Vegas (2012) s01e12 Episode Script

From This Day Forward

Good morning.
Is everything all right? Everything's great.
You got to see this.
Have you ever seen one of these inaugurations? Ask not what America will do for you Since when did you get interested in politics? A son of a bootlegger in office, and we helped put him there? You're telling me you're not a little bit puffed up? You know, housekeeping comes in five minutes.
Why don't you order breakfast, and we'll watch and eat it in your room.
Bacon and eggs, half a grapefruit, right? And don't you dare eat my bacon before I get there.
No promises.
He's terrific.
I'll be there in a bit.
I don't think I ever fully appreciated just how big your father's feet are.
If he had found you in here Now how long is that gonna take for that food to get up to his room? How are we ever gonna fill that time? Canasta? Oh.
I like canasta.
I'll get the cards.
I'll get the pad.
It's not a date.
So, you taking me to your cousin's wedding isn't a date? All I need is a warm body.
Otherwise, my aunt will try and set me up with her buck-toothed neighbor again.
That sound like a date, Jack? Sounds like a date.
Jack says that sounds like a date.
I want three things in a date: tall, dark and not you.
Ooh, you are in a mood today.
Well, if I can't have a date, at least give me the paper.
Kent asked for something to read while she waited for your father.
Miss Halloran? She said her name was Barbara Kent.
That's her married name.
When we knew her, it was Barbara Halloran.
Who is she? My ninth grade French teacher.
With jewelry like that? I should really look into teaching.
You should really look into marrying a rich guy, 'cause that's what she did.
Left Ralph for him, in fact.
So she's the one that got away? Or she's more like the one that left my dad high and dry.
Everything all right? Barbara Kent is in your office.
Well, I guess I better see what she wants.
Hi, Ralph.
Well, hey there, Barb.
I'm sorry to drop in on you like this.
Without notice.
Well, that's the thing about a sheriff's office: door's always open.
Gosh, it's been, what? Eight years.
You look, uh So do you.
Well, um, sit down.
What brings you into town? Rick's here on business.
I'm just tagging along.
He's actually the reason that I came to see you.
We were robbed last night.
We were walking back to our hotel, and these two men-- they came up to us, and they hit Rick.
Started punching him right there on the street.
They stole $5,000.
Rick all right? He says he is.
He's back at the hotel.
I had wanted to report the attack last night, but, um, he refused.
I just think he doesn't like the idea of asking my old boyfriend for help.
Well, unfortunately, your old boyfriend's the sheriff.
Just got a call.
Found a body on some deserted ranch up north.
I'm gonna take it.
Aren't you gonna tell your pop? He seems to have his hands full with a body of his own.
We got to do something about this Barbara situation.
Didn't realize it was a situation.
She's bad news.
Always has been.
You just don't like her 'cause she gave you a "D" in French.
I don't like her 'cause she broke Dad's heart.
Oh, it was more complicated than that.
She left, he was wrecked.
Seems pretty simple to me.
Deputy? No identification, but we're canvassing surrounding ranches to see if she worked at any of 'em.
Well, that'd be a waste of time.
Brand-new clothes.
Manicured nails.
She never put in a hard day's work in her life.
Give me a hand here, boys.
Well, look at that.
The Double N.
Ain't that one of those dude ranches for tourists? It's a divorce ranch.
Most places, you got to wait a year before the judge'll let you call it quits.
In Nevada, it's six weeks of riding horses and sunbathing, and you go home a single woman.
Or in a casket.
What now? You're not going to like this.
Do I ever? It's an affidavit for a wiretap for Rizzo's phone.
They're looking for information pertaining to the murder of Diane Desmond.
She O.
My hands are clean.
There's a confidential informant who's been feeding information to one of my A.
Whoever it is, they say Rizzo killed her.
It has to be someone in your organization.
I want this rat's name.
The A.
won't give it up.
Which A.
? Katherine O'Connell.
Get rid of her! Fire her for insubordination.
If I put up too many roadblocks, she'll know what I'm up to.
You're hopeless.
Vincent, we need to figure this out.
There's no "we.
" I'm gonna find this son of a bitch.
And when I do, I'll take care of him myself.
Hi, Ildy.
Uh, Vincent forgot to leave me cash this morning.
Normally, he keeps some in this drawer.
He has me hold the petty cash now.
I can get you some.
And do you mind making a hair appointment for me tomorrow at 10:00 a.
at La Fontaine? Of course.
You're a godsend.
Come on Come on, let me show you where it's at Come on Come on, let me show you where it's at The name of the place is I Like It Like That Come on More like the Double D ranch.
Tighten up.
Karen Schultz.
Welcome to the Double N.
This is my wrangler, Max.
Her name is Marjorie Harding.
She's a guest here.
I'd appreciate it if we keep this between ourselves.
Marjorie was quite popular.
She stayed here, what, must be three times now? That sounds right.
Marjorie's been divorced three times? Well, technically twice.
Her third one was just a week away from becoming official.
Any troubles with the exes? Not that I'm aware of.
What about with any of these guests? No.
When Marjorie stayed here, she was our unofficial social director.
Most of these girls show up pretty shell-shocked.
Marjorie-- she'd have 'em out of their room and dancing in no time.
She saw divorce as a liberation.
It was for me.
My husband left town six years ago with one of our guests.
I got this ranch in the settlement.
Now I'm my own boss.
Either of you see anything suspicious last night? I saw a blue motorcycle with a sidecar go past the bunkhouse.
Miss Fields was in it.
Dawn Fields.
Her and Marjorie and some of the girls went down to Fremont last night.
I heard that the two of them were hollering at each other pretty good.
Something about Dawn's husband.
Let's take a look at Dawn Fields' room first.
Sure looks like she left in an awful hurry.
Now, that's a face only a mother could love.
This town certainly is full of some unfortunate-looking characters, isn't it? Well, this whole place has gone south since you hightailed it out of here.
Oh, so I'm to blame for the city's rising crime rate? Mm.
My apologies.
There's an upside.
Without the criminals, I'd be out of a job.
And free to while away your days back at the big old ranch of yours.
You know, it might have been different with us if you'd been willing to leave that place.
Or if you'd been willing to stay.
But you just had to see the world.
I hope you saw it.
Yeah, Rick took me everywhere.
Europe, India, Africa.
I'm real happy for you.
Glad it worked out.
Oh, I don't know if I'd say that.
Oh, my God.
That's him.
You sure? I'm positive.
Yvonne? Yes, sir.
What do we have on one Paul Zummo? Let me check.
Heard about you and Dixon.
Mighty brave of you to go to a wedding with a guy who inherited my fashion sense.
He just has to dress up a little.
It's not black tie.
Tie? What's a tie? Three arrests for usury over the past five years.
Loan shark? Says here he operates out of the back room of The Gravy Train.
Barbara still here? Her husband got mugged.
Right, but she's here instead of him.
She ain't just here about no mugger, Ralph.
Come on, where is it? Anyone finds out about this, I'll kill you myself.
You understand? Get out of here.
Mama said there'll be days like this There'll be days like this Have a seat.
This is a bad idea.
What the hell am I doing here? Dad, Jack and I are dating.
The candy store cop? Yes, Jack is a cop.
It is something you're going to have to deal with.
Oh, yeah? Why's that? I love your daughter.
What? You're gonna have to get used to it.
'Cause I ain't going anywhere.
Is that right? I'm never gonna trust you, Mr.
Just like you're never gonna trust me.
So, for Mia's sake, I say we call a truce.
Hmm? I need you to do this for me.
We'll talk about this later.
Little heads-up would have been nice.
You told my father you love me.
Well, I thought it would, uh you know, calm him down.
Which was a poor tactical decision on my part.
See you tonight.
Hey there, buckaroos.
You boys look like ready cash.
Won big at a poker game last night.
You know that fella you beat up on Fremont Street last night? Rick Kent? Never heard of him.
He's in a coma.
Freak thing.
Maybe he'll last another day.
But if he dies it's murder.
And I got a witness that puts one of you at the scene.
Here's how this deal's gonna work: first one of you talks gets immunity.
Guy walks in with a $2,000 suit.
This Rick guy.
He wants a loan.
Five grand.
Gave us a diamond bracelet as collateral.
Stones were fake.
Always the rich guys.
Had to get the money back.
We roughed him up a little.
All right, I'll have a little chat with Rick.
You said he was in a coma.
Did I? He did say he wants his five grand back.
Who the hell brings a kid to a casino? You talking to the law? What are you talking about? I saw you swap the envelope with that guy with the blue suit and the brown shoes.
You think I don't know you're the rat? Rat? You got it wrong, Vince.
I'll show you what he gave me.
I got it right Being a junkie's not much better than being a rat.
It's rhinoceros horn.
Powdered rhinoceros horn.
I've been seeing this showgirl-- You know, it's supposed to keep the you know, the spaghetti al dente, you know what I mean? We got bigger problems than your spaghetti.
A rat, huh? Rizzo's gonna go nuts over that.
Ah, he doesn't need to know.
He finds out we got a rat in the house, who do you think he's gonna go after? The guy who let him in.
We have to find this guy and take care of him before Rizzo finds out.
We need to talk.
What's the problem? You got to fire Mia.
What the hell happened? I want her fired.
End of story.
You want me to get rid of the best count room manager I've ever had, I need an explanation.
It's between me and my daughter.
And I don't want this coming back to me, either.
You're overreacting.
You want me to fire you, too? I'll take care of it.
Matches the description of the bike that picked up Dawn Fields from the ranch.
Well, how many blue sidecars do you think there are in Clark county? That what I think it is? It ain't pogo sticks.
Sheriff's department.
I didn't murder Marjorie.
You and Marjorie had a fight last night, and this morning, you hightailed it out of the ranch in that motorcycle outside.
I didn't kill her.
When I checked into that ranch, all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball with a bottle of vodka.
Marjorie made up a game for us all to play.
Help us appreciate our newfound freedom.
Bingo? Each square was supposed help us get out of our rut.
Take a double shot of whiskey, or bet $100 on a roll of the dice.
She said we couldn't go back to the ranch until we got five in a row.
That was the last square I needed.
"Kiss a stranger.
" As soon as I did, I knew I was making a mistake.
I didn't want to kiss strangers.
All I wanted was to kiss my husband.
Marjorie didn't like that, huh? She thought I was running back to him.
She thought I was weak.
But I realized I loved him.
I called L.
He jumped on his motorcycle and was here in five hours.
Did Marjorie have one of these? There was only one square on the whole card she couldn't quite get.
"Pretend to be a working girl"? For five minutes.
She was the only one brave enough to try it.
I'm taking this.
She was standing right next to me.
If she wasn't a pro, she was a hell of an actress.
That must've made you mad, her moving in on your territory? Guy she was talking to-- could smell his breath from here.
So, no, I wasn't mad.
Tony, on the other hand grabbed her wrist and dragged her outside.
Tony here tonight? Hey he ain't gonna hurt you.
You've been a big help.
Give me half an hour, I can help you a whole lot more.
I'm kind of busy right now.
Cops get half price.
And how 'bout you, cowboy? Going somewhere, Tony? Thought I might have left my headlights on.
We got a couple questions for you about a woman you assaulted last night-- Marjorie Harding.
She died a couple hours later.
Doesn't ring a bell.
Yeah? Why do you have her purse? Thought I'd scare her a little, so she wouldn't work my turf.
She took a knee to my grapes, took off.
Left her purse on the sidewalk.
I'm telling you, I didn't kill her.
Take a look at this.
Be right back.
Cash transfer.
four days ago.
Woman walking around with $25,000 makes for a pretty good target.
Looking lovely as usual.
We're lucky Vincent has no concept how long a wash and set takes at La Fontaine.
Bank accounts from Chicago showing money going into and out of sham accounts that Rizzo runs.
Interstate bank fraud.
Where did you get it? I took it off Vincent's desk.
You're getting good at this.
Well, I don't want to get good at it.
I want it to stop.
Without you, this investigation wouldn't exist.
Now we think we know from whom Rizzo bought the drugs that killed Diane Desmond.
You got us the wiretap.
This will be over soon.
My family won't be safe until you arrest Rizzo.
You expect me to just wait? I know how important your family's safety is, and I brought you these.
After all of this is done, we can help you relocate somewhere, and you can live a normal life.
Vincent will never leave Las Vegas.
What he's doing here it's his dream.
His dream is going to get him killed.
If you really want to keep your family safe, this is the only way.
You know, Barbara, horse thieving-- that's a serious offense.
You weren't home, so I wandered over to the stables.
Forgotten how beautiful it is out here.
Yeah, well, it ain't Africa.
But it'll do.
You want to help me down? Sure.
Don't tell me you don't want this.
You know that's not it.
You're married.
Well, Monty's clear.
He had a floor shift on the 8th from 6:00 to 2:00.
That's about it-- that's everybody who was off the clock when all the meetings with the A.
You want me to check out the dealers, the valet guys? No.
Our rat's connected to the entire organization.
Plus, he's too smart to get caught.
What about Ildy? She's your secretary; she hears everything.
She's not very smart.
But I'm all out of ideas.
Distract her.
Ildy! What would you say if the most handsome man in this casino were to ask you to lunch? Mr.
Just let me grab my purse.
Oh, good, you're here.
I thought we could order in some Chinese tonight.
It's been ages since I had some decent shrimp fried rice.
I know.
The affidavit, the wire tap.
What did you tell them? I never said a word about you.
That's not what I asked.
It was about Diane Desmond.
You spoke to a D.
I was trying to save our lives.
I'm already dead.
You're dead.
Our children are orphaned.
As soon as Rizzo figures it out, we're going to the desert.
And there's not a thing I can say to stop it.
What the hell is this now? Katherine says she can help us disappear.
Us? You think I'm gonna testify? Just hear me out.
I am not a rat! I will never be a rat! And even if I was, do you know what kind of life this is? We'd be dragged in and out of courtrooms for the next five years, we'd never see our kids, our faces would be all over the papers, and we'd be looking over our shoulders, worried about some wise guy taking us out on some courtroom steps.
I agree with every word you said.
But I don't have another plan.
Do you, Vincent? To what do I owe this? My wife is done taking to you, understand? I've never met your wife.
Cut the crap.
I know who you are.
Rich little girl goes off to New York, comes back with her tail between her legs.
Wants to make a mark in this town, no matter who she hurts.
I know you.
And I know where you live.
You say one more word to my wife, it'll be the last thing you ever do.
You think you're the only person who's ever pointed a gun at me? No.
But this time, it's different.
See, I could shoot you right here in cold blood, and I would never see the inside of a holding cell.
People like me can kill people like you.
No questions asked.
So think twice before you threaten me, Mr.
It could be the last thing you ever do.
Been a while, Rick.
Mind if I sit down? Told Barbara not to make a fuss.
Well, getting your lip all busted up-- that's something to make a fuss about.
Ah, I'm fine.
Got something to show you.
Paul Zummo-- he's a loan shark.
Paid a visit to him and his partner yesterday.
Well, hope you arrested them.
They told me about the fake stones.
Please, I bought that bracelet in Belgium.
Everything all right, Rick? She chose me, Ralph.
Move on.
Here's your money.
Just how long were you planning on keeping Barbara in the dark about this? I made a couple bad investments, okay? Money dried up, figured five grand would at least buy me couple more months with her.
I know a little bit about Barbara.
I don't think she's the type of woman that would stay with a man for his money.
She'd have been better off if she stayed with you.
She left me for you.
Only because you pushed her away.
I knew I was her second choice.
Thought if I could offer her the one thing that you couldn't, if I could take her around the world, then maybe someday she'd forget about you.
I don't think she ever did.
Have you figured out what you're wearing to the wedding? You know that red and black flannel? Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna throw that on, along with my grandpa's belt buckle, dust off my boots; you'll barely recognize me.
It's a wedding not a hoedown.
If I'm just a warm body, what do you care what I'm wearing? Your cousin, the one that's getting married, he the same one that's pals with your old boyfriend? Oh, there it is.
Admit it, you invited me just to make him jealous.
If you think I'm that shallow, then forget I even asked you.
Fine with me.
Hey, you know that land where Marjorie was found? With the barn? Yeah.
Bank just said she'd used that 25 grand to buy it.
What does some New York society lady want with brushland in Nevada? Maybe she was hiding away some assets for the divorce, the husband found out.
Husband was at the opera the night Marjorie was killed.
Over a hundred people saw him there.
Do we know the sale went through? Maybe she was gonna back out.
Sellers might not have liked that.
I'll head down to the county clerk's office and pull the deed.
All right.
Everything all right? Yeah, fine.
You sure about that? Yeah.
'Cause the last time I saw you like this was right after you and Barbara broke up.
We didn't break up, she left.
Can't expect a person to stay if you don't make room for them.
Fired? What in God's name did I do? Nothing, nothing at all.
Chicago wants to make a change.
Did my dad sign off on this? He fought like hell to keep you here.
Who are they bringing in? One of their numbers guys just finished a prison term.
They feel like they owed him.
What's his name? Robbie Golfo.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not.
Does this have anything to do with me and Jack? Look, I hate to do this, but can we finish this up a little later? No need to.
I get it.
I can't believe that son of a bitch made me do that.
He's the boss.
So what are you gonna do? Ah, Rizzo's been a disaster ever since he took care of Angelo.
This guy's either gonna bankrupt us, get us all killed or thrown in jail.
If he wasn't around anymore, this whole case would go away.
Are you saying what I think you're saying? He's a damn animal.
And I'm sick of cleaning up after him.
We ask permission from Chicago, we'll never get it.
We do it without Chicago's okay, you know what will happen.
There's got to be another way.
I thought I'd seen it all from you.
I get fired after I tell you I'm dating Jack and you think I don't know you told Savino to do it? Savino runs this joint, not me.
You're upset; I'll make you a drink.
You think you can dictate where I live, who I date.
I'm trying to do right by you, young lady! You're better than this job! You went to Wharton, for crying out loud.
You should be at a bank or something.
I tried.
I applied to every corporation that was open to hiring women in a management position.
There were 36 of them.
Didn't get one interview.
You want to know why? Because I have your last name.
It's the same reason boys didn't ask me to prom.
They were all afraid of you.
And now I have someone who isn't afraid of you, someone who loves me and you try to take him away from me? He's not right for you.
You're a sad and lonely man.
Who's only happy if everyone else around him is sad and lonely, too.
I've set interviews with The House of Cards and The Golden Nugget.
I'm not leaving Vegas, and I'm not leaving Jack.
You're not gonna believe this.
Turns out, Marjorie signed over her new ranch land just a couple hours before she was murdered.
Guess who she was giving it to.
Max Voorhees.
The wrangler? Looks like he got what he wanted and then killed her.
We got to head back to the Double N.
You coming? You two go on.
Bonjour, Madame Kent.
Bonsoir, Dixon.
Where you off to now? That depends.
On what? On what you'd want if I wasn't another man's wife.
What do you want, Barbara? You.
We had something special, didn't we? But you don't want this kind of life.
You never did.
Do you know why I was always talking about leaving the ranch and wanting to go off and see the world? I thought, if I could just get you away from here, I could get you away from her.
From the memory of your wife.
And then I would finally have you all to myself.
You deserve better.
So do you.
Good-bye, Ralph.
Bye, Barbara.
- You think I killed Margie? - Well, I think that you swindled Marjorie into signing over the deed, and then you killed her just to keep her quiet.
This must have been a wedding present from her to me.
You and Marjorie were getting hitched? Cowboy's not good enough for a society gal? You know, we went on dozens of trail rides over the years, we swapped hundreds of stories before I even kissed her the first time? Couple weeks ago, she said she had plenty of boyfriends, but they were boys first and they were friends second.
Guess that's why none of those fellas ever worked out.
If you two were getting married, I think one of the guests would have mentioned it by now.
Margie didn't want any of the other girls to know.
Going through what they're all going through.
She thought it'd just make 'em upset.
Listen, it's a good story, and I want to believe you, but without someone to corroborate it Last thing she ever wrote me.
We were supposed to go on a midnight trail ride that night and she cancelled.
Said she wanted to surprise me with something out here.
"Forever yours, Marjorie.
" Oh, look at that.
Signatures don't match up.
Whoever killed Marjorie wrote this letter to get her alone.
It's written on ranch stationery.
Why would I do anything to harm Marjorie? For business reasons alone, it'd be like killing the golden goose.
Well, ma'am, some things are more important than money.
Working with someone for ten hours a day, five days a week, month after month, you can develop pretty intense feelings pretty fast.
How long you been working with Max now? Five years, is it? Wait.
You think Max and I are an item? I think you wish you were.
I think that's why you wrote this letter.
Well, Marjorie wrote that to him.
Max dug up these cancelled paychecks.
Got your signature on the bottom line here.
Oh, look at that.
The handwriting on the paycheck matches the handwriting on the letter.
The man you loved was about to leave this ranch with another woman, but you couldn't let that happen.
Not again.
So you lured Marjorie Harding into a barn in the middle of the night.
Shot her in the back.
Max is the sweetest man that I have ever known.
But he had no idea what he was getting into; they would have lasted a year.
And then she just would have found somebody else.
Do you have any idea what it's like to see the love of your life just walk away? You're under arrest, ma'am for the murder of Marjorie Harding.
A rat? When I find the son of a bitch who did this I've already found her.
Her? I was thinking about keeping this to myself.
But you're the boss.
And you need to know the truth, no matter how painful.
The rat It's Mia.
Those are some big words, Vinny.
I have an affidavit with the times and dates of all the meetings with the D.
Mia didn't work on any of those days.
You think I'd come to you and tell you your own daughter was an informant unless I was absolutely certain? Look it's not her, it's this Jack Lamb.
He's gotten to her.
He's playing with her emotions, turning her against you.
I haven't told anybody outside this room, but if Chicago finds out about this We just got to figure it out.
There's nothing to figure out.
I'm going after the deputy.
How the hell is killing the deputy gonna solve our rat problem? It's only a problem if the deputy's the one who gets killed.
And that won't happen if he gets warned.
One of them kills one of us, nobody asks any questions.
Not even Chicago.
Wise men say Only fools rush in Hold that thought.
But I can't help That should do it.
Falling in love with you.
The girls called today.
Maureen didn't have much to say.
You know, January's the hardest month for her.
But Dorothy-- she Why are we stopping? Get out.
Get out.
That'll take you back to Chicago.
When I come to visit the kids, you'll stay with your mother.
We can talk about this.
You've talked enough.
Now thank me for saving your life and get on that plane.
You've been waiting a long time to get rid of me, haven't you? You betrayed me.
That's not what this is about.
Everything is a ledger sheet for you.
Assets and liabilities.
When Vinny the Skin wanted to go legit 20 years ago, a North Shore debutante-- that was a real asset.
Even when you brought me out here in October, it wasn't because you wanted to be with me.
It's because you wanted a wife to bring to a business dinner.
Oh, don't be so dramatic, Laura.
Now I know.
Anyone who can threaten your rise is a liability.
You'll do anything, hurt anyone, just so you won't wind up a washed-up carpet salesman, like your father.
Just be thankful you can hear me say this.
I wonder, wonder Oh, oh, who Who wrote the book of love Tell me, tell me, tell me, oh, who wrote the book of love Is this seat taken? How do you know I didn't find another date? I figured if you asked me, you were already at the bottom of your list.
Nice suit.
Thank you.
Has to be back to the store by tomorrow morning.