Vegas (2012) s01e15 Episode Script

Two of a Kind

Previously on Vegas Put the gun down.
We need your fingerprints for the Rizzo case to send to the FBI.
We're taking prints of everyone who was at the scene to distinguish between the deputies and the third man.
Mia, I have some bad news about your father.
He's gone.
Who did it? I don't know.
You take longer than a girl.
Hey, are you sure you got to go back to work? If Vincent was involved in my father's death, I need to know.
He may not have been the greatest man, but he was my father.
How about leaving the investigating to me and Ralph? You know, the prints come back on the third man from the crime scene, we could have our answer.
You do things your way, and I'll do things mine.
Keep me posted.
Truck driver stumbled on it early this morning.
Radio on, engine running.
Well, let's see what we have here.
Well, whoever shot him, he knew him.
Well, how can you tell that? See these tracks? Car pulls up behind him, somebody gets out, walks up, then our fella here, he rolls down the window.
He gets a bullet right between the eyes.
Unless they missed these things, - it wasn't a robbery, either.
- Still had his wallet on him.
Driver's license has him as Robert Lattimer.
Found these, too.
You know what that is? Safe combination, maybe? Telephone numbers? We do know he was mighty concerned about his figure.
Health shake?! "Fairline Health Shake.
Shed the weight with the great taste of Fairline.
" Catchy.
Oh, whew! Oh, that's nasty.
Next time, don't drink the evidence.
Yeah, well, hindsight's Here you go.
Bosses in Chicago should be happy.
Well, doubling of the skim will do that.
Hey I want you to make sure that everyone's extra careful with this delivery.
Post office could take a lesson from us.
We never lose a package.
Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven Don't you know each cloud contains Lots of pennies from heaven You'll find your fortune's falling All over town Be sure that your umbrella Is upside-down Trade them for a package of Sunshine and flowers If you want the things you love You got to have showers So when you hear it thundering FBI, ma'am.
Don't run under a tree There'll be pennies from heaven Well, what in the world do we have here? Pennies from heaven For you and me.
You look like a man who knows his way around a card table.
How could you tell? Vincent Savino.
Patrick Byrne.
I'm just in town from Washington.
I've heard a lot about you.
Oh, I hope good things.
Washington-- uh, what line are you in? I like watching money-- where it comes from and where it goes.
Well, Mr.
Byrne, if money's your business, you're in the right place.
Don't I know it.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
FBI? Didn't know you boys were in town.
Thought you were too busy letting the Russians steal the bomb.
Well, no one's been as busy as you, Mr.
Tax evasion, election fraud Feel free to show yourself the door.
Grandma's in lockup, and your illegal skim money has been seized.
From this day forward, not a dime makes it from your count room back to the bosses in Chicago.
And if you don't make those boys happy, well, life starts looking very unhappy for you, doesn't it Mr.
Savino? Really is a beauty.
It's gorgeous.
Yeah, shame it can't last forever.
Rita get with the program, please.
I could've gone to Tahiti in the time it took you to make that kick.
Tommy Stone? Uh, chorus call is next week, honey; leave your headshot by the front desk.
Oh, I'm not a chorus girl; I'm your boss.
Mia Rizzo.
Casino Operations Manager.
Entertainment at the Savoy falls under my domain.
It's a shame.
You'd be a knockout in some sequins and feathers.
Right here, Mr.
Silver! Great! One more! If you'll excuse me, boss.
I got some business to attend to.
Beautiful! Thank you! Mr.
Silver, it is an honor to have you here at the Savoy.
Tommy Stone.
We met last fall at the Polo Lounge with Hal Wallace.
Wallace, yeah-- he tell you I ran him out of the business? Last I heard, he's sweeping stalls in Del Mar.
Uh, he didn't mention it.
Meet Violet Mills.
She's one of the stars of my picture.
How do you do? Find Violet a large suite with a view, and she only sleeps in violet-colored sheets.
That's a riot.
I'll have some custom sheets made right away, sir.
I didn't know we had Hollywood visitors.
Is that Barry Silver? In the flesh.
Silver Studios is second in profits only to MGM.
So what is he doing here? They're shooting a Western out in the desert.
Tommy thought it would be a good idea for us to host the production.
Get a little Hollywood publicity flowing our way.
He's a sharp kid.
You're gonna like him.
It's good to have you back, Mia.
It's good to be back.
Silver, welcome to the Savoy.
Who would do something like this? Well, we think it might have been someone your husband knew.
Bert never had problems with anybody.
What about work? He loved his job.
He was one of the top salesmen at Fairline.
They make diet shakes, hmm? He traveled across the country setting up new franchises.
Of course, all that changed when we found out about my heart.
Your heart, ma'am? The doctors found an arrhythmia two months ago.
I need surgery or it could stop beating altogether.
What kind of surgery? It's called a pacemaker.
There's only a few places that can even do it.
Bert found out the best one's in Buffalo.
We were planning to travel there later this week for the operation.
When was the last time you saw your husband? He was in Pittsburgh since Tuesday.
He wasn't even supposed to get back into town until tomorrow.
Nice wheels.
He must have sold a bunch of shakes.
See what you can find out about this Fairline company, all right? I'm gonna have lunch with Katherine.
Yeah? As in a date? As in the Rizzo case.
I'm gonna find that third man.
Tonight, he's gonna hold my hand Tonight, he's gonna understand Tonight, he's gonna treat me right Didn't realize we were having company.
Sheriff Lamb, Special Agent Byrne from the FBI.
How do you do? Pleasure.
Agent Byrne's been sent from Washington to establish an FBI field office here in Vegas.
Yeah, Attorney General Kennedy's ordered the Bureau to shut down organized crime in the country, and it turns out that Vegas is the epicenter.
Every Mob outfit in the country, they all want a piece of the casino business.
Hey, Debbie, could you get me a cup of coffee? It's not illegal to run a casino in the state of Nevada.
Well, unless you're using it as a front for illegal activities.
Like Mr.
We're familiar with his work.
Agent Byrne has the fingerprint analysis from the Rizzo murder scene.
We have our killer? No, not yet.
We found three prints on the murder weapon, though.
One for Johnny Rizzo, one for Myrna Callum, who was found dead with the body, and a third which we haven't been able to match to anyone in our files.
Our third man.
It's probably one of Savino's low-level flunkies.
But you know, you lock one up today, there's gonna be 20 more to fill that spot tomorrow.
That low-level flunky, he's guilty of a double homicide.
If you want to take down Savino, you follow the money.
You start with the skim couriers and the errand boys.
That's his pawns.
And then you take out the knights and the bishops.
That's Savino's lieutenants, his soldiers.
And then after all the king's horses and all the king's men are taken care of you go for the head.
Sounds like you got it all mapped out, Agent Byrne.
Well, it's just my two cents, Sheriff.
I went fishing once.
Humphrey Bogart.
Off the coast of Boat Harbor, Australia.
Beautiful! Caught a great white, 19 feet.
When I sunk the gaffe into his flesh, I stared right into his flat, black eyes.
I had more respect for that shark than I do for most men.
I understand your sentiment.
So, what can I do for you, Mr.
Silver? Mr.
Silver has a private matter he'd like to discuss.
That girl I came in with-- Violet-- I've taken somewhat of a personal interest in her career.
Sweet kid, but right off the farm.
Now, as a married man, with daughters myself, I'm a little concerned that she may attract an unsavory element.
Ah, of course.
I understand.
I have two daughters of my own.
That's good.
I'd like you to keep an eye on her for me when I'm back in L.
Well, Tommy'll see to it.
I will make it my number one priority.
Pardon my intruding.
I have some business to attend to with Miss Rizzo.
If you'll excuse us, Mr.
Silver? Please, call me Barry.
Right this way, Mr.
Our friends in the FBI left this down with the bellman.
How thoughtful.
Without the cash, of course.
The only thing keeping Chicago off my back is the paper in these suitcases.
We gotta find a way around the FBI.
No way this wingtip puts me out of business.
Fairline now holds 27 patents-- dish soap, throat lozenges, kitchen appliances, you name it.
We're adding sales partners daily, all across the country.
You see, what our partners do is, they buy Fairline products at a discount, and then sell to their friends and neighbors at retail.
And Bert excelled.
He was one of our Gold Level partners.
His wife said you had him traveling quite a bit.
Bert never traveled.
He had an office right next-door.
Pardon me, Dr.
Thrane, but wasn't he in, uh, Pittsburgh last week? Pittsburgh? Yeah, his wife told us that he was.
Why don't we step into my office.
Bert, these past few months, something came over him.
His sales started dropping.
He skipped partner meetings.
His wife may have been having some, uh, health issues.
That have anything to do with it? Who, Helen? I don't know.
No, I don't know anything about that.
I thought it had something to do with the phone calls.
Phone calls? Every few days he'd get a threatening phone call from this guy that had a thick Russian accent.
Bert said it was just a customer who wanted his money back, but, oh, I didn't know about that.
He said he could handle it, so I left it alone.
Looking for Miss Mills? I just sent champagne up to her room; she's not there.
Oh, that's because she just drove away in a brand-new sports car.
Well, come on, let's go, go Go, little darlin' Tell me that you'll never leave me Come on, come on, let's go Again, again and again and again Again, again and again and again Again, again and again and again Again, again and again and again Did I do something wrong, Officer? Miss, you were driving a hundred miles an hour.
Oh, was that too fast? License and registration, please.
I borrowed the car from, uh, the valet at the Savoy.
Mary Louise James.
Do you realize that's vehicular theft? My name is not Mary Louise James.
At least not anymore.
It's Violet Mills.
Perhaps you saw me in the picture Mulberry Lane? Wish I had.
Well, I have a much better part in this new movie, The Man Who Won the West.
We start shooting here tomorrow.
Now, let's just say that, uh, you return this car and I drop the theft charges-- we still got the problem of this speeding ticket.
I could let you off with a stern verbal warning, but then I'd probably never see you again.
Well, I'm afraid that you won't see me either way, Deputy.
You can call me Dixon.
And we'll be seeing each other when you come on down to the station to pay your ticket.
You know what? You can give the ticket to him.
He'll take care of it.
Lady says this is for you.
Sorry for the trouble.
Hope this will clear it up.
Only cash I accept is my Clark County paycheck.
Chasing starlets part of your job description? Apparently so.
Sign me up.
FBI's fingerprint analysis of the telephone at Myrna Callum's house.
Rizzo's prints are all over it.
Now, we know they wanted to lure somebody out there.
We find out who was on the other end of that call, we have our killer.
I've been thinking about what Agent Byrne said.
Are you gonna tell me you're not interested in solving this case, either? I'm interested in bringing down Savino-- if solving this case helps that, I'm all for it; if not Listen to this.
Every Friday morning for the last ten months, Bert Lattimer wired a hundred bucks to a bank in Winchester.
You got a name? Yeah, last name only: Nikisch.
Nikisch Thrane said the caller was Russian, so I'm thinking this could be our guy.
One way to find out.
How do you say "you're under arrest" in Russian? Well, I reckon if I point a gun and you flash the cuffs he'll pick up on our meaning pretty quick.
Sheriff's Department.
How can I help you? We're looking for someone named Nikisch.
That's my maiden name.
My married name's Lattimer.
Nadia Lattimer.
Any relation to Bert Lattimer? Of course.
He's my husband.
So, how'd you two meet? Bert would come into the diner every morning.
One day, we just started talking.
I fell for him right off the bat.
Six weeks later, we were married.
He wired you money every Friday.
Bert was away half the year traveling.
He would send me money for expenses every week.
We were wondering-- your maiden name, is that Russian? Hungarian.
I was born in Budapest.
My mother and I left when I was three months old.
Then have you got any other family here in Las Vegas? My brother Tamas.
He came here in '56.
He never liked Bert.
He came for dinner the other night, but they had a big argument outside.
Tamas stormed off, like usual.
Bert say what they were arguing about? Money, I would guess.
It always is for Tamas.
Now, why do I feel like we've had that conversation before? Déjà vu all over again.
Well, at least we found our Russian phone caller.
The brother must have found out that Bert was two-timing his sister, and, you know, shook him down.
I'll bet old Bert was relieved to be rid of his secret.
Relieved?! Two wives? You got to be one hell of a juggler.
Jimmy, what happened to Mr.
Savino's car? He was out with Cota and Red-- it broke down in the desert.
When was this? Thursday night? I guess he was stuck out there.
Thursday? Are you sure? Yes, ma'am.
I heard a pit boss talking about it.
Nobody could get hold of him.
Have a good night.
He did it, Jack.
Did what? Savino's car was found near that house the night my father was killed.
That doesn't prove he killed your father.
Why else would he be there? Look, I was just coming to tell you.
The fingerprints on the gun didn't match, which means Savino didn't pull the trigger.
Then Cota or Red did-- it's someone else, but he was there to make sure that the job got done, to see it for himself.
All right.
I'll look into it.
I promise.
But you got to keep a cool head around Savino.
You're right.
Thank you.
We'll take cash or check for that ticket.
Pops doesn't go for casino chips as payment.
I'm not here about the ticket-- I'm here about that job you wanted.
Chasing starlets? You're kidding.
You don't work as a deputy around the clock, do you? How's a side gig sound? Personal bodyguard to Miss Violet Mills.
What do you say? Oh, hell, yeah.
I'm losing my light here.
Get the girl.
Indians, on your horses! Dead cowboys, hit the ground now, please.
Miss Mills, they're ready for you.
Places, people! You again?! Well, you never came to the station, so I had to come find you.
Plus, Tommy hired me as your bodyguard.
Oh, is that so? Uh-huh.
Well, you should know that I don't like being watched.
Places, everybody.
Roll sound, roll camera.
Set! Action! Henry? Henry, no, please! Open your eyes, Henry, please, please! Cut! Violet, dear, you're supposed to drop to your knees and say one line: "Henry.
" That's it.
What? No, th-there must be some mistake.
This is my big scene.
Your lines were cut.
Now it's just "Henry.
" I need to speak to Barry Silver.
You need to get him on the telephone right now.
We are in the middle of the desert-- there are no telephones! And Barry knew the lines were cut weeks ago.
He knew? I don't believe you! Where the hell's she going? Does anybody here know how to ride a damn horse? Salesclerk, janitor, stockroom attendant-- you've been fired from just about every job in Clark County.
This explains why you tried to shake down Bert Lattimer.
Your brother- in-law, you found out about his other family and hit him up for cash to keep it quiet.
Is that a crime? Yep.
He told me some sob story about his other wife's heart problem.
As soon as he paid for the surgery, he said he would leave her.
But you didn't tell your sister? What am I, an animal? She was in love.
So you decided to kill him.
But maybe I saw who did.
Keep talking.
This is the problem with Americans.
You want everything for free.
Well, we could stick you in a jail overnight-- maybe that'd jog your memory.
You call this jail? Heat, running water? Where I come from, we call this the Hilton.
If you want a little bit more rustic setting, I got a horse stall.
I could put your name on it.
He stopped returning my calls.
I was getting sick of getting the runaround, so I followed him home from work.
You needed to change his mind, show him how serious you were.
I just wanted to reason with him.
Suddenly, he pulls over.
I parked across the road, far enough so he won't see me.
Then another car pulls up behind him.
I look, I can't see.
Bang! Gun goes off.
As soon as I heard the shot, I get the hell out of there.
Why didn't you go to the police? I go to police maybe they send me back to Hungary.
Police in Hungary not so nice as you two.
You get a look at the guy who shot him? All I saw was the car.
White Cadillac with a black top.
Where you headed, ma'am? Sheriff, uh, Buffalo, actually, for the surgery.
What's going on? We need to ask you a few more questions.
This is absurd.
I would never have done anything to hurt my husband.
Your car was at the scene.
Lots of people drive that car.
Lots of people don't have the motive that you had.
We know about the insurance policy.
Now, you knew you could count on the money, and then 24 hours after your husband's dead, you're shufflin' off to Buffalo.
I need that surgery.
A-Am I supposed to let my children grow up without a mother? Isn't losing one parent enough? Besides why would I kill Bert when he was going to get his money back from the company? He promised me.
All he had to do was sell back his inventory.
Because that wasn't your only motive.
Does the name Nadia mean anything to you? Traveling all the time, couldn't get in touch with him-- you knew what was going on, Mrs.
You don't think Bert was having some kind of affair do you? So, what do you think? Either she's telling the truth, or she's the best actress since Rita Hayworth.
Well, at least now we know what car our killer drives.
Not much else.
Deputy Lamb? Telephone for you.
This is Deputy Lamb.
Savino wants to see you in his office immediately.
What is this about? The kids'll be here in ten.
Plains State basketball team won their district title, so they get a free trip to Vegas.
I'm throwing a lunch.
Go Bisons.
The plural is "bison.
" The skim to Chicago moves out this afternoon.
I'm taking it there myself.
Here are the tags.
What am I supposed to do with this? Take them to your brother, and to his new pal over at the FBI.
He's hungry for headlines.
All he has to do is follow my car.
While the real skim leaves town in another car.
Something to be said for rural education after all.
Go to hell.
Pretty strong words for a guy with few options.
I ain't your gofer.
You're exactly who I say you are.
Unless you want me and everyone from here to Chicago to know exactly what happened to her father.
You mean the fact you set me up? Tricky thing about facts-- they're open to interpretation.
Who called who when, who said what.
Got to be a dozen different ways of looking at it.
Make your head spin.
But there's one fact you can't get around-- there's only one of us pulled the trigger that killed Johnny Rizzo, and I'm looking at him.
Don't do it for me.
Do it for her.
How does a movie star like Violet Mills know how to rise like that? Mary Louise was a farm girl from Montana, and maybe she should just stay there.
It was one speech in a movie.
There'll be loads of others.
No, there won't.
The producer pretended I had a great part, when he knew all along that I had only one line.
There is nothing Marilyn can do that I can't do, but no one else can see that.
Well, act out your scene for me.
You can't be serious.
Sure I am.
Hell, I may not live in Hollywood, but I see every picture that comes through Vegas.
I'm an excellent judge of talent.
Come on.
Come on.
All right.
You pretend to be the wounded cowboy, and, um you come lie down on my lap.
Like this.
All right.
How's that? Henry, when you first met me in that saloon, I was just a barmaid and a two-bit dancer.
I never imagined that I could fall in love with a cowboy and be so happy living off the land.
Henry, I love you.
Well, how'd I do? Y-You are You're more than good, Mary Louise.
You're a star.
Switchboard operator doesn't remember any unusual calls the night of the Rizzo murder, but it turns out, Myrna Callum, she shared a party line with eight other houses.
Well, if this Sandy Cooperman was listening in, she could have heard who Rizzo lured out there.
We might find our third man after all.
Did Ethel tell you I've been listening in on people's calls? You can't believe a word that woman says.
You shared a party line with Myrna Callum, and she showed up dead last Thursday.
You don't think I did it? Is there something you need to confess? Good heavens, no.
Well, good, we got that out of the way.
Did you hear anything unusual on the line that night? I remember Myrna called right here, the sheriff's station.
Sheriff's station? Mm-hmm.
Said something about a vagrant outside her house.
I've heard stories of marauding men.
Knives between their teeth, stealing into women's boudoirs in the dark of the night.
I lock my door tight, Sheriff.
I don't take chances with vagrants.
Are you sure? Because if Miss Callum had called the sheriff's station that night, we would have had a record of it.
Then there's something wrong with your records.
'Cause there's nothing wrong with me.
Is this your new field office? Agent Byrne stopped Savino's skim four times in two days.
Nabbed this lovely specimen trying to board a train out of town.
I've left him in your care.
One pawn at a time, huh? Ralph I think I got something for you.
Say hello to the FBI, Jack.
Special Agent Byrne.
Jack Lamb.
I got a tip Savino's moving the skim this afternoon.
He's driving it to Chicago himself.
My men have the Savoy covered top to bottom, front to back.
There's nothing moving there that I don't know about.
Well, they must have missed something.
Did you get this tip from Mia Rizzo? She's your girlfriend, right? You got a problem with that? Sheriff's deputy dating a Mob boss's daughter.
I don't think that could ever be a problem.
A tip is a tip, Agent Byrne.
And you know what they say about gift horses.
On a horse? Uh, uh I'm on my way.
The girl escaped from set.
She's a regular Houdini.
We should book her as our magic act.
Well, I hate to add insult to injury, but you have an unexpected guest.
Silver! You're three days early.
I couldn't get my mind off Violet.
Women make you do the craziest things.
Silver would like you to escort him to the movie set.
Those numbers we found in Bert's wallet, Fairline bank accounts.
Turns out the whole company's one big racket, top to bottom.
What about all those products? They don't make money selling; they make money recruiting partners.
As long as new people keep kicking money up to the top, nobody finds out it's a house of cards.
So when Bert went to sell back his inventory to get money for his wife's operation Well, I'm guessing Thrane refused, Bert gets suspicious, looks into the bank accounts, like I did, and finds out it's one big pyramid scheme.
And Thrane kills him to shut him up.
And guess who owns a two-tone Caddy? Dr.
Herman Thrane.
Oh, you need something more concrete than a pamphlet if you want these charges to stick.
Oh, I guess you'd prefer we got a confession, right? Well, without more evidence, it might be the only chance you've got.
Yeah, so we're supposed to waltz in there, accuse Thrane of murdering Bert? He's gonna say, "Well, heck, yeah, sure, I murdered him.
" "Hell yeah, I did it.
" "Now that you asked.
" do not presume it would be that easy.
What you think you saw I know what I saw; you killed my brother-in-law.
Who's gonna believe you? Is that a chance you're willing to take? What do you want? $10,000.
Ha! You're a lunatic.
I'll tell police you say hello.
Wait I didn't want to kill him.
You don't have to explain to me.
He was threatening to destroy everything I built.
All because I wouldn't give him money for his wife's preposterous surgery.
I wrote out a check to Bert, too.
We were meeting out there for me to give it to him, in fact.
And then I changed my mind.
What the hell is that? That, my friend, is some very bad news for you.
I'd ask for your confession, but I think I already got it.
I didn't want to kill him.
You don't have to explain to me.
He was threatening to destroy everything I built.
Never trust a man selling diet shakes.
If you've said it once, you've said it a thousand times.
What are we gonna do about Mrs.
Lattimer? Which one? Both.
Tell them the truth, I guess.
What good is that gonna do? Not much, I expect, but it's still the truth.
Gentlemen, the skim's on the move.
You coming? Yeah, uh, I'll catch up.
Here come the cowboys.
Pull over.
So where's the rest of the cavalry? Well, you're a smart guy.
I bet you can figure it out.
You back out on our deal, you can say good-bye to Mia.
Well, you do what you gotta do.
Oh, you can count on it.
By the way, the real skim-- my brother's picking it up now.
You don't know where the real skim is.
Don't I? Go, Bison.
Everybody stay in their seats.
Hello, Plains State Bison.
Could you open your bag, son? Uh-oh.
I thought you said they wrapped early.
What's taking 'em so long? Ah, you know actresses.
Excuse me, Mr.
Silver, you have a phone call from a Mr.
Trevor-- it's urgent.
Trevor-- that's my director.
Now what's going on? Mr.
Silver, I got to be honest with you.
Barry, what a surprise.
Hey, hey, honey, how are you? How'd, how'd the shoot go? Well, as you know, my lines were cut, and I was pretty upset, but this nice deputy gave me a lift home, and I'm much better now.
Right, well, about those lines, we were over budget, and you know how that goes.
I'll make it up to you next time.
Thank you so much for bringing her back.
I owe you one.
Yeah, all in the line of duty, right? Who's the kid? That is a sheriff's deputy I hired to escort Violet.
Keep him away from her.
Yes, sir.
I didn't do anything.
FBI-- says it right there in black and white.
You're in there, too, don't worry.
Oh, believe me, I don't.
I look forward to a long and successful working relationship with you, Sheriff Lamb.
You bet.
I have often walked Agent Byrne, I was just coming to congratulate you.
Thank you.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Your case files have been my bedtime reading for the last two months.
Hope they helped you fall asleep.
Just the opposite, actually.
All at once am I Can I buy you a drink? Oh, come on, I've been in Vegas for three days, and all I've seen is the inside of a sheriff's station.
Well, that won't do.
I'll go ask Ralph.
Well, I was thinking maybe just the two of us.
It's an overpowering feeling He probably wouldn't want to come, anyway.
That any second You might suddenly appear People stop and stare They don't bother me For there's nowhere else on earth That I would rather be I'm really not much of a cook, but I found this great invention called the recipe.
Can be here on the street Where you live I've been keeping something from you.
Savino's going to tell you this, and, uh well, I need to tell you first.
He didn't kill your father.
What are you talking about? I did.
I shot him.
No, you didn't.
It was self-defense.
If there was any other way Get out.
Please let me, let me explain.
He tied me to a chair, he tortured me with a cattle prod.
Get out! Enough! Get out! Mia Get out! I'm sorry.
You look like you could use a drink.
How long have you known? I didn't know for sure.
Till I saw these.
You couldn't have been more than five or six years old.
Pop had these spurs that you kept playing with.
He kept telling you not to, but of course you just wouldn't listen and then you sliced your finger open and came crying to me about it 'cause you didn't want to get a whupping from Pop.
And I stitched you up, you remember? Scar never did heal.
I don't know whose fingerprints these are, but they're sure as hell not my brother's.
Savino set me up.
He told Rizzo I'd turned Mia into an informant.
Rizzo lured me out there.
He tried to kill me.
I got the better of him and that was that.
I don't regret it.
I just regret keeping it from you.
I just couldn't imagine losing her, Ralph, I just I couldn't do it.
But I I think I lost her anyhow.
You told her? So what are we going to do now? Gonna get you out of it.