Vegas (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

Bad Seeds

I am sitting on top of the world just rolling along, just rolling along Look at that there.
And I am quitting the blues of the world just singing a song What do you think it is? Diseased prairie dog den.
They go down there and die, makes the soil sick.
Go get them.
Think I got them.
Hold on, hold on.
Give me that.
What's wrong? That ain't no prairie dog.
I'm sitting on top of this world just rolling along I'm sitting on top of the world singing a song.
"Mayor Bennett neck and neck with upstart Grady in Vegas election.
" Neck and neck is good.
Yeah, if you bet on both horses.
But we only bet on Grady.
I'm just saying.
A while back, this guy doesn't have a chance in hell, now he's got a shot to win this thing.
Red, a shot is not good enough.
We need Bennett out of office before he regulates our skim to pennies.
Vincent, we've done all we can for Grady at this point.
And I spoke to our friend who ships the voting machines.
That's all set.
A little touch of cook county.
Hey! There he is! The candidate! The next mayor of Las Vegas.
Can I speak to you for a second? Sure.
Have a seat.
I, uh, found this on my windshield.
This compares Bennett to Stalin.
It's unfair.
Yeah, to Stalin.
This isn't a joke.
I didn't agree to this type kind of campaign.
Not to mention the fact that most voters like that he stands up to crime.
And that's why we made those flyers.
I think they're damn good.
You know, I saw a fight at the polo grounds a few years ago with Vincent.
Rocky Marciano versus Roland Lastarza.
Remember? Of course.
It was a great bout.
Marciano's thing was he charged at his opponents.
Wild aggression was his strength.
As soon as the bell rang, Lastarza was on him like a bird on seed.
Champ couldn't charge him because Lastarza had attacked his strength.
But Lastarza lost the decision.
It was fixed.
Uh, so I heard.
My point is, you want to win, go after Bennett's "Tough on Crime" record.
But, uh, the election's in two days.
Let's try to keep this aboveboard.
I never took you to a bout.
Here, take this.
Thank you.
Oh, man.
Dixon, check their bodies for I.
Go hug a cactus.
I ain't patting down those zombies.
No need.
This handsome devil right there is Milwaukee's Davey Cornaro.
Guy with no eye is his bodyguard, Tommy Deuce Squiteri.
Not much of a bodyguard.
Guess this is what happens when you try to take the tumbleweed away from Savino.
These guys have been missing for weeks.
It's a big story.
Word's getting out as we speak.
Milwaukee hears about this, every thug in Wisconsin is gonna be on the next plane to Vegas to get his pound of flesh.
You know, the lye from them bodies turned the PH of my soil.
Ruined my damn crop.
You're the law, Ralph.
I want to know, who the hell's gonna pay for this? If we don't do anything about it, the whole city will.
Flight 729 to Miami is now boarding at gate 4.
, please.
What's this all about? Just a temporary security measure put in place by the sheriff.
Oh, you're not from Wisconsin.
That's right; Just getting back from a business trip.
What business are you in? Wholesale butchery.
Well, welcome back to Vegas.
I'm sorry.
A farm?! You buried the bodies where the ground is constantly turned over?! We put them in deep.
Maybe we should muscle up.
We can't let this thing get out of control.
We got to be smart.
I don't want the next bodies to land on the ground to be ours.
Where's Borelli? Jonesy.
Back in Vegas so soon? Apparently.
How long you in town this time? Long as I need to be.
Smoke? Those things kill you.
Well you die, you die.
Borelli came here from Chicago, what, three years ago? Mmm.
Not much of a shelf life on these guys, is there? Figure Borelli came through the door, shooter is waiting for him, it's over before it even started.
He turns to go, sees a witness he didn't expect.
Poor Marjorie Dobbs-- she winds up dead.
Guy who found the bodies caught a glimpse of the shooter, but didn't get a good look at his face.
All he can say is that he was pale and thin.
You go tell the coroner I want the bullets taken out of these bodies, and I want a make on the ammo and the weapon that was used within the hour.
We're dealing with somebody here who doesn't mind shooting civilians who cross his path.
Yes, sir.
Oh, here we go.
You want to tell me how the hell this happens? I assume it was with a gun.
Don't get smart with me! Don't get loud with me.
I'm trying to win an election today, on a law and order ticket.
How the hell am I supposed to do that when I've got bodies sprouting up on farms and mobsters getting gunned down in the street? Well, Mrs.
Dobbs here, she wasn't a mobster.
So I would appreciate it if we don't fret about your job security over her dead body.
You got an active crime scene here.
Where the hell are you going? It's a retaliation hit against Chicago.
Where the hell you think I'm going? Since I was seven, I knew him.
Grade school.
We played ball together at St.
This is what happens when you're sloppy.
Look, Vince, Victor got a raw deal, but whoever took him out is gonna come after anyone that Milwaukee thinks was involved with the Cornaro thing.
And that includes me and you.
What do you mean, "whoever took him out"? You know it was Jones as well as I do.
Boss, we got company.
Ah, sheriff.
I was counting the minutes.
I'd count them careful if I were you.
You may not have many left.
I doubt you've come here to express your concern for my safety.
I could give a damn about your safety.
Innocent woman-- Marjorie Dobbs-- got killed because of you.
Because of me? You and your associates have been at it with Milwaukee for weeks.
I didn't pull any trigger.
And in case you missed it, my friend was lying five feet away from that woman, just as dead as she was! Yeah, I'm sure Borelli had it coming, for a number of reasons.
Now, whoever killed Cornaro was either somebody in this room, or somebody you ordered did it.
But I'm gonna make you a deal.
You give me his name, I'll bring him in, and maybe when Milwaukee hears about it, they'll put an end to all this, and maybe you get to live a little longer.
Even if I did know something, did you actually come in here thinking I would give up my guys? No.
Okay, boys, go ahead.
All right, gentlemen.
Want one by each table, two by the elevators.
Give me a few by that big spinning wheel thing in the back.
I can't believe you're doing this to me.
I'm not doing anything to you.
No, you're just shutting down the casino I help run.
Wouldn't expect something like this from you.
What the hell do you think you're doing?! Protecting your customers.
We don't want any innocent civilians getting hurt if somebody makes a move on you, do we? What civilians? Everyone's leaving! And so will my deputies as soon as all this blows over.
So, if you just so happen to remember who killed Cornaro, you'll let me know, right? So, is it true? Yeah.
The Savoy's shut down.
Vincent sent this thing downhill ever since he set eyes on the tumbleweed.
I want you to check flights to Vegas.
You want to know the truth, Angelo? Savino screwed up.
His sheriff's no good.
His mayor's no good.
Now his casino's no good.
End of day, maybe Savino's no good.
So what are you telling me? Well If Red's ready to take another shot at heading the Savoy What in the hell do we need Savino for? Coroner says the ammo matches a CZ-52 semiautomatic pistol used almost exclusively by the Czechoslovakian military, something we never see around here.
Except a few weeks ago, when Cornaro's secretary and her boyfriend were found in that suspicious murder-suicide.
The gun found in the boyfriend's hand-- also a CZ-52.
That's not a coincidence.
No, it's not.
It's the killer's weapon of choice.
It's the same person.
We find him, we stop the killings from Milwaukee's end, but I doubt Savino's gonna stay on the sidelines for long.
Hey, dad.
We just got a call.
Why don't you tell him? A jeweler says a car's been parked in a 30-minute tow zone outside his shop all day with no one in it.
Wants it towed.
The shop's on Fremont.
Now, that's a block and a half from where we found Borelli and Mrs.
So I'm thinking, shooter wasn't planning on killing two people.
Dobbs threw him off.
So he turned tail, ran, left his car behind.
Ferro, you getting ready to start your shift at the Savoy? Dixon, you go check out that car.
Yes, sir.
You know, I don't want to speak too soon, but that kid's got a head for this line of work.
I'm glad one of you does.
Yes, sir.
Can I help you? When I got home Yesterday, um My neighbors, they were on my lawn.
They told Told me what happened.
I I I haven't been able to see her yet.
Uh, excuse me? I'm Clarence Dobbs.
My wife, Marjorie, she She was in that alley.
Um Mr.
Dobbs I'm sorry about your wife.
Um, about this accident Accident? I mean, uh This incident Mr.
Dobbs, why don't you come with me to the office, and we can speak in private? Right this way.
Glad we could get a table.
Where's the salt? You can't have salt.
I just can't overdo it.
The doctor said no salt.
The doctor Your situation.
Look, I know things are upside down right now, but before you know it, these guys are gonna be out of here, and everything will be No.
No more excuses, no more stories.
No talking.
You listen.
Milwaukee is going nuts about this.
The tumbleweed, Cornaro, everything.
They want payback, and Borelli was just the start.
Angelo, I know No.
I know.
I know you did Cornaro.
I know it all started with you.
Milwaukee doesn't have anything to lose in Vegas.
They'll burn this town to the ground without thinking about it twice.
But a lot of money comes out of here, and we can't blow it up.
And we need to make peace with Milwaukee now so we don't lose everything we've built here.
You understand? Good.
Because, in order to iron things out, I got to let go of the problem that started this whole damn mess in the first place: The tumbleweed.
Angelo You can't do that.
The tumbleweed the property, it's our future.
There is no future, Vincent, unless I can fix what you broke.
And you need to realize that I'm not just trying to save the Savoy.
I am trying to save you.
Hello, Josephine how do you do? Do you remember me, baby like I remember you? You used to laugh at me and holler "hoo hoo hoo" I used to walk you home I used to hold your hand you used to use my umbrella This is Dixon.
Come in.
Yeah, Dixon, it's Jack.
What'd you find? I think I got the shooter's name-- Lyle Plimpton.
A rental agreement in the glove box.
Looks like he rented the car out of the airport.
He must've slipped by the deputies at McCarran.
Got it.
Lyle Plimpton.
Picked up for assault in the third degree a couple of months ago.
Witness said he was thin and pale.
You got a mug shot? No mug shot, but we got a booking slip and an address.
Says he lives right here in Vegas.
Let's take a ride.
Sheriff's office! Don't shoot! I didn't do nothing! I didn't do nothing.
Uh He's not as thin and pale as I expected.
Well, that was a fine "How do you do".
Would've been easy for the killer to use a fake name, but he had to know that we'd pick up on it real quick.
He takes the name of someone who lives right here in Vegas, knowing we'd chase him down, waste our time.
He's a smart son of a bitch.
Question is, where is that smart son of a bitch right now? What's going on here? Precautionary measure.
Now, how can I help you? I'm a carpet salesman.
I have an appointment with the casino's design executive.
I'm sure I'm on a list or something, somewhere.
I've had this appointment for weeks.
Could you open the case, please, Mr.
Lewicki? Of course.
Thank you, sir.
Enjoy your meeting.
Have a pleasant day.
Cota got in touch with Borelli's wife.
Our shipping company should have his body to Chicago in the next three days for the wake.
We got to get over there.
Well, the way things are going, let's hope to hell we don't travel the same way as Borelli.
Milwaukee takes out one of my own men a few blocks from my own place, and Angelo gives them the tumbleweed? In the old days, Chicago would retaliate, not negotiate.
I got Angelo trying to go too far one way, and you're going too far the other way.
I'm trying to figure out what down the middle is in this.
Down the middle is our only shot.
It's our only shot.
Drop the gun.
Hey! No! Wait! Red! What? Call an ambulance.
All right, stay awake, kid.
Stay with me, all right? All right, just stay awake, stay awake.
Stay with me, now.
You're gonna be all right.
Jim, go with him to the hospital.
Send brogan to pick up his mom, and take her there to meet him.
Come on.
I'll be taking those guns you fired.
They're registered.
Got a shot off at him.
I think I might've got a piece of him.
Listen, for what it's worth, I'm sorry about the kid.
I hope he makes it.
Shut the hell up.
What, now? I said shut the hell up.
You're the one who started all this.
Tell your boy to take it easy.
- How about I take it outside and whip your ass-- - Hey.
In front of all of Fremont street? You've got a badge on.
Cool off.
Kid's got heart.
That's good.
He's gonna need it if he goes up against Jones.
Jones? That the man that shot my deputy? And Borelli, and the Dobbs woman.
What's his full name? Don't know.
No one does.
Don't even know if his name's Jones.
That's just what everybody calls him.
He's a pro's pro.
Been doing hits for Milwaukee since he was a kid, and he'll keep coming after someone again and again.
He doesn't quit.
All right.
Give me your arm.
What is this, some kind of a joke? I get shot at, and you're putting the bracelets on me? Long as this Jones fella thinks he can get to you, innocent people gonna get hurt.
Can't get to you if you're on my hip.
Make a call.
You can't do this.
Haven't you heard? I'm running for sheriff unopposed.
I can do whatever I want.
Ain't no fancy Lincoln, but I guess it'll have to do.
Watch your head.
I want you to look for this Jones fella.
Call the doctors, hospitals, and don't forget the veterinarians.
He's probably smart enough to try one if he's not winged too bad.
We don't even know what he looks like.
We know he's thin and pale and has a possible gunshot wound.
Start with that.
You go back to the station and start making those calls.
I'll catch up.
What are you still doing here? I'm not going anywhere.
Milwaukee tried to kill your boss.
This place isn't safe anymore.
Please, get your coat and get out of here.
Oh, you giving orders? Who are you to tell my daughter anything? You know who I am, Mr.
Oh, yeah, you're the candy store cop.
Dad You can't even keep peace in your own town.
How you gonna protect my daughter? If you cared about her, you'd want her out of here, too.
Oh, you gonna tell me how to protect my own daughter? Dad It's all right.
Hop along, hop along.
Go ahead.
I'll be there in a minute.
I'll be fine.
You mind explaining why you're laying fence when the whole town is about to explode? A little manual labor puts the mind at peace.
You people ought to try it.
We did.
We built Rome.
Calluses must've worn off.
Come on.
You want to cut me loose, get me out of the sun? I'll go inside the house.
Catch up on your back issues of field & stream.
Well, I got a hat for you inside.
What, one of those ten-gallon jobs? Look good on you.
I'll take the sunburn.
Suit yourself.
We interrupt our regular programming with breaking news of today's stunning violence at the Savoy hotel, where an unidentified gunman shot a Clark county sheriff's deputy, ending with Savoy head Vincent Savino taken into custody by Clark County sheriffs.
And now back to our regularly scheduled program.
Yes, this is the county clerk's office.
Who's this? Deputy Roberts.
What can I do for you? Well, deputy, we have a matter of some urgency here.
My judge wants to know when to expect Mr.
We have a very full docket.
Well, I don't think you need to worry about it.
Savino won't be showing up.
What are you talking about? He was arrested.
It's, uh, more of a protection situation.
No charges.
Well, my judge won't like the man being held without charges.
Have him take it up with the sheriff.
Lamb's watching over Mr.
Savino personally.
I will pass it on.
You got it.
Front desk.
We have that Milwaukee number for you.
Yeah? This is Jones.
I will need a few more men.
Hot coffee? It's 100 degrees outside.
I would have put up some ice tea in the refrigerator if I'd known I was gonna be having company.
Are you serious about keeping me here? Looks that way, don't it? You should think less about my hide and think more about yours.
This guy, Jones, is a psycho.
Is that right? Yeah.
And you should be out there right now looking for him instead of sitting around here having a cup of this muck with me.
You know, I'm almost offended.
I was thinking we could use this opportunity to get more acquainted.
Give me your phone.
You can call your lawyer soon enough.
I don't want to talk to my lawyer, damn it.
I want to talk to my wife.
I want to tell her to get out of town.
Yes? Baby, it's me.
Vincent, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Who's there with you? Cota.
I'm being taken care of.
What happened while I was out? Where are you? It doesn't matter.
Look, I want you to get packed.
I want you to leave Vegas.
No, Vincent, I'm-I'm safe here.
It's okay.
No, you're not.
Look, you wanted no secrets? I'm telling you I can't protect you right now.
Not with things the way the are.
I could leave tonight.
You remember the drill.
Use the same names we used in Tampa.
Until you hear from me, don't go anywhere near the house in Chicago.
It might not be safe there, either.
When am I going to see you? I don't know.
Listen, I got to go.
Watch out for yourself.
I got blisters on my finger from dialing.
But nothing at the hospitals or vets.
Maybe Jones didn't get hit.
Well, that would mean he's still out there looking for Savino.
He's not the only one.
Fella down at the county clerk's called us about what charges we were filing.
Said the judge is getting antsy.
I told him Savino's not even here.
How long ago was this? About 30 minutes or so.
I was at the clerk's office an hour ago, and I told everyone we weren't pressing charges.
This guy acted like he didn't know.
What exactly did you tell him? Well, hell, I don't remember every single word.
The gist of it.
Uh, I-I told him that Mr.
Savino's not here, and that last anybody saw of him, he was with sheriff Lamb.
Get the switchboard on the line.
Find out every call that's come in here in the last hour.
That was no county clerk calling.
That was our boy Jones.
I got rare and rare.
Which one? No knife? What's the matter, you don't trust me? You're catching on.
How am I supposed to eat this steak? Well, I could cut it up for you just like your mama used to.
Clearly, you don't cook much.
Oh, I eat to live.
I live to eat.
It shows.
I eat at the hotel mostly.
It's easier.
Although, now that Laura's in town, we do like to get out.
Check out some of the places in town.
If we ever get out of here, maybe you and that Ada O'Connell can join us for a double date.
I'll check my calendar.
Well, I figure it's pretty free what with your, uh Your brother out doing his own thing and your son chasing skirts.
I get by.
Still It's got to be lonely in here all by yourself bouncing off the walls.
You know, it is okay to have some company out here once in a while.
I can help you with the arrangements if you're the shy kind.
Does that mouth of yours ever stop moving? Just trying to help.
I don't think a man should spend all his life alone.
You never did say what happened to your wife.
You want some steak sauce? Nah, I'm good.
All right, thank you very mu Uncle Jack.
What do you got? Operator tracked down a call from a motel near the county line.
Got the address right here.
I'll drive.
We got the okay? Yeah.
I hear you.
It'll be over by tonight.
So you must've been the oldest in your unit in Europe.
You got that right.
Wife, young kid, a few tours under your belt, you could've been granted a discharge if you wanted.
What are you getting at? Ah you asked to stay.
Good for you.
A patriot.
What, your wife leave you while you were over there? Wouldn't be the first time.
She died.
How? Car accident.
Really? That's a shame.
Quite a shame Losing her that young.
A war halfway around the world, get that kind of news, it must have been tough.
You about done? Thing of it is, uh Do you ever think, if you had taken that discharge, could be your wife sitting here at that table eating dinner with you instead of just me? I guess you are done.
This is Lamb.
Ralph, we're in a motel room we're pretty sure Jones was using.
We found a phone book with a map torn out of it.
It's the section where the ranch is.
He's already here.
You're not gonna leave me here, are you? Best if you stay quiet from now on.
Lamb! We came here for Savino, sheriff! This ain't about you! You're on my land, and you're after my prisoner.
You must be Jones.
You think you can raise that pump action before I can pull this trigger? You got me there.
Lamb! Go around the house, we'll box him in.
Think you can reach that handgun before I blow your head off? Don't tell me you ran out of ammo.
Not quite.
Put the rifle down.
Easy, Tex.
Believe it or not, we're on the same side in this one.
You okay, Ralph? Yeah.
What the hell were you thinking, leaving me alone in there? You could've gotten us both killed.
I just saved your life.
How about a thank-you? How about you go get another butcher block? Your kitchen's a mess.
The occupation is over.
Yeah, what did MacArthur say? Uh, "I shall return".
Well, let's hope it's under different circumstances.
Yeah, well, here's to that.
Good night.
You know, you never answered my father's question.
Which one? Why are you so interested in protecting me? I guess I just feel it's something I'd be good at.
Oh, you're sweet so sweet to me you're my everything you're sweet Where is Jones now? Our friend the sheriff has him in custody.
So it's all over? Looks like Angelo's calmed things down with Milwaukee.
Oh, Vincent, looks like you taught Milwaukee a thing or two out there, huh? I got loud out in the boondocks, but it all worked out all right.
Since you and your sheriff took out their best man, Milwaukee's ready to talk.
Nail things down, clear the air.
Wh-what's to clear? We need to straighten out this tumbleweed business once and for all.
Come on, we'll be back in an hour.
Red can stay here with Laura if you're still worried.
He'll be back in no time.
Come on, let's go.
Let me come with you.
Nah, it's okay.
It'll be fine.
How about that? We got the whole place to ourselves.
I'm sorry, Vincent.
I love you like a son.
But they buried two of theirs-- we have to make amends.
Milwaukee's a bunch of five-cent Al Capones.
We don't need to bow down to them.
We have to do what's right.
I'm paying them back with the tumbleweed.
And I'm paying them back for Cornaro with you.
Everything I did, it was for you.
It doesn't matter.
Bury me deep, will you? I don't want my kids to see me in the papers.
Aah! He was getting soft.
The old Angelo would have seen that setup coming.
Relax! Relax.
We need you back at work.
What? Was that okayed? Of course.
Back home, they didn't like the idea of him giving the tumbleweed to Milwaukee.
Now you work for me.
Vegas is mine.
Now, come on, start digging.
I got to get going-- I got people to see.
Hard to argue who had the worst night You or me.
We're both still standing.
Yeah, but only one of us has a job.
I lost the election.
You won.
Might have been unopposed, but it's still a victory.
Official verification.
Something tells me it will be fine without me, but they're gonna need you as sheriff, whether you like it or not.
Good luck, Ralph.
Hey, Ted.
See you around.
You never know.
Maybe I'll come back.
Vegas is a nice place to visit.
Oh, boy, I'm lucky I say I'm lucky this is my lucky day To Las Vegas.
To Johnny Rizzo.
I'm glad all over I want to shout hooray oh, boy, I'm lucky I'll say I'm lucky this is my lucky day.