Utopia (2013) s05e04 Episode Script

Tunnel Vision

Australia's best days are ahead of us
We live in the best
country in the world
No asterisks, no footnotes
From road to rail and in the air
We are in the age of infrastructure
The dawn of a new era
- The great Australian dream
- To build a better future
Record investments.
We're spending more than any
government has ever spent
- Money splashed around
- Splash more cash
- The cash splash
- The cash splash
It's big money in anyone's language
- This is a nation-building
- Nation building
- Nation building
- Nation building
Nation building
So I've separated out each
of the principal costs.
- Operating expenses.
- Purple.
- Yep.
- And plant hire.
- Mauve.
- Yeah. That's it.
- Got it.
- Sorry. I'm a little lost.
- Which one is purple?
- Operating expenses.
Yeah, but which one up there is purple?
Mauve. Next to depreciation.
No. The mauve is interested in accruals.
Depreciation is lilac.
Okay, that looks more
violet on that screen.
I could do you a separate
bar chart presentation.
- What if you just point?
- Morning, all.
Oh, sorry, fellas.
We'll come back to this.
- How's it going?
- Good.
Does that look like mauve to you?
You've got a full dance card here.
Oh, yeah. The regional rail link.
We're just finalising tenders
for that big super tunnel.
- Hit a bit of a wall, have you?
- No.
- Bogged down?
- No.
I spoke to Treasury. They said
there's no rush with this thing.
- I'm not rushing.
- But if you need us to take it off your hands.
Why would we need you
to take it off our?
It's just
There's been a bit of a hiccup.
One of the bidders.
Oh, yeah. The Canadians have pulled out.
Yeah. Right.
- Why are we whispering?
- No reason.
What happened?
Maybe one of their pension
funds got cold feet.
Oh, God. Why don't you just
flick this thing back to us?
Oh, it's no big deal, Jim.
We've got plenty of other
options on the table.
So no decision yet?
Nat? Just wondering, any
further thoughts on Carla?
- Carla?
- For the junior assistant role.
- Oh.
- Problem?
No, it's just I've had
another flick through her CV.
- She interviewed so well.
- She certainly did.
- She was excellent.
- You weren't there.
I'm just going on what Beverly said.
You don't think she might
be a little overqualified?
- In what sense?
- She lists her work interest areas as
"Governance, strategy, planning
and stakeholder engagement."
So impressive. It's
exactly what we need.
We need an assistant. Executive level.
Anyway, she's starting tomorrow.
You said you wanted my thoughts.
She's very keen.
I think she'll prove an excellent fit.
I think so too.
You can tell from Beverly's tone.
WOMAN: This is an
incredibly important project.
MAN: A tunnel 40 metres
below the surface.
WOMAN: But the government
isn't using the term
- WOMAN: Open tender
- MAN: We want the best possible deal for Australia.
(LIFT OPENS) RHONDA: And here we are.
Nation Building Australia.
- Courtney, allow me to introduce, uh?
- Grace.
- Grace. And?
- Jai.
- And of course?
- Tara.
Yes, might organise some nametags.
Proud winners of the
Parliamentary Prize for?
- Environmental Studies.
- Bravo to them, our future leaders.
And as part of that prize,
they get to spend a week
with the government
department of their choice.
Wow. And you chose us?
We're interested in learning
about renewable infrastructure.
- Is that us?
- Think so.
Let's just get you signed in.
Right this way.
So if you can just put your names
here and then maybe your schools.
And then after we've done that,
- the plan is to get Rhonda to show you ar
That was the old plan.
The new plan is sign in
and, um, come with me.
Brendan's updated them. TONY: Yep.
All year to date
figures are now lavender.
Katie, I need a spreadsheet,
not a pride flag.
- I'll speak to him.
- Okay.
If you prefer to bring your
lunch in, the fridge is
Oh, Tony, it's Carla's first day.
- Oh, Carla. Tony Woodford.
- Good to meet you.
- I hope you're settling in well.
- Yep. Just getting up to speed.
Well, if there is anything
I can do to help
- Couple of things.
- Yeah.
Can I ask about your
policy regarding references?
Ahh, sure.
Well, we don't give them day one.
No, but assuming all KPIs are met
and performance targets achieved
Yeah, I think Nat might be
the more appropriate person
to ask about that. I think so.
- Just that you're CEO.
- Sure. Yeah.
I reckon we keep moving.
The coffee machine
- Can I just ask one more thing?
- About making coffee?
About your reporting structures?
Who will I be answerable to?
- Nat.
- I mean, ultimately.
Um, I think Nat, still.
Great. I just wanted to be clear
about organisational flows.
Yeah. Yep.
- Better show you that coffee machine.
- Ooh, coffee machine!
- I'll leave you to it.
- So this is our main executive office.
- Morning!
- Oh, Tony, this is Grace, Jai and Tara.
Ah! Our prizewinners. Congratulations.
- ALL: Thank you.
- Now, how were you selected for the
So we had to write an essay
on Australia's transition
- to renewable energy.
- Wow. I would love to read that.
- I brought a copy in.
- Oh, you've got one.
Me too.
- Yep, here's mine.
- Okay. Oh, three different ess
Oh, I got a bit of homework.
Now, I know that Rhonda has got
a really big week planned for you.
- That was the old plan.
- Oh? And the new plan?
- Finding Rhonda.
- Okay, well, I will leave you to it.
Alright, guys. Just this way.
Welcome. Good stuff.
Why is Jim here?
- Just a routine visit.
- What?
- "Ad hoc catch up."
- Okay.
(WHISPERS) Tony, can I grab your phone
and any electronic watches or devices?
(WHISPERS) Why are we whispering?
- Because Jim was.
- Okay.
Ah, Tony!
Just checking in.
- (WHISPERS) Shut the door.
- Yep.
Checking in on?
Oh, anything you choose. Right.
You don't have a smartphone?
Just wanted to get an
update on the tunnel tender.
- Oh, yeah.
- Who's in? Who's out?
- Japan's looking shaky.
- Right.
France is still in.
- Ah, France. Good option, eh?
- A little expensive.
Yeah, early days.
- Not really. China.
- Shaky.
They're the best option at this point.
- In terms of?
- Cost.
A little narrow. What about
construction time line?
- Way ahead of everyone else.
- There's bound to be other drawbacks.
- Not really.
- You'll find some.
- What?
- Who else?
- Ah, Spain.
- Ahhh.
- So they're your preferred option?
- No.
Oh, feels like a good offer.
- What?
- Mmm. And you mentioned them last.
Yeah, because we've still
got a bit of work to do.
- So no decision yet?
- No.
Okay, well, when you're about
to, can you let me know?
- I'll text you.
- Use Signal.
- Code word falcon.
- Okay.
Ahhh! Good general catch-up
on non-specific matters!
Nation builders!
All settled over there?
We're about to see how things operate.
The room where it happens.
H-Hamilton? The You know?
Okay. Any sign of Rhonda?
Still trying. She's
still not picking up.
Alright, well, let's make a start.
And seeing as it's
Carla's first team meeting,
how about we begin by
quickly introducing ourselves?
- Nat?
- Sure. I'm Nat Russell, head of operations.
Katie, executive assistant.
I'm Carla Lissell. My
pronouns are she/her.
And I'll be working in an executive
capacity just helping to identify,
formulate and shape critical
infrastructure projects
and assist in the management
of their implementation.
I'm Scott. I help Tony.
And I'm Ash, and I help too.
Brendan's done it on the
office printer, larger format.
Yeah, but I still can't
work out the details.
Where's interest and accruals?
- Uh, there.
- It's still purple.
No, it's indigo.
Feel like I'm doing an
Ishihara colour test.
We try some other ones?
Well, I wouldn't rule out
black and white at this stage.
COURTNEY: Tony, the school kids?
We need to come up with some
more things for them to do.
What are they interested in?
Grace plays the cello?
No. What did they get
the prize for again?
Environmental science.
They want to understand
more about green initiatives.
Gee, if they could understand our
purple initiatives, it'd be great.
- I think they want to speak to you.
- What are they doing now?
They're watching a documentary
about our desalination plants.
- A doco?
- The Four Corners one.
That was an expose.
- What?
- About white elephants.
Quickly get them out of there
- and bring them in here. Oh, and Katie
- Okay. Great.
after 20 minutes, come in.
Got it.
- Should I take their phones?
- Not for this.
Thank you so much for
your time, Mr Woodford.
Oh, happy to help. Where
do you want to begin?
Oh, with the desal plant,
is it true that not a single
drop has been needed
I reckon let's stick to
transition to renewables, Jai.
Yep, sure. Is it okay
if Grace takes notes?
We just want to make sure
we get everything right.
Oh, good thinking. It's a complex field.
So where do we begin
solar, wind, waves?
- Maybe with something simple?
- Sure.
Pre-combustion carbon capture.
Yeah, we can absolutely
start there. Fire away.
Yeah. I've just got to
knock off an email here.
So how do you plan to deal
with the limited availability
of the IGCCT?
Yeah, I just want to make
sure we're on the same page.
When you say IGCCT,
you mean, of course?
Integrated gasification
combined cycle technology.
T-technology. Yep. We're
on the same page here.
Let's just give Grace a
moment to write that down.
MAN: Pre-combustion carbon
capture is the process
Uh where were we?
Sort of thinking outside the box
but it's still coming
from inside the box.
So it sort of ticks both boxes.
- Do you see what I mean?
- Yeah.
- Minister?
- Nat. Just chatting with Carla.
- Oh, you've met.
- We have indeed.
- She was asking about our CSR policy.
- CSR?
Community social responsibility.
We've had it on the
back burner for a while.
Is it something we could
be advancing in this term?
- I'm not sure it's a priority for us
- But it is a priority.
- Then let's get it on the agenda.
- Absolutely, sir.
I'd be happy to put
together a framework.
- Would you, Carla?
- Sure.
Excellent. Nat, we can't
let this drop again. Okay?
Anyway, Minister, just a few
follow-ups from our last meeting.
I think we're good to go. Thanks, Carla.
Okay. So
So this CSR thing, is it something
we could announce in the short term?
I can draft you up a range
of policy options this week.
We do have quite a list
of things to get through.
Two sitting weeks. It'd be good
to have something up our sleeves.
- I can follow up with Carla.
- I'm happy to loop you in.
- Smart cookie.
- Mm.
Well done.
- Another interesting question, Jai
- But you haven't answered it.
Hey, I'm planning to.
Maybe if you just reword it.
Is pumped hydro technically green?
Yeah, pretty much. It produces hydro.
- That's not renewable.
- It's hydro.
But using coal generated
electricity to pump the water,
how could that be deemed carbon neutral?
What if you use renewable
energy to pump the water?
- And are you?
- Keep going.
Once you factor in transmission
losses, construction emissions
- You understand the question.
- I'm nodding. Yeah, it's a bit complicated, Grace.
I'm not sure how familiar you are
with reversible turbine technology.
Yeah, the one that combines
radial and axial force.
Oh, yeah. Here we go.
I'm gonna be called away from
Here we go! Hope everyone's hungry.
- Mm-hm. Maybe not. Yep.
- Sorry to interrupt.
Oh, no, the interruption's good.
- Carry on.
- Yep.
That was completely inappropriate.
I was just trying to
assist the minister.
But you're here to assist us.
That's why I asked about
reporting structures.
I'll give you the tip. Day two,
you don't report to the minister.
I was just trying to make
a valuable contribution.
Listen, Carla, I don't want an argument.
I'm not arguing. I'm clarifying.
And making a contribution.
You go through me. Not
Tony. Not the minister. Me.
Are we still clarifying?
Yeah, I think we got there in the end.
Thank you, Jai. Thank you, Grace.
Should we finish the desal doco now?
- Maybe later.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- What happened?
I said come in after 20 minutes.
- We did.
- Not with lunch.
I've sat through more
relaxing Senate inquiries.
I don't have them this afternoon, do I?
Brian's giving them a tour
of our recycling facilities.
- Make sure he's prepped.
- Mm-hm.
- Tony.
- Yep?
I've had another crack
at that spreadsheet.
- Okay.
- Here you go.
I've stripped out the procurement fees
and I've listed them individually.
Sorry, which are the procurement fees?
The green. Above the
line costs, now emerald.
All the loan balances in our lime.
- Which one's lime?
- Next to the mint.
Is that any clearer?
You know what, Brendan? I wouldn't
rule out reusing primary colours.
You know, red, yellow, blue.
- Jade?
- I reckon stick with the classics? Yeah.
What are you doing?
- Falcon.
- What's going on?
All clear, Jim.
- Nothing?
- Oh, just this old iPod Nano.
Oh, I was wondering
where that had got to.
Sorry, Tony.
Someone could be listening.
To four year old podcasts?
Location secure.
- So, the bids?
- What about them?
- Spain?
- No.
The Canadians are back in.
- China.
- Are out?
- Have the best offer.
- At this stage.
- At every stage.
- Still, early days.
- Not really.
- But you've got doubts?
- No.
- Concerns?
A few quibbles?
Jim, what have you got
against the Chinese tender?
- Nothing.
- Jim. Please tell me.
It's the optics, Tony.
A massive construction project
and we hand it over to
Well, we're about to hand
it over to the Canadians.
That's This is
China have the best offer.
- It's the timing.
- I thought it was the optics.
We've spent the last five years
muscling up to them, talking tough,
- adopting an aggressive posture.
- So?
If we sign this deal, we
could be in real danger.
- From China?
- The Americans,
they don't want an
easing of bilateral tensions.
We need to toe the line, stick with them
and stand up to the bullies.
- Sorry. Who are the bullies?
- China.
Okay. So you want us to
ignore the Chinese tender?
Let me say very clearly that
I have no preferred option,
stated or otherwise,
for any one tender, Tony.
Jim, you don't think we're
going over the top with this?
Brian with all that
security and Katie taking
Did you just say eat a post-it note?
- No?
- Just then.
Here are those letters
you wanted redrafted.
And I've also finished that report.
There were just a few typos,
but I think I got them all.
Thanks. That's great.
Oh, and Carla, I'm sorry if
I was a bit curt yesterday.
You weren't, really.
I think she was.
Can I just quickly ask you
about a couple of things?
- Sure.
- Great.
Okay. It's your mission statement.
- I think it needs work.
- Interesting.
What's wrong with our mission statement?
"To provide the very
best in independent advice
and long-term infrastructure planning"?
- Yep.
- That's what you're trying to do?
And the issue is?
This reads more like a vision statement.
- Interesting.
- Sorry?
Your 'why'. Your mission
statement should be your 'what'.
- What?
- Exactly.
I think you're mixing up mission
and vision with purpose and value.
I think you could be right.
Sorry, Carla. What's this
got to do with anything?
There's that curtness.
I'm just putting together
that CSR framework.
But it's a little hard when
you've got such a poorly worded
set of guiding principles.
I don't need you putting
together a CSR framework.
- The minister asked.
- You offered.
- He accepted.
- It's not your role.
It's not even a priority.
The minister feels it's a priority.
Are we still clarifying?
Is there any chance I
could get you to help me
find some documentation later?
- Sure.
- Great.
- What the f?
- Curt.
- Tony.
- You okay, Brian?
We may have real problems downstairs.
- What's happened?
- I had the kids down there,
and Tara thinks that our recyclables
might be mixed with our general waste.
I wouldn't worry about it, Brian.
And Jai was asking about our
lack of EV charging stations.
Leave it with me. Yeah.
Alright. Here's your phone back.
- My phone?
- Mm.
- With the Harry Styles screensaver?
- Oh, shit.
Yeah. Okay.
Katie, any word on Rhonda?
We think she's overseas.
And we need something for
them to do this afternoon.
They can find Rhonda.
Scotty, have you got time
to help out with the kids?
- Oh
- Show them some of our new projects.
Maybe the green hydrogen plant.
- It's in Perth.
- No, not the plant.
The plans in the design room.
- There's heaps of stuff in there.
- Got it. Yeah.
And after that, you could take
them down to the solar farm.
- It's a great idea.
- Have you read the energy
market operator's latest
report into renewables?
No. Yeah, I would.
And I've got a few YouTube
links I can flick ya.
And I reckon take Courtney.
- She can google for you.
- Yeah.
- Tony, Jim wants to speak to you urgently.
- Where is he?
It says Brian will give
you the meeting details.
Use the code word 'Eagle'.
- Eagle.
- Eagle.
- Eagle?
- I thought it was Falcon.
- No, Brian changed it.
- Oh, good idea. Jump in.
We can't give this thing to the Chinese.
- Why?
- I told you, it's the cost.
- They're the cheapest bid.
- Not the money.
The cost to us! We'll be under attack.
- From?
- Talkback callers, socials,
editorials, every think
tank in the country.
But you deal with that every day.
Not on this level.
And you wait for the
diplomatic blowback.
- From?
- The Yanks.
They'll be furious.
Our steadfast allies.
Shoulder to shoulder.
They'll destroy us.
What does the PM think?
Big Bird? Worried.
Jim, I'm trying to get the
best deal for the taxpayer.
And I'm not trying to interfere.
I'm just suggesting
that maybe we reconsider.
How is that not interfering?
I said maybe. Now,
how's that Spanish bid?
- That's interfering.
- No, it's not. It's suggesting.
They're almost a billion dollars more.
- So they're in the ballpark?
- No.
- Have a chat.
- They've given us their bid.
They're Spanish. They're haggling.
- We're not buying souvenirs.
- Have a chat.
Here you go. Chicken.
- It's Eagle.
- No, it's Jim's lunch.
- Oh.
- Thanks, Magpie.
How many kilowatts in a megawatt?
Great question. Great question.
Follow me, guys.
This is your isolator box.
Probably shouldn't
touch the isolator box.
Did any of you guys want to
get a selfie with a panel?
For TikTok, or?
Uh, any questions?
Well, what's the carbon
footprint of these solar panels?
W-what do you mean?
How are they manufactured?
- Oh, in a factory. Yeah.
- But using what energy source?
- What inputs?
- Googling.
I'll have a think and come back to that.
Anyway, it's a good story.
Renewable energy for 20 years.
What about recycling?
- Didn't Brian take you through that?
- No, the panels.
What's their end of life?
What about panel obsolescence?
Uh, what do you mean,
panel obsolescence?
- Early retirement.
- Uh-huh.
Ooh, got something.
Ash. Why are we printing
our mission statement?
You said it was unclear.
- No, Carla said it was unclear.
- But you didn't disagree.
- Where is she?
- Working in the pod.
- She needed more space.
- For what?
All your work, plus preparing the
CSR framework for the minister
If she thinks that's about
to become her office
Ash, "community social responsibility",
- does that have capitals?
- Yes.
She's got quite a workload.
Ash, you don't even have an office.
You want me to tell her no?
- Allow me.
- Try not to be curt.
No guarantees.
You're back. What took you so long?
The EV ran out of charge
and we had to take the bus.
We've got the Spanish in 10 minutes.
- Well, no, that's not till 7am.
- Their time.
- That makes more sense.
- Anyway, how'd you go?
- The kids learn a few things?
- Not as much as us.
Have you heard of the solar trash wave?
Is that a band, is it?
No. It's a cumulative
solar panel waste graph,
depending on the replacement time line.
What's the red?
That is early replacement
due to innovation.
See, primary colours. I can read
- Can you show that to Brendan?
- Yeah.
I mean
Right, so I've just clarified the
wording so that the core values
now more accurately
reflect our stated aims.
- Okay.
- Are you sure?
Yep. It's good.
Thanks, Nat.
Is there any chance of me
getting that in writing?
What in writing?
What you just said. Your
assessment of my work.
- What did I say?
- That it met and exceeded required standards.
I said "good".
It's just that Beverly suggests
that I formalize all feedback.
What's Beverly got to do with it?
- She's agreed to mentor me.
- Has she?
If it helps, I can write something,
and you can just sign it later.
Okay. Is it all up?
- Yep. Good?
- Yep. Okay.
Hola. Eh, buenas noches, Del Toro.
And good evening to you from Madrid.
Ah. Garo para in
I think Jose speaks English.
Correct. I am happy to speak English.
Muchas gracias.
We just wanted to discuss your
tender for the inland rail tunnel.
We are obviously very keen to
partner with you in this endeavour.
Well, it's very good to hear, Jose.
Eh, muy bien, Jose.
We feel confident we can
complete the tunnel works
for the stated fee of $5.8 billion.
5.8? Yeah.
So can I just ask hypothetically,
if I was to tell you there
was another offer on the table
for $4.9 billion,
what would you say?
Wow. Take it.
Ay caramba!
It's not completely locked in.
Yeah. We could not possibly
match such an offer.
What if we helped out
a little from our end?
Sorry. Who is this?
Jim, you weren't supposed to speak.
Eh, silencio.
Jose, tell us, how could we help out?
- What are your main sticking points?
- Jim.
Well, obviously, labour
costs are significant.
- So if we help to do a deal with the unions
- What?
- Que?
- Anything else?
And your environmental requirements
are greatly adding
to the overall figure.
Oh, we can loosen them.
Jim, I'm not sure we should be
shifting the goalposts at this point.
And the kids will be furious.
Is there anything else
we can do for you, Jose?
- Jim, stop!
- Jim, suficiente.
Yeah, well, I think Sorry,
we're having a few difficulties.
Sorry, Jose.
Uh, mucho problemo.
Technical technical
Mucho problemo.
I can hear you fine.
Yeah. No, no, I didn't hear that.
No i e problemo
- tecnico.
- Yep.
- We need to talk about Carla.
- Please.
I hear she's stepping
into a lot of new areas.
- She is.
- Designing and implementing a CSR strategy
- across multiple sectors
- Where are you getting that?
- Her CV.
- She's already updated it?
Mmm. She's certainly taking on
roles we didn't quite anticipate.
So what do we do?
I'm wondering whether
we get her an assistant.
She's meant to be assisting me.
Do we reassign Ash?
So I lose an assistant
in order to assist someone
who's supposed to be assisting me?
(WHISPERS) Careful with that curtness.
What the hell was that about?
Just trying to give him a leg up!
By rewriting the entire deal?
I was haggling.
You offered him mates' rates.
Especiales para amigos.
If we can just get these
guys across the line.
Financially, we're done.
- Well, then there's only one thing left.
- Accept the Chinese offer.
Find out if there are any
issues at the security briefing.
What security briefing?
Que? Informe de seguridad?
- After you.
- Ah, thank you.
And thanks for agreeing to
see us at such short notice.
- Not a problem.
- Where should we put our phones?
Oh, anywhere. On the
table. In your pocket.
Now, I've had a look at the
various tenders you sent through,
and I struggled a
little with the colours.
- Really?
- Brendan did them for us.
- Have a seat, please.
- Yeah.
Yeah. If you're happy to chase
up the documentation, we can
- What's going on?
- Hi, Nat.
We're just about to finish up.
- On?
- The CSR task force.
When did it become a task force?
Well, task force,
working group. Whatever.
- You said task force.
- We won't be much longer.
- We've got work to do.
- Which is why I started this early,
so it doesn't interfere with your stuff.
I'd be happy to loop you in.
I don't need to be looped in.
5 minutes, promise.
(QUIETLY) Ash. Door.
No, that's mango.
And then France is orange.
And then Japan, that's tangerine.
- Right, I think I've got it now.
- Can we come back to that?
Because what we're really after is,
are there any security
threats with any of the bids?
- Well, where do I start?
- China.
I mean, just to pick one.
That's apricot.
- We've examined this bid from every angle
- Mhm.
infrastructure technology,
spyware, malware.
- Broader cyber security implications.
- And?
You'll be pleased to hear
that there are no issues.
Oh, well, that's a relief.
So can we turn our phones back on?
But isn't there a danger that
China could use this opportunity
to access sensitive information?
Such as?
Where the trains are going?
- Through the tunnel.
- But where does that tunnel emerge?
And what are those farms growing?
Currently products that
the Chinese are boycotting.
So no agricultural intelligence?
Nope. So I trust that
puts your minds at ease.
Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, having said that, there
are a few question marks
around the Spanish bid.
Jose, hey?
So those time lines are obviously
subject to planning approval.
- We're still waiting for that.
- Carla?
- I'll follow them up.
- Good.
We also need to run a final
check on those projections.
Sorry to interrupt. The
minister just needs a quick word.
- Really?
- With Carla.
You know what? You stay here.
I'll take it in there.
Jim? I mean, Falcon?
Oh, this has got to stop.
I told you, there has to
be complete secrecy on this.
(PHONE BEEPS) SIRI: I didn't get that.
Could you try again?
So, no security issues?
None. We've got to
give it to the Chinese.
There must be something we can think of.
Alright. Before you call me crazy,
hear me out. We build it ourselves.
Australia build an
advanced fast rail tunnel?
What if it was a joint deal?
Sure. Australia-China.
Australia-Spain. Like a GoPro.
It's not a Netflix series.
The Chinese offer is better.
Should have haggled.
- Jim, you can't be haggling with in
- Shhh!
Is that a balloon?
How do we know it's not one of theirs?
Because it's got the name of an
Australian winery written on the side.
I wouldn't put it past them.
Oh. Sorry, Nat. Have you seen Carla?
I don't know where she is.
- She's not in her office.
- What do you need her for?
I've got her replacement security pass.
What was wrong with the old one?
- Wrong job title.
- Assistant?
Yep. Should be adviser.
- ASH: She may not need it.
- What?
- Did you not hear?
- No.
She's leaving next week.
- She's quit?
- Canberra.
- She's been seconded by the minister.
- You're kidding. Who told you?
She just added it to her CV.
Anyway, Brian, I think she's
having a coffee with Tony.
- What's she doing that for?
- She's getting a reference.
Tony. The kids are just leaving.
Oh, so soon?
And we finally found Rhonda.
- She'll be back tomorrow.
- Right.
Well, I certainly hope you've
enjoyed your time with us.
It's been a real eye
opener, Mr Woodford.
We've learnt so much about you.
Yeah, I might just cast an eye
of those notes of yours, Grace.
- I'll send you a copy.
- Oh, I might grab one too.
Especially that stuff
about the solar trash wave.
Best wishes for the
rest of the school year.
- I think we have to go with Spain.
- No.
It's the only way to avoid the backlash.
It's $900 million more expensive.
- A billion.
- What?
We had to chuck in a
few extra sweeteners.
- What?
- They haggled.
You're prepared to spend
a billion dollars extra
just to avoid a few days of
negative press and a diplomatic tiff?
Please put it to the Prime Minister.
- Please.
- Okay!
TAMARA OUDYN: Also tonight,
floods hit central WA.
Aussies shine at the Golden Globes.
And say "hola" to a new train tunnel.
The Spanish win our inland rail.
We got a thank you card
from the school kids.
Oh, that's nice.
- What's this?
- A list of follow-up questions.
Want me to do the googling?
Could you?
Welcome, all. We have an important
announcement about our CSR policy.
Now, we might have dropped the
ball on this for a little while,
but the team has done some wonderful
work, and full credit to them.
Here you go, Tony. Updated figures.
Oh, excellent.
Black and white. Like you asked.
Yeah. Sorry. Where are the ancillaries?
I made operating expenses charcoal.
Total costs are slate.
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