Vanderpump Villa (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

From One Queen to Another

[Lisa Vanderpump] Previously on
Vanderpump Villa
[people cheering]
Oh, what is this?
It is a secret proposal.
We need to make sure
everything goes perfectly.
[mischievous music playing]
No one is talking to you,
you dumb [bleep] bitch.
- Shut the [bleep] up.
- Stop. Whoa!
- Shut the [bleep] up.
- Whoa, whoa!
Do not touch anyone.
- Listen, you're-you're an idiot.
- End of the story.
Eric, what are you doing?
[Lisa] Eric, you didn't
quite handle
things the way
you should have done.
I think she's testing me
just as much as
I'm testing my team.
[Lisa] We've been preparing
for this wedding proposal.
There's no room for error.
[grand music playing]
- Will you marry me?
- Yes!
[group cheering]
Thank God for my staff.
Thank you so much for
pulling it together.
I see some hope for this group
and for my Chateau.
[Hannah] It just kinda made me
feel uncomfortable
with your legs wide open
right in front of Marciano.
If any girl sits next
to Marciano,
she's gonna start shit?
Like, Gabriella was like,
literally sitting down,
like, open legs and
you didn't say anything.
I didn't see that.
Let it go. You had
your legs open,
made me feel uncomfortable.
Move on.
She calls Gabriella out.
She's not even [bleep] involved!
We need to just get it together
before the next guests
roll around.
[Hannah] You're acting like a
fake-ass [echoing] bitch!
[tense sting]
[intriguing theme
music playing]
You had your legs open.
So it's Hannah,
the police of justice.
- But you did, though. Own it.
- I'm talking to Gabriella.
- Own it. Own it.
- I'm sorry.
Hannah, you're just
like, [bleep] going crazy.
It's called being [bleep] real.
How old are you?
You're acting like a fake-ass
bitch to me.
- [Marciano] No! Yo.
- [Priscila] Bitch?
- Hannah. Han! Dude.
- Fake-ass bitch.
- I've said sorry three times.
- [Priscila] Fake ass bitch? For what?
- I said sorry three times to you.
- [Marciano] Let's go,
let's get out of here. Get out.
Come on, let's go.
I feel offended because
I feel like she picked it
on me to be in a fight.
- [plucky music playing]
- Hannah, wait a minute.
You cannot be that insecure.
[indistinct arguing]
But, lo and behold,
she is that insecure.
[Emily] What is this about?
What happened?
She's-She's [bleep] stupid.
Hannah is the definition
of making a mountain
out of mole hill.
Every little thing. It's like,
"Oh," like, "Bye Hannah."
[mock screaming] "Why did you say bye
to me like that?!"
Like, what the [bleep]?
Any little thing, she boom.
'Cause Priscila's
legs were open?
Worry about your big-ass
mouth being open.
Shut the [bleep] up. [laughs]
[Marciano] You could've just
dismissed the whole thing.
- No. Stop. I wanna be off camera.
- Don't go this way. Don't go this way.
- Stop. Stop.
- [Marciano] Dude. This is so stupid.
No, you're a piece of shit
and don't have my back.
- [dramatic music playing]
- What are you talking about?
How do I not have
your back, dude?
When it comes to Hannah,
I'm not a big fan of her yelling at me
and I'm not a big fan
of her accusing me
of things that
I haven't done yet.
That being said,
I know that stems from a lot of
past history with me.
I still wanna be with her,
but it doesn't mean
it's gonna work.
[Hannah] You don't even check on me,
you're a piece of shit.
If I'm having a meltdown, like,
why is it like I'm drama
and everything?
It just makes me feel
like I'm not
as important to him
and he doesn't care.
I'm gonna start crying.
[voice breaking]
'Cause he didn't [sighs]
[normal] 'Cause he like,
dismisses all of my feelings,
Marciano does.
There's nothing
I can do about that.
[Emily] It's their drama
trickling into our problems.
Tomorrow's a new day.
We have new guests coming.
I'm done with the subject.
[Eric] Lisa told me
I have to step it up.
Eric, I think you dropped
the ball on many parts.
I can always improve.
I'll admit that.
Knowing that the guests are
arriving tomorrow,
this is ridiculous.
If there's a problem,
I need to correct it now.
[uplifting music playing]
God, I don't know how
you guys drink whiskey.
Ugh. It doesn't leave me with as
big of a hangover or anything.
Come here, boys.
I wish I had a carrot for ya,
but you know what I got? A kiss.
- [donkey brays]
- [Eric laughs]
[Andre] Do you know how
to, like, do the drapes?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What about fold the pillows?
- Fold the pillows?
- [Andre] Ah. See, you said yeah.
- Fluff the pillow.
- That's how I know you wasn't listening.
[all laugh]
The fussing, the fighting,
I'm-I'm tired of it.
That's why I like hanging
out with Grace and Emily.
They're so cool, and they like
I don't wanna say they
remind me puppies or nothin'
'cause I'm not calling them dogs,
but like, they're just so cute.
So what are y'all doing,
your hobbies?
[Emily] I'd say my more hobby
is probably just exercising.
- [Andre] Really?
- I like more cardio stuff, yeah.
- I do art. Like, I like to paint.
- [Andre] Really?
[Grace] People throw all kinds
of shit out, right?
So like old furniture. And I'd pick it up,
put it in my car,
bring it home, and then fix it up,
and like, paint it,
and then sell it on Facebook.
I really needed to make money.
That's actually pretty cool.
This is definitely a really
important experience for me.
I mean, I don't live,
like a very secure life.
So it's really [bleep]
weird being here.
My dad's a pastor.
I live in Florida now,
but I'm from North Carolina.
I grew up in a cabin
in the middle of the woods.
When I went out into
the world on my own,
I realized, like shit,
[chuckles] I'm poor.
I would love for this to,
like, open a door.
I don't wanna scrub
toilets forever.
A lot of my tattoos are, uh,
middle of the night,
late night decisions.
Uh not very many of them
have very much meaning.
[Andre] You know,
I'm gonna get y'all two.
- What do you mean?
- Okay. [laughs]
I think Andre's really cute.
He's got a really
great personality,
but I don't want to, like,
come on too strong or anything.
I think I'll want to have a
conversation with him
if I have enough drinks
in my system.
Uh, my favorite drink
is a vodka sour.
I have no [bleep] clue.
[production crew
and Grace laugh]
Vodka and, um, sour.
[laughs] I got you.
[energetic music playing]
Where are the knives?
[utensils rattle]
- My big vagina's dry. Dry.
- The Sahara Desert.
[Telly/Gabriella laugh]
[Marciano] I have to talk to Hannah
before the guests arrive.
At the end of the day, we
both know we have a job to do.
I'm the lead server. I cannot
mess up again with Lisa.
[Hannah] I'm not doing another
fight with you right now.
[Marciano] That's why, like, I'm trying
to have a civil conversation
- away from all that bull
- [Hannah] I'm just annoyed
'cause I just don't feel like
I'm vibing with anyone.
I just have you.
Like, I know I can trust you
and I can rely on you.
But I feel like other than that,
I don't have anyone else either.
[Hannah] I'm actually extremely
confused right now.
When somebody shows
you who they are,
it's very hard to
trust them again.
So it scares me, it does.
But I love him.
So are you saying you're
You know I hate having
any sort of argument with you,
like, at all, because
it-it just never turns out well.
We have to be rock solid.
Okay, but we're not togeth
Like, that's another thing.
- Oh, my God, dude.
- What?
- That has nothing to do with it.
- Okay. Then
Like, what does that
have to do with anything?
[Hannah] Okay.
Maybe France will change him.
Yeah, I don't even know what
you're talking about right now.
You've gotta be kidding.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, but wait, no, no.
- I wanna speak before Chef.
- [Stephen] Oh God.
Please. Okay,
we're just gonna do this.
[deep breath]
There is nothing that
Eric can say
that will be useful.
I'm super nice, but I have
extreme nasty side as well.
I am the chateau manager,
and it's been an observation
- Stop talking.
- What the [bleep] is wrong with you?
You had your legs open.
The observation period is over.
I was never in the military,
but this is gonna be run
like a military operation.
I've sat back, of course,
'cause I wanna get to know
everybody and see their skills.
Now, I can make a decision
moving forward.
This is how we operate
in a normal restaurant.
I've been in the
service industry for
frickin' 15-plus years.
[Caroline] Really? This is what
Eric cut off the chef to say?
Eric is definitely a
a strange
We all have different skills,
but you have to respect
I run a big business in LA.
This is nothing to me.
Are you okay?
Like, this dude does not know
what the [bleep] he's talking about.
I'm confident, I know what I do.
Everybody has an opinion,
but guess what?
I have a way of doing
things as well.
Everybody's gonna be operating,
has a role and a task.
Okay. Morning, darlings.
Yes, good morning, Lisa.
Good morning.
We'll continue our meeting,
Am I interrupting?
But no-no more fun and games.
This is for real, okay?
And you will see the
nasty side come out.
- What?
- [plucky music playing]
Oh, we're just giving
a team meeting. Sorry.
Please take a seat.
Eric is berating the staff.
No, no, no, no.
I was actually coming in with
a really positive attitude
because the last guests,
you guys handled it brilliantly.
But there are a few things
that can make us better,
so I'd like to go
over that, okay?
The guests talked about
seeing a couple of you
in an altercation going
backwards and forwards.
She's bitching all day
I'm just being [bleep] real with you.
Everyone said that you
They felt the atmosphere.
You know if there's
tension around.
But you have to keep
it behind the curtain.
- [inspiring music playing]
- Outside is our theater
where we entertain and
everything runs smoothly.
Do we agree?
- [staff] Yes.
- [Lisa] Yes, okay.
That's what I like.
We have our second group
of guests coming today.
So our guest of honor,
her name is Harlan.
And the marquee event is
the Butterfly Rebirth.
[lively music playing]
She's calling her party
The Rebirth Ball
to commemorate her
facial feminization surgery
and her full transition
to female.
- [Lisa] It is amazing.
- Yeah.
It's very important to me
that I support
the LGBTQ community.
You know, in France though,
we're pronounced, [in French] "LGBTQ."
[in French] "LGBTQ."
Sounds so much better.
[all laugh]
It's about her moment
to celebrate,
and I want to have that
feel-good energy.
And I know I have
the perfect group of people
to help me do it, right?
- [staff agreeing]
- [Lisa] Alright.
Let's bring this home.
[energetic upbeat
music playing]
[Caroline] May I have
a little talk with you?
I wanna talk about this
meeting this morning,
'cause I think it's
important that,
you know, we accept everyone.
You can give rules,
but you can't give orders.
We're not in a military.
Eric tried to find a way
to be a strong leader.
I didn't like how Eric
cut off the chef
when he had something really important
to say at the staff meeting.
Before I came here, I said,
"We need to run this
like a military."
Actually I said, "We're going to battle.
We're going to war."
Chef Caroline is
a beautiful woman,
and I know she has
a heart of gold,
but honestly,
I don't give a shit if the staff
doesn't respect me
right off the bat.
I don't give a [bleep].
I have a game plan,
and I'm gonna stick to it.
If they walk away from anything
you said, then we are [bleep].
I'm eating. Me and Andre
are talking, hanging out, and I'm like
starting to smell something.
I'm like looking at the
oven and I'm like,
"That croissant is burning.
I can smell that thing."
I saw Caroline put the
croissant in the oven,
and then she disappeared.
She's a chef!
How do you forget
about something
you throw in the oven?
Hey, dumb dumb.
You forget anything
in the oven upstairs?
- You don't remember?
- Oh shit.
[Marciano] Yeah, yeah.
"Oh shit" is right.
Yo. What the [bleep]?
[Caroline] Did you take it off
or do I have to go?
[Marciano] We just turned it off
real quick. We didn't take it out.
That's not good.
So you left it there?
[Marciano] Yeah, well I
just turned the oven off
'cause there's a-a huge
cloud of smoke came at us,
- and it was too hot.
- Okay, can you handle it or?
[Marciano] No, that's your shit to handle.
I'm not doing your shit.
[Caroline] What do you mean
that's my shit to handle?
[Marciano] You put it in there.
You almost burned the house down
you can handle it.
Marciano can be so rude.
We are so busy in the kitchen.
We are still preparing
for today's event,
and this guy comes
up in the kitchen
to tell me about
burnt croissant?
He's on a break so maybe he
could help out a little bit.
Marciano, really, get your
shit together. Come on, man.
- [fire alarm beeping]
- Ahh!
Oh no. [laughs]
- [tense music playing]
- [alarm continues beeping]
What are you doing?
You drop the [bleep].
You can leave it right there.
It's on a nice napkin
and everything for her.
If she's gonna tell me
what to do, not happening.
If I'm gonna take it out,
I'm gonna take it out,
but I'm gonna put it somewhere.
I'm gonna put it
on your bed and that's it.
That's what you get.
You wanna be a
[bleep] smart-ass? Sorry.
[Hannah] It's a
[bleep] croissant.
Let it go.
[dramatic music playing]
He put it on your bed. I'm like,
"Take it off her [bleep] bed."
- Come on.
- Tell him to [bleep] off.
What in the whole world?
Why don't you just
turn off the oven,
show that you can be
a man of the house?
So you put this on my bed?
- [Marciano] Yeah, I put it on your bed.
- You're so childish right now.
Oh, shit.
You wanna act like a man?
- You wanna tell me I'm childish?
- You wanna act like a man?
- And now you act like a baby.
- Get outta my room, please.
- Right now. I'm asking you
- But right now, you're acting like a baby.
Okay, so I'm not here
accusing you,
saying anything mean to you.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- But, okay. I appreciate you.
You wanna call me names,
thank you. Don't touch me.
- This is not your house.
- Please, just get out.
Okay, you're right.
Exactly. I took care of it.
Don't worry about it. Peace out.
- Thank you. Goodbye.
- [fire alarm continues beeping]
[Andre] Uh, I can,
I can take that for you.
- [laughter]
- [Gabriella vocalizes]
It looks like a big turd.
- [fire alarm beeping]
- [Eric] Beep, beep, beep.
The guests are coming.
Chaos is erupting.
There's burnt dough.
Our uniforms smell like
who knows what?
- [fire alarm continues beeping]
- Somebody take the battery out.
Is this a premonition
or a prelude?
Are we going down
in flames today?
[echoing laughter]
[energetic upbeat
music playing]
I hold professionalism
to a very high standard
and Caroline,
you suck at your job.
You could've burnt
the [bleep] house down.
You cannot [bleep] do that shit.
Let alone as a chef.
He put it on my bed,
like so proud of himself.
You took it out of the oven,
you did something great.
Be happy. You saved everyone.
You're the savior of
the house. Great.
[Anthony] I'm like, "Okay, do I
say something? Do I let it go?"
But, I'm just here to do my job.
That was funny as hell.
I'm sorry.
It was unnecessary.
Now everything's a reason
for a drama.
Like, we fight even
over a croissant.
Like, chill out a little
bit and have fun
and just, like,
get the show going.
[Marciano] I'm gonna go
get the champagne.
- [Gabriella] Let's go team.
- [Lisa] Okay, giddy up, everybody.
[insect buzzing]
No, no. I don't do that because
that's [bleep] gross.
They are here.
- It's still in there.
- I can't see it.
Now, pull yourself together.
Everybody, stop messing about.
[Telly gasps]
[Lisa] No, just stop now.
What? Is there a bug in it?
- Not anymore.
- What it was?
- Yep.
- Problem solved.
[Lisa] Don't serve them
that glass of champagne.
[staff greeting guests]
- Bonjour, Harlan.
- [overlapping greetings]
Welcome to Chateau Rosabelle.
- [Harlan] Hello, so nice to meet you.
- [Harlan/Lisa] Mwah! Mwah!
- Welcome. Welcome, all of you.
- [staff] Hi.
[Harlan] Me and my friends are
here to celebrate
my facial feminization surgery,
which is a major step
in my transition.
Please, take a drink.
It's only recently that I felt
like myself,
like as a transwoman.
Oh, this is, like,
everything I dreamed of.
It feels really surreal
that this is all for me.
That's good.
Uh Le Gardenia.
This is the Le La
La Gardenia right?
Right here on the left?
You're asking me that?
Yeah, no, I'm getting the
names confused.
Go ahead.
As a manager, Eric kind of
gets on my nerves a little bit.
As chateau manager,
you should know what rooms
the guests are staying in.
[chuckling] I think
it's so ridiculous.
Oh, yeah, I keep getting
confused. That's Gardenia.
[lively music playing]
Guys, amuse-bouche
on the table, please.
For Harlan, our first
event we're gonna do
is the Reflections Dinner.
We have a beautiful
setup outside
and everyone is getting
a message and a mirror.
We can kinda cheat
the napkin a little bit,
just so it's off to the edge,
you know what I mean?
- [Priscila] Eric is changing Lisa's plan.
- [Eric] There you go.
I I'm definitely having
anxiety about that,
but I'm just gonna
make sure I do my job right
and that Harlan's happy.
You can still keep
the napkin on the plate.
Priscila and I are not
talking to each other,
but we work together so, I mean,
we can't hate each other all the time.
Even though I hate
and I forgot Priscila was one.
So, it's unfortunate.
Are you guys ready to sit?
[Harlan] I think
we're ready, yeah.
[Hannah] Yes?
Right this way.
- [Harlan] Oh, my God. Thank you.
- [guest 1] That's cute.
This is called a
Reflection Dinner.
[guest 2] Wow, are these mirrors?
That's cute.
We're looking at ourselves.
We're saying, "I'm beautiful,
I am amazing
and I'm exactly who
I'm supposed to be."
[guest 3]
Yeah, I'm gonna cry.
We do have a little note.
Mine says, "I got the power."
"I see love."
Mine says, "I see confidence."
- [guests] Ooh!
- Periodt!
This event is so beautiful.
It's something that
I feel close to my heart
just being simply a
gay guy in today's society.
I actually was one of the first
openly gay members
in the Air Force.
What I've learned from
that time is simple things
like constantly adapting,
being resilient.
I grew up in a traditionally
Pentecostal Christian household.
There was one point that I thought I would
never get to come out.
So having a group like this
where everybody gets
to just celebrate being their most
authentic versions of themselves,
it's exciting, and I get to
celebrate that with them.
[upbeat music playing]
[Anthony] Tonight, we make
your special favorite dish,
chicken pasta.
We'll start with
a small arancini.
After that, we have a
summer salad with pear.
Hope you enjoy and
I will see you soon.
[guests] Thank you.
[Harlan] So good. Are you
enjoying your evening?
Yes I am.
You guys are really fun.
- [guest 1] Are we fun?
- Yeah. [laughs]
[guest 2] No, we are.
I-I can tell, like,
the energy and the vibe
that you guys are giving.
I'm like, I'm so excited
to party with you guys.
It's good vibes, yeah.
Honestly, like, sometimes
I feel like more relatable
to the guests then to
my own coworkers.
I came all the way from Brazil.
You're Brazilian. You're
basically superhuman.
Ah, don't make me cry.
- [Harlan] It's true.
- Thank you.
- You know it's true.
- Oh, thank you. I appreciate you.
She talks a lot. It's like [babbles]
Trying to be known.
It's like, babe, everybody knows
you're standing there right now.
You're good. We can all see you.
[guests chattering, laughing]
[intriguing music playing]
Honestly, if you guys want
to do dessert somewhere,
let me set up a spot for
you first of all.
We can even do it
around the pool if you'd like.
Lisa said dessert's
supposed to be at the table,
but sometimes,
you can bend the rules.
My saying is
don't ask for permission,
ask for forgiveness.
[Stephen] We're doing dessert
somewhere else?
[Eric] We're here to provide
a really great experience.
If they want to experience
something else, why not?
So wherever they want to
eat dessert, go for it.
Get some dessert forks
and stuff maybe ready,
but we can pull it off
the table if you want.
We need napkins too.
[distorted] We're not gonna
use the same napkins.
Make the square one's
fine for dessert.
This is Lisa's vision
that Gabriella and I
were put in charge of executing.
And it seems like Eric
is trying to take over
and turn it into Eric's
Definitely not a vision,
but Eric's something.
I can't even, I have no words.
[Hannah] Are you good?
You look stressed.
I don't believe anybody
else in this group
is called event coordinator.
[dramatic music playing]
I feel like it should have been
run by me before it's
you know.
- That's why I came to you.
- No you didn't. You said,
"We're doing it,
have it prepared."
- It's a little, you know, overstepping.
- Right, well
Leave your emotions at the door.
I'm focused on outcomes
and success.
Lisa told me one thing,
make sure that the guests
have a good time.
- [dramatic music playing]
- [guests laugh]
- [Stephen] I have stepped up repeatedly.
- I know you
- You're doing a great job.
- [Stephen] Please don't tell me to step up
because there's a reason
that I'm here
and it's not because
I don't step up.
It's because I have stepped up.
- I agree.
- And I don't want them to hear this.
But I'm getting annoyed.
I don't wanna play this
alpha-male bullshit.
As the manager, this is
your opportunity to grow
and prove that that's
the title for you
and he's just not doing it.
I think everybody's
doing great today.
And I went for
the manager position
and if you're gonna take that
position and I don't get it,
I expect you to step up.
He says, "I interviewed for
the chateau manager position,"
- and then
- [bell dings]
I get it.
I'm sensing a little jealousy.
Lisa gave me the job
that Stephen wanted
because I'm good at what I do.
Well, everybody's respecting
me today.
The only person who's
not is you.
- Don't tell me I'm disrespecting you.
- No, I get it.
I'm coming to you out of
respect for your position.
But let me tell you my side now.
Everybody's respecting me today.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Lisa hired me for the position.
You do your job and
I'll do mine.
It is what it is.
They're working for me.
- They're working for Lisa.
- [Eric] And me.
[dramatic crescendo]
- [rooster crows]
- [lively music playing]
[Eric humming and whistling]
Today is a new day.
I was shocked about yesterday,
but I'm gonna step up even more
and show Stephen why I'm
the manager of the Chateau.
How's everyone feeling today?
- Can I jump in?
- [staff groans]
- Okay, I'm on the clock.
- [laughter]
Don't throw up. Don't throw up.
Don't throw up.
I need compassionate hugs.
- [Telly laughs]
- We love you.
[curious music playing]
Last night wasn't what
I was hoping for,
but I'm hoping that today,
I can somehow get
on the same page with Eric
because there's a lot to do
and I gotta make Lisa proud.
I wanna have a great, great day,
so Eric, my only
Dude, you're gonna do
a [bleep] awesome day.
My only request is once it
comes into event coordinator,
- just bring me into the picture.
- Yeah.
If they wanna do something
that changes the event,
come to me first before saying,
"Yeah, let's do that."
[Eric] We got what, four events
today, so it's on you, baby.
We have two events.
Alright. Hey I'm-I'm excited
for you. I'm excited. [chuckles]
[dramatic music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
The theme of today's breakfast
is floral and fun.
We are going to be serving
our orange hibiscus spritz.
[Gabriella] After we get these people
set up for breakfast,
we have their lilac lunch.
And tonight,
it's Harlan's Rebirth Ball.
Lisa has perfectly
curated all these events.
It's gonna be epic.
Lisa wanted the breakfast
out on the gravel,
but as a curator,
sometimes you need to wiggle
and think outside of the box
to make sure
everything is perfect.
Where would you like to eat?
The terrace gravel?
Or under a beautiful pine tree?
I know Lisa has everything
perfectly curated,
but honestly, I don't
wanna eat breakfast
in gravel on the terrace.
- Yeah. That's way better.
- [Gabriella] Wait. No, no, no. I
The only reason why this
I don't love this
is because we have to
set up for the lilac picnic
We cannot move breakfast there
because I am an event
right there.
- What time is that at?
- which is at 1:30.
Oh, we got time.
This is only 10.
This breaks down just
This is Lisa's decision.
It says it in black and white
on an itinerary
and you're deliberately
just going against it.
But I'd rather him take
the blame for this
when the conversation is
gonna be brought up with Lisa,
'cause quote-unquote,
"He's the chateau manager."
- [Eric] Yeah, there we go. There's a spot.
- [Gabriella] Okay, I'm done.
[lively music playing]
[Anthony] Look at that.
That's 'cause they all the same.
And this one is special because
it's avocado eggs
plus one poached egg.
[guests exclaiming]
- [guest 1] I don't know which one I want.
- [laughter]
[guest 2]
So much concentration.
[Lisa] It seems such
a lovely mix of
characters and
personalities in her group.
Mm! That's like sex
in the mouth. Mm.
But I really want to
understand Harlan's story.
- Oh, please sit.
- Ahh. Thank you.
How has it been?
[slight chuckle]
It's been so spectacular.
Has it?
I feel like I'm getting
to celebrate something
that really should be
celebrated as a milestone
in someone's life who's
a transwoman.
You know,
facial feminization surgery
is probably the biggest step
of my entire transition.
All I see is a very
lovely woman.
Thank you. [chuckles]
[Lisa] I don't think
anybody really realizes
the extraordinary journey
that some people have to take
just to live their
authentic life.
What do you think would've
happened with your life
if you hadn't kind
of been authentic
and you hadn't
committed to this?
I always thought about,
like, my life as a man
and it was just kind
of unbearable
because I was like,
"That makes no sense.
That's not me,
that's not who I am."
And that's really what
made me come out.
What do you regret then?
- [gentle, solemn music playing]
- I regret not coming out sooner.
I regret not shouting
down that voice in my head
that said I would
lose everything.
Because I didn't lose anything.
In fact, look at
everything I've gained.
Like, I gained
this gorgeous, like,
chosen family of queer people
that I share everything with.
Like, I share my whole
life with them.
And, um [deep breath]
[voice breaking] I just like,
I never thought
I would have that,
and I just love them all so much
and I'm so glad that they're
here with me to celebrate this.
Moving through the world
as a transwoman,
it's really hard
and it's easy to feel
ugly a lot of the time.
So to have someone, like,
celebrate my beauty
and things that I see in myself
and that all my friends
see in myself, [sniffles]
It just feels, like,
really special
and it feels like it should
be celebrated.
I'm going to see you later
looking beautiful. I know you will.
[upbeat music playing]
[Gabriella] Over here,
there's enough space.
Now we are putting together
their lilac lunch.
Lisa knows exactly
the color scheme Harlan likes.
This makes me nervous.
The lilac lunch and breakfast,
I think that it's a
little problematic
that they're in the same place.
Let Eric do what Eric does,
I guess.
Everything's okay?
Looks really good.
Each gathering
has to be different.
[Caroline] This toast is
a lavender honey burrata.
And it has to feel like
it's been lovingly curated.
With all my other businesses,
I cannot be at the Chateau 24/7.
So, if there's any
kind of event,
if it's in my establishment,
I have to have my eyes
on everything.
So I have to check everything
and normally, I find something
that's not quite correct.
Where did they have breakfast?
They had breakfast
right over there.
[Lisa] No, it was supposed to
be on the gravel here.
I want to know who's
changing my plans.
I think everything through.
It feels too similar to
have it both under the tree.
- [Stephen] Mm-hmm.
- One was supposed to be on the gravel
and this is the lilac lunch.
It's all thought through.
Why is he changing things?
Why would you try and fix
something that's not broken?
[Stephen] It's not broken.
I 100% agree.
Well, something might be broken.
Eric's confidence is
tipping into arrogance.
He didn't handle
the first night very well
and now him changing my plans?
- Can we talk?
- Sure, let's go.
I think we're gonna need
to have a heart to heart.
I'm not happy.
You know why I'm not happy?
[tense music playing]
Because you changed my plans.
I have this whole thing
thought out.
It's all bespoke.
It's all curated.
- The dishes, the napkins, the placement.
- Mm-hmm.
And they were supposed
to have their breakfast
- On the terrace. Mm-hmm.
- on the terrace,
and you moved it onto the lawn.
- Yes.
- Why would you do that?
Because now they're gonna
have three experiences
on the lawn in the same place.
I think everything through.
- I understand.
- It's not your job to do that.
- I understand. I understand.
- But why would you change everything?
I just thought it looked nice.
- That's not what you do.
- I get it. I know, I just, it
What's happening right now
is my inner, like,
curator and everything
is coming out and I really,
if it was me
Well sit on your [bleep]
inner curator.
- I know, I know, I know.
- I make the decisions here.
I know, I know, I understand.
- Do you see?
- I know. Yes, yes.
Sometimes, I just get
caught up in the moment
and maybe I took it too far.
I may have messed up big time.
- Yes.
- I know what I'm doing.
That's not what it
was supposed to be.
I get it. I understand.
I understand.
- I'm sorry. I won't do it again.
- Do you?
- I will not do it again. I
- Please don't change it.
I will promise you right now,
I will never change a thing again.
- You don't ever have to have
- So where are you having the ball tonight?
You Right outside
under the trees.
[dramatic orchestral
music playing]
- The ball?!
- In the garden.
Oh in-in the ballroom,
of course.
- In the ballroom. Yes, yes.
- Oh, good. I thought you changed it.
Yes, no I didn't change it.
I'm sorry. And never again.
I promise you.
[Lisa] You're right never again.
[Eric] I promise you.
You know, all I'm doing
is really trying my best
to make the best
experiences for this guest.
But I know I'm in good hands
and I just have to
let my ego down
and let the pro do her job.
[quirky music playing]
And I promise
I'll never do it again.
That's it. Let's move on.
- Have a good day
- [Lisa] Who are you talking to?
- [Eric] Myself.
- [Lisa] What?
Myself. Myself.
- [Lisa] What do you mean, you're talking
- I'm talking to myself.
- What? You're talking to yourself?
- Yeah, I do that often.
- What are you talking about?
- I was just talking to myself.
- What were you talking to yourself about?
- I just said
I said I will never
do that again to myself
and I'm gonna let the
pro do her job.
- You said that to yourself?
- Yes.
- Do you have to talk yourself?
- Your best interest.
Honey, just a heads up.
If somebody comes along
and sees you sitting there
talking to yourself
- Yes.
- I'm not judging you
- Yes.
- but people might think
you're batshit [bleep] crazy.
Maybe. I'm a little crazy.
In a good way.
I'm good I'm a good
Good way crazy.
Stephen is gunning for my job.
I know he's the one
who told Lisa
that I moved breakfast.
What a tattletale.
If you wanna talk shit about me,
you better be prepared.
This is Gabriella's
and Stephen's day.
So let's see how they perform.
- [Hannah] Are you good?
- This is their last chance.
Hell yeah, I'm good.
You know what? I don't need to
be doing everybody's job.
- You know that's a problem.
- [Stephen] It's actually our event.
I'm not doing everybody's job.
If it's our event,
then step it up.
I'm gonna grab the guests.
Eric, what are you doing?
I'm so confused.
Like, legitimately, like, did you
have a drink before this?
Did you, like, take something?
[Eric] Idiots.
I'm mind blown.
[bleep] ridiculous!
- Hello.
- Hey, everyone.
[Stephen] Eric. I just don't wanna have
a conversation right now.
I think this is your
[Priscila] Double fisting.
I'm not doing your job.
You didn't assist me at all.
[indistinct chatter]
[Stephen] What are
you doing then?
[Eric] I'm not doing your job.
I'm hearing some kind of
negativity coming from Eric.
You need to do your job.
What on earth is going on here?
[dramatic music playing]
[intense music playing]
I don't wanna hear it anymore.
Okay, we have guests
right around the corner.
I don't wanna hear you're
not on the clock anymore.
I have a partner out
there struggling.
I've been here since 10 working.
I just don't know what
Eric is talking about.
He is just raging right now.
- So get it done.
- I'm not struggling.
Go out there and help
your partner.
[Stephen] I don't know
how to respond.
I'm genuinely trying
to figure out
what's going through his mind.
I come to his kitchen
three hours
before my shift starts.
Eric and Stephen having
a complete meltdown.
They better get their
shit together
because they are not gonna
ruin Harlan's special night.
Look, I don't have time
for this. Move on.
- Like I did today?
- I worked 16 hours yesterday.
Okay, you need to calm down.
- I worked 16 hours today.
- Guests are here.
- I don't wanna hear anything.
- Guests-Guests are here.
Let's sort this out later, okay?
Okay. I don't wanna talk to
you Stephen, go do your job.
- I was doing my job.
- [Eric] Okay, well, make it happen.
Let's talk about it later, okay?
Alright, lunch is gonna
be served in a minute, okay?
Are you okay? Thank you.
[lively upbeat music playing]
Cheers to those who wish us well
and those who don't
can go to hell.
[guests] Yeah.
[glasses clinking]
[Gabriella] Stephen's arguing
with Eric constantly
and I-I have no time to waste.
I have to get shit done.
So, Lisa ordered
a big beautiful cake for Harlan,
so we have to go pick
it up from the bakery.
I'm gonna get things going and
make sure everything happens
in a timely manner.
We have to go pick up the cake.
I need a big man.
- [Andre] [laughs] There we go.
- [Telly] Are you for real?
Are you kidding me?
[bright whimsical
music playing]
[Gabriella] I don't know why
you're walking in front of me.
I'm first.
Oh. [laughs]
Andre, um
Andre's really, really kind
and, um,
he's very handsome. [chuckles]
There's certain people
when you just know that
they're good and you feel it.
And Andre's definitely
one of those people.
So yeah, we love Andre.
[Andre] It is hot.
- Look at how beautiful it is.
- Yeah. Just-Just relax a little.
[sultry music playing]
It is gorgeous.
Gabriella's not
necessarily my type,
but she's growing on me.
And yeah, I kind of got
a little thing,
but I feel like we both might
have a thing for each other.
[sultry music continues]
- [car horns honking]
- [Gabriella] It's so cute here.
What is name for
the reservation?
- Chateau
- Rosabelle cake.
- Rosabelle cake? Yes.
- [Gabriella] Yes.
Look. It's that one.
[Andre] [laughs] Hoo!
- That's a lot of cake.
- Yeah, it's huge.
[lively music playing]
[Andre] Precious cargo
coming through.
[Gabriella] Perfect.
- [Andre] Thank you. Thank you.
- [Gabriella] Bye.
Listen, when they come down,
I'm gonna look like
[bleep] model.
Tonight, we are going to throw
the rebirth party for Harlan
and we're all a part of it.
It's gonna be fun, amazing.
I think they're gonna be
ready to get [bleep] up.
So I wanna look my best tonight.
[Grace] I'm not used
to havin' all this on my face
and I don't like it.
What's happening?
[Grace] Well now,
I'm gonna [bleep] it up.
- [gentle, solemn music playing]
- What's going on?
I don't love wearing
a ton of makeup,
but watching everybody else
around me, all the other girls,
everybody has their makeup done.
Everybody's, like,
really dressed up.
So I'm trying my best to,
like, present myself like,
as best as I possibly could,
but I feel kind of uncomfortable
and, um, I'm starting to
actually get emotional.
- What's happening?
- [crying] I don't know.
Yes, you know.
[softly] It's okay.
[gentle music playing]
- [Caroline] Aw.
- [Grace weeps]
[Grace] Me being the
youngest person here,
I want people to think that,
like, I'm hard
and I can handle myself and
carry myself and I'm confident,
but there definitely are
parts of me that are insecure.
My mom, she doesn't wear
a ton of makeup
so she never really taught me,
you know, how to put on
like a full face of makeup.
And so I've just kind
of always preferred to,
like, be myself
without all of it.
- It's stunning.
- [Grace sniffles]
[laughs] Okay, okay.
- [Caroline] At least that made you laugh.
- Yeah, that did it.
Alright, now I need
to go fix it.
I just cried half of it off.
- [Emily] Are you okay?
- [Grace] Yeah.
I don't, like, feel
awesome right now.
- Too much?
- [Grace] Yeah.
You look beautiful
though, I promise.
- Look how good you look.
- [Grace laughs]
No, I'm not even joking.
Look how good you look.
- [Emily] I-I'm more like, look how good
- [Hannah] Yeah!
[Grace laughs]
I know that Grace normally
is not like a huge
makeup wearer or anything
like that,
but being here and kind of like
in this environment
and everyone else is all
done up all the time,
it could be a little stressful.
I just want her to be
comfortable and be herself.
[dramatic suspenseful
music playing]
- [Stephen] How does it look?
- [Hannah] It looks really good.
Do you have, um the-the?
- Yeah
- 'Cause look.
I'm definitely feeling
the pressure
because I know how
important this is to Harlan
and I want everything
to be perfect.
- [Eric] So this is the dry run?
- Yeah. Like, show her. Ooh.
- And then
- Oh, when we're up, like boom.
Okay, gotcha, instead
of just sitting down.
- Yeah.
- Okay, cool.
- So one and two
- You don't wanna hold her hand,
- you want her to be expressive.
- Okay.
One and two and three
and four and one, two.
- Alright, we'll back up.
- Three, four.
- Let her hand go. Perfect.
- Oh.
- Hey, this side?
- Ah, yes.
- Excellent.
- Inside or outside?
- Back hand, right?
- [Gabriella] Both.
[Eric] Whatever you
feel comfortable with.
- [Andre] Back hand.
- Okay, cool.
[staff chattering]
Right now, I am feeling that
I have more experience
and more know-how to be
the chateau manager than Eric.
I don't doubt Lisa's choices,
but I do want him to step up
and prove that he deserves
that title.
Oh! Goddammit, third time.
Stephen, he doesn't get it.
You gotta switch things up,
make things interesting.
And sometimes, you can
go off the book.
There might be some tension.
As long as the ship goes smooth
and the guests are happy,
it's okay.
It is what it is.
Oh, it looks so pretty.
There are crowns,
there's lots of red roses,
which is Harlan's
favorite flower.
The only thing I'm
concerned about is
that Harlan has
the time of her life.
What's happening at the
back of the house needs to stay there.
["Je T'Adore" by Kim
Petras playing]
I wanna love you more ♪
Than anybody before ♪
- Ooh, je t'adore, je t'adore ♪
- [guest exclaiming]
[people cheering and applauding]
Who is this gorgeous diva?
I've never seen her
come out in this way before.
[cheering and applauding
Ooh, je t'adore, je t'adore ♪
I wanna be your all ♪
The room looks very pretty.
It looks like it's
fit for a queen
and Harlan's going to
be exactly that.
- Harlan, darling.
- [guest 1] You look amazing!
- [guest 2] Girl, it's sickening!
- You look absolutely fabulous.
[chuckles] Thank you.
This is your moment, for sure.
It's your
Butterfly Rebirth Ball.
This is a whole new chapter
of your life.
All your friends who love you,
your chosen family,
here to support you.
At first, I thought how
lucky you are to have them,
but now, I think you are
very lucky to have her.
- It's only fitting
- [Harlan chuckles]
that you should wear this
from one queen to another.
Thank you, Queen.
[people cheering]
I present my queen!
[guest] Yes!
- Ooh, je t'adore, je t'adore ♪
- Ooh, yeah ♪
Maybe do one more button,
Just one more.
- [Eric] Really?
- A little bit. Yeah.
There we go.
[Eric] Oh, you need me
to show it more?
- Oh, yeah. Oh, Rico Suave.
- Yeah Ah. Ooh!
What happened with Priscila
- out about it!
- Why are you screaming?
She's not even [bleep] involved!
I'm just gonna ignore it.
We work together.
We're gonna get in
disagreements and everything,
so as long as she
can handle it and
then she can move on from it,
I think we'll be fine.
- Are you guys ready?
- [Eric] You want me to take three?
- No, it's fine. Yeah.
- [Eric] Are you sure?
- Let's go.
- [Eric] Hey, let me show you something.
- [Priscila] Don't teach us.
- [Hannah] I-I do this all the time.
And now Eric comes up and
tries to tell us how to hold plates.
We're good.
I know how to hold a plate.
I've been a server
for a while, but thank you.
- [Harlan] Hello.
- [Eric] How are you?
I'm great. I'm little tipsy.
How are you?
Hey, nothing wrong with that.
I'll be with you in shortly.
Hopefully if everything
goes well.
I'm focused on outcomes.
Everybody in this [bleep] house,
I'm doing all their goddamn jobs
and I'm done dealing with
this [bleep] bullshit.
Lisa told me one thing,
make sure that the guests
have a good time.
I'll go out and show them
I'm good at what I do
and I'm proud.
I'm gonna take the lead and
I'm gonna get the job done.
- Okay, I got an idea.
- [Harlan] Oh, my God.
[Eric] We're gonna
get this party started.
[Harlan and guests laughing]
- [upbeat music playing]
- [laughter]
Dinner's going great
and now we're gonna get
this party lit on fire.
I got a blow torch
to this night.
[Gabriella] After dinner,
we're all off the clock.
Honestly, my favorite
part of events is after
when you get to party with
the guests and have a good time
and just see everything
come to life.
[Andre] Uh, I thought I was at
a dance party, nobody's dancing.
We gotta get it right.
- [dance music playing]
- [laughter]
[Andre] Yeah, man!
[people cheering]
[Priscila] I like to
have a good time
and I wanna just not show
the "hard work" Priscila,
but the Priscila that is like,
"I'm [bleep] fun as [bleep]."
Making "her-story."
'Cause it's not "his" story
- It's her story.
- It's her-story.
- Oh, her-story! I get it, yeah!
- For the girls, yeah!
- [dance music continues]
- [guests laughing and cheering]
[insects chirring]
- [Grace] You didn't stay.
- [Andre] I came there.
I just was making drinks
and you saw me there.
You even gave me a hug.
[Emily/Grace/Gabriella giggling]
I love flirting.
- [bell dings]
- Okay?
I see right through her
St. Augustine eyes.
I love Grace.
Really, we're just getting
to know each other.
Alright, I can I
Maybe I can see something.
I'm about tired of you, okay?
[Grace] I told Gabriella that
I think Andre's cute.
I think Andre definitely
knows I like him,
but we'll see what happens.
I enjoy his personality.
Alright, I'm gonna go
to the bathroom.
- Will you come with me.
- Yes.
Definitely if Grace wasn't
in the picture,
I would consider Dre.
But I love Grace and
she wants Dre and I respect her.
[gentle music playing]
Hey, can I do a shot, please?
Why the hell do I have
to manage somebody
doing what they know is going to
get them fired from their job?
My team right now,
they don't respect me.
Then Lisa's up my ass.
I don't know what to do
and I'm a little scared. I'm going
nervous. I'm going crazy.
[dramatic sting]
If you need alcohol that much,
I'm not gonna stop you.
Like, dig your own grave.
I'm gonna let you jump in it.
[dramatic music playing]
[Telly] [echoing] Oh, my God.
What are you doing?
Next, on Vanderpump Villa
[group shouting]
This is what I was born for.
It's okay to drink like that
in front of customer?
You're kitchen, and we're table.
[dramatic music playing]
[Lisa] Eric, can you come see me
in my office?
Now, it's Lauren's
bachelorette party.
[Marciano] "Who do you think
does not deserve to be here?"
I'm gonna go with chef.
I hate the way that he
disrespects the chefs.
[bleep] you! And you're
30 years old, acting like
- [Marciano] Spoiled brat.
- a piece of shit!
[echoing] [bleep] you!
[playful music playing]
[Lisa] Who are you
talking to now? Yourself?
One of the guests.
There's nobody there.
Eric needs to stop talking
to his imaginary friend.
[whispering] Have you seen
Eric talking to himself?
I have. I did. [chuckles]
Goddamn, the boy looks good.
Do you see him doing
anything else with himself?
Everything. Oh boy.
Let's go.
[intriguing theme
music playing]
[music fades out]
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