Valor (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Stay Frosty

1 Previously on Valor The first Special Ops chick I ever met.
How do you control yourself around so many hot, sweaty men? The only hard part's the smell, sir.
[LAUGHS] Go, go, go, go, go! They have the package.
GALLO: The prisoner who got away is Davis Goundry.
We stumbled onto something here.
We lied in our debriefs.
What if we made a mistake that night in Somalia? What if we let a terrorist go free? HASKINS: Jimmy Kam's been captured.
Khalid wanted his brother.
All he wants now is revenge on your country.
He thinks that you can help him get it.
I'm not helping him do anything.
Davis Goundry is still alive.
We're going after Khalid's right-hand man.
What's his name? Davis Goundry.
I'm gonna go see his sister.
See if she can shed some light on where he is.
You know, don't you? That he's alive.
Deirdre used references in her menu that were comforting reminders of her brother.
Without knowing it, she left behind clues.
They're place names all around Springer Mountain.
PORTER: Ladies and gentlemen, the commander.
Take a seat.
Let's get started.
We're not waiting for anybody else? HASKINS: No, skeleton crew for this one.
Porter, why don't you kick us off? Davis Goundry is a former Agency operative who flipped and became Khalid Samatar's right-hand man.
We believe that he knows the locations of Khalid's safe houses.
And our intel indicates that Jimmy is being held at one of them.
Goundry was spotted by a park ranger on Springer Mountain, early this morning.
It's confirmation that he has taken refuge there.
MAGNUS: FBI teams have blocked all routes off the mountain.
There's no way he is slipping out on us.
As soon as night falls, let the manhunt begin.
We have NVGs, we're guessing he doesn't.
Dark gives us the advantage.
We'll sweep the mountain till we find him.
How do we fit in, sir? HASKINS: This being a domestic mission, normally Army and CIA couldn't be involved.
But since he can lead us to Jimmy Kam MAGNUS: Whose face is all over the papers, we convinced our friends in Washington to allow one Army helo on the mission tonight.
Gotta say, sir, we're flattered.
Oh, well, you should be.
I asked for you specifically.
Sorry I'm late; Flights were delayed out of Reagan.
MAGNUS: Thea will be joining you on the mission tonight.
Along with one of the CIA's best snipers.
Okay, all due respect, sir, but isn't the point to bring Goundry back alive? Yes.
But we still have no idea why he's entering the States again.
Dollars to donuts, it's to commit some kind of terrorist act.
Davis is armed, he is desperate, he is dangerous.
Apprehending him will require force.
You leave at sundown.
- You got it.
- Okay.
- GALLO: Main rotor blades.
- MADANI: Check.
Looks good.
I hate to bring up the mule in the stable, - but, uh - What's that? - Like, uh, elephant in the room? - Elephant in the room.
Yeah, yeah.
Look, soon as Goundry's in custody, he's gonna start talking.
He'll tell them we let him go free after killing a CIA officer.
Couple hours later, we're both gonna be in lock-up.
We'll also be one step closer to finding Jimmy.
Isn't it ironic? As a great woman once sang.
It's on us that Goundry's out there.
- We have to stop him.
- It's still a head trip that we'll be the ones doing it.
Do me a favor.
In that cockpit, shut down the personal crap.
- Stay frosty.
- “Personal crap,” huh? That's one way to put it.
See you at 1800, Gallo.
There you are.
Thought you'd be more fired up to go on this mission.
Did not seem that way in the briefing.
Just have my head in the game, that's all.
Hey, I put in our paperwork at the housing office.
We can both leave B.
as soon as we find a place.
Thanks, babe.
We still good on the plan? Moving in? That's not what this is, right? Well, I don't know because my other boyfriend's asking, too, so now I'm just a little bit torn.
No, cool, cool, 'cause my other girlfriend, she's getting kinda jealous, you know? So [BOTH LAUGH] We leave in a few hours, so I'm just gonna go get some stuff done.
- All right.
- Catch you later.
So glad you're home.
I wanted to see you before tonight.
What's happening tonight? - Hmm.
- Yeah.
What's, uh, all this? JESS: It's from Mrs.
Haskins and some of the other Army wives.
They've been really generous since this hit the news.
That's a good thing, right? Yeah, but they wouldn't do it if they knew.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] [QUIETLY]: I don't want them to hear.
- The wives? - No, the CIA.
They've already tapped my phone.
Who knows what else they've been listening to? Okay, Jess, you're being a little paranoid.
They came by here to ask more questions about the leak.
If they trace any of it back to me I could be charged.
And if they ever find out, they will never forgive me.
No one is going to find out.
But if, I need to ask you for a favor.
Max has been staying with my parents.
And they've been really great, but he's a lot.
If I do get charged [SIGHS]: Come on.
if I can't be around, I need you to help them.
Take him off their hands every once in awhile.
I will.
If I can.
What is going on? Okay, remember how I told you that Gallo and I had some things that we were hiding? We're flying a mission tonight.
If it succeeds, it'll all come out.
Oh, God, I feel like I need to tell Ian first, so he hears it from me.
I think you should, too.
Looks like we're both in the same boat.
Waiting for the axe to fall.
Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on.
[KNOCKS] Captain Gallo.
What can I do for you? I want to know why you really asked for us on tonight's mission.
I mean, sure, we're the best, yeah.
Appreciate the love, but come on.
You're always playing angles.
Madani worked hard to help find Goundry, even went to speak to his sister on her own.
I thought I'd let her keep being a part of it.
You, too.
So is this the deal? We just act like nothing ever happened with us? - Yeah.
Is that a problem? - No, just making sure.
I like to tie up loose ends before a mission.
And-and I'm a loose end.
Last time we saw each other was a slightly different situation.
Yeah, you were a lot less sober.
And we were both a lot less clothed.
I think we left things pretty clear.
We're both emotionally blocked individuals who know that it didn't mean anything and was probably a terrible idea.
Same page there.
Speaking of loose ends, somebody asked me a question once that I've been thinking about a lot today.
If you were about to die This is purely hypothetical.
Who would you think about in that moment as your very last thought? You know, I-I'm not sure.
I think normal people know the answer.
Spouse, kids, whoever they love most.
But I'm like you; I can't answer it.
Kind of makes things easier in our line of work.
Why exactly are you thinking about that question today? [EXHALES] Because it was Goundry who asked me.
Lieutenant Porter, I would like to introduce you to Serenity.
Sorry, I'm not sure that I heard that correctly.
SERENITY: You did.
My parents were big hippies.
And I appreciate the irony.
Well He'll be with you on the helo tonight.
With me? Yeah, I want you in the field for this.
I mean, Thea knows how Goundry thinks A useful thing on a manhunt But she also has a history with him.
If a shot needs to be taken, we could be dealing with some clouded judgment.
It won't be lethal force.
I'm sure she'll do what is required, sir.
I'm not.
And in a live situation like this, with limited viz from mission control, I need someone on the ground who will give the order to engage.
The colonel agreed to the arrangement.
So has Thea.
Not that she's thrilled.
Why me? You studied Goundry's file harder than anybody.
And I trust you.
That was a compliment.
This is not what I'm trained to do, sir.
You were trained to catch bad guys, right? Just think of all the sweet gear you'll get to wear.
Lieutenant Porter is coming with you tonight.
First time for everything.
This is Serenity.
Yes, really.
Let's get this show on the road.
What was up with that look? No clue what you're talking about.
You have something going on with Thea? [BLADES WHIRRING] No.
Yeah, I thought that story about how you saw the domino made no sense.
[EXHALES] I've been in a bad place.
- You know that.
- I can't believe you.
What were you thinking? There wasn't a lot of logic involved.
Don't lie to me again.
CHO: Renegade One-Two, up with three.
Up with three.
First time in the field and a lot of responsibility.
You think you can handle it? Yes, ma'am.
Let's go get this son of a bitch.
I've come to say good-bye.
I have shame in leaving you, but I have no choice.
- I am sorry.
- Dauud, wait, wait! Why are you leaving? At least tell me that.
Khalid has done things I cannot be a part of.
What things? He had uranium in his possession.
- Uranium? - Yes, and He has gotten it to someone in your country.
It has made a bomb that will kill many innocent people.
After Khalid did not get his brother, all he has wanted was revenge on your country.
At first, he believed ISIS would do that for him.
He sent them uranium.
Your army stopped it.
But Khalid kept some, too.
And with that, he will now do it himself.
I cannot be a part of this.
But you were a part of it when he was arming someone else.
We all have a line we cannot cross.
I have children.
I must be able to look them in the eye.
Then help me stop it.
FBI helos are five klicks out.
Renegade One-Two is six to the east.
- And the ground teams? - We got 40 agents fanning out in pairs.
- Outstanding.
- Let's get their positions up.
HASKINS: Attention Perseus Elements, let me remind you that it is mission-critical to bring the target in alive.
He has vital intel on Sergeant Kam's location.
Here we are.
Let's start looking.
Infrared searchlight is on.
That is a big-ass mountain.
Could be a long night.
Speaking of, everything okay up there? I'm missing the charming pilot banter I've grown so fond of.
Everything's fine, ma'am.
Well, someone's got to fill the space.
Lieutenant Porter, entertain us.
Question for the group.
Best neighborhoods near Fort Dabney.
You moving off base? Yeah, me and Nora are getting a place.
Guess I'm not the only one who hides stuff.
Khalid must have a sat phone here.
Bring it to me so I can call home.
Let me warn them about the threat.
Khalid would know quickly that the phone is gone.
If he caught you with it, he would kill you.
It's a risk I'm willing to take if it saves lives back home.
- No.
I'm sorry.
- When I make the phone call, I-I'll give them your name.
If you can get to the American embassy in Djibouti, they'll reward you for helping me.
They will want information from me.
The location of this place.
And in return, they'll give you a whole new life.
For you and your family.
But only if I can make that call.
I will get you the phone.
- But you won't have much time.
- Go.
MADANI: My living situation isn't any of your business.
[LAUGHS] You're in some serious denial.
Porter's about to find out you've been lying to him for weeks.
How you think that's gonna go over? I almost told him everything, before we left today.
You don't think you should've mentioned that to me? I didn't do it.
Decided I couldn't, not right before a mission.
Right, 'cause it might mess with your whole staying frosty thing.
I have movement, two o'clock.
- That's got to be Goundry.
- No place to land down there.
Anchor Zero-Six, we need a ground team now.
You've got agents just down the slope, east-northeast.
- Thompson, Miller, get up there.
- Renegade One-Two, - do you still have visual? - ZOE: Negative.
- We've lost him, sir.
- Tree cover's too heavy.
HASKINS: Continue to orbit, await further instruction.
Stop! Get your hands in the air! We're in pursuit.
Where the hell did he go? You need to drop your weapon and your radio, now.
- His life depends on it.
- [AGENT COUGHING] Smart man.
HASKINS: FBI ground team is not responding.
Can you see anything? THEA: Negative.
Stopped responding? What does that mean? Nothing good.
Renegade One-Two, we have regained communication with the agents on the ground.
They had contact with Goundry.
He assaulted one and disarmed the other.
And now they've lost him.
There are exposed rock slopes on the north, south and west.
The east is the only way he gets out with cover.
- That's where he's gonna go.
- Roger that, Porter.
Ground team, converge on the east side.
MADANI: Those agents outnumbered him two to one.
How'd he get away? Gouny's one of the most skilled operatives I've ever met.
What exactly was your connection to him? I was on the team that recruited him.
Take a right.
THEA: That's him.
We appreciate you meeting us here.
Can't be too careful.
- This is Richard.
- Good to meet you.
As you've discussed with Thea, should you accept the assignment, you would manage Khalid Samatar, making sure he's using the cash he's given to purchase enriched uranium bars.
Then you would verify their safe disposal.
THEA: It's the best way to get the material off the market and out of terrorist hands.
Hard to think of a better cause.
All the assets in the operation will be given a domino to identify themselves to him as friendlies.
You'll be double-sixes.
Khalid is double-fives, I'm double-fours, and Officer Richard here is double-threes.
There are more doubles in a set Double-twos and snake eyes.
- Who are they? - That's not your concern.
Your participation will require a deep cover.
We're gonna need you to fake your own death.
We've found it's the one sure way to disappear.
So, is that a yes? If you knew that you were about to die, who do you guess you'd think about at that last moment? Is this some kind of riddle? I'll tell you who I'd think about.
Lieutenant Mark Rogers, one of my best friends, killed right in front of me by an ISIS car bomb.
I will do anything my country asks to stop them from getting more powerful weapons.
Welcome to the team.
When Richard told me that Goundry wasn't destroying the uranium, that he and Khalid were keeping it, it didn't make sense; It still doesn't.
He was a patriot.
Yeah, well, your patriot just attacked an FBI agent.
He didn't kill them.
He easily could have.
HASKINS: Renegade One-Two, ground team has located the target.
Sending through coordinates now.
On our way.
AGENT: Goundry! FBI! Stop! [PANTING] He went into the cabin.
HASKINS: Renegade One-Two, ground team is reporting the target's taken refuge in an abandoned cabin.
Have your guys secure the perimeter and wait for the helo.
I want Thea there to talk him out.
Copy that.
THEA: This doesn't feel right.
Goundry would never let himself get cornered.
We have our orders.
There's a safer spot on the other side of the ridge.
Nah, we can do it.
It'll be fine, Madani.
Trust me.
You have the controls.
I have the controls.
You got the phone.
I must go before Khalid realize it is gone.
Thank you.
Take care of yourself.
It's me.
Oh, my God.
Where are you? Still in Puntland, I think.
Still a prisoner, but I'm okay.
Thank God.
[CRYING]: Oh, thank God.
Listen close, all right? I don't have much time.
A man named Khalid has sent uranium to an associate in the U.
to make a bomb.
You need to tell the colonel; He can get that information - to the right people.
- I will, I will.
And there's a man named Dauud.
He's going to the embassy in Djibouti.
Make sure they get that name, Jess.
You have that? Y-Yes.
He can tell them where I am.
Jimmy, I love you.
And I'm so scared! I know.
I know.
And I've seen the news.
I know about the leak.
It must be so hard on you and Max.
It tears me up, knowing that you're going through that.
I would go through anything to bring you home.
Oh, Jess.
Please don't tell me Don't worry about us, okay? We're good.
We're waiting for you.
I'm out of time, baby.
In case this is the last time I speak to you, - I want you to know - No, don't say that.
that I love you and I forgive you for everything.
Jimmy, please don't And tell Max he's my big guy, always.
Jimmy Jimmy! [LINE BEEPING] [LINE BEEPING] [SNIFFLES] [STATIC CRACKLES, BEEPS] I know that somebody is listening.
Whoever you are, please, in your office at the CIA, I need you to save my husband! Please! Came awfully close to clipping that tree.
We made it, though.
Come on.
HASKINS: Renegade One-Two, listen up.
Sergeant Jimmy Kam just called home.
He's still in captivity, but he's alive.
He wasn't able to give actionable intel on his location, but he did inform his wife that Khalid has transported uranium into the U.
and an associate has turned it into a weapon.
Sir, do you think it's Goundry? That is a possibility, yes.
MAGNUS: Ground team, get to the cabin.
- FBI's waitiniton you.
- You still think he's a good guy? We got to move.
Sergeant Cho, I want you to get out and pull security.
Yes, sir.
Most likely scenario here is a dirty bomb: A conventional explosive coated in nuclear material.
It would send radioactive debris over a substantial radius, which would be less than ideal.
Proceed with extreme caution.
Okay, I'm gonna try and talk him out.
If that fails, we use flashbangs, breach the door and take him down.
If he detonates a bomb in there, you realize we're all dead.
I have only one thing to say to that, sir.
Serenity now.
Davis Goundry, this is Thea.
You come out now with your hands above your head, you will not be harmed.
MAGNUS: Give him 60 seconds.
He doesn't come out, move in.
So, this is it, huh? Either a bomb goes off and we're dead, or he's captured and we go to prison.
Deep thoughts, Madani.
MAGNUS: 30 seconds.
You know, been thinking about something Thea asked me.
If you knew you were gonna die, who'd be the last person you'd think about? We might be about to find out.
MAGNUS: That's it.
Flashbang time.
[EXPLOSIONS POPPING] - Breach the door.
- AGENT: Go! FBI! Show yourself! - Go, go, go.
- Let's move.
AGENT: Clear.
He's not here.
HASKINS: Stay put.
FBI's gonna sweep the area.
Copy that, sir.
AGENT: FBI team is sweeping the area.
We've got west quadrant.
Team three is on the south.
You need to do exactly as I say or you're both dead.
Look straight ahead.
You turn around, I fire.
Now I want you to shut the radio off.
Keep on only the hardwired comm.
And I know which switch it is.
And give me your weapons.
Do it! Hands on the controls.
Keep them there.
Black Hawks have a fuel range of 600 nautical miles.
Even if you've used half, you still got enough to fly me out of the country, and that's exactly what you're gonna do.
We've met in a Black Hawk before, Davis.
Except, last time, you had a bag over your head.
What are you talking about? I'm gonna turn around now.
You're the one who saved my life.
We all meet again.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] HASKINS: Renegade One-Two, do you copy? Do you copy? Over.
Renegade One-Two is not responding.
We need ground team to get a visual on that bird.
Thea and I are on it.
Of all the pilots that could've been in this helo, I got Nora Madani and Leland Gallo.
Yeah, that's right.
I know your names.
Now get your hands on the controls! This is a strange way to repay us for saving your life.
It's the only way that I stay alive tonight.
MADANI: Davis, please.
You have to tell us where Khalid's safe houses are.
He's holding a P.
I will tell you as soon as we are in the air, so let's go.
This isn't gonna end well.
You need to turn yourself in.
You have no idea how dangerous they are.
They framed me.
Now, I am not the real traitor.
Richard was.
They sent me over there to purchase uranium.
And when I found out that Khalid wasn't destroying it, I told Richard.
He said he was gonna come get me, shut the whole operation down.
So when they showed up that night, and they put a bag over my head, I knew that they were gonna kill me instead, just to shut me up.
You saw it.
What was Richard trying to hide? That's what I came back, to find out.
Now, I need to know just how high up this goes.
I need to know who Snake Eyes is.
But they know that I'm here now.
So the only way that I stay alive is to get out of the country.
So you get those wheels up now.
[GUN CLICKS] PORTER: Goundry's inside.
He has a gun on Captain Gallo.
Sniper, do you have a shot? I can get Goundry in the shoulder.
Take him down alive.
He could have a bomb in that backpack.
If you are one inch off, you could kill everyone.
It's on you, Porter.
Your call.
We need to go now, or I will pull this trigger.
I don't believe it.
You act like you would, you act like you feel nothing because that's what soldiers like us are trained to do even when they're scared as hell.
I know I am right now.
I think you are, too, but we are with you in this, Davis.
We all want answers.
- SERENITY: I can take him.
- HASKINS: We have to take him alive.
MAGNUS: You need to make the call, Porter.
SERENITY: Target's down.
Hey! He's hit in the neck! Oh, my God.
MADANI: Hey, hey! Where are the safe houses? Tell me! Tell me! He's gone.
I aimed for the shoulder.
He was moving too much.
There's no bomb in here.
You made the right call.
You can't blame yourself for what happened.
What did he mean? I called the shot.
All this time You're just trying not to lose it You can always learn to fly You never do until you do it Up high in the middle of nowhere Don't know, but you know when you get there Walk slow and low on a tightrope Hope it last but you know you never know Take a chance He didn't have a bomb.
So what? He still turned on us.
Walk slow and low on a tightrope Hope it last but you know you never know Sir, Sergeant Cho told me she heard something over the comms when she came to.
Made it sound like Goundry knew the soldiers from that night in Somalia.
So maybe your hunch was right.
I never bought the story in their debriefs.
And that's why you wanted them on the mission.
To see what happened when they saw him again.
They're hiding something.
It's time we knew what.
You think it's true, what Goundry said? That he was framed? It would mean we did the right thing out there.
So I want to believe it.
So do I.
But the one person who could prove it is now dead.
The one person who could tell us where Jimmy is, too.
[SIGHS] When he had that gun on me I really did believe I was gonna die.
It answered the question who I think about.
I have no idea what to do with that.
Neither do I.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] - May I come in? - Yes.
I don't have any news about Sergeant Kam.
I'm sorry.
What about Dauud? Did anyone with that name go to the embassy? No.
Kam, I'm here because as you are aware, your phone has been monitored since the first time your husband called.
And last night, you said some things which made it seem like the leak may have come from you.
You are now the Agency's main suspect.
If you did this, they will find out.
I don't believe they'll prosecute.
But I know what they will do because I've seen it before.
They'll quietly spread the news about who leaked, and this community will not be forgiving.
You're a brave woman, Mrs.
You should know that.
I do.
[DOOR CLOSES] I know it was Dauud who gave you the phone.
I caught him while he was running.
He paid with his life.
I don't believe you.
I would kill you, too, if it were not for your name in the press.
You're famous, and that means I can still use you.
You'll pay for Dauud, and you'll pay for Sergeant Hendrix.
Someday, you will pay.
Lay down with a memory Just a memory of you See you down in a reverie And it's heavenly [WHISPERS]: Hey.
Just a faded kiss upon my lips It tastes so bittersweet Lay down in a memory Last night in the cabin I could tell you were rattled.
I had a job to do.
- I did it.
- Yeah, but I should've checked in.
[SIGHS] Instead I was in mission mode.
I was fine then and I'm fine now.
It's okay not to be.
[LAUGHS] That is the last thing that I thought I would ever hear Nora Madani say.
I'm not fine, either, Ian.
See you down in a reverie I've been holding on to so much for so long.
[SIGHS] Are you crying? No.
- You are so lying.
- Sorry.
It's just so fricking embarrassing.
Living together means that it's all on the table, right? You don't have to hide anything from me.
Just a memory of you Come on.
We're both exhausted.
Let's let's just get some sleep.
- Okay.
- Okay.
It tastes so bittersweet Lay down with a memory 'Cause there'll never be No one like you [SIGHS] [KNOCK ON DOOR] Captain Leland Gallo? That's me.
I'm Davis Goundry's sister.
Two days ago, he gave me this.
Said if I didn't hear from him by this morning, I-I should bring it to you or Nora Madani.
She lives on base, so you were easier.
Take it.
A VHS tape? Can't be hacked.
He told me you saved his life.
You were the only ones besides me who he could trust.
Davis also said if I didn't hear from him by this morning, it would mean he was dead.
I'm sorry.
None of it made any sense to me, but but he said it'll give you the answers you need.
I hope it does.