Vegas (2012) s01e08 Episode Script


Well it's one for the money Two for the show Three to get ready, now, go, cat, go Good morning.
It sure is.
Where do you think you're going, little lady? Dallas, Fort Worth then back here, then we do it all over again.
Well, let's say you come back here and we do it all over again.
Honey, lay off of my shoes, don't you step on I can't.
I'll be late.
Oh, I'll be quick.
I promise.
Okay, I cannot promise that, but you come back to bed and we'll figure it out.
I wish I could, but my flight leaves at 11:15.
You can stay as long as you like, though.
Just remember to pull the door closed behind you.
Almost 10:00.
Drink my liquor from a old fruit jar Do anything that you wanna do Come here Fly safe.
You have a visitor, Sheriff.
Is it Rita Hayworth? Close.
Sorry to disappoint.
Well, well, well.
You know, if you hear about that missing kitten, we're plumb out of leads.
I'm accompanying my boss.
I have some earnings reports he needs to go over.
You know, if you wanted to see me, all you had to do was call.
Oh, is that why I'm here, to see you? Why don't you come up with a better excuse next time? Thanks for the advice.
Don't mention it.
It's 9:00 somewhere.
I was in the neighborhood.
Figured I'd drop by and congratulate you on the election.
The people have spoken.
Oh, don't worry, I'm not gonna make you say it but you're welcome.
What are you talking about? I'm just saying that, when a man saves your life, it's only natural to feel in his debt, but you didn't have to go to all this trouble.
As I recall, it was me who saved both of our lives, after you handcuffed me to a 300-pound butcher block.
Well, if you really feel that way, then you can take back your scotch.
Oh, no.
It's a gift.
I'm not going to drink it.
Then give it to one of your friends, assuming you have any.
Excuse me, Sheriff, Body's been found on the Westside.
Don't look at me.
Garbage man found him.
We got a name? Yvonne's putting a description out over the wire.
That's a nasty wound.
Help me flip him over.
That exit wound's the size of my fist.
Shot with a hollow-point bullet.
It expands on impact.
We're hoping to get 'em back out Oil.
What you seeing? Looks like somebody left us a trail.
Hey! Excuse me.
Well, go after him.
You're the sheriff.
You're my deputy.
Go after him.
New boots.
I don't want to get a blister.
You saw that, right? Tell me you saw that? We're down 15% at the tables, twenty at the hotel.
What, in one week? A cop took a bullet here.
Suddenly tourists are scared of getting gunned down at the nickel slots by the Dillinger Gang.
Luckily, I have a way to turn it around.
Loosen up some slots, up the jackpots, and make the dice a little friendlier for the next couple of days.
I got a better idea.
What's that? I'll tell you when you need to know, but that's not our only problem.
What about the skim? I ain't seen a penny since I got into town.
Mayor Bennett still has his Control Board pencils watching everything we do.
He's got auditors on the floor, auditors by the elevators, auditors in our Count Room.
So, what, I go home to Chicago empty-handed? No.
We have that figured out.
With all these auditors everywhere? Not everywhere.
Well, it's Saturday night and I just got paid Fool about my money, don't try to save You're good for the count room.
'Cause it's Saturday night and I feel fine Gonna rock it up I'm gonna rip it up I'm gonna shake it up And ball tonight Ten seconds Six seconds Come on, come on.
Time's up.
Well, it's Saturday night and I just got paid Fool about my money, don't try to save My heart says, "Go, go, have a time" 'Cause it's Saturday night and I'm feelin' fine Gonna rock it up Let's count it.
I'm gonna rip it up And ball tonight! Edward Paul Dozier.
Don't know him.
You had his wallet, Gary.
It was in the car.
It was a car that you stole after you shot Mr.
Dozier in the chest and left him to bleed out.
What? I didn't kill anyone.
Oh, man, I knew this was a setup.
Car like that, keys in the ignition Soon as I saw that cop, I should have just kept walking.
You sure it was a cop? A white guy on that block at 6:00 a.
in the morning? Had to be.
I took it, but I didn't kill anyone.
Sheriff, this is Lieutenant Norman Lieutenant Norman Kemp.
I'm with the Office of Special Investigations at Nellis Air Force Base.
How can I help you? I heard a description of a John Doe over the wire.
I think I might be able to help you identify him.
Edward Dozier was our lead medic.
He had a weekend pass off the base, but he didn't make it back last night.
We're way ahead of you.
His wallet showed up.
Which, I'm guessing, also contained his military I.
? Mm-hmm.
Did you have any intention of letting us know? It's been a very fast-developing case.
That's your brother, right? Mm-hmm.
And I'm guessing that was your son playing grab-ass with the receptionist? Nothing like a little nepotism to really make an organization hum, huh, Sheriff? Lieutenant, you can insult me all you want, but you insult my staff, we're gonna have a little problem.
Then we're gonna have a problem.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to interrogate my suspect.
OSI has jurisdiction over any case involving Air Force personnel.
Be my guest.
But he didn't do it.
Come on, let's try it on.
Does that mean you like it? You're too much, you know that? Yeah, well, I've been accused of worse.
Hey, Vinny! Oh, my God, is that Diane Desmond? Laura looking lovely as always.
Aren't you sweet.
Hello, Vincent.
I didn't realize you two had met before.
We haven't.
I guess my reputation precedes me.
Um, I hear you're filling all the seats at the Stardust.
This is my wife Laura.
I loved your last record, Miss Desmond.
I'm sure you get tired of hearing that.
How 'bout this coat, huh? It's sable.
You know what sable is? A beautiful animal.
You should come see the show tonight.
We could grab drinks after.
The four of us.
I-I should stay around here, considering everything that's going on.
Oh, but I'm just playing at the piano bar.
Johnny, the sweetheart, got me out of my Stardust contract.
She starts in the lounge next week.
Tonight is just a little taste of what's to come.
I didn't realize you were talent managing for The Savoy now.
I'm managing everything, Vinny.
You know that.
We don't need to loosen the slots.
We got the best singer in town right here in our joint.
Yeah, I should have known.
This whole damn thing's way too easy.
Oil line, it's been cut.
Whoever killed Dozier cut that oil line.
They left a nice car running in a bad neighborhood and just waited around for somebody to take it.
Knowing that a trail of oil would lead us to whoever stole the car.
And then the killer, he dumps the body in the lot right next to the trail of oil.
And hope the cops would fall for the frame job.
Like you did.
You want to tell us what you would have done different? I don't foresee needing any further assistance from your office.
I'll be starting my own investigation.
Look, Lieutenant, this man was a soldier, and I'm going to find out who killed him.
This is my case, Sheriff.
Jurisdiction cuts both ways.
The body was found in Clark County, which makes it just as much our investigation as yours.
So you're just gonna have to live with it.
Come in.
Welcome to The Savoy.
It's an honor to have you here.
I've been calling you ever since you got into town, Vincent.
You never call back.
There's nothing to talk about.
You still have my single.
I haven't listened to that in ages.
You haven't gotten rid of it, either.
You go to my head I'm trying to remember the last time I saw you.
I know it was Havana.
But was it your place or my place? It was eight years ago.
You looked at me just like you're looking at me right now.
What, like I felt sorry for you? Like you were scared.
I don't blame you.
Wife flies down to Cuba, and boy, she gave you some talking to.
About missing Christmas, was it? Don't talk about my wife.
You go to my head You told me you were going to leave her.
I tell a lot of people a lot of things.
She didn't even know who I was, did she? Just some floozy you picked up in Havana trying to pry her poor, helpless husband away? She might be impressed if she knew.
She is a fan.
You have a lot of fans.
Some that even give you fur coats.
He doesn't realize that the only reason I even let him look at me was so I could use him to get close to you.
If you're not interested, give Rizzo his coat back.
It's bad manners to jerk a fella around like that.
Especially one like him.
You're right.
I'll just leave it here with you.
You go to my head.
What's gotten into you? Couldn't stop thinking about you.
I have to get back.
Pick you up for the concert? Yes.
All we found in the car were some old receipts underneath the visor.
This is the it's the only one from the last week.
Who do you think Jenny is? I don't know, but whoever she Whoever she is, she saw Dozier two days before he died.
If you look at the date.
We should have a word with her.
I'm real sorry, ma'am.
I, um I always gave Eddie a discount.
We called it "the boyfriend special.
" Mm-hmm.
We were at the desert this weekend, taking pictures.
He goes there when he's upset.
Why was he upset? He wouldn't say.
I figured that it was something I did.
Something you did? We were supposed to spend the weekend up at the lake.
He called me Friday around 11:00 to tell me to pack a coat.
I just knew that he was gonna pop the question.
It's where we had, um, our first date.
So when he called me at 3:00 to tell me that we were going to the desert instead, I just We're gonna need to see those pictures.
It might be useful to our investigation if we could take a look at 'em.
I can't find them.
What do you mean? Eddie dropped me off on Saturday.
He left the film with me.
I was going to develop them first thing this morning, but I couldn't find them anywhere.
It was like they just vanished.
I will let you know as soon as we find out anything.
Thank you, Sheriff.
Sheriff Lamb? There was something in those photos that somebody didn't want getting out.
That woman is a resident of Clark County.
That makes her my boss.
You should have showed more respect.
I'm trying to solve a murder case.
You've never done that before, have you? Had to break the news to somebody? I've been an investigator for seven years.
And I don't need some sheriff who's one month on the beat trying to tell me how to do my job.
All right, here's the facts: whole future in front of him.
He calls his girlfriend.
Seems like he's going to pop the question.
Then about 3:00, he calls her back, and he changes all the plans; Cancels them.
What was he doing during those four hours? He was on the base, he was seeing patients.
Any chance of getting on the base and talking to some of these patients? Mmm! I've been craving a cheeseburger from the second my plane landed.
I haven't had a chance to congratulate you on the election.
Oh, I didn't have anything to do with it.
You transformed a dry cleaner into the new mayor of Las Vegas.
You are too modest.
You're one to talk about modesty.
When were you planning on telling me you're the Assistant District Attorney for Clark County? I had to hear it from one of the girls at the salon.
I should have been more upfront with you from the beginning.
But I don't see why my job has to get in the way of our friendship.
So we're clear.
Vincent is a businessman.
He's trying to change the city.
That scares you, so you're trying to stop him the only way that you know how by slandering him and his associates.
I almost lost my husband twice last week.
I won't risk losing him again.
Not for you or for anyone else.
I'll let you pick up the check.
It is, after all, a business expense.
Didn't realize you were military.
Where were you stationed? Uh, I was an MP.
Italy, Germany.
Vienna after V-E Day.
After the war? You re-enlisted? They asked me to.
Special Investigations.
After the fighting stopped, it was a free-for-all over there.
Las Vegas is practically Mayberry in comparison.
You were an MP, and you didn't think of mentioning that? Didn't think it was relevant.
We're both military investigators.
It's not, you know, too common.
Well, Air Force is different from the Army.
We're those tiny little dots that you guys see on the ground who are actually fighting the bad guys.
A GI thinks that airmen aren't real soldiers.
That's that's original.
Maybe if your football team was any good Give me the gun.
Get out of the ambulance now! You boys misplace your ambulance? Who the hell would want to steal Dozier's body? Safe bet it was the people who killed him.
They were probably watching us.
Just like they were watching Gary Hill steal the car.
But why leave the body in a parking lot just to go to trouble of stealing it back the next day? They probably realized that their two-bit frame-up scheme wasn't gonna work, and they thought we'd start taking a closer look at that body.
Well, that's not the only thing they don't want us to see.
I called ahead to get Dozier's schedule last Friday.
He saw 14 patients between 11:00 and 3:00, and most of them were from the same division But guess what happened to the gentlemen of 43rd yesterday morning? I give up.
Whole unit flew out.
Last-minute transfer to Dover.
And I guess you didn't know a thing about this? It's the first I've heard of it.
Look, we ought to get an APB out on that trunk and that ambulance.
You sure you don't want to see a medic about that boo-boo over your eye? I'll live.
Tough guy in the Air Force? First I heard of that.
Miss Rizzo? Can I have a word? Of course.
Everything all right? This is the carbon to a fill slip at craps table four.
I see that.
Well, it should correspond to an original, which the dealer would have filed in the cash box.
I looked everywhere.
It's not there.
I think someone stole the original fill slip, Miss Rizzo.
Why would someone steal a fill slip? Well, not on purpose, but if they were reaching into the cash box to steal money, they could have easily grabbed it by accident and never even knew they'd done it.
Do you think we should call the gaming commission? Ah! There's my beautiful girl.
What happened? Someone took the fill slips from the cash box when we were taking our skim in the elevator.
Luckily, one of my people caught it before any of the auditors saw anything.
I thought the skim was under control.
It is under control, Johnny.
If and only if this pencil keeps his mouth shut.
I mean, for all we know, he could be collecting stamps with the gaming commissioner.
Ah Uh.
Maybe Angelo put up with screwups not me.
Who else knows? No one.
What about this, uh, pencil? What's his name? He's been spoken to.
I just want to know his name.
Henry McAllister.
It's okay; he's not going to say anything.
And I trust him.
If you trust him, I trust him.
Massey, is it? We're interviewing all the patients Dr.
Dozier saw this last Friday morning and early afternoon.
I couldn't believe it when I heard what happened.
What brought you into the infirmary on Friday? I'm a civilian who works on the base, and I woke up and had this earache and I was a little dizzy.
I decided to see the doctor here rather than trek all the way to town.
Did he seem at all, uh, agitated or upset during the appointment? Now that you mention it, on the way out, there was this soldier in the waiting room, and him and Dr.
Dozier, they they got into it.
Could you tell what it was about? I guess he was a walk-in, and Dr.
Dozier said he couldn't see him, and the soldier just lost it.
He got in the doctor's face, called him a liar and accused him of giving him the runaround.
Heck, yeah, I yelled at him.
Friday was the deadline for Officer Training School.
I needed that physical or I was gonna have to wait another year before I could apply again.
Did he give you a reason why he couldn't see you? No, he said something personal had come up.
I followed him back to the infirmary.
Place was a mess.
He had papers everywhere on the beds, on the floor, all over the tables.
Papers? Reports or something, and this weird little silver box he put away the second I walked in.
Here's the silver box the soldier was talking about.
It's a Geiger counter.
He said there were papers he was hiding, too.
Let's find those.
Well, you know when I was an MP, during the war you'd be surprised where soldiers would hide their nudie magazines and their booze and whatnot.
Well, looky here.
Got something.
What? One of Dozier's patient reports.
Private Jimmy Surasky of the 43rd Fighter Squadron was brought in Thursday night with rashes and a 104-degree fever.
Died the next morning.
Some kind of infection.
But why would Dozier hide the file of a patient who died of a plain old infection? Because the infection wasn't an infection.
It was radiation poisoning.
Dozier found trace amounts of radiation in his own hair.
So the guys that hijacked the ambulance thought we'd find the same thing.
Says he took autopsy photos.
The girlfriend she said that undeveloped film just disappeared out of her lab.
Stolen by the same guys who killed Dozier because he found out about the radiation.
Dozier talked to an AP on Friday and told him everything he knew.
Guess who it was.
You go to my head With a smile that makes My temperature rise Like a summer With a thousand Julys You intoxicate My soul With your eyes Though I'm certain It's like she's looking right at me.
You know this kid in the count room Henry? Been thinking about it.
It's not worth the risk.
After we're done here, you and me we're going to care of him.
He's a good kid, Johnny; He's not going to say anything.
Why take a chance? You go to my head.
It's not what you think.
That's a pile of crap.
If I told you, I could go to prison.
Yeah, you probably would.
- I didn't kill - Yeah, yeah, it was good.
I didn't kill him, Jack.
But you know who did.
There's a defense company that's working on the base Atreus.
It's top secret.
They're testing some sort of infantry suit so that if the Russians ever drop the bomb on us, it supposedly shields against nuclear fallout.
And Surasky was one of the test subjects.
The entire 43rd Squadron was.
Dozier came to me.
He wanted me to investigate how Surasky could have died of radiation poisoning.
I told him he was on his own.
You didn't investigate the death of one of your own airmen? How long do you think it took me to realize what a huge mistake that was? Truth is, I I didn't do anything to stand in their way 'cause I didn't want to take the personal risk.
Because of that, Dozier's dead.
Dozier took autopsy pictures of Surasky.
Somebody stole 'em.
Probably Atreus.
What if they kept 'em? Do you know where they might be? Atreus has a top secret bunker on the base.
You were sensational.
It wasn't my best night.
I was so distracted.
There was a woman in the audience, and I couldn't take my eyes off her necklace.
Vincent just gave it to me for our anniversary.
I was still singing in my church choir.
Oh, is that where you were discovered? No.
As you might imagine, I didn't last very long in the church.
No, my big break came in Havana in '52.
Had I known you back then, I would have made a lot of money.
Oh, if only.
Oh, I need a powder.
Excuse me.
If we're gonna do our thing, we should probably get going soon.
I'll tell Cota to pull the car around.
I'll be back in a minute.
Oh, excuse me.
I was hoping you'd follow me.
I need you to go home with Rizzo tonight.
Let me finish.
I need you to take him home, sprinkle some of this in his nightcap.
He'll go right out.
Why? 'Cause it's important.
If it's so important, why don't you do it yourself? Yeah, sure, I'll just reach over the bar.
He'll never suspect a thing.
If you have him alone, you can distract him.
What do I get in return? My gratitude's not enough? How about your wife's necklace? Ooh, there's the Vincent Savino I remember.
I knew he was down there somewhere.
Will you do it or not? Laura Wait! Sorry about that.
Got it.
That was fast.
There's a reason.
There's no way they'd keep that evidence around.
We're not giving up that easy.
Go that way, we'll go this way.
What is this? Radiation suits.
It's where they did the testing.
Tell me if I start glowing.
You stay there.
Stand down! Lieutenant Norman Kemp, OSI.
I just captured one of the intruders.
Two others just ran out the south exit, headed towards the base perimeter.
Don't just stand there! Move! Move! Do I at least get a tour of the brig? Don't tempt me.
Come on.
Autopsy photos ain't here.
They've got to be here somewhere.
Those Air Police ain't gonna be gone long.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, I know this guy.
He was a patient of Dozier's on Friday afternoon.
Uh, Massey.
Said he had an earache.
Could have faked an earache.
When he found out that Dozier called in all his men for checkups, this Massey fellow must have known something was up, so he, uh, probably made it up so he could find out exactly what Dozier knew, right? Oh.
Got it? I'm pretty sure this is what got Dozier killed.
It's all going to be okay.
Gonna send you up to Salt Lake in a meat truck.
Gets cold in there.
But if you ever come back here I won't, I-I promise.
Got anybody here that might miss you, uh, a wife, kids? No, sir.
It's less complicated that way.
Whatever you think you saw She was the girl in Havana, wasn't she? I want her gone.
So do I.
More than you do.
But Rizzo's the boss.
And if he wants her here, there's nothing anyone can do.
You just have to trust me when I say there's nothing there.
We got our suspect, we got motive what are we waiting for? Nellis is federal land we don't have the authority to make an arrest.
Got two bigwig military insiders facing a military tribunal.
I don't think that Dozier's gonna get any justice.
You remember that time that our accidentally wound up on your daddy's ranch? Well, maybe if you were a little better with a branding iron, there wouldn't have been any confusion.
We cleared that up long ago, but, Jack, remember how we got 'em back? The stampede.
I'll get the wire cutters.
You're a murderer, Mr.
Massey, and these autopsy pictures Dozier took prove it.
Surasky died of radiation poisoning, and you killed Dozier to keep it a secret.
That's, uh creative.
Even if your fantasy were real, the sheriff of Clark County has no jurisdiction here.
I didn't come here to arrest you.
I just came so you'd know exactly who it was who gave these to the newspapers.
The American public can be easily manipulated.
If word got out, that could shut down our program.
I reckon you'd lose a lot of money.
Enough to kill a man over.
We're at war, Sheriff.
When a man signs up to go to war, he knows exactly who his enemy is.
James Surasky didn't have that luxury, and I'm sure if he had known, he wouldn't have volunteered to help you.
Those are classified documents.
You cannot leave the base with those.
You cannot leave the base with those! Just watch me.
Get out of the truck! Now! Why do I get the feeling we've met like this before? Get out! Easy there, fella.
What is this? Those are the pictures Dozier took.
Where's the file? Where are the autopsy photos? Put your weapon down! I said put it down! Hollow-point bullets.
You're both under arrest for the murder of Edward Dozier.
We've been through this.
You have no jurisdiction here.
Yes, he does.
See that fence you went through, Mr.
Massey? Welcome to Clark County.
Katherine so glad you could come.
Sit, please.
Did you hear about Clark Gable? As if I didn't feel old enough as it is.
Why am I here? You made it very clear how you feel about me.
I was harsh, and I apologize.
But you have to understand, I will never tell you anything under any circumstances that will incriminate my husband.
And his associates.
Yesterday you were worried about your husband and his associates.
I will do everything I can to protect my husband.
The climb to the top would certainly be easier for Mr.
Savino with all of his competitors behind bars.
You have your interests and I have mine.
Who's to say they can't meet somewhere in the middle? Dinner's in an hour.
Hope you like chipped beef.
Found it in Massey's office.
Not that we needed any more evidence.
Well, I was missing this.
Was my daddy's gun.
Fair warning any case that I'm having trouble cracking, I'll be calling you for advice.
Oh, I don't think I'm gonna be hearing from you for quite a while.
You know, ever since I became an investigator, everything in my life look at it like it's a mystery.
I open my refrigerator and I see two missing slices of cheese, and I can't sleep, honest to God, I can't sleep until I get to the bottom of it.
That ever happen to you? No.
Can't say that it has.
See you around, Sheriff.
Your per diem.
I take it all your errand boys called in sick today? I just wanted to make sure everything went all right when you slipped him the Mickey.
Oh, I didn't even bother with that.
I just took him to bed.
Where's my necklace, Vincent? I thought we had a deal.
Some things don't belong to you.
You go to my head Like a sip Of sparkling Burgundy brew Is this payback? I show up at your office, so you show up at mine? Heard you got a new singer.
I heard she's a looker, too.
Ah, so that's your excuse.
It's not great.
It's serviceable.
Better be, 'cause I'm I'm running out of good ones.
Why don't you come back another time when I'm not working? That Yeah, that-that can be arranged, yes.
Still I say to myself Get ahold of yourself Wasn't easy to find.
The filing system down there is a mess.
I'm gonna get started organizing it.
Go home, Yvonne.
Have you eaten dinner yet? You know there's a big town out there.
Why don't you go paint it red?