Vegas (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

All That Glitters

Previously on Vegas: Plane just scattered my herd.
What am I supposed to do about that? Where this town is headed, Ralph, you take the money or you get the shaft.
I made my choice.
You don't like it, move your ranch.
Send a car to this man's ranch.
His name is Lamb.
Ralph Lamb.
You got yourself a new job, Sheriff.
Vincent Savino in the flesh.
I used to see him in the neighborhood until they sent him to run Havana.
We're here for Perrin.
Unless you have a search warrant, I suggest you and your boys get the hell out of my casino.
I'm the law here, Mr.
And I will decide who's breaking it.
You 'bout done? Robert Perrin is being transferred today from Clark County Jail.
It is believed Mr.
Perrin's lawyers may have cut a deal with the feds in exchange for information about his organized crime ties in Las Vegas.
Hey, Ronnie, you just came back from the Olympics in Rome.
What are you first impressions of Vegas? You know, it's been such a whirlwind since Rome, I barely know where I'm at.
On the bus ride over, all the women and cars, I'm pretty sure I'm not back home in Utica.
With Cassius in Kentucky training for his first prizefight which one of you is gonna go pro next? It depends on what you're offering.
Last question, last question for Tommy! America wants to know what it felt like to knock out the Russian and bring home the gold.
You really think it feels different to punch a Russian than a Korean or an Italian? You want to know a punch that would feel good? Let's start with the creep who refused to serve Ray breakfast this morning.
Or how about the? Knocking out the Russian made me proud to be an Amerin.
See you guys at the exhibition round.
I wonder how much it costs to have somebody burn yo food around here.
Four dollars, and it's bargain.
Clay Winthrop.
I write for the Star Reader.
I'm working on a column about you.
New cowboy sheff.
He hires his brother and his son as deputies.
"Two pieces of metal tell the story of the man: "The shiny tin star he wears on his chest "and the silver Arcadian belt buckle, dulled by years of wear on his 2,000-acre ranch.
" It's regular buckle.
Looks like a dolphin.
It's a bronco.
Okay, regardless, I would love to sit and talk with you.
Sorry I'm late.
Evening, Katherine.
You look nice.
Sounds like you' got it figured out already.
Can't wait to read it.
I'll just say it.
The D.
's office isn't pursuing charges in Bob Perrin's death.
But you know Savino's behind it.
And you know there isn't any no evidence to prove that that explosion was anything other than an industrial accident.
Guy's been in town less than a month.
We like him for the murder of a federal witness, two federal agents, and the last sheriff of Clark County; you're saying we can't do anything? That's not what I'm saying.
What do you think? I wanted you to see this.
I got a tip Mr.
Savino is hosting his friends.
They're in town to see what Savino's done with the Savoy.
My tax dollars at work.
A bottle of your best champagne for my friends here.
No, thanks.
Suit yourself.
Conversation must be fascinating.
Actually, we were just talking about Bob Perrin.
Oh, that's a tough one.
Those construction sites they can be a deathtrap.
Good seeing you.
He can tell we don't have anything on him.
That's because we don't.
Perrin died because he knew things about Angelo and the whole Southside that could put them away forever.
There's got to be other people who know those things.
I've been doing some research back at the office if you want to see it.
Getting crowded in here anyway.
Oysters? In the desert? Fat Tony has them flown in from the coast every morning.
They're delicious.
Try 'em.
Trust me.
Huh? Mmm.
I want to show you something.
This high roller over here? He enjoys playing high-stakes keno with us.
Now, every hour he's on the floor, we pull in two Gs minimum.
God bless.
Here's the catch.
The lovely young lady he's sitting with likes to eat fancy.
Now, if he wants to take her out for anything other than a cheeseburger, he's got to leave the Savoy.
As soon as he's out the door, he takes his money with him.
If we had a place like this at the Savoy, he stays in our house and we keep his money.
I think it's a good idea.
Well, if it's such a good idea, why didn't you think of it when you ran the joint? Drink it! Tell me how that tastes like a dry martini.
Go ahead! No, no.
That's a sip.
Drink it! Hey! Mine's wrong, too.
What's the matter? I have to draw you a picture? Oh! Look what you did! Don't worry about it.
He's a hothead.
Get out of here! Johnny, I'm sorry.
You good? Yeah, I'm all right.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, get my friend a drink.
Make sure it's right.
Thank you, Vinny.
Now about the restaurant idea You want your restaurant, you talk to Johnny.
He's good with numbers.
He likes it, we'll work out the details on the way home.
Johnny Rizzo loan shark.
His daughter runs the count room at the Savoy.
Word is there's bad blood between him and Savino, but Rizzo he's the top earner.
Thousands of dollars in interest come into the bosses as a result of his loans.
No one can touch him because he's the only one who knows where the money is.
And because of that influence, he has Angelo's ear.
It's an important ear to have, he's the boss.
Below him, the lieutenants, all with equal ranking.
Dino Francella runs the north side, Jimmy Aversani runs the south.
Prostitution, gambling, unions are all under their control.
Loan-sharking, racketeering.
If they're doing it in Chicago, they'll be doing it here.
They'll be pushing local business owners around, extorting them.
We need to figure out their finances and prove that they're laundering money.
You know how you eat 'em? One bite at a time.
Any of these gentlemen have any outstanding warrants in Clark County? No, but the last time Johnny Rizzo was in town, he went to town with a dice rake on a dealer's face.
Guy lost his eye.
Gaming Commission put him in the Black Book.
That means he can't play at the Savoy.
He can't play anywhere in the state.
Somebody ought to let Mr.
Savino know this fact.
Well, there were three guys dancing the Mambo Three guys ballin' the jack And all the rest really did their best Tommy! Hey, champ! Hey! Oh! Tommy! Tommy! Hey! Somebody call for help! Name's Tommy Croll.
Olympic boxer.
Guy goes to Rome, punches his way to gold, flies here, and he's dead in less than a day.
Tell me somebody saw something.
Well, we got a couple says they saw him stumble out of an alley around 6:00 a.
, but that's all we got.
Tommy! Tommy! Hey, son, son, you can't do anything! Come here! Come here! Come here! Calm down! You're on the team with Tommy.
What's your name? Ray Humphries.
I'm Sheriff Lamb.
Sorry about your friend.
What happened? We don't know yet.
Looks like somebody got the jump on him.
When was the last time you saw Tommy? Last night.
We went to dinner.
What'd you do after dinner? - We went to the hotel.
- Hey, Pop.
Found this over by the trash bins near McCall's.
Figure Tommy got hit with it in the alley, and then stumbled out onto Fremont.
What the hell? Stop! Sheriff's Department! Stop! Hey! Hey! Get him off of me! Help! Son of a bitch killed Tommy! Sit him down! Sit down! Now, do you know that he killed Tommy or do you think he did? I know.
Parasite's been following us all over the country trying to sign Tommy.
Tommy knew he was a crook! Told him so yesterday! Then they got into it pretty bad.
Got into it how? Ask him.
Tommy tuned him up so bad, he said he was gonna kill him the next time he saw him! Don't you run on me.
You gonna arrest that animal or what? He just assaulted me.
I want you to tell me what happened with Tommy.
It was a business conversation.
I'm a licensed fight promoter.
I can talk to any boxer I want.
I'd love to hear all about it downtown.
Now turn around, put your hands on the counter.
What the hell do you think you're doing? If you want to do this the easy way, you'll turn around and put your hands on the counter.
What do we have here? Los a lot like Tommy's gold medal.
We're all going downtown.
I'll see you at the station.
Got to talk to Savino.
Over at the bar, we're gonna try out a slot machine.
If it works, we'll add more.
Over here I've just introduced the baccarat table.
It's a European game.
Just came over from Monte Carlo.
Makes the poor saps feel like they're cultured while they're lining our pockets.
You got shortages and overages in the same count, and your fill slips are so sloppy I still don't know who signed out for what.
I'm sorry.
There she is.
Go easy on the man.
Dad Who knew a daughter of yours could be such a hard-ass? What do you think? Can she run a count room or what? The first week's skim was perfect, young lady.
Thank you.
Got Ethel Rosenberg over there.
You know what they do to spies? Shut up.
Pardon me, but I really should get back to the count rooms.
Why don't you take a break? Spend some time with your father.
Have a nice time.
You raised a hard worker.
Yeah, who knows? Maybe one day, she'll run the Savoy, Vinny.
Who knows? Sheriff Lamb, can I offer you a room? Considering how much time you're spending in my casino.
I'm here to keep the peace.
Is there a problem? Yeah, I'm looking at him.
Johnny Rizzo.
Man's in the Black Book.
He belongs on the next plane.
Look, I know you're new, but it does help to read the law.
Rizzo can stay here.
He just can't play on the gaming floor.
I know the law.
If I were you, I'd have him on the next plane.
You want to tell us where you got that gold medal? I got it from Tommy.
Hell of a gift.
Oh, wasn't a gift.
He sold it to me.
You got to do better than that.
He comes to the bar, needed the cash bad.
Took whatever was in my wallet $211.
He made ten times that for his first pro fight.
Drug addicts aren't so great with the math.
I met with Tommy yesterday morning after his workout.
He goes to put his gloves away in his bag, I see some needles.
I threatened to out him if he didn't sign with me; that's why the kid tried to clobber me.
Then two hours later, he's coming to me desperate for cash.
You tell me why he needed the money.
Any idea why a gold medal- winning boxer would be on dope? Maybe that's how he won the medal.
I never knew that you lassoed a purse snatcher.
Guy made you out to be the Pope.
Must be the funny hat.
I don't know how you do all that skim business.
It's just math.
Figuring out how much to take off the top without the Feds getting wise that's hard work.
Ask me, they're not paying you enough.
Us enough.
I'm doing fine.
When you was a baby, I used to bring in the milk from the front porch every morning, dip your finger in that cream on the top.
Oh, you loved it.
That's what we should be doing.
Taking a little bit off the top ourselves, you and me.
Whack it up between us.
Nobody needs to know.
Oh, look who it is! El Presidente.
Sorry to interrupt.
There's something we need to talk about.
Down on the floor, I was here in '46 when this place was a saloon.
Nobody's gonna tell me where to go in my own casino.
I understand.
You get caught by the Gaming Commission, they can yank our license.
So, in the spirit of avoiding that unpleasantness your own personal casino.
What, no craps table? Not bad.
Look, while I have you here, there's a couple of things I want to discuss with you about the casino.
Dry martini.
Yeah, the French restaurant.
Angelo told me all about it.
The restaurant's just for starters.
Dress shops, golf course.
I want an arena.
An arena? Tonight, 3,000 potential gamblers will be down at the Convention Center for the fights.
Afterwards, there'll be a long line for cabs, so those gamblers will walk to the nearest casino.
Repeat every night there's an event at the Convention Center The boss don't want to pay for a restaurant.
What do you think, sweetheart? Should I tell him to pay for an arena, too? It's unconventional.
Some would say foolish.
Like sending your daughter back east to go to college.
Or walking down Fremont in '46 and seeing that if you swept the sawdust off the floor and laid down some carpet, you could make some real money in this town.
Now that's a martini.
I'll talk to the boss.
I understand why you wanted me to come with you.
You know my dad is more likely to say yes if I'm in the room.
Your father's too smart to be influenced by something like that.
In Chicago, nobody's talking about the future of Vegas.
As long as the envelopes keep coming, they don't have to.
If you get what you're looking for, every casino will have to adapt or they'll go out of business.
You could change this city.
I'm just trying to keep my job.
Of course he had needles in his bag.
I was giving him painkiller injections in his neck.
What for? The blow he took from the Russian.
I can still hear that sound.
It's like a stick snapping.
Thought he might be dead.
Kid never was the same after that.
He could barely turn his head without those shots.
Never kept him from getting in the ring.
That's why these young boys want to fight tonight, in his honor.
Tommy would've wanted it.
You ever see him take any other drugs? Who says he did? Garrity? Man's a liar and a criminal.
Not arguing with that.
Vegas has a way of bringing out a man's impulsive side.
Next time you leave me high and dry, maybe we can work out some kind of high sign or semaphore.
Excuse me for being rude.
You get anything more out of them? No.
Other than Tommy was just about to sign a bunch of endorsement deals with Madison Avenue so him needing money doesn't add up.
You recognize where this comes from? No.
But I think we both know someone who will.
You check your coat here a lot? Oh, once or twice.
Hey, Dixon! Once or twice? Excuse me, miss.
Can you help me out with this? Figured someone would be picking this up today.
Didn't think it'd be a bunch of ranch hands.
Let's see what we got here.
Some kind of code? Well, looky here.
What'd he need that for? The boxer? The one that got killed? Yeah.
That was him who dropped the bag off? His name was Tommy Carroll.
He was cute.
A little sweaty.
And pale.
He seemed nervous.
Any idea what this means? You could write it on your card, and I'll give you a call if I think of something.
Our number's in the phone book, ma'am.
Says Tommy ripped the claim ticket in half.
Told her either he or a friend would come pick up the bag.
Bartender saw him use the phone.
Could've been calling that friend to tell him it was here.
Well, whoever was supposed to pick it up could still show.
Maybe give us an idea as to why Tommy needed the gun.
So, I'll stay.
Guy will sniff you out in a second.
I'll stay.
Hey, Dixon! Hi, Dixon.
Always putting the job first.
How charitable.
Hell of a fight.
Takes heart to take a punch like that and still get up.
Did it his whole life.
His dad used to take the belt to him and his mom every night.
And every morning, she promised they would run away together, but she died before they could.
So Tommy had to learn how to fight.
He had a thing for the strong picking on the weak.
You want to tell me what your friend needed with a gun? Not to kill a man.
He can do that with his fists.
Hell, that Russian cracked his vertebrae, Tommy still got up and knocked his ass out.
Now, one more punch like that, and the doctor said he could be paralyzed.
Trainer never said anything about a broken neck.
Tommy didn't tell Boffa half of what was wrong with him.
The guy barely let me fight with asthma.
I got to take one of these every day.
Tommy knew there was no way he'd be allowed in the ring if he told Boffa about how bad his neck was.
It was between him and his private doctor.
But he told you.
And I tried to talk some sense into him.
The thing about Tommy the way he came up, he wasn't gonna back down for nothing or nobody.
You from New Orleans, JB? Yes, sir.
Let me ask you something.
You suck the heads out of those craw? Best part, sir.
That's disgusting.
Six makes 13.
And that's a bust.
Congratulations, sir.
Every time I double down tonight, I win.
It's your night, sir.
How come you don't deal that card off the top? That off the bottom.
What am I, a child? You have to let me win? And eight makes 21.
I'm sure you've seen things I can only imagine.
One night, we have this amateur striptease contest.
The winner by the end, this clown is just wearing his boots and a cowboy hat covering his you-know-what.
I won ten dollars, didn't I? The bag is gone.
I told you to come get me, I'd be just a minute.
I know.
I went to get a pack of cigarettes, and I'm so sorry.
I came back and it was gone.
Call our guy.
You're gonna be all right.
My suit's ruined.
I'll take care of it.
You want to explain to me what happened to my best dealer? You think you can slip a mechanic by me? You think I need your help to win at cards? I don't know nothing about that.
Maybe you got lucky.
Lucky? What am I? A jerk? You think you're gonna get my okay by feeding me a couple peanuts like I'm a monkey? I'm going downstairs to play.
Gaming Commission gets wind of this So, we'll wet the commissioner's beak.
Whatever it costs, it'll be worth it, so long as he backs the expansion.
Get someone to clean up this carpet.
Come on, Tommy.
What does that mean? "Last U.
" How many men on the boxing team? Nine.
You know, Hoover Dam's one of the seven wonders.
Last one built.
Maybe there's something in that.
Yeah, a big wall and a lot of water.
Oh, well, I'm sorry, Professor Lamb.
I didn't realize you'd mastered code-breaking in your three weeks as sheriff.
Sheriff, line 1, bellman at the Savoy.
He'll be with you in just a moment.
Sheriff Lamb.
I'll be right there.
Rizzo's back on the floor.
I messed up.
Bag's gone.
I'm sorry.
Who's going to Tucson? "LASTUS7.
" You know, my cousin, she lives in Nogales, but whenever she visits, she leaves on the 7:00 bus from Las Vegas to Tucson.
"Las," Las Vegas, to "Tus," Tucson, at 7:00.
We were supposed to know that? Clark County Sheriff.
Please remain seated.
Is that your bag, ma'am? A winner! Excuse me, sir.
Clark County Sheriff, I'm gonna have to ask you to come with me.
Buy yourself a pony.
I'm politely asking you to get off the floor.
Why don't you go get me a martini? And this is me being polite.
Next time, we're gonna work on your manners.
Take your hands off of that man! I told if he came on the floor, there'd be trouble.
There are other ways to deal with this.
That's probably true.
I bet that was fun for you, to flash that star in front of all the crowd.
I'll be out in an hour, you know.
An on the first flight back to Chicago tomorrow morning.
One night in Vegas, man could get in a lot of trouble.
How do you know Tommy Carroll, Mrs.
Dunbar? Okay, fine.
Um just tell me why he left you a gun and $211, and we can call it a day.
I don't think you killed him.
But these are the facts.
Tommy needed a gun and he needed money, and you got both of them right now.
And when you don't say anything, it makes me feel like you might have been involved, you understand? Mrs.
Dunbar is not - a talker.
- Mrs.
Dunbar is not Mrs.
Edith Dunbar of 662 Jefferson Ave, Henderson, Nevada, died two weeks ago.
She probably bought a fake ID down on Fremont.
Well, whoever she is, she's scared of someone, something, or both.
Uh, Ralph? I've seen her before.
I hate it when he does that.
I'm sorry.
We're fresh out of champagne.
I could offer you a warm beer.
You have no idea what you've done.
Sounds like your problem.
Not mine.
He'll be out in minute.
I think you should leave.
He's my dad.
I'm going to talk to him.
No, you're not.
Not now.
You don't want to see him like this.
Yes, I do.
He's protected me my whole life from that side of him.
Look, I know your father's a hard man to deal with, but that whole future of the city that you told me about, that could be dead unless I smooth things over with your father.
Let me see him alone.
Let me calm him down.
Get your hands off me.
Yeah, I know how to walk.
- John Wayne's a problem.
- I know.
Fix it.
I'm working on the right angle.
There's only one angle.
And I want you to take care of it tonight.
After what he did to me, I think you'd want to take care of it tonight.
Nobody touches the sheriff without the boss' say-so.
So we talk to Angelo.
I thought I recognized you from Tommy's last fight.
That's Ronnie Davidson.
He was on the boxing team with Tommy.
So I'm guessing that you're Mrs.
Now, if you needed money, a gun, and a bus ticket so badly, I'm figuring that you must have a hell of a story to tell.
So I'm going to sit right here and I'm gonna wait until you're ready to tell me.
Tommy was trying to help me get away from my husband.
I'd gone to the cops a few times.
All they did was take pictures of my black eye, then drove me right back home, asked Ronnie for an autograph.
That's not the way we do things around here.
Did you tell Tommy about what your husband was doing to you? He somehow just knew.
Said if I stuck around, it would only get worse.
It was his idea for me to run, get me the money, put me on the bus, make sure I was leaving during the fight so Ronnie couldn't stop me.
Tommy arranged everything.
He called me yesterday to say everything was ready, but Ronnie caught me on the phone.
Did Ronnie know you were talking to Tommy? No.
He threatened to kill me if I didn't tell him who I was talking to, but I stood up to him.
When I heard about Tommy, I knew Ronnie must have found out somehow.
I'm sorry I didn't stick around, but I was afraid of what Ronnie would do to me.
Fight of your life.
A fight we're gonna win.
Come on, Ronnie.
Yeah, Ronnie, let's knock him out.
Keep it tight, Ronnie.
Spoke to your trainer.
He said he gave you a couple of stitches in your palm this morning.
What happened? I don't remember.
Let me help.
See the way the bottom of the pipe is jagged like that? Now, if someone were to put their hand around that and beat their teammate over the head with it, it'd rip up their palm and leave traces of their blood right there.
He was sleeping with my wife.
You know that for a fact? Yeah, just about.
She got a phone call last night.
There's been a lot of those lately.
Never says from who.
So I followed her when she left the hotel this morning.
There was Tommy.
I saw him give her something.
Like a little piece of paper, maybe? I don't know.
She left after she got it.
He saw me and came stumbling towards me.
I did what any man would do.
Right, you hit him in the back of the head when he wasn't looking.
Oh, believe me, I looked him straight in the eyes.
You really need to see this.
Initial coroner's report: The blow to the head didn't kill Tommy.
He had a heart attack.
What? You're kidding me.
A 20-year-old Olympic boxer had a heart attack? It would explain why he couldn't get a hand up to fend off Ronnie's head-on assault.
And didn't the lady at that nightclub say that he looked pale and sweaty? The coroner says the painkiller he was getting for his neck, combined with any number of prescription drugs, could have caused it.
The only problem is he wasn't on any prescription drugs.
None that he knew of.
That man laid his hands on me in our casino in front of my friends in front of my daughter! The sheriff goes.
He's not even a real sheriff.
He's just some dumb cowboy they dug up because nobody else is stupid enough to take the job.
And if Vinny can't handle a mook like Lamb, then maybe we need somebody else running the Savoy.
Respectfully, Jonathan, none of this would have happened if you had stayed in the penthouse.
I tailored every last detail of that room to your needs: My best room, my best booze, my best dealers, and yes, they let you win.
But that's only because, as everybody at this table knows, you can't handle your losses like a man.
Having said that I took an oath.
You want me to take anyone out, I will.
I gotta admit, I'd enjoy it.
But it's the wrong move.
Not because he's a decent man.
He's not.
Not because he'll come over to our side.
He won't! But if we take him out best case scenario, the feds don't come after us, the state doesn't revoke our gaming license but we still have two dead sheriffs in one month.
Now what man is gonna take his wife to a city without any law? Without tourism, there's no money and there's no suitcases coming home.
Whatever we think of Ralph Lamb, we need him alive.
For now.
Otherwise we have another wasted opportunity.
Havana in the desert.
The penthouse wasn't good enough for you? Where you headed? The tour's over.
Figured I'd catch a bus out to the coast.
Got some family I haven't seen for a while.
We talked to Ronnie.
He admitted to hitting Tommy in the alley.
I never liked Ronnie, but I didn't think he was a killer.
He's not.
A heart attack killed Tommy.
Sit down.
You said that you and Tommy were like brothers.
We were.
I know if I thought my brother was a threat to himself, I wouldn't just stand by.
You didn't want Tommy to get back in the ring.
I told you, I pleaded with him, but he wouldn't listen.
So you did what you needed to do to stop him.
See, I'm thinking while you and Tommy were out for barbecue, that you slipped him some of your asthma pills.
Grind them up? Put 'em in his drink? You knew it'd make him nauseous for a day.
Make it almost impossible to fight.
Then maybe he'd start listening to you.
Unfortunately, I think that those pills reacted with the injections he was getting for his neck, and it caused him to have a heart attack.
I killed Tommy? I did it? I can't prove that you, uh, gave him those pills.
And I don't see how it's gonna do anybody any good to know it.
I think he'd want you to have this.
Where's Ray Humphries? I talked to him.
I'll have to dust off my law books, but I'm pretty certain the penalty for involuntary manslaughter is more than a stern talking-to.
It wasn't that stern.
He'll have to wake up every morning remembering what he did for the rest of his life.
That's punishment enough.
So is that it? I didn't say that.
Tommy still had unfinished business.
It's the least we can do for the kid.
In light of some new evidence, we're dropping the murder charge against you, Mr.
That's great.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to see my wife.
Don't worry.
You'll see her six to ten years, maybe more depending on the judge.
You just said I didn't kill Tommy.
You assaulted him with a deadly weapon, and that's a felony.
I'll be sure to give your wife your regards.
You'll have plenty of time to set up your new life.
I think that's what Tommy would have wanted.
What if Ronnie comes for me when he gets out? You have my number.
Here, let me help you with that.
You fight? Only when I have to.
Thank you.
Not at all.
I met a guy in the bar, says he never gambles when he comes to Vegas.
Only makes mental bets.
Last week he lost his mind.
What's wrong? I was just thinking about what you said earlier.
About the double skim? Yeah, so was I.
I think it's too much.
We'll wait until you've here a little bit longer.
Or maybe we'll wait until you get a new boss over here, all right? Where's Vincent going? Forget I said anything.
Just remember, you can never predict when there's gonna be a change in management.
Come here.
I love you.
Be good.
Sorry to cut the trip short.
I'll come see you next month.
Christmas is better.
The colder it is in Chicago, the more you appreciate it.
You're doing good work here.
Thank you.
Don't worry about Johnny.
Oh, of course not.
I just don't want him to cloud your judgment with regard to the expansion, that's all.
You're serious about that? Yeah, I'm serious about that, Angelo.
It's something we need to talk about, sooner rather than later.
You know what your problem is? Life is too good here.
You got so much time to think, you think about problems that aren't problems.
I just don't want to blow paradise.
You want paradise? You bring your family out here so you don't sit around trying to solve problems that don't exist.
Come on.
Way up to the clouds Away from the maddening crowds We could sing in the glow of a star that I know of See you next time.
Where lovers enjoy peace of mind Let us leave the confusion and all this illusion behind