Van Helsing (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Fear Her

Previously on Van Helsing.
It was murder.
You don't know that.
Yeah, we do.
Somebody took it after she was already dead.
Why are you here? Same reason as you.
I got plans out there.
- I can't.
- You want to find your daughter.
I want to find my sister, Sheema.
- If we hit that plant hard enough - It's too great a risk.
We have to try! What if there was another way to get into the building.
She was alive after I died.
She made it out.
How is your face, Susan? Forget about my face.
This is my way of saying, thank you.
We got to get my people someplace safe.
Don't leave me please.
You should have left them out there.
Yeah, instead we left her.
Take her! (gunfire) (snarling and growling) (vampires growling) They fear her.
She could change us.
(speaking Romanian) Truth or not, she will lead me to Rebecca.
Rebecca will lead me to Dmitri.
Then I'll remove his head.
Your prize.
(feral growling) Not much of one.
(whispers) What are you? (sniffing) I should bite you.
Good idea.
Go for it.
That's right, you know you want a taste.
If she is our death, she is valuable.
But if not A test.
A test! Aaaaagh! (vampires join in) Uh excuse me.
(speaking Romanian) It's it's Dr.
Come forward.
Don't be frightened, doctor.
Dmitri Have you met my sister? Antanasia.
She's a bit of a recluse, only comes out to feed.
And to play, of course.
After living for 300 years, I've learned it is not enough to merely exist.
One must enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
But you gain no sustenance from this, correct? Mmm.
So pure.
So sweet.
A message from Julius camp.
The woman absolutely exists.
It said she turned one of them.
There are even reports Julius has already captured her.
Would you like me to send a response? The key to ruling successfully, my dear doctor, is by saying much by saying so very little.
Go now.
Go! Slowly, my dear, slowly.
We have all the time in the world.
I want you to keep an eye on these guys while I'm gone, alright? Hey.
Hey! Yo! Put the food back on the shelf! They're hungry.
Right now! Thank you for letting us in.
If it weren't for you It wasn't.
I lost someone important out there because of you.
- Vanessa.
- Yeah.
She saved some good people.
She's a hero.
She was stupid.
Her death won't be in vain.
Nobody said she's dead.
Give me that.
It's a goddamn bus station out there.
Well, get used to it.
This one has several broken ribs, a punctured lung, what looks like internal bleeding.
It'll be at least a month before he goes anywhere.
Come on.
You know we're gonna run out of food, right? I'll try and find some more while I'm out there.
I gotta find her, Doc.
I thought you understood that.
What I understand is them.
What happens when they find out that they're living with a murderer? You gotta stop pretending like that's not our reality.
I'm not pretending.
Then it never crossed your mind? What do you want me to do? You want me to go out there and tell them "Hey, you know what? You should all watch your backs 'cause there's a murderer in here" right before I take off? Can I help you? You going somewhere? That's none of your business, pal.
How's Roger doing? I put him under to ease the pain, but when he wakes up he's on his own.
It's gonna hurt like hell, but we can't spare any more analgesic.
I understand.
Really, do you? What's that mean? It means ever since you got here I've seen nothing but a free-for-all.
If you don't step in, I will.
A lot of people got excited.
We haven't seen a stock of food like that in a long time and it felt safe.
I promise, from now on we get what you ration us.
Nothing more.
You sure about this? Drinking water only until we get a heavy rain.
No showers.
It is gonna get ripe in here with all those people.
Yeah, well, if they don't like it they're welcome to leave.
You blame me for bringing them here, don't you? What did you expect her to do? Let them die? If it meant her coming back.
(grunts) Yeah.
What I don't know is what this place is gonna look like when I do bring her back.
Look, you don't even know where they're taking her Hey, I got this.
I got this.
Why don't you go check the uh reservoir on the roof? Ok? Kid.
You steal the codes out of my notebook again, I'm gonna chuck you off that roof.
You got me? Yes sir.
Who is brave enough? (vampires hissing) Fear.
this human.
I am not afraid.
(snarls) She's nothing.
Just a freak.
Always was.
Susan? Friends.
I don't want to hurt you.
You were a real bitch.
Like your little girl, right before I drained her! (cries out angrily) (glass shatters) Pathetic! If you laid a hand on her I'll do the same to you! (roars) (hisses) (bone snaps) (sets bone) She called for you.
Over and over.
Shut your mouth! So sweet.
So young.
So trusting.
(groans) (screams) Come on! Who's next? It's true.
Huh? Who's next? Who's next? (whispers) Get ready to run.
Want some? You want some? Now! Go! (growling) (growling) (shrieks) Find her, or it's your head! All of your heads! Go! How did you do this? Vanessa, how are you still alive? It doesn't matter.
Just tell me what happened to Dylan.
No, I'm sorry.
No, what I said in there, it isn't true.
About Dylan.
What? I didn't kill her.
That was the vampire in me being a bitch.
I didn't I didn't kill her.
Is she alive? What happened to her? (feral screeching) Leave me here.
I deserve it.
Which way? Come on.
(gasping) (loud thud) (hissing) (snarls) Now I have you.
You don't have to kill me.
I'm sure I'm not the first human to say this, but You were the one in the walls.
Watching me.
I remember your scent.
(gasps) Please, I can be useful.
Anything you need, I can get it.
I have everything I need.
Maybe I feed you to my pets.
Or maybe I experiment on you.
Or Go Go! Never to say I can't be merciful.
(hiss) Where now? This way.
The food's good for now, but our biggest problem is uh the reservoir is almost bone dry.
But it should rain eventually.
It is Seattle, right? Sam, what are they saying? Hey, come on.
I don't trust that guy.
Do you? Hard to read them.
They're whispering.
Uh, don't feel safe.
Why do we have to leave? Thought we going to find the resi resistance? - Yeah, the resistance.
- Resistance? Yeah, heard of 'em.
Some kind of human-lead uprising to fight back or whatever.
Horse shit.
The water's shut off.
Yeah, I know.
Why? Guess.
Hey, what're you all talking about? Your little meeting you're having over here.
What's this all about? If I wanted you to know, you would.
Ok, well we got a new rule.
There's no secrets in my house.
Look, we appreciate your hospitality (dishes clattering) But I'm gonna conduct meetings with my people as I see fit.
Now, if you got a problem with that Oh, I definitely got a problem with that.
(gasps) Axel! Jesus Christ! Uh What the heck is going on? He's dead.
What happened? - You told me he was - He bled out.
- I'm I'm sorry.
- He bled out? How? We should get the body down the chute.
- Down the chute? - The garbage chute.
What?! We're not doing that.
Then you go outside and dig a grave.
It's how we dispose of our dead.
- It's nothing personal - It's hygienic.
That's all.
Ok, fine.
I'll take care of it.
Is there anything else? No.
Woah, woah! I think there is.
You need to look at this.
What the?! Somebody say something! One of ours was killed before you got here.
Whoever did it took a finger just like this.
You kept that from us? A murderer? I made a judgement call to avoid panic in an overpopulated, confined environment.
I can control my people.
Clearly you can't.
His blood is on your hands.
You prepared, asshole? For the giant mess you just made? They had a right to know.
Well, I know I didn't kill him.
Well, we can all say that.
Yeah, and one of us would be lying.
It's obvious why he was killed.
He's the reason why they were staying.
Dead, they leave.
That shows motive.
But with Cynthia, that seems personal.
Look, we gotta focus on what's right in front of us right now.
This situation is going down the toilet fast.
Now what are they doing? What is John doing with them? Son of a bitch.
Hey! Hey! What'd I tell you about your little meetings? Hey! What's with the map, John? (chuckles) They're just trying to figure out how hard it would be to take over this place.
You learn a thing or two in an apocalypse! Don't you dare move! It turns out it's easier than we thought.
Sorry, Axel.
Hey, that rhymes with "asshole".
I just realized that.
I didn't want to come for this.
This is only temporary until we find out who the real killer is.
It's for your safety as much as ours.
What's the point of having a refuge if it's no safer outside, right? Oh, so you're protecting us now, that's it? That's bullshit.
You saw something good and you took it.
I'll tell you what.
You can have it.
You give me my gear, you send me out the front door.
(laughs) I can't do that.
Sure you can.
Why not? You got what you wanted.
Put me out there.
Send me out the front door.
We let you out, you sneak back in here two days later, kill us all in our sleep.
Fuck you, John! You did the right thing.
It could be any one of them.
Come on, man.
Don't do this.
Don't leave me in here.
Don't leave me in here! Hey! Hey! How could you? Huh? - Woah, woah, no.
- Easy, easy.
Don't put this all on me! I just told them what they deserved to know! That one of you is the killer.
And who absolved you? I know it wasn't me, which makes it one of you.
What you did out there, betraying us? You know that makes you look guilty as hell.
Yeah, sure does.
Any one of us is capable of it, but only one of us took off right after Cynthia was killed.
Me? You think I killed them? Yeah, why not? No one else died 'til you got back! - Are you serious? - He's right.
What? Timing.
Where were you when Roger was killed, huh? I was on the roof top trying to check the reservoir just like Axel asked.
I can vouch for that.
Anybody go with you? I-I think we might be overlooking someone here.
He used to be one of those things, right? Christ, you came in here to kill us all.
Who's to say you're not still carrying some residual psycho killer in you, huh? You have been struggling with the transition.
Sleepwalking, nightmares Oh, come on! I wasn't even in the lab today! Are you sure? Or was I? Maybe.
No, that's not possible.
That's not who I am.
That's not who I am anymore.
That's not who I am anymore.
I'm not a killer! I know who I am! I know who I am! Calm down.
Jesus, why is that, soldier boy? What do you care? You were just about to ditch out on us! Leave us here to rot! You need to get out of my face right now! Hey! No, no, no.
Hey! Stop! Stop! Enough! This is what they want, right? They want us to be fighting, they want us to yap about who did what to who.
It doesn't matter.
It's not our issue right now.
We have to stick together until we get outta here.
There's a sewer over there, I think we can get out that way.
I've heard stories.
What stories? Let's just stay it's doubtful we'll be followed.
I've always admired you.
Your courage.
Pretty girls like us always gotta put up with shit and you had the balls to do something about it.
Is that it there? Yeah.
(feral howls) We lost our lead! (howling) (hissing) (howling) We go down there, we're probably gonna die.
Go, go, go! (snarling) (screaming) It's not coming in.
(snarling) We are the only ones crazy enough.
Let's go! Get back! (growling) This way.
Come on.
Shit! We gotta go! We gotta go now.
Bring her to me.
You choose death? (screech) Down there humans will die.
She's no human.
Fresh meat to the one who brings her to me.
(howls) (howls) (snarls) (whispering) I take it you're not here to let us out? Actually I am.
Hear me out.
I think we could hear a lot better outside this cage.
Look, we spent a lot of time discussing what to do with you, and we've come to an agreement.
None of us are innocent.
We all have blood on our hands.
While one of you killing for pleasure? We have no other choice but to exile all of you.
Are you serious? That's insane.
I'm not going anywhere! We'll die out there.
Brendan, you can't do this.
We can and we will.
The decision has been made.
Ok, listen to me.
I did it.
Axel, don't Send me out there.
I'm confessing to you.
I'm the one.
I did it.
I did it.
Send me out there.
It was me.
Come on.
I did it.
I don't believe you.
I did.
Because I did, Sam.
I killed those people.
When we left Vanessa outside I was pissed and I wanted you out of here so I thought if Roger was dead you'd be scared and have no reason to stay.
And the girl, Cynthia? She was weak.
We're only as strong as our weakest link, you said it yourself.
None of us are innocent.
You killed Roger? Yeah, and after I took his finger as a souvenir.
Look, kid, you don't have to do this.
Put your hands in the air and move forward slowly.
Take me.
I killer.
I killer! Sam! Sam, Sam, Sam! Listen, I'll be ok.
I'll see you soon.
I promise.
Yes, we are.
But they need you.
I'm ready.
Move forward slowly.
The rest of you back up.
Move back! Back up! You're gonna get what's coming to you, kid.
Axel, do something.
Don't worry about me, guys.
I've survived out there before.
I'll do it again.
(cries out) It's impossible.
And yet there it is.
But how? - The citadel is well guarded - I told you, I'm a tunnel rat.
There's a network of service tunnels under that building.
We break in through here and we're up and in without them even knowing.
And you thought I was just some kid.
I never said that.
So how's the rest of this gonna work? I smell the bitch.
She's close.
(snarls) What was that? I don't know.
I don't hear it anymore.
Let's keep going.
(growling) Wasn't him.
I seen the eyes of a killer and it sure wasn't that kid.
It's not your fault.
I saw the whole thing coming, just got too fixated on On Vanessa.
Doesn't matter now.
Hindsight's anchor will drown us all eventually.
These people will make sure of that.
The hell are you taking about? This won't stop at Mohamad.
(vampires hissing) You have anything to say, Spartacus? What? I'm calling you a liar.
If you if you think I didn't do it then why are you kicking me out? The way I see it, if I've got to thin the herd until I get it right in order to protect my people so be it.
At least release my friends.
They're good people.
Your friends are not your concern anymore.
You're getting off easy.
Yeah? Well, so are you.
You're seriously gonna let me go out there without any weapons? Go! (door slams) (growling) Shit.
It should have been me.
At ease, soldier man.
They're never gonna let us out of here, even with that death stare of yours.
I just let an innocent kid walk to his death because of you.
Innocent? He confessed.
He did it to save us.
Don't be naive.
The world's a war zone.
There's casualties in war.
Yeah, you mean like Wendy.
The hell? Yeah, maybe so.
All I know is there's two people out there who you want to save but can't.
Now maybe you know what it feels like.
If it wasn't Mohamad that means the killer is still among us.
Right here.
So what do we do now? We get outta here.
And we take it all back.
(gasping) I need to rest.
You're ok.
But only for a minute, because we need to keep moving.
Thank you.
Oh, shit! Susan, do you remember what happened to Dylan? Dylan came to my door.
She was covered in blood.
Your blood.
She was so afraid she could barely speak.
What'd she say? She said someone broke into your apartment and attacked you.
But she watched you die.
I brought her in my apartment, I locked the door and called 911.
While we waited for the cops we called her dad.
Did he come get her? Please, I need to know.
Did he come and get her? Did he take her to Denver? He He said he was coming.
The cops took her away, so I tried to find out what happened to her, I swear I did.
But then You were turned? I'm so sorry Vanessa.
It's ok.
I'm so Shh.
It's ok.
You were the mysterious girl Julius was after this whole time.
(laughs) Shit.
Oh god.
What was that? Stay calm.
I can't see anything.
I can.
What do we do? Run!