Vanderpump Villa (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

No Room For Error

[Lisa Vanderpump] Previously on
Vanderpump Villa
[staff cheering]
Today is
Chateau Rosabelle orientation
and staff have arrived.
I'm, like,
really excited to, like,
be here at the
chateau with Lisa.
The clock is ticking.
We have 24 hours
'til opening night.
It is a secret proposal,
don't [bleep] it up.
[group cheers each other]
[Lisa] Having Marciano
and Hannah work side by side,
I will be keeping
my eye on them.
He cheated on me.
I don't like him.
[Marciano] The girl
sitting right next to me,
she gave me the best
[bleep] of all time.
- What the [bleep]?!
- [Eric] Wow.
This is night [bleep] one.
I am mortified.
- This is the guest bar.
- Yeah.
[Lisa] There's no drinking
behind the bar for the staff.
I definitely think the bartender
should be able to drink
behind the bar.
Has anybody been drinking?
- Any staff been drinking at this bar?
- No.
- Anybody?
- No.
[Lisa] Okay, guys, look, they're gonna
be here in a minute,
so let's get it together.
- [glass shatters]
- [Lisa gasps]
This is opening day. You're doing way too
[bleep] much.
[Marciano] If I need a beer,
just give me the [bleep] beer.
No one is talking to you,
you dumb [bleep] bitch!
This is my job. No, stop!
- Stop talking.
- Shut the [bleep] up!
- What? What?
- No, stop!
[Hannah] [echoing]
We're working!
[intriguing theme
music playing]
[Telly] No one is talking to you,
you dumb [bleep] bitch!
- This is my job. No! Stop. Whoa!
- What? Shut the [bleep] up.
- Shut the [bleep] up, okay?
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- Are you outta your mind?
- You talk to women really [bleep] crazy.
- [arguing continues]
- Guys, we have guests. We have guests.
This is our first night
working a dinner together.
Telly pushed Marciano.
He's screaming.
And I have my guests trying
to have a nice dinner.
They're hearing everything.
I'm like, what the [bleep]
do I do right now?
We're working!
- Telly, we have guests outside.
- We have guests.
Don't come in here
and pop your shit 'cause I'll pop it back!
I've been through too much
and I've seen too much
and dealt with too much
to deal with the [bleep] Incredible Hulk
hoppin' in my face.
[Jeremy] Where's the bathroom
on this floor?
Still haven't really
explored the house.
- Gimme one second.
- Should I wait?
Yeah, gimme one second.
How's your dinner going?
- [Jeremy] Awesome.
- [Stephen] Awesome? I'm glad to hear that.
[Andre] Stop all this shit, bro.
Come on. Stop.
It's already hard as hell
being a woman here
and when a man gets
that's when I'ma jump in.
- Give me the shots.
- Okay. Take 'em.
She doesn't give a [bleep]
about the guests' experience.
She can't take anything
that anyone tells her.
- [Andre] I'm gettin' the rosé.
- Thank you.
This is [bleep] crazy.
Telly's acting like a total bitch.
He's a pussy, bro.
As a lead server, Marciano
had to do what he had to do.
I don't think he should've
raised his voice
the way he did at her,
but him and I have
a big history,
so, yeah, I will have his back.
- I don't know, man.
- What, was it, like, a bad push?
- [Grace] I think so.
- Oh.
- [Grace] But I don't know.
- Mm.
[both laugh]
- A grown man can't talk
- Do not touch
- to me like that
- do not touch anybody.
- Listen, stop talking to me.
- [Eric] I don't care.
You're not gonna
validate a grown man
[Eric] I don't care,
you're not gonna touch anybody.
You have guests 10 feet
out the window
eating an extravagant dinner
and you're gonna blow
the whole frickin' load
because of your ego
and your pride?
Where's the class?
Where's the professionalism?
We can't keep letting
a grown man like that
- [Andre] I got you, I got you.
- yell at females.
It's like no one is intervening,
no one is stopping this man.
I intervened right in the middle
after you pushed him.
- After I What did Say-Say it again.
- Do not touch anyone.
- Listen, you're-you're an idiot.
- End of the story. Take a break.
- No I'm not, I'm very smart.
- You're not, you're not.
- I am very smart man.
- You're wrong.
What blows my mind about this
whole entire [bleep] incident
is that my [bleep] manager,
watching two people go at me,
just wants to stand there
and just smile.
So, from this moment on,
I'm always going to look at Eric
like a [bleep] loser bitch.
[Marciano] We all done?
Get this outta your way?
- How are you? Yes, please.
- How you doin'?
I'm good.
I'm gonna rip that shot.
Actually, I'm gonna
take this now.
I need this right now.
- Yeah. Cheers.
- Aw!
[group cheers and claps]
Oh, God. Did you leave that too?
Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, God, no.
[guests cheer]
Don't force me, please.
With Marciano, I know that
he is a rockstar server.
In this moment right now, though,
I am just confused.
I am shocked.
I'm actually concerned.
He's here representing me
and I'm really afraid of
what Lisa's gonna think.
Dessert's on its way.
- [guest 1] Yes.
- [guest 2] Perfect.
[Caroline] I just
wanna make sure there's
someone overlooking the table.
There's still a service going on.
There's food coming.
I don't want food coming
angrily or whatever.
- Right.
- This is something we work hard to do
- and we put a lot of p-passion
- Exactly.
so I just want someone
to take a minute to realize
we are still in the
middle of service.
- It's gonna be done very soon.
- [Eric] I agree with you chef. 100%.
- [Caroline] Okay.
- [Eric] Oh, I think they're ready.
- Are you guys ready for dessert?
- Yep. Apple tartar.
- [Anthony] Let's go. Boom, boom, boom.
- The ice cream on the right.
And don't forget to smile.
Always. [chuckles]
- [Marciano] Okay, I got an apple tartar
- [guest 1] Ooh!
- with a lavender crumble.
- [guest 2] Wow!
[Marciano] Topped with
vanilla ice cream, okay?
- [Jeremy] Thank you.
- [guests exclaiming]
[Marciano] And that mint as well.
Little mint as well.
Hello, Lisa?
- [Lisa] [over phone] Yes?
- How's your evening?
With everything that just went down with
Telly and Marciano, I have to tell Lisa.
There's some problems, um,
amongst the staff to be honest.
I see yelling and fighting
and screaming.
What the [bleep]?
I think we need to talk
tomorrow with everybody
and really sit down
and we need to talk it out.
[Lisa] Let the team know that I will
be there at 10 o'clock in the morning
and we will discuss it then.
Okay, I'll make it happen.
[upbeat, dramatic
music playing]
[Hannah] Today, we're taking the guests
to wine country for an outing,
but Lisa's called
an emergency meeting.
I do feel like the whole team
let Lisa down last night.
Especially me, Telly,
and definitely Marciano,
and I'm shaking in my
boots right now.
[staff member]
Good morning.
What I heard about last night
was completely unacceptable.
So, I need to know who
are the instigators
because that way I will get
to the root of the problem.
- [tense music playing]
- I actually made some notes,
but I don't really know
where to start.
This was our first night.
How do you think it went?
Are you [bleep] kidding me?
- [music intensifies]
- Are you serious? You think it went well?
Oh, Marciano. You [bleep] up.
Marciano and Hannah,
I mean, it was a
complete debacle
as far as you two
were concerned.
Pouring a tequila bottle down your throat
before we even started.
[dramatic trill]
That is such disrespect to me.
This is a business.
I don't know what you
think we're doing here,
but I am telling you now,
this is not Chateau Shit Show,
this is Chateau Rosabelle
that I have created
and you two are not gonna
[bleep] it up.
Right now, if we weren't
6,000 miles away,
I'd say, "You know what?
Maybe you guys should go home."
We were definitely, uh,
ya know, nervous to start.
So, it just calmed the nerves
and everything and we just
You are supposedly one
of the best servers in Vegas
and you're nervous about
eight guests?
You put us in a very tough spot
when I told you
[Lisa] Why don't you just
own up to your mistakes? Why
I am. I'm sorry. I'm telling you.
I drank too much.
I'll tell you why. When you go out with
11 shots, and there's eight guests
They kept asking us
to drink with them, Lisa.
What do you want us to do?
- Do you want us to take care of them?
- [Lisa] Say, "No
I'm actually working.
"I would love to have
a drink with you after.
But I have a responsibility to my boss
to make sure this runs smoothly."
[Marciano] You asked us
to provide an experience for them.
It didn't affect service, Lisa.
[Lisa] It affected the way
we run the business.
You are not going to act
and behave like that in my business.
- You're not gonna win this battle.
- You're right. I You're right.
- I'm sorry.
- How much did you drink?
The same amount.
Are you proud of that?
So, what do you have to say?
- I apologize and it won't happen again.
- [Marciano] I'm sorry.
And I'll tell you another thing,
I will not tolerate any man
coming at a woman ever.
I don't like a woman
coming at a man.
Of course,
she was wrong to push you,
but I'm not going to have a man
face off with a woman
in an intimidating way
because you don't know
how any of these women have been treated
and what it might trigger.
I appreciate Telly a lot.
The altercation came
from things from her past
and I can relate so much.
Four or five years ago now,
um, I was in a relationship
with someone.
There was some domestic
violence involved.
After that, there
was two different
nose surgeries I had
to fix the problem.
It took me a while to get over it
and to kind of deal with it.
But now, I can confidently say
I have dealt with it and I am over it.
Which is why this
opportunity and being here
after coming from
that is surreal.
It doesn't matter what
proceeded it.
I don't like it and I will not tolerate
that from any of you.
Okay Telly, I'll talk to you
personally about that.
Eric, you didn't quite handle things
the way you should've done.
I think you dropped
the ball on many parts.
I can always improve. I'll admit that.
Also, vice versa.
Just to throw it out
for everybody.
Thank you, Eric.
I know.
I think Lisa is proud of me
and what I did
in my responsibilities,
but I don't think
she wants to give me
any praise, honestly.
I think she's testing me
just as much as
I'm testing my team.
Why do you look so scared?
- [dramatic sting]
- You did nothing wrong.
- [stammers]
- [laughter]
But somebody does need
to be behind the bar
at all times.
It doesn't matter
if you have to go
and get glasses
from the kitchen,
you need to be there.
I gotta be honest,
I am not that confident.
Literally, this is
a kid from Chicago
and I'm all the way
here in France.
Feelin' outta place is, I think,
would be an understatement for me.
How do you think ya did?
I think I did good.
Yes, I think you did well too.
Very happy.
The only saving grace
in this whole equation
is that the guests
had a good time.
You are not putting me
through that again.
- [dramatic music playing]
- Tonight remember
We need to make sure everything
goes perfectly, okay?
- You're all dismissed, thank you.
- [Eric/Gabriella] Thank you.
[Lisa] Telly, do you want
to come and walk with me?
I need to talk to Telly
and have a better understanding.
What went wrong?
Where was the trigger?
Because this is not
what I was expecting
and I know she's
capable of much more.
One of the things that
really, really pissed me off
is when somebody
I invest in lies to me.
[dramatic crescendo]
- [dramatic music playing]
- One of the things that really,
- really pissed me off
- Mm-hm.
is when somebody
I invest in lies to me.
In the moment, I was just like
Okay, when you asked
me if every
If anyone had had
a drink at the bar,
I'm like, everyone's has had,
has had a drink at the bar.
But you're in charge of the bar,
so why are you giving
drinks to everybody?
I didn't wanna tell people "no."
- So, I'm like, "Okay."
- Why? Why?
Because I want
I wanna make friends.
I know a lot of people,
but I don't think I have
that many friends.
There's just something about me,
people just kinda have,
like, this
like, scared
Like this scared factor.
You are so important
in this equation
and I'm relying on you.
- [dramatic, solemn music playing]
- [Telly cries]
Like, I know I'm strong
and I know
But it's like I don't always
wanna have to be like I'm
Act like I'm strong.
It's not fair. [sniffles]
[Lisa] [softly]
What is it?
[crying] I was so misunderstood
'cause I don't wanna
tell-tell people no.
- But you can!
- But then again,
- I feel like I set myself up because
- It's your
that whole altercation
was because they were drunk.
But I opened that
window for them.
You've worked so
hard to be here.
You are such a beautiful,
young woman.
You don't need to work
for their approval.
You work for my approval.
Pushing somebody like that?
I mean, that is just
Like, I used to get like that
and I don't get like
that anymore.
I don't surround myself
around people
- Okay.
- that bring out the worst in me.
I was raised by a very
strong single mother.
There has been a lotta
situations in my life
where I've seen a
lotta injustice
and a lotta [bleep] up
things happen,
like disrespecting women,
it's very triggering.
[crying] I try to avoid putting
myself in certain situations
and then someone can just say,
"I don't give a [bleep] how you feel,
like, I'm still gonna keep
going and poking and poking at you."
Like, then I just explode and I set
myself up to look like a [bleep] asshole.
I don't want to be like that.
I don't want to be this person.
What did we learn
from last night? You tell me.
I don't care about
making friends.
[both laugh]
You're likable enough.
You don't need to work at that.
- You don't need to say yes to anybody.
- Yeah.
I'm actually pleasantly
surprised with Telly
that she wasn't combative,
she wasn't defensive.
She was contrite.
And that's always a
good place to start
because it means
we have room for growth.
I see something in you that
you don't see in yourself.
Maybe, this is a place
for you to grow.
[Lisa] That's exactly
what I want to hear.
[curious music playing]
- I know, we're landlocked.
- Maybe they will take us to, like, Ibiza,
- or, like, ya know, like, Saint-Tropez?
- Can you imagine?
Can you imagine Lisa comes,
she goes, "Get up, team.
We're goin' to Ibiza."
Priscila and I are
on a little break right now
because things are about
to get really hectic
preparing for the secret
proposal tonight.
On top of our normal duties
of cleaning, cooking, and serving,
uh, we have to prepare in order
to turn the backyard into Paris
because why not?
I feel like that meeting
actually helped a lot.
Even though it was intense,
it's gonna help all of us.
- Yeah.
- She called you out and said
you did good, which you did.
I mean, out of everyone yesterday
I was like, I was like,
I feel like I did a good job.
Ooh, that's a good question.
This is an amazing opportunity,
considering I've been in hospitality
pretty much my entire life.
See, this is the job that
a lot of people won't do,
but I'll do it.
I'm here to be a housekeeper
for the entire villa.
[toilet flushes]
But also back home,
in New York City,
I cocktail and bartend serve.
[stammers] Oop.
I cocktail serve and bartend.
When it comes to work,
I'm very competitive.
It's gonna sound so bad,
but I-I just,
I like being
better than people. [snickers]
To be able to work with
Lisa Vanderpump,
she's a queen of the
hospitality world
and I feel like this could
open up so many opportunities
for me to advance my career,
maybe open up my own
place someday.
I think everything's gonna
get better. I have faith too.
How do you know that?
Did I say that?
I call myself, like,
Hurricane Pri
because I feel like
I'm so intense.
Like, if I'm happy,
I'm really happy.
If I'm sad, I'm really sad.
- It's a good day. [laughs]
- [producer laughs]
I've been serving for 11 years,
but I never lived
with coworkers.
So, living together, I don't
know what's gonna happen.
I hope I can get my jokes in.
I feel like every chapter
that we go through life,
like, when I moved from Brazil
to the United States,
this opportunity came
along my way and I was like,
why not go to France
and go for a new adventure?
I miss home and my mom,
but every day will be fine,
I think, I hope. [laughs]
Well, who kn who knows
what they have planned.
- [Marciano] Can we go talk right now?
- [Telly] That's fine.
I wanna make sure the couple
has a lovely engagement
and I'm gonna put my
big girl panties on
and drop all bullshit and talk
to Marciano about boundaries.
I know I put you
in an uncomfortable position
where you felt like you
needed to defend yourself.
I shouldn't have done that.
[solemn music playing]
I mean, I know that you feel
very offended
and I'm, I'm sorry.
I, outside of here,
don't put myself in situations
'cause I know where
I know the kind of person I can get to
because of where I come from.
And I'm so [bleep] sorry
for pushing you.
Y-You were just retaliating
to my aggressiveness.
So, if we can put this aside,
move forward,
I gotta do a better job
of communicating with you
and then from there on, it'll be it'll
It should be smoother.
When it comes to working
and having hostile issues
with people,
I'll put my shit aside all day.
I care about the guests
and I care about my job.
So, yeah, I can put shit
aside with Telly.
That doesn't mean
I'm gonna like you,
but that does mean
I'm gonna work with you.
- [upbeat music playing]
- Okay.
- We're good?
- Yes.
- Promise?
- I swear.
- You wanna hug it out?
- Yes.
Hug it out? Alright.
[Hannah] Is that gonna
be too heavy, though?
- [Gabriella] No, no, no.
- [Eric] No, it can go across.
Today, we're gonna take Jeremy,
Shirin, and their whole group
to a vineyard for love games.
[Eric] We have a beautiful
event set up.
- So, head this way, alright?
- [crosstalk]
[Stephen] While we're away,
the rest of the staff back at the chateau
is gonna set up the surprise proposal
from Jeremy to Shirin.
Are either of you good at,
like, tossing a salad?
I [bleep] hate cooking.
[all greeting each other]
[Stephen] Welcome to a special experience
designed by Chateau Rosabelle.
We've got charcuterie for you,
some amazing goat cheese tarts
drizzled in honey.
Relax, and we're gonna get you
some wine goin', alright?
Oh, my God,
I am a hopeless romantic
and I do have dreams
of getting married in France.
Oh, my God.
Lisa's vision is beautiful.
- [Jeremy] Cheers.
- [Shirin] Cheers, guys.
- Okay, let's bring the cutlery out.
- [Eric] Okay.
- Let's get going on this.
- Okay.
I want everything to be perfect
'cause I wanna focus
on that proposal.
So, I'm trying to set the table,
make sure all the candles
and arrangements are nice,
and then set up outside
for the marquee event.
It's gonna be epic.
Should we let the games begin?
Let's play.
We've got three awesome games
all specific to Jeremy and Shirin's love
for each other
on their four year anniversary.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [Jeremy] Yes! Let's go.
One point, Jeremy and Shirin.
[guests cheering]
Alright, let's play
Falling For You.
There's gonna be
a challenge on random bricks.
Oh, I love this.
- [Stephen] There we go.
- [Jeremy] All the guys drink.
- [guests exclaim]
- [Stephen] That was good.
- Kiss the person to your left.
- [guests exclaim]
That was a cue, that's not
how you play the game.
[guests cheering]
But it's just all fun,
it's flirting,
and I feel like if Marciano
gets a little jealous,
that's on him. [chuckles]
- [Stephen] I wouldn't go there.
- [Hannah] I know, right?
Like I said,
I'm trying to keep my job.
Everything's going smooth,
but we need to make sure that
everything for tonight's dinner
is to a T perfection.
We're gonna need the servers
to be on point
with getting drinks
and food out on time.
We're gonna need the
bartenders ready
to make anything
the guests want.
We've got quite a bit
on our shoulders.
[Eric] We have a great
evening planned,
8:00 p.m. sharp,
beautiful dress attire.
So, look your best and
let's have some fun, alright?
Come on in, guys.
[ice rattling]
[guest 1]
What's up? What's up?
[guest 1] Me too,
we should get more food.
Andre, can we get more food?
The guests are back
and I instantly start sweating.
You can tell they're hangry.
My job right now is to make
people forget about the food
that they're angry about
that they don't have.
Hey, servers, quick question.
Can you ask them how long
on the sandwiches?
- On the sandwiches?
- Yes.
I have to, you know,
kinda, like, stall
and make drinks
at the same time.
[guest 2]
Andre knows what he's doing.
He knows what he's doing.
- Janine, you're flying out on Tuesday?
- [Janine] Yes.
- [Janine] Shut up.
- What is a DA?
- [Janine] I have a dentist appointment.
- [Jeremy] Dentist appointment.
- [Janine] Thank you.
- Oh, I get it!
[laughter, indistinct chatter]
[upbeat music playing]
We've been working hard
preparing for dinner
for tonight,
but right now things
slowed down a little bit.
You're just gonna go chill?
I don't know.
I'll walk you back.
And I want to take this
opportunity to try
and really talk with Hannah.
What happened at the,
uh, winery today?
[plucky music playing]
Oh, we were playing
the game with the blocks
and then that guy Ethan
- Game with the blocks?
- Yeah, I forgot the name of it.
Okay. Whoa.
- And then what? Ethan?
- What?
What about Ethan?
He picked up the block and it said,
"Kiss the person to your left,"
so he came around,
but I did the cheek.
- And you were cool with that?
- What?
- You were cool with that?
- Yeah.
[Marciano] Okay, if the same thing
happened to me, you'd be cool with it?
[Hannah] If it was the cheek.
We're not together.
I know for a fact
if the roles were reversed
she would never be okay
with me doing that.
If you would get mad, then why
Like, if it happened to me,
why would you do it then
and think that I could
I should be okay with it?
I did the cheek, not the lips.
I mean
And we haven't had
a conversation about
what we are.
To be honest, I don't
really give a shit about
Marciano's feelings right now
because he's done me dirty
in the past before.
Maybe it's because past issues
are coming up right now.
We can't, like, be here
and then be in limbo.
If we're gonna work together,
we need to figure this out
so we're on the same page
so we don't end up pissing one
of each other off and getting fired.
Hannah and I have to have a conversation
about our relationship status.
It doesn't work that way
in a relationship.
[dramatic music playing]
- Can I sit and talk to you for a second?
- Yes, of course.
We have the big marquee
event tonight.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, thank you.
Before the festivities,
we have A Night In Paris.
Not the porno.
This would be the dinner.
Uh, I'm nervous.
[quirky music playing]
- Yeah.
- Good, go on.
- Lisa.
- Yeah.
- [Jeremy chuckles, sighs]
- [music distorts, stops]
I don't really feel it's my place
to get too involved,
but then when he starts
telling me
what he's going to say,
I just know he could
say so much more.
People asked me,
they said, ya know,
"What did Ken propose with
and what were you wearing?"
I said "Nothing" to both.
[upbeat music playing]
Everyone's comin' down.
Night in Paris, here we go.
If we [bleep] up,
who's takin' the hit? Me.
We cannot screw anything up.
[Caroline] I asked somebody
to butter the bread.
I'm doing it. I'm doing it.
[Telly] After my talk with Lisa,
hearing how important
this event is tonight,
I don't wanna, like,
disappoint her.
I wanna make sure my
shit's straight.
I wanna make sure
the bar is ready.
So, because Shirin's favorite
cocktail is an Aperol Spritz,
we came up with a strawberry Aperol Spritz
for tonight's cocktail.
Oh, wow. This is good.
[Shirin] It's so pretty.
[Anthony] Hope you're
enjoying your stay so far.
Tonight, we'll have pink risotto
cooked with beet juice
and beef jus.
[Shirin] Mm. It smells good.
We end the main course
with a ribeye.
- [guests gasp, chatter]
- Bon appétit, guys.
[guests cheers each other]
- [guest] Question.
- [Marciano] Yeah?
Of course, you can.
After the dinner
the night before,
I was a little nervous that, uh,
we would have some hiccups
throughout the night.
Oof. Good catch.
But we're not waiting
for cocktails.
Everybody knew to
step up their game,
knowing that it was
necessary for Lisa Vanderpump.
[Gabriella] I'm sure
you all are wondering
what we just placed
in front of you.
[Jeremy] Oh, I'm sure I'm about
to have a heart attack.
You guys are going
to write one word
for Shirin and Jeremy.
And then I will guide you
to the bridge that
we have outside
- and you'll place your lock
- [guests] Aw.
on-on the bridge.
Similar to a night
in Paris, right?
- [guest 1] Okay.
- [guest 2] Yeah.
Soon, Jeremy is going
to propose to Shirin,
and I have to make sure
everything is done perfectly.
Yeah, you guys,
you guys can follow me. Yeah.
- [guest] Do we bring, do we bring this?
- Yep. Bring your lock.
We're gonna go to the bridge.
And then, Jeremy and Shirin,
I'll have Stephen grab you.
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [insects chirring]
It's the proposal,
the big marquee event.
- [light flute music playing]
- So, now, all I need
is the staff to support
the vision.
As I've said,
there's no room for error.
[Andre] Do we all have
the champagne ready?
[Stephen] Eric's bringing it to
you as we speak.
[Gabriella] You can place them
on this vine, okay?
Happy couple,
whenever you're ready.
The moment is approaching,
and all I'm thinking is
please don't [bleep] it up.
Oh, my God, you guys!
- [dramatic orchestral music playing]
- [Shirin] What's happening?
Aw, look at this,
look at this, look at this.
- [guest 1] Are they dancing?
- [guest 2] Aw.
[Lisa] Here we're are,
it's the proposal,
and he's just got to get
onto the dance floor.
I've talked him through it,
what I think he should say,
speak from the heart.
I have something to tell you
- that I've been wanting to tell you
- [guests shushing each other]
[voice breaking]
for a long time.
Four years ago,
I fell in love with you.
I want to have
a family with you.
I wanna spend the rest
of my life with you.
- [Shirin sniffles]
- Every single day I wanna see your smile
because it's the most
perfect thing in the world.
Spending the rest of my life
together with you
isn't even long enough.
So, Shirin
Oh, my God.
will you marry me?
[music swells]
[guests laugh and applaud]
[speaker] Yes! Yes! Yes!
[guests cheer, squeal, and clap]
- [guest 3] Oh, my God!
- [guest 4] Oh, my God!
- [guests cheering]
- [glasses clinking]
Let's party!
[excited chatter]
Congratulations, everyone!
[group cheering]
You know,
I want to raise a glass.
I-I have to say
if I saw that ring,
I would've definitely said yes.
- [group laughs]
- Told you.
I raise a glass to you,
the happy couple.
Congratulations, darlings.
[group cheering]
Let's go!
[upbeat dance music playing]
One two, one two ♪
Thank God for my staff.
Thank you so much for
pulling it together.
I see some hope for this group
and for my chateau.
I have my confidence back, Ken,
I'm back in the game.
- [group cheering]
- [Lisa laughs]
[Anthony] So, I'm thinking, like,
a cheese plate, some sweet,
- scrambled eggs, breakfast potato.
- [Eric] Okay.
And uh
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Exactly.
- Exactly.
Before my guests leave,
I'm always going to do
a special breakfast
called The Final Toast.
[Hannah] If we don't get,
like, a bravo on this.
[Eric] And if we don't get
a bravo on this, exactly.
[upbeat, bouncy music playing]
[door opens]
[door slams]
What the [bleep]?
What happened?
Come on.
[tense sting]
I don't know.
I don't know what happened.
- [curious music playing]
- [Hannah] That's ridiculous.
I find Priscila's spread eagle
to be really offensive
while I'm sitting in the middle
of her and Marciano.
I think it bothers me because
him and I have a big history.
I find it disrespectful.
I don't understand
what's goin' on.
[dramatic music playing]
[bleep] this bitch.
[dramatic music playing]
You wanna sit?
I'm just, like, over it.
You're not gonna slouch
and, like, have
your legs wide open
in front of a guy.
- [Gabriella] Your man. Your man.
- Yeah, exactly my point, right?
[Gabriella] Priscila is,
ya know, she's confident.
She comes off very strong,
and since Hannah's
quite insecure,
it doesn't really
sit right with her.
That's why she has such
a short temper.
That's why she has such
little tolerance for, for anything.
[Hannah] I have to work
with this girl 24/7.
That's what I'm saying.
[Gabriella] Then, then you
nip it in the bud.
You're not accusing her.
You're not saying she's a slut.
You're not judging her for it.
You're just saying,
like, simply,
"That made me uncomfortable.
- Can you please not do that?"
- It did.
I'm like, "Dude, I can't
even focus right now.
Your legs are wide open.
It's weird."
[dramatic music playing]
First and foremost,
coffee or water?
[Hannah] I don't want any more drama
before the guests leave,
so I'm just gonna try
to clear the air with Priscila
just so we can move past this.
Okay. I just wanna, like,
come and say something
to you right now.
It just kind of made me feel uncomfortable
with your legs wide open
right in front of Marciano.
- Just like a tad.
- Oh, my God.
I don't even know what
you're talking about.
Am I going crazy already?
Like, it's just, it
Like, did I really
did something wrong?
I'm like just felt
with the whole situation.
No, that's literally
because I'm so sleepy.
- Yeah.
- I'm, like, just
- No, no, no. That's why I wanted
- As soon as you guys left
- to come to you.
- I, like, I laid down and I even
- moved couch.
- That's why I wanted to come to you
- and just, like, ask you. Okay.
- No, no. There's nothing
- to worry about that.
- Yeah.
So, if any girl sits however
she wants next to Marciano,
she's gonna start shit?
Or she just wanna start
shit with me?
Like, what is the problem?
Don't cry.
Wait, what am I crying about?
- Are you okay?
- [Hannah] Yeah, I'm not crying.
- Okay.
- Why, you think I'm crying?
It looked like you're
You had tears in your eyes.
- [Hannah] No. Thank you, though.
- Okay. Okay.
[Lisa] The guests are
having their final meal.
Before they leave,
I'd like the guests
just to fill out
their comment card.
Their experience is paramount.
If I have to make staff changes,
then so be it.
I'm gonna miss having flowers
- absolutely everywhere.
- [Shirin] I know.
- [guest] God, I know.
- Okay, everyone.
Oh, hello.
[Eric] We have a comment card
for you to fill out.
- [Jeremy] Thank you.
- Alright, guys?
- [Jeremy] Thanks, guys.
- You're welcome.
Even though we pulled
off a great proposal,
there was still some debauchery
behind the scenes.
And I'm really concerned
if any of the guests write
that we ruined their experience,
one of us could be sent home.
Alright, I'm gonna grab
the clipboard.
- Yes.
- [Hannah] Thank you.
This is our first guests and I'm just
really curious to know
what's actually on that card
and see if we did a good job.
- Ten out of ten.
- [Lisa] Hey, what are you doing?
- Come back. Come back. What are you doing?
- We're just, uh,
- reading the comments.
- [Telly] Reading the card. [laughs]
Excuse me.
This is not for you.
- [Andre] It wasn't a good idea.
- Are we allowed to talk to the guests?
- [Telly] Okay, okay, okay.
- Okay, sorry. Bonjour.
This was for my eyes only.
Merci! Merci!
[upbeat music playing]
[Andre] Who wants
tickets to the gun show?
[Stephen laughs]
[Marciano] This experience
at Chateau Rosabelle
is something that
I am all in on.
I don't wanna let Lisa down
and I don't wanna
let myself down.
So, hopefully, that comment card,
it's all good.
[Jeremy] Bye, guys,
we'll miss you. [laughs]
We'll miss you guys.
- [Jeremy] Thank you so much.
- Merci, merci.
- [all] Bye.
- [Anthony] Safe travels.
I wanted to give you
a proper farewell
from Chateau Rosabelle.
- You ready?
- I'm ready. I'm scared.
- [upbeat music playing]
- Oh, my God.
[guests/staff exclaim]
I wanted to send off
the happy couple
to leave the chateau
the way they met,
on a horse-drawn carriage.
This is a fairytale.
- Thank you so much, again.
- [Lisa] Lots of love.
Lisa, thank you for having us.
Thank you for the advice.
Thank you for making
such a big impact on both of our lives.
And thank you for helping
everyone pull this off.
We owe so much to you
and we're forever grateful.
- [staff applauds]
- Aw!
They're kissing!
[upbeat music playing]
[dramatic sting]
Bring me Telly and Andre.
[Andre] I am a little
bit nervous because,
like, we don't know
what to expect
on the comment card.
- [Puffy farts]
- Sorry, Puffy has terrible gas.
- That's not me.
- [Telly laughs]
So, they called two people out.
- [tense, suspenseful music playing]
- [Telly] I am so scared
that Lisa calls me
into her office.
I know I didn't drink.
I made amends with Marciano.
I have no idea what this can be
and I just hope she's
not tellin' me that she, like,
wants to send me home.
Overall it was
a good experience.
- [light music playing]
- And they said that out of everybody,
they loved you two the best.
- [Andre] Yes.
- I want to thank you, though.
- Okay, no problem.
- Yes, you did an excellent job.
No problem.
What did you say
to me yesterday?
- You said, "I want people to like me."
- [Telly] Yeah.
So, out of 12 people,
what do they say?
[uplifting music playing]
Hearing that the guests
pointed me out,
it just makes me feel that,
like, I am being acknowledged
and all the work I am doing,
like, Lisa is seeing.
But I need to get
the toxicity out of the house
because I came here
to be the best,
and I wanna show her
that I can be the best.
[Lisa] I'm proud of you
for turning it around.
I'm gonna do my best
and I'm not gonna let you down
or myself down,
most importantly.
But don't lose the Telly
that I know and love, right?
- Obviously not. [laughs]
- Can you just send Andre?
[plucky music playing]
There's something very
special about Andre.
He has a quality
that is almost like
a teddy bear of a man.
I'm glad you've come back
because, out of everybody,
they said you were the best.
What I see in you,
they saw in you too.
Why are you crying?
Tell me. It's okay.
- [solemn music playing]
- [stammers, sighs]
You know,
I'm-I'm not supposed to be here,
so I'ma just-just grateful.
Why are you not supposed
to be here?
I was just really
down on myself [sniffles]
when I got here.
Maybe I was like,
maybe I don't look the part.
I just wanna be, wanna be good.
I wanna be great.
I don't have my parents,
and so, like, ya know,
I don't have anybody
I can call or
You don't have your parents?
- [Andre] No.
- Where are your parents?
[emotional] My mom passed away
a couple years ago.
[voice breaking]
My dad hasn't been there.
[Lisa] Well, whatever they
did when they were here,
they did a very good job.
As a mother, I'm a mother,
and I'm telling you,
I would be so proud.
This moment is just very,
very, very special to me.
My mom would just say
to me right now,
"First of all,
you're my baby boy,
and no matter what,
I'm proud of you.
You are worthy.
Don't ever forget that."
And I haven't really heard
those words in a long time.
You're a kind, compassionate man
and I want you here.
You look at me, do you hear me?
Yes, ma'am.
Look at me.
I want you here.
- Okay. Whew. Not supposed to cry.
- Now.
You know what?
I'm okay with that.
I think it's a beautiful thing.
You show your emotion
to me, it's, uh
I love, I love man tears. I do.
I'm good. Okay. Whew. Okay.
It's okay.
Onwards, outwards.
Go get 'em. Go.
Thank you. Thank you.
[upbeat music playing]
- [Priscila] Is that champagne?
- [Telly] Grab a cup.
- Or do you have a glass?
- There's no more champagne.
- Your ass is lookin' like a planet.
- [Telly laughs]
- [Priscila] Well, cheers, guys.
- [Grace] Cheers.
- Cheers to a new group of people tomorrow.
- [overlapping chatter]
First group of guests
are finally gone.
That was exhausting.
[Eric] If anybody wants to smack me
in the face or the ass.
Eric, you're [bleep] hilarious.
Now we can just drink some
wine and enjoy each other
before the next guests
that roll around.
- [laughs] Oh, my God.
- [laughs] Oh, my God.
[dramatic music playing]
Hannah came at me when
she felt uncomfortable
the way I sat next to Marciano.
But, like, when I see Gabriella
would spread her legs open
and she doesn't do anything.
But I'm so mad.
I walk away.
Like, I need to talk
to somebody.
Can I tell you something that
I-I-I was kind of, like, upset right now?
Like, no offense, but,
like, Gabriella
was, like, literally
sitting down, like, open legs
and you didn't say anything.
- And when it was me, you-you
- I didn't even see that, though.
I didn't see that.
- Huh?
- I didn't see that.
Why are we bringing it up?
Let it go.
You had your legs open,
made me feel uncomfortable. Move on.
Are you gonna let it
go or no? 'Cause
- I am letting it go.
- No, no, no, I know, but
When you did it, you were
on the couch with Marciano.
- [Priscila] It was the three of us.
- That's why
No, I know, but you were
in front of him.
That's why she felt that way.
Not I was nowhere near him.
[dramatic sting]
I don't know why Priscila
is trying to drag me
in her garbage with Hannah.
No, I'm just telling
you how I feel.
It's, like,
I'm walking eggshells.
Especially because English
is not my first language,
so I'm gonna process
my thoughts,
so I can, like,
come clear to you.
Since you brought it up to her initially,
she was, like, she's now hyp
She's now hyper-aware of it,
- 'cause she's, like, probably now
- [Hannah] No
You're, you're walking
on eggshells
I feel like I'm walking
on eggshells.
I know what it feels like
to argue with
Marciano and Hannah,
so I understand where
she was coming from.
I feel like actually
cautious towards you
But, like, I understand
where you're coming from.
because I respect you
and I like you
and I don't want you
to make uncomfortable.
No, I'm not jealous like that.
I just felt uncomfortable
- Okay. Note taken.
- in that situation.
[Priscila] Between me and Hannah,
we have strong personalities.
We're both that
We're gonna speak our minds
if something is bothering us.
- I'm good.
- Okay.
No, no. I am. I just,
I just wanna check
what happened.
If she was fine,
I was just checking on you.
That's all.
I thought we moved on.
Now you wanna bring
Gabriella into it
and then cause
another fuss about it
after I thought we moved on?
Bring it.
Oh, my God. I can't deal with it.
What the [bleep] was?
[dramatic music playing]
She's been weird.
That was a weird She walks in,
- she knocks on the door
- 'Cause it bothers her.
Priscila, I don't really know
where she comes off.
Like about the spread
eagle thing
where she brought it up again.
That pissed me off and it just kinda has
given me, like,
just a weird taste in my mouth.
I'm mad at you.
- Han!
- [Hannah] What?
Can we not do this, please?
[Hannah] I'm not doing anything.
I'm just mad.
That was, like, so calculated.
- What, Hannah? No.
- [Hannah] That was weird.
- What? It was
- [Hannah] You kinda called Gabriella out;
- that was weird.
- Hannah!
- It was not
- Let me talk, let me talk.
- No, Hannah.
- [overlapping arguments]
Shut the [bleep] up.
Shut up, shut up. No.
I think being a bitch
is being fake
and talking shit
behind people's back.
I like to confront it head on
and if you think
I'm being a bitch,
then maybe you're just as fake.
Shut up.
No, just shut up.
- I said No
- Don't tell me to shut up.
Hannah has trouble dealing
with her emotions
and controlling herself,
and this is completely
I think Priscila's
extremely harmless.
- I've literally told you
- You come in here
- and yell at me.
- I said shut up. [echoing] Shut up.
Like, listen, you can talk
to Marciano the way you want,
but you're not gonna come
at me and yell at me.
Everyone upstairs thinks
it's weird what you just did.
So, I'm just letting
you know that.
Well, I think what
you do is weird too.
Marciano, if you wanna
sit down here
and condone that, that's fine.
- 'Cause I would have your back about it.
- Oh, my God.
Is she not allowed to
have an opinion?
- [tense, dramatic music playing]
- An opinion three times?!
She comes upstairs and calls Gabriella
out about it!
- [Priscila] Why are you screaming?
- She's not even
[bleep] involved!
One thing I don't do is
play about my sleep, people.
Um, actually it's called
being [bleep] real. So
[Andre] 'Cause I feel like
I'm gettin' some beauty rest.
And if you interruptin'
my beauty rest,
then I can't wake up
lookin' beautiful.
You had your legs open,
so is Hannah the
police of justice?
[Emily] Coming in here,
I literally thought
I was gonna be making beds,
cleaning toilets,
but this is such
a different experience
working at this chateau,
than any other hospitality job.
Because in any other job
you don't work with
and live with coworkers.
- You're acting like a fake-ass bitch.
- [Priscila] Fake?
- [Marciano] No! Han. Han!
- To me. Fake-ass bitch.
Marciano's known me for years.
The fact that he just stays
in the middle of it,
he doesn't have my back.
I don't have time for that.
I really don't.
I just wanna have
a good five weeks
working at the chateau
and not have his bullshit
follow along.
[bleep] fake.
- [Marciano] Yo.
- [Hannah] Shut up!
I would [echoing] never!
Next, on Vanderpump Villa
Harlan wanted to
celebrate her rebirth ball.
I want everything perfect.
I went for the manager position
and if you're gonna take that position
and I don't get it,
I expect you to step up.
I feel, like, more relatable
to the guests
than to my own coworkers.
First and foremost,
if anybody interrupts me,
they can leave this room.
With Eric, everything
that comes out of his mouth is a joke.
[Eric] This is actually
I'm gonna set her up right here.
[Stephen] I'm getting
really annoyed.
This is Lisa's decision.
Where did they have breakfast?
[Stephen] They had breakfast
right over there.
The more I get to know Eric,
there's something
I'm just not sure about.
You changed my plan.
- I had this whole thing thought out.
- My inner,
like, curator and everything
- is coming out. I really If it was me
- Well, sit on your
[bleep] inner curator.
[bouncy, upbeat music playing]
Who is the-the other person?
[Grace] We got a lotta names
to remember.
- [Emily] Yeah, there's so many.
- That's why
we had so many problems with
- [Priscila] Marcelo?
- No.
Oh, my God. I don't even remember
everything I've called Marciano.
Mariano, Marcelo.
First we thought it was Marcel.
Marciello, Marcellus.
What's his name? Mariano?
Mar Mar Mar?
- [Emily] M-Mar Marciano.
- [Grace] God.
- That one.
- Yes.
Mascarpone, Martian.
I can't remember.
Mar Mar Mar Marciano?
I That's his name?
[intriguing theme
music playing]
[music fades out]
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