Vampire Knight Guilty (2008) s01e06 Episode Script

The Fake Lover

1 Come in.
Sorry to call you out so late.
But he's a night person.
Nice to meet you.
We've never met have we, Ichiru Kiryu? What does the Dorm President of Moon Dormitory want with me? Do you intend to make me a pawn in your little games? Humph You're already on the game board.
Who's your target? Even if you knew, there's nothing you can do, is there? If I'm an eyesore, go ahead and get rid of me.
White rose petals Open one or two of them And the memory of that day turns into color Like tracing a shining thread Time quietly passes Swaying along with the ebb and flow People are reborn Your smile is so warm it melts my heart - Like a faint dream I've had Even if the setting sun takes away this moment Our shadows are one Endlessly far vastly deep like crossed destinies Grasp it again and again Lose it again and again We were finally able to meet Like the sky seeks the earth flowers wait for the rain and the night longs for tomorrow I've been longing for our two hearts to become one When one or two white rose petals fall Our love becomes eternal THE FAKE LOVERS It takes courage to admit a student THE FAKE LOVERS whom you know will add fuel to the fire.
Are you anxious about admitting him into the academy? No, just This is the place where you are hoping to achieve the ideal peace.
I have no intention of destroying your dream.
I have faith in you.
I want to fulfill her dream.
No matter what I must do.
On top of that, I've promised to hand over all matters concerning vampires to you.
But frankly, I was shocked about Yuki.
To ask her to be your lover? Kaname! If you make Yuki cry, I will never forgive you! Kaname? You don't seem too happy.
No, I'm happy.
Very happy.
Now finally Become my lover.
We're going to become like Mom and Dad.
You shall be mine.
Yuki? My head hurts Yuki Are you really all right? You didn't eat breakfast.
If you don't feel well, you should rest.
I'm fine.
I just have a lot on my mind.
And I got stressed out.
What would get you stressed out? Huh? Oh Zero.
'Morning! Hey Good morning.
What're you doing, the both of you? U-umm.
Let's go, Yuki.
Uh-huh Wha? It's Dorm President Kuran's orders.
He wants us to stay by you as bodyguards.
Lady Yuki Y-Yes? What is it? Did you do something to upset someone, Yuki? N-No Let's go.
Huh?! They're following.
Is this a new form of bullying? Hey?! What is this? What's going on?! It's that Disciplinary Committee again No fair! It's always only Cross! Excuse me! Kaname may have ordered this or whatever I wish you'd think about who you're doing this to, and the place! Shut up, Yuki Cross Lady.
If our Pureblood Prince Kaname has decided that you are special then we must treat you special too.
A human girl like you probably won't understand But that is the dignified way of aristocrats like us.
All right, everyone, solve this problem.
Why did Kaname go this far? Become my lover.
Lover? Kaname's? Be mine! Yuki! What's wrong, Cross?! INFIRMARY Are you all right? Yes.
It's just lack of sleep.
I've had so much on my mind.
I'm sorry.
I'm always making you worry.
Don't worry about me.
But This is what it means to have to stand next to him.
You are prepared to confront him, right? Uh-huh.
Okay then.
This guy is Kiryu's If my memory serves he was with the Senate.
Hold it! There's a girl lying down in there.
So I need permission to enter the infirmary? I just need some medicine.
You are the one person I will not turn into a vampire.
I too have someone I don't want to turn into a vampire no matter what.
What are you doing? Zero? I'll take whatever is in your hand.
Huh? Ichiru? What is it? Such a pampered life You don't even know what's going on.
I will report this to Lord Kaname.
Do whatever you wish.
Huh?! Humph I see Ichiru Kiryu had that? Yes.
You did well to stop him.
I'm honored to be of assistance.
Umm Whose blood is that? I'm sorry That's none of my business.
No, that's all right.
But don't mention this to anyone.
With regards to Ichiru Kiryu, I have no intention of dealing with him personally.
Huh?! He has his own role to play.
But if he should do something to Lady Yuki And that's why I want you to guard her well.
If that is what Lord Kaname wishes Umm And about Ruka I see She hasn't left her room? Yes.
It's ever since she learned that Lady Yuki is your lover.
That's fine.
Let her be.
Aido About Yuki I really thank you.
Oh Don't mention it.
I won't let you fulfill your wish with such vile.
Tainted blood.
I wanted to talk to you.
Has my punishment been decided upon? Punishment? Isn't what this is about? Then what is it? There's only one thing I need to tell you Come to dinner tonight! Zero and Yuki will be there too.
Many things have happened, but you and Zero are still twins.
I believe that the both of you can choose a different way of life.
Lord Kaname isn't planning on dealing with you.
But remember this I won't let you lay a hand on Yuki Cross again.
You do that Huh? Yuki.
Can I come in? Uh-huh.
Classes are over.
Are you up to eating something? Dorm President Kuran wants to see you.
Come with me.
- Huh? - Kiryu, you too.
Yuki Cross, I understand you have no memories of the past.
That's right.
Why do you ask? I did a little investigating.
Huh?! Aido, you looked into my past? I didn't even ask you to! Are you-?! No! I wouldn't look into your past even if I was asked to! What I investigated is Lord Kaname's past.
You're aware that his parents passed away? I looked into their deaths.
Even when I found leads.
Records were erased or burned.
Everything had been deliberately covered up.
Like your memory.
Taking a common girl like you for a lover and giving you such special treatment Do you know the reason for that? So that he can order us to protect you.
Lord Kaname knows that you face impending danger.
This is as far as I go.
Just make sure you're not rude.
Oh Yuki Finally, we can spend time with each other.
Come here.
There's no need to act reserved with me anymore.
Kaname No! Standing so far away I guess you're still not used to the idea? You didn't have to come outside so early.
It's all right.
Don't let him deter me! I see Your imagination is running wild.
I won't ask that much of you so soon.
Umm! Kaname! What is it? You didn't like the snacks? You promised.
Please tell me about my missing past.
Not now.
I don't want to tell you when you look so fierce.
I knew you were going to evade the question like that! Well then.
I'll just imagine my own past! You look bored, Kiryu.
May I ask you to chase away the Day Class students? Thanks.
That's much better.
Yuki, I heard you're not feeling well? Are you all right? Oh, err, yes.
No I had so much on my mind, I haven't had enough sleep.
And so Have you been thinking about me? Then I'm happy that you're thinking of me, Yuki.
I'm going to give the Night Class a few days off.
Huh? Then night patrol won't be necessary.
So please get your rest.
You can't! Otherwise.
I'll be too worried to sleep.
Lord Kaname knows that you face impending danger.
you can choose a different way of life.
Ichiru! I just went out to pick vegetables.
They're really fresh! Now, go on inside.
I've waited for this for a long time.
It's as though we're playing the part of a happy couple.
The sun is setting.
I hate to lose you, but you have to go back soon.
You need your rest.
Seems as if he's enjoying every minute of it until the curtain falls.
Why do I feel this way? I yearned for him to look at me.
I always always loved him but What's the matter? I don't understand why you keep behaving this way.
I wish you would understand.
All right, now can you mix this? Make sure you don't overcook the white sauce.
Zero eats anything, but I still don't know what he likes.
Do you know, Ichiru? Huh? You can have it.
You like this don't you? You like it too Ichiru.
I'm giving back to you because you're always kind to me.
Well, if you don't know Vegetable soup.
Huh? Oh, I forgot about the soup! Maybe I'll make vegetable soup.
Let's see vegetables I know tomatoes! Tomato soup is good, don't you think? Are you all right? Hmm? Oh, yes.
Although, I feel like he avoided the subject again.
Sorry, I made you come too.
It's okay.
But, just remember this Even if that's what he wants.
I'm totally against it.
Huh? If I become a vampire do you think I would feel stronger? I won't let you become such a thing.
Zero's menacing look which he so desperately tries to repress pierces painfully through me.
I can't let Zero suffer any more than this! Welcome home! We have a special menu tonight! Ichiru?! I invited him.
You should let go once in a while You two are twins.
After all.
Right? Umm You two really are identical.
Earlier at the infirmary, I was still fuzzy with sleep and mistook you for Zero.
Huh?! Did you try to do something to Yuki?! Zero, stop it! Tadah! Sorry to keep you waiting.
- I'm leaving.
- Now.
Now Huh? Dinner is It's useless It's too late to choose another way to live.
Huh? Huh? Huh?! My special menu! We'll eat it.
Right, Zero? Before it gets cold? What's wrong? Nothing.
Just because I said such a stupid thing, Ichiru It's not your fault.
Still And it's not only that.
You and Ichiru too Both of you have had many sad experiences.
So I just don't want you to keep on hurting each other.
The Headmaster said that too Does your head hurt again? No, I'm all right.
It's not bad.
Forget our problems.
You need to get some rest.
I'm sorry.
Good night.
You should forget that girl.
Your tastes have gotten bad.
What is your real motive? I don't owe you an explanation.
We're almost there.
When the real head of family appears, I wonder how he will react that fake successor Oh.
I'm tired.
Making me do weird things Shiki? Where've you been all this time? Huh? Who are you? A dry white cloud passes Slowly drifting I am gray And I just watch it Disappear I gather stars And make a sand castle My small prayer Spills over and falls The wave that was lying in wait Sweeps me off my feet Next time: "The Kiss of Thorns"