Vegas (2012) s01e13 Episode Script

Road Trip

Ma bama lama, bama loo, got a girl named Lucinda we call her the great pretender, whoo! got a girl Uno towel, s'il vous plaît.
One, you're mixing up Spanish and French, and two, if your dad knew you did this every day One, I just need 15 minutes to cool my dogs, Kolbsy.
And two, a little hooky now and then helps me do my job better.
Lord have mercy.
Looks like you could use this.
I must say, the last time I saw a girl as pretty as you come out of the water, she was riding on a clamshell.
God, I love this city.
Bama lama, bama loo, got a girl named Lucinda we call her the great pretender, whoo! and when she talks she says, "bama lama loo" Oh, my God, she's drowning! Somebody help her! Kolbsy, help me lift her up! Oh, my God, what happened?! Oh, my God, my baby! She's not breathing.
Come on.
I'm still not sure about this.
I have no other option.
I've looked everywhere for Laura Savino, and my instincts tell me I'm never going to see her again.
Well, I wish you'd come to me before you got yourself involved with a mob boss's wife.
It's almost as bad of an idea as getting in bed with this guy.
I have no other moves, Ralph.
Hold on.
You go in there with me, it makes me look weak.
Jones, I'm glad you agreed to meet with me.
A beautiful woman calls on me, I make certain to attend.
Now, how can I help you, counselor? You've killed more people than polio.
Some of them in the confines of my city, not to mention the deputy you shot.
He's on a respirator and won't make it.
Oh, that's unfortunate.
He wasn't my ultimate target.
The bullet didn't seem to know that.
The point is, you're going to the gas chamber.
But I can offer you life if you talk.
What exactly am I to talk about? I want to know who you've worked with, what you've heard, what you've been told.
Especially about Vincent Savino.
These are state-issued lenses, miss O'Connell.
Move in closer, please.
That's better.
As a man of, uh, smaller stature, some inmates mistook me for prey.
Luckily, fate repaid them in full.
However, several of my teeth were loosened by their actions.
If Nevada wants my testimony, she shall have it Once I have my dental care.
"Pain insists upon being attended to.
" C.
You looked in my eyes and you said quite plain Keep abusing their offer like that, and the diner will shut down.
Hey, the sign said, "all you can eat brunch.
" Besides, you made me work up an appetite this morning.
Hey, come to think of it, lunch is just a couple hours away.
I can't roll around with you all day.
I have to find a new job.
In fact, it was rolling around with you that cost me my last job.
You think the firing's going to stick? Maybe.
The thing about my father is, once he sets his mind on something, it's set for good.
I have to go.
Interview at the stardust.
Ooh, Savino's not going to like that.
Then he shouldn't have fired me.
Could you pull them away from their cello lessons for a moment, miss constance? I haven't spoken to my kids in a week.
Yes, I know that music is important.
I pay for the lessons.
Now, go fetch my kids, please.
I'll wait.
Did you top it off? She's ready for business.
I came as soon as red called me.
What's going on? Friend of a friend out of havana came across a shipment of brand-new, top-of-the-line electronic slot machines.
We'll be the only joint in town with them, and we're getting them for Directions.
This is middle-of-nowhere desert.
Guy doesn't want to drive into Vegas with a trailer full of hot goods.
Come on.
All right.
Can we stop for some sun cream first? I don't do well in the sun.
I get like a lobster.
You're not going to do well in this driveway if you don't get in that car.
Hey, do me a favor.
Tell me when they come back on.
Hey, deputy! Three of my guests' cars were vandalized last night.
I pay taxes.
How about you lower your voice? You better keep your head on a swivel.
Someone's coming for you.
Someone who you recently angered.
You know what I'm saying? Yeah.
But I don't know why you're saying it.
Dead cops are bad for business.
Now, if I knew the train schedule, I'd tell you what time it was pulling into the station, but I don't.
Hey, boss! Just know it's coming.
Yeah, I'm back.
Why not? Their mother said that? No, I'll speak to her myself.
See you tonight.
The open road is calling.
You know what? I'm going to come.
We can handle this.
I don't want any problems with the deal.
I should be there.
Let's go.
Men, let's hit the road.
Sir, have you heard anything? Doctor told us that fay was stable, thank the lord.
Son, you saved my daughter's life, and I don't even know your name.
Deputy Dixon lamb, sir.
Connie binder.
My wife, Betty.
Son, Shane; And my girls, Sandy and Ginny.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I I don't mean to, um When all this is going on, but, uh Y'all are the Teentastics.
That's right.
I saw you on the Audrey Boone family hour.
We love it when people enjoy our music.
Fay more than anyone.
You don't need to stay, though.
You've done more than enough.
Thank you.
If you say so.
But, uh, you'll let me know how she's doing? Mr.
binder, Mrs.
Well, looks like fay's going to make a full recovery.
Oh! We'll be able to release her in just a few hours.
I have to tell you, the drowning may have actually saved your daughter's life.
I don't understand.
The water intake diluted the high level of toxins in her body and allowed her to expel them rapidly.
What to you mean, toxins? Fay had, uh, blue discoloration to her fingernails, excess saliva, pronounced vomiting.
It is my belief your daughter was intentionally poisoned.
No more heartaches and no more sorry Okay, I got one for you.
Remember Jimmy Spinelli's mother? If only I could forget.
She had that large mole on her face with the hair coming out of it? Okay Old lady Spinelli or sister Dorothy? Oh! Oh, don't choose a nun.
It's sacrilege.
Ah, come on.
If you had to pick.
I'd pick blowing my brains out.
What the hell is this now? What is that? I thought you said you topped it off.
I got the gas.
You topped off the gas, but not the water in the radiator? Brilliant.
All right, come on.
Where the hell are you going? I'm going to get the slot machines.
It's almost 30 Miles into the desert.
Then I suggest you grab the briefcase, and let's go.
Come on! Today! I told you I should have got that sun cream.
to know, know, know him is to love, love, love him and I do and I do, and I yes, I do and I do, and I and I do, and I yes, I do.
Thank you.
There he is, our hero.
binder, sheriff Ralph lamb.
binder, nice to see you.
You met my son Dixon.
Ah, family act.
Just like ours.
Is he the one? Yes.
You're the one! Oh, hey, now.
I'm just doing my job.
How lucky your beat took you right by the hotel swimming pool.
Fay, why don't you tell us what you remember prior to taking that swim? We'd just sat down for a meal by the pool.
I ate just a couple bites, then jumped in for a dip.
The next thing I remember, I'm in a hospital and my stomach's been pumped.
And everyone was telling me about a brave fella named Dixon.
Oh, this is the third member of our trio.
This is my brother Jack.
Uh, a word? We'll let you know if we find anything.
You get some rest, little lady.
Just got this report from the hospital lab.
Test fay's stomach contents.
Trace chemicals of rat poison were found mixed in with her food.
So I went to the hotel kitchen and talked to the manager.
He said there was a sketchy-looking fella hanging around the kitchen today, looking for a job.
The manager goes to get an application, comes back, the guy was gone.
Get a description? Husky, brown hair and glasses.
I was thinking, uh, maybe someone should do a walk-through with fay, retrace her steps leading up to the pool.
Could lead to something.
Now, that's a good idea.
Jack, why don't you take that? You bet.
That's right, I'm gonna need you to help find that four-eyed husky fella.
Oh, yeah.
So you go ahead.
You torture that kid.
Yeah, I love it.
I've got blisters the size of ravioli.
Don't mention food.
I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, and I'm freezing my ass off.
Hey, chief burns-in-sun, how's that fire coming? Those boy scouts are full of crap.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa! What are you doing?! I'm taking out that wolf! It's 100 yards away in the pitch black.
And it's not a wolf; It's a coyote! They're all over the place! Look, we got bigger problems.
Come morning, it's a whole day without water.
Not to mention, in a few hours, temperature's gonna be below freezing.
And we still have no fire.
Be my guest! Hey, look, there's plenty of room out here for one more body! Hey, hey, hey.
COTA, work on a way to keep us warm.
And, red, you are my number two.
Act like it.
All right.
I saw this adventure show.
French guy.
His team in the arctic, they bundled up real tight with each other.
You know, for body heat.
All right, I'm going to try the fire again.
It's funny how, all of a sudden, I'm your number two.
A few days ago, I was a rat.
Oh, you want an apology? Kiss my ass! I was doing my job a job you couldn't do.
That's why Chicago sent me out here in the first place.
I'm trapped out here because of you! You told me to get gas; You didn't say put water in the damn car! I'm not talking about being stuck in the desert! Look, we're just all a little tired.
My dad took me camping once.
It was a A church outing.
Ah, I had to go if I wanted to make my confirmation.
We sat by the campfire Marshmallows on sticks.
Next day, by a stream, he explained to me how water flowed.
"Fluid dynamics"" how it was the basis for the, uh, Roman aqueducts.
He didn't have a formal education, but my old man He was smart as a jackal.
He wanted me to be an engineer.
He did it.
I forgot I had my lighter.
So I came through here to check and see if our post-rehearsal meal was ready.
It was almost up, just waiting on my old man's egg sandwich.
He always wants it to be a little runny, or he sends it back.
When you were coming through here, you happen to see a husky fella, brown hair, glasses? Must've missed him.
You should see what I can do with a cherry stem.
What's all this? All this is for you.
You saved my life.
Now, let's celebrate you being a hero and me not being dead.
Yeah Hi.
Sorry, he's taken.
Bought myself a drop-top car today I bought myself a drop-top car today These braces hurt.
They're too tight.
You asked for them, and now you got them.
Deputy, I'll meet you at the courthouse in about 20 minutes.
Thank you.
Okay, so John should be back in about three hours for processing.
Want to make sure that you're ready for Call lamb! You want me to notify the families? Get their home numbers.
I'll do it myself.
You all right? Yep.
I think you should get yourself checked out.
I'm fine.
You always say you're fine.
I'll handle it from here.
No, you won't.
He's my witness.
This is my case.
Well, these were my men.
I understand, but I will not be pushed out.
I'm not going anywhere, Ralph.
Oh, hey.
Hey, hey, hey! Whoa-ho-ho! Come on, please, stop.
Thank God.
Thanks for stopping.
No one else passed by all day.
'Cause hardly no one uses this route no more.
How'd you all get out here? Ah, we're businessmen.
Our car, it broke down about 20 Miles away from here.
We're headed out to route nine in le grange.
All the way out there? What for? Ah, it's a long story.
Look, we're really thirsty.
We have money.
No money needed.
It's sweet tea.
Made it myself.
Thanks, darling.
That's delicious.
Think we can get a ride? I can do that for you.
It's like looking in the mirror, ain't it? Get in.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Hey did anyone see Dixon this morning? Cause he didn't come home last night.
We got a prison break and a poisoning and he's screwing around.
Faye binder's room please.
No, it's-it's the sheriff's department, honey.
Jack Yeah? I got the mayor's cousin on the phone.
Says a vagrant's creeping around her house.
I told her I'd come out, but she said she met you at a fund-raiser and wants you.
All right, get her number and I'll call her back.
I'm gonna kill my nephew.
Hello? Yeah? Huh? Hey, Dixon, how you doing there, hoss? Didn't think you'd be dumb enough to sleep with a crime victim.
Now she's been victimized twice.
Listen up.
Your dad's out on a manhunt 'cause Jones broke out and he killed a couple of jail guards in the process.
What? World still spins while you're sleeping, buddy.
So now I got to go out 'cause some lady's seen the bogeyman.
Looks like you got your very own attempted homicide for a while.
So I suggest you get off the girl, get on the case and don't screw it up.
Duty calls.
Even though my Uncle isn't sure I can handle a big case on my own.
Really chaps my ass.
Preaching to the choir.
Should've been heading up the group three years ago when Ginny turned 20.
I mean, we're the Teentastics, right? Hit 20, you're out.
That was the rule.
Everyone still knows who you are.
I have two years to make my mark as someone who can front a stage.
I don't, my solo career is grand openings and county fairs.
Thank you.
It's from Robbie.
"Dearest fay, "I heard what happened.
I will lash the scoundrel who dares to harm you.
" Who's Robbie Reuben? This hack comic who travels the hotel circuit.
Been puppy-dogging me around for years.
Even started the fay binder fan club.
He's not a murderer.
Besides, I'm pretty sure he's performing in some dump in the catskills this time of year.
This fella on the husky side, brown hair, wears glasses? He is.
You don't think Yeah, this is deputy lamb.
You just delivered, uh, roses to a fay binder.
I want to know when that order came in.
I see.
Thank you.
What did they say? Order came in about an hour ago.
In person.
Robbie Reuben's in Vegas.
Looks like Jones, uh, got off the bus at that stop.
He dry-gulched that farmer in the back of the head while he was checking his oil.
He stole his car.
From here, the bus goes east towards Monroeville.
I figure that's not the direction that Jones was looking for.
I'm thinking Mexico.
He ain't gonna make it to Mexico.
Farmer said he pulled into the station because he was leaking oil like a sieve.
That engine's going to seize up before he makes the border.
We're lucky he just sucker-punched a guy.
Could've been worse.
A whole lot worse.
You know, if somebody's trying to kill you, and they're that close, and It makes you have, um Thoughts.
Gunfire doesn't bother me.
I didn't think about anything but hitting Jones right between the eyes.
But I didn't, so Two guards are dead because of me, and I failed.
So I only have one option, and that is to find Jones, come hell or high water.
How'd you get to be so tough? Ranch living and beef jerky.
Let's go get this son of a bitch.
You want anything from in here? I'll be in, in a second.
Go ahead.
What you reading? To kill a mockingbird.
To kill a mockingbird? What's that? It's a new book.
It just came out.
It's about a criminal defense lawyer helping free a man who didn't really do it.
Sounds like my kind of book.
I love it.
It's good that you read.
My daughters are bookworms.
What books do they like? I don't really know.
They go to school far away from here.
I don't get to see them too often.
But when I was your age, I used to read Zane grey.
Used to love the old west.
Cowboys, horses Don't like them much anymore.
Okay, kid.
U want something from the store? No, thank you.
What the hell is that? It's a shirt.
What? You know, you should get one, too, because you don't have a lot of coverage up top.
All right.
I'll take this stuff, few of these and, uh, the fashion show.
You're driving across our land, mister.
You ain't paid no toll.
Why don't you boys just go on home? I'll take it in trade.
If you ain't got the money.
Hell, maybe I don't want the money at all.
Why don't you learn some manners? What the hell is this? Your last chance.
Now, get out of here.
Ain't got no reason to leave.
Well, you do now.
Come on! What business are you men in exactly? Oh, I I'm sorry about all that, Anna.
Some people only respond to one thing.
I, uh I got you this when I was inside We just need to get where we're going, and you'll never see us again.
This is for her.
Come on.
This is my personal property.
You have no right and no warrant.
No, but I have a friend who works in your hotel, and he's got a key.
So why don't you tell me about your feelings for fay.
And don't deny you have them.
Of course I'm attracted to fay.
You want to know why? 'Cause I have eyes.
Right? I mean, that girl's got more curves than a country road with scoliosis.
Fay's been rejecting you for years that made you angry.
That's just a game that we play.
Oh, that game include you sneaking around the kitchen yesterday? You were there, that's where the food was poisoned.
I got the lab report.
Chemicals found in everything from ham to mayonnaise you put it in there.
Okay, look, I was there.
But not to poison her.
It was for this.
It's the family's meal-order ticket.
Got it off the waiter when he wasn't looking.
Monte cristo, ham and cheese, egg sandwich.
For a fit family, they sure know how to eat.
What the hell you take this for? It's for my collection.
Look, here.
Program from fay's first onstage appearance, age seven.
Tickets from their Grand Ole Opry show.
Uh oh, yeah.
This is a carbon copy of the Teentastics' most recent contract.
Fresh from the entertainment director's garbage.
There's no signature line for fay.
It appears that fay is about to begin her solo career.
Oh, she will be marvelous on her own.
Okay, look, uh I'm locking you up until I can get to the bottom of this.
Hey, don't think I don't know what's going on here.
Yeah, you like her.
I know the look of a man who's been bitten by the fay binder love-bug.
I wake up every morning to it in the mirror.
All right.
Miss grady, sheriff's department.
I just heard noises coming from the back.
I think he might be trying to pry through a back window.
Uh Please.
I was just back there.
Miss grady? I don't think there's anything You messed with the wrong girl's father, deputy.
'56 Ford, broken down, bet the oil is bone dry.
License plates match.
It's clean.
Jones is switching rides like a kid at a carnival.
I wonder if he stowed away in one of these produce trucks.
Fruits and vegetables come up from Mexico, but the empty pallets go back across the border to be filled up with cargo again.
Excuse me.
Sheriff's department.
Anybody see the driver of that Ford? No, I-I didn't see anyone.
Any trucks headed back to Mexico left recently? Only one Rivera farms, about an hour ago.
They headed South on 40.
How fast can you drive? Now, you've got options.
More than a man that corrupted my daughter should ever have.
So why don't you just tell me what you got Mia to spill to the ada, and I'll make this much easier on you.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Lying's not going to help.
Mia didn't say anything to me or anybody else.
So whatever you may have heard Come on.
I did what you said.
Now, give me what I got coming.
Here you go, honey.
You earned it.
The rest of the stuff I promised you, you're not going to need it.
Say hello to Diane Desmond for me.
Look, Mr.
Rizzo, I can't give you what I don't have.
I don't even know what you think Mia and I might have told the ada.
Shush for a minute.
You seem to be under the delusion that you can talk your way out of this.
Let me be clear.
You're never going to see my daughter again.
Hell, you'll never see the outside of this house again.
So be smart.
Make your last moments less painful.
I'm telling you the truth.
How about I make sure? What's going on? What's the matter? Why did we stop? The road you're looking for was never finished by the state.
About five Miles east, across the brush.
Five Miles? Truck's too heavy tires could get stuck.
Ah, perfect.
Well, here's for you and your kid.
Oh, no, thank you, sir.
Come on.
The israelites spent less time in the sand.
Wait! Here.
I finished.
For your girls.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Thank you, and please make sure to come to our late-night show when we really pack them in.
Ah, hey, our hero returns.
I heard you zeroed in on that creep, Robbie Reuben.
Yeah, not so sure about him yet.
But he did show me a recent venue contract you signed.
Fay's been cut out of the group come spring.
What? How could you do that? You have nerve acting surprised, fay.
This is a family act.
Family acts don't drink, smoke reefer and run around with every tom, dick and deputy who crosses her path.
What I do offstage Affects what we can do onstage, but you never seem to understand that no matter how many times I have told you.
You hypocrite.
You have a different waitress in every hotel we work.
Fay, this is a family business.
With emphasis on "business"" don't lecture me.
Most days you have more pills in you than a damn pharmacy.
Your mother and I have made arrangements we keep our business private because we understand that the family act comes first always.
So you will finish up this tour, and then you are out.
Can't believe this is happening.
It's a little convenient that you wanted fay gone, and then she turns up poisoned, don't you think? Why would I try to kill my own daughter when I can easily remove her from the show with a pen stroke? If you have other accusations to toss around, talk to my lawyer.
Now, junior, run along.
I think it's a school night.
Take your meals.
It's going to be all right.
Why don't you, uh, grab your food and we'll go sit outside? It's a chef salad.
I hate eggs.
I'm sorry, I just need to be alone right now.
COTA, listen, in case we get lost out here, there's something you should know.
I slept with your sister.
Son of a bitch.
Wait a minute.
Is that what I think it is? Yeah, that's it! We found it! Thank you, God! You're a day late.
I had to sleep in my car last night.
Let's not compare our night's sleep, all right? Check it out.
They all in there? Yup.
I can get you more.
What's a "Jay-you Dee hazard"? A what? What it says on the front of the thing.
That's in French.
They're French slot machines, you stupid bastard.
I don't know.
So what? They still work.
They take francs.
It's the wrong plugs.
What am I, an electrician? I just picked off a dock shipment in New York.
I promised you slots.
These are slots.
I'll take my money and go.
I'd think very hard about the way you handle the next five seconds of your life.
Stand me up? Gonna stand me up on this? Say something, red.
How the hell am I supposed to get out of here? Up there, Rivera farms produce.
It's Jones.
Get out! Wait! Wait! No, no! No! No, please! Don't shoot! What are you doing? What the hell are you doing? Where are you going? Oh, my God, the car! Son You all right? We're gonna get you out of there.
I'm scared.
No Don't be scared.
Just reach your hand towards me.
Can you touch it? Don't move.
Just reach.
I I can't.
We'll try another way.
There's a rope in my truck.
Get it.
Don't look down.
Look at me.
Stay still.
I'm not going to let you fall.
I'm gonna toss you this rope.
Put it around your body.
Nice and snug.
I'm gonna pull after I count to three.
Ready? One, two, three.
Come on! You all right? Yeah.
Let's get you back to your daddy.
You really felt that one, didn't you, cowboy? Why don't you just tell me what Mia told the ada, and I'll end this for both of us.
There's nothing to tell.
Right here, affidavit to the judge on the tenth On the 12th at 11:00, on the 18th at noon, on the 20th at noon.
Half a dozen times, Mia met that bitch lawyer.
So don't sit here and tell me that there's nothing to tell, 'cause I'll fry every last cell in your body! You've been set up.
You've been lied to and set up.
Oh, yeah? How've I been set up? it was Mia's lunch break.
She was with me.
Twilite motel.
Call the manager.
Look at the guest book.
Someone set you up.
If they toss me out before I had a chance to headline, my solo career is over before it starts.
So I'm going to fight it.
I'll hire a lawyer if I have to.
Seems like you're the kind of girl that'll do whatever it takes.
Here you go.
Oh, good, food's here.
Ordered a couple club sandwiches, no Mayo, 'cause you said you hate eggs.
I found that weird, though, 'cause the lab found traces of mayonnaise in your system.
What? Why would you order a sandwich with mayonnaise if you hate eggs, fay? I wouldn't.
That's right.
But your sister, Ginny, would.
Yesterday, she ordered a monte cristo, a sandwich with Mayo.
And that's the sandwich you put the poison on when you walked through the kitchen.
You tried to poison your sister.
How dare you.
I saw the meal order ticket.
You ordered a ham and cheese, and that's a sandwich that looks a hell of a lot like a monte cristo.
The waiter put the wrong sandwich in front of you; You didn't notice.
You accidentally poisoned yourself.
Well, someone else must have targeted Ginny.
If I ate the poison meant for her, then I'm just the victim here.
You've always seen yourself as the victim.
You knew your family was going to get rid of you, and that was going to ruin your solo career.
You just said so.
And so you took matters into your own hands.
Please, Dixon, I only meant to make Ginny sick so she'd miss the tour.
When I lead the group, people will see what I can do.
I had to prove myself.
I had no other choice.
Neither do I.
You're under arrest.
He's the toughest man there is alive alley oop wearing clothes from a wildcat's hide alley oop he's the king of the jungle jive look at that caveman go At least we got out of the casino for a while, right? My asthma's cleared up.
At least we're better off than this poor bastard.
Alley oop, oop the cats don't bug him 'cause they know better That was Jones.
Guess I'm not going home empty-handed after all.
I needed that.
Bye, Ralph.
Hold on.
What happened today with Jones and the guards who got killed, that wasn't your fault.
If you think you're a failure, then what the hell chance do the rest of us have, huh? No, uh-uh.
No, let me tell you something.
You're one of the smartest, kindest, hardest-working people that I know, and if I were Jones, I'd be worried as hell about the next time I crossed paths with you.
'Cause you are ranch-living and beef-jerky tough.
Thank you.
Just being honest.
I should be honest, too.
I, um I lied to you earlier when I told you I was only thinking about Jones as he was shooting at me.
For a moment, I thought I was as good as gone, and I thought about regrets.
Things I'd done.
Things I haven't done.
Good night, Ralph.
Don't matter what you do yes, a cheat's a cheat and I'm talking about you, about you You killed Borelli, tried to take me out in my own joint.
Did you really think this day wouldn't eventually come? I won't beg for my life.
You won't have to.
I've been out to the desert enough for one day.
Good news is you get to live.
Better news is You work for me now.
I own you.
And the next time you come to the savoy, you leave your wallet at home.
Thank you.
Well, the motel manager confirms your story.
So this little meeting must be the handiwork of Mr.
Vincent Savino, who I will deal with in my own way, but right now, I got to deal with you.
You don't have to do this.
Yes, I do.
Truth is I want to.
So close your eyes, cowboy.
It's time.
Untie me.
Come on.
Get out of here.
Put the gun down.
I said Put it down.