Vanderpump Villa (2024) s01e10 Episode Script

Bon Voyage, Bollywood Style

[people cheering loudly]
-Will you marry me?
[Lisa Vanderpump]
Previously, on this season of
Vanderpump Villa
I wanted to do a trial run
for this new concept.
[guest] I feel like
we're in, like, a fairytale.
And a lot has happened.
Well, sit on your [bleep]
inner curator.
And I have a lot
to think about.
The summer season's
coming to an end.
This final guest group
will show me a lot
because I honestly don't know
who I'd invite back
next summer season.
Hold on, Toto!
What the [bleep]?!
Making out with somebody else?
I would be with him if
he could be loyal,
but I don't feel like he's
a "one type of woman" guy.
I [bleep] up.
I just wanna make it up.
Make it up?
You did a major [bleep] up.
I really don't want
to leave France
without having an answer
of whether we're gonna
go back together or not.
Either she wants to be
together right now,
or she doesn't want to.
It's up to her.
I don't know what to do.
Andre has this quiet confidence.
So, we'll see how
things pan out.
Lord knows I'm [bleep] horny.
This is Nikki.
If Gabriella wasn't here,
I would've definitely had
some type of fling with Nikki.
[Eric] I think that Emily
is any guy's dream.
I'm open to it.
This is gonna get me in trouble.
[group] [chanting]
Kiss! Kiss!
Chef Caroline is an
amazing, beautiful woman.
I'm seeing a different
side of Eric. I like that.
But then, Nikki, she is
a very pretty woman as well.
Yeah, I cuddled with Eric.
I thought it was cute.
Who's he gonna choose?
There is a war going on.
[Emily] You don't think I would
like to be behind the bar,
instead of doing dishes
every night?
I see an opportunity.
I see a job opening.
[guest] If you could eliminate
anyone from the staff,
who would you eliminate?
Myself, 'cause I'm over it.
Telly, she said that she
doesn't like bartending.
-[Lisa] You heard that?
-It didn't come from somewhere else.
[Lisa] We literally have
just a few days left.
If she wants to go,
let's just do it.
Telly, can I have
a word with you?
[intriguing theme
music playing]
This is our traditional thing.
-[group cheering]
-[thrilling music playing]
Everybody's going in this room.
[Lisa] We are onto our
final group of guests,
and our final guest
of honor, Nehal,
chose Chateau Rosabelle
for her bridal shower.
So, this is gonna be my
final opportunity to decide
who's the best fit
for my vision.
[guests cheering]
Take a breath, okay?
And gimme that comb.
We do not walk around with
a comb in your pocket.
-[Eric] No!
-Oh, no!
-[Eric/Marciano laugh]
Telly, can I have a word
with you in my office please?
[tense, suspenseful
music playing]
Oh, great. Like,
what is actually going on?
I have no idea
what this can be.
So, let's just
let's just pray.
I'm just very confused.
Telly is honestly one
of my favorite hires,
but as I look to figure out
who I'm going to bring
back to the Chateau,
I honestly don't know
how committed she is.
If things don't go your way,
you can't just up and leave.
Be on time for the guests.
-I'll go home right now.
-No, you're on shift.
-Don't be late, this is okay.
-I'm gonna leave.
I would much rather go home
than be poked
and poked and poked.
If you want to go,
it's up to you.
I don't want anybody here
that doesn't want to be here.
What I hear is you saying
to my guests,
"I don't want to be
here anymore"?
How do you think that
makes a guest feel?
[Telly] I don't know how Lisa found out
about something I said
that was a lighthearted joke,
but I feel like someone wants
to throw me under the bus.
Do you know how hard I work
to make this all perfect
for my guests?
And you tell my guests,
"I don't wanna be
around any of these people.
I-I don't even wanna be here."
I never said that.
I said I was over it.
[guest] If you could eliminate
anyone from the staff,
who would you eliminate?
Myself, 'cause I'm over it.
[Lisa] What does
"over it" mean?
I felt like it was
a trick question.
I said that when I was around
a small group of people,
including Emily.
I wouldn't be surprised
if it was Emily
who went and told on me
because she's been gunning
for my job.
Like, at this point,
I'm pissed off.
If you've got any grievance,
come to me.
Sorry, it won't happen again.
Woosah, take a deep breath.
We're gonna chill.
I have drinks to make.
[sighs] Yes you do,
with a beautiful,
smiling face.
[upbeat music playing]
That's it.
Now, we've gotta get
things going.
We have to get ready for our
drama-free lavender
evening dinner.
This is one of our
final dinners
and they need to execute
it to perfection.
Wait, what are you cheersing to?
[guest] When Andre invites
us to Austin,
that's what we're
cheersing to. [laughs]
Gabriella, she is different from
any girl that I've ever dated.
She has confidence,
but she's a huge flirt.
I'm not sure if I can
trust Gabriella,
especially 'cause Gabriella
kissed Dan,
but I feel like it gives me an
opportunity to be who I am too,
which is a little flirt.
[Nehal] What about you?
What's your alcohol tolerance?
I don't really get drunk.
[guest] You won't take
a Henney shot?
You just won't?
These girls are getting
on my nerves right now.
They know me and Dre
had something going on,
but they're going in for it.
Well, I'll cheers to that.
[Gabriella] But I'm really
trying to maintain, like,
a professional attitude.
We are coming to the
end of things here.
So, definitely some tough
conversations to be had.
-[laughter, chatter]
-[Gabriella] Alright, my beautiful ladies,
-dinner awaits.
-[guests] Bye!
[bright, upbeat music playing]
[Lisa] We have turned the
Chateau Rosabelle tree
into a lavender
provincial paradise.
-Wow, the purple!
-[Nehal] This is beautiful.
-[guest] So pretty!
Welcome to Chateau Rosabelle.
Whatever you need,
we are here
to make this the best
experience possible, okay?
-[guests chuckle]
-[Nehal] We love that.
[guest 1]
Telly, I bonded with the most.
[overlapping chatter]
[guest 2] We took a Henny shot together.
We're homies.
[Nehal] Well, the party
just got started!
Okay! [laughs]
Andre, he's definitely my
safety net here. He's my person.
So, I wanna figure out
what we're gonna do.
Oh, this is eggplant.
[Marciano] Yes, aubergine and
then drizzled in a date syrup.
-[guests exclaim]
-Make sure you get it all in there.
[guests laugh]
[Marciano] Wow,
you look stunning, Lisa.
[Lisa] Oh, I love it
when you say that.
-It always works.
-[Marciano] Oh, so beautiful.
So, I have some,
three more big pinkies.
What are some other drinks
that you guys have
on your cocktail menu
or things you can make?
Drinks that are, like,
specialty on the menu?
My favorite drink here
in the Chateau,
it's Emily's drink
that she created.
-Oh, my God, that's fantastic.
-Isn't that good?
I really care about Emily,
and I know I may have
messed up big time with her
and I'm trying my best
to get back on track.
You know we're having
a little shift change
and one of our night bartenders
will be on
-and she's just absolutely amazing, so
-[Nehal] Oh yay!
[Eric] The problem is
when Telly finds out,
oh, it's probably gonna blow up.
-[Emily] Hi.
[Eric] I told them
about this great cocktail
and they kind of want
you to make it.
I appreciate Eric a lot.
He's always just been,
like, helping me
to advance my skill set.
They're not gonna let me behind that
bar right now
-with both of them there.
-[Eric] Then, we'll just say they're not
giving them the guest wants.
I would love to bartend.
I see an opportunity,
I see a job opening
and I want it bad so
I'm gonna go for it.
[Telly] What's happening?
What are you doing, Emily?
[Emily] I'm making them all
a little specialty shot.
[plucky music playing]
[Telly] How do they know
your specialty shot?
[Emily] Eric told 'em I'm
gonna make them a shot,
I'm gonna make them a shot.
[Telly] Okay, cool.
You can go behind our bar
-and make the shot.
The fact that Eric had one of
my coworkers walk behind my bar
and make a drink
for a guest during service.
It's unprofessional,
it's disrespectful
and I know for a fact because
Emily has a crush on Eric,
that's why he let her do it.
[intense violin music playing]
I'm making a raspberry shot
with a foamy top, right?
And you're making one now.
-[Emily] Yeah.
-So they're gonna have two?
[Emily] Look, Eric asked me
to make a fruity drink.
It's a strawberry little thing.
Did you want me to
do something else?
You know what?
Make the shots.
If Emily wants to get
behind the bar, go ahead.
I don't care.
That's less work for me.
-[ice rattles]
-But I also understand where Telly is
coming from right now.
It's like a war going on.
My name is Bennett
and I ain't in it.
[intense music playing]
You don't think I would like to be
behind the bar every night
instead of doing dishes
every night?
And you've told me
that you don't,
so it's like why do you
care if I'm behind the bar?
[Telly] Now, I'm pretty sure
it was Emily going
and telling on me to Lisa
that I don't want to be here
because she wants my job.
We are about to experience
World War Three.
Shit's about to get real.
[dramatic crescendo]
[Telly] That's Eric and
Emily just doing
whatever the [bleep]
they wanna do.
Spent all day making
those drinks.
The more and more I
think about Emily,
the more I'm getting
upset about it.
I'm [bleep] pissed.
[Eric] This is the
special evening shot.
-[dramatic plucky music playing]
-Emily curated this one
-and she took a long time to make it.
-[Nehal] Ooh!
It's a strawberry lemon drop
with the foam on top.
It's the same exact shot.
I have to let the
drama go because
the guests are so excited
and all having fun.
But I have to have a
conversation with Emily.
I'm just not the kind of person
that's complicit to bullshit.
[overlapping cheers]
[guest] Yes!
[bright, upbeat music playing]
[Lisa] Last night went by
rather flawlessly.
So just one more day to go.
And then, summer season
at Chateau Rosabelle
is coming to a close.
[dog barking]
[Marciano] Holy shit!
What the [bleep] is
a dog doing here?
-[dog barks]
-[guest] I don't know. [laughs]
[Eric] Why is there
literally a dog in your room?
It's not our fault! [laughs]
-Hey boy, come on. Lets go.
-[dog grumbles]
We don't know where
this dog came from,
but he is such a sweet and
kind little spirited animal.
This is the best
day of my life.
[laughing] Oh boy! Good boy!
'Cause animals are
really my peace of mind.
-[dog barks]
-Alright, let's go this way. Come on!
If you're having a bad
day, squeeze a dog.
I can guarantee you you're
gonna be happy after that.
-Come on, boy. [giggles]
-[dog barks]
Oh, thank you.
That's exactly what I need.
Would you like a straw?
Um, no, I'm okay, actually.
Can I talk to you outside
really quickly?
-Yeah, yeah.
-Yes? Okay.
After watching Emily
gunning for my job,
it made me really
take a step back
and realize that
I [bleep] up.
What is it?
I owe you an apology
and I wanna say sorry
because you hiring me to
work in the South of France
is a really good thing
that's happened to me,
and I just felt like
I did use a poor ch-choice
of words and it upset you.
I need to realize that you
have my best interest at heart.
I'm sorry and I am
thankful for you.
But, you know what?
You've got so much promise.
If you'd walked away from it,
what would that say about you?
[both] Quitter.
-Say it, quitter.
I say "quitta."
[both laugh]
If you've got the smarts
and you've got the experience,
and you're a beautiful girl,
what's missing?
Following it through.
It's really eye-opening
working so close with Lisa.
And watching her care
so much reminds me that
I know I'm in
the right industry
and I know I'm
on the right path
because I might get
a little, like, upset,
but that's just because
I wholeheartedly care.
-You're right. [laughs]
-[Lisa] I'll take it.
For Telly to come to me
with a sudden realization
that she was a little off
with the fact that she went to
the guests with her negativity
is actually something
I really wanted to see,
and it makes me feel better
about potentially
bringing her back.
But, let's see how
tonight goes.
-Isn't there a party to throw?
-[both chuckle]
-[upbeat music playing]
[Lisa] For the guests'
big marquee event,
we've tried to create something
that really embodies
the Indian culture.
I want Nehal to understand
that we really
want to give her
something that's
traditional to her
for her bridal shower.
-[Nehal] This is so cool!
-[guest] So crazy!
The tension's high.
Even though I feel extremely
I have to be professional.
I have to put my
big girl panties on
and I have to blow this
shit out the water.
But, I am gonna talk
with Emily.
I stand my ground and
I believe in what I believe in.
Like, I don't play that shit.
Nehal, we couldn't have
been happier to have you
as our final guest.
-I'm gonna cry.
So, we have a little
surprise for you.
Les Perles de Jaffna, darlings.
[guests exclaiming]
[mellow rhythmic
music playing]
-[Nehal] Oh my God, I'm dying!
The Bollywood night, there was
so much attention to detail
with the drapes, the
Bollywood dancers.
My expectations were
definitely met
and I'm very glad
that we got to do this.
[guests cheering]
[Nehal] That was amazing!
Thank you!
-[guests] Cheers!
-[Telly] What are the black chips?
Is there more rice?
I'm still extremely
unhappy with Emily.
I need to know what
I did to her
for her to feel like what
she did to me was okay.
Emily, I genuinely,
like, wholeheartedly
need to talk to you.
-Like, real life.
[Hannah] I love Telly
and I really hope
that she's not gonna
[bleep] this up.
I need her back at the Chateau
because I feel like
if I didn't have Telly,
I'd be drowning here.
Plus, I'd be stuck with
Marciano 24/7.
I would go [bleep] nuts.
My issue is when I'm
talking to the guests
and you hear a snippet,
and you go to Lisa Vanderpump,
that's not a friend.
I never want confrontation,
just to keep the peace.
But when it comes at me,
like, I'm not gonna be afraid.
Go ahead and speak it out loud.
I've been here and I'm ready.
What's uncool, Emily,
is you going to my boss,
me thinking that we're friends,
and you trying to take my job.
I've never had any ill intention
towards you, whatsoever.
What is being twisted right now?
I've been in hospitality
for a long time.
When there's an opening,
you take it.
I wanna be here so bad,
I'm taking it.
What Emily is saying
to me right now
has probably got to be
the worst thing said
to me by "a friend".
You're somebody that
I saw as a friend.
[tense violin music playing]
What you just said to me,
that you don't care
about any of that.
You saw a position
that was being worth taken
and you want to take it.
You're a bad person, Emily.
I was friends with Telly,
but when she was
making fun of Gabriella's,
like, appearance and looks,
that's the part that
I don't [bleep] with.
But at the end of the
day, you know what?
You didn't take my job.
I still have my job
and I'm still here.
So, all you did was show
your true colors.
[Emily] All of a sudden,
after I want this job,
it seems as though Telly
all of a sudden wants it again.
I think she's just regretful
by what she said about
not wanting to be here.
She doesn't like the fact that
I do want to be here,
and I think she's trying to just
twist the story into
I'm a bad person.
Yo, Emily's a bad person.
-Do you realize what she told me just now?
-What'd she say?
"I saw someone that didn't
wanna be here.
I work in hospitality,
so I'm gonna take the job."
[Hannah] I can't really
vibe with girls
that do shady shit like that,
but thank God,
for once it's not me
that's in the center
of the drama.
[angelic choir sings]
[Telly] I've never met
a person like her.
Emily is going to regret
treating me the way
she treated me
because Emily is somebody
that's not strong enough
to handle this job.
-[upbeat music playing]
-[guests cheering]
[Eric] After the work is done,
then we can play.
[group cheering, whooping]
It is our last group of guests.
I really want to get frisky,
get free and have
a really good time.
Ow, ow!
Alright, let's go.
[people exclaim]
[sighs] Me and Emily have
been working so many days
and so many hours together
and building up a little
flirty tension
and a little romance.
So, I feel like now is
the time to give her a kiss.
That's [bleep] right.
Oh. Pfft. [laughs]
Alright, so that's right.
Hey, anybody else wanna
test this shit?
-Let's go.
-[Richa] No. No, nobody else
-If anyone else wants to test this shit.
-Hey! Hey!
You wanna test me?
No, no, no, no, no.
[Emily] It's just fun.
It's a good time and
I'm doing whatever I want, okay?
I'm doing whatever I want,
and I don't care.
-[Eric screams]
-[group screams]
[mischievous music playing]
Alright, test me.
[curious music playing]
[Nikki] So what,
you're single as well?
You're gonna claim yourself
as completely single?
[Andre] Uh, everybody, I thought,
was completely single.
No, he's single.
Of all the guys,
I've always been
most attracted to Andre.
It was unfortunate timing
that the day I arrived,
him and Gabriella had just
kind of started something.
I've already said that I thought
that you were the
most standup guy.
And if I wanted to actually
see anyone, it would be you.
We do not have a TV. Like, this is
interesting to watch.
So, I'm here with my popcorn.
[Andre] When Nikki
came into the Chateau,
I said that she's beautiful
and she's fine. I Okay, I
[group screaming]
Whoa! Y'all stop!
I'm not even done.
-[Andre] She's beautiful, but
[Shefali] Yeah, but her
butt's cute, right?
-[Andre scoffs]
-Her butt is cute.
-[Nikki] I do have a cute butt.
-She has a really good body.
-[Andre] Hannah, stop!
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
But I feel like I
would never get
a chance to get to know her.
-[Nikki] Why?
-[Hannah/Shefali] Why?
Because Gabriella.
I like Gabriella,
but at the end of the day,
we are still getting
to know each other
and being here, time can
get accelerated a little bit.
I didn't think things
all the way through,
if I had to be honest with you.
The day that I got in,
you guys were sitting
on top of each other.
Like, anyone who kind of
was already "taken"
I wasn't going to, like,
force myself onto.
I think that Andre
and Gabriella
got together the day
before I got here.
-And he [bleep] up in that sense
-[Hannah gasps]
because honestly we probably
would've been hooking up.
[music stops]
[awkward silence]
[plucky music plays]
What's up?
-[Hannah] Come in.
-[Shefali] Come in, girl.
You know what?
I'm here to live my best life
and to just say my truth
in any moment.
So, I wasn't gonna shy
away from the conversation.
You guys keep talking.
[gentle, solemn music playing]
Okay, like, what the [bleep]?
Like, what's going on?
-I don't What the hell?
Whatever it is, I don't like it.
-We're like, "Uh". It's like, just-
-[Hannah/Shefali laugh]
You get used to whoever's in the room
and then you're like
-[Hannah] You don't have to get mad.
-[Shefali] Gabriella, come sit.
Whatever, bro. [bleep] it.
[Shefali] Gabriella!
Gabriella! Gabriella!
-[dramatic music playing]
Oh, my God.
Like, this is my jaw.
[laughs] I can't
I can't even believe
it's happening right now.
I'm so sorry.
I [bleep] that up
for you. [bleep]
Like, I don't know.
And I [sighs]
I really [bleep] up.
[bright, upbeat music playing]
[Eric] Our last group
of guests are leaving.
I am so proud of my team.
Everybody performed the "T".
So, here's our comment card.
I hope that Lisa is happy,
and she brings me back
for the next season here
at the Chateau.
And I hope everybody else
comes back, too.
Actually, no, maybe
not everybody. [laughs]
[Grace] I wouldn't
have wanted to be
a housekeeper
with anyone else.
Same. Stop.
[both laugh]
-[Lisa] How were my staff?
-[guests] Amazing.
-Love them!
-They're so welcoming.
The honey lavender is gone,
but here, you deserve
your flowers.
I'm so excited about [sniffs]
the last lavender.
[Caroline] Wow.
[overlapping goodbyes]
[happy chatter]
The best memories with
the best people ever. [laughs]
I think getting to
know the staff
was my highlight of the trip.
I think Lisa's exactly
who you see on screen.
She's a boss businesswoman,
she is very caring.
She loves the people
she has under her.
And that's who
I aspire to be like.
I hope my living quarters
are available forever
'cause I'm gonna come
back, for sure.
[Gabriella] Bye, guys!
[Hannah] Bye!
They loved all of you.
My staff might have
had some complications,
but they didn't let it spill
over to the guests' experience.
So, I want to reward them
for a job well done.
I have a surprise for you.
You've got the afternoon off.
-[Gabriella] No way!
-[staff exclaim]
But, when you come back,
a little bit of a surprise.
We have a-a few very
important guests.
Okay? When you come back.
[suspenseful music playing]
Holy shit.
I am not prepared
to deal with
another guest group.
But, we have worked so hard
here at the Chateau.
I think a boat ride
is an amazing idea
and I just wanna spend
time with Emily,
get to know her a little bit more
on a deeper level.
But go and enjoy the day.
-Woo! Oh, God.
-[crosstalk, laughter]
[sighs] Awkward.
Last night, I told Andre
he's a catch
and he told me that I'm
a catch as well.
I'm not going to step
on Gabriella's toes,
but hopefully no one's
gonna ask any questions
that start any arguments.
["Pluma" by
Caravan Palace playing]
[Marciano] [bleep] yeah.
This is the fun car.
[Nikki] Wow.
[Andre] Wow!
We are going on a boat.
I'm just hoping that it
can stay positive.
If I have to be honest here,
I think Nikki is a
nice woman.
Who knows what I might do?
-[Eric] Drinking with a view!
-[Hannah/Marciano] a view!
[Anthony] And that's why French people
don't like Americans.
[bright, upbeat music playing]
[Lisa] These last few weeks,
I mean, it's been incredible.
I love it here.
I really do love it here.
This experience has been
such a dream for me.
Being in the South of France
with my family.
Oh, Teddy, dreams do
come true, don't they?
Running a chateau.
-[Anthony] Oh, my God.
-[Lisa laughs]
[Lisa] So, I'm sitting
down with Ken
to start dreaming up
my next adventure.
Maybe we should look in England
at a huge English country house.
And as much as I've loved working
with my staff this season,
I need to decide who
to bring back
and who won't make the cut.
There's so many components
to what's going to
make it perfect.
Is anything perfect though?
-Only me.
-[both laugh]
Cheers to you, Gabriella.
-You're a great woman.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
This is so, so great
just to let loose and vibe.
But Dre and I, we haven't
talked about last night,
so I feel like I have to have
a conversation with him
because I don't like
sitting on it.
Honestly, I just wanna see
how things are gonna be
in the real world for us.
But, I feel like Dre's
being very avoidant.
-He's a good man, yeah.
-Right? 100%.
[plucky music playing]
I know the "talk" is coming,
but also, we have one more
special group of guests.
All I want is for us to
enjoy our time right now.
Gabriella and I can talk later.
We'll see.
Yeah, can I get two?
-[upbeat music playing]
Lisa is spoiling us.
This boat ride is amazing.
I'm getting so close to Eric.
It's nice, but once we
get back to the house,
we have guests, we have
to be professional.
Like, what? [laughs]
Like, it's so crazy.
We're having a great time
and nobody's bickering.
[Eric] Yeah, yeah.
[Nikki] Take off your shirts,
come on.
It's just really good vibes.
I wish that Marciano and I
were, like, good like this
all the time.
[plucky music playing]
-[energetic, upbeat music playing]
-[excited chatter, laughter]
-[plucky music plays]
I think the other car is
on a different wavelength
than we are.
There's, like, awkward,
uncomfortable tension.
Being in this car with Dre,
I feel like,
kind of a weird vibe.
I'm just hoping that I can have
a conversation with him later
about what I'm feeling.
[laughter, excited chatter]
-[group cheering]
I never thought I would
become close with Nikki,
but she's really grown on me.
Her and I are the exact
same people.
Know how to party,
know how to have fun.
As long as she can keep
her legs closed
in front of Marciano,
we'll be fine.
[clicks tongue]
Son of a bitch!
Hello, Lisa.
-[Lisa chuckles]
-[group laughs]
-[Lisa] Welcome home, darlings. Um
-[Eric] Thanks.
how was your day?
This is what piss
me off the most.
You-You-You can party
as much as you want.
You can, like, drink, you
can be wasted, that's on you.
But we not on vacation.
We still have a guests coming.
-[Hannah] It was amazing.
-[Eric] Thanks for the boat ride.
Thank you Lisa. We had the
best boat ride of all time.
-[Hannah] Amazing.
-Oh, lordy.
Okay, now you remember
I told you,
we have some very
special guests tonight.
Lisa knows everybody,
every celebrity, every star.
So who could it possibly be?
I am sweating bullets.
[suspenseful music playing]
I need you to focus.
I know them pretty well.
Some of them are
a little difficult
and some of them are
a real pain in my ass.
[suspenseful music playing]
We have very little time
until the next guests arrive
and I think everybody just needs
to get their shit together.
But, I love them all
so very much.
I don't know if you've
figured it out yet,
but the guests are you.
-[upbeat music playing]
Thank God. [laughs]
-Oh, my God!
-Thank the lord!
Oh, thank you Lord.
I will be turning
Chateau Rosabelle
over to you.
[softly] Yes!
To relax and enjoy
the other side of
Chateau Rosabelle.
[staff cheering]
We're the guests.
People are serving us.
We got the green light
to have fun.
There is no stoppin' us now.
Chef, are you smiling?
I am, yeah.
[all laugh]
You all need to go
get cleaned up
and I will see you back here
and I will be serving you.
-Now, go! Get outta here!
-[staff cheering]
We are the guests! Oh, my God.
It's our [bleep] chateau!
-Stay away, I'm claiming
-Its our bathtub!
Alright, fine, we can share.
There's two beds.
Hannah, this is our room!
-We're not even [screams]
-Wash it out! [laughs]
-Oh, my God!
-[Eric laughs]
Hannah! Hannah!
-[Eric laughs]
-[Nikki] [bleep]!
-We got wetness. We got wetness.
-[Nikki] That's bullshit. Hannah!
I'm so confused.
I have no idea what's
going on with Eric.
I think we kissed, like,
three different times yesterday
and now today he's
all about Nikki.
[producer] Hey, quit
with the water.
You're ruining the mics.
[phone ringing]
Chateau Rosabelle,
guest services.
Can I get some towels up to
the main room, the Rose Room?
[Lisa] [over phone]
Some towels?
If you want the towels,
you know where they are!
-[upbeat music playing]
-[both laugh]
[Hannah] We've been
working so hard,
executing all these events,
so I feel like it's
Oh, this is all us tonight.
But things with Marciano and I,
it could be really good,
but it could be really bad.
I do see growth in Marciano,
but I'm not really sure
what path we're on
and, like, what we both
want out of each other.
-Hey, sit down!
-[Nikki/Eric scream]
-[Hannah] Woo!
-[Marciano] That's my [bleep] bed!
[upbeat music playing]
[Nikki] I was getting ready for work
when I got the call,
"Can you come to France?"
It is a life-changing
moment for me
in that moment as well.
And then I came, and you were
already pretty set in stone.
It's not like we walk in here
and we were all best friend.
I mean, we had to
learn each other.
I mean, and we still do,
you know?
-[Nikki] 100%.
-So, it's like
[Nikki] But nobody else
had to deal with that.
I understand where
she's coming from.
It was rough for me at first.
[Caroline] So in this moment,
I actually feel sad for her.
[Nikki] Lisa would love it.
Lisa loves that shit.
-[Emily] Bubble bath!
-[Grace] Get in the bubble bath!
[Gace/Emily] Yes! Yes!
[Andre] Being on the other side
is a little unreal.
We put on all these
special events,
we curate everything
for our guests.
-Here we go!
-[Emily] [bleep]!
[Andre] Being able
to finally get
the feeling that they have,
I see why they always
leave here happy.
-[Grace] Bubble bath!
-[Eric] She's right.
-[Anthony] Oh, no thank you.
[Marciano] Wait, let me grab Hannah.
Hannah's over here.
[Hannah retching]
[Marciano] Oh, I got it.
I got it, I got it. I got it.
-I'm with you, babe.
-[Hannah retches]
Hannah and I, we've had
a lot of ups and downs
in our relationship,
but now I realize that
I want to be with her.
-[Hannah retches]
-[Marciano] See? There you go.
I don't know though,
if Hannah wants to be with me.
-[Hannah retches, coughs]
-[mischievous music playing]
[Eric] These are the rooms that
we've been tending over
this whole entire time.
This is gonna be great.
We can finally relax and
let's see,
guest point of view,
what it's like here
at the Chateau.
[Eric snores]
[upbeat classical
music playing]
[rooster crows]
[Emily] Get your ass up.
It's the last sunrise.
[upbeat music continues]
[Gabriella] Do you want
to sit out here?
Me and Andre are kind of
in this state of limbo.
I don't really know how
we're gonna leave this,
so I have to sit down
and talk with him and
hopefully we come to a consensus
if we wanna continue
seeing each other.
Things have progressed
really fast.
[plucky music playing]
So I just want to know kind of
what you're thinking
and how you feel and everything.
Oh, you jumped straight into it.
No, I am, yeah, 'cause
-[Andre chuckles]
-it's serious to me.
I feel like I'm ready to
kind of explore things
a little bit more seriously.
[exhales sharply]
Uh honestly
you are a great human being.
And you also
you get on my
nerves sometimes.
[Gabriella laughs]
Yeah, but you love it.
[Andre chuckles]
[both laugh]
Nah, but seriously, um
Nah, I'm definitely
open to, you know,
seeing where this goes.
You know, I wanna be
able to see, you know,
if we can balance each other.
So, I'll come to Dallas.
Y-You ain't got no choice.
[both laugh]
Me and Andre have had a
really, really good time.
He was honestly the closest
person to me in the Chateau.
So, I'm definitely
excited to leave
and just see how it works.
It's gonna be good.
You kiss with your eyes
open or closed?
Both. Sometimes I like to see.
Whoa now.
Slow your roll, Grasshopper.
[Gabriella] Come on,
let's go inside.
You always gotta do
somethin' sexual.
-[Gabriella] Shut up, Dre. [laughs]
[upbeat music playing]
[Eric] Oh, my God,
this place is like a tornado.
-[Marciano] Hannah.
-[Hannah] What?
[Marciano] Hey, come here.
-Come here.
-[Hannah] What?
I do wanna be with Hannah,
but we need to have a
conversation about it.
A real, legitimate
If she says no, it's gonna hurt.
But I'm hoping she feels
the same way.
I wanna be with you.
[tense music playing]
Marciano and I have
had conversations
on maybe
getting back together,
but we're isolated
in the Chateau.
Like, we're in a different
environment right now,
so it scares me.
We're leaving,
we're going back home.
Do you feel like you can make
a commitment to be loyal?
If you want a relationship,
if you want to be with me,
you need to make a commitment
to be loyal.
I can yeah.
-[upbeat violin music playing]
-[Marciano chuckles]
I-I wanna make you
feel that way.
Secure, loyal, everything.
Yes, I do wanna give
you another chance.
Wow, was not expecting
that whatsoever!
I feel like
a weight has been lifted
off my shoulders right now.
I am like, "Oh my gosh!
[bleep] yeah!"
I've always wanted
to be with you
because I've always had
feelings for you,
but one [bleep] up, like, then
I just think we should call it.
Uh, I'm with you. And I don't
But yes, I'm very proud of you
and, um,
[voice breaking]
I am grateful for you
that I got to do this with you.
-[solemn violin music playing]
Me too.
I'm definitely worried
about going back to Vegas
and putting our
relationship to the test,
but I think he's the one that's grown the
most out here at the Chateau
and we came through this
whole experience strong,
and we can handle anything.
But, I mean,
if it falls to shit,
I've grown from this
and I feel like I am
strong enough to get out
and not go back to our old ways.
-[plucky music playing]
-[Marciano] I love you.
I could throw up right now.
-I'm so hungover.
-I'm so hungover.
-Me too.
[Lisa] Having a
really romantic chateau,
it's been my dream
for so many years
and I want to reward my staff
because the dream
has come true.
And honestly, I couldn't
have done it without them.
Even though I'm not sure
if everyone is the best fit
for the future of the villa,
they are truly appreciated.
Look at us on the other side!
The Chateau Rosabelle, woo!
I have something special
for each of my staff members.
[group] Cheers!
I don't think they
quite understand
what we've got planned for them.
[thrilling music playing]
Welcome to dinner
under the Rosabelle tree.
[staff exclaiming]
Oh, my God, Lisa!
You all look magnificent.
Lisa is just a perfectionist
and anything she does is gold.
The personal touches she
put on everything
is what really got me.
I hope that we can
collaborate soon
and do some more
boss bitch shit. [laughs]
I hope you had a really
beautiful day.
I wanted you all
to experience the other side
of Chateau Rosabelle.
[gentle, elegant
music playing]
Just to show a token
of my appreciation,
I want you to lift your cloches.
[staff members gasp]
Oh, my God.
-No way!
-[Marciano] No. What?!
[group crying and exclaiming]
I truly don't have words
for what is in front
of me right now.
$8,000, like, it's life
changing for me.
Don't cry.
We're all gonna cry, okay?
I don't have any savings.
I don't have any,
any safety net.
So, I'm feeling grateful,
'cause I know that this
will definitely
change things in my life.
Life's about fulfilling
your dreams
and it was my dream to host
a playful, decadent chateau
where we could host guests
that could fulfill their dreams.
And you did exactly that.
You have created very, very
special memories for me
and I will never forget them.
So, I propose a toast,
and as we say in France,
-[thrilling music playing]
-[staff] Salut!
[Caroline] Thank you, Lisa.
We love you!
[Hannah] The whole journey
has been amazing.
It's coming to the end
and it's just hitting me.
Bonne nuit.
Follow your dreams.
[Hannah] I don't know why
I'm crying right now
because I hated all these people
at one point in time.
I'm just wondering
why the [bleep]
everyone's shutting their doors
like pussy-ass bitches.
She's batshit crazy.
She's crying?
Who the [bleep] cries
on their first day?
But I've made a lot of
good relationships
through this journey.
-[Telly slurping]
-[Hannah laughs]
And they'll always have a
special place in my heart.
So, I'm very grateful
for this experience.
So, I wanna make a
toast for Nikki.
[dramatic music playing]
I want to apologize to you,
and I know I wasn't kind to you
and we might not be best friend,
but I appreciate you regardless,
you know?
It means a lot. I hope that
you consider me a friend
'cause I consider you a friend.
I really do.
I think it's important for her
to move forward and
be feeling relieved.
We work together,
we live together.
No matter what, if you need
anything, I'll-I'll support you.
I really needed that
more than you know.
The fact that Caroline
I almost wanted to pinch myself.
I couldn't even believe it.
I feel really proud of myself
regardless of having
a couple nights
of being teary and whatnot.
Okay, I'm sorry if I'm a little bit more
emotional than you guys
'cause I'm just,
like, literally jet lagged.
I don't think that any of
these other staff members
could have come in
halfway through
and eventually ended
in a successful position
like I did.
[group cheering]
I'm hoping that I impressed
Lisa so much
that she wants me back.
You know, I know
I did great, so
This is so wild.
I'm just feeling so
grateful, honestly.
So grateful.
Nikki and Caroline,
that kind of shifted the vibe
and made me look at
a lot of things differently.
Telly and I, we've had
our differences,
but regardless of anything
that's happened in the past,
I do care about her
and I just hope we can rebuild
our relationship one day.
Hey, cheers to Lisa.
-The baddest in the game!
-[excited chatter]
-[Andre] Lets go, Hannah! Let's go!
-[Marciano] Pop that shit!
[group cheering]
[bottle crashes]
[Telly] This experience
for me has been
a roller coaster
[group cheering]
but it's a ride that
I needed to take.
Coming into this,
I was a bit apprehensive.
Now, I feel completely
and hungry for more.
-[Andre] Go back, go back! [laughs]
-[Caroline screams]
To come in the way I did,
with the ego I have
You don't know shit.
You're [bleep] 23 years old.
You're a little spoiled brat!
[Lisa] Be very careful.
The way you speak to women
is not acceptable.
I'm extremely embarrassed
and humiliated
from my actions,
and I'm sorry.
I learned from Lisa be humble
and I've learned how
to [sighs]
wash the dishes.
-[thrilling music continues]
-[group cheering]
I made it. [laughs]
It's been rocky. [sighs]
Sometimes, I didn't think
I was gonna get this far.
I definitely have not learned
everything that I need to learn,
but it's a great starting point
into getting super
comfortable with myself.
-Emily, come here.
-[Grace] Lets go, woo!
Yeah, I don't know.
I still don't know. [laughs]
-[plucky music playing]
-[group cheering]
I still don't know.
Eh, confusing.
-[bleep] burn it down!
-[laughter, whooping]
I came into this place,
I knew it was gonna be hard.
You changed my plan.
[guest] [gasps] Yeah!
Oh Eric, you're my hero.
Eric, I cannot afford
to have that happen again.
I'm leaving this place
learning a lot of lessons.
I'm definitely a better person
because of it.
Mission complete, guys.
[group cheering, whooping]
I built some amazing bonds here
that I never thought I would do
outside of my experience
in the military.
We came together and
we built a family,
and I don't think any of us
expected that to happen.
We're a thousand miles
from comfort ♪
We have traveled
land and sea ♪
[Lisa] This was an experience
of a lifetime,
filled with wonderful memories.
-Even the naughty ones.
-Whoa! Whoa!
-Shut the [bleep] up!
-[belt whips]
-No place I'd rather be ♪
[Lisa] I've seen laughter,
I've seen tears.
[crying] I disappointed you.
You have not disappointed
me at all.
But I've also seen progress
and that is the most
important thing.
-[donkey brays]
-[laughter, cheering]
[Lisa] But, I do have
a lot to think about
before we do this again.
Do you want to manage
this chateau?
Would you be running
up the driveway
on a broomstick?
I don't think so.
No place I'd rather be ♪
["Rather Be" by Clean Bandit
ft. Jess Glynne playing]
No place I'd rather be ♪
When I am with you ♪
There's no place
I'd rather be ♪
[intriguing theme
music playing]
[music fades out]
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