Vegas (2012) s01e11 Episode Script


When you are sad and lonely And have no place to go Come to see me, baby And bring along some dough and we'll go Honky tonkin', honky tonkin' Honky tonkin' Honey baby, we'll go honky tonkin' Round and round Brought you some coffee.
Extra sweet just like you.
Why you looking at me like that? The last time you made me a cup of coffee, you wanted petty cash to paint racing stripes on your squad car.
You know what's sad? Famine? What's sad is that you can't take a kindly gesture for what it is.
Dixon Lamb! Touch those guns, I'll blow this boy's head off.
LaForge, I don't know what you think you saw this morning Margie told me everything you two done together.
Everything! You got it all wrong.
We're just bridge partners her and I ain't that right, Margie? Don't you lie to me.
Fred? Some people are trying to work here.
Your boy here has been messing with my wife! Is that true? Fred you're not a bad man.
I want you to take a breath, and I want you to lower that gun barrel just a little bit, all right? There you go.
Now, Dixon and I we're gonna have a long, long talk about all this, but right now, I want you to just simmer down and go home.
She broke my heart, Ralph.
Fred, Margie's your wife, , and she loves you don't you, Margie? Mm-hmm.
She just happens to love a lot of other folks, too.
Why don't you give me that gun? I'll give it back to you, and I'll just keep it for about a week, until you have time to think about it, all right? Now, Deputy Lamb here is gonna give you two a ride home, and you can settle your differences along the way.
All right? He just said he wanted to kill me.
Fred, tell him you're not gonna kill him.
I won't kill you.
See? He's not gonna kill you.
Now, go on, before I shoot you myself.
Come on, Margie.
Well, thanks for the coffee.
Everybody back to work.
The girl I love comes across the sea Why do you have to work Sundays? I'm not the only one who works seven days a week.
There are no days of rest in the Holy Book, according to Ralph Lamb.
He thinks that's just a typo.
You're so pretty it hurts.
Did you write that one down and memorize it? Now, why would I do that? I can't figure you out.
I'm not that complicated.
Oh, I don't know.
I just haven't put my finger on it yet.
Put your finger on what? Your angle.
Oh, I-I don't have one of those.
Oh, everybody has one of those.
Especially the ones who say they don't.
Now, where'd you learn that? Chicago.
My dad.
Every man I've ever met.
Not this one.
You want me to get that? Don't talk, don't move.
All right.
He wanted me to get you when those high rollers from Kansas City showed up.
They're playing poker in a private game upstairs.
Okay, I'll be a second.
Yeah, I don't know how much longer they're gonna be there.
These guys are losing their shirts.
All right.
Little early to be hitting the slots there, Leo.
Don't you think? Where's the money, Mr.
Savino? Excuse me? I just came from the bank.
Your accounts are empty cleaned out.
What do you mean "cleaned out"? The first installment of the loan we gave you for the Tumbleweed the $275,000 it's gone.
Well, there's got to be some sort of mistake.
You haven't even started construction yet and you've already used up half the loan a week before breaking ground and you decide to pull out all the dirty tricks.
Leo, no one's touched the money.
Whatever's happened, I'll fix it.
Don't make me look like a fool.
Okay, this guy with the glasses? That's Bert Robinson last time he was here, he lost 40 grand in one hand of blackjack.
Blue Suit over here? That's Henry Deloit he's been at the Sands for two months.
What about that guy? That guy is, Hal, uh, something or other.
It's his suite he's been losing downstairs all week.
He wanted to have a private game up here.
Full house wins.
Kings beat nines.
The cards are hot, fellas.
I don't want to interrupt, but I have to say hello there are so many familiar faces at the table Bert, Miss Rizzo.
Harry, welcome back to the Savoy.
Nice to see you.
And Mister? Whitford, Hal Whitford.
Thanks for lending us such a top-notch dealer.
Our pleasure I'm surprised we haven't met before.
Oh, I don't get out to Vegas too often.
I'm here from Providence on business.
Oh, you must know Jimmy Amello from the Colonial then? You know, I don't.
But then I'm not a very serious card player.
Not like these gentlemen here.
Well, let's hope your luck keeps up.
Thank you.
What do you say, boys another round? Call Providence, ask around, see what you can find out about that guy.
How come? Those are some of the best players in Vegas around that table, and all of a sudden some working stiff from Rhode Island shows up and cleans them out? I don't think so.
Well, look who decided to show up.
Some kind of construction going on at the Sahara.
Got it down to one lane in both directions.
You have been running into the worst traffic the past couple days.
Town's getting crowded.
You ought to invest in a helicopter.
Traffic again? Oh, that's rich coming from you.
Hear Mr.
LaForge came home from church early this morning, found your son's car in his driveway.
Lots of different ways of doing the Lord's work.
Sheriff, we got a call from the owner of Monty's Turf Club.
He started asking if we can send someone down there and then the line went dead.
I tried calling back I can't get through.
Send a deputy down there anyway, just in case.
Yes, sir.
Glad you could make it.
What's the big deal? What's the big deal?! There's 275 missing.
It's a loan we have to pay it back.
You should be happy.
We found a new way to rob banks.
You don't even have to use guns.
Everybody wins.
Are you for real? Where is it now? I sent half of it home to our friends in Chicago, and the other half I invested.
In what GM? I put it to work on the street.
Shylocking GM don't pay the kind of interest I like.
That money was for the Tumbleweed.
So we'll get more money.
We'll go to another bank.
Once Farwood tells everyone what you've done, no one will go near us.
Let me talk to Farwood I'll set him straight.
No, no, no, we're not doing things that way.
What way? Sheriff? I sent Deputy Howard to that sports book a half hour ago.
He hasn't come back yet.
Did you try him on the radio? Mm-hmm.
He's not responding.
I'm glad you called.
It's been a few weeks.
Well, I have something new.
One of Rizzo's fronts to launder money from loan-sharking in Vegas.
Where did you get this? I found it in Vincent's coat pocket.
Then I overheard him and Rizzo talking about it last week.
What do you know about Diane Desmond? It's terrible I had no idea about her problem.
I've spoken to a contact at the FBI.
Diane was working for them as an informant.
If Rizzo found out his fiancé was talking to the government She overdosed.
Men like your husband can make anything look like an accident.
My husband had nothing to do with this.
Then help me prove that Rizzo did it.
It is only a matter of time before the FBI starts investigating, and they will not stop when they find the killer.
They will dig up everything on everyone, including your husband.
I need evidence to prove that Rizzo killed Diane Desmond.
And you want me to find it? If the DA's Office brings charges against Rizzo, then the Feds stay home and I can make sure your husband stays a free man.
Deputy Howard! Stay back! Don't come any closer! All right everybody just take it easy.
You heard him! Stay back! Yeah, we're staying back.
We just want to get out of here.
Just give us the hostages and you can be on your way.
We're gonna go back in there and nobody's gonna follow us.
Let 'em go.
Take him.
Try and break down the door, and we'll kill him.
You can have this one back.
Turn him over.
What are you doing? Hey! N-Nathan, maybe we should go.
Shut up.
Oh, no! What the hell? Don't act like you don't deserve this.
No, no, no! No, no, no! No, no! Go find a fire extinguisher.
Go get 'em! Nathan Auster.
Held up a liquor store in Henderson with a sawed-off shotgun in '54.
Served three years for it in Nevada State Penitentiary.
Looks like he's back at it.
Deputy you have a visitor.
Well, don't keep a lady waiting.
You miss me already? It's been excruciating.
Miss Rizzo.
Sheriff Lamb.
So, uh, how can we help you, then, Miss Rizzo, ma'am? A man named Hal Whitford has organized a private poker game at the Savoy.
He's beating the best card players in Vegas.
Somebody this good, you'd expect everybody in this town to know his name.
I've called around to a few casinos.
Nobody's heard of him.
What, you think he's cheating? I think that something's not right.
I was wondering if you could do me a favor and look him up, see if he has a record.
Don't you have your own people to investigate this sort of thing? At this point, I'm not sure if my own my people are in on it, as well.
And if it is an inside job, they're worse than useless.
Everybody's got an angle.
Now, is that the Bible or Shakespeare? 'Cause I can never remember.
I think you might be quoting it out of context.
What's Nathan gotten himself into this time? Your son just held up a sports book, ma'am.
Assaulted a deputy and put the owner in the hospital with third-degree burns.
My husband Clint used to go there, listen to the horse races.
I think it might be helpful if we talk to him as well, ma'am.
I'm afraid Clint passed away last month.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It had been a long time coming.
The man I married, I lost somewhere in a bottle.
Nathan, he didn't rob the sports book alone.
He had a partner.
You have any idea who that might be? Not a clue.
You happen to know anyone in Nathan's life, early 20s, brown hair, walks with a limp? Mrs.
Auster? Russ.
Nathan's little brother.
He-He's my sweet boy.
He just hasn't been the same since his daddy passed.
I heard Nathan, the other day, talking to Russ about robbing the bar.
I told him, "Pack your bags and don't you ever come back.
" But I didn't think Russ would actually do something like that.
He's a good boy.
His brother's just filled his head with nonsense.
I thought the skim was on its way to Chicago.
Not anymore.
Bring this to Farwood.
This has got to be the first time I ever brought money to a bank.
It should be enough to take care of the bills at the Tumbleweed for the next few days.
I'm not interrupting, am I? Not at all.
Well, uh, looks like a productive morning.
The stage manager just asked me if I wanted Diane Desmond's dresses.
There are racks and racks filled with dresses, just sitting there.
Rizzo told him to throw them all in the garbage.
It doesn't make any sense to me either.
Diane had everything going for her.
Gold records, sold-out concerts; She was engaged two weeks ago.
Why would a woman like that shoot heroin in her dressing room? She was a drug addict.
She didn't seem like a drug addict.
When we went out to drinks with her, when I saw her sing These people, they've been doing it so long, they know how to hide it.
Why didn't I see any needle marks on her arms? You're asking questions you don't want to know the answers to.
Did you kill her? How can you even ask me that? Why else won't you tell me? Because I'm trying to protect you.
By lying to me? You told me no more secrets, Vincent.
You promised me.
Look, someone could have shot her up with a hot dose.
That's two parts heroin, one part strychnine.
You can buy it from any dealer on Kersey Street.
Now, maybe it was Rizzo or maybe it was just bad luck.
Now, is that it? Or is there something else you want to know? Guy is clean as a whistle.
No record.
Maybe he's just lucky.
Please, I work at a casino.
There's no such thing as luck.
Well, if it's a private game, why does it matter anyway? 'Cause the whales up there are the same whales that play at the tables down here.
If they think they're being taken advantage of at the Savoy, they don't come back.
You should put me in the game.
I can spot a liar a mile away.
Also, I've won my fair share of card games.
These are high-stakes gamblers, Jack.
They're not ranchers on a smoke break, with all due respect.
Those ranchers on their smoke breaks are the best damn card cheats around.
Put me in the game, I can get up-close, I can pick up on whether he's doing hand gestures, eye contact, silent signals Can you pick up on the silent signals I'm sending you now? You think it's an incredible idea, and you suddenly find me irresistibly attractive.
No? Not even close? We're concerned your bar may be targeted for a robbery.
You're two days late.
Two hours before we opened, Nathan and Russ bust in, guns in my face.
They peeled the safe in ten minutes.
So you knew these guys? Their dad, Clint, used to work at the cement factory on the corner.
He'd drink his check every payday.
Nathan come by every once in a while, and drink on his dad's tab.
What about Russ? Russ would pick up the old man on nights, when he was too drunk to walk home.
Why didn't you report the crime? Nathan said that if I went to the cops, he'd come back and kill me.
He the one who gave you the shiner? Nathan got Russ all riled up.
Told him how I poisoned their dad with liquor.
He told Russ to give me something to remember the old man by.
Looks like it's just you and me.
Looks that way.
I'll raise you 1,000.
Ooh, um What's your line of business, Jack? Uh, rancher, mostly.
You don't meet many ranchers in Rhode Island.
I didn't know folks from Rhode Island wore ostrich boots.
Well, my parents bough a ranch in Paradise Falls when I was a kid.
We'd go there every summer.
Whenever I'm in town, I try to sneak out there.
Nothing helps you unwind quite like a weekend in the saddle.
I hear you there.
So you in or out, Jack? I'm all in.
Two pair.
Well, can't win 'em all.
I guess.
No, I guess not.
Got anything? Yeah, I got in touch with the cement factory Clint Auster worked at; Started there when he was 15.
They fired him six months ago, drunk on the job.
Never worked again.
What'd I miss? We found the bar, but were too late.
Auster brothers robbed it on Saturday morning.
Looks like they're going after places they think took advantage of their dad.
Sports book he gambled at, bar where he drank.
That sounds like a moral crusade.
No, I'm not buying that.
I think Nathan's just picking targets to make his little brother feel like he's doing the right thing.
Timing's right, too; they hit the bar Saturday morning when the safe would have the most cash.
What about the sports book? Sunday morning, day after the prize fight.
So now we just got to figure out what place has the most cash lying around on Mondays.
Cement factory.
Dixon found out that their dad worked at that cement factory since he was 15 years old, and they fired him for coming to work with a few drinks in him.
What's the date? The 15th.
No, no, no, no! Drop it, drop it! Put it down! Drop it on the ground! Now! Don't move! Drop it! Drop the money! Drop it! Drop your gun! Okay, guys, this is how it's gonna go, okay? Drop your weapon, Nathan.
You, too, Russ.
You got nowhere to run.
Give it up.
Come on, Nathan, let's go! Aah! Let go of the shotgun, son.
You've got to have heart All you really need is heart What was that? I don't know.
Oh Ah, for Pete's sake.
Oh, hey.
Hey, thanks for stopping.
I really appreciate it.
Hey, don't worry about it.
How you doing? What do you got here? What is that, a nail? I'm telling you, these new radials, they look like a million bucks on the showroom floor.
You get 'em out on the road That must be Maureen.
And Adam.
Honey, come here.
How's Adam like first grade? You know, in Chicago, you go your whole life, you never meet your neighbors.
Out here I want my neighbors to know me.
So we can help each other.
I understand you went to Vincent with some, uh accounting problems.
From now on, any problems Vincent, the Savoy, anything you come to me.
I'm Johnny Rizzo.
There won't be any more problems, Mr.
Rizzo, I assure you.
That's great.
See? Look.
Here I am, helping my neighbor.
Oh Nathan Auster made his choice.
Wish he'd made a different one.
At least he didn't get his brother killed, too.
Brothers have a way of dragging each other into trouble, don't they? I wouldn't know anything about that.
Hey Come in, Katherine.
Looks like you don't have to worry about Russ Auster doing any more damage in Vegas.
They spotted his car outside of Phoenix.
Shouldn't be long before he gets caught.
Or ends up in Mexico.
I'll let the border authorities know he could be heading their way.
What? I have new information on Diane Desmond's death.
My CI believes Rizzo killed her with a spiked dose of heroin.
Why would those Mob boys want her dead? Well, apparently, they suspect she's working for the FBI.
Was she? I can't find out, but I believe this information is enough to convince the DA to authorize wiretapping warrants on Savino, Rizzo, and the Savoy.
And if he says yes, I will be celebrating with a cocktail at the Gemini and I hope not to be doing that alone.
I was thinking about Hal Whitford losing to you yesterday.
Oh, that's funny, 'cause my memory is of me beating him soundly.
I don't think you beat him.
I think he lost intentionally.
How'd you figure? I had the winning hand.
He wins every game, beats the best players in the city, and suddenly he starts losing? He knew we were on to him, so he changed his pattern.
Nah, I set him up.
It was skill.
It was cheating.
Losing that badly is the same as winning crooked.
Either way, a player has to know the exact cards of his opponent.
You ruled out a spotter? Inside the suite.
Go Dutch treat You were sweet Danke schoen Darling, danke schoen Save those lies, darling, don't explain I recall Central Park in fall Blackjack's all about luck.
Nothing's going to turn two face cards and a three of clubs into anything but a bust.
Poker, on the other hand poker is a game of skill.
Darling, danke shoen Poker is a game that is Poker is a game that If you'd excuse me, gentlemen.
Excuse my reach.
Well, this is a little awkward.
Isn't it? What's going on? Just had a nice, long conversation with your spotter.
Apparently he used a hidden lens to spy on the other players' cards, then used this thing to send you a signal to tell you what they were.
Morse code.
I mean, that's not just illegal, Mr.
Whitford, that's just plain rude.
It's also a misdemeanor.
I'll make bail and hit asphalt in ten minutes.
Minus all the loot we found in your hotel safe.
You mean my 130 grand.
You caught me in one game.
Fine, I plead guilty.
For today.
The rest of that money I won fair and square, and my spotter will back me up.
Hal, you've been cheating nonstop for the last 72 hours.
Prove it in court.
Oh, we will.
And until that time, the money will be held as evidence in the Vegas Bank and Trust.
Oh, and I wouldn't use that buzzer trick again, 'cause we plan to send your pretty little mug shot out to every casino in the state.
Don't suspect you'll be welcomed with open arms.
Well, thank you very much, Mr.
Of course, we'd love to be your guests.
Well, I'll see you tonight.
What did Nelson Rockefeller want? He's opening the credit line for the Tumbleweed up again.
He wants us to come by tonight, go over a few details, but it looks like we're in the clear.
That's how these types do business.
A round of G-and-Ts, a handshake, and then boom the money starts to flow.
They're Mormon; They don't drink.
So it's sarsaparilla.
Look, the Tumbleweed can't be your piggy bank anymore.
The real money starts flowing once we turn that place around, but there can't any more of this nickel-and-dime business.
You think you're the only one who can play it straight? What time we got to be there? I'll see you out front.
Loan-sharking, extortion, racketeering, and with the murder of Diane Desmond, with all of this, we have more than enough on Rizzo to request a wiretap.
You got a witness to the murder? I'm not sure there is one, but I think I can get the dealer that sold the poisoned dose.
I can't go forward till I know who your CI is.
I can't tell you.
I made a promise.
Katherine, I'm not putting my ass on the line for your promise.
I need to know that your CI is credible and can stand up to cross in court.
Diane Desmond was a Federal witness.
If we don't make a play on Rizzo, they will.
Once they come to the party, they don't leave, and I did not come back to Vegas to push papers for a Federal prosecutor.
How very ambitious of you.
I thought you'd find that appealing.
Hal Whitford made bail.
All right.
And Freddie Newsome over at the bank said he'd hold the $130,000 in his vault, so I can take it.
I'm meeting Katherine over at the Gemini.
Oh, well, look at you, out on the town.
Phone call for you, Sheriff.
Says he's Russ Auster.
This is Sheriff Lamb.
This is the man that killed my brother? What can I do for you, Russ? Go to hell, for starters.
It's out of my hands, son.
A badge don't make a man, Sheriff.
I'm coming for you as soon as the time is right.
I'll be waiting.
You could save your mama a lot of grief and just surrender where you are.
Funny, you thinking of my family now? Nathan's gone.
Don't fight his fight.
It's my fight now.
Then it'll just have to play out the way it does.
I guess it will.
We tried to trace the call, but there wasn't time.
Track down any railroad crossings near Phoenix.
I could hear a signal in the background.
He's either on foot or he's in a stolen vehicle.
I'm gonna take this over to Freddie.
If Katherine calls, tell her I won't be late.
Don't spend it all in one place.
You bet.
When you are sad and lonely And have no place to go Come to see me, baby, and bring along You telling me Farwood lives all the way out here? Let me do the talking.
One hour, in and out.
Probably can't hear you 'cause of all the cobwebs.
Can we help you fellas? There must be some mistake.
Farwood sent for us.
We're supposed to meet with the Board of Directors.
We are the Board of Directors.
Thank you very much.
Deputy found Russ Auster's car.
Arizona Highway Patrol caught up with it near the border.
Driver says that he bought it from Russ last night, here in Vegas.
Says that, as far as he knows, Russ is still in the city.
Jack! Freddie Newsome just called from the bank.
He found Pop's truck outside.
Said there's blood all over the sidewalk.
But he was supposed to meet Katherine after he dropped off the the money.
Get on the dispatch.
Get every deputy back here now.
We're gonna need a map of every train crossing in Clark County.
Your dad is a tough son of a bitch.
We're gonna find him.
Ralph said Russ called from near a train crossing, so we got Deputies at Fillmore, McCarran and El Soto.
There are any number of motels on those roads he could be hiding in.
I need more men to check every apartment, motel room and SRO off Fremont.
Is Hal Whitford still in custody? Mia uh, he made bail this afternoon.
Turns out he ran a similar ring at the Nugget in Reno, about six months back under an alias.
They hired a private security man to track him down who's been missing ever since.
They think Whitford killed him? They weren't able to prove it.
They've never found the security man's body.
Russ Auster may not be our guy.
And Hal knew that we were taking the money to the bank.
He could have waited there and then jumped him.
Wait Paradise Valley.
Hal said his family had a ranch there.
Well, let's go.
Change of plans.
Round up all units and have 'em sent out to Paradise Valley.
Right away.
If that bastard's got Ralph, that's where he'll be.
You fellas know who we are? Yeah.
The welcome wagon.
Men like us have been keeping peace in this valley since the first wagon train arrived.
For over 100 years, we've been putting troublemakers like you in their place.
I respect that.
But there's a way to work this out so we all come out ahead.
You ever heard of the Paiute? They were the local native tribe here when we arrived.
Couple of their bad apples raided a homestead one night.
Pilfered all the stores, set the cabin ablaze.
Burned the family alive inside.
The next morning, council was convened, and, uh You people understand the necessity of a quick response, don't you, Mr.
Savino? Council determined that a message had to be sent that if you come at our people, measures must be taken, so I ask you again, have you ever heard of the Paiute, hmm? You may have operated with impunity, but you have pushed us to the limits of our hospitality.
You need us.
I beg your pardon.
Everything you've had in this valley's tapped out.
Mining, ranching, water.
Sure, you got land, but we're the only people who know what to do with it.
You may have held the cards in this valley for the last hundred years, but if you kill us, you'll be a footnote to the Paiute.
So what are you suggesting, Mr.
Savino? A foothold in the future.
I don't see that.
You will once you own the Tumbleweed.
You let us walk out of here, it's yours.
You'd sign it over, here and now? If we walk.
What do I know about running a casino? You don't have to know anything.
I'll run it for you.
What are you celebrating for? Being alive, for starters.
You missed a real opportunity back in the war.
The French Army would've loved you.
They're good at surrendering, too.
You would have had a bullet in your skull if I didn't give up the Tumbleweed.
It's the oldest trick in the book, Vinny.
They're not gonna kill us.
They need us.
The Tumbleweed was mine, and it's gone because of you! It was never yours.
None of this is.
You walk around here giving orders to a bunch of ants nobody gives a crap about.
You're a quarter Irish.
You're never gonna be a made man.
You're expendable.
This city could be a gold mine, and you're ruining it.
Ain't that a shame.
Because I'm a made guy, and the only way I'm leaving this town is in a body bag.
Have a nice time explaining that back home.
Oh well, maybe the man in this dress can tell us where the sheriff is.
Visiting hours are over They actually just started, Ralph, and as much as it must pain you, you don't call the shots here.
They were out of Field and Stream at the gift shop, but I did what I could.
"Secrets of Hollywood Wives.
" "Queen Elizabeth In India.
" "50 Fantastic Dinner Ideas?" We're tired of beans, Pop.
Don't they have any newspapers down at that shop? I told you, he ain't never budging on those beans.
Take a rain check on that beer? Yes.
Well! Fancy meeting you here.
I just came by to see how your brother was doing.
Oh, a little bit of rest, and he'll be back on his feet in no time.
I should go now.
Um, I'll be sure to let Ralph know that you tipped us to Hal.
That's not why I came here.
Well, you didn't need to tell us, so I'm still trying to figure out what your angle was there.
Well, I suppose you could say I was worried about you.
I suppose you could.
You know, you really don't need to sneak out.
I mean, I'm sure Ralph would be more than happy to see you.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
Why not? My family doesn't bite.
Mine does.