Vegas (2012) s01e14 Episode Script

The Third Man

Peviously on Vegas You're never gonna see my daughter again.
Hell, you'll never see the outside of this house again.
Put the gun down.
There may be trouble ahead buthile there's moonlight and music and love and romance let's face the music and dance before the fiddlers have fled before they ask us to pay the bill and while we still have the chance face the music and dance Kid's gonna be a star.
No doubt about it.
Fans seem to like him.
Real smart, getting in on the ground floor with Nicky Fontaine.
But then, it's just one of the many smart moves you've made since taking charge here, Mr.
Tommy Stone.
Work over at the Hacienda.
We all have to make a living.
Yeah, my friends in Hollywood tell me once Fontaine's record comes out in a couple weeks, his booking fees are gonna quadruple.
But you knew that, I'm sure.
Right, sure.
Like I said, kid's gonna be a star.
Remind me to call Richman.
Want to get this Fontaine kid on a contract.
Lock him up for the next year at his current salary.
You got it.
Soon we'll be without the moon humming a different tune and then Val coming till Las Vegas.
Welcome into Las Vegas.
How do you say, uh, "What's your room number?" Attention all units.
We got a 411, black Thunderbird heading east on Fremont.
Stolen vehicle.
Black t-bird heading east on fremont.
Adios, ladies.
Get your hands where I can see them! Pete? Dixon? Straight-A student, star ballplayer.
What happened to you, man? Just like, one day, you just disappeared.
You remember my girlfriend? Shelly Pruitt, sure.
Yeah, Shelly got knocked up.
So, we got married, I got a job.
Auto mechanic, just like my dad.
But our little girl, Geena, she's, uh Well, she's six now.
So, what the hell you doing messing around, stealing cars for? I need the money.
Shelly and me, we're We're not doing so good.
Am I gonna have to do time for this, Dixon? B-because I can't.
Not-not with everything I got going on right now.
Well, let me ask you this: You do this on your own? Well, no.
I didn't think so.
Had a lot of recent auto thefts around town.
Maybe you know someone who's behind them.
Yeah, that guy I boosted the T-bird for, he's part of a ring that strips hot cars for parts and sells them in L.
I want the whole ring.
Well, look, uh, car club meets tomorrow night out on Vegas Valley Drive for a drag race.
That guy will be there.
But this better be for real, Pete.
Come on in.
The door's open.
Promise not to judge me.
The place is still a mess, but you have to envision its potential.
Maybe we should start in the bedroom.
Mia What's wrong, Jack? I have some bad news.
It's about your father.
He's gone.
What-what happened? Who did it? Who did it?! I don't know.
I heard the news on the police radio.
Came straight here.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God! We need to talk.
- Deputy.
- You set me up.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You knew Rizzo would come after me.
Hell, you even told me to keep my head on a swivel.
All so I could do your dirty work.
Whoa, slow down there, cowboy.
If you got into it with Rizzo, maybe it was 'cause you were sleeping with his daughter.
You told him that I turned Mia into a rat.
And we both know that's not true.
But if anybody gets that idea, if anything happens to her Tell it to the sheriff.
Though if you were gonna tell your brother the truth, you'd be with him right now, wouldn't you? Don't pretend know what I'm thinking, Savino.
That's no poker face, Jack.
It's clear as day that Mia's the most important thing in your world.
But you know what's really gonna hurt her? Finding out that her boyfriend killed her daddy.
That's why my money says you're not gonna tell her, or anyone, what really happened to Johnny Rizzo.
Jack, I'd say we both have an interest in keeping our mouths shut.
We've I.
'd the woman with Rizzo as Myrna Callum.
She owns the place.
Well, well, well.
Got a single gunshot to the gut.
Got what looks to be a stab wound to the neck.
Missed the carotid artery, but that must've hurt.
She was shot, once in the back, and she has a cut on her palm.
I'm guessing that's his gun.
Looks like she stabbed him with a shard of glass from this broken coffee table.
Then she runs, he shoots her in the back.
We're still a gunshot short.
Looks like somebody was tied up here.
You want to check her wrists for rope burns? Nope, nothing here.
Then we got a party for three.
Uh, heard on the radio, came straight here.
We got two down.
We got a third man on the run, and it's probably the one that shot Rizzo.
You want to check outside, see if he left anything behind? That's some sandwich there.
This is Rizzo's cut of the bookmaking racket.
Tell Tuna he's gonna get everything Rizzo had on the street, plus his regular skim.
I want Chicago to know that we're more than capable of handling things out here.
I got to be honest with you, Vince, if I was to put money on it, I would've bet on Rizzo, not the cowboy.
The plan worked.
- What about Mia? - What about her? She ever finds out what happened How's she gonna find out? Don't worry about her.
I'll handle Mia.
The deputies are still searching the scrub brush and the road.
So far, no sign of the second gun.
Cattle prod.
This plus the ropes means whoever was sitting in that chair was tortured.
Myrna stabs Rizzo, tries to help the guy being tortured, and gets shot for her troubles.
And then the third man, he gets free.
He shoots Rizzo.
It all fits.
Just, who is it? My money is on Vincent Savino.
Why would Rizzo want to torture Savino? Maybe Rizzo found out that I had an informant in the organization.
Could be he thought it was Savino.
That's possible.
That Myrna Callum over there, she's a heroin user.
And who knows what kind of weird crap she and Rizzo were into.
Mia Rizzo might know.
Mia's got nothing to do with this.
I never said she did.
But Katherine's right, Jack.
We have to question Mia about this.
Then I want to be there.
I think it's better if you're not.
You ought to be the one to tell her about her father, though.
I already have.
I thought you said you just came right here.
After I went there.
'Cause once it came out on the police radio, I couldn't let her hear about it on the news.
Must have been hard.
Yeah, it was.
Her name is Myrna Callum.
You ever hear your father mention her? No.
Did she kill him? That's not real clear.
She was also found dead at the scene.
She has a long list of priors, narcotics charges mostly.
Is that the sort of thing that you ever knew your father to be involved with? Narcotics? No.
Prostitution? - Not to my knowledge.
- Miss Rizzo, I am so very sorry for your loss.
I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you.
Thank you.
It's been a long night.
If there are no more questions Just one.
Were you aware of any problems between your father and Vincent Savino? No.
Do you think Savino had anything to do with your father's death? I don't know.
Do you? Well, he certainly had something to gain from it.
By some accounts, their relationship was contentious.
Perhaps this was Savino's way of removing an obstacle to his ambitions.
Do you have any evidence - that Vincent was involved? - I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to discuss that.
Then you do have something.
I'm not at liberty to say.
Thank you for coming in, Miss Rizzo.
Come on, I'll take you home.
Do you think Vincent Savino was behind my father's death? I, uh I don't know.
Katherine O'Connell seems to think so.
What did she say, exactly? That she wasn't at liberty to discuss it.
Do you know what she has on him? No.
Breakfast? Well Thank you.
Thank you very much.
But we're still not dropping the charges on your friend Pete.
I got a plan.
I'll go undercover as a shady guy from the wrong side of town.
Pete can introduce me as a mechanic who wants in.
You? A mechanic? The main guy's running car parts from here to California.
I have a chance to bust a interstate crime ring wide open.
All right.
Hold this.
Show me the fuel line.
How 'bout the carburetor? Alternator? Hmm? You can't even change the oil, can you? I-I can name every part on a horse.
All I got to do is drive.
I want to give Pete the chance to do the right thing here.
Terrible news about your father.
Are you all right? I'm holding up.
If there's anything I can do, anything at all There's nothing anyone can do.
I know how much you loved him.
Look, I I don't know if this is right time, but I want you to come back and work at the Savoy.
When you're ready, your job is waiting.
If there's anything you need at all, you call me.
I feel very lucky to have such a good friend in you, Vincent.
Well Hey, there he is! Nicky Fontaine! Hi-ya, Mr.
How you doin', kid? Why don't we go inside, pop a bottle of champagne, celebrate your new contract? Well actually, I have to run.
Oh, no, where you going? I'm sorry, Mr.
Didn't the lawyer get in touch with you about your new contract? The thing is, I already signed another contract.
Just last night.
I'm gonna be down the street singing at the Hacienda.
The Hacienda? That dump? They couldn't possibly pay you what we do.
They're paying more.
The entertainment director there says he's a big fan of yours, though.
Tommy Stone.
You know him? I'm sure he'd be willing to comp you a couple seats if you want to see my new show.
You think? Oh, good, Jack.
You're here.
We need your fingerprints for the Rizzo case, to send to the FBI.
The FBI? Why? We're taking prints of everyone who was at the scene to distinguish between the deputies and the third man.
Thank you.
May not need help from the feds after all.
- Why not? - I got a lead on Myrna Callum's boyfriend.
Fella by the name of Mike Netter.
He's got a long rap sheet and the postman puts him at the house on the day of the murders.
You think he killed Rizzo? I'm thinking he and Myrna, they try to rob Rizzo.
Things go south, Rizzo killed Myrna, and then Netter, he killed Rizzo.
That's an interesting theory, but we're still bringing the FBI in on this.
Hey, hot rod! Anything I teach you about engines this morning sink in? Oh, yeah.
Think you can fake your way through it? I think I can manage.
All right.
You be careful tonight at Pete's race.
- Yes, sir.
- Mm.
You want to help me hunt him down? Ah, I got some paperwork to do.
Suit yourself.
You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain too much love drives a man insane you broke my will oh, what a thrill goodness gracious, great balls of fire I learned to love all of Hollywood's money you came along - Pete! - Hey, Dixon.
What do you think? Wish I wasn't working.
I'm talking about my car.
It's real nice.
So where's the guy? Ah, I don't see him yet.
Trust me, he's always here for the final heats.
It's my time to race.
What do you mean, race? I thought it might look suspicious if I didn't.
All right.
Go on.
Hey, Dixon.
For taking a chance on me.
Good luck out there.
Go! Is that Myrna Callum's boyfriend in there? Found him late last night.
He was all hopped up on dope, talking nonsense.
He should be coming down by now.
Mike Netter.
He's got priors on robbery, assault, drug possession, and an outstanding warrant on a parole violation.
We sure he was at that house the night of the murders? Let's find out.
I didn't kill anybody! Mike.
With your priors, I have enough to convince a jury, so unless you have a really good story to tell me, I'm leaving.
Whatever happened, I had nothing to do with it.
Rizzo was paying Myrna to lure some other guy out to her place.
Some kind of ambush.
Who was the guy? I don't know.
I was just there to make sure Myrna got the money Rizzo promised.
But then he stuck a gun in my face, so I left.
Did you see anybody else around? No.
- Nobody.
- No? At least, not then.
What do you mean? Few hours later, I came back.
Saw a truck driving away from Myrna's place.
Did you see who was driving the truck? All I could see was a white truck.
And then what? I went inside.
I saw the bodies.
And then I got the hell out of there.
I knew if I stuck around, you'd try to pin it on me, which is what you're trying to do now! You been practicing this act in front of a mirror? It wasn't me! I'm telling you! The guy you're looking for was behind the wheel of that white truck.
So what do you think? I think you ask this guy the same questions tomorrow, you get a different answer.
Well, he ain't going nowhere.
We're gonna get our chance.
Anyway, I don't see him getting the drop on Rizzo.
I agree, he's not the third man.
Oh, come on.
You believe his story? I still like Savino for this one.
Jack, why don't you get some deputies, and canvass the area around that house.
See if you can get another pair of eyes on that truck.
Just got off the phone with the hospital.
Pete's out of surgery.
Doctor said he's gonna pull through.
- That's good news.
- Yeah.
That crash last night I can't help thinking if it was something more than an accident.
I mean, Pete starts cooperating with the law, and then all of a sudden his car spins out? I'm gonna head over to the garage where he works and see if he told someone over there what he was up to.
Hold on.
I'll go with you.
I can handle it.
I didn't say you couldn't.
Find the driver of that white truck.
Come on and get me, baby, don't say maybe come on, squeeze me, tease me try to please me 'cause I love you, little baby Excuse me, miss.
We're looking for Eddie.
He's just over there.
Hey, there.
Go ahead, I'll be I'll be along.
What's your name? You Eddie? Yeah.
Deputy Dixon Lamb, I'm a friend of Pete's.
I, uh, called the hospital an hour ago any news? Nothing's changed as far as I know.
- This is Pete's car.
- Yeah.
I had it towed back here after the crash.
It seem strange to you how it just veered out of control last night? Yeah, it sure did, and, uh, look what I found.
Somebody bored holes into the bolts of the steering column.
The tip of an eighth-inch drill bit broke off; Once you hit seven, 8,000 rpm Bolts sheared, steering went out, right? Yes, sir.
Well, any idea who'd want to kill him? Well, Pete's good people.
I hired him a year ago, never had a problem.
- Now, Pete was telling me - About what a great job he thinks this is.
It's good to see the feeling's mutual.
Hey, if you hear anything, will you give us a call? - Yes, sir.
- Appreciate it.
- All right.
- Have a good day.
What was that about? I was about to ask him about the stolen car ring.
Come here, come here.
Pete told you that the car thieves are all mechanics, right? Yeah.
Well, take a look around.
This is the stolen car ring.
So, what do you want to do? Well, Vera over there, uh She gave me a number.
You know, some of us are trying to work here.
That's not her number.
She says that Pete and the other mechanics, they disappear for hours, and that's the number that she calls them when things get busy around here.
Good work.
Well, thank you.
That's her number.
See ya.
I brought you lunch.
Thank you, but I'm not hungry.
Well, you got to eat something.
It's your favorite, too.
Double cheeseburger and vanilla malted.
Any news in the investigation? Couple of leads, but nothing much yet.
Listen, uh I know it's hard, but you got to try not to think about it.
It's all I think about.
The last time I saw my father We had a fight.
I said some horrible things.
Things I wanted to say for a long, long time.
There are a lot of things we'd do differently.
All of us.
If we could.
Savino came by yesterday.
Offered me my old job back.
I'm thinking of taking him up on the offer.
Mia I have to know who killed my father.
And make him pay.
And if it's Vincent Savino, then what better way to find the truth than if I stay close to him? It's too dangerous.
Mia Don't take the job.
Promise me.
You want the good news or the bad news? Just spit it out, Red, will you? The bad news is the bosses want us to double the skim.
You know, to ease their nerves and keep us in line, I guess.
All right, what's the good news? As long as that sandwich is coming in fat, they're not gonna send anybody to replace Rizzo.
That is good news.
I want to question Savino.
What do you think he's gonna just march in here and say, "Oh, yeah, I did it"? The longer we wait, the more time he has to cover his tracks.
We've had him in here how many times? He talks a lot, but he don't say much.
So unless you got some kind of hard evidence, some kind of strong hand to play This time, I have a trump card.
Pop? That phone number you got from your, um, new friend down at the garage is a shipping company that went belly up last year.
But I got the address.
Let's go.
We'll talk about this.
Vincent Savino's office, please.
I think we got a rabbit in the undercarriage.
Come on out.
Hey there, Eddie.
We'll have the rest of your father's things boxed up.
Decide to do with them what you like.
Thank you.
I know your father and I didn't always see eye-to-eye, but he had my respect.
That's nice of you to say.
And about your job offer, I can't be your count room manager anymore.
Take your time to make that decision.
I don't need to.
Is there anything else I can say to change your mind? Depends on what you're willing to give me.
With my dad out of the picture, you finally have free reign in Vegas.
And expansion of the Savoy can't be far off, plus you'll be running the Tumbleweed.
You don't miss much.
But freedom is never free, is it? I've spoken with friends in Chicago.
I know that the skim's been doubled, means you can't afford any mistakes.
Vincent, I will run your count room, but I need a place in the big picture.
I want to be head of casino operations.
That's a big ask.
Not really.
You need someone who you can trust.
Now more than ever.
You need me.
You got the job.
I can't think of a better right hand.
Ow, ow, come on, that's too tight, ow! You hear a lying piece of garbage say something? - No? - Me neither.
Wait, sheriff, would you call your son off, please? Why should I? You tried to kill his friend.
I'm the one who told you his car had been messed with.
Well, that's only 'cause we'd have figured it out soon enough.
Now, you sabotaged Pete's car because you knew he was gonna turn you in for running a stolen car ring.
Car parts ain't worth killing over.
Besides, Pete was my friend.
With friends like you No wonder he got himself into trouble.
He never wanted any part of this operation.
Then a couple weeks ago, he comes to me and he said that he needed to make a lot of money fast.
- Something happen? - What? He's got gambling debts? I don't know, I didn't ask.
I just put him to work.
You better hope your story holds up.
I appreciate you coming down on such short notice.
Johnny was always a friend.
Of course I'll do anything I can to help.
The sheriff won't mind if we use his office.
So any suspects? Any leads? There's you.
I should've known.
Whether you killed Johnny Rizzo or you had somebody else do it for you, at this point, it almost doesn't matter to me.
Then why am I here? Rizzo's death might have temporarily shut the door on my investigation into your operations, but I want you to know, your day of reckoning it's still coming.
You want to save my soul, Katherine? I'm offering you one last chance to repent.
Or what? Or it gets back to Chicago that your wife was my informant.
You do that, she might as well be dead.
It's as if you pulled the trigger yourself.
Maybe not so different than the way you do things.
Just like in Chicago.
Cops here are just as dirty as the crooks.
Anytime you want to confess your sins, you let me know, Mr.
You would make my children orphans? I don't think so.
You don't have the guts.
Hey, Cota.
What the hell is going on no music? Piano man quit this afternoon.
He took a job down at the Hacienda.
This kid Tommy's gone too far.
Invite him over here for a little chat.
Find anything on that white truck? Nothing yet.
No shortage of pickups in this county.
We're gonna get this guy.
There's only so many white trucks in the world.
I, uh Ralph I, uh Hey, I just got the coroner's report.
We always figured the third man used his own gun.
But the slug they found in Rizzo matches the one in Myrna Callum.
Rizzo was killed with his own gun.
That means we already have the murder weapon.
The third man's prints got to be on it.
Where's the gun now? I already sent it to the FBI.
The fingerprint package will go out tomorrow.
Pete sunk all his money into buying a house.
His papers I found over there explain it all.
He was divorcing his wife and seeking sole custody of his daughter Geena.
That makes stealing cars an even worse idea.
Best I can figure, he needed the money to get the house and prove to the judge he could provide for his little girl.
Still it's going to take a lot more than that for a man away from it's mother.
But there ain't much a mother won't do to keep her child.
Shelly? Been a long time.
I'm a good mother.
Who is Pete to say that I'm not, that I don't care for my little girl? May not have to say it if the judge could see this place.
The custody hearing was yesterday, and Pete didn't show.
If Geena was so important to him, he shouldn't have busted himself up racing cars.
Pete's car was tampered with.
Which sure worked out for you.
I don't like what you're suggesting.
Being married to a gearhead like Pete, you'd know exactly how to mess with his car, wouldn't you? He's the father of my little girl.
I wouldn't do something like that.
Where were you before Pete's race? Here.
- Packing.
- You got anybody else to confirm that besides your new boyfriend out there? No.
Where you headed? California.
Got promised some work on an oil rig off the coast of Santa Barbara.
What happened, you didn't have any luck around here? Doing what? Flipping cards, mixing cocktails? That ain't real work.
Shelly says you been packing for the last couple of days.
Well, that's what people do before they move, sheriff.
Guess you had a pretty good feeling about which way that hearing was gonna go, huh? Judges know that kids should be with their mothers.
Or you knew that Pete wasn't gonna show that day.
Oil rig.
Guess you like drilling.
Got yourself a nice electric drill here.
You mind if I borrow your eighth-inch bit? Sure thing, sheriff.
I ain't got nothing to hide.
Stay here.
Thanks for the help.
You bet.
Where are we going? I'm taking you in a private entrance.
Interesting choice of meeting places, Mr.
It's a reflection of who I'm meeting with.
I think you got me all wrong.
You steal my performers, and now I'm confused? No, no, Mr.
Savino, please, you don't understand.
So, what, I'm stupid now? No, no.
I think you're a genius.
I have the utmost respect for you.
Then why are you insulting me? Because sometimes a man who has everything he wants doesn't know what he needs.
You of all people know what this city could be.
So do I.
15 years old, I was working for Bugsy at the Flamingo.
Followed him to Hollywood, got to know some people.
The kind of talent that will shine here in Vegas.
But they won't shine at the Hacienda.
Not like they will at the Savoy stage.
Yet you take them from me.
Actually, the contracts are under my company.
I loan them out to the Hacienda.
Little trick I learned in Tinseltown.
So, where I go, they play.
So if you're not around any longer, those contracts are null and void.
It's a good thing I've decided to keep you around.
I'm gonna make you my entertainment director.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
I've always wanted to work for you.
I think we're gonna do great things together.
Yes, we are.
Paul Dugget's been arrested for attempted murder.
Shelly's been booked as an accessory.
What about me? Well, you did help us bring down a stolen car ring.
I've asked the D.
to hold off on pursuing charges.
What happens to Geena? Come on in here, sweetheart.
Daddy! Hey! Oh! Thank you.
Hey, Roberts, where's that package Miss O'Connell's sending to the FBI? Uh, it's right here.
She asked me to ship it out today.
Something I forgot to add.
What the? Tom grab a towel or something.
Hurry up! All right, thanks.
I've taken the job with Savino.
We talked about this.
I have to.
The not knowing, it'll it'll eat me up.
Listen, if you're under his roof, I can't protect you.
It's too risky.
I know how to calculate risk.
I've made up my mind.
Don't trust anybody.
You're the only man I trust.