Vegas (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

Money Plays

Vincent Savino in the flesh.
Mayor District Attorney, they found a girl murdered.
Samantha Meade, the governor's niece.
Send a car to this man's ranch.
His name is Lamb.
Ralph Lamb.
I need you to find this killer.
This is Bob Perrin.
He runs our credit department.
We're here for Perrin.
You don't walk into my house, not unless you want me in yours.
I have a warrant for his arrest, for the murder of Samantha Meade.
Perrin knows enough to bring down the whole Chicago Mob.
We got to find the rat.
You about done? The cowboy.
He could be a real problem.
I'll handle him.
When the time comes.
But first, Perrin.
One thing at a time.
Ah Just a little bit longer More coffee, Sheriff? Name's still Ralph, Emmie.
And I'm good.
Breakfast is on the house.
Comes with the badge.
If you don't mind, I'd as soon just keep paying.
Sheriff Clyde never said no.
I'm not Clyde.
I can see you've been busy.
Just heading to the office.
A pack of spearmint, please.
You know, I hear that's a bad habit.
I heard there's worse.
You missing the mayor's stump speech at the country club today? That's my plan.
You? Assistant D.
's have to.
I hear the mayor's cracking down on crime.
Oh, is he? I'll give him your regards.
Much obliged.
Morning, little brother.
Thought you were eating alone.
I was.
Commandeering your broom.
It shouldn't be long.
I'd stay down, if I was you.
Hands behind your back, bud.
Hey, skip.
There's the Lone Ranger again.
Welcome to the Savoy, ma'am.
Good morning, Mr.
Hey, kid, come here.
Here you go.
Never look at the tip.
Keep constant eye contact with the customer.
That's how we do it from now on.
We checked out the jail.
Our new sheriff cleaned house.
Got rid of all our people.
So get new people.
Get a new sheriff.
I also took a drive out to his ranch, you know, checked things out.
Tell me nobody saw you.
Who's gonna see me? There's nothing out there but buzzards and cactus.
I don't know how the hell people live like that.
Don't worry about them.
Let's worry about cleaning out our own house first.
This'll only take a minute.
A week ago, an employee stole money from this casino.
He also murdered a woman who worked here.
Bob Perrin.
And he's now in police custody.
If any of you were involved in this theft, or even suspected what he was doing, my advice to you is simple: Leave now and never look back.
All right.
Get back to work.
The crew we can replace.
But that manager that just walked out? That's not gonna be easy.
Chicago will send us a new manager.
Someone we can trust.
Where you going, Pop? Downtown.
Well, you're gonna want to head to Henderson first.
Neighbors heard a gunshot a little before 9:00.
Ran to the window, saw taillights in the distance, but too far to get a make or model.
No chance at a plate number.
And a deputy found him.
Deputy untie him? Yep.
Listen up! No one touches bodies from now on.
They weren't looking to rob the place.
Money clip in the dressing table.
And this.
Well, first thing I'd take is that TV.
Nah, the watch is worth more.
You can't watch a watch.
Air conditioner's on.
You ever hear of anyone cooling their garage? I'm very sorry about your husband.
Wes isn't my husband.
We've been seeing each other about a year.
We met at the House of Cards casino.
I waitress there.
We're gonna need to ask you, uh what happened at Wes's house.
I me by to bring him some soup this morning.
'Cause he that cold going around.
There was a knock.
Wes answered it and this man pushed his way in.
He had a mask and a gun.
Well, was there anybody else with him? Mm-mm.
I only saw the one man.
This man he seem to know his way around the house? I don't know.
It all happened so fast.
He tied Wes up.
Then he threw me in the trunk, and that's when the gun went off.
Wes have problems with anybody? No.
I don't know anybody who would do this.
Tied up and shot in the head.
It could be those Mob boys were involved.
Hard to know right now.
Sheriff Clyde sure had a lot of pictures of himself in here.
I'd do just fine working out of the ranch.
The mayor wants us here.
We've been on the payroll a couple of weeks now.
Looks like Sheriff Clyde was on two payrolls.
After much discussion, Mr.
Perrin is willing to plead guilty to second-degree murder.
And what, exactly, would compel the state to move off first? You'll never convict.
Your case is circumstantial.
And the maid who puts Mr.
Perrin on the same floor with the girl he murdered? She's an eyewitness.
You call that circumstantial, too? The client killed the governor's niece.
The state won't be satisfied until he's in the gas chamber at Carson.
And the state will be satisfied.
My client knows enough financial improprieties to take down the Chicago Mob.
And the manager at the Savoy, Vincent Savino.
Keep him out of the gas chamber, and he'll tell you everything.
Perrin's attorney is throwing Hail Mary.
But worst case? If Perrin knows about any irregularities with how you report income, the Gaming Commission could pull your license.
Ah, he's not gonna talk.
It'll be hard to, with a lung full of cyanide gas.
Maybe I don't want that.
Dead is dead.
Plenty of time between conviction and execution.
Plenty of time to talk.
Let Perrin walk.
Then we'll do the thing where we want to, when we want to.
I can't throw my own case.
The maid is a rock solid witness.
Don't worry about the maid.
She's going away.
Oh, I feel like I hit a jackpot! One day I'm cleaning rooms at the hotel, and now this! Now, you're sure I don't have to stick around for the trial? No, the lawyers took care of everything.
Come on, kids.
The boss says no more maid days for you.
You're going to Florida, courtesy of the Savoy.
Okay, sweetheart, jump in the back.
Come on, kid, I got your duck over here.
Thank you.
Hold on.
Oh, thanks so much.
Hey, hey, hey, here.
Oh, no Take your sister for a stone crab dinner, okay? I don't know what to say.
How about "good-bye"? Good-bye! All right, girls, let's go.
Bye! Thank you! Whoo-hoo! I heard he got shot right in his living room.
Hard to believe somebody wanted Wes dead.
We had high rollers asking for him by name.
Wouldn't lay down a chip until Wes's shift.
Well, some of them had to lose big.
None of them blame the dealer, huh? Not with Wes.
Winners tipped him heavy, losers shook his hand.
He made a guest feel like he was rooting for him.
Thank you.
Jack! You getting much? Nothing, except the guy could do no wrong, he raked in the tips, and everybody loved him.
I'm just waiting to hear he walked across Lake Mead.
He wasn't that much of an angel.
Fella over at the bar said that he Whoa.
I was working, not drinking.
Fella said he played in a backroom poker game with Wes at the Savoy.
Our boy was bragging about a big old win last week.
Maybe somebody got back at him after a bad beat.
We need to find out who played in that game.
Will you look at that.
Told you I was working.
Give it to me.
Not until you apologize.
Give me the list.
None of Wes's poker buddies have anything other than a few misdemeanors.
But this guy, Bill Rickers, maitre d' at the Florentine, came up on suspected domestic abuse last week.
His wife came into the hospital.
Nurses took one look at her and called it in.
Wife refused to press charges.
She said she fell down the stairs.
Wes Sutcliff was tied up with a rope before we found him.
Rope burns.
Good count room managers are usually eyeshade lifers.
Bean counters through and through.
We just need them to keep the numbers straight.
I don't know how the hell you could be cooped up in a box like that all day.
Bruno Cataldi from The Colonial now, he was a great count room boss.
I mean, he might have looked like a cadaver the man never saw the light of day but he was worth his weight in gold.
Now let's see who Chicago sent us.
Mia? Last I saw you, I must have been 16.
You and my dad went head to head on the Bears-Packers game.
Five large, you took the points.
I don't think my dad's forgiven you ever since.
Well, you know your pops.
I do.
I gotta admit, Mia, I never figured you for the business.
Well, Dad always wanted a son, so he raised me like one.
So while you were in Havana, I was off at college.
I heard.
Not bad.
Then Dad sent me to learn the business.
Broward, Palm Beach, all the places on the county line.
I've spent the last three years running count rooms.
So when the opportunity opened up back home thought I'd be the right fit.
In this room, I need to be in charge.
In order to know what's supposed to go home, I need to know everything that comes in.
I weigh myself every morning.
Vanity, I know.
Today, I weighed 116 pounds.
This scale should be set to ten percent under.
That's our skim, what gets sent home, right? Yeah.
This scale is set to Which means someone was skimming our skim.
But I'm sure you would've caught on to that eventually.
Welcome aboard.
Come on, Teddy, you in? I'll raise you 100.
You can do better than that.
Come on.
The river is a lonely place.
Filled with snakes and piranhas.
You want to talk, you got to play.
Buy-in's a C-note.
What? What do you want? What do you know about Wes Sutcliff? What? Your poker pal, Wes Sutcliff.
Nothing, nothing.
Except he's dead.
I-I'm not happy about it.
Why'd you shoot him? Me? Are you crazy? I-I wouldn't lay a finger on him.
See that? Uh-huh.
Who tied you up? The same guys who killed Wes.
They kicked down our door.
They wore masks, the whole nine.
They beat me and my wife, cleaned us out.
They said if I told anybody, I was gonna be a dead man.
My wife and I were at home last Tuesday night when there's this knock on our door.
I go to answer it, and all of the sudden, there's this barrel in my face.
This ski mask ties us up, then that's when the beating started.
What were they after? My safe.
Hm? I play in a lot of big games.
I got to have a lot of cash handy.
How much we talking about, round about? I had over 40 grand in there.
The little guy kept on pounding on Anita till I gave them the combo.
So you watched these guys beat your wife and you don't report the crime? Maybe I was afraid.
Or maybe the cash in the safe was a little stinky.
I mean, you ever pay taxes on it? It's a perfect crime.
I mean, these guys know you're not gonna report the robbery, because you don't want to take the hit on tax evasion.
I've had enough trouble.
Billy Rickers didn't lay a hand on Wes.
How can you be sure about that? 'Cause after those guys left, Billy got loose and called me.
I saw what they did to Anita.
He asked me to take her to the hospital.
Didn't want the two of them to be seen, get the police involved.
Well, they got involved.
Stay there.
Thank you.
Ted Ermin's backing Rickers' story.
Looks like we got a nasty crew out there.
At least we know what they're after now.
Next time you want a free porterhouse, let me know.
I'll send a few over to your ranch.
We're all set for beef, but thanks all the same.
I'm sure you are.
What are you doing standing there? Get these men some coffee.
They work for a living.
Think we're leaving now.
A word? Did you find what you were looking for? Don't know yet.
I wish you luck.
Look, you and I got off to a rocky start.
I hope we can put the past behind us.
See, I believe in the spirit of cooperation.
No reason why you and I can't work together.
Just the next time you have a problem, keep your business outside my house.
Sounds like a deal.
Long as you keep yours out of mine.
Sheriff Clyde won't be needing those anymore.
They robbed Rickers' safe, so we thought we ought to check Wes's, too.
And look at that.
That's some ready cash.
Why didn't you tell us about this? Wes made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone.
Where'd he get it all? Tips.
That's a lot of tips.
A player wins big, he tosses Wes a hundred-dollar chip.
Sometimes more.
Don't suppose he reported his earnings to the government.
He wasn't proud of it.
He was trying to buy back my ranch.
We had plans to move in.
Who else knew about the safe? No one.
It was Wes's idea to save up for that ranch.
Wes thought we could swing it.
He made me believe it'd all work.
He wasn't trying to cheat anybody.
He was a good man.
I'm just saying, it will be more difficult to convince jurors that Perrin is guilty now that our maid has vanished.
Jurors read papers.
They know who killed the Meade girl.
But if we get Perrin to talk, it could be the tip of the iceberg.
Yeah, as in, very cold and lonely.
Bird in the hand, Katherine.
We take it to trial.
It's what the governor wants.
Who's Perrin talking to? That's a federal prosecutor.
Hit on 15 19.
Paint on paint.
Soft 17.
House stands.
Everybody wins.
Come in.
You have a minute? Of course.
Come on in.
I've been watching our blackjack tables.
Really? How we doing? Action's good.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
Soft 17.
What about it? Well, the house never hits on it, but our guests can.
Well, makes them feel like they have an advantage.
Well, that's because they do.
But if we changed it so that the house could hit, do you know how much money that would add up to? I'm sure you could tell me.
Point-one-eight-three percent.
Small on paper, but it adds up.
To millions.
Which would all go in our pockets.
Listen, I appreciate your initiative, but it won't work.
Savino, your lawyer is on the phone.
I'm sorry.
I have to take this.
Of course.
How long? I'll talk to you later.
What did she want? It doesn't matter.
That was our friend at the D.
's Office.
The Feds are offering Perrin a deal.
The Feds?! Homicide's a state case.
They're claiming jurisdiction since Samantha Meade's body was found on the NTS.
It's Federal land.
They don't care about a dead girl.
But they do care about shutting down gambling in this state, and they'll cut any deal Perrin wants, so long as he spills.
He's still in lockup.
Let me take a crack at him.
Take care of it once and for all.
Make it quick.
It's shake, rattle and roll Shake, rattle and roll Shake, rattle and roll You're in luck.
Law Enforcement Day, no charge.
Shake, rattle and roll Take another.
Much obliged.
Aw, damn it! Shake, rattle and roll What the hell? You're parked halfway in the street! What's the matter with you? You could've killed somebody.
Middle of the damn street! What are you, stupid? What kind of park is that? You ought to be cited, you know that? Shake, rattle and roll! Turn to your left.
Can I get my glasses back, please? These guys can't just be lucky.
They must have someone tipping them off, otherwise how would they know whose house to break in? Here's a possibility.
Rickers and Sutcliff bought their safes from the same security company.
I was thinking, maybe an installer was helping out this crew.
Security company's owned by a guy named Frank Scarpone.
Out of Milwaukee.
Got anything on him? Well, I just spoke to Milwaukee P.
They said he'd never been arrested, but they got him listed as a local Mob associate.
never fished before in my life.
Scarpone A minute! Anyway, so I got this marlin, the bastard's gotta be this Fish can wait.
I'm entertaining clients.
So, anyway, as I was saying, we're on the boat, I got the fish, I'm reeling it in.
Why don't we take this outside? This guy, huh? Sure, why the hell not? Come here! Let me escort you out.
Oh, oh Murder?! What the hell you talking about? I don't know from any murder.
Yeah, we could see how we're having trouble believing you, Mr.
Considering that your clients have the habit of showing up robbed, tied up, and in one case, not breathing.
Ah, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
They're not here.
They didn't say nothing about killing anybody.
Who's "they"? These guys from Missouri, I I sold 'em my client list a few weeks back.
Once they knew who bought the safes, they knew who had money.
Yeah, but I wasn't part of the robberies.
It was straight-up cash for the list.
See, I'm not sure that matters.
We got an ADA here, she is as smart as she is pretty.
And I'll bet that she'd argue you're part of a criminal enterprise, and responsible for any death that came of it.
You want us to get her to go easy on you? Start giving us some names.
Fellas from the Show Me State show me a case full of greenbacks and a Colt .
45, I don't ask questions.
I just gave 'em the list, and they drove off.
In what? A white Oldsmobile.
Get an APB out on that car.
We're gonna need the names on that client list that you sold.
I sold to hundreds of people.
Well, if you ever want to get out of this jail, and go fishing in Florida again, I'd try to remember.
No, no, everything's good.
It's good, skip.
I'll take care of that right away.
All right, I'll see you soon.
What did he want? Our boss seems to think it'll be a good idea for us to start hitting on Soft Seventeen.
So is that how it's gonna work now? She calls Daddy, and Daddy calls Angelo? And he's coming out here next week to check on the Savoy.
To check on us.
Where are we with our friend in County? Cota's in.
It should be all over very soon.
You know what this is? Something tells me it ain't your phone number.
It's the bill for the cruiser you wrecked.
That's not my fault.
Who was the car signed out to? Me.
And who was responsible for that car? Me.
And who's having their pay docked to cover the damage? Hell, no! Unless you can get the other guy to take the blame in writing, it is on you, 'cause it is not coming out of our budget.
Cota! Better start telling the truth about that damn accident.
What's going on here? You, come with me.
Let's go.
blackjack, it's taking almost Sheriff what's all this? Your boy here got lost.
Wound up in my jail.
But, in the spirit of cooperation, we're gonna drop the charges.
Well, I appreciate the favor.
Oh, it's not a favor.
Jail's full.
Well, I'm still gonna take it as a favor.
Maybe send one your way one of these days.
Wouldn't that be nice? You're still paying for my cruiser.
You stupid bastard, what the hell happened? I was seconds away, but the kid walked in.
You had one job to do, one.
And somehow the only guy who could put us all under is still on his feet in County! We gotta find out how much time we got before the Feds move Perrin.
It won't be long.
Just find out! Dodged a bullet on that one.
You should've known better, putting one of Savino's men in the same tank with Perrin.
I stopped him, didn't I? Putting out a fire you started ain't something to brag about.
Patrol spotted a late-model white Oldsmobile.
Missouri plates.
Is that the Oldsmobile? Looks like it.
Scarpone's customer list puts the Purcell family on this street, 6147.
Let's go.
Dixon, you wait outside.
You're kidding, right? I'm as good a shot as you.
These men are killers, not tin cans on a fence.
Shh Gun! Get him? Yeah! Okay.
You think you can have copies of their files sent over? All right.
Thanks for your help, Counselor.
Louis D.
's Office confirmed that your perps are a two-brother armed robbery crew.
Must've gotten bored with the Gateway City, decided to go where the money is.
I'll have the Sun run a piece, get it out there that this is not the city to start trouble in.
I still want the press left in the dark.
Last thing we need is Middle America reading up about all this.
They'll take their money and go to Disneyland.
Good work, Sheriff.
Listen in the war, first time I had to Dad I'm fine.
Well, this is gonna come as a big shock, but, uh, our perp's saying that he didn't kill Sutcliff and he and his brother never killed nobody.
And now he said he's done talking.
Wants me to call his lawyer.
Ooh, that's fine with me.
I love when they request counsel early, keeps things interesting.
Wait a minute.
What is that? Is that Wes Sutcliff's hands? Yes.
Why? Then that punk we got in the tank didn't kill Sutcliff.
Why do you say that? He and his brother they're city boys, right? St.
See that knot? Now, we never got to see how Wes was tied up because the deputy on the scene that night he untied him before we got there.
That's a bowline hitch.
And a damn good one at that.
Family they robbed weren't tied with no bowline hitch.
Louis boy wouldn't know an old rancher's knot from a knot in a tree.
No way they did it.
But whoever did wanted to make it look like the robberies, to throw us off.
But nobody knows about the crimes.
We've blocked out the press.
Oh, there's one person who does know.
We already met him.
Ted Ermin he got a drunk and disorderly a few months ago.
Do you know this guy? Yes.
We dated a spell about a year back.
What does Ted have to do with all this? A man named Rickers was robbed before Wes was.
Now, Rickers was friends with Ted, told him about what happened.
We think that Ted copied the crime to hide his tracks when he went after Wes.
So we'd blame the killing on a robbery crew.
You know anything about that? No.
But w-why? I haven't seen Ted since last fall.
How did it end? Well, not great.
I was trying to save my ranch, looking for work at the casinos.
Well, Ted couldn't abide by that he hated them.
We fought terribly about it, but after a while, we just moved on.
You moved on.
How we doing on the blackjack tables? Up a bit.
In the last few hours.
Really? That's great.
Know what I think? I think it's because of your Soft 17 idea.
I think that's why we're making more money right now.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, that's what I think.
Now here's what I know.
I know that in about a week, the number of blackjack players will drop.
Not the stooges; They'll stay.
But real players, the ones who understand the advantage we've given ourselves they'll take their tokes and kick rocks over at The Stardust or The Flamingo.
We'll post a six-figure loss in less than a month much more than we're making by hitting on Soft 17.
It might not work that way.
I'm afraid it will.
Because I already tried it in Havana, and we bled cash.
I had to scramble to make it up, just like I'm gonna have to scramble now, because you went behind my back to Chicago.
I tried to talk to you; You shot me down.
I thought we had an understanding.
You run the count room, I run the casino.
Sometimes when you've got no options, you have to pull an end around.
It won't happen again.
Why are we stopping here? Whoa, it was Cota's fault.
Oh, for the love of God, just keep an eye out and make sure no one's coming.
You're clear.
What the hell are you doing?! I'm pulling an end around.
Now let's get the hell out of here! Can we make this fast? I got to get back to work.
Speaking of work, you were not working the morning of the murder; Not to mention you used to date the victim's girl.
No alibi.
Heap of motive.
I didn't kill nobody.
You have no idea how many times we heard that song the last few days.
You should touch another man's woman as often as you touch another man's hat.
You ever hear that? My daddy our daddy he taught us that.
I've been dealing with two-bit hoods robbers who beat on women and you're the first man that had good reason to do what he done.
Just a cowboy who didn't want another man touching his hat.
Especially not Wes Sutcliff.
A man like that bellying up to the casinos, working for them, in fact.
And that's how he took Gloria from you.
I love her.
I should've been the one to save her ranch.
But you couldn't.
'Cause I'm not gonna put on some shiny vest and deal blackjack to New Yorkers just to put a dollar in my pocket! Was I supposed to let some card-flipper walk away with my woman? Hell, no! You had to do something.
You had to do something.
What'd you do? I killed the son of a bitch.
And now she cries for him.
Used to be the best cowboy got the girl.
Now it's the man who gets the most tips.
Ain't right.
No, it ain't.
But neither is killing a man over it.
I got a call from the bank about an hour ago.
Seems the title to my ranch is back in my name.
Any idea how that happened? Wes's money would just collect dust till it got turned over to the Feds.
I figured a working ranch will bring more income to the IRS than a penalty would.
Thank you.
No thanks necessary.
Sometimes I feel like there's a thousand-foot neon wave on the other side of that ridge about to crash down on us.
Do you ever worry about that? Worrying ain't gonna stop it.
Former Savoy Casino employee Robert Perrin is being transferred today from Clark County Jail to a federal holding facility in Los Angeles, where he will be held as he awaits trial in the murder of the governor's niece, Samantha Meade.
It is believed Mr.
Perrin's lawyers may have cut a deal wi the Feds that will allow him to avoid a Nevada death sentence in exchange for information about his organized crime ties in Las Vegas.
Pain in the ass.
Some days I try hard To watch my mouth To say the right things But the wrong just slip right out I don't feel bad When I get mine Oh, I'm getting used to walking on a thin line Say good-bye to Lady Luck, Perrin.
Just get me out of here.
Northwest fence line's pulling down some.
I was gonna take those old barrel ties we got and What? Seems we've had ourselves a visitor.