Van Helsing (2016) s03e11 Episode Script

Been Away

1 Previously on Van Helsing [VOMITING] Yeah, we're okay.
I had a sister, too.
Dropped her off at the park, at the swings.
Never saw her again.
You sure about this? Going it alone out there? Yeah, I'm positive.
[WHISPERED] Kill the one you love.
No matter what happens, meet me in that place we talked about.
Promise me? [WHISPERED] That is not the one you love.
[PAINED] No! Where's Felix? Grendel got him.
[I&I'S "LOST UNDER HEAVEN" PLAYS] There's signs in the early morning As mindful you wake from sleep There's life in this early morning A life that you want to lead And if you're not ready, forget it Lay down and fall back to sleep If you're not ready forget it Lay down and fall back to sleep I say there's signs in this early morning signs in this early morning As mindful you wake from your sleep As mindful you wake from your sleep There's life in this early morning [YAWNS] A life that you want to lead A life that you want to lead And if you're not ready, forget it And if you're not ready, forget it Lay down and fall back to sleep Lay down and fall back to sleep If you're not ready forget it If you're not ready forget it Lay down and fall back to sleep Get on up.
Lay down and fall back to sleep I said there's signs in this early morning there's signs in this early morning As mindful you wake from your sleep Thank you.
There's life in this early morning Everybody set.
A life that you want to lead.
A life that you want to lead.
And lay down and fall back to sleep And lay down and fall back to sleep I said there's signs in this early morning There's signs in this early morning As mindful you wake from your sleep As mindful you wake from your sleep There's life in this early morning.
There's life in this early morning.
There she is.
[GEARSTICK CLUNKS] This place hasn't changed a bit.
[ENGINE SPUTTERS] Come on now, ugh.
[CHUCKLES] Jesus Christ.
Look at us, man.
Hope you made it, Lorne.
[HEAVY CLUNK] Come on, baby.
Can't miss that.
[HISSING, GROWLING] Come on! Run, run, run! You gotta be kidding me? [AIR RAID SIREN] Come on! Let's go! Hurry up! [GROWLING] Shit! Oh my god! [GUNSHOT] Grab your shit and go! Get outta here, now! [RAPID GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE] [SCREAMS] Run now! Go! [GUNSHOTS] [GROWLING] - [SCREAMING] - [RAPID GUNFIRE] [RAPID GUNFIRE] Go, run, run, run! Go, go, go, go! [GUNFIRE] [HISSING] [TRIANGLE JANGLING] Mohamad! I'm hoooome! Mohamad.
[SING-SONGY] Mo-haaaaamaaaad! [GROWLS, SNARLS] Mohamad? [SNIFFS] Mohamad, where are you? Mohamad? Mohamad? Mohaaamad! Mohamad.
[PAINFULLY] Mohaaaamad! Drop it, soldier.
Uh, marine, actually.
I didn't mean to barge in on you guys, I can just walk back out that door.
He saved our lives! All but Sandra.
But I put the blame for her on you, Lorne.
[WEAKLY] Me? The plan was so clear.
I went over it a thousand times with you.
I can just go.
He helped us out.
Give him dinner.
It's up to you.
I vote he stays.
- Is that a yes? - Yeah.
Why don't you go rest? I got this.
[SIGHS] Don't mind her.
She's got some issues.
Well, don't we all.
So what's your story? It's not really one worth telling.
Why don't you let me be the judge of that? - Hey.
- Hey.
Name's Lorne.
You look familiar.
You from around here? It's Axel.
Axel Miller.
I used to work for you down at the old feed store.
[SPUTTERS] It can't be! Axel? Axel Miller? [LAUGHS] Look at [LAUGHS] You sure you remember me? It's been a lot of years.
Ya kiddin' me? Forget the hardest working boy I ever hired? - Bah.
- Hell of a bat, too.
Number nine, right? Shortstop.
Jesus Christ, you remembered the jersey number from junior baseball? I sponsored the whole damn thing.
Remember the logo right on the front of the uniform? That's why you got the job, son.
I figured if you could put out that much work running those bases, that maybe you could put in a good shift at the store.
[LAUGHS] Turns out I was right.
Axel! [LAUGHS] I remember your mom and dad.
And your little sister, Polly.
Pretty, pretty Polly.
[PANTS] Glad to see you made it, Lorne.
[PANTS HEAVILY] You look familiar.
I'm Lorne.
I used to run the old feed store out on the highway.
I didn't catch your name.
It's Bob.
The name's Bob.
- Bob.
- Yeah.
Well, nice to meet ya, Bob.
Nice to meet you, Lorne.
Uh, yeah.
Whole town wasn't hit that hard after the first wave.
At least that's what Lorne used to say.
Before he, uh, you know.
Anyway, ash cloud cleared after a couple months.
Real trouble was on the coast.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Well, everyone from here went for higher ground.
More sun.
[LAUGHS WEAKLY] I've lived here all my life.
No way I'm giving up now.
I, uh, used to run the old feed shop.
Right there off the old highway.
[CHUCKLES] That right? Name's Nelson.
- I'm from San Diego.
- Good to meetcha.
I was headed for Denver, but I ended up here.
Listen, these daywalkers, they're not like what they used to be.
You have to be more careful.
A feral is a feral.
I mean, so this pack don't sunburn.
It's a fluke.
Yeah, but it's not.
[LAUGHS] Listen, sonny.
I've lived here all my life.
So don't come in here and tell me what I do and don't know about ferals.
I've killed more ferals than he's ever seen! Hey.
It's our turn at scrub duty.
Again? It's Tuesday, isn't it? [CONFUSED SIGH] Uh - I'm no slacker.
- Never said you were.
Need some help? It's all right.
It's all right.
He gets upset if he's not in charge.
I know the feeling.
It's nice to see a new face around here.
Anyway, um.
What's her story? Carter? Yeah.
She's got guts.
Yeah, but social skills? - Well, she did point a gun at my head.
- [SMALL LAUGH] Well, that's just her.
Again, I'm not going to gossip.
Small town, you know? I do.
Besides, if you got something to ask, maybe you should just ask it yourself.
I had my chance.
Sure did.
- Those ferals, they're, uh - They're different.
Not just the sun.
They plan.
They communicate.
We used to fish and hunt.
The store was just like storage.
Just wander over when you had to.
Stuck in here now.
The woods can't be that bad.
- I made it through.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah, but Lorne.
He's kind of slipping, huh? So, whose idea was the siren? Nelson.
It worked yesterday.
They're smarter than that.
Smarter than Nelson.
He's not all bad.
Might be onto something.
Take out the whole pack? Only till the next pack wanders in.
Well, it'd be long enough to get the food back here.
Just ate a couple days' worth of my take.
You sure? Guy like you, girl like Kelly? Seems like a perfect fit to me.
Someone to ride out the apocalypse with? Let's move in the morning.
The hardware store still by the firehall? Last time I checked.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Out for a morning stroll? Uh, no, I was doing a little scouting.
Checking out your defences.
A man who likes to be prepared.
You were in the army? Marines.
You ever kill anybody? Before the rising? I don't really talk about that stuff.
Well, we have a past we'd rather leave that way, good or bad.
I'm gonna help you guys out with another supply run, take my share, then I'm gonna leave you all the way I found you.
Good to know.
What's the rush? I mean maybe you'd like to grab a box of protection when you make the run at the store.
Uhh I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm kind of waiting for somebody.
It's been six weeks.
- What? - I had somebody too.
He went to get firewood.
That was six weeks ago, so Maybe you want to grab a box of something, just in case.
Look, I'm sorry to hear about your guy, you know, but you really don't have to do that.
Do what? Trade yourself for a little bit of safety.
[SMALL LAUGH] You don't know me.
And more to the point, no one here really knows you, either.
[SIGHS] - I didn't mean to upset you.
- [LAUGHS] See? In the end, no one's really who you think they are.
Ready to go? Not until I know the plan.
What do you mean? We sound the siren, distract those things, grab as much shit as we can carry, and run like hell.
You can't just use the same bullshit plan over and over again and expect it to work.
They're smarter than that.
[HARSHLY] It does work.
Really? You should tell that to the girl who's dead outside.
Well, if you think you've got a better plan I might.
[GROWLING] [SNIFFING] [SNARLS] We got ripe berries.
We got nice berries.
We got berries for days.
- I like berries.
- I know you like berries! That's why we went berry picking.
Now [CLEARS THROAT] I have an idea.
Why don't you take these delicious berries back to Chad and the rest? - Okay.
- Okay? Good.
And I want you to tell them that Grendel is back.
He is? You walk back calmly to Chad, and you tell them all to run.
Understand? That was a great afternoon.
Where's Felix? He was not worthy.
Not worthy of you! You're nothing but a rotting sack of shit.
You love him, I can see.
Really? I doubt that.
I tried to love him.
But I could not.
You don't know what love is.
You can't love anyone.
I do know love! It is a cancer that I must cut out of me.
It is the source of all the pain.
Where's Felix?!!! Dead.
See? Love.
It's the greatest torturer.
- [GUNSHOT] - [YELLS IN PAIN] Don't you want to be free of that? I'd rather die.
Not your choice, really, is it? - [GUNSHOT] - [GROANS IN PAIN] [SCREAMS] If you shoot me again, I will find that little Tabby and I will tear her apart in front of you.
Love again.
Your worst enemy, seeded deep inside of you.
[WEAKLY] Stop.
Love again.
Our Father You are pleading to a god that tortures you? In heaven He gives us our food.
All this suffering is because of this.
I will forgive those just as He forgives us.
He will deliver us from evil.
This is evil.
Love is evil.
You have no heart.
Yes, I do.
I do.
And it torments me.
But I will no longer allow that.
I will cut it out.
I will gorge it out.
[CHOKES] [YELLS] No!! No! No! [GROANS IN PAIN] I didn't know love until the world turned dark.
And then that love became the world itself.
It took the place of everything else I had lost.
No no.
Yes! There.
Love tortures again.
[BODY HITS GROUND HEAVILY] Oh! [CRIES] [CROWS CAW] And love you still do.
But I fight it.
You must extinguish the flame.
But how? I've lost him.
Mohamad? Yes.
He is found with her.
She returns to the crypt.
The crypt.
[ANGELIC VOICE] Follow his trail.
You have not lost him.
Follow and you will find your destiny.
[CROWS CAWING] [SOBBING] I met six of these daywalkers.
Two at the tree-line, the other four they're just running up and down the road keeping watch.
- That's the whole pack.
- Looks like it.
You really think we can take them on all at once? Yeah, I don't see why not.
As long as Kelly and Lorne pop the signal at the right time and hang back.
You guys get everything we need? If it can destroy a daywalker and runs on gas.
[FORCED LAUGH] Let's do it.
Where'd GI Joe say he was from, again? He didn't.
Why? [SIGHS] Kelly's set.
Nelson and Hugo are in place.
All right.
Stay sharp.
[AIR RAID SIREN] If things go sideways, make sure you fall back.
[HISSING, GROWLING] That's our cue.
One one thousand, two one thousand.
[AIR HORN BLASTS] [GROWLING, SNARLING] [AIR HORN BLASTS] The last two aren't falling for it.
Let's give 'em something to fall for.
I gotta get me one of these.
[SHRIEKING, MOANING] [CHAINSAW GRINDS] [SCREAMING] Die, you piece of shit!! We put ours down.
How bout y'all, everybody good? Yeah.
We're all right.
Got our two.
Where are the others at? There should be two more out there somewhere.
[AIR HORN BLASTS] Hey!!! [GUNFIRE] Lorne! Lorne! Stop shooting! What are you doing? Stop, stop! Lorne! Come back! - [GUNSHOTS] - Lorne! Stop firing! - Stop, stop! - [GROWLING] [SCREAMS] Hugo, Nelson, kill that thing! - [GUN FIRE] - [SCREAMING] Come on! [GUNFIRE] [CHAINSAW GRINDS] [MOANS] Help me.
[CHOKES] Please.
Don't let me turn! Don't let me turn! - I'm sorry, kid.
- [GUN FIRE] [SIGHS] Come on!!! Come on! Come now, come on! Come on! Come on, come on! [FAST HEARTBEAT] Hey, you all right? Let's go.
Let's get inside.
Come on.
Are you okay? I can help.
Don't touch me.
This is your fault.
All of it.
You know that, right? She's done it a couple of times before.
Something just sets her off.
Dark spaces, I don't know.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] How you doing? You okay? Yeah.
I just got nicked, that's all.
Let me take a look.
Hell of a plan.
Kelly's dead.
I should never have listened to you.
Look, I take the blame for that.
That's on me.
She went sideways, I What happened to you out there? You know, I had a buddy in Iraq who was a rock.
Never faltered, always had your back.
Then an IED went off.
He was never the same again.
I don't care about your buddy.
- I'm just saying it's not your fault.
- Enough! All right? I hate basements.
That's it.
That's all.
End of discussion.
My dad used to say that.
[PANTING] Your real name.
It's Axel, right? What's happening here? I was supposed to stay by the swings.
Polly? Don't use that name.
That's my old name.
I came back.
I looked for you.
He was so kind.
And I trusted him.
I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have gone.
Don't Don't say sorry, don't say sorry! Jesus Christ.
This was on me.
I was supposed to be watching you.
I should have listened to you.
He said he needed help, and then he got me, and I tried to get out, but I couldn't No, no, no.
This was not your fault.
Where were ya? We looked everywhere, you know.
Whole town.
State police.
In his house.
In the basement.
He let me upstairs after a while when I was older.
When all the other stuff was over.
By then, he already wasn't thinking straight anymore.
Now he doesn't even remember what he did.
Or, who I am, really.
His mind.
It goes back to before.
You know, when he ran the feed store.
Lorne did this to you? He doesn't know though.
It's all gone.
He's gonna pay for what he did.
To me, or to you? I worked with him every day, the whole time, he had you? I don't think about back then.
Why didn't you kill him? 'Cause he's all I had.
He felt bad every day about doing it.
- Who gives a shit how he feels? - I do.
- Why are you defending him? - I have to.
No, you don't! I had to forgive him.
You don't! Years ago I I I couldn't keep hating.
That was what the real darkness was.
The hate.
Nobody can forgive what he did.
The hate is what's in that basement for me.
The hate is what scares me.
[SHALLOW BREATHING] Oh, no! Let me look.
Let me look what happened? Oh, Jesus Christ.
It's pretty bad.
It's gonna be okay.
Axel I'm so sorry.
Axel, listen to me.
- I can't tell you - Listen to me.
You're my brother.
And nothing will ever change that, right? Look, just Just just Just f f fight the hate Don't leave me now.
Come on.
I'm I'm [RUNNING OUT OF BREATH] Don't leave me.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm sorry.
[CRIES] I'm sorry.
[VOMITS] Where's Lorne? Son of a bitch must have wandered off.
We'll get him.
I got him.
What are you doing here? You don't remember me? You son of a bitch, you don't remember me! [INDISTINCT] You used to own the feed store down the road, didn't you? [WHIMPERS] - You're crazy! - How scared was she? What you're talking about! All those years you kept her! [HEAVY PUNCH] How scared was she!? You did things to her.
You remember that, you piece of shit!? [HEAVY PUNCH] Stand up! I don't know what you're talking about.
You remember it.
And I tell you what, It's going to die with you! You hear me? [PLEADING] Help me! Help me! Somebody! Help me! Help! Help! Help! [WHIMPERS, CRIES] [PANTS HEAVILY] [CRYING] Polly Help me.