Van Helsing (2016) s04e11 Episode Script

All Apologies

1 Previously on "Van Helsing" She's with us now.
Hansen's doing a wonderful job.
Well done.
And I will send you to a place unaffected by vampires.
That doesn't exist.
Who do you think is watching? I was made in order to betray all I held dear.
Not anymore.
What treachery is this?! Ah! No!!!! [LABOURED BREATHING.]
You know how to open the portal to the Dark Realm.
You have Abraham's instructions Lead us to that hiding place.
No! We must free our beloved.
Show us! Take us to the hidden pages.
No No! For the last time, I will not betray my children! No matter the cost.
The cost will be your mind, dear Willem.
We will ransack your memories until we find the truth.
You've brought us this far.
Lead us to the Van Helsing's secret.
Show us where you've hidden them all these years.
- Be done with the pain - [CRIES OUT.]
Every step in the right direction will lessen your agony.
Yes, much better.
See? Obedience has its rewards.
No! I will not! You have no choice.
Your mind is ours.
Lead us! Be gone! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! [LAUGHING.]
You failed again, you pathetic old hags.
You dare to insult me! No! You must not! Strike while you can, Michaela.
Why give her another chance to betray you? I know we've had our differences in the past, Michaela, but we share a love, a devotion, do we not? Our quest to raise our beloved must forge us as one.
I crave the return of the Dark One with every drop of blood in my darkened soul.
Yes, I know you do.
So stay here, gather your strength, purge his impurities! And you? Where will you go? I will smuggle the retch back into his human fortress, dig deeper into his weakened mind, for the pages.
I will keep my secret to my death.
I will not fail my children.
Oh, you will fail.
And you will beg me for death but there will be no end.
Long after you've betrayed your Van Helsing bastards you will suffer! [BATHORY LAUGHING AS HANSON CRIES OUT IN PAIN.]
Van Helsing 4x11 All Apologies [GRUNTS.]
You'd think after days on the road they'd have their shit sorted out by now.
No doubt they're Van Helsings.
Yes, they are.
What's the matter, big fella? You got something on your mind? Other than the obvious shit show that we're in.
You think there's a real world out there besides this shit show? What, you mean that vampires haven't got to yet? I mean, that Darius asshole, he could be lying.
He was broadcasting to someone, somewhere.
Yeah, but where? Over the mountains? Over the ocean? Either way, they ain't gonna deal with that 'til they get the job done here.
Christ, Axel.
They're just kids.
I've been alive for over 100 years.
I'm lucky I still have my head.
But them? How are they gonna do this? They have what Vanessa has.
What Scarlett had.
Lay it all out on a line, win or lose.
I know you don't trust Dad and you have every right to have your doubts.
He's a vampire, Jack.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Then why did he save you? Did he? Did he, or did I just get away? He saved you.
I was supposed to bring you back alive so that they could torture her and find out what you knew.
But I was the one that figured out it was all a trap.
Dad was the one that sent you the clues about the pages.
Why would he do that if he didn't think you'd get away? Ivory just said they were gonna torture you to get answers.
What do you think they're doing to him right now? Then we have to go back to Fort Collins and find the pages before he tells them.
And let them kill Dad? I'm not gonna let that happen, okay? I'm going back.
I just found you.
I can't let Dad suffer.
I know you can't, either.
I can go with her.
I know a way in, past the guards.
I mean, it's the least I can do after everything you've done for me.
Don't risk yourself.
I'll see you soon.
Oh, here you go.
That's a good sign.
Come on, let's go! I wanna get there before dark! What's this? Where's your sister going with Ivory? To save our so-called father.
Let's go.
Come on.
Do as you wish, Bathory.
Your spells may keep me powerless but I will keep the secret for my children 'til the end.
Their love sustains me.
You kept your secret from me.
I don't want anything to do with you.
Why would I? You never loved me.
Or my sister! No, that's not true.
I loved you both dearly.
- You are still loyal to the Dark One.
- No.
- You will always be! - No.
No! I know love.
I love my children and there's nothing that can change that.
Love us? You made us to hand us over to the Dark One.
- No.
- As a trophy.
- No.
- As a blood sacrifice! No, no, no, no! See? More lies.
You don't even look like the man who said he was our dad.
Everything about you is a lie.
Not all, Violet.
One day I'll tell you and Jack how I came to love you.
Don't bother.
Seeing you suffer is all I need.
Even your crude imitation of Violet, it soothes my soul.
It strengthens my resolve.
I know all about your children, Willem.
That they are special.
But if you pit them against the Dark One you know they will fail.
And I will bend them to her will.
They're not as weak as you believe.
If you harm them I will bring the sky down on you.
- I will move heaven and earth - Silence! [HELICOPTER WHIRRING.]
Looks like something is happening down there.
Are those soldiers? They sure are.
It's hard to tell from the insignias but they look American.
Some kind of special ops.
Small but deadly.
So Darius was telling the truth.
There's a world out there where humans are still in charge.
American humans.
Sometimes a general would show up.
Avery would come with soldiers.
That is, before she got ripped to shreds.
Where would they come from? Dad wouldn't say.
None of them would, it was all classified.
So this is some kind of central command.
Or it's just another base, but Well, wherever they're from, we gotta get past them.
We can worry about the rest of the world later.
Everyone knows you, Vi.
And some know me.
Okay, so we go over the fence.
Sneak through town.
These are not Blak Tek guards, they're gonna set a perimeter.
Tube socks will not work on them.
Hello there.
Excuse my surprise but I wasn't expecting visitors.
I'm Avery.
We've met.
I was on the advisory team that briefed you before you were sent to Fort Collins.
Of course.
I'm sorry, Colonel Nicholson.
There's been a lot going on here.
So much unfolding.
It's been several weeks since you last made contact.
You were supposed to provide us with a more detailed update.
Where's Hansen? He's been missing for some time now.
I suspect he's left the base entirely.
Then we need to find him.
There's a lot he needs to explain.
He's more elusive than you might imagine, and a liar.
He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, as it were.
Last contact you reported everything was fine.
Until it wasn't.
I'm just glad you showed up.
What can you tell me about those people? Um, Hansen's two daughters, their bodyguard of sorts.
Could be travelling together.
And the woman? I don't know her, but she appears treacherous.
What is it about them that interests you? We're also looking for an abandoned hotel that's nearby here.
Somewhere these suspects might still be.
Any idea where that is? I'm sure I could be vastly more helpful if you just told me everything.
Above your security clearance.
Presidential order.
The president? What I can tell you is I plan to retrieve Hansen and his children, along with any intelligence I deem relevant and I expect your full cooperation.
Of course.
Anything I can offer.
But in terms of the president Sorry to interrupt, Colonel.
The Chief of Staff is on the SAT phone.
Excuse me.
Mira, the time is nigh I have sensed the loss of Ivory.
Because of this I have chosen you to be adjutant to your mother.
Kneel, my child.
I release you from your vow of silence.
Thank you, Mother.
Rise now.
It is time.
Are you certain this is the right path? Bathory has veiled intent, Mira.
This is the only way to ensure my safety.
A snake draped in gold is still a snake.
We should remove its head.
In due time.
Once we have achieved our objective and the Dark One is again by my side, then there will be a reckoning.
I don't see him.
Is there anywhere else they would be keeping him? No.
This is where he would be held.
What're they doing? It's a setite ceremony.
It's a ritual to remove her heart.
Wouldn't that kill her? No.
Not if it's done correctly.
When going into battle, ancient vampires used to remove their hearts to protect themselves from being staked.
(JACK) Some party trick.
I've seen enough.
Where are you going? Back to Fort Collins.
Maybe they took him back there.
Don't you see? We have an opportunity.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Ivory! Okay, you have to help us to kill Michaela and free the others.
But she's so powerful.
It's okay, we're going to strike at her most vulnerable moment, okay? Now go back to your duties.
You'll know when the time is right.
Okay, go.
Go, go, go.
Bring me sustenance to give me strength.
You fool! Traitors! Protect my heart! [FIGHTING GRUNTS.]
You're gonna pay for what you did to my sisters.
And what you did to me!!!! [FIGHTING GRUNTS.]
You are nothing but a fawn captured by wolves.
I should have let you burn at the stake.
You don't know what pain and suffering is, but you will.
This is for my sisters.
A new development.
A thorn in my paw removed by mice.
But what now? Stillness.
Stillness is the way.
Stillness, and the world is ours.
The veil of darkness, it's been lifted forever.
Sisters, we owe a great gratitude to the Van Helsings.
We have to help them do whatever it takes to defeat the Dark One.
To our Sisterhood! (ALL) To our Sisterhood! Do you know where the Oracle took my dad? Hansen.
Was it Fort Collins? Yes.
To continue to carve his mind searching for secrets he has concealed for centuries.
I have to save him.
I wish to go with you.
To protect you.
I mean, I-I owe you a great debt.
You don't owe me anything.
But I'd be happy if you came with me.
Old gate, new faces, huh? Step out of the vehicle.
You boys have a bit of a situation here? You seen any of these people out there? Uh no, none of these guys are ringin' any bells.
Why? Is there a reward if I do? Open the back of the truck.
Y'all are special forces, huh? You spend any time in Afghanistan? I did a couple tours.
The back of the truck, sir.
It's Sergeant, actually.
Sergeant Axel Miller.
I was in Kabul first, then Kamdesh.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
The back of the truck.
You sure I couldn't offer you some bourbon instead? No, no, no, no, I get it.
All right.
Your funeral.
Jesus Christ! What the [CENSORED.]
is that?! It's uh, shoes and clothes that I got off some dead people.
Just business, man.
I take it to Low Town, I trade it with a dude there, he gives me some whiskey [COUGHING.]
I bring it out in the world and I uh, you know, I trade it out there.
But if you want to confiscate it - [COUGHING.]
- Be my guest.
Plenty more where that came from.
For Christ's sake, get this shit outta here.
You sure? [COUGHING.]
All right.
Let him through.
You guys are both wanted.
Gotta keep a low profile.
And you? I'm not on their radar yet.
Okay, so what now? We break into the compound, get to my dad's office, and I get the pages.
Without getting caught.
I've still got this.
I'm stealthy as shit.
Done it a hundred times.
Yeah, I'm not letting you go in there by yourself.
Well, it's easier than you coming with me.
- How's that gonna work? - I'm coming, too.
I gotta find out what happened to Doc.
Julius, you're six foot six.
You're wanted all over town.
Okay, with or without you two, I'm going in.
Maybe we're thinking about this the wrong way.
Maybe it's part stealth and and part giving them what they want.
Hey! Stop right there! Drop your weapon! You gotta be kidding me.
This is the guy that you're all looking for, right? Some kind of bounty on his head? I'm gonna kill you if you come any closer! How's that? Try it! Radio for back-up! I said drop your weapon! Unit problem to the north entrance.
At the north entrance.
Let's go.
On the double! Come on, let's go, go, go Hurry! Move it! There's a reward for this man! I'm not just gonna hand him over to you.
Drop your weapon! This is your final warning! [CHARGING ROARS.]
You gotta be shitting me! What's the matter with you? The BOLO said alive! Secure this door.
What the hell is this? Drop that weapon! Okay, okay, okay.
Everybody just calm down.
Put your gun down slowly.
- Put your gun on the ground.
- No sudden moves.
Easy! Keep those hands where I can see them.
Is this the man I was sent to find? Is that who's lying on my pavement? - I'm sorry, sir! - Sorry doesn't cut it! I wanted to question that suspect, Corporal.
- Get rid of that body.
- Yes, sir.
Come on, we gotta get this body outta here.
- Could we get a hand here? - We gotta get this body in.
Take him down to the morgue.
Copy that Sarge.
(AVERY) Oh, my God.
What's going on? - I heard gunfire.
- Stay back, ma'am.
- Are we under attack? - We're fine, ma'am.
Just follow orders and stand clear.
(BATHORY'S VOICE) Stillness.
The path forward is still and clear.
Now I expect focus.
And discipline.
- You understand? - Yes, sir.
And keep your eyes open for others on that list.
One showed up, others might, too.
Hey, wait-wait a second.
- What about my reward? - Back off, now! No, no, no.
He was alive when he got here, so pay up.
I'll give you a reward.
You're being detained for questioning.
Questioning? No, no, no, no.
Hey, this is bullshit.
You and I are gonna have a chat about how you found the dead guy and where.
And how you got him on my goddamn base.
Come on.
All available units to the north entrance.
Thank God.
We need everyone to regroup at C2.
Fall back, fall back.
Will do, right away.
Jesus Christ.
You think you can blame me just because your glorified security guards got trigger happy.
You were dispatched to a hospital in downtown Seattle the day of the rising.
Isn't that right, Sergeant Miller? [LAUGHS.]
I told your guy at the gate.
Name, rank, and unit.
That's all you needed.
Ran you through the DOD database.
Quite a service record.
So there's still a real world out there? Real military, anyway? You were left protecting a very important asset.
What can you tell me about that? Yeah, see, I always wondered if you guys knew about her ahead of time.
You sent us down there on purpose.
You wanna know about Vanessa? Code yellow Copy that.
These four.
Were they travelling together when you caught the one who was killed, Julius? I told ya, I nabbed him alone right here in Low Town.
Surprised your crack troops didn't get to him before me.
We're both military men here, Sergeant, so why don't I just put all my cards on the table? My men found that pink hotel, all torn up, bodies everywhere.
They just sent me some images, too.
Some things that didn't make the television broadcast.
There's that.
So why don't we cut the bullshit, huh? I wanna know where they are.
Particularly that girl.
Hansen's kid.
You know, the one that can turn a vampire human with just one bite.
I wanna know why I look so fat in that Tell me what I wanna know.
Take your hands off me, you army douche bag.
Okay, hey, hey, easy, easy, easy.
We're all on the same team.
That's where you're wrong.
There's no team anymore.
It's just you in my way.
You wanna know about them? I'm not saying shit with these guys here.
It's a long story.
Might as well make yourself comfortable.
Sunshine Unit.
Who are you? Violet Violet, I'm your father.
How can you be my father? I know you have a lot of questions, Violet.
And I understand.
But first you must tell me, did you see the clues I sent in the vision? Did you find the painting? How do I know you're not one of them? They can be anybody.
Ask whatever you want and I will answer.
But you have to promise me you'll take the pages and go.
What did we do for our 15th birthday? We went to the Midway.
Out on the island.
You loved the paddle boats.
Jack liked the games.
She won a trophy.
She won a stuffed animal.
A giraffe.
You are my father.
You are my father.
Some-somehow you are.
But how do I know I can trust you? By leaving me here.
Escaping with the pages.
They're the key to everything.
No, I'm not leaving you here like this.
With her.
Just cut to the chase.
Where is she now? Where is she now? Jesus Christ, I mean, that's a-that's an even longer story.
Why do I get the feeling that you just like to keep me here, just listening to you ramble on and on and on? I don't know, I guess I'm just hard up for company.
All right, hold still.
You know how this goes if you do anything stupid.
You're smarter than you look.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
Jesus Christ, you were dead.
Yeah, it happens.
Guess I didn't tell you everything.
You get what you need? Yeah.
What now? We get out of here.
How? With a gun to the General's head? Colonel.
If you guys think that you're just gonna march out of here with me as a hostage, you're outta your goddamn minds.
You want to know about Vanessa.
About Violet.
Talk to the rest of your most wanted list.
Find out how deep in the shit we really are.
None of that's possible unless we trust each other.
Single file.
Prepare to be searched.
Keep moving, keep moving.
Through the gate.
Come on, move.
Nice and steady.
You there! Drop the hood.
I said drop the hood.
Drop the hood or I will shoot you dead.
Nice and slow.
She's not one of them.
What do you mean, the Colonel's gone? Gone where? You, secure the gate.
The rest of you, follow me! Come on, move.
On the double.
Let's go We better be walking to answers, gentlemen.
They may not be the answers you're looking for.
That's her.
- Vi! - Julius! We gotta get him out of here.
Who's he? My father.
Hansen? That's not Hansen.
It is.
And who the hell are you? This is Colonel Nicholson.
If we wanna get out of here we need him on our side.
Someone better explain to me what the hell is going on.
They shape shift.
Brides of the Dark One.
Okay, we don't have time for this.
If the Oracle realizes he's gone, that I have the pages, we're all dead.
Hang on, what's an Oracle? An evil bitch that looks like Avery.
Let's go.
So you're saying Avery isn't Avery? You're the one that said you wanted the whole truth.
How far down the rabbit hole do you wanna go? Someone here to see you, I think.
You found us.
Like you said, only bar in Low Town.
Who's he? He's a complication.
Maybe an ally.
Not sure yet.
I didn't get Dad.
The Oracle must have him.
Not anymore.
This is our father? Mmm-hmm.
In his real form.
He can shape shift like the other brides.
That form we knew all those years was actually An illusion.
What's wrong with him? I don't know.
And I don't know how to use these.
Let the pieces find their path to the Dark One.