Van Helsing (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Love Bites

Prevuiously on Van Helsing It isn't burning you.
I haven't been out in so long.
Oh my God.
What's up, Doc? (snarling) How are you still alive?! You are gonna help me find Vanessa.
- You should run.
- No.
You are coming back.
Trust me now.
(gun shots) (gun fire) I killed Susan.
(fighting grunts) (sobbing) You broke my heart.
(low growl) I'll find you.
I'll kill ya.
I'm not leaving you here.
(groans) Get your hands off my daughter.
Your (groans) Thank you.
For saving me.
I know I'm behind on payments but please just give me a few more days.
My mother is everything to me.
Mother Agatha, she's all that I got.
Please give me one more chance.
Romanski, I have given you chance after chance and you have failed your mother every time.
Don't say that.
If your account is not paid in full by tomorrow morning your mother will be discharged to your care.
There's gotta be something.
There is always something.
I will pray for your mother's eternal soul.
You're killing her.
Everything's gonna be ok, Mama.
I promise.
I'm gonna do what I have to do.
You do that.
You do that.
(sobbing) - (ding) - (crowd yelling) (punching) (crowd yelling) (punching) (crowd yelling) (punching continues) (crowd yelling) (punching continues) (ding ding ding) (door opens) Look at 'im.
So much for you and the ladies, huh? You know, I've seen hamburger that looks better than that face.
Just give me my money.
I got someone waiting on me.
You want your money? Huh? I threw the fight.
You got your dough, now give me my mine.
- You wanna get paid? - Uh-huh.
No problem.
(stab) (groans) See, you shoulda said "yes" the first time we asked.
(engine fades away) Mama I'm sorry.
(footsteps approach) That was an excellent fight, Mr.
May I call you Julius? My name is Dmitri.
Please help me You want me to help you? To have a man with such strength and determination to stand by my side in the battles to come, one so able to endure enormous suffering.
How can I say no? (screams) (bell tolling) I told you I would do anything to save you, Mama.
And I will.
(drinking blood) (door opens) What are you doing here? Visiting hours are over.
God will not be taking my mama tonight, Mother Agatha.
But it still may be wise for you to pray.
(gasps) (screaming) (growling) Stay here.
Anybody here? (engine fails) It won't start, I already tried.
I told you to leave me alone.
- I need to atone.
- Go.
Please, I need to.
I wanna protect you.
You and your daughter.
We don't need help from someone like you.
I'm gonna find a vehicle and go to Denver.
There's help there.
Where is your daughter? She's alright, isn't she? (shivering) Dylan.
Wait! Wait.
How long has she been breathing like this? Young ones need to feed almost constantly, or Or what? Why haven't you turned her? I can't.
- But if you don't - I can't! Ok.
Vanessa, Dylan needs to feed.
She can feed on me.
(laughs) So she bites you and you turn into a vampire and kill us both? I don't think so.
I won't turn back.
I can't.
The doctor that was with you, - one of us tried to turn her.
- Wait, Doc? You tried to turn her back? I swear on my mother's grave that I can never be a vampire again.
Let me help.
It's alright.
It's ok.
(drinking blood) - He's burning up.
- Should we check his wound? I'm not looking.
I hate that kind of shit.
I need water.
Or Gatorade.
That'd be great.
He still running a fever? You think he'll pull through? You know I can hear you, right? Your wound is infected, Mohamad.
We don't have any more antibiotics.
You're gonna have to fight this off yourself.
What if he doesn't? When I said I could hear you I meant take it outside not explain how fast I'm dying.
God, you people.
The least you could do is give me something for the pain.
Well, all we have left is cocaine but don't worry, it doesn't have the usual recreational effect when you're suffering.
I wasn't really worried about that.
- Let him rest.
- Of course.
Oh, and by the way, we're running out of blood for the wounded.
Raoul's making donating mandatory.
You don't give, you don't eat.
I guess I'll get it over with.
I hate needles but I could destroy breakfast.
Coming? Uh, later, yeah.
Someone should stay here with Mo.
Listen, Flesh.
You can't go around telling people what you used to be.
Okay? Just shut up and give.
No, these are good people.
They'll understand.
Wake up to the world that we live in, man.
We used to kill people at the hospital for taking too much soup.
Yeah, but we have to trust someone sometime - otherwise there's no point.
- Listen.
Alright? Shut your mouth and roll up your sleeve.
Just make sure they don't give me any.
(drinking) You're not turning.
She's gonna be ok.
What's wrong? What's the matter? That's gross! - It tastes like rat's blood! - Ok, sweetheart, you have to try.
- This is really important.
- No! No, it tastes like shit! Are you trying to kill me?! Is that what you want?! I'm sorry, I-I didn't know.
What will happen if she doesn't feed? As a young elite she needs fresh human blood or she'll die.
If I kill humans for her I'm a monster.
If I don't, I'm a monster.
And if I try to turn her I might kill her.
Are you the kind of person that can kill people? Huh? Hunt them for blood? Not just once, but day after day? I have done terrible things for the one that I loved.
Do not underestimate the cost of being a monster.
You should know.
Now stop following us.
Well, one good thing about not drinking blood is I think it's kept you from turning full vampire but Whatever.
I know you don't wanna hear this.
No, I don't.
But you're gonna have to feed off me at some point.
I'd rather gouge my eyeballs out.
But if you feed off of me then you'll have the strength to hunt for me.
Animals that I can eat.
Then you can feed off of me again.
I would literally rather die.
Hey, I'm just being practical.
What other choice do you have If you come any closer I will rip you to pieces! I fed off of you for months.
Yeah, look where that got me.
You're here to get me to Vanessa.
That's it.
End of discussion.
End of discussion.
What is wrong with you, seriously? He's a pussy, that's what.
Who can't kill a feral for God's sakes.
That thing nearly killed me, too.
You hear that, dipshit? - I think you owe someone an apology.
- I'm sorry, Chloe.
Sorry's not good enough.
There needs to be disciplinary action.
Yeah, are you gonna take your lashes like a man this time, Felix? Try it and I'll rip up your nuts again, remember that one? - No! - (yelling) - I'm looking forward to this.
- Disciplinary action! (crowd jeering) Ready? Ok.
For the offense of failing to kill a dead easy feral and for just being an overall asswipe, how many lashes, Chloe? Your call.
- Ten.
- (cheering) And that's going easy on him.
Alright, arms up, asswipe.
- (whip) - (crowd) One! - (whip) - (crowd) Two! (whimpering) (exhales) - (whip) - (crowd) Three! - (whip) - (crowd) Four! (cries out) - (whip) - (crowd) Five! - (whip) - (crowd) Six! - (whip) - (crowd) Seven! - (whip) - (crowd) Eight! (cries out in pain) - (whip) - (crowd) Nine! (cries out) - (whip) - (crowd) Ten! (cheering) That was awesome.
This calls for a celebration.
Your cell or mine? (screaming) Who is that? (low snarls) Who are you? (sing-songy) I am Sam.
Sam I am.
- Shoot him! - (gun shots) Get him? Go check it out.
Make sure he's dead.
(fighting grunts) (gun shots) (gun shots) - Shoot him! - (gun shots) (fighting grunts) (gun shots) (screams) - We need to get out of here! - Go! Go! Go!!! (screaming) (sing-songy) I am Sam.
Sam I am.
- Shit! - Back! Back! (grunts) Shit! In here! - Here.
- No, it's a trap! (sing-songy) I am Sam.
Sam I am.
Lock that door.
- (click) - Shit! I told you.
(gasping) (door opens) (door closes) (slow footsteps) Please don't kill me.
Please (whimpering) I'm not gonna hurt you, but you have to come with me.
You have to trust me, ok? I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just need your help.
- What's your name? - Daniel.
Daniel, I'm Vanessa.
This is my daughter, Dylan.
Please don't kill me.
I'm not gonna kill you.
Ok? You're not gonna turn, but I need to feed her.
She's a vampire, you have to kill her.
She's my daughter.
I'm s-s-sorry.
Do you have kids? No.
Then you don't understand.
(growling) Hold out your arm.
Pull up the sleeve.
I promise I will not bleed you out.
- No.
- Ok? (growls) (gun shot) (choking) I need.
I need I need to feed.
(choking) (snarling) Are you gonna be ok? (drinking blood) Dad? Dad! Dad? Dad! Dad.
Dad? Where are you? (murmuring) You still haven't given yet.
Yeah, I will.
The line's still really long.
Don't bullshit me.
I can tell.
People are dying.
- People that fought hard.
- I know.
Then stop being a pussy and get at it.
I can't.
Why the hell not? I need to talk to you.
I need to tell you something.
(whimpering) What what is this? Punishment.
Take this off.
Take it off.
Lie down.
Why? Lie down.
Thank you.
(gasps) - What're you doing? - Shhh.
Please don't.
(whimpering) (sobbing) Shhh.
- You told her? - Yeah.
What'd I say to you? Don't tell.
Like, wha-what part of that don't you understand? No, you don't understand, Mohamad.
Lucky's a friend.
- We can trust her.
- You can't trust anybody.
Believe me, I know.
- What does that mean? - Nothing.
I Can you get the nurse? I need another pill.
Um, hey, Jolene? Uh, Mohamad could use some I'm gonna have to ask you to come with us.
We have a few questions for you.
Daddy? Vanessa? You are a hard woman to find.
I've been tracking you for hours.
You killed for her.
Not on purpose.
Dad? Hello? He shot her.
She needs to heal.
Dad, where are you? And his kids.
Vanessa, you do not want to become what I was.
You can't do this.
I promised my daughter I would do anything for her.
Daddy? Dad! Take them somewhere safe.
How're you doing? Are you cking kidding me?! I feel bad.
I open up to you and you turn me in.
I went to Jolene for advice.
- She seemed nice.
- (scoffs) You're a bad judge of character.
How was I supposed to know what to do? I went to her, she went to the chief guy and they said they had to quarantine you for assessment.
You think I'm in here to be assessed? I think they need to wrap their heads around this.
They'll keep you contained until they can test your blood or something.
Or something.
I don't believe in Denver, you know.
The promised land in the clouds.
Paradise on earth or some bullshit.
Even if it did exist and there's no vampires I mean the people there would shoot anyone on site, right? I don't know.
But I know that's where Vanessa and her daughter are going.
- And you should go there, too.
- Me? What do you mean, me? You understand I'm never getting out of here? (sizzling) (sizzling) Hey.
Hey! Hey! Hey! - What's up with you? - (groans) - Stay back! - Ok.
(sizzling) (banging) (groaning) Get it together.
(banging) Take these.
You're gonna need 'em.
Felix! - Help us! - Open the door, Felix.
Felix, open the door! - It's about time.
- (screaming) No! No! No, no, no! See? You'll learn, too.
I'll learn.
I'll do whatever you want.
First I feed.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no! (screams) (screams) (groans) Your turn.
I can't I can't Felix, you've got the knife.
Do it! Just kill him! Kill him! Come on! Your turn.
Felix do it! Kill him! Come on! You try that, I'll-I'll rip your nuts off, you pussy.
(screaming) (blood dripping) (whimpering) Fountain of youth! (laughing) (sobbing) I found some people headed for a triage camp back toward the citadel.
They took the kids.
Mom, it hurts.
It hurts.
It hurts.
She didn't get enough to heal.
I'm sorry, Dylan, but I'm gonna try.
what do you what do you mean? What do you mean? I'm gonna try to turn you.
No, no, please.
I'm gonna die! - I'll die! I'll die! - You will not die.
I will not let you die.
I won't let you die.
Please I'm scared.
I can't.
It's ok, sweetie.
I'm scared, too.
I'm scared, too.
(sobbing) - I love you.
- No You're all I've ever really loved, you know that? Please.
Please don't do this to me.
(sobbing) I'll be gentle, ok? I'll be gentle.
(sobbing) (cries out in pain) (vomiting) Dylan! Dylan! Mom? Mom! You're ok! - Mommy.
- You're ok.
You're ok.
Wake up.
I'm here.
Hey! Wake up.
I'm getting you out of here.
You got me loose.
- We have to get Mohamad.
- Shhh.
What're you doing? I can't be the one who got him killed.
I don't think you want that either.
- He was turned back.
- I'm sorry.
I really am, but I That's why I don't talk things through.
Come on, we're almost there.
We just need to get to the woods.
Oh god, this hurts.
(footsteps) Friends? (giggling) - Oh! - (laughing) - What're you laughing at? - Oh! No, wait! I can't believe you made me eat fish this morning.
It was so gross! Yeah, well you couldn't tell by the way you gulped it down.
- Don't get me! - Wait, wait, wait.
That's better.
- No, stop! - I need that neck sugar! - Come here! - No! You think she remembers? Or that she just pretends.
I don't know.
And I don't care.
She's back.
That's all that matters.
What's next? Who knows? We have today.
That's enough for me.
Oooh! (laughs) Dylan I'm gonna get you.
(laughing) I have a massive snowball in my hand.
Get her.
Dylan? (sizzling) (whimpering) (shrieking) Mom! (screaming) Mom! (screaming) Dylan! - Dylan, it's ok! It's ok! - (sizzling) Dylan, it's ok! It's ok, Dylan! No, no, no! (gasping) (sobbing) NOOOOO! (screaming) (screaming continues)