Van Helsing (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Coming Back

1 Previously on Van Helsing.
Nikolai Recognize me! Flesh is human.
Says she turned him.
Send word to Dmitri now! He needs to hear this.
I don't want to be anyone's answer to anything.
I got my own shit to take care of.
And I don't need you pushing me at these people as some saviour.
You are not seriously thinking on ditching on me.
I have to find Dylan.
You aren't going to do her any good if you are dead.
She might of made it, I mean I did, right? Bite me! (snarling) (screaming) (coughing) (sighs) (moaning) (moaning continues) I've never I mean, this is the first time I've been with a Was it good? I can still serve you.
Please? Just tell me what you want.
(piercing shriek) (growling) (gasping) (hissing) (sobbing) (sobbing) You ok? Never was.
Never will be.
I didn't ask for this.
Neither did I.
I wish I could tell you it gets easier.
It might be um it might be cold comfort, but at least you were spared.
Spared? How? From tearing into someone.
Watching the life drain out of them.
I was in a cage.
For months.
- Alone, hungry.
- I know.
Craving something I could never have.
I know, but you were here, you were safe, you were fed.
I out there Julius, he likes to kill people slowly.
He wants to see the terror in their eyes.
He wants them he wants them to beg, and that that's what I became, too.
Who's Julius? Is he the one trying to get in here? He's not even the worst of them.
There's others.
Ancient They're brutal.
You were lucky.
Lucky? I just want to rest.
I hope you can.
(snoring) (exhales) (begins screaming) What happened? Ask him, he's the one who found her.
Jesus Christ.
Why now? Like that? She was fragile.
Something snapped.
No, I told her we were safe.
She killed herself, Nicole.
You can't wish that away.
Can you blame her? Living another day like this, waiting to get killed? Turned into one of them.
Whatever it was I'm no different than you now.
- Than any of you.
- You keep telling yourself that, Flesh.
Hey, man.
This shit's not working.
We need to stick together.
Keep each other from falling apart.
Hey, that's ok for you but who do the rest of us count on? Relapsed vampires? The asshole that killed my wife? You see what's happening.
- They're scared, I get that.
- They're rats in a cage.
It's only a matter of time before they turn on each other.
Or you.
I need to get out of here.
Maybe we all do.
Nobody's going anywhere, especially not you.
Axel End of discussion.
Yeah? Gonna wear the dead girl's shoes? Well, unless the feeders have re-opened JC Penny I'm just being practical.
You are going to throw her down the chute, right? She deserves a proper funeral, wish I could give it to her.
I never took you as that type.
What, religious? Sentimental.
Why, 'cause I'm a marine? I got a conscience.
Pretty sure you got one, too.
Yeah, well you don't really know me.
For a long time now you're the only thing I have known.
You and Vanessa and this place.
- You've known me as one of them.
- No, no, no.
For two and a half years I knew you as a woman.
The one that got herself bit trying to save Smitty.
You've been imagining a me that's not real.
Look, Doc, I kept you alive because Because what? Because I thought maybe between you and her and we could figure this thing out.
Let me help.
Well, unless you're gonna help now The volcanic ash is decreasing.
This noon curfew is proof.
The sun's becoming a threat to them again.
Two shifts of our people work the power plant now.
They're forcing us to make more cloud cover.
Desperate measures.
It means they're running out of options.
They'll come up with new ones.
They won't be forced back into the shadows.
Yeah, but if we hit that plant hard enough it'll take their cover away for - It's too great a risk.
- No, listen to me! We have to try.
They could do a lot worse to us than harvest blood.
Oh, ok.
So we go on working as slaves? Is that you wanna get drained week after week? Is that what you want? You know, I remember when people lived free.
They fought for liberty.
They fought for justice.
Our ancestors spilled their blood to throw out their oppressors and to carve out a better future.
We need to do the same thing.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd rather die a patriot than live another day like this.
Who's with me? Don't wrap yourself in a flag yet.
We don't have enough weapons.
Fifth National Bank on Flanders.
- It's heavily guarded.
- It's where they've locked up - You'd never make it - all the guns - past the front steps.
- We'll cause a diversion.
You wanna lead a suicide mission, Campbell? That's your choice.
But I'm out.
Don't give up yet.
She's right, Sheema.
I can't ask them to die for nothing.
What if there was another way to get into the building? I can't believe I missed it.
Somebody took it after she was already dead.
And that's not all.
The ligature marks.
The rope left friction burns on her neck, not bruising.
These didn't happen because of the hanging.
They She was strangled.
Somebody in here killed her.
Put her in a noose and dropped her over the edge.
The finger? I maybe a souvenir.
I make my own food.
I don't wanna be poisoned by you.
It's like chicken noodle without the chicken or the noodle.
(alarm sounds) - Feeders.
- Nope, fire.
(alarm continues) What about the sprinklers? No water pressure.
This is all we got.
(inputting wrong door code) Nice decoy.
- Why are you here? - Same reason as you.
I got plans out there.
- Sorry, they don't involve me.
- Yeah, but they could.
(coughing) (alarm continues) It was deliberately set.
Why? To lure us all here.
Look, I like you, kid.
But I can't.
You want to find your daughter, I want to find my sister, Sheema.
So I thought maybe if we worked together, maybe No.
You're only gonna slow me down.
Yeah, I know the streets better than anybody else.
I was a bus driver, kid.
Pretty sure I got the map in my head.
Yeah, of that Seattle, not this one.
Crap, he changed the codes.
How often do vampires patrol these streets? Where do they set up their traps? Where's the only bridge going out of town? Ok, ok, ok.
You made your point.
Ok, so do we have a deal? Not if we can't get out of here.
Watch and learn.
Axel changes the code all the time.
Keeps it in a notebook nobody knows about.
But I do.
Aren't you full of surprises? Damn straight.
Are you ready? Yes.
Sun's breaking through.
Yeah, that's good for us.
Let's move.
Stupid! She's long gone by now.
I gotta find her.
No, you don't.
Axel, whatever your mission was, it's over.
Until I get new orders.
From who? The marines? They're all dead.
Look, you walk out there, maybe we're all dead too by the time you get back.
Is that what you want? We need to figure out who Cynthia's killer is.
I need you here.
The seeds are beginning to pop.
I need to talk to you.
About Mohamad.
How well did you know him? Freakin' fountain of information.
I found this on his bunk.
He tell you he was gonna leave? At least he said goodbye.
Yeah, you and me both.
So this is it, huh? I could kick it in.
Don't need to.
I put these there for Dylan.
So that no matter what happened she could always get in safe.
Look, you don't know what's in there.
It doesn't matter.
I need answers.
It could be the bad kind, are you ready for that? Holy.
What happened here? Shit, is that blood? Is it your daughter's? It's mine.
This is where I died.
You do know how bat-shit crazy that sounds, right? Yeah.
(coughs) That was stupid.
(laughs) Jackpot! Peaches.
Come to papa.
(starts sobbing) (sobbing) That's hilarious.
You saw that shit in a movie.
Vampires hating garlic, crosses and turning into bats that's just Hollywood bullshit.
Yeah, I guess so.
Oh, god.
What's the last one I saw before it all went bad? It starred Adam Sandler.
See, now if you want a sign of the apocalypse coming, I mean that's it.
You never did say how you got that brand.
They gave it to me.
It's a sign that uh, I'm just property.
Oh, man.
We gotta book.
It's getting late.
Good peaches, though.
Well A nice 12-gauge.
My ex-husband was very Second Amendment.
- Best thing he ever bought me.
- Second Amendment.
Remind me, what's that again? Look.
Those are her footprints.
She was alive after I died.
She made it out.
She made it out.
See? Never give up.
What? No, no, no.
We all saw her hanging there.
It was murder.
You don't know that.
Yeah, we do.
Doc examined the body.
Her? You gotta be kidding me.
- Why would I lie? - For all we know, she killed Cynthia.
You are one paranoid son of a bitch.
We should have dealt with you before you turned! Enough, sit down.
She was strangled, staged to look like a suicide.
The question is who? Him.
He-he found her.
I was sleepwalking.
That's where I woke up.
It wasn't me.
We're overlooking the obvious.
I'm telling you it was that black kid who conveniently isn't here anymore.
Oh, so it's either me or the other black person.
What? What do you need, a handwritten confession? I'm-I never trusted that kid.
Will you get outta my face?! I don't understand this shit! Ok?! Ok, Jesus.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- I'm sorry.
Someone get this thing off me! Jesus.
Maybe it was him.
We can't just pin it on Mohamad.
It could be any one of us in this room.
We had a deal.
I help you look for your kid, you help me.
- My sister? - The cops came to my place.
I have to check the police station.
You owe me.
I owe it to her not to give up.
Your words.
I can't leave town until I have answers.
(screaming) (vampires snarling) Don't do it.
More will come.
(exhales) Let them.
(vampires growling) (gunshot) (gunshot) Is everyone okay? It's bad.
What do we do, Brendan? I've gotta get my people some place safe.
Can you help? We've already done enough.
We have to go.
(sobbing) Vanessa! What's your name, sweetie? Callie.
Don't leave me.
It's gonna be ok.
I promise.
There's a hospital not far from here.
We'll take you.
(snarling and growling) The woman she's near.
Where? The bridge.
She killed two ferals.
And now? Leading a group of humans on the run.
Kill them, capture her.
She is strong.
You fear her more than me.
Doing as you are told.
There is a price if I resist.
A bigger price if you do not.
Keep her.
Use her.
Regain your place.
(praying) Sweetheart, better up to heaven than another day in this hell.
Come on, let's go.
I guess that leaves the two of us.
I promise, I'm no threat.
We can trust each other, right? Trust? Good.
Very good.
We made our way from Idaho.
Thought it'd be safer to the west.
We started out a group of 50 and this is all that's left.
Why here? Seattle? Boats.
Rumors of safe havens down the coast.
There's a way out of this nightmare, I know there is.
(feeders calling out) They're signaling one another.
They're trying to box us in.
Feeders are smart that way.
Way worse than ferals.
We'll never make it if we stick together.
I'll hold them here.
You get them back safely.
No, no, no.
- We're not splitting up.
- It's me they want.
I'll stay with you.
Save your people.
Do this, please? No.
Take care of that little girl.
(feeders calling out) I got them from the lost and found.
It's not exactly my prescription, but it's better than nothing.
The last few years my vision's been 20/20 again.
You're wondering what it was like, being one of them.
It happened so fast.
Everything that makes you human, it just disappears and in it's place a hunger, all-consuming.
And then the changes.
The strength.
The skin-thinning.
Then all your senses heighten.
Sight, smell, taste.
Hearing, too.
Old injuries heal.
I had a bad shoulder.
I can feel it again now.
It's good.
It reminds me of who I am, what I am.
Do I miss it? (hissing) You want me? Here I am.
(snarling) (hissing) Do not fear.
Take her! (gunshots) (growling) Don't kill.
Hold her down.
Hold her! (screams) Move.
Move it! Let's go, let's go! Hurry! Calm down, I got this.
Go, go, go, go.
Get up the stairs.
Somebody, we need a doctor! You.
You let them in here? I didn't have any other choice.
Deal with it, Axel.
You should have left them out there.
Yeah, instead we left her.
Wait a second.
You were with Vanessa just now? Yeah.
Shit! I gotta get her.
No, she's miles away.
Hey, this was our medic.
Do you have one? Excuse me.
Let me through.
Let me through! Get him upstairs, now! Is Vanessa coming back? (music begins) In the year 2525 If man is still alive If woman can survive, they may find