Van Helsing (2016) s03e10 Episode Script

Outside World

1 Previously on Van Helsing Vanessa! I need to make sure you live! - What?! - You're my sister! I love you! If you love me then come back! I have to do this on my own.
Go find him.
You don't need me now.
You can do it on your own.
[GUN SHOT] I got the new world in my view, On my journey I pursue, I said I'm runnin', Runnin' for the city, I got the new world in my view, I got the new world in my view, On my journey I pursue, Oh, I'm runnin', Runnin' for the city, I got the new world in my view, Come on, get an army Help me to run this holy righteous place, Can't you yell then, Save your calling, Well, he's knocking at your door today, I got the new world in my view, On my journey I pursue, I said I'm runnin', Runnin' for the city, I got the new world in my view, John, he's out of records.
Oh, he suffered for Jesus Christ, They placed him on an island called Patmos He had a great revelation sign, I got the new world in my view, On my journey I pursue, I said I'm runnin', Runnin' for the city, I got the new world in my view, I've seen you before.
[CRASH] In the beginning.
When I was a kid.
When your rage first began.
You get a kick out of that? Scaring little kids? I come to those who show promise.
Promise of what? I think you know deep inside you.
Who are you really and what do you want? I'm a seer.
A messenger.
A caller to the chosen.
You look like an Elder to me.
Or worse.
You threaten me with your blade of steel.
You cannot destroy that which you harbour.
And what's that? Your seed of thirst.
Now the seed has taken root.
Fed by the blood of a sacrifice.
What sacrifice? You drank blood before but now, now you have killed for it.
Savoured it.
That runs inside you.
It won't happen again.
You say no but the blood burrows deeper.
Feeds the seed.
I can control it.
But why? Nurture the darkness and you will find yourself.
I'm a Van Helsing.
That's who I am.
Be who you really are.
Spawn of the darkness, holder of its blood.
And I will find that last totem and I will raise the Dark One.
Release him.
And then I will carve out his heart and leave it to rot.
But will you? Can you now? [SCREAMING] Do you have the light left to fight the dark? One act of good can tip the scales, or topple them.
If you have something to say, say it.
I see your path.
It's not straight.
Nor clear.
Hangs in the balance.
It hangs.
And it begins.
Don't move.
I'll make this quick and painless.
Mohamad? [SNARLING] Mohamad, it's-it's me.
[SNARLING] I'm not gonna hurt you.
It's me.
You know me.
I thought you were dead.
I can help you.
I can try to turn you.
[LOW SNARLING] Mohamad! Mohamad! Mohamad! Mohamad! Mohamad! Mohamad! I'm just trying to help you.
Stay still! I need to bite you.
- No.
- Listen to me.
Stay down! Stay back! Ok, you wanna do this the hard way.
You're not getting away that easy.
John? But I guess you never really met Wendy, did you? Watching her get murdered by that marine doesn't really count I guess.
You're dead, I killed you.
Believe me, I remember.
Well, you got yourself in a bit of trouble there.
That's gonna leave a mark.
Must feel strange, stuck like that.
Weak, helpless.
Sorta like you're human.
I am human.
You think? And I think maybe that uh, I think maybe that hook must have nicked your heart.
Maybe your heart doesn't heal up like the rest of you does.
Makes a lot of sense if you ask me.
Anyway I guess I can't really blame you for what that asshole Axel did, not letting me out to look for my wife.
He didn't try to help, just shooting her in the head.
It was his decision not mine.
Still, it's not like you helped.
I cut her down.
I carried her to you so you could say goodbye.
You didn't hand yourself over to Julius's thugs, right? All they wanted was you.
I tried.
You stopped me, remember? Right.
You let G.
Joe run rampant 'cause all you gave a shit about was who you loved.
Who you'd lost.
I-I understand that.
What do you want? Maybe you should ask yourself that 'cause I'm pretty sure I'm just a figment of your crumbling psyche or whatever.
A manifestation of guilt, maybe.
Of shame.
The witch sent you.
Who knows? Maybe.
I gotta tell you, all bets are off then, right? 'Cause I could be capable of anything.
Helping you, hurting you, wreaking a little revenge, maybe Huh? Go on.
Try it.
I think I'll pass for now.
Maybe just let the strength leak out of you a bit more.
Always such a gentleman, John.
Still bleeding, huh? I wonder if something like this could actually kill you.
Even vampires die, right? - I'm not a vampire, asshole.
- Yeah, sure.
Just keep telling yourself that.
You know what I really wanna know? The real reason I'm here? Why you murdered me in cold blood.
Huh? I thought you were the killer.
Everyone did.
You thought I strung up that girl Cynthia in the stairwell? You thought I stabbed whoever that guy was Doc was working on? You thought I cut off their fingers, stuffed them in my pack? Bullshit! Yeah? You didn't exactly have a glowing reputation at the time, John.
Attempted rape? It can give people the wrong impression.
It wasn't attempted anything! I kissed her, she kissed me back! Then she pulled away.
I tried to stop her and she screamed, ok? I panicked.
I choked her a little to shut her up.
So what? You really have no idea what an asshole you are.
Panicking isn't a capitol offence.
I was drunk.
We all were, remember? Oh So that means you can just get away with anything? You sound like every guy I've ever met.
You just think any excuse is ok.
That's the reason you jammed a knife in my throat.
You never bought I was a killer, not really.
Not totally.
- You know what I think? - I don't give a shit, John.
Oh, what am I doing here then? 'Cause I'm really leaning towards the manifestation of your guilt angle.
Really? Huh.
'Cause I don't really feel guilty, John.
I wanted to do it.
In fact, I enjoyed it.
And I'd do it again.
I have no doubt.
'Cause I know when you dig past all that stuff about saving humanity, doing your best in bad times and all that crap, deep down in you it's just black right at the core.
And I think you know that, too.
It might help, you know.
Hey, tough guy.
How's it hangin'? [LAUGHS] Sorry, I couldn't resist.
It's good to see you.
Wow, this kinda sucks, huh? Yeah, a little bit.
Listen, that guy from before? The guy you were talking to? I don't know who he is or what his problem is but you were bang on on the asshole part.
Well, I did kill him.
And he deserved it.
- But there are others.
- Come on.
Who do you think you're talking to? If there's anyone that has to live with the things that they have done it's this guy.
It's different.
You were turned.
- It's not your fault.
- Isn't it? I have done a lot of things before as a human that I am not proud of.
I know you, Julius.
You're good to the core.
And so are you.
I'm not so sure anymore.
I am.
[SCREAMING] What the hell was that? I don't know but I think my time here is almost up.
[DISTANT SCREAMING] Listen, you saved me.
You saved a lot of people and I know in my heart that you're gonna get out of this and save us all.
I don't know.
You do know that.
I believe in you and I know you believe in your heart.
Believe in your heart, Vanessa.
If you've still got one.
What is at your core, Vanessa? Nothing as rotten as yours.
So much delicious blood poured out of you.
Such a waste.
Help yourself.
A change might do you good.
You know all about blood now.
How it eats at you, and wanting in your belly.
Coursing through you.
Ah! How it makes you vibrate with life.
You'll never shake the need.
It's in you and you know it.
Dig deep.
It's there.
The hunger.
More craving.
More lust.
I've lost the taste for it myself.
You and I are the same.
We are both killers by nature.
Before that, his wife.
You can still hear the screams, can't you? Don't blame your murders on me.
How much blood is on your hands, Vanessa? Not as much as yours.
Yes, that we know of.
That we know.
But your last one [SCREAMING] Your last one, that one put you on the right track.
Give in, Vanessa.
Give in.
I'd rather hang here and rot.
And that you will.
You have always been one to suffer.
You love to suffer.
You could have saved your daughter, but no.
You love the pain too much.
I did everything I could.
(DYLAN) That's a lie.
Why didn't you feed me, mom? All I needed was blood.
What kind of mother are you? You won't hunt for your own.
Dylan I tried.
No you didn't.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You can still join her.
Be with her.
You know what you have to do.
Dylan! The darkness is calling.
Feel the relief.
Dylan! Dylan! Everything that you've lost can be yours again.
Get away from me! Dylan.
I got the new world in my view, On my journey I pursue, I said I'm runnin', Runnin' for the city, I got the new world in my view, I got the new world in my view, On my journey I pursue, I said I'm runnin', Runnin' for the city, I got the new world in my view, Come on, yeah, an army Help me to run this holy righteous place [SQUEAKING] You really sure that's good for you? I have to admit, I fed on a couple dogs back in my vampire days but bats? Is it really you this time? Who else would I be, hmm? I am who I am.
Just like you.
I don't know who that is anymore.
Yes you do.
I killed a man for blood.
You should feel shitty about that.
But you can't let that get in the way of who you are and what you have to do.
You're stronger than that.
I don't know about that.
Yeah you do.
And you have to dig deep right now and know it, too.
It's the only way out.
You're so sure.
I know you.
I love you.
And love always wins.
[WHIMPERING] She lies.
Get away from her.
Don't hurt her.
I already did.
Shouldn't I again? Why did you do these things, Sam? I killed Susan because she was weak.
Because she was suffering.
- That's not true.
- Yes.
She was so strong.
She was filled with pain, just like the others.
She was in the way of the strong.
I killed her to clear the way.
You killed her because you're a sick piece of shit.
See? See her cower.
See the truth.
She's like most of humanity.
I'm better than that.
I am more.
Don't listen to him, Vanessa.
- Shut him out.
- I'm not sick or crazy or psycho.
I understand life.
I see the truth.
You're a monster.
Me? Aren't you a monster? Don't let him get into your head.
Why did you not kill me in those woods? Why did you cripple me and leave me there instead? Because I wanted you to suffer, Sam.
I wanted you to suffer for killing all those people.
- For killing Susan.
- Hmm.
You deserve to suffer.
See? I kill out of compassion.
I put the weak out of their misery.
That's bullshit.
You maimed me to inflict pain and suffering.
- You did that.
- And you don't? What about Felix? What about that sick torture you put him through? I gave him the opportunity to grow and he did.
He became better.
God, you really believe that? Don't you? Late at night and alone, aren't you drawn to become better? To rise above these feeble humans, when the voice of truth whispers in your ear it is time.
You are the darkness.
Don't let him in.
Silence!!! The humans have lost.
The world is no longer theirs.
They deserve to lose.
Vicious, ignorant beasts.
You should know.
So should you.
You kill for blood.
[SCREAMING] I was weak.
I gave in.
I own that.
Oh, you did not succumb.
You emerged.
You saw the truth.
The truth of life.
The truth inside you.
You did not falter.
You thrived.
Don't listen to him, Vanessa.
You will save us all.
[SCREAMS] Leave her alone! She's nothing, you know that.
You always wanted to drink from her.
From the very start.
Don't hurt her, Sam! That was your real craving.
[CRYING] Ahhhh!!! Sam! You need more time to reflect.
Susan! See who you really are! [CRYING] She was right.
Shut him out.
You need to save your strength for the real fight.
Look at you.
You've grown.
You're so beautiful.
I miss you.
I never really left.
I'm always with you.
No one ever really leaves.
You taught me that.
It's ok, Mom.
Everyone dies, even me.
I should have tried harder.
I'm so sorry.
I should have done more to keep you alive.
It wasn't your fault.
You tried your best to save me and it didn't work.
That took a lot of courage.
Look, I know there's darkness in you.
It's been true since before all this.
But you can do anything, Mom.
Nothing can stop you.
You're unstoppable.
I hope you're right.
I'm always right.
[LAUGHS] Look.
Look what you have.
Keep it.
You'll need it.
You know what you have to do now.
[HISSING] You have to change him.
Don't go.
Use what you have left of me.
The light you have inside.
You'll find a way.
[SNARLING] Vanessa! You want a piece of me? [SNARLS] Come to Mama.
Come on.
I know you're hungry, Mohamad.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Mohamad.
Aren't you hungry? Yeah, you're hungry.
Come on.
Come on.
Keep coming.
Come on, Mohamad.
Keep coming.
That's right.
That's right.
Come on.
Come to Mama.
That's right.
You're almost there.
Yeah, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Does that smell good? Yeah, come on.
Come on, baby.
[SNIFFS] Come on.
Come on.
Mohamad, come on.
[COUGHING] [LAUGHING] [OUT OF BREATH] [LAUGHING] Vanessa? Oh my god, what happened to you? You have to get me off this thing.
The chair.
Get the chair, the chair! Oh, Jesus.
I've healed around the hook.
You have to help me.
- Ok, ready? - Yeah.
[CRIES OUT IN PAIN] Ahhhh!!!!!! You have to-you have to feed.
You don't really have that much of a choice, Vanessa.
You're gonna die if you don't feed, you know that, right? - Take some blood, here.
- No.
Not anymore.
Just get me outta here.
Alright, let's go.
There we go.
There you go.
There you go.
You ok? Yeah.
I'll get you better.
Maybe get some food? Some water? Yeah, in a bit.
You're ok.
We're ok.
[CHUCKLES] You sure you're ok? You don't wanna rest up for a bit? - I mean, I could use the rest, too.
- I'm fine.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So when were you turned? Back in that field where I left you? Nah, it was way after that.
Flesh saved me and I got taken after that.
Taken, by who? By Sam.
- Sam.
- Yeah.
So he's still alive.
Yes, he is.
He bit me and left me to die.
Why? Because I didn't want to be whatever he wanted me to be.
So he switched me out for another kid and left me in a bunker.
I got out and got away.
I really don't remember much but I remember hunting, feeding I- I really don't wanna remember.
Yeah, don't.
You're back.
Yes, we are.
Back together again and back on the road.
Oh, Mohamad, you- you can't come with me.
The hell I can't.
Not where I'm going, ok? It's too dangerous.
Wherever you go I go, too.
Not this time.
Ok, look.
I need to know that I at least saved one person in all this.
So after everything I've done you wanna make sure that I am safe? I know that everything you did you did out of love for your sister.
And I get that.
Turns out I have a sister, too.
- Wait, what? Seriously? - Yeah.
This is a crazy ass world we live in.
I saw some people camping out over there in the woods.
Find them.
Take care of them.
Do it for me.
Don't follow me.
I promise.
'Cause I will kick your ass if you do.
Yes ma'am.
I mean it.
Stay alive.
[LAUGHS] You too.
[SMALL LAUGH] As if I'd leave you on your own.