz it up somehow.
- We need to organise one for you.
- You know what?
On second thoughts, call them back,
say, "Thanks for asking".
- They didn't, remember? I pushed.
- Yeah. I've got a lot on, though.
- Maybe next year.
- We've said yes.
With all this positive talk
about the NBA during the campaign,
what better time to shine a light on us?
Yeah but I'm gonna be
flat-out with the transition.
Oh, who knows when that's gonna happen?
- Well, it's happening now
- Stop your whining!
You're a person of power! The man
in change! Top dog! Deal with it!
- Some of the basic guidelines
- We might just get that door shut.
- I'll get that.
God, you're annoying!
We all need to be sensitive to
how we interact with each other.
Let's try some practical exercises.
Katie, do you want to have
a conversation with Courtney?
- Hi.
- Solid start.
- It's the beginning of the day.
- So you might say
- Did you know that every week,
100,000 pigs are inhumanely slaughtered?
Let's keep it general.
It's Monday morning, so, Courtney,
what's something you might say to Katie?
- Um did you go out last night?
- Stop.
Perfect. Can anyone see what
might potentially be wrong there?
Yeah. She took too long
to think of a question.
- It's not impro.
- Now she's blocking.
- Shut up, guys!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
It was a personal question.
Asking a colleague what
they do in their private life
can, in some instances,
be deemed inappropriate.
So if I were to say, "Courtney,
did you go out last night?"
I went to a bar with friends.
No, no, I mean, how do you feel?
- A bit hung-over, actually.
- Blocking.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- How's it going?
- Good. Although, while I've got you,
I'm just trying to
connect to the printer,
it's asking me for a username.
- Oh what was that?
- 'Mrsnuggles1'.
- It was my cat.
- The first 'S' is a dollar sign.
And password. 'IloveTimberlake'.
- Could you keep your voice down?
- 'Love' is 'L-U-V'.
- Jokes.
- You went to see him too.
So did I.
- Really?
- Yeah. Great concert.
- Wasn't it?
- Amazing, wasn't he?
- It was really good.
- Ready, Nat?
- Superstar.
- Yeah.
I mean, I I thought it was, um
Jim, hold on,
it was a key election promise.
- It says we're committed!
- Committed to investigating!
And then there's this bit,
"during the current term."
- That could be three years away!
- You want us to push it back?
- No, I want you to implement it!
- Let's put it on the agenda.
- It is on the agenda!
- We said we'd review it.
- No, we said we'd implement it.
- After the review.
Jim, if you're gonna try
and wriggle out of this
No-one's wriggling!
But there's a lot of prep
work with stuff like this.
- Such as?
- There's a whole bunch of things.
We've gotta draft the legislation!
- We've done that.
- MAN: Sort out the
- Sort out the structure.
- Again, we've done
Sorry, is someone there with you?
- No. No.
- Where are you?
Just at the PM's office.
We've done all the preparatory
work. This thing is ready to go.
- MAN: Might need to get the states on side.
- We might need to get the states on side.
Okay. We need to speak
tomorrow, 9:00am, face to face.
I think flight delays are
I think he can hear you, Prime Minister.
Um, I'm hearing there
are some flight delays.
Yeah, I'm hearing that too.
BEVERLEY: Morning,
everyone. Grab a seat.
Lots to get through.
Today I'd like to start
with a practical exercise
relating to respectful interaction.
You've all got a card in front of you.
I'd like you to each read your card
to the person on your left
and then that person can say
whether they feel it's appropriate
or inappropriate.
Brian, do you want to kick us off?
"Hey, Insert Name Here"
- Ash.
- "Hey, Ash.
- I really like your shirt."
- Ash?
- Inappropriate.
- Because?
- It's not true.
- It's an unwanted or uninvited comment
about someone's personal appearance.
- Ah!
- Ash.
"Hey, Courtney, have you heard the
gossip about the new girl, Jenny?"
- No, what is it?
- No, sorry, inappropriate.
- Depends on what it is.
- No!
- We used to have a Jenny.
- We don't want to share
malicious or unkind rumours about
anyone in the workplace environment.
Thank you. Jonathan.
"Hey, Nat.
Feel like heading out after
work tonight for a few drinks?"
- Nat?
- What?
Appropriate or inappropriate?
A little bit of a grey area
a lift home but it can
be done respectfully.
- Thank you, Brad and Renee.
- Well done.
Alright. Our next scenario.
Uh, Jonathan and Nat.
Are you happy to play our next couple?
Sure, so long as Natalie is.
Happy to, if you're happy to.
- What did we just see there?
- Nat blushing.
- Respect.
- Ah, so obvious.
Alright. It's Monday morning.
He brings flowers, Katie.
- What do we think about that.
- ASH: Not on.
- Red flag.
- Well, hang on.
- But it's her birthday, so
- Still not on.
Really? Birthdays are kind of special.
- It crosses a line.
- What line?
- I'll take them back?
- No!
- Yes.
- Alright.
Let's keep exploring the grey
areas. It's now after work.
- You're all gathered at a bar.
- This doesn't feel right.
- It's been a long day.
- And it's your birthday.
It's a wonderful atmosphere.
Everyone's getting along well.
Jonathan offers to buy Nat a drink,
to which you say
- Margarita, thanks.
- Seriously, Nat says
- ASH: No.
Given our work relationship,
we need clear boundaries.
- Very good.
- Was it?
But then Jonathan oversteps the mark
and suggests the two of you leave,
get something to eat.
- Ooh!
- KATIE: Sorry! Wrong folder.
Can anyone see where
this might be headed?
A vegan restaurant.
- Jim's on his way.
- Great.
And that photographer from
The Financial Review rang back.
He wants to know if you
managed to find your board.
- No.
- I'll get Brian to organise something.
And do you have any photos
of your time in the desert?
- It was a fact-finding delegation.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
- Oh! And here's your FLT.
- My what?
- Facon, lettuce, tomato.
- It's cruelty-free.
- Not to me.
- Any mayo?
- It's made from eggs.
- Is it?
- Yes.
- Oh.
- JIM: Alright. Read the riot act.
I said we are moving forward
with the new-look NBA.
- It's not a new look
- A reboot.
- Uh, no
- A refresh.
- It's a complete structural overhaul.
- Really?
Allow me to read you the
Prime Minister's exact words.
- "If re-elected"
- Tick!
" we commit to the NBA being
granted full independent status."
Well, that could mean a lot of things.
"They will have the power to make
decisions relating to infrastructure
- free from all political influence."
- That may have been an off-the-cuff remark
It's on his official letterhead.
Are we gonna do this or not?
Yes, absolutely! But let's
take the time to get it right.
I mean, how would a new-look
thing like this even work?
Like this.
- You've done it?
- Tick.
And the postal-vote preferences
are even more favourable,
so we might end up with
someone in the Senate.
Katie, what's this cheese,
'Buffalo Not-zarella'?
It's for Tony. Have
some. You'll love it.
- I won't.
- I'll get those updates to you later.
- Oh, yeah. Sure.
- I've got a form for you.
Quick word?
- Yeah?
- Just letting you know,
I ran into Jonathan in the
coffee shop this morning
and he started talking about you.
- Oh? What did he say?
- Well, nothing disrespectful.
But he was asking about things
- beyond work.
- Like?
- Are you and
- And?
- Don't worry, I changed the subject.
- But what was he asking?
It was pretty inappropriate.
How inappropriate?
Whether you have a boyfriend.
- And what'd you say?
- Never got there.
Shut it down. Gave him nothing.
I'm so glad we're doing
these sessions with Beverley.
Otherwise I would have
completely missed it.
- Yeah.
- So, we start with four, maybe five
- commissioners, experts in their field
- Sure.
and they meet to
determine key priorities.
- And come up with suggestions.
- No.
- Recommendations. Thought-starters.
- No.
Locked-in, fully costed projects.
- Which then go to an advisory board.
- No.
- A panel. Working party. Bit of back-and-forth.
- No.
They don't go anywhere.
They get implemented.
I feel like we're dealing
ourselves out of a lot of expertise.
- They're the experts.
- Where do we fit in?
- You don't.
- Can I just have a couple of squares?
- No!
- It feels underdone.
- Jim
- Maybe, off to the side, a circle
- No new shapes.
- A line?
No. How about I print you a copy?
- I reckon we can have one, down here.
- No, we don't
- A line. A line! Just one line!
- No. No. No!
KATIE: Hey, you two! Respect!
- Nat.
- Courtney.
- Is Jonathan in?
- Yeah, he is.
- He's lovely, isn't he?
- Yeah. He is.
We had such a great chat.
Um, do you know if
Does he have a
a partner, a girlfriend?
It's funny you should
mention that, because he
I see what you're trying
to do. You're testing me.
- No, I was just wondering
- Nat.
But does he?
- Well done.
- Thank you.
- Why can't I wear my own suit?
- You need to look good.
- Oh.
- And powerful.
But, Tony, good news about the board.
- Oh. Did Jim ring?
- We've hired one from the surf shop.
Oh. I don't think any of these suit me.
- What about this?
- No.
- Or this?
- I don't think so.
And it's definitely no to this?
- It might not be
- Oh, this looks good!
- Midwinter ball?
- It's a photoshoot.
Tony's gonna be in Manpower.
No, no, I'm in the Power List.
Oh, Rhonda managed to talk them into it!
Yeah. I might choose something later.
- Okay. We've had a bit of a breakthrough.
- On the new set-up?
- New everything.
- What?
PM's totally on side. He wants change.
It is goodbye to the old NBA.
- And hello to?
- This will make you smile.
- A new name?
- You're not smiling.
Better Building Australia.
We ran a focus group.
Tested through the roof.
- I didn't ask for a new name.
- But you deserve one.
- Makes a big statement.
- What, that we're not gonna change anything?
- What?! It doesn't end here.
- Really?
No! We're working on new logos,
mission statement, website
root and branch.
You're still not smiling.
I appreciate your interest, Scott,
but I choose not to discuss
those issues at work.
- And, Brian, I respect those boundaries.
- Mmm.
- Uninvited physical contact!
- I think it was consensual.
- But power imbalance?
- Not with a handshake.
Wow. What a great learning
moment to finish on.
- Thank you.
Any questions?
- Hypothetical question, Beverley.
- Sure.
If someone in a workplace setting
was to ask someone else in that setting
if that person had a boyfriend,
would that be acceptable?
Mmm. I'd be wary of sharing that
sort of personal information.
But if that person
didn't have a boyfriend?
They still might not want
that information shared.
- Well, let's say they were.
- Is this still hypothetical?
- Yes.
- Yeah. So, it's a very exciting time at the NBA.
A lot of big changes
as part of the overhaul.
Yeah. So, you're moving to
some kind of advisory board?
No. Full independence.
- But that's not any time soon.
- No.
- What?
- And there's talk of a name change.
- Yes.
- Where are you getting this?
Someone sent me some notes.
Anyway, back to you, I'd love to
hear about your time in the desert.
- Quite a tale.
- Maybe focus on the organisation first, though.
- Sure. BBA.
- What?
- Better Building Australia.
- That's not locked in.
- Well, whichever, you're the CEO.
- Head honcho.
Oh, I've got a very experienced team
Calling the shots and
laying down the law.
- I'm not sure that's my style
- Yes, it is. He's his own man.
- I try to be inclusive
- He's Mr Fix-it.
- No, I'm not.
- Bob the Better Builder.
- Mmm, that's good.
- No, it's not.
- He's not trying to be popular.
- Trying to finish a sentence at the moment.
- He's building a better Australia.
- Oh, love that.
And what can you tell me
about this olive oil thing?
Okay. That's great too.
I can add that to our
spreadsheet and link that as well.
- Perfect.
- And if you can cc that to the Sydney office?
- Can do.
- Thank you. That really advances it.
- It's good progress.
- Shall we take this further?
What are you suggesting?
- The next module.
- If you're up for it.
- Up for anything.
- Is it time for lunch?
Um yeah. It is. Quite right.
- What do you feel like?
- I brought mine in.
Oh. You?
Uh, is there anywhere around
here you can get a banh mi?
Yeah, there's a great, sort of,
hole in the wall up the road.
- Great.
- It's a bit of a walk.
I need to stretch my legs.
Actually, I'm hungry.
I'll come too.
Could use the walk.
Let's go through this again.
I've got something I want to show you.
"Advisory panel" her words!
Well, I don't know
where she got that from.
From you! She was even
asking about the new name!
Did she like it? Wait
till you see the logo.
- Anyway, good news.
- Really?
I ran that mud-map of yours past
a few people at the department
- Yeah, not a mud-map.
- And they've suggested a couple of tweaks.
- Tweaks?
- Well, they want to get it right.
Can we get the thing up?
Sorry, Jim.
And I think we're on the same page.
- What's that?
- You, us! Better Building Australia.
Why don't I talk you through it?
We start with 10 board members.
- 10?
- You want 12?
What happened to the four commissioners?
The PM felt we needed a
broader range of input.
And who would those
board members report to?
You'll like this bit,
recommendations go directly,
with no input from us,
to the board governor.
- Who answers to?
- No-one.
There's a line going from the
governor to the Prime Minister.
- Dotted. It's just procedural.
- What?
Checks and balances.
It's just a draft anyway.
- It says 'final'.
- Does it?
Jim, let me explain one
more time how this works.
We were asked to establish a new body.
- Tick!
- This body
- Better Building Australia.
- identified projects of
- key national priority.
- Tick!
Rigorous assessment process,
using agreed-on KPIs.
Tick, whatever that means. Keep going.
- That's it. It doesn't.
- When does it come to us? It has to!
If it goes to you, it's not independent.
- It's independence with oversight!
- That's not independence!
I think you're splitting hairs, cross!
Tony, we're so close!
- so second.
- That's very embarrassing.
Anyway, in the end, I
didn't get in till 6:00.
That is so funny!
Anyway, I'd better jump
on these spreadsheets.
- Oh, yeah. See ya.
- See ya.
- Nat?
- Yeah?
- Well played.
- What do you mean?
You must have felt so uncomfortable.
- No.
- He was clearly flirting with you.
- Really?
- "Oh, you must come on a trail ride this weekend."
- He was just being nice.
- Uh-uh.
He was practically
asking you out on a date.
- Do you think so?
- Absolutely!
- Tell you what I can do.
- Yeah?
- I can speak to Beverley.
- No.
Or I could speak to
him. Really confront it.
"Hey, back off, pal!"
- No.
- Okay.
Don't worry. We won't
let anything happen.
Here's your call sheet for
the photoshoot tomorrow.
- Seriously?
- Everyone's numbers are there.
Photographer, make-up,
stylist, lifeguard
Lifeguard? I'm on the sand.
Workplace safety.
Your call time is 0600.
- What?!
- I think that's 6 o'clock.
- Have we heard back from Jim?
- He rang half an hour ago.
- And?
- He wanted to know if I thought
- you were going to resign.
- Well, I'm this close.
But he did have some great news.
The Animal Rights Party
will get that Senate seat.
Wow. What are these?
- Ideas from the photographer.
- I'm not doing that.
- Don't you want to look powerful?
- I'll look ridiculous!
Alright. Big win for you.
If this involves a name change
- Eight board members.
- Commissioners.
- Answerable to a chair.
- Governor.
Arm's length,
we set 'em up, get out of their way.
- It's what was promised.
- And the PM wants you
to hammer out the details
so everything is ready to go.
- Great.
- By the next election.
- What'd you say?
- Hammer.
- After that.
- Everything.
The next election?
That's three years away!
Could go early.
It just keeps popping up at random.
Oh, sorry, I think that's one of
those Facebook memory things.
- I'll just see if I can disable it.
- ASH: Nat?
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, fine.
Jonathan just needs a bit
of help with my old computer.
- Is that you with braces?
- Oh, my gosh. No.
- That's a deepfake. I think you put that in
- I can take care of it, out here.
We're fine.
- As long as you're sure.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Um
- Alright. That needs to go.
- That's fantastic.
I think it's probably a
notifications setting thing.
Sorry. Yep?
We're fine.
- Just watch?
- Uh yeah.
Uh, you missed a bit, on his chin.
Yeah. Thanks.
I think we need this sand smoothed out.
Uh, I think we're
missing something, Tony.
Yeah, my pants.
I'll just get you to
take a few steps back.
Yep. That's better. Yep.
- Bit more.
- A bit more?
- Further.
- Keep going.
Uh, I think we need you in the water.
- Yeah.
- Oh, it's a bit cold!
Oh, for god's sake! Get in
the water! Show some power!
- Maybe splash about, touch a wave.
- Yep.
- Get on the board.
- On the board!
- Okay.
- That's it. That's it.
Oh! Lifeguard!
Get it. Just get it.
- Lifeguard!
- Ooh!
Agh! Oh! Ow!
- How's the foot?
- Fine.
Good news. We think the
crab's going to be okay.
- Hard shell.
- I didn't tread on a crab.
- I stepped on a rock.
- Oh.
Well, this will cheer you up.
- A BLT.
- Oh, great.
Beetroot, lentils, tabouli.
Jim rang. Tomorrow's meeting?
- Yeah.
- He's going to have to push it back.
- Lot on?
- Yeah.
- Have you seen it?
- Oh, I don't need to.
Good photo. Just before you fell over.
- I didn't fall over.
- "Hard hats, hard man, hard decisions."
- Scotty
- It's good, Tony.
And it even mentions the restructure.
- Really?
- Yeah.
"A major overhaul of the NBA."
- Keep going.
- "May still be a few years down the track
but for this surf-loving,
olive-oil-producing vegan,
it's just another wave to ride."
- Tony?
- Mmm?
- Are you okay?
- Mmm.
Jim rang back. What did
you want me to tell him?
- Are you eating meat?
- I'm iron-deficient!
And you're ranked
number 3 in your category.
Oh. What's the category?
Independent power.
- Oh. Who's number one?
- The Animal Rights Party senator.
Great photo. He's surrounded by puppies.
We've put together a list
of names for the new board.
- Seriously?
- Some heavy hitters there.
Ex-party hacks, big donors,
political pay-offs
- Broad range of experience.
- Yeah, at taking orders.
The Prime Minister's best man?
Mmm, that was a square-up.
So, obviously I've gotta
head back in a few days.
- But, you know, I was thinking
- Yes.
if I come back down
in a couple of weeks,
- would you maybe be interested
- Coffees!
Thank you. What was that, Jonathan?
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