Vanderpump Villa (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to Chateau Rosabelle

Should we take the
little dog off
and have him on later?
[dramatic upbeat
music playing]
I've opened dozens of
hospitality experiences
around the world,
So I thought, "Why not
"cause a little trouble
"with a trial run experience
in the French countryside?"
Welcome to Chateau Rosabelle.
[French pop music playing]
I designed the Chateau
to be an escape for my guests.
[guest 1] I feel like we're
in like a fairytale.
[Lisa Vanderpump]
This is an old-world elegance,
a step back in time.
[guest 2]
Wow! Are you kidding me?
[Lisa] Where guests can
be fully immersed
in a Vanderpump-curated
Put your tongue back
in your mouth
and let's get this job done.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [guests cheering]
[Lisa] I've designed and
decorated this chateau
down to the finest detail.
[guest 3]
So beautiful.
[Lisa] And I have
meticulously assembled
a world-class staff
We're here to make
your dreams come true.
Oh yeah. [sighs]
I love my [bleep] job.
[Lisa] who are all
experts at what they do.
Tonight, we prepared
- Come again?
- [laughter]
We will serve spotted dick,
I just hope
you don't leave with one.
[Emily] To be able to work
with Lisa Vanderpump,
this is an amazing opportunity.
If I need a beer,
just give me the [bleep] beer.
I'm gonna do
everything I possibly can
to impress Lisa Vanderpump.
- They are here!
- [glass shattering]
Oh, Marciano, you [bleep] up.
[Lisa] The question is
will they be able
to work together
- Ooh, I [bleep] hate him.
- Gimme some respect.
What the [bleep] is
wrong with him?
[Lisa] while coexisting
under one roof?
[Hannah] Marciano and I
have been hooking up.
We haven't had a conversation
about what we are.
Oh shoot.
[Lisa] And ultimately
execute my vision.
This is not Chateau shit show,
and you two are not gonna
[bleep] it up.
- [staff member retches]
- [speaker] She's fine.
- [all cheering]
- [Lisa] If they succeed,
the possibilities at Vanderpump Villa
are infinite.
[guest] [moans, gasps]
Oh, my God.
I wouldn't go there,
I'm trying to keep my job.
Oh, we're in for a wild night.
Let's do this.
[intriguing theme
music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
[Lisa] Yes, Puffy,
you're not gonna be barking
at everybody that
comes in here, are you?
Are you?
Be friendly, amicable,
endearing, okay?
- [Puffy farts]
- [softly] Oh, Puffy.
Did you just really
fart in my face?
I'm very excited because today
is Chateau Rosabelle orientation
and the staff have arrived.
The servers and the mixologists
and the housekeepers
and the kitchen,
well and truly qualified.
But this cannot be
a predictable,
fuddy-duddy Chateau.
No, the staff have to also bring
the joie de vivre,
the life and soul to the party.
Which is absolutely essential,
should I choose to make
this Chateau permanent.
Okay. Good morning.
[staff] Good morning.
- Let me look at you all.
- [staff chuckles]
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,
I love that.
Oh, my God. It's just all
really setting in for me.
Like, I'm in the
south of France.
The Chateau is unreal.
It's so gorgeous.
And I am so, so excited
to be here and work with Lisa.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime
that anybody would be
jumping at the bit for,
and I'm the one who
gets to do it.
[Andre] Looking around,
I see right now
very pretty girls.
Yeah, my relationship status
is extremely single.
Like, at home,
the spot on my couch
is very dented
because I sit there
by myself all the time.
So yeah, that's how single I am.
The reason you are all here
is because you are
all qualified.
But I want to see the charm.
I want them to fall in love
with every one of you and go,
"Where on Earth
did you find these people?"
In a good way.
[staff laughs]
[Andre] I've been in hospitality
for a long time, over 12 years.
I consider myself
very charismatic.
I'm confident in myself,
I'm confident with what I do.
But, recently
it's been a journey,
uh, just emotionally, you know?
I lost my mom about
four years ago
and it still is
challenging for me.
My mom was a huge fan of Lisa.
Here we are learning from Lisa,
and I'm, I'm grateful,
I'm excited.
I just wanna make sure
I'm making my mom proud.
[Lisa] Okay, so we're gonna
go through everything together.
Let's first talk about
the guests, okay?
This is the couple,
- Jeremy and Shirin.
- [staff] Aww.
They're from New York.
That word down there?
- [Andre] Yeah.
- [speaker] Secret.
- [Lisa] See the first word?
- [staff laughs]
- [Lisa] Okay?
- [Andre] Yeah.
This is very exciting because
our first guests, Jeremy
and Shirin,
unbeknownst to her,
she is going to be proposed to.
[upbeat music playing]
So I thought this would be
an incredible challenge
for me and my staff
to create this
beautiful experience.
This is a timeless memory,
so all we have to do,
my darlings,
[whispers] is not [bleep] it up.
None of you ever mention
that second word, okay?
You know nothing about it.
It's their four-year
anniversary of them dating.
- [staff] Aww.
- So it is a secret proposal.
I never want to hear
that word again, okay?
Not spilling the beans is
going to be extremely difficult.
I really see myself being like,
"Oh my gosh, are
Did you see the ring yet?"
And then her being like,
"What ring?"
And then Lisa being like,
"Get the [bleep] off my property."
I don't know if any of you
have been proposed to.
- I have.
- [Lisa] Okay.
Well, it was a big moment,
Mine was after two
puffs and a grunt,
and I got married
three months later.
- [staff laughs]
- [Hannah] I know. I've been proposed to.
[Lisa] Okay, what's
the name of the couple?
[staff] Jeremy and Shirin.
What are they here to celebrate?
- A surprise.
- Fourth anniversary.
- A secret proposal.
- No surprise! No surprise.
What word do you never say?
[Hannah] Secret proposal,
nothing about it.
Or surprise.
Okay, well then class dismissed.
[staff claps]
Let's get it.
Let's go, team.
[upbeat music playing]
Okay, so this is our room.
This is our room.
[Emily] There's three in here
if you want to.
- [Emily] Yeah, we should do three.
- [Grace] Okay.
Everybody come down now.
You've found your room.
Go explore the Chateau.
[Eric] I'll meet you down
there, alright?
[Hannah] Cheers!
[excited chatter]
[Andre] Lisa!
[staff cheering]
Okay, well tonight
can be a little bit of fun,
but then the shit is
gonna get real tomorrow, okay?
All my staff, I'm hoping
they have a bloody good time,
get it out of their system
and get ready for work tomorrow.
- The manager?
- Yeah.
Okay, so I feel like
the manager
- What's his name?
- [Emily] Eric.
[Eric] I grew up in Ohio.
I'm a country boy.
Nature's my middle name.
I love bugs. So what?
I love grasshoppers.
I love spiders.
I don't kill flies.
I go like this,
you go like this, like a cobra
and when the thing goes
you go bam!
And after you cobra the fly,
you gently hold it,
open up your window,
and you just let the thing go.
[laughs] It's true.
I'm a nature boy.
My family had like a farm.
- No way!
- Yeah, I rustled since I was a little kid,
- yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
[Eric] Being here at Chateau Rosabelle
might be good for me
because I'm recently divorced,
dating a little bit, having fun.
I'm coming in open.
I wanna see where
the river may lead us.
So, let's go.
Awesome. A lot of my Brazilian
friends are amazing people.
Like, they'll call you in the
middle of the night
- We're kinda cool.
- And they'll be like, "Are you okay?"
And they'll blow my phone up,
"Are you okay?"
Oh, my God.
Living with Eric,
that's gonna be exciting.
Somebody hot that you can
wake up to and be like,
"Today's gonna be a good day."
Maybe I'll smack him a kiss.
If he is not, I'll teach him.
[indistinct chatter]
Marciano, yeah.
I'm not shitting you.
Wait, the guy in there?
[Hannah] Yeah, he cheated on me
so I moved out
and then we ended up,
like, hooking up again,
and then yeah.
I don't like him.
[Marciano] That's, that's
my ex-girlfriend over there.
[Eric] Oh, that's gonna
make a nice mix, dude.
- [Andre] Right.
- I love her, she's awesome.
- Yeah.
- But, I don't know what she's thinking.
Things with Marciano
and I are complicated.
We dated for three years
and we broke up
because he cheated on me.
I am a bad dog at times.
Growing up in Las Vegas,
I worked at all
the best nightclubs.
I was able to easily
translate that
to the restaurant business.
But, at my job they had
to make a policy,
that you cannot sleep
with any other employees,
I slept with an extraordinary
amount of employees.
[upbeat bouncy music playing]
Well, we like, hooked up
a month ago. Yeah.
No status, nothing.
I swear. [laughs]
I swear.
But there is that, still like,
jealousy factor
that is still involved
with our relationship.
- Very smart with what I do.
- Right. Right.
- I'm very, like, strategic
- Right.
- And, like, subtle.
- Right, right.
People are intimidated by me.
If I feel some type of way,
I have no problem saying
it to your face.
But I definitely am
a girl's girl.
I'm the server that makes you
want to come back.
So if you see me,
don't [bleep] blow my spot.
- No, I got you, man.
- No. So would you
Would you be upset
if you saw her,
is the question.
Yeah, of course.
I'm glad that Hannah is here,
but being around each other,
I'm anxious. I'm
a whirlwind of emotions
at this point.
How you doing?
- Good, I'm good.
- Good. You look nice.
- Thank you.
- [Marciano] I still love my ex
and that makes me emotional.
It makes me sad.
It makes me happy that
I have a chance,
but at any of those things
I get nervous,
I'm gonna get scared.
[Telly] Oh Daddy,
I said, "Oh my gosh."
How many of those have you had?
- [Hannah] Like 10.
- Oh, maybe too many.
- Marciano, are you okay?
- Are we good?
- Yeah, I'm good. I really needed that.
- [Gabriella] Okay.
My event coordinator, Stephen,
he recommended Marciano
and said that he was one of
the best servers in Vegas.
I know Marciano and
Hannah have been
romantically involved
in the past,
but I also know that
they've worked together
for six months without instance,
since their breakup.
- Cheers.
- Yeah, cheers to that.
- Cheers.
- Slam this now.
Having Marciano and Hannah
work together side by side,
they're so charming and they
know each other so well,
I think they'll be really good
for the front of the house,
but I will be keeping
my eye on them.
[dramatic orchestral
music playing]
That'll do.
Oh, my God. I'm obsessed.
Look how beautiful.
[Lisa] Yum, yum!
Chicken is soft and
juicy and tender.
Wasn't it guy-girl?
[Lisa] Let's do this.
Okay, all of you.
[group cheering]
I have cooked you dinner.
Make the most of it,
'cause it's gonna be
the only time, okay? [laughs]
[staff exclaims and applauds]
We've got chicken,
roast potatoes with rosemary,
- we've got a couple of salads.
- Yay!
And, um, there's some
cake, alright?
[staff thanking and
toasting Lisa]
Now remember,
tomorrow our guests are coming,
so don't go crazy tonight.
[Marciano] Yeah, right.
[dramatic string
music playing]
Because you need to
be bright-eyed
and bushy-tailed tomorrow.
- No, "Eh."
- Okay.
[scoffs] This is why
he's my ex-boyfriend.
We're in for a ride.
We are in for a ride.
- Listen. Whatever you are
- Yes ma'am.
Doing behind the scenes,
you can do what you want.
But when you're out front,
you've gotta have
the best service.
This has all got to be
[bleep] perfect, okay?
So it's not "Eh."
Hold on a second,
I've just cooked
this guy dinner.
I hired Marciano because
he had this exuberance,
this zest for life,
and he was super charming.
But this? If I can't
rein him in, h-he'll be gone.
[upbeat music playing]
[Gabriella] Okay everyone,
it's game time, baby.
As the event coordinator,
Lisa chose me
to test out the game that
we're gonna use
with the first guests.
You tell the truth or you drink.
That's the name of the game.
[producer] Amazing!
Is she meant for
the big screen? [laughs]
I've done events with
Dior, Macallan, McLaren,
just really great companies,
but I'm working for
the Lisa Vanderpump.
Similar to Lisa,
I plan on building
something super big for myself.
- Gracie girl.
- Alrighty.
"What's your most
embarrassing fantasy?"
[Priscila laughs]
Yeah, I'm gonna drink.
[overlapping chatter, groans]
My dad is a pastor. I'm not
- [Andre] Yeah, fair.
- Not doing it.
I respect it, girl.
"If you could cheat
and nobody will ever,
ever find out, would you?"
I would never cheat
on someone I respect, so
- [staff] Oh!
- Wow!
Oh, my heart!
- I'll drink to that.
- What a crock of shit.
French have loyalty.
I wanna make that clear.
[Priscila] "Of the people
in this room,
"who would you [bleep],
marry, kill?"
I'll kill you.
- [bleep]. Obviously. Obviously.
- [group laughs]
Uh, I'll marry Eric.
- Okay!
- No, I'll [bleep] Eric,
- and I'll marry Tony.
- [laughter]
- [Eric] There we go.
- [Hannah] There we go.
That's a good answer.
"What was the best date
you've ever been on?"
- Okay, this is really easy.
- With Hannah.
It's with the girl that
I'm sitting right next to me.
[staff] Aww.
[Marciano] first date we ever went on,
we went out to dinner.
It was really nice.
And then we went back
and she gave me
the best [bleep] of all time.
- [Grace] Oh, my God.
- What the [bleep]?!
- [Eric] Wow.
- [scattered laughter]
This is night [bleep] one.
Night [bleep] one.
I am mortified.
I don't even know any
of these people
and I've only met them
for five minutes.
I can't believe he
[bleep] said that.
What the [bleep]?
Oh I mean, I could go on and on.
There's nothing wrong with that.
What the
Let me shut the [bleep] up.
I can read people, and Marciano?
It's going to be very
messy with him.
And I really like Hannah,
so I'm gonna have her back.
[Marciano] Still by far
the best date I've ever been on.
[dramatic upbeat
music playing]
Marciano, it's just,
I don't know.
Like, I don't even
know how to think.
It's like
[scoffing exhale]
Yeah, 'cause you drank a lot.
I'm so pissed off with him.
But I feel like a piece of me
has feelings for Marciano still.
We have a lot of history
but he can't be trusted.
What game should we play?
Never have I ever?
Never have I ever
had a threesome.
That got four people.
Did everybody put their
finger down except Grace?
Not me! I don't like to share.
Never have I ever cheated
on anybody.
That was what I was
gonna say. [bleep]
- Don't lie, everybody.
- [Grace] I saw that.
My ex wasn't putting out
for like six months, so I did it.
- [Emily] Same thing.
- Six [bleep] months?
Mine was two weeks.
[group laughs]
[laughs] I'm open to
wherever love takes us.
Let's have some fun with this
and see where it goes.
[upbeat music playing]
- [Priscila] Okay Eric?
- Oh, okay. Alright, alright.
So we're gonna do three
- One, two
- Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Nope. You gotta go.
- [Priscila/Eric shriek]
- [laughter]
- [Eric shouting indistinctly]
- [Priscila] Oh no!
- Hey, it's not bad!
- Goodnight.
- Night! [giggles]
- Really?
- That's it?
[Emily] I'm gonna
go eat some chips.
[Grace] Yeah, we're hungry.
- [Andre] Y'all be safe.
- [Eric] No!
[Andre] Have fun.
- [Eric] Alright.
- Goodnight.
- The champions have came
- Yay!
To France, here we are!
Oui, oui, oui.
- Oui, oui, oui.
- C'est la vie!
- C'est la vie.
- [both laugh]
I just wanna have fun,
I'm young,
I have so many
fish in the sea.
- [exhales sharply]
- Is my boob out?
- No.
- No, you're good.
[both laugh]
[Priscila] It's really hard
for me to regret something.
I'm the person
How is the saying that you say?
Better sleep?
No. Better wake up regretting
than sleep wanting.
It's something Portuguese
like that.
- [Eric] Let's do it.
- [Priscila giggles]
[birds chirping]
Bonjour! Wake up, everyone.
Bonjour, donkeys.
- [donkeys bray]
- Woo!
The first night was amazing,
but the guests are
arriving today
and I decide to give
everybody a wakeup call.
Bonjour, Chateau Rosabelle.
There's no sleeping
in on my watch.
I thought like maybe
a kiss would've happened,
but that didn't happen.
Eric, he is a one-of-a-kind
He's such a odd man. [laughs]
Oui oui! [laughs]
That first night, let's just say
I definitely remember
most of it.
But I have a job to fulfill
and I'm gonna do it
'cause I-I do not want
to [bleep] up.
I don't wanna let Lisa down
and I don't wanna
let myself down.
[upbeat music playing]
[Eric] Alright guys,
you know what it is.
Everybody's a freakin' pro.
I don't need to tell
you guys what to do.
Man your stations today.
Be [bleep] awesome.
One more thing, guys,
we still need to figure out
how the coffee machine's working
because I don't know
if it need coffee bean,
or it's like ground
coffee already.
Don't wait till last minute when
someone asks you for coffee.
Let's [bleep] smoke this.
["Chambre 8"
by Romain Muller playing]
[singing in French]
So, pre-shift, stock bar,
note low inventory,
prep garnishes,
stock clean glassware,
open wines,
and just get this all together.
I mean, it all needs
to be gleaming.
Even when I see things like that,
it makes me nervous.
- [Andre] Yes.
- Okay, same page.
- [Lisa] You understand?
- Yeah.
[sighs] I have never
felt in over my head
at work because I'm perfect.
No, I'm kidding. [laughs]
Alright, back to me
being the best bartender.
Hype me up. [laughs]
I am originally from
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
My parents are both
Jamaican descent
- and I was raised as a true Jamaican.
- [claps hands]
I want this all
[softly] sparkling.
I love cleaning just as much
as I like making drinks.
- I got you.
- Okay.
My drive, definitely
derives from my mother.
She has worked hard her
whole entire life.
She doesn't depend on a man,
she doesn't depend on anybody.
If you've experienced being poor
to the point where, like,
you watch your mom
go without eating
so she can make sure
her kids are fed,
you're gonna never put yourself
in that situation ever again.
I will never let anything,
anyone, any asshole,
any negative manager
hold me back.
I'm gonna make my money,
I'm gonna get tipped,
I'm gonna make connections.
Another thing,
when there aren't guests here,
I don't mind if you guys
enjoy the Chateau of course,
- but this is out of bounds. Okay?
- Got you.
- Yes.
- The top shelf
is just not for us to drink.
- No, I'm talking about this whole bar.
- [Andre laughs, mutters]
- You're not
- [Telly] Yes. Especially
No, you're not supposed to be
in this whole bar.
- Yes.
- This is my bar.
- This is the guest bar.
- Okay. Yes. Yes.
Your bar is in the staff salon.
- Are we on the same page?
- [Telly] Oh. Yes, yes, yes.
- Yes.
- [Lisa] There's no drinking
behind the bar for the
staff. Understand?
I hope Telly understands me
because she's just
kind of yessing me off.
The Chateau is
purely for the guests.
They have their own quarters.
I'm serious.
There's no drinking from
my guest's bar.
[Marciano] Telly, when do you
wanna take shots? After lunch?
[plucky music playing]
[Telly] Yeah.
We're gonna be loosey-goosey.
Yeah, and I'm like stressed
so I'm like, I need to
[Marciano] Yeah, this is gonna be
team loosey-goosey, okay?
Yes, I'm with the vibes.
I know Lisa does not
want us to drink,
but I don't plan on
getting wasted.
But I definitely plan on living
this experience to the fullest.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Lisa] Okay guys, look,
they're gonna be here in a minute,
so let's get it together.
We are all present and correct.
We're ready.
We have no room for error.
[suspenseful crescendo]
- [glass shatters]
- [Lisa gasps]
[dramatic music playing]
I'm scared. I am 100% fired
from Chateau Rosabelle.
I had a couple shots.
I don't know if I'm drunk.
I don't know if I'm
still hungo
like, how hungover I am,
or I'm actually drunk.
I'm [bleep].
[dramatic music playing]
- [glass shatters]
- [music slows, stops]
- [Lisa] [bleep]
- [Grace] Don't cut yourself.
No, I got glass in there.
You are the most experienced
server in Las Vegas.
You had one job.
What the [bleep]?
Yeah, I've got glass in my shoe.
Yeah, I got glass in my hands.
Damn, we gonna look stupid.
How bad is the cut, Marciano?
[Marciano] It'll be fine. It'll be fine.
No, it's fine. It's fine.
- Was it because you
- Yeah, put more. Yeah, it was just windy
You shaky and nervous?
Or was it the wind?
- It's the wind.
- No, it was the wind.
Marciano, this is opening day.
Like, we have, like,
a lot of [bleep] to do.
Are you okay? Have you
done this before?
Be careful, please,
with that glass.
[intense music playing]
[Lisa] Okay, let's go.
Are you ready?
The guests are arriving.
This is a secret proposal.
This is life-defining
for Jeremy and Shirin.
This is a moment that you
always want to remember.
Please don't [bleep] it up.
Stand in places.
I forgot the lady's name.
Sheera? Shira?
- [Eric] Shirin.
- [Telly] Shirin!
Put on your happy face.
[dramatic suspenseful tone]
[upbeat music playing]
[Lisa/staff] Welcome!
To Chateau Rosabelle.
Happy anniversary. [laughs]
Thank you for having us.
[Lisa] Please take a drink.
Come inside.
Pulling up to the Chateau
was surreal.
Oh, my God, it's gorgeous
and it's just huge and
it's beautiful.
It is just so stunning.
It was already one of
the best days of my life.
This way into reception.
Eric's gonna look after you.
We're gonna have a
lot of fun, guys.
Wait till you see what
we have in store.
- And
- [cork pops]
You're actually the first guests
we've had here at the Chateau,
so congratulations, guys.
- Alright, cheers.
- Cheers. Woo! Oh.
Oh! Oh, that's for good luck.
That's for good luck.
I'm gonna go over
the itinerary for the day.
First of all, we're gonna
do Rosé and Croquet.
[Jeremy] Oh, I love that.
[Eric] Next, this evening
at 7:00 p.m.,
we have a Red Hot Romance
dinner in the garden.
- [Shirin] [gasps] How cute!
- [Jeremy] Perfect.
- [woman] That's cute.
- [Eric] And then tomorrow night,
we have A Night in Paris dinner.
I'm expecting great hospitality,
beautiful decorations,
and delicious food.
When I think of Lisa,
I think just, like, excellence.
So what better way to
celebrate, you know,
our four-year anniversary
than with her?
- [Telly] Cocktails?
- Yes.
- [Telly] Shots?
- Ooh.
- Oh.
- Uh-oh.
[guest 1] That might be
a little aggressive
right now, but
How easy would
an espresso martini be?
- [guest 2] Yes, espresso martini.
- [guest 3] Ooh!
One more thing guys, you need,
still need to figure out
how the coffee machine's
Don't wait till last minute
when someone ask you for coffee.
I can do espresso martini.
- Yeah, that would be amazing.
- I'll have that too.
- Perfect.
- [Andre] Do they have the coffee beans?
- [Marciano] No.
- [Andre] 'Cause we need espresso.
We have no coffee beans.
[guest 2]
I wanna see the whole house.
[Telly] You guys can take a tour
and I'll have a server
come bring you your martinis
out to you.
We're here for you.
- [Jeremy] Thank you so much.
- [Telly] Of course, of course.
Great. It's all in French.
- [sighs]
- [pressing buttons]
This is the first thing
I have to do with these guests
and I am panicking
in the inside.
Every little thing
that's negative,
it was going up in my head.
I just don't wanna make
Lisa look bad,
but I'm like, "Oh, shit.
What are we gonna do?
What we gonna do?"
- [machine hissing]
- [sighs] This is crazy.
- Oh. [gasps]
- And welcome to the room.
- Wow!
- [Eric] La Fleur de Lis.
[elegant music playing]
Beautiful, right?
- [Shirin] This is so cute! Ooh, yeah!
- [Eric] This is our master suite.
- [Jeremy] I love it.
- [Eric] There's some nice treats
in there for you.
And a nice card
from Lisa as well.
- [Shirin] Aw.
- [Jeremy] Thank you.
So there's a
chocolate espresso, uh,
surprise at the bottom, yeah.
[elegant music continues]
First event we're doing
for Jeremy and Shirin
is Rosé and Croquet.
Lisa wants it to be super lavish
but also fun.
It's our first one
and it's really interactive.
I am kind of excited
to do something like this.
I'll show you where to put that.
Daddy hunting is
my way of saying
that I was not born to work.
I was born to be
a trophy husband.
Hi, Henry Cavill.
If you've got money?
I'm after you.
Be ready. [laughs]
[producer 1] I know you're serious.
That's what makes it funny.
I am so serious. [laughs]
I've been a restaurant manager
on the strip for years in Las Vegas.
I've worked at Caesar's,
I've worked at the Cosmopolitan.
I have known Lisa for about
four and a half years now.
I met her because
I was her first
maitre d' at
Vanderpump Cocktail Garden,
but I was unfortunately let go.
[producer] What happened
in Vegas?
Let's just say corporate
doesn't appreciate, um,
a snarky remark even
in Sin City,
surprisingly. [laughs]
Alright, everybody,
welcome to Rosé and Croquet.
[upbeat music playing]
[Shirin] Oh, this is cute.
Is that the croquet?
- The little Aw.
- This is awesome.
Let the games begin.
You got it, guys.
How do you play this
on the sand?
- Croquet?
- Yeah.
I honestly have no [bleep] idea.
- I kept saying crochet.
- [laughs]
- [Marciano] It's croquet.
- I didn't know.
- [Eric] Come on, let's go!
- [excited chatter, cheering]
What are you guys doing now?
[Telly] I'm making a round
of shots for them.
Do you wanna just do
a shot of tequila right now?
Honestly, yeah.
[mischievous music playing]
Lisa says no drinking
behind the bar,
but like, I really don't feel
like that rule applies to me.
I can handle my shit.
I'm the bartender and
it's kind of my job to drink
and make sure other people
have fun, so
I'm doing my job.
You're doing your job.
- Ooh, I'll take one of those, actually.
- We're crushing it. Yeah.
When I have new employees,
I want to know who they are
and how they operate.
There are cameras everywhere,
so of course I know
what's going on.
But are they gonna be honest and upfront
and tell me what's going on?
Or, are they going to lie to me?
Marciano, anybody
drinking out there? Staff?
Oh, uh
He's like, "Yeah, everybody."
Have any of the staff
been drinking here?
That's what I wanna know.
- In here? Oh
- [Telly] Um, no.
Oh, thank God I don't have
to answer that question.
- What do you mean?
- [Gabriella] Let's go.
I bounce if I don't want
to answer the question
'cause I'm not gonna
lie to certain people.
So yes, if I'm not gonna lie,
I'm gonna bounce.
[Telly] He does too much.
[Lisa] I was born at night
but it wasn't last night.
He's sweating like a pig
- right now.
- I'm like, what's wrong with him?
- Why is he sweating like a pig?
- I don't know.
I'm very embarrassed, because
I don't wanna misrepresent myself,
especially with Lisa.
- No, she's not mad us.
- Nah, she can't.
But we just gotta be
be on her P's and Q's.
But it's not us, though.
I know, but we, we can't
let him get us in trouble.
[Andre] I definitely will
adhere to Lisa's rules
because this is a huge
opportunity for me.
[Telly] [whispers]
His dumb ass comes back here,
"Uh, uh, I don't wanna
have to answer that question."
So guess what that tells me?
I'm not You're not drinking
with me back here no more
because you can't
keep it together.
- Why are you whispering?
- We're not whispering.
- [Lisa] Yeah, you are.
- No, we're not.
[Lisa] No, you are
hiding something from me.
- [Telly] No.
- Yes, you are.
[chuckles] Great. Why me?
[plucky suspenseful
music playing]
Just the stress.
You're telling me this
is stressful?
- Sitting in here, making a few drinks?
- No!
You come from a high-volume bar,
that's bullshit.
[Telly] Now I'm starting to
really get mad at him
because it's one thing for you
to put your job on the line.
But if I'm gonna have your back
and if you're gonna
put my job on the line,
I'm gonna have
a real-life [bleep] problem.
I'm right across the hall.
Don't forget it.
- No one's Everything's okay.
- We're, we're good.
You look so pretty by the way.
[Telly and Andre laugh]
Behind you.
- I'll take those from you.
- [Lisa] Okay, Chef?
That looks great.
The theme tonight is
Red Hot Romance dinner.
This is coming along.
knife a little bit up.
[Lisa] When you come to
Chateau Rosabelle,
every experience is
going to be unique.
It's your way of telling
your guests that you care.
This looks so good.
I wanna swallow that whole.
[producer 1] Do you think
Lisa has high standards?
Ah, yes, I am 100% sure
Lisa has a high standard.
You're going out and
you're gonna describe
exactly what it is.
- You comfortable doing that?
- [Anthony] Yeah, sure.
Like, you have to be perfect
and I totally agree
with her on that.
Since I've been in America,
I've been cooking for people
and I've been cooking what
they expect me to cook
and that doesn't make me happy.
Going back to France for me is
more than just working for Lisa.
It's getting back to my roots.
My family's very important
for me, my girlfriend.
All French people get
a bad reputation.
Say like we rude,
but we not really.
We just say whatever
we have to say.
You guys work well together.
Well, it's the early days.
- You want me to start?
- [producer 1] Mm-hmm.
I'm home. Being back
in France is so refreshing.
I've been in the hospitality
industry for over 15 years.
I'm a romantic, so I just love
making people feel great.
And I found a way to
express that through food.
I'm not a typical chef.
I love dressing up.
You'll probably find me
cooking in high heels.
I think it's important
to be different.
[Lisa] If you wanna have
a drink after dinner,
I'm fine with that.
- As long as the job's done
- No problem.
- [Lisa] You're off, okay?
- [Anthony] Later on.
[Lisa] Okay, good.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[Anthony] Thank you, Lisa,
have a good night.
[Lisa] Okay, the guests
are sat for dinner,
and with all my other
I can't be at the Chateau 24/7.
We're in a different time zone,
so I have to rely on my staff
to be the face of the Chateau
when I'm not there.
Don't forget the turn-down,
- [Grace] Yes, ma'am.
- Chocolates on pillows
as well, right, girls?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, good job.
I'm gonna leave them to it.
They're in good hands.
They're just gonna have dinner
and I will see them
in the morning.
[Eric] I think it's time
to invite our guests in.
- [Gabriella] Yeah?
- Let's do dinner.
Can we invite our guests
to the table?
Excuse me, everyone,
I'd like to invite everyone
out to the terrace
for a beautiful evening.
Alright, let's do it everyone.
Follow me this way.
- [Andre] Don't miss us too much.
- [Eric chuckles]
[upbeat music playing]
[Shirin] Oh, my God!
- [guest 1] I am so dead.
- [Shirin] These look beautiful.
Sit wherever you'd like.
[Marciano] Ladies, gentlemen,
anybody needs a cocktail?
- Can I get a vodka soda, please?
- [Marciano] Vodka soda? Absolutely.
[Eric] I'd like to introduce you
to the one and only
Executive Chef Anthony
of Chateau Rosabelle.
[guests applaud]
Bienvenue au Chateau Rosabelle.
So let me tell you a little bit
about the menu tonight,
we have, like, really focused
on the sauce of French flavor.
[upbeat bouncy music playing]
In front of you, a little
puff pastry garnish
with creme fraiche,
little bit of dills,
caviar gougères on the top,
little bit of gold.
- [guest 2] Yum.
- After that we're going with goat cheese,
very tender, very creamy,
with some local fig.
Very fresh, but in same time,
not too rich,
but enough to finish your plate.
- I hope so.
- [laughter]
And, uh, after that,
we have a branzino
with some fondant potatoes.
So, like, very tender inside,
crispy outside.
Hollandaise sauce.
I hope you enjoy.
And I will see you
again tomorrow.
Thank you, Chef.
[overlapping chatter,
guests thanking Anthony]
- [guest 3] Yum.
- [guest 4] Yeah, it's so good.
- [guest 2] I love this.
- [guest 5] This is nice.
This is really nice.
[guest 4]
Alright, shots are here.
So, to-kill-ya shots.
Whoever doesn't take it,
don't worry.
We can drink it, okay?
- Promise.
- [guest 5] [laughs] There ya go.
- [Jeremy] You're so nice.
- Yeah, so, feel free to turn 'em down.
[all cheering]
[Stephen] Lisa's all about looking
I don't think drinking
with guests
is ever okay
if you're on the job.
If they decide to invite you to
hang out with them once you're off,
by all means have a drink,
have a party.
But if they ask you
to have a drink
and you think that it's
okay to say yes,
think smarter than that.
And Eric, what are you doing?
I hope maybe moving forward,
he starts to think
because he's not acting
it right now.
- [Jeremy] Wait, I want you to take mine.
- Are you [bleep] kidding me?
Are you gonna kill me?
I just did one.
[guest 1] You just do it!
I'm doing my second.
I can't do a third.
You're out of
your freaking mind.
- [plucky music playing]
- [guests chattering]
[Marciano] Oh, my God.
I was just about to cheers,
but now you don't have a drink.
[Jeremy] I just finished
my drink.
- Well, you can go without me.
- [Shirin] No, we'll wait.
We'll wait.
Where is that drink at?
I need a wine key ♪
This right here,
this is the shit
that really pisses me off.
Andre is on break,
and I wasn't prepped
with any of the tools.
Whatever. Stay calm, stay cute.
Keep it collected.
[Marciano] It's taking
far too long.
- [dramatic music playing]
- Why is the bar so slow right now?
Like one martini is
taking far too long.
It's, like, two people.
I am busting my ass out there.
I don't know what's going
on with the bartenders.
There should always be
at least one bartender working,
staying behind the bar,
not doing anything,
getting guest drinks.
That can't be happening.
[bleep] it.
I'm gonna do this myself.
[dramatic music playing]
[Hannah] The drinks need to
flow a little faster.
I need a two-minute
ticket time for two drinks.
- Two minute?
- Two minute max.
You're putting us behind
and you're making us look bad
because we are the face,
the ones serving them.
So, it's frustrating.
Where'd he disappear to now?
I don't get it.
Are they on breaks?
- I think, I don't know.
- [Marciano] They get breaks?
Well, we're serving, so
I'm sorry, I'm not okay with
There's no one behind
the [bleep] bar right now.
Someone should always
be behind the bar,
especially when there are
two bartenders on during dinner.
We're over there schmoozing
the shit out of them,
- making sure they have a good time.
- [Hannah] Yeah.
Telly could [bleep] it up
very easily for us.
I'm hearing my name.
Marciano, you're doing
way too [bleep] much.
Hannah, you're supposed
to be my girl.
You're supposed to have my back.
So, I'm gonna say something.
What is the problem?
- Are you being
- I don't get it. Just
I'm just saying, like,
I don't get why,
do you and Andre get breaks?
Why does there need to be
two people at the bar right now?
- Well, if I needed shit
- Listen, honestly, like, real life
If I needed something,
if I needed something
Real life, I'm not even arguing
with you because it's dumb.
Okay, then don't argue
me, give me a [bleep] glass
and get out of my way.
- You're only slowing me down.
- [Telly laughs]
I'm the one giving good
service out there. You're not.
Let me do my [bleep] job.
If I need a beer,
just gimme the [bleep] beer.
That's it, okay?
- You look so stupid.
- You don't need to talk anymore.
- Stop talking.
- What the [bleep] is wrong with you?
Come back here.
It's so frustrating dealing
with somebody
that can't grasp the fact that
they're doing something
because they have an ego.
[Hannah] I [bleep] helped her
stock that bar, everything.
[Marciano] Yeah, we're
running her [bleep] glasses.
She should go grab
the [bleep] glasses herself.
She's bitching all day.
I'm just being [bleep] real with you.
[Hannah] You've had
a negative attitude all day.
[Marciano] Yeah, you've been
[bleep] crazy, dude.
Priscila, are you ready?
We're gonna clear 'em out. And then, uh,
- I talked to Chef
- We're gonna clear 'em right now.
- [Gabriella] For dessert, right?
- [Telly] Just go
Just keep them
- out of this area.
- This is where we work. This is
No one is talking to you
dumb [bleep] bitch.
- No, stop! Stop talking. Stop.
- What? What?
[dramatic sting]
[Telly] [echoes]
Shut the [bleep] up.
Shut the [bleep] up, okay!
[guest] They're arguing again.
[Gabriella] Guys, calm down.
Who's wrong? Who's right?
This is not the time.
We have guests.
- Are you out of your mind?
- You talk to women, really [bleep] crazy?
I can't believe that.
[Telly] Eric, you see
two people yelling at me,
why aren't you speaking up?
Why aren't you standing
up for me?
I'm [bleep] pissed.
Shut the [bleep] up,
you dumb stupid bitch.
[dramatic sting]
[echoes] We're working!
[upbeat music playing]
[Lisa] This season on
Vanderpump Villa
Get your eyes on this ♪
[guests cheering, laughing]
Oh, my God
This is unbelievable.
[Emily] I feel like we're in,
like, a fairytale.
[Lisa] I'm anticipating
nothing short of perfection.
This is what I was born for.
[Telly] Good Lord.
I run a big business in LA,
this is nothing to me.
[Telly] With Eric, everything
that comes out of his mouth is a joke.
First and foremost,
if anybody interrupts me,
they can leave this room.
You're batshit [bleep] crazy.
- [apple crunches]
- Oh!
There is a war going on.
You don't think I would like
to be behind the bar
instead of doing dishes
every night?
I see an opportunity.
I see a job opening.
You're a bad person, Emily.
Oh, hell no.
[Eric] Stephen always wanted to
take this position that I have.
[Andre] Stephen is definitely
feeling the pressure.
[Stephen retches]
Everybody wants to be a boss
until the invoices come.
You know, we all make mistakes.
Look how many Hannah's made.
[Hannah groans]
Alright, ladies, tits out.
Let's see what they
look like. [laughs]
[Eric] I think that
Emily is any guy's dream.
I'm open to it.
This is gonna get me
in trouble. [laughs]
Caroline, will you be my queen?
- [Priscila] Kiss him.
- [group] [chants] Kiss! Kiss!
I think Eric is a player.
I'm about tired of you, okay?
[Grace] I told Gabriella
that I think Andre's cute.
Oh. [laughs]
Lord knows I'm [bleep] horny.
Ooh! [barks] Woo!
[Marciano] Hannah is
someone I wanna marry.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Marciano is kissing a guest.
I [bleep] up.
He's out there [bleep]
somebody else?
He doesn't respect me.
Well, why are you with him then?
This trial run is going to
determine the fate
of the Chateau.
We cannot afford failure.
Fake-ass bitches.
[Grace] The whole team
let Lisa down last night.
Are you [bleep] kidding me?
This is a business.
I don't know what you
think we're doing here.
You know what?
Maybe you guys should go home.
You are not putting me
through that again.
If you cross me, I'm gonna
come down on you
like a ton of bricks.
This is a life lesson.
[guest] The most
beautiful dinner
I've ever had in my life.
Quite the Chateau, isn't it?
[guest screams]
[guest] Cheers!
[Lisa] This is an incredibly
immersive experience.
This is harder than I thought.
[woman] Oh, my God!
[group cheers]
[Emily] To see what
Lisa has created,
it is inspiring
and it does make me feel like
that could be me one day.
Oh! It looks gorgeous!
[staff cheering]
[Lisa] Making memories
that last a lifetime.
[quirky upbeat music playing]
I'm gonna need your help.
If we're gonna be [bleep]
Bunkm I
- If we're gonna be [bleep] bunkmates
- Bunkmates.
I need your help.
[deep voice] "Hey guys,
"I'm the most annoying person
in the world.
My name is Marciano."
Don't be so aggressive to her.
- With-With her?
- Yeah.
Oh, okay. That's-That's easy.
No, it's not.
It's not easy.
You just said it was easy.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
- [Andre laughs]
[deep voice] Ha.
"Hey guys, like, yeah,
"I like having wrist muscles.
So, I do this all day."
[normal] What?
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