Van Helsing (2016) s04e12 Episode Script

Three Pages

1 Previously on "Van Helsing" Jacqueline get to the roof.
Onto us Van Helsings and no one I could always feel the darkness in you.
It's in you too.
Fight it.
Come Bask in my glory.
Fulfil your destiny.
That's exactly what I had in mind.
This is for my sisters.
You know how to open the portal to the Dark Realm.
I will keep my secret to my death.
I will not fail my children.
Stillness is the way.
Who's he? He's a complication, maybe an ally.
Not sure yet.
This is our father.
Mmm-hmm, in his real form.
I don't know how to use these.
Gentlemen, my goodwill only goes so far.
I sent my men on a fool's errand to get you all off that base and you promised me answers.
- We gave you answers.
- Really? Let's review, shall we? That kid over there is really Hansen.
But Avery isn't Avery.
She's a shape shifting witch named The Oracle Real name, Bathory.
Hansen's kid, Violet, wants to use three magic pages to open a portal to a place called "The Dark Realm" so they can kill Dracula.
Missing anything? No, that about covers it.
I found all this shit hard to buy myself Hard to buy? No.
Impossible to buy.
Because it's utter nonsense.
Vampirism is a virus and that girl is the cure and that's the beginning, middle, and end of it.
Look, we can explain everything, I swear.
Just give us a little bit more time No! You stalled me once.
I'm not gonna let it happen again.
One way or another you all are coming with me.
You're a stubborn son of a bitch, you know that, Nicholson? Enough time passes, my men conduct a search, they find us down here.
How do you think that ends for you? Badly.
But it doesn't have to go that way.
What the hell is that? That is proof.
When was the last time you saw Avery, Colonel? A few hours ago.
Why? Does she look newly dead to you? [CLOCK CHIMES.]
An eternity comes to an end in the blink of an eye.
Van Helsing 4x12 Three Pages How's he doing? Weak.
In and out of consciousness.
The Oracle really messed him up.
Did he tell you anything? We can't use these pages until we have more information.
There's supposed to be a weapon that kills the Dark One.
But it might be in the Dark Realm somewhere.
Vanessa could help.
We can't give up on her.
She trapped herself in there for us.
Okay guys, we got a bigger problem on our hands.
It's just a matter of time till the Oracle figures out you snatched your dad.
What do you think happens then? My men and I could Could what? Detain her? Kill her? You'd all be dead the second you tried.
Mira and my other sisters are guarding us outside.
We'll just go after her.
We got lucky.
We surprised Michaela at her weakest moment.
I don't think the Oracle's gonna go down that easy.
Then what do we do? These pages are instructions.
Maybe all the answers we need are right here.
Am I the only one staring at three blank pages? [LAUGHS.]
My sister and I, we need a minute.
I'm gonna join my sisters on the front line.
Good luck.
What was that about? It's not the time.
Oh, my god.
It's working.
What language is that? I failed Spanish three times.
It looks ancient.
Why would they write it like this? There's only one person who would know.
I need your blood.
You what? For my dad.
He's too weak to feed and the clock's ticking.
What are you gonna do? Jump start him, like a shot of adrenaline.
I hope.
Roll up your sleeve.
Not a chance.
No, no.
That-that's worth a try.
You're the only one that doesn't have tainted blood.
Tainted blood? Everyone else here is either a Van Helsing or used to be a vampire.
He needs pure human blood.
Wha Why do I feel like I've run off and joined the goddamned circus? His breathing is getting slower.
Then we've gotta do this.
Look, are you sure? Wait, what if that kills him? Not doing anything is gonna kill all of us.
This isn't working! Shit! [GASPS.]
Dad? Dad, can you hear me? Hey, it's all right! Hey.
Dad! Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Hey, look at me! We need your help with the pages.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We unlocked them with our blood, but we can't read them.
We need you to tell us what to do before Bathory finds us.
The weapon.
Is it in Dad? Dad? It's okay.
Why are we here? Something he wants us to see.
This has to be a vision or a memory maybe? Dad? He can't see us.
Who is there? It is I, ma'am.
Oh, thank goodness you're alive.
I feared that we had lost you, too.
I begged him not to go through with that accursed ritual.
After the tragedy with Jacob he just felt he must.
And now look at what has befallen us.
One brother is locked away and the other may never return.
Come closer, dear Willem.
I need your help to devise a plan.
There must be a means to rescue him from You! You are one of them.
Please, ma'am.
You are the reason my family has been betrayed, and they're now adrift.
Kill me if you must but there are things you can only learn from me.
They trusted you, and you played a role in their downfall.
You have ruined us! I did, it's true.
But I can still help your cause.
I swear it.
After all the evil that you have done? What good could you possibly do? Destroy them from within.
Kill the Dark One forever.
That was the moment.
The moment he vowed to fight back against them.
That's what he's trying to show us.
But it doesn't help with the pages.
Or knowing what the weapon is, or where to find it.
It has to have meaning.
It does.
For you to understand the weapon you first need to know why and how I came to create it.
The truth will not be easy to accept.
The painting.
Despite their instincts, what was left of Abraham's family regained their trust in me, allowing me to keep things that they thought held only sentimental value.
They didn't know the pages were behind the painting.
You lied to them.
I kept my promise.
To help the cause and to protect the knowledge of how to liberate the Dark One from the other brides.
Even if that meant keeping it from the Van Helsings.
Why? Well, they had no idea how to build a weapon and without that the pages were nothing more than a dangerous weakness.
So you were working on that, but what about the other brides? I created enough doubt in Bathory's mind about Michaela and her jealousy that she had her locked away.
And the Sisterhood, too.
One less enemy to fool.
So you were playing both sides of the line.
I performed my part for the Oracle.
I told her I was researching ways how to strengthen vampire kind so the Beloved would have an army.
In truth, I was searching only for a weapon that would kill her.
At first I sought a chemical solution.
So you tortured them.
I'm not proud about what I put my subjects through.
Like me, they had once been human.
Pain was still pain.
But I had to make things right no matter the cost to redeem my betrayal with the Van Helsings.
For decades, centuries, the world carried on around me.
I needed to take a new form to secure the position I required.
For what? So that I could discover the terrible world of eugenics.
I had the pages but failed for so long to create the weapon.
I knew the Third Reich had the means.
This this is too much.
Bag it up.
All of it.
I want it shipped to my lab stateside.
And boys? This never happened.
Are we clear? Cross-breeding, DNA manipulation.
Their evil paved a certain sinister path that I reluctantly followed.
I've had enough.
Wake me up from this shit.
This This is a nightmare.
No more riddles.
What is the weapon? You both need to see for yourselves.
I took what I discovered in that bunker and years later I founded Blak Tek so I could finally make the weapon.
This is where we're from, isn't it? Where you made us.
You see where this is going, don't you? I don't know if I can, Jack.
We have to.
You made us to sacrifice to the vampires.
To bring back the Dark One.
That's the truth.
I didn't make you to sacrifice for the Dark One.
I made you to destroy the Dark One.
You two are the weapon.
The next step in what Vanessa and Scarlett were.
A hybridization of the very best of humanity.
The Van Helsings.
An antidote to the Dark One, using her own blood weaponized in you.
One bite could destroy her forever.
Why didn't you tell us that before now? I wanted to.
But something happened along the way.
Once created, you went from weapon I needed to children I love.
And as years went by and you grew I wondered if any of this would be necessary at all.
The Dark One was locked away, the pages were protected.
I just wanted you to have happy normal lives and keep you safe from the evil of the world.
And then everything changed.
The day of the rising you sent that vampire to protect me, didn't you? I tried to save you.
I failed.
I knew that day safety would be gone.
That the Oracle in a world overrun with vampires might find her own pathway to the Dark One.
And that one day, whether I liked it or not, you two would be needed.
Doing all of this, fighting back against the darkness, loving us despite why you made us, it doesn't make up for the things you've done.
The people you've killed.
Like Avery.
You have every right to judge me.
I've earned that.
But in you, through both of you, we can fight back together if you choose to.
If we choose to.
Look, I can't ask you to face the Dark One.
I can't make you fulfil the promises I made to the Van Helsings.
But with all that's at stake the decision has to be yours.
Facing the dark, making the right choices in the face of evil, that's what Vanessa did.
It's what Dad's done.
It's what we have to do.
I helped create them.
But it all should be clear to you.
The words.
I understand them now.
The first two pages opens the portal from our end.
The last one opens it from the other side again.
You have to keep that and yourself safe until Until when? Midnight.
When the moon shines on the pentagram.
I drew it on the floor of the gymnasium.
But that means we'd have to go back into the base.
And face the Oracle.
Midnight, huh? Goddamn magic.
The question now is what do we do about Bathory? We have to take her out of the equation.
Do you have a plan? We do.
But in order for it to work first I'm going to have to feed.
Oh, you gotta be [CENSORED.]
kidding me! Again? [KNOCKING.]
I'm relieved to see you back with us.
Your men and I were quite worried.
I was captured.
Briefly managed to escape.
Most of the wanted list slipped through but not a total loss.
My men captured Hansen.
The president will be relieved.
Hansen must be punished for what he's done.
The secrets he's kept.
Have your men extracted any information from him? He's proving surprisingly resistant.
That's disappointing.
I was hoping he'd give you everything you need on the people in those photos.
Perhaps with your access to Blak Tek you could provide a more experimental path to the truth.
Of course.
I'd love to get started right away.
My superiors are expecting a report.
I'd be happy to.
I would hate to keep them waiting.
Where are your men? I sent every available soldier on the hunt for Hansen's girls.
Was that really necessary? You didn't see the video I saw.
They're extremely dangerous.
Is everything all right, Colonel? You're sweating.
I'm fine.
It must have been terrifying, being captured and brought before a traitor like Hansen.
He's nothing to fear.
He is just a man, after all.
He'll pay for his betrayal.
We'll see to it.
No unnecessary risks.
He took a big chance coming in here as the Colonel.
It was a good plan.
Let's hope it works.
And if it doesn't? It will.
Things might get messy in the Dark Realm.
I'm giving you the third page.
It's our only ticket home.
Why me? Just a feeling.
Besides, you're the person I trust most in this world.
We're in this together.
Once he's taken care of everything he's given us, helped us turn the tide against the vampires.
What're we doing here? We got one piece of intel from him.
He said everything we need to know, all the answers, are in this room.
Whatever that means.
After you.
He's a mad man.
And you're a US Army Colonel.
Shouldn't you protect me? Why isn't she going in? I don't know.
Something's wrong.
Of course.
Where are my manners? He's going in with her? That's not part of the plan.
Screw the plan.
I'm certain that this might be our only chance.
I sure hope he knows what he's doing.
Here we are again.
Well played.
I couldn't risk you interfering.
That's amusing.
I was gonna say the same of you.
You were always a liar.
Manipulating me to entomb Michaela on your wretched behalf.
You wanted her gone just as much as I did and now she is.
At least you got that small win.
In your hour of victory you're nothing but a failure.
All of you! I will not be defeated.
And neither will my Beloved.
Axel, we have to do something.
We can't just leave him in there.
We can't let her out, either.
Oh, Bathory.
You think so little of me.
I've had you trapped inside this room just like you trapped me and there is no escape from within.
You are a fool.
A prisoner of your own ignorance.
Even if I die in here with you that's a price I'm willing to pay, because no one will ever open this room.
No one? Your magic cannot penetrate these walls.
Yes, but from within I'm still as powerful as ever.
Shit, shit, shit.
This isn't good.
We gotta get Jack and Violet.
Come on.
Let's go.
My daughters will kill the Dark One.
They have the means to open the portal.
And you think I didn't know? Oh, sweet Willem, stillness was the key.
Stillness lead to everything falling right into place.
I am exactly where I want to be.
Your daughters will open the portal but that's as much as they can do.
My Beloved will destroy them and then she will return for me bathed in their blood.
You've served your purpose, Willem.
Now it is time for you to die.
It's Julius.
What's wrong? The plan went sideways.
- How? - She knew.
Somehow she saw it coming.
He's locked in that room with her.
Get your hands off him, you crusty bitch! No, no.
No! Vi! Vi, no! No! No.
Get off me! Violet, we can't open the door, you know we can't.
I have to save him! What a touching family reunion.
Julius, let me go! Let me go! Jack! Vi! Don't go - [GROANING IN PAIN.]
- No more sweet Willem, you've said and done far too much.
It's time for fate to run its course.
No!!!!!! Dad! [SOBBING.]
I could have stopped her.
I could have saved him.
I'm so sorry, Vi.
You're gonna pay for this.
We're gonna find your Beloved and we're gonna finish her! You hear me? Then I'm coming back for you.
The blood of the Dark One fills your veins.
Accept it for the gift it is.
Vi, we've gotta stick to the plan, okay? All right? It's the only way.
- I want her dead! - No.
Vi, look at me.
Look at me, Vi! Hey! We'll get 'em.
We'll get all of 'em.
Brave for you to be so close to me alone.
Your little spells don't work through these walls.
It's why Hansen led you in there.
A spider caught in your own web.
I just wanna take one last look at you.
Why is that? So that I can imagine all the ways I'd like to kill you.
Make you suffer.
Maybe one day I'll get to do that.
You've changed since we last met, Axel.
Even through these walls I can sense the depth of your pain.
The loss.
You loved her, didn't you? With all your heart.
Don't you say her name.
It's why you came back here, isn't it? You wish somehow you could have her back.
You know, I can be anyone.
I could be her for you.
Give you the chance to feel her touch upon your skin.
Embrace that yearning that is growing inside of you.
Now is your chance.
Open that door and take me in whichever way you wish.
I want to stay with you, Axel.
I love you, Axel.
Through me, prove your love for Scarlett.
I am proving my love for her.
Right now.
Everything that happened, her sacrifice, it all lead to this moment.
Those Van Helsings are gonna go in there and they're gonna kill your Dark One.
And I'm gonna be right here watching the look on your face while you feel her take her last breath.
Your dark future is looming, inevitable as death itself.
And it will liberate me.
You're never gonna leave this room alive.
My Beloved will know where to find me.
She will walk right past all of you and open that door herself.
You'll see.
I love you Axel.
What is it? Are you sure we're on the right track here? Are you seriously doing this now? My dad died so we can end the darkness once and for all.
That Oracle bitch, something's off.
It's like she's got an ace up her sleeve.
You went back and talked to her, didn't you? Maybe we should just hold off till we're sure.
She's gonna get out of that cell sooner or later.
This is our best chance to end it all.
I don't have time for doubt.
Oh, shit! I offer my life to all those who lost theirs.
The Dark One ends tonight and forever.
It's almost time.
Come back in one piece.
We're all counting on you.
You know, it's okay to be scared.
It feels bigger than that.
Well, I believe in you, Jack.
The last person that told me that, I lost her.
I don't wanna feel that again.
Well, is it worse to feel or to stop yourself from feeling? I mean, that's what makes us better than them.
I hope you're here when I get back.
I promise.
With all my heart.
It's time.
If something goes wrong in there, use the last page and get back.
You hear? We will.
Bite the Dark One.
Save Vanessa.
That's incredible.
Ready? That is unlike anything I could have ever imagined.
And now for the hard part.
What's the hard part? We wait.
How long do we wait? As long as it takes.
The darkness that they face is ancient.
It's twisted.
I hope they know what they're doing.
You, me, Axel, we all spent time in that shadow.
All we got now is hope.
Do you feel that? Nah, it's too soon.
It's like the blink of an eye.
You guys, get back.
Everybody get ready! - We don't know what's coming outta there! - Soldiers! [RUMBLING.]
Come on! Nicholson, you get the one on the left.
Violet? Vi, hey! Julius? - (COLONEL NICHOLSON) Ivory! Over here! - It's okay, kid.
I got you.
Jack! Jack.
Hey! Hey! It's me.
It's Ivory.
What happened? The Dark One? - The Dark One - Yeah.
Is gone.
Jack? Jack? Jack! Her heart.
She's not breathing! Get a medic! Jack! Come on, come on, wake up.
- I can't find a pulse.
- We have to save Jack! [GASPING.]
Somebody help me! Somebody help me!!! No, no, something is happening to her! Somebody help!!! No, no, no, no!!!!!