Vanderpump Villa (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Reunited and It Feels So Good

What the [bleep]?
-[sheep bleating]
[Lisa Vanderpump] Previously,
on Vanderpump Villa
Cheers to Michelle!
Putting away her [bleep] 20s.
[people cheering]
Holy balls, don't drop this,
We are going to welcome
a new staff member.
This is Nikki.
Nikki, she's gonna be a
lot of trouble in the house.
What the [bleep] is going on?
Do you think she's pretty
or something?
-[punches door]
-[sighs] [bleeps]
[Nikki crying]
She's batshit crazy,
she's crying?
Hannah needs to get
her shit together.
There is a trigger for you.
I've just been hurt by
Marciano so many times.
I don't want to be around
him anymore.
[Emily giggles]
I want to trust Eric so bad,
but he's playing all of us.
[Nikki/Eric laughing]
Nikki, she's a very
pretty woman.
Will you be my queen?
-[group] [chant] Kiss him! Kiss him!
-[group screaming]
Chef Caroline, her eyes cut
through me every single time.
I think that Emily is
any guy's dream.
Eric is a [bleep] hot mess.
[Eric] Here, let me take a
sip of your champagne.
[moans] Oh, my God!
[Lisa] Eric, you're not
gonna be interacting
with any of the guests.
Stephen, that's gonna be you.
It's a very weird feeling
to have somebody replace you.
[Stephen] I think that
I would be a fabulous
chateau manager.
But it doesn't feel like
-I've been working with a team lately.
-Just chill. You
[Stephen] It's hard
to chill when everybody's
coming to me for things.
I'm not gonna smile
and fake it either.
[Nikki] Being the new girl,
I'm seeing that
it's a dysfunctional
family in the Chateau.
[group yelling and cheering]
I personally don't think
it's professional
to kiss a guest.
You coming from fine dining
and you kiss a guest
taking a shot?
Caroline, is definitely
jealous of Nikki.
We the ones that volunteered
her to take the shot.
-Then, I'm stupid. I'm stupid.
I feel like everyone's upset.
We come from a different
and a different world.
It's gonna blow up even more.
[Nikki] Literally,
get the [bleep] over yourself.
It's just, like holy shit.
[intriguing theme
music playing]
[tense music playing]
Take the shot, is one thing.
Is anybody said,
"Nikki go kiss the guest"?
-Is anybody say that?
[Caroline] This is not
how it was in my world.
[Telly] Caroline is
clearly being ridiculous.
It's getting ridiculous.
-I'm making shit up now?
-[Telly/Hannah] No!
Anyone can see right through
the comments you're making.
This has nothing to
do with the guest.
It has nothing to do
with me kissing a guest.
It's just plain old
jealousy and bitchiness.
Caroline, Caroline,
we're going in circles.
Let me just say it point blank,
that's not the [bleep] problem.
It has nothing to do with the guest
and her kissing a guy.
I think Caroline has
an issue with Nikki
because, she's flirting
with Eric.
-[Nikki/Eric laugh]
-[Hannah] She's all over him.
And then, you know, the kiss
that Caroline and Eric had
-[group] [chanting] Kiss! Kiss!
So, we got Emily over here,
then we have Caroline,
then we have the
new girl, Nikki.
Who's he gonna choose?
-[Hannah] None of them. [chuckles]
-[plucky music playing]
I'm being honest.
We're done. We're
done with that.
We're going in circles,
it's over.
I just wanna say
goodnight everybody, okay?
[speaking French] No?
-[Andre laughs]
then the guests are
probably hearing it too.
And if it gets back to Lisa,
ha, we're in trouble.
Shut up, everybody.
[upbeat music playing]
[Stephen] At this point,
I'm no longer surprised
by the level of drama
amongst the staff.
The guests are still here,
so I'm hoping that
they couldn't hear any arguments
'cause I got to be in charge of
the guests for the first time.
I'm really, really working hard
to get on this comment card.
It's important to show Lisa
that I am deserving
of the position she's
bestowed upon me.
Especially after my
little freak out.
[Telly] Stop putting everyone's else's
burdens on your shoulders.
That's not my mindset.
[Telly] Okay, I'm not gonna do
a back and forth with you.
-I'm, like, shaking. Can
-Here, just sit.
-I'm just physically sick right now.
-[Lisa] What's going on?
[Stephen] It's really scary
because I need Lisa
to trust me.
I need to prove that the
manager title is something
that I can handle and
something that I can execute.
Michelle, and the group,
of course.
We do have a comment card
-for you guys to fill out.
-[Michelle] Ooh, okay. Thank you.
-[mischievous music playing]
-"Service staff:
"Did we serve up smiles or
did you leave with a frown?
One to five.
Five being the best."
[Hannah] After what happened
with Nikki and I,
I need to get on this
comment card
because I need to prove
to Lisa why she hired me.
Honestly, I don't ask for much.
It's all about Lisa.
It's done.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, guys.
Oh my goodness!
[guests exclaiming gleefully]
How was everything?
[guests] Amazing!
Do we have a nice
big fat hangover?
[guests cheering, shouting]
-[guest 1] Maybe.
-[guest 2] A little bit.
Well, I heard you had fun.
We really like or told
Eric would serenade us,
and that just never happened.
-He would serenade you?
-[guest] It hasn't happened yet.
[Lisa] I've seen Eric do
a lot of surprising things.
-But, um
But singing, I didn't
know was his forte.
[playful music playing]
[Lisa] Apparently, they said,
that you were gonna
sing to them.
I have a great voice.
Does it go like this?
[mimics goat bleating]
It goes
[mimics sheep bleating]
[group laughs]
-[gentle, upbeat music playing]
-[Michelle] We love you guys.
Leaving the Chateau and
saying goodbye to my
twenties is sad,
but I feel like I
got to celebrate
ushering in my thirties
in the best possible way.
[overlapping goodbyes]
Safe travels.
Like, honestly, the
best trip ever.
All I'm gonna say is,
the next group has
big shoes to fill.
Well, good job.
Not a problem. We made it.
[staff cheering]
[Lisa] The summer season
at Chateau Rosabelle
is coming to a close.
Now, I have to start thinking
about what our plans are
moving forward on this chateau.
They were so much fun.
We are almost to the
end of this journey.
This is a defining moment
for the staff.
Should I choose to make
this chateau permanent?
And if they want to be
a part of that future,
they've got to go
above and beyond
to bring this puppy home.
So, I want to talk to Stephen
about what happened.
-[knocking on door]
-[Lisa] Come in.
-[tense violin music playing]
-Good morning.
-[Lisa] How you feeling?
-[Stephen] Refreshed.
-Are you?
I'm a little nervous actually,
going into this meeting
with Lisa today.
Is this gonna be good or bad?
So, do you feel any better
after our talk?
I really do feel a thousand
times better.
-I do.
-Good. One of the problems you're having
is doubting yourself
and questioning.
And you've gotta stop that.
Stephen seemed to be
with his ability to
handle an event.
I want him to understand that,
get out of your head.
You have got this.
You can do this.
You put in a lot of
work yesterday.
You were there for
breakfast, lunch.
Everybody did a really good job.
But actually you,
they called out as being
one of their favorites.
-They said you did such a good job.
You made them feel so welcome.
You wouldn't be here
if you weren't really good.
I understand.
For me, when my name is
put on this comment card,
it represents that
it's not always about
-having the hottest bod
-[Gabriella] Damn!
-[Stephen] and getting wasted.
-[Marciano] Dude!
[Stephen] It's about going the extra mile
to know someone personally
and make them feel
like they belong.
It's something that
I just take such joy in,
as knowing that I brought
a smile to someone's face
without being the cliché
of a party boy.
-Thank you.
-[Lisa] Okay. Alright.
Donut, you were the favorite.
Let's go.
[snarky music playing]
[Caroline] I feel like
he's just being weird.
I can't really figure Eric.
You don't know if
he's a player,
if there's a real attraction.
'Cause he has a tendency
to wanna make
every woman feel good.
If you're not special
out of the bunch then,
then what's the point?
No. Have no clue who
that person is.
'Cause it's-it's pretty close
for two days of
knowing each other.
She literally was, like,
so stressed out.
[Caroline] He's so sweet.
He give advice
and he cuddle with the girl.
-That's amazing.
-[Eric] In a friendly way.
[Caroline] I feel a bit
disappointed by Eric
to just go along
entertaining Nikki.
He need to be more considerate
of others' feelings.
It's very frustrating.
You dumb.
I know. Stupid.
I'm not sure what to
do with Caroline.
I love intimacy.
And if this was
a few years ago,
I might start a firestorm
between everybody till
the very end.
But, I can admit my faults
and I can admit my mistakes
and that's what I learned
from my divorce, is step back.
You know, a lot of people
make assumptions,
they can do all they want.
[Anthony] There's
something, like,
between Eric, Caroline.
But, uh, to be honest,
that's none of my business.
So, they do whatever they want.
As long as I can sleep at
night, it's okay, you know?
-[vibrant music playing]
-[Gabriella] Where are you going?
[Andre] Wanna look
at the sunset today.
[Gabriella] You're so far from me.
Can you come closer?
Yeah. Anything for you,
[chill music playing]
[Gabriella] Andre and I
have definitely been,
like, getting closer
as time goes on.
When we leave here,
I'm super open to love
and having something
more serious
and I think that we're gonna
continue seeing each other
and seeing where it goes.
[tranquil silence]
[Andre grunting, sighs]
[energetic music playing]
-You are [bleep] around.
-[Andre] I'm not.
Gabriella and I are
spending some time together,
but we're in France here.
Reality is, we're leaving
here soon.
I live in Texas and
Gabriella lives in Florida.
This chateau, it is not
real life, okay?
-[Gabriella] Lower.
-[Andre chuckles, clears throat]
You want me to do that?
-[Gabriella] Let the head hang. [laughs]
-[Andre] Woo!
[bright, lively music playing]
[softly] Perfect.
This experience is ending soon,
and I don't really know
where I stand with Hannah.
All I know is that
I need to find out.
I need to have a serious
conversation with Hannah.
That being said,
I think I gotta pull out
the dinner idea.
I knew if I was gonna
talk with Hannah,
I needed to make it special.
I'm gonna set up a
dinner for her,
but that is gonna include me
asking for help from everyone
without letting Hannah
find out.
Let's figure out where
you want to do that,
and I'll set up a
table while
the dinner service
is going on.
I think if I do it that way
and, like, show her
-that she'll be receptive to it
and we can kinda see where
it's gonna go from there.
-Any woman would love that.
-[Marciano] Yeah.
Hannah and I have had a lot
of things that have happened.
I don't know if I can fix it.
All I know is, I don't wanna
leave the Chateau in limbo.
I've been through this
with Hannah before
and that is not a way it works.
I want the label or not at all.
And I'm not leaving until
it's one or the other.
[dramatic sting]
-[upbeat music playing]
-[Andre] Follow me.
-[Caroline] Follow you?
-[Hannah] Alright.
[Caroline] Make sure
your brakes work.
[Andre] Oh gosh.
They're not working.
[Lisa] We have a new group
of guests coming in tomorrow.
However, there's one
order of business
that I need to address first.
Who will be my chateau manager?
Eric or Stephen?
[plucky music playing]
I know Eric wants the best
for the Chateau and for me,
but he does have very
unusual ideas.
[Hannah laughing]
[moans] Oh, my God.
[guests whooping]
Call me Magic Mike.
[guests screaming]
[guests cheering]
But, the guests love him,
and I don't want this chateau
to be an old stuffy experience.
Let's do it.
Stephen did a great job,
but Eric has a different
demeanor to Stephen.
-[water splashing]
-[timid music playing]
All of you are soaked
and lunch hasn't
even been served yet.
-No, I know.
-[Stephen] I've been serving and
running around back and forth.
-[Telly] Just chill. You
-[Stephen] It's hard to chill
when everybody's coming to me for things.
I'm not gonna smile
and fake it either.
I knew it would be tough,
but this trial run
at Chateau Rosabelle
is almost over.
We're almost crossing
the finish line
and I still need to decide
who suits me better
for this project.
How are you?
-[plucky music playing]
-Um, I'm okay.
I'm gonna be very
interested to see
exactly whose name is
on the comment card.
-[Eric] Okay.
-I don't think you'll be there.
But, with the new guests,
I'm gonna let you
go back to being at
the front of house.
Now, that I'm getting
to come back
as a manager of the chateau,
I've learned some lessons.
Criticize me all day,
'cause it's only gonna make me
a better manager
and a better person.
And, I leave the past
in yesterday
and look forward
to the future, so
Okay, but remember, [whispers] you're not
managing the staff.
[curious music playing]
Can you repeat after me?
[Eirc] I am not managing
the staff.
I am managing the Chateau.
[whispers] And I'm not
shagging the sheep.
And I am not shagging
the sheep. [laughs]
[Lisa] I just hope that
I'm making the right decision.
I guess we're gonna find out.
I hope it's okay,
from my mouth to God's ears.
[bright, lively music playing]
Hi, Grace.
-[sarcastic laugh]
-[Hannah/Gabriella chuckle]
[Grace] Normally,
I don't get along with people
who portray themselves
the way that Hannah does,
but I think she's really funny.
[Hannah] [sing-songy]
We all love each other ♪
No I do-ont! ♪
[Eric laughs]
I think that she's
stuck in a bad relationship
with a guy
who doesn't deserve her.
[tense music playing]
But, you know, everything
that happened previously
with Pri leaving.
Everyone's gone through
shit in their life.
Be strong and tough
through that shit.
You look like an idiot.
I look like an idiot?
But you're the one screaming
You're the one that curated
all of this drama!
I'm trying my best to kind of
let that roll off my shoulders
because we do have such a
short amount of time here.
[Hannah] Well, maybe that's why
I have a worm up my ass.
[energetic music playing]
Good morning, everybody.
Good morning, Lisa.
-Who's gonna hold my little beignet?
-[Stephen] Dibs.
-[Lisa] You want?
-I do. I do want.
[Lisa] Well, since the last guests,
I have to say,
Stephen slayed, Nikki slayed.
-You all did very well.
-[staff clapping]
[Nikki] The staff here
is a very unique situation,
and I'm coming in late,
which just makes it
more difficult to get
on the comment card
because we don't have a lot of
time left here at the Chateau.
Our next group of guests,
hail from a
professional football team
-[thrilling music playing]
-[staff cheering]
-[Telly] I don't believe you.
-[Nikki] Oh, my God!
[excited chatter]
-of cheerleaders.
-[music stops]
-[Eric] Oh!
-[Marciano laughs]
Bring it on!
-[upbeat music playing]
-[Eric] That's right, baby!
I was a cheerleader
in high school.
And I'm very excited because
they just give off good energy.
Something that we need
in this chateau of toxic.
[Lisa] The New Jersey
General's cheerleaders
were the absolute
crème de la crème of the 1980s.
-[upbeat music distorts, stops]
-[Eric] Sign me up! Sign me up, baby!
-[Marciano laughs]
Hey! Easy now.
Sorry Eric, you're not
getting any this time.
Actually, I'm not sorry.
And that's what I call
vintage glamour.
So, let's meet our next
guest of honor, Robin!
-Robin was the cheerleading captain.
-[Eric whistles]
-She's a very attractive woman.
Now remember, this is very
exciting for all these ladies
because this is a reunion.
They were known as
the Brigadiers.
[Eric] [chuckles] You know what we call
these ladies
-Easy, tiger.
-[Eric] You know what we call these
-Easy, tiger.
-I don't want to offend anybody.
-It's called a MILF.
-Well, have you heard of a GILF?
Because that's what I am.
-Amen to that.
-[staff laughing]
[Lisa] When you get to
this stage in life,
you have a little bit
more experience
than some of you little
green bunnies over there.
Anyway, just because
they're not 25,
I still want them to have
the time of their life.
Got it?
[Hannah] I used to be
a competitive cheerleader,
so this is right up my alley.
I am so excited to spend the
weekend with these ladies.
Do you want to greet the people?
Come on, then. Stretch.
-[Donut whining]
Come on, Donut.
Are we all lined up?
[classical music playing]
I'm very excited for
this group of ladies
and I am going to be their
greatest cheerleader.
[overlapping greetings]
Welcome to Chateau Rosabelle.
How was your trip?
We're just all so excited
to be here.
-[Eric] Right this way, ladies.
-Thank you.
[Robin] And just try to see
if we can reconnect
and have some good times
that we had back in the '80s,
which was a really big
party time in New York.
And this is a once in
a lifetime situation.
-I don't feel good.
-Oh, okay.
-I'm gonna go lay down for a sec.
-Yeah, go take a sec.
Dre's gonna get the bar.
[dramatic music playing]
Oh, this one's definitely
over 50 pounds.
Yeah, put that one
on the cart first.
-[Lisa] Emily?
-[Emily] Yeah?
Telly's not feeling that well,
so if you can just go step in
-behind the bar, okay?
-[Emily] Yeah.
Running the Chateau has
to be a team effort.
If one goes down,
then one has to step in.
And that's exactly what
Emily's going to do.
After, like, everything that
has happened here with Eric,
I'm gonna block him
out of my mind.
And I'm happy that it
gives me the opportunity
to be able to show
Lisa my skills.
Hopefully this leads to
me being in a more
forward-facing position
in the future,
'cause I've been working towards this
while I've been here
and I'm ready.
[Lisa] Andre, would you like to
make them the Rosabelle?
-Perfect welcome drink.
-[overlapping excited chatter]
Telly: not here.
I'm-I'm a little thrown off.
She's a great mixologist
and she's able to make
these exotic drinks.
[guest] You need eight, though, Andre,
there's only five.
Was it eight?
[Andre] That Rosabelle is
a very long drink to make.
Oh boy.
They're little edible toppers
and they're really, really cute.
I've never seen that before.
I feel so great.
I like bartending.
I'm not happy that
Telly's sick,
but I'm happy that it
gives me the opportunity
to actually get behind the bar.
[Andre] Hey. I've come to
check up on ya.
You went to sleep
full makeup on?
[curious music playing]
Telly's like a little sister
and it's not looking good.
Like [groans]
[groans] My [bleep] body.
So, I'm good.
-[dramatic music playing]
-[Telly] I know Emily.
She doesn't wanna
be a housekeeper
and I feel like
she wants my job.
Get up and do what?
-[Andre] Oh no.
[Telly] But, I'm gonna
stand up for myself
and lay the hammer down.
[Andre] Feel better, Tell.
You ain't gotta come to work.
[dramatic crescendo]
[bright, lively music playing]
[Eric] Alright, ladies,
I'm gonna take
everyone up to their room.
Oh my gosh.
[guests exclaiming]
[Emily] Where are the paper for these?
I'm gonna cut more.
-Right over here.
-Got you.
[Andre] The guests are here.
You can feel the energy.
I am feeling great right now.
Me having Emily behind
the bar is huge.
She's already killing it.
She is that girl.
Everyone gon' be like,
"Bro, you always sweatin'."
-Like, "Yo, it's not my call."
You are funny.
We'll see.
You never know.
It's all good.
As long as they're happy,
no reason to sweat it.
You get my drift?
[upbeat music playing]
Back in Giants Stadium, the New York Jets
did not have cheerleaders.
And the Giants did not
have cheerleaders.
So, we were the only
professional cheerleaders
-in the New York area.
So, this is gonna be a very
special moment for the ladies.
-Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God, with the boots!
-[guests squealing]
-[excited chatter]
[Lisa] We organized a
Brigadier photo shoot
to reimagine the iconic poses
from the cheerleaders'
legendary calendar.
-[guests] Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!
[Eric] Here we go, girls!
Here we go!
-Woo! Woo!
-[group cheering]
[Gabriella] Robin, can I see
both of yours drop?
I like that. Yes!
The event is going great,
and I cannot wait
to surprise them
with my three shirtless boys.
[panting, laughing]
This is gonna be great.
-[group] Oh, my God!
You know what it is time.
It's game time, baby.
Oh, my God.
I get it. I'm supposed to
be professional
but have some [bleep] fun
at the same time.
Oh my God.
I'm gonna set this shit on fire
like a [bleep] Christmas tree.
[excited chatter]
[guests whooping, laughing]
You know,
whenever Eric's excited,
I'm always fearful.
[laughs] Like, something bad
is going to happen.
-That's for real?
-My God.
-[Marciano] Yeah.
-Wow. Oh. Oh.
[guest] Yay!
Ah, at least they're happy.
I'm giving them the
experience that they're
never going to forget.
I will break the rules,
but with good intentions.
Let's go, boys.
[thrilling music playing]
Oh, my God, that was Yay! Woo!
[guests cheering]
[Gabriella] That's amazing.
That's amazing!
-[Eric] Ah! Ah!
-[guests screaming, laughing]
[bright, upbeat music playing]
[guest 1]
Oh, what a presentation.
-[guest 2] This is so pretty.
-[guest 3] Oh, look at this. So pretty.
[guest 4]
[gasps] Wow.
-[Robin] Oh wow.
-[guest] Sit next to Robin.
Welcome, everybody.
In front of you, we have
an amuse-bouche,
beets with a shrimp.
After that, we'll
have onion soup,
my grandma recipe.
Sea bass and lobster,
but my way.
And we finish with a
lemon tart tonight.
Going into dinner, I got a lot of things
on my mind.
First off, we have to
make sure we're set up
and dialed in for the guests.
[overlapping cheers]
Love you guys.
[Marciano] But at the same time,
with some help,
I'm working on a
very nice dinner
with just Hannah and I.
It's gonna be a surprise.
So, I am so nervous.
Okay. Keep it a surprise.
-[Eric] I'll roll out the grape.
-Yeah, whatever.
-Do you want me to?
-It's up to you. No.
Feel like I have
everyone on my side
in the house right now.
Where is Marciano?
[Stephen] Um, I haven't the
slightest idea, actually.
This looks good, right?
[whispers] Yeah, man.
Just beautiful. Perfect.
[Marciano] Stephen got me a tablecloth.
Champagne from Eric.
I couldn't be more ecstatic
that people want to help me
make this happen.
I'm gonna take this off
and go out there right now.
Well, go!
I'm sweating. [sniffs]
I can feel it. I'm dripping.
I'm leaking right now.
[indistinct chatter]
Get some fresh air and talk?
[intriguing music playing]
What is that?
Come on.
Okay. Get it together, Marciano.
[deep breath] Okay.
This is really pretty.
I can't believe you did this.
-[thoughtful music playing]
-I thought it was something that
I could show you
that I'm trying.
Hannah knows I still love her.
I just don't think I tell
it to her enough
or I don't think I-I do
a good enough job,
like, really letting her know.
'Cause she probably doesn't
think it all the time,
to be honest.
Where I'm at is I really don't
wanna leave France
without having an answer of whether
we're gonna go back to Vegas
-being together or not.
-[solemn music playing]
-I'm scared.
I don't wanna let you down.
I love you. I want to
prove it to you.
Like, I mean, actions speak
louder than words for me.
Like, there's a disconnect
in the relationship,
and that's like something
we both need to figure out.
Like, I don't want to
be insecure about
-Like, if you wanted to go out one night,
like, I don't need to
think in my head,
like, "Is he gonna do something,
or, like, cheat on me?"
-And I don't want to feel that way.
I don't want you to
feel that way.
Because I'm not gonna
sit here at 28 years old,
and waste my time.
I feel like you try and
make me a better person,
and I think that that's
huge for me.
Well, I feel like the same.
-Like, you do
-when you're not
-When I'm not.
-acting like a fool.
[Hannah] I really appreciate
where Marciano's coming from.
But, at the same time,
I don't really know if this is
actually a new Marciano,
so it scares me. It does.
I love him and I will always
have feelings for him,
but right now I just
really have to protect my heart
and my feelings
and just make sure it's genuine.
Yeah, I mean, I'm open to it.
But, I just need change,
like, actions.
[bright, cheerful
music playing]
These breads, oh my gosh.
Take whatever you want.
-I don't
-You're in France. Take a baguette.
-[Jonnalyn/Emily laugh]
-[Hannah] Why not?
I anoint you with love.
-[Hannah/Emily] Aw.
-When in doubt, love and love.
-[Emily] Yeah.
-[Nikki] Mm-hmm.
Keep loving.
If you're upset with someone,
love them.
The ones who make you upset
are your teachers.
Everyone that pushes
your buttons,
they're your best friends.
Love them.
[inspiring music playing]
Jonnalyn is just a
ball of wisdom,
and it's raining so true
in this situation
I'm currently in with Caroline,
and I'm hoping we can figure out
how to move on from it.
So, we'll see what happens.
As much as I thought that I
I've learned
when I'm in a situation,
sometimes you have
to go like this.
Sometimes you have
to run through it.
Sometimes you have to
hop over things.
Life is not like this.
-[Hannah] High five to you.
-No, no, no.
-[Hannah] That was amazing.
-[Emily] No, for real.
That's because I'm
still learning. [laughs]
-That was amazing words of wisdom.
-We needed that.
-We needed that so bad.
-We needed that.
Wha I needed that so bad!
Thank you!
[lively, upbeat music playing]
-[Andre] Bless you.
-[Telly] Thank you.
-[Emily] Good morning.
-[Telly] Oh, good morning.
It's a new day and
I woke up this morning
feeling so much better.
How you feel, Telly?
Better. Thank you.
So, for tonight, we have an
exquisite dinner planned.
I'm excited to get back to work
and finally start
interacting with the guests.
'Cause I could hear them
from my bedroom
and it made me
really sad to miss out.
-Good morning.
-[guest] I haven't met you yet.
-[Telly] No, I was out yesterday.
-[guest] Aw.
Everyone was coming upstairs telling me
how much fun you guys were.
Aw. Well, don't worry we're
gonna have more fun.
I know, the second day
is always the best day.
I'm like, I wonder when we're gonna
get to dance at one point.
-Oh, I was a cheerleader in high school.
-Oh, you were not!
-Yes. And I dance now.
-We should have you girls do it with us.
A hundred p I'm down.
-I'm gonna go tell them.
-Any excuse.
-Is this the coffee, right?
-Yes, this is coffee.
Oh my God, she is so cute!
One and two and three and four.
[both] And five and six
and seven and eight.
-[both laugh]
[upbeat music playing]
[Gabriella] Ladies!
[Hannah] We're here to
do you guys' hair.
Turn this way. Perfect.
Tonight, we have a beautiful
dinner for the guests.
We all think they're so sweet.
They're so fun.
They remind me of, like,
The Golden Girls.
I've never had a kid but it
like, is it very painful?
-Like Yeah, it is?
-Oh, yeah, I'll tell you that.
-It is very painful.
-Okay, 'cause my mom told me
-it's like getting hit by a Mack truck.
-Oh, yes.
I've never been hit by a
Mack truck, but [chuckles]
Yeah, well, I-I'm sure
she hasn't either, your mom.
[Hannah] Yeah, no.
They're, like, just so nice.
So, we wanted to do
something special for them,
especially because
of last night.
[Grace] I tend to do
lighter stuff but,
uh, Lisa gave me some advice
and so now I've been
doing darker colors
-for my corners.
It's kind of hard for me to
do hair and makeup
'cause I don't really know
how to do it all properly.
What's happening?
[Grace] Well, now I'm
gonna [bleep] it up.
Coming into the Chateau,
I wasn't as outgoing
as everybody else.
The other girls don't
really, uh,
fit the description
of my friends back home.
But I'm starting to
really like them.
Now, I'm definitely
more comfortable
and I'm just really enjoying it.
-Can I see? Oh pretty.
-[Grace giggles]
[Eric] This is these ladies' last night
here at Chateau Rosabelle.
I have zero problems and
I know that I can bring
the best of these ladies
and their youth back
and make them feel that spice
that they may have lost.
And who knows if they're gonna
go out on another Euro trip.
-Topless servers tonight.
-[Andre] Woo-hoo!
So, we're switching things up.
[Andre] Wait, so I can bartend
with my shirt off?
-[Eric] You can all day.
-[Hannah] You guys look like Chippendales.
-Magic Mike's. Magic Rosabelle.
-[Eric] Rosabelle, baby.
These are cheerleaders.
Come on.
I know it's inside of 'em.
All we gotta do is bring it out
with a little taste
and a cherry on top.
[whips belt]
[Andre] [laughs]
What's wrong with you?
[upbeat music playing]
[Eric/Marciano] Hello ladies.
-[Eric laughs]
-[guests cheering]
[Eric] We thought we'd
spice your night up
with a little bit of life.
We are here to fulfill every
need for you tonight.
[Anthony] Tonight is a Jamon de Bayonne,
which is French prosciutto.
Main course, a version
of my paella.
And we end up with
adieu of chocolate mousse.
-I feel like I'm 25 years old again.
[Eric] I am very grateful that
Lisa gave me a second chance.
But I don't think these ladies
have touched a rock solid,
chiseled Greek god body in
a long old time, alright?
[guests cheering]
[lively music playing]
[Eric] I don't know what excitement
or fire might be going on,
but we're gonna light
that furnace
because this whole body
is drippin' in oil
and it's all for you, ladies.
I feel like I am making
this huge comeback.
We also got some shots.
[Eric] Alright, we're
gonna start with you.
[group] [chanting]
Shot! Shot! Shot!
-And we're gonna finish with this.
-[Gabriella] Open up!
[people screaming]
[lively music playing]
[group cheering]
[people screaming, cheering]
Oh, my God!
[guests laughing]
[Hannah] Hilarious!
[Marciano] Oh, that's
a really nice bottle.
[Eric] Exactly.
These ladies deserve it.
I want to give our guests a
beautiful bottle of champagne.
These ladies deserve it.
We're turning it up.
We're giving 'em what they want.
-I like that idea. I like that idea.
-Thank you.
Eric tends to make things
about himself.
This is not the time for that.
We want them to enjoy
their time together.
-They've been missing
-Let's pop the best
-No, hold on a second.
-They've been apart for 40 years.
Not now, dude.
Like read the room.
I know what I'm doing.
Oh, my God, I hate that
"I know what I'm doing" shit.
-[Marciano] Hey ladies.
we wanted to open up our best
bottle of champagne for you.
Yeah. Best bottle of champagne
we had for in-in the Chateau.
Oh my gosh.
So, we can just do tasters,
or we can do a full glass.
You don't have to drink it
if you don't want to,
we just
-Alright, understood. Cancel that.
[Grace] I think they wanna
have a good time,
but don't spray 'em
with champagne.
-[Gabriella] It's too much.
-You have
women sitting here,
and you think their idea
of memorable is drinking?
[Grace] Dude, that was driving
me absolutely insane
because they actually had
some knowledgeable shit to say
and [bleep], I, like,
if I swear,
if he says a singular word to me
for the rest of the night
A singular word, that's
all it's gonna take.
-That's exactly what's going on.
-That's crazy.
-I need to find my lighter.
-That's crazy. [bleep]
Another 30-year-old man
that wants to be famous.
-That's embarrassing.
-[Grace] Thirty-six! Thirty-six!
It's like, act your age.
Thirty-six turning 37 very soon.
Act your age, like,
it's not cute.
Are you talking shit
about me, Grace?
-[Grace] Don't [bleep] talk to me.
-[Eric] I mean, that's okay.
-Be mean, Grace.
-Piece of shit.
-[dramatic music playing]
-You're not gonna talk shit about me.
You are not going to talk shit
about me for no reason.
No, they're [bleep].
Are you for real?
I'm sick and tired
of being a part of
the Eric show.
So, what is this? This is two guys
ganging up on a girl?
-Yep. That's exactly what's going on.
-No, we're not.
-I'm telling him to stop.
-Okay, this is two men
-ganging up on a girl?
Whoa. What are you talking about?
I'm telling him to stop.
She's the one who looks bad
because all she does is talk shit to us.
I can handle my own, but,
it doesn't feel good to
have two big, grown men
speaking to me in this way.
-Telly I'm gonna tell you
-[Telly] Don't talk to me.
-I can pop the best champagne
-Don't bother. Don't bother.
in the house
for these women.
Do whatever the
[bleep] you want, babe.
-Don't tell me I'm done.
-Go. Go.
-I'm just telling you right now.
-Do whatever you want. No one cares.
I'll be damned if I let
two grown-ass men
stand over a 23-year-old
girl by herself.
I am just over all of it.
You're not allowed
to swear at me,
and I can open up whatever wine
I want for my client.
End of the story.
-[Eric] Go home!
[echoing] Go home, losers!
-[tense music playing]
-If you wanna argue, I'm ready!
-[Telly laughs]
-[Eric] Go home, losers!
-I don't wanna talk to you.
-[Marciano] Don't even dare.
-Don't even dare.
-You Don't [bleep] push me.
Not letting you go near him.
Not-Not letting you go near him.
Yeah let him hide, like a child.
There have been plenty of times
where I've kept quiet
and-and let things slide,
but I've had enough
and I know that I'm not
the only one here,
that has had enough.
[Marciano] None of you have any
idea what you're talking about.
-[Telly] Don't even go back
-There's a reason Eric is hired
as the estate manager,
to make sure
they have the best
experience possible.
Not one of you could do it.
Not one of you.
-That's why Eric is in charge.
-Not one of us, but they did not want it!
-They didn't want it.
-[Marciano] Okay. Alright.
-[Telly] Stop. Stop.
-They didn't want it.
I bet you when that
comment card says,
"Eric" tomorrow and not you,
then okay.
-[Grace] They did not want it.
-Give them a moment. Come on.
I'm so proud of Grace.
She's speaking her mind
as she should.
She's done backing down.
Acting like this shows
exactly who you are.
-It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing.
-Wow! Okay.
Out of anybody here you
have zero room to talk.
-[Marciano] Okay, cool. You're right.
-Absolutely zero.
[tense, dramatic
music playing]
I mean, seeing how
this is a reunion,
40 years in the making,
it's almost embarrassing.
[lively, upbeat music playing]
[birds chirping]
[Emily] Being towards the
end of this experience,
and finally getting
the opportunity
to actually bartend and serve,
it was great.
So, I hope that my name's
written on the comment card
for Lisa to see.
Oh my gosh, that's great!
-Oh wow.
-[guest] Oh my God, these came out
So nice. [gasps]
Alright ladies,
I'm gonna leave you with this.
So this is our comment card
for the Chateau Rosabelle.
If I can get my name
on the comment card
after coming back as a
manager of the Chateau,
it tells Lisa Vanderpump,
and proves to Lisa Vanderpump,
that I'm doing my job
as the chateau manager.
Because I'll tell you this,
without me here,
we would've not had this
experience that we had.
So, I want to come back for the
next season here at the Chateau
and to do the exact same thing
over and over again.
"Please rate your overall
-[Lisa] Morning, darlings.
How was everything?
-[guest 1] Divine.
-[guest 2] Great. Wonderful
It was spectacular.
So, the ladies are leaving us.
And the staff have come up
with something pretty unique also.
Five, six, seven, eight.
-[guests cheering]
-One and two, three and four,
five and six, seven, eight.
[guests exclaiming]
It's so important for us
to have a 40 year reunion.
To come here and have
every detail
beyond our expectations.
Everyone just kept saying
it was magical.
[group cheering]
The staff made this
the biggest dream,
the biggest gift
and so special.
-I can't believe I love you so much.
-[Gabriella] I know.
I feel like they're friends
and family now, at this point,
which is unbelievable to think
that could happen in three days.
-[joyful music playing]
-[overlapping goodbyes]
Au revoir!
[staff] Au revoir!
We'll kiss the donkeys for ya!
[Lisa laughs]
What a unique experience
the summer season at
Chateau Rosabelle has been.
And it's one that I
would like to do again,
but I'm not sure who I believe
should be coming back.
Eric's a unique individual
and he will do whatever it takes
to bring the experience home.
Sometimes he gets it wrong.
Telly has been pretty
challenging for me here,
I have to admit.
But when she's happy,
she exudes this kind of bright light.
Emily could definitely be
potential management material.
Hannah's got this
beautiful spirit
that sometimes gets lost
in her jealousy of Marciano.
And Marciano started off
like this pain in my ass.
But he's learned. I've seen a
lot of growth with Marciano.
So, they've got a good
few days ahead of them
for me to find out how
my staff are doing.
But, there's one person
who I really want to
talk to right now.
-[Grace] How are you?
I'm good.
Why do you think you're here?
Um, I don't know.
I'm definitely a
little nervous,
especially after the
comments I received
from Marciano and
Eric last night.
Go home, losers!
[Grace] Obviously, I don't love
conducting myself in that way.
Man, like, I am not
prepared for this at all.
[tense, dramatic
music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[Grace] I'm definitely
a little nervous,
with the short amount of time
that we have left here,
the comment card is a very,
very important part of this experience
and can leave a bad
impression on Lisa.
I mean, she's the one paying us.
She's the one who
gave us this opportunity,
so I don't wanna let her down.
12 out of 10."
-[light, cheerful music playing]
-[Grace chuckles]
"Grace went above and beyond,
always willing to help.
Hair and makeup."
I don't know what you did,
but you, like, did the job of,
like, half a dozen people.
It's reassuring when the guests
put your name on that card
that the work you're
doing is being seen.
It's definitely satisfying.
I mean, out of all the
groups we've had,
to have my name on
the comment card,
this would be the one that
I would want. Feels really good.
Has anybody ever praised
you like that before?
Um, not in a setting
like this, no.
I'm very proud of how
you've grown up here.
'Cause that's what
I wanted for you.
That makes me really happy.
Grace has told me that she had felt,
prior to coming here,
She'd had people patronize her
for being a housekeeper.
I am not doing this as a boss.
I am telling Grace how
appreciated she is,
from one woman to another.
[gasps, sniffles]
[bright, upbeat music playing]
[Emily] The last group of guests
are coming very soon.
We only have a few hours to
turn this whole chateau around.
But, like, I think everyone
is getting caught up
in a lot of drama.
Come on. Heh! Heh!
Grace and Eric are fighting.
Telly is upset.
And then there's
this whole thing
with Nikki and Caroline.
I feel like this is just
really bad timing,
just because we are towards the end
of this whole experience here.
[Eric] Enough of this
horsing around.
There's too much of this stuff
going on already.
[donkeys braying]
We don't need you two
making scenes out here.
[Eric laughing]
Being around Emily is
super grounding.
I feel bad for how things
have become between us.
And the last thing I want to do
is ruin this relationship.
-[donkey brays]
-[Eric] Ha! He wants to play.
-We've got a real team going.
-[Emily grunts]
It's so important to me that
Emily and I make up
and who knows, friendships
blossom into other things.
Good job.
We're Team Donkey.
[intense classical
music playing]
This last group of guests
is gonna be the staff's
final opportunity
to really bring it home.
This final marque event is
definitely the biggest that
we've arranged so far.
There's a lot to work out
in a very short amount of time.
So, the summer season's coming
to an end at Chateau Rosabelle.
We've just got one more
group of guests to come
and one more chance
for some of you to show me
that you deserve to come back.
So, let's bring this home.
-[Anthony] Let's do it.
-[Marciano laughs]
-[Eric] You're excited. Wow.
-[Marciano] He's excited, he's smiling.
We have, like, one more
group to come.
I just want them to be happy.
I really want to end of
the adventure the right way.
I still gonna try to learn more
about people in this house.
There's not a lot of people
I'm connecting with, like Eric.
You're kitchen, we're table.
I have, like, a very good
conversation with Eric
and the next day I
might say like,
"Who the [bleep] is that guy?"
You know?
[Lisa] Okay, well let's
talk about our guest.
Our guest of honor is Nehal.
Nehal's here to celebrate
her bridal shower.
Her four-day Bollywood
wedding extravaganza
will unfold in Thailand.
I mean, this girl
lives it up, okay?
So, her sister, Richa,
is the maid of honor
and then she has
all her friends.
They are beautiful.
-[mischievous music playing]
-She knows what she wants,
and you know how to give
it to her, okay?
Oh my gosh, these
ladies are hot.
I am beaming, beaming, beaming.
Her favorite color
is pink. Phew.
-The marque event is "Showered with Love."
And this is gonna be
really good fun
because we've got these
Bollywood dancers coming.
[staff exclaim]
Let's end on a high note.
I really want to leave here
I'm gonna cry.
I'm not gonna say it.
But I just want it to
be absolutely perfect.
It will be, Lisa.
It's extraordinary how we
only have a very short time
till we close the Chateau
for the season.
There's been some very
special moments and
we need to go out with a bang.
We've got to bring it home
in the Chateau Rosabelle way.
The [bleep] Chateau Rosabelle.
-Take the [bleep] out of it.
-[Marciano] Sorry.
Let's just say in the
Chateau Rosabelle way.
The Chateau Rosabelle way.
Alright, let's do this.
I definitely feel the pressure.
We're gonna have to
turn around the Chateau
faster than we have
ever had to before.
So, I'm a little nervous that
we won't finish in time,
but we just have to make
sure that we stay on point.
This is kind of,
like, emotional.
-No, let's not be emotional now.
-[Lisa] Save that till the end.
-[Gabriella] Yeah.
It just means best foot forward.
Alright, showtime, ladies.
[overlapping greetings]
Hi, everyone.
Welcome to Chateau Rosabelle.
You just feel this burst
of energy and positivity.
So far so good.
-[light, upbeat music playing]
-[indistinct chatter]
-Andre. Nice to meet you.
-Hi, Richa. Richa.
Oh, my goodness.
These guests are here
and they're beautiful.
My type, and I have standards.
High standards.
-Wow! Beautiful.
-[guest] Yes.
-Welcome to the Chateau Rosabelle.
-Thank you.
You're gonna have a great time.
I was mind blown when
I got to the Chateau.
This house is beautiful.
It's very much a Lisa project
because it has her
touch completely.
-[Stephen] This is Telly.
-[overlapping greetings]
I just wanna spoil my girls.
I feel like they've
done so much for me
and supported my relationship
for so long.
I just want them to
have the best time ever
and get everything
that they want.
Oh, we're doing shots.
They're ready.
It's shot o'clock, they said.
Oh, we're in for a wild night.
-[guests laughing]
-[Lisa] Oh wow.
Is Lisa gonna take
a shot with us?
-No. I-I No!
-[excited chatter]
I try to avoid getting
involved with the guests
when it comes to alcohol.
I have a chateau to run.
[group cheering]
I think it'd be
easier to give in
and knock it back
and be on my way.
[group screaming, cheering]
-For you, darling.
-[upbeat music playing]
[Lisa] Listen,
I know chateau shenanigans.
It's an essential part of the
entertaining experience
of the Chateau.
And since this is our
final group of guests,
I'm going to let everyone,
including myself,
break the rules a little bit.
But there's a line.
Take one shot. One shot.
-One shot.
-One shot. Woo!
[group whooping]
[Lisa] One. Not one for you.
You can take as many as you want,
but they've got to work.
[Richa] We're doing shots.
Are you guys in?
We gotta cheers first.
[all] Cheers!
[Stephen] Alright, let's do this.
You ready?
-[Telly] Oh, I can't do that.
-[Andre] Oh shit! I-I mean
[excited chatter]
That was really hard!
Ooh, should we play hot tea?
What's hot tea?
[guest] I don't gossip but
I love to know the tea.
No. Same.
So far, the staff
has been amazing.
I think they just wanna party
and show us
a really great time.
You get a minute to answer
any question truthfully.
-Three, two, one, and go.
[guest] Who are you most
attracted to in the villa?
-[group exclaims]
-[Telly] I got this.
-Not a single guy here.
-[group shouts]
Playing some truth games.
[guest] Who are you most
attracted to in the villa?
-[group] Oh!
[guest] Who are you closest to,
out of, like, all the staff members?
-[Stephen clears throat loudly]
-Ste There he is.
-[group laughing]
[guest] If you could eliminate
anyone from the staff,
who would you eliminate?
Myself, 'cause I'm over it.
[dramatic music playing]
Wow, she wants to eliminate
Like, literally,
I'm out. [laughs]
I praying for the day
she gets to leave.
Praying for it.
I'm so grateful to be here
and I just feel like if
you don't wanna be here,
I would love to bartend,
like, I do wanna be here.
You just missed the
best answer of all time.
They asked her, "Who would
you eliminate from the house?"
Immediately she goes, "Me."
Not me or you. She said "Me."
She's like, "I'm over it."
It's a beautiful day.
[Marciano] That's what I said.
Leave whenever you want.
[Eric] If Telly wants to
leave the Chateau,
great, just leave.
Keep the memories.
I think Emily would do
a way better job
as a bartender
without a doubt.
[Emily] Can I talk to you
about something?
-[Lisa] Yes.
-[Emily] I love housekeeping
but, like, I genuinely think
I would make a better bartender
than someone else that's
bartending right now.
[tense music playing]
And, tell me why.
So, the guests asked
Telly, you know,
"If you could get rid of one person here,
who would you get rid of?"
She said, "Me,
because I'm over it."
-And then she also said
-[Lisa groans]
and then she said,
that she doesn't like bartending
multiple times.
So, it's just, like,
the attitude is, like,
forming guest opinions
about all of us.
No, I agree with you.
I agree with you.
-Thank you for telling me that.
-Yeah. And I just feel like
-Now you're, you're
You're promising me that
you heard that verbatim.
W-With my own ears, it didn't come
from someone else. Yeah.
-[tense violin music playing]
-[ice rattles]
It has come to my attention
that Telly wants to
leave the Chateau.
We literally have just
a few days left,
and I'm making the decision
about who to keep
for next season.
Well, I'm all about
making dreams come true.
Maybe I can fulfill
Telly's dreams.
If she wants to go,
let's just do it.
Telly, can I have a word
with you in my office, please?
[dog barks]
[Lisa] Next, on the
season finale of
Vanderpump Villa
[guests scream]
[Marciano] What the [bleep]
is a dog doing up here?
-[guest] Go! Get it out!
-[guests scream]
[group] [chanting]
Caroline! Caroline!
It's time to party.
We have to just soak this in
and enjoy the moment.
[group cheering]
Oh-ho-ho, there is no
stopping us now.
-Get over here, Emily.
-[people screaming]
We did it! [laughs]
Telly, can I have
a word with you?
It's come to my attention Telly
wants to leave the Chateau.
Do you know how hard I work
to make this all perfect?
And you tell my guests,
"I don't wanna be here."
[Telly] Emily went and told
Lisa Vanderpump
that I don't want to be here.
I've been in hospitality
for a long time,
when there's an opening,
you take it.
I'm taking it.
[dramatic sting]
[quirky music playing]
[Eric] Okay, I'm gonna walk
down there and then I'm gonna
catch a ride back with
these ladies.
-Alright, let's do it.
-[Eric chuckles]
-[Marciano] Catch a ride back
-Look-look-look at it in the field.
-[Marciano] Oh no. Donkey, no!
-[Eric laughs]
[bleep], man.
-Donkey! Jesus Christ.
-[Eric] [laughs] She's eating.
-She's just going to eat!
-[Eric/Marciano laugh]
[bleep]-A, Donkey!
-[Eric] We all witnessed that. [laughs]
-[Marciano] Yeah. [laughs]
-[Marciano] Yeah.
-[donkey brays loudly]
[Marciano] You've gotta be
[bleep] kidding me.
[donkey grunts]
[intriguing theme
music playing]
[music fades out]
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