Valor (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Command & Control

1 Previously on "Valor" I'm an American citizen.
- Don't let him do this.
- Move! Or I will shoot through you.
GALLO: The prisoner who got away is Davis Goundry.
We stumbled onto something here.
Davis Goundry is a former agency operative who flipped and became Khalid Samatar's right-hand man.
You recruited him into the CIA.
You know how he thinks better than anyone.
THEA: Sir, it doesn't add up that Goundry turned.
The only proof that we have that he's bad is the proof Richard gave us.
[PHONE RINGS] - Jimmy.
- I don't have much time.
A man named Khalid has sent uranium to an associate in the U.
to make a bomb.
Let the manhunt begin.
We met in a Black Hawk before, Davis.
They framed me.
Now, I am not the real traitor.
Richard was.
He's gone.
There's no bomb in here.
- Thank you again, Professor.
- Please.
Let me know if you ever need anything else.
I've seen the news.
I know about the leak.
I would go through anything - to bring you home.
- Jess Last night you said things which made it seem like the leak may have come from you.
We're gonna get Jimmy this time.
I have a good feeling about it.
I've been hiding something.
I lied in my debrief.
I shot Richard.
I cannot look at you without thinking about all the lies.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this anymore.
All right, great.
Thanks, Porter.
This is the largest training mock-up I've seen in a long time.
Most important mission we had to do in a long time, too.
Bob the Builder there seems a bit more wound-up than usual.
He still dealing with what you told him? It's a little more than that.
We broke up.
I'm sorry.
We can still trust him not to tell what he knows.
If there's anything that you, you know, need, um I'll be fine.
So this is the layout where Jimmy might be.
- You seeing what I'm seeing? - Yeah.
These power lines are gonna be a hell of a problem.
Our rotor blade hits one of these, it's over.
We've never been this close to getting Jimmy before.
Can't afford any mistakes now.
synced & corrected by PopcornAWH Thanks to satellite surveillance, we now have a confirmed location on Khalid Samatar.
A Somali National Army facility abandoned in the '90s.
It is about 30 miles away from one of the villages Khalid controls.
We have footage of him going in and out.
We have high confidence he is holding Sergeant Kam in the bunker under this building.
But even if not, we get Khalid, he'll lead us to Kam.
In other words, this is the jackpot, which is why I've attached two of my best field agents to be on the ground team for this mission.
Both are experts on the region, highly trained in close combat and intel gathering.
Officers Ben and Andrew, please say hello.
Sir, last time we had one of your guys in our helo, he killed someone he wasn't supposed to.
MAGNUS: That was a very unfortunate error, Captain.
But I have no doubt that once you train with these gentlemen, they will earn your full confidence.
Landing in this place is not gonna be easy, so we built a scale model for rehearsal.
The area's heavily wooded.
There are power lines; A trench here.
And Khalid also has an anti-aircraft installation, and that is one klick away.
Your Little Bird support will take that out, and once they do, Khalid will know you're there.
From that moment, the target time will be two minutes to get the ground team into the bunker.
Speed is mission critical.
Captain Gallo, Ms.
Madani, I want you to do the planning and the briefing.
Once that's in place, we will rehearse.
You deploy in 72 hours.
ALL: Hooah! Colonel, Director.
You have a moment? Yes, Porter.
I was wondering if there's any update on the uranium.
Uh, Thea's working on tracking it down before whoever has it turns it into a bomb.
In fact, I'm going to check in.
You want to come with? You're a Shadow Raider, son.
Hunting down bombs isn't your job.
Due respect, sir, this is personal.
You know he lost his father in a terror attack.
I am aware of the lieutenant's history.
Finish up your mission intel report first.
Thank you, sir.
By the way, are you working Saturday? Why do you ask? Well I am speaking at an international affairs conference in Atlanta.
Lot of fancy government types are gonna be there.
I believe your mother's gonna be there.
You should come.
Some people I'd like to introduce you to.
I appreciate that, sir.
Thank you.
I can't believe you'd show your face back here.
- I'm sorry.
What? - Our husbands put their lives on the line every day, and you repay them by selling them out to the press? I was trying to help Jimmy.
That is all.
How could you be so selfish? Mommy made a choice, that It did not turn out the way that she had hoped.
So things might be a little bit different from now on, okay? Okay.
Let's go.
MADANI: How many meters from this L.
to the bunker entrance? About 200.
That's too far.
- Coogan's guys are good.
- Yeah, but it's uphill.
It's gonna feel more like 400 by the time they get there.
There's another way.
We hover here, they fast-rope down.
Normal circumstances, hell yeah.
But it's too risky to hover with all these power lines.
I mean, we hit 'em, we're done.
I didn't say it would be easy, but it is possible.
You used to be the cautious one.
Now you want to pull one of the toughest maneuvers we've ever done? I think this breakup's screwing with your head.
This is a professional discussion.
The personal stuff has got nothing to do with it.
- All right.
- All right.
So my plan's a little riskier.
The Gallo I used to know was a cowboy.
- What ever happened to that? - I learned better after taking a bunch of risks on a bunch of missions that didn't work out so well.
Darzi got injured.
Sergeant Hendrix is dead.
- That's not your fault.
- This is a no-fail mission.
I need to keep my crew safe, including you.
Okay, but isn't speed the most important thing here? I'm flight lead.
I'm calling it.
No fast-rope.
We're landing here.
That's the plan.
Discussion over.
Lima Charlie, sir.
You wanted to see me.
Close the door.
I know we don't always see eye to eye.
But something's been bothering me, and, for once, you are the right person to talk to.
Oh, gosh, aren't I flattered.
This situation with Richard.
The idea that he went rogue in Somalia and set up Goundry as the fall guy and did it all on his own.
Now, I only met him a few times, but Richard seemed like a man who followed orders.
I'd say that's true.
Raises the question, could someone higher up have been involved, too? Which brings me to Springer Mountain.
The Agency sniper was given orders to wound Goundry, not kill him.
Yeah, I remember vividly.
I looked into it.
The sniper had an excellent record.
It is highly unlikely he would miss his mark.
It can happen.
What are you suggesting right now, that he was, what, given orders to kill Goundry? It's crossed my mind.
That is a very serious allegation.
Look the Agency hasn't been forthcoming with me throughout this operation, and I've gotten a sense, lately, that Magnus has kept you in the dark on some things as well.
You're not wrong.
So maybe you could get us both some answers.
Of course, answers only matter if they come with proof.
Look, I have been reprimanded in the past for not staying in my lane.
I-I don't need that again.
Did you pledge an oath to your job or to your country? JESS: Max could not sleep at my parents'.
I think he needed to hear the helos Like white noise or something.
You know, I kind of get that.
We needed to get back into a routine anyways.
I had to take a leave of absence from work when Jimmy went missing.
Everything stopped.
Except the bills.
I need to start teaching again.
I don't mean to pry, but I thought you were good on savings.
It's all out.
Except for the Tokyo fund.
It's um, sort of this dream trip that Jimmy and I had have.
I can't take money out of that account.
It'd be like giving up.
Let me know if there's anything I can do.
You can help me figure out how to get everyone to stop hating me.
It's just gonna be a matter of time, Jess.
Everyone's on edge lately.
Darzi just got back, he's on convalescent leave.
He's in bad shape.
He almost lost his leg.
I need to stop by there and thank him for everything he's done to try and help bring Jimmy back.
You, too.
Look, I know how hard you have been working.
You look exhausted, Nora.
Ian and I broke up.
The last time I saw you, you were moving in together.
Yeah, well, things changed.
You told him the secret that you've been struggling with.
And he didn't take it very well.
It's not just the secret.
It's who I was keeping it with.
It's Gallo, right? Is there something between you two? Because you can tell me.
We've just been through a lot together.
If there's something real, I don't know.
Well, do you want to find out? We are in the same chain of command.
That is off the table.
This is Renegade One-Two.
We're approaching the rehearsal course.
HASKINS: Your Little Bird support has just engaged the anti-aircraft installation.
The target is eliminated.
Set the clock, two minutes.
HASKINS: Renegade One-Two, Renegade One-One is taking enemy fire.
They need your support.
Little Birds are still a klick away.
I have the controls.
MADANI: You have the controls.
Head on a swivel, Cho.
Scanning my sector, sir.
There's the shooter, right side.
Banking right.
Getting our gunner in position.
Target down.
Nice work, Cho.
Anchor Zero-Six, we're approaching the objective.
Go, go, go, go, go! [PANTING] One minute, 55 seconds.
Made it.
Come on.
You're not still upset about before? I'm not upset.
I'm worried.
We made it in time, sure, but not a lot of room for error.
The good Lieutenant here is gonna be helping us track down this potential dirty bomb.
Take a seat.
Always a pleasure to have you on board, Porter.
Get cozy.
- Oh, sorry.
- [PHONE BUZZES] Ooh, who's Olivia Benning? She helped us with the chatter translations.
MAGNUS: Oh the Professor.
She had an “I know something you don't” vibe; I enjoyed it.
Oh, great.
Let me get you up to speed, Lieutenant.
So based on some chatter between Khalid and a known ISIS associate, we believe the uranium arrived via container ship at a U.
port last Tuesday.
But now that it is here Obviously, it's gonna be harder to track since we are barred from listening to domestic chatter.
MAGNUS: Well, that's the official line, sure.
Check this out.
[CLEARS THROAT] We can do a keyword search of domestic phone calls by region.
Pretty amazing, huh? You sure I should be seeing this? Well, I'm just showing you the ropes, Porter, I'm not giving you the password.
I trust you.
Assessing whom to trust is pretty much my job description.
Hey, good work, y'all.
We were rock steady out there, even with the colonel's curveballs.
Hey, my team's wrecked.
Even the CIA asshats.
Altitude's gonna be a lot higher in the real thing.
We're gonna be wiped by the time we get to that bunker.
So you'll suck it up and drive on like you always do.
That why you became a pilot? So you could sit your butt in the seat while we go out and do the real work? That's enough, Staff Sergeant.
You're unbelievable.
I'll go talk to him Night.
Night, Sergeant.
Dude's got a serious chip on his shoulder.
How about us? - We good? - Yes, sir.
You don't have to do that.
"Don't have to say “si”" when it's just us.
You don't get to pull rank on me one day and then pretend it doesn't matter the next.
Look we both know our relationship has some blurry lines.
Well, maybe it's time we admit that's a problem, too.
[SOLDIERS CALLING OUT CADENCE] [SIGHS] Hey, I was just about to come find you.
We got a hit.
Could be our bomber.
Name showed up multiple times in chatter.
Known radical sympathies and a history of travel to terrorist states.
He lives 90 minutes away.
Let's go.
- [EXHALES] - I got you, ma'am.
[EXHALES] Thank you, Sergeant.
Ma'am, can I be upfront with you? Sure.
Coogan's got a right to be pissed.
His guys, they don't know what they'll be up against in that bunker, and if they're exhausted before they even get there, it's an issue.
[PANTING]: It's the only plan that isn't crazy risky.
Okay, so what's the other plan? We hover.
Delta guys fast-rope down.
What about the power lines? That's the crazy risky part.
Captain Gallo shot it down the second he heard it.
I still think we could do it.
Well, you should go to Colonel Haskins.
If it's best for the mission, he'll want to hear it.
[SCOFFS] It's seriously disrespectful to go over Gallo's head like that.
And for now, we have a pretty good working relationship.
Okay, well, guys never worry about being disrespectful.
They just say what's on their mind.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, but Gallo's also a flight leader.
So if he says we got to be cautious, then that's what we do.
Okay, well, all due respect, did you get where you are by being cautious? [PANTING] [LEAVES RUSTLING] Come here! High speed! Double-time! [PANTING] You barely made it.
Roger that, Sergeant.
But I did.
You took the ridge.
We cut that off the course because last rotation, a soldier fell, and broke his arm.
I knew if I didn't make it in time, I wouldn't pass the course.
The ridge was the only way.
I plan on graduating here tomorrow with my maroon beret and becoming a Shadow Raider, sir.
Is that all you care about? Wearing the maroon beret? Is that the only reason you're here, 543? 'Cause it looks cute with your outfit? No, sir! I'm here because I want to be the best at what I do.
And if there was a wounded soldier on that ridge, I wouldn't be careful, I would embrace the suck and I would go get him.
We're done here, 543.
- Fall out.
- Sir.
GALLO: 543.
"Miss “Madani”" You know what this means, right? Yeah, I didn't follow orders.
So they're failing me on the course.
You passed.
With flying colors.
- What? - It's kind of a test within a test on this one.
You choosing to take the faster course on the ridge showed you were willing to risk whatever it took for this.
That's what we need in a Shadow Raider.
Looks like we're gonna have our first female pilot.
[PANTING]: Hooah.
Sir? Well, come on.
Give me a fist bump, Madani.
You're right.
I got to go talk to the colonel.
Kam brought you some gifts.
We appreciate it.
It is the least I could do, Sergeant.
I cannot begin to thank you for everything that you have sacrificed to help bring my husband home.
- I know how difficult it can be - MRS.
DARZI: Yeah.
It's more difficult now.
What you did has compromised everyone.
Baby, please.
Thank you, Ms.
But I'm just doing my job.
Okay, busted leg or not, I am still a Shadow Raider.
And, babe, I promise I'm gonna get us out of this.
I just wanted to help welcome you home, and let you know how grateful I am.
I'll get out of your hair now.
I'm gonna go, too.
I'll call you later.
Haskins What was he talking about in there? They're behind on their mortgage payments.
They were already struggling, and things got worse after he got injured.
Darzi quit her job to be in Germany while he rehabbed.
If you're in debt, you can lose your security clearance.
Because debt means you can be compromised.
Without clearance, he would have to leave Special Ops.
Isn't there something that Colonel Haskins can do? That's above his pay grade.
But there are other ways that we can help.
I'm pulling together donations to help cover their debt and get them back on their feet.
I don't know if I can raise enough, but I'm trying.
You're quiet.
Frankly, sir, I've been having a hard time processing what Richard did.
Going rogue like that.
- Yeah, it is confounding.
- Yeah, to say the least.
I just don't understand why.
Money can be very tempting.
When do you think he made the decision? Do you think he'd been planning it from the start, or did something turn him? You know, we're in the middle of an operation here.
Why are we taking a deep dive into Richard's psyche? He was working out of Langley the whole time.
There must have been signs of this happening.
You didn't see any, did you? No, but we have different jobs.
And like you told Lieutenant Porter, yours is knowing who to trust.
What are you getting at? I don't understand how you could have missed this.
[SIGHS] You'll recall that we had a conversation, you and I, a few weeks back.
When I was given your e-mails and learned that you were having Madani and Gallo followed, I explained that your focus was in the wrong place.
Now I am telling you that again for the last time.
Your job is to ask the questions I tell you to ask.
You cross that line again, and there will be consequences.
Now let's get back to work.
Take a seat.
I'd like to commend you all on your hard work in yesterday's rehearsal, but, I would not be doing my job if I didn't consider all plans, so, we will be rehearsing another one today, after which I'll make a decision on which to use in the field.
Madani? Instead of landing, we'll be conducting a fast-rope op.
There's enough room for one Black Hawk helicopter to maneuver into position between these power lines.
So, Renegade One-Two will go first, ground team will then fast-rope down, and we'll clear the way for One-One to do the same.
This plan will save us time and you, energy.
Just arrived.
There's no sign of our suspect.
But he's our guy, all right.
The house is filled with bomb-making materials.
All right, let's take a look.
You'll need to leave all electronic devices out here.
It's a safety precaution.
Lot of flammable chemicals inside.
[INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] Who's first? [WAND BEEPS SOFTLY, TRILLS] Go ahead, Lieutenant Porter.
I'm right behind you.
[WAND TRILLING] This is a homey place.
What was that outside? Before the metal detector? I don't know what you're talking about.
Excuse me.
Let's get to work.
We're looking for anything that can tell us where this guy is, or where he might be targeting.
We're almost at the objective.
Do you want to talk about this before we get there? Sure.
Let's talk about why you went over my head to Haskins.
Well, no.
I talked to you first, and you weren't open to my plan.
I listened.
We discussed.
No, you pulled rank, and then the discussion was over.
HASKINS: The Little Birds just took out the anti-aircraft.
[BEEP] You have the controls.
I have the controls.
All right, we're all locked in back here.
Let's do this.
- Watch it, four o'clock! - I got it.
HASKINS: Renegade One-Two, your stability augmentation has failed.
Shut it off.
- That's a rough one.
- I've still got it.
Do you wanna go? Do you wanna go? Do you wanna go? Do you wanna go? Train ride Let's get outta here Let's leave town Let's get outta here Let's fall down, oh - Okay, we're in place.
- Nice work, Madani.
Deploy ropes.
I'm reaching out I'm reaching Oh, love Oh, love I want to reach out Arms are falling to the side One minute, 20 seconds.
Well done.
Both scenarios were well thought out, but speed is key, and Ms.
Madani's plan delivered.
We will be conducting the fast-rope op for our mission.
Roger that, sir.
Hey, we need to get past this before we deploy.
Nothing to get past.
I did what was best for the mission.
That's all we should be thinking about right now.
- That is all I'm thinking about.
- Really? Because it feels like all these decisions keep getting muddied with the personal crap, and that worries me.
We can't do this here.
Hey, we have a problem.
I heard.
The bomber's disappeared.
Yeah, we're working on finding him, but that's not why I'm here.
I wired myself today, hoping I would get answers from Magnus.
And did you? No, but he threatened me if I didn't stop trying.
I have never seen him like that before.
Doesn't sound like someone with nothing to hide.
I think Lieutenant Porter saw the bug, and I think he might have told.
[KNOCKING] Excuse me, sir.
Director Magnus asked to see you.
Both of you.
Thank you for coming.
Earlier today, Officer Thea suggested that I might have been aware of Richard's rogue activities.
In case either of you share this concern, I would like to set the record straight.
I had no idea.
And, frankly, that is humiliating.
As the Director of Special Activities, I had lost command and control over one of my own, and when confronted with that, I was harsher than I should have been.
Forgive me.
I have dedicated my life to my country, and to have that questioned was difficult.
An investigation has been launched into Richard's actions at the highest level of the Agency.
I assure you we will not rest until we understand how this happened.
I'm glad to hear that, sir.
I also accept full responsibility for my sniper's mistake on Springer Mountain.
He has been suspended, effective immediately.
- I will let my team know.
MAGNUS: No [CLEARS THROAT] go ahead and take it, Porter.
Hello? Well, we have a mission to fly and a bomber to catch, so let's get back to work.
[DOOR CLOSES] Maybe it really is that simple.
We are all on edge lately.
It's hard to know what to believe anymore.
- Okay, I will be there.
Everything okay, Lieutenant? A source of mine says she wanted to meet up.
I know what that was.
What you took off your collar.
Look [SIGHS] I'm happy to leave it as a need-to-know, as long as I can trust that we are working toward the same goals here.
We took the same oath, Lieutenant To defend our country.
I am doing everything that I can to uphold it.
Hey, Coogan, you got a sec? I guess.
Look, I know you and I aren't always singing from the same hymn sheet Yeah, that's the understatement of the year.
I want to be good with you before we go on this mission.
I think we should talk about what started this tension between us.
That was years ago, Gallo.
That's all the more reason to let it go.
We both cared about her.
We both lost her.
She wouldn't want us fighting each other here when we've got plenty of bad guys to fight out there.
You're right.
I'm trying.
You could have fooled me.
Look, I went dark after Rachel.
She dumped me for you that didn't really sit well with me.
I wasn't making a play, man.
- That was her decision.
- I know.
When she died out there, man, her and I still weren't speaking, and, uh I got a lot of big regrets with that.
Guess I just wrapped you up with the rest of it in my head.
I get it.
I've been working on my anger, you know.
Listening to a lot of mindfulness podcasts.
- For real? - Yeah.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] You know Rachel's the one that encouraged me to become a pilot? Made me put in my packet when we were still in Kandahar.
She pushed me, man.
I've never felt that way about anybody else.
[SIGHS] All right, good talk.
We good? Yeah, yeah, good.
What do you say we get out there, light Khalid's ass up, bring Sergeant Kam home That sound good to you, sir? All the way.
I stopped by because my wife told me you gave her a sizeable check to help the Darzis with their mortgage.
I told her I wanted it to be anonymous.
You've met my wife.
It's very generous, Mrs.
We had some money set aside, so I know what Jimmy makes.
Must've taken a while to save that up.
This was more important.
But I really did not want anybody to know.
Well, I think maybe it's good they do given everything that's happened.
I just wanted to do something where right and wrong was clear for a change.
I know.
And I'd like to show my appreciation.
We have a group deploying on a very important mission tomorrow morning.
I'd like you and Max to join me on the flight line to see them off.
Are we even allowed? As my honorary guests you would be.
Thank you, sir.
We will be there.
PORTER: Nice place.
So, what did you ask me here for? I haven't been able to stop thinking about those documents you had me translate.
They talked about a shipment to the U.
Something dangerous.
That much I could tell.
It's all classified.
I thought you understood that.
I just want to know Is there anything I should be worried about? No.
Thank you.
There's another reason I called you, too.
I wanted a chance to get to know you out of uniform.
- Not what I meant.
- [CHUCKLING] I think I'm being a little too honest right now.
- It's fine.
- I guess I didn't know how else to ask.
- I'm flattered.
- Thank God.
Because, I mean, I don't know if you're single or I am.
And What? I just appreciate you being honest.
I haven't had a lot of that in my life lately.
[DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE] It's a little late to drop by, don't you think? - We deploy at 0500.
- Yeah.
And we need to get square with each other before that.
I'm getting kind of tired of you just coming over here whenever you feel like it.
You need to think about the rules.
- Like no fraternizing - Really? After everything we've been through, you're gonna pull that out? You know what? You're right.
All these blurred lines are a problem.
Makes you think you don't need to respect the rank.
I'll respect it when it's earned.
- Okay.
- I need to know that when we're out there in the field, we're gonna take the risks we need and make decisions with a clear head, without all this involved.
You know what, I just don't think either of us can promise that.
Once we crossed that line, can't put that back in the bottle.
Yeah, but we need to try.
You know what, this is pointless.
Just go home.
[SCOFFS] We're not done.
- Look - Go home.
That's an order, Nora.
I'm not going anywhere Leland.
You know I hate that name.
That's why I used it.
Get out.
'Cause I don't always show it But you are The most important thing In my life Let's not be soldiers right now, okay? Really? Shut up.
It's just one more drink At least I think That's what I uttered over an hour ago Selfish blunder Crack of thunder I should've just followed you Step by step To the Stage door.
PORTER: I understand that you see a whole different side of things.
It's OLIVIA: It's the local versus global, I suppose.
- Yeah.
- Of course I understand it's a troubled part of the world, and military intervention is necessary sometimes.
But the impact it can have on the population - can be brutal.
- It is.
Take my translator, Faduma.
I saw her picture in your office.
She was killed earlier this year.
A CIA drone strike took out half her village.
I just can't help but think sometimes it could have been me.
Had I been born in Somalia, and she in London, I'd be dead, and she'd be sitting here with you.
That's the senseless world we live in.
It is.
It's hard to process that kind of loss.
My dad was in the World Trade Center in '93.
I I barely remember it.
Oh I turned things a little dark, - didn't I? - [CHUCKLES] I didn't mean to.
It's okay.
It's okay, look, I'm enjoying this.
Talking with, uh, you.
I think that I'm a little bit drunk.
- So am I.
- Yeah.
Yeah You want to get out of here? I live, like, three blocks away.
I'm having a great time, but I just got out of something.
My head is not in the right place.
But we should do this again sometime.
I'd like that.
I came here to get some clarity.
[CHUCKLES] Total fail.
Well, takes two to tango.
Or, you know, do this.
So what happens now? I have no idea.
[PHONE CHIMES] We deploy in an hour.
I have to go home.
Standing here I'm living proof When you were here You did something good I don't have to say That you made your mistakes They will all be healed In a higher place Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh People say that I walk like you Here you go.
- You deserve that.
- Thanks.
I don't have to try To be good or be kind That's a part of you That I keep inside Thought I'd found What there was to find I never looked for you But I, I, I Saw your face when I couldn't see Heard your thoughts Hey.
In my memory Hey.
I know things have changed between us, but I I still care about you.
A lot.
I didn't want you going up without knowing that.
Thank you.
Higher high Me, too.
My higher high.
Thea, I didn't realize you were coming for this.
I'm not here for the sendoff.
I've been going through evidence from the bomber's apartment, and I found this.
Floor plans for an event center in Atlanta.
You think that's his target? They're having a huge international affairs conference this Saturday.
- Where Magnus is speaking.
- A lot of dignitaries are gonna be attending I'm willing to bet so will our bomber.
My mom is gonna be there.
You left these at my place.
Figured you'd bring 'em.
Now we go get Jimmy.