Vegas (2012) s01e16 Episode Script

Little Fish

Never know how much I love you never know how much I care when you put your arms around me I get fever that's so hard to bear you give me fever Would've hated to be Mr.
Benz when these three were in high school.
After the show, I can introduce you, if you want.
Maybe when I was 20.
Now they'd put me in the hospital.
Don't you dare embarrass me.
Did you hear what I said? I didn't.
You need to relax.
I let you walk out that door Listen to me Violet! Miss Mills! Right here! You always say a good actress has to be a good - press agent first.
- I won't let you walk out on me.
Well, then you shouldn't have had me watched like a child.
- Mr.
Silver - Yes? How are you today? Oh, he's great.
He's just seeing me out.
I noticed you're checking out early.
Was there something wrong with the hotel? I just thought it would be nice to rent a house for a bit something homey.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Eh, crazy broad.
Once she realizes there's no room service, she'll be in the next cab back.
Sheriff's department! Get up! You, sir, are under arrest for engaging in sexual acts with a minor.
Get him out of here.
I'm 20.
I can do what I want.
Come here.
Hey, that's mine! It's evidence! Sit down! And you're 17, Miss Patricia Edwards.
And you have an I.
from Nevada, saying that this motel is your home address.
Yeah, it's my home.
And you just kicked the door in.
You're fixing it.
Well, I'll do you one better.
I'm Sheriff Lamb and if you tell me who your pimp is, I'll make sure that you never have to do this again.
I freelance.
Really? So you pay the rent, you pick up clients and you keep the competition at bay, all on your own? 'Cause word on the street is that some pimp set a bunch of girls up.
Now who's running this operation? All right, have it your way.
Get your shoes on.
We're gonna take a little ride downtown.
Make his stay here as unpleasant as legally possible.
Roberts, I want you to meet Miss Patricia Edwards.
And I want you to run down her parents.
Might as well search for the Easter Bunny while you're at it.
And start the paperwork on a solicitation charge.
Maybe a little time in county will make her a little bit more cooperative.
You stay in here for now.
You really want to lock this kid up? No but we can hold her for 24 hours before we have to give her an arraignment.
I want you to go get a cot.
She's gonna sleep there in my office.
And you keep an eye on her.
Come morning, she may be in more of a talking mood.
Yes, sir.
- Jack.
- Yeah? The DA and Miss O'Connell are waiting for you.
Jack, just tell 'em the truth.
I'm not sure that's gonna help.
After Miss Callum untied me, I lunged at Mr.
His gun went off and Killed Miss Callum.
Uh We struggled eventually, I had his gun, he had mine.
Um, I asked him twice to put down his weapon.
He made a move.
I shot him.
I-I had no choice.
And Savino set this all up? He told Rizzo that I turned Mia against him.
Which wasn't true.
Sounds like a textbook case of self-defense to me.
And obstruction.
You want to explain how the prints on that gun came back as inconclusive? What, you're gonna blame him for not leaving clean enough prints on the gun? The problem is You took your sweet time coming forward.
And the delay gives the appearance of a cover-up.
He didn't cover anything up.
You're here as a courtesy.
I could ask you to step outside.
You want to step outside with me? Look, I should've reported what happened immediately, you're right.
But I wasn't looking forward to telling the woman I love that I killed her father.
Oh, that's very quaint, but I can't tell that to the press.
All the press needs to know is that a lawman killed a known gangster who was trying to kill him That's your story.
Okay, we'll use the setup to our advantage.
We'll say we weren't sure if there were other hits planned against law enforcement And we didn't want to tip our hand to the mob, so we sat on the information until we were sure it was an isolated event.
You're not going to prison.
A little blonde number dropped this off for you at around 3:00.
Said it was urgent.
Why'd you wait five hours to give it to me, nosy? Because being your personal messenger isn't my job.
Violet? Hello? Cops bust up your party? Not quite.
You were the only person I invited.
Coming in? got a broken cheek bone, missing a few teeth there.
Pictures don't show it, but this fellow's got a lacerated kidney.
That's your future, Frank.
That's what happens to child molesters in prison.
It's not like she was nine or something.
She's a child! And you're a grown man.
And that's enough to get you 15 years of beatings and who the hell knows what else in Nevada State.
Now I know that you didn't just happen upon this kid, so you tell me who set this up for you, and I'll see to it you just get a child endangerment charge and community service.
The guy who set this all up, I mean, he's a bad guy.
If I talk He's one bad guy.
In prison, there's hundreds of 'em.
All right.
His name is Jimmy.
He runs a service Not another word, Mr.
Agent Byrne, FBI.
What the hell's going on here, Byrne? You work the count room in the Savoy, correct? Yeah.
I'm here to offer you a deal.
If you agree to testify to how their count room skim operates, the state of Nevada is gonna drop all the charges against you.
- Like hell it will.
- Check with the governor's office.
I just hung up the phone with them.
The Federal Government will offer you around-the-clock protection and set you up in another location once the trial's done.
Or you can take your chances with the state of Nevada and how they treat people in their custody.
I got nothing left to say to you, sheriff.
Can I have a word with you? Do you know what that creep does to children? And it turns my stomach.
But I have an opportunity to take down the Chicago Syndicate here.
Just let him tell me who's pimping out those kids and I will give him to you.
Not going away as a child predator is the only carrot I can offer this donkey, and if he's impugned as a child molester, he's worthless to me as a witness.
So you're willing to sacrifice young girls to get a mob conviction? Sorry, Ralph.
Sometimes you have to fry the bigger fish.
You like ham? Usually, I only eat ham for lunch.
But this morning I woke up with a hankering for a nice, hot, juicy slab of ham.
I'm sorry.
Are you talking about actual ham, the food? Or are you trying to get fresh? No, I'm talking about ham, the food for breakfast.
You and me.
What? How long have you been up? I don't know.
Ten minutes? So you had ten minutes to think of what you were gonna say to me when I opened up my eyes "Do you like ham"" Well, I was gonna ask you what you're still doing with old man River, but I thought that would start our morning off on the wrong note.
I was a handful when I was a kid.
I practically drove my mother to the sanatorium.
And every day, she would send me to the movies just to get me out of her hair.
And since then, all I've wanted was to be in pictures.
I thought Barry could help me and, obviously, I was wrong.
So get rid of him.
If I break it off with him, he'll make it so no one in Hollywood will hire me.
Well, then do something to make him want to break up with you.
Why would a guy like Barry break up with a girl like me? I hate to say it, but I am stuck being Barry's girlfriend.
But that doesn't mean that I'm his girl.
You find anything? They're all pimps booked last year, not one of them named Jimmy, James nothing.
That kid is the best shot we have of finding the bastard that's selling children in my town.
And she won't talk.
Then FBI Byrne takes Frank, and that sinks our case.
What's good for the goose What does that mean? You don't want to know.
What do you want? I got something you need to hear.
I don't need to hear anything from you.
If you want to stay out of prison, you do.
Agent Byrne's got someone from your operation in custody for sleeping with a Byrne is pressuring him to give up details of the skim.
Who? Well, you know I can't tell you that.
Then I don't believe you.
Would you just open your damn eyes and see that it's Savino you should hate, not me? My eyes are wide open.
He told your father that I was turning you against him.
That you were a rat.
Your daddy tried to kill me to protect you.
Savino was behind all of it.
He used me to get rid of your father.
Believe what you want.
But listen to me on this agent Byrne thing, or you're gonna end up in prison.
And why should I trust you? Because I'm still in love with you.
Good morning, Patricia.
I'm ADA Katherine O'Connell.
You think if you bring a fancy lady in here, I'm gonna tell you something you want to hear? Have a seat.
Thank you.
Did you sleep okay? On a government cot surrounded by ringing phones? Like a baby.
You hungry? I can get you something to eat.
Some eggs, or Mashed potatoes.
With gravy? Ketchup.
All right, I'll go to the diner and I'll pick it up myself.
First, I want you to tell me about Jimmy.
We have reports of girls as young as 13 getting in and out of cars in parts of Vegas.
If I help you find him, I'm out of a job.
I'll give you a job.
As a cop? I have a ranch.
It's hard work, but it's a fair wage.
And what exactly is "a fair wage" for crawling under a shed and shoveling dung? Now, what you're talking about That's called the shearing shed.
And only somebody who grew up on a sheep farm would know about that.
There's a whole bunch of sheep farms a couple hundred miles from here.
Is that where your parents are? Hmm? All right, young lady, there's nothing more I can do for you.
ADA O'Connell, I want you to tell the juvenile court there will be a new solicitation case on their docket tomorrow morning.
Now get up.
Peterson, put Miss Edwards in a luxury holding cell.
And don't worry, the phones won't keep you awake in there.
I gotta crank up the heat if I want to make her talk.
She has to talk by tonight, or you have to let her go.
And then she's right back out on the streets.
Damn G-Men.
First he ties up my skim, and now this? The good news, if there is any, is that I know who it is.
We've tracked down all the three count room employees.
The Ohio State game was on the radio last night.
That leaves Scott at home.
Harry's a Mormon, so We have Frank Blackwell.
He's locked up.
I can get to him.
Get him to change his mind.
Now, you rough him up, you push him to the Feds.
Frank's worked under me for a while now.
I thought I'd pay him a visit, with our lawyer, and remind him who his real friends are.
Take your swing.
Did you tell my father I was a rat? Jack tell you that? Ah, he's desperate.
He'd say anything to get you back.
It's a simple question.
Think about it.
If I thought you were a rat, why would I have hired you back? I had to ask.
Mia Rizzo.
We Haven't officially met.
Patrick Byrne, FBI.
I understand you have one of our employees in custody.
Our in-house counsel would like to speak with him.
Well, per my advice, Frank has retained outside counsel.
As a matter of fact, he and I are working on the terms for Frank's testimony, as we speak.
You see, we have an underage girl in custody who's gonna put Frankie away for a long time.
Scary? And as long as he's worried about that trial, he's gonna tell us all about the Savoy's tax-evasion scheme and your role at the heart of it.
So unless you want to spend your child-bearing years in a concrete cell, you're gonna give me Vincent Savino.
We can talk right now.
There's a free room down the hall.
Your lawyer's here.
See you soon, Mia.
I'll be the one with the handcuffs.
You're a regular blockhead, you know that? Morning, Tommy.
My people saw you stop by Violet's place last night.
If Barry Silver catches you He'll throw his dentures at me? His studio hires retired LAPD for personal security.
Last guy who went near one of his girls ended up with a shotgun blast to his lap.
She is not his girl.
At least, she doesn't want to be, but she can't ditch him or else he'll torpedo her career.
In other words, she is his girl.
Well, for now.
Unless she can get some leverage on Silver.
What do you mean? Tell his wife about the affair? No, his wife probably knows what's going on anyway.
What Violet needs is a legitimate reason to dump Silver.
Now, say some upstanding citizen happens to introduce Barry to some young, gorgeous female.
And say Violet just happens to walk in while they're getting to know each other.
Biblically speaking.
You steal this plan from Abbot and Costello? You ever had a girl walk in on you? Ain't no telling what she can do to a man.
Now, Barry would feel lucky if all he had to do was let her go.
I do this for you, I'm gonna need something from you.
Name it.
Is he in? He is.
But you can't go in No, you can't go in there.
I'm just dropping off tickets to the policeman's ball.
You want to talk to me You can make an appointment with my He's all yours.
He ain't worth it.
Let him go.
You heard what I said! Let him go! Mia's a smart girl.
Pretty soon, she's gonna find out the truth about you.
You ever come at me like that again, you won't live to see that day.
Ellie, I'm sorry, but we can't offer you a line of credit at this time.
But I've got a system.
For roulette? You have a system for how the ball bounces? - Yeah.
- Well I'm in a bit of a thorny situation.
One you could possibly help me out on.
You do, I could offer you a $1,000 marker.
I saw a white butterfly this morning.
I knew today would be my lucky day.
How can I help? What's your dress size? Hey, Yvonne No.
No, what? You're at my desk, you're smiling, that means you want something.
The answer's "no.
" Well, it's not for me.
It's for my friend Tommy here.
Just hear him out.
He's opening up a nightclub.
No place like it in Vegas.
A joint for all the bands, showgirls, cocktail waitresses, to unwind after the show.
Everything's set, but It's been a real pill getting the city to give us our liquor license.
Considering you eat lunch with the girls down at the city planner's office Why don't you ask them yourself? If you hurry, you'll catch them at the Staley's counter.
They eat there every day at noon.
I'm the entertainment director at the Savoy.
Help me out, I'll comp you tickets to any show you want.
I don't want the tickets.
But if you really want that license, there's something else you can do for me.
That one.
The Black Trigger fish.
He's not eating, I think he's sick.
You know, I hardly ever see these fish stop swimming.
Maybe they're tired.
I would get tired.
Look at you.
Sheriff's deputy or not, Jack Lamb can't assault you and not face charges.
Forget about it.
Well, if you're worried about him implicating you - in the Rizzo business - I'm not worried about that cowboy, period.
I'm worried about you.
What did I do? You're supposed to make sure that my business runs smoothly.
Every since this Agent Byrne showed up, all I got is agita.
Well What, you want me to control a Fed? That's not our agreement.
I Our deal is that I grease the wheels here in Clark county.
The Federal Government is way above my pay grade.
I'm not getting my hands dirty in that world.
What, do you think I pay you to wear fancy suits, keep your hair combed and collect envelopes? Let's be clear.
You will get your hands dirty as I say.
And right now, I want them to get filthy.
Cuffs to corners, tops to tail.
Just like mom taught us.
That girl's never setting foot in this room again.
The desk clerk said Patricia paid every week in cash.
She was the only girl who had a room here.
And never saw nor met anybody named Jimmy, so We gotta find out where that creep's operating out of.
There'll be another kid in this room next week.
Look at this.
Is that gold inlay? Must be 50 years old.
Stashed away in a tin underneath her clothes? This means something to her.
I just don't like strangers touching my things.
Where'd you get it? My mother had one just about like that.
Not as nice as that one, but judging by the age of it, I'd say maybe it was your grandmother's? Yeah, I looked into at California sheep farmers with the last name of Edwards, and a 63-year-old woman named Gertrude Edwards died about 16 months ago in Mendota.
Is that about the time that you ran away? I couldn't stay.
You wouldn't understand.
No, I wouldn't.
But I do know what it's like to lose someone you love.
That person that knows you better than anybody else.
And I know the loneliness.
It can lead you down a hole that doesn't have any bottom to it.
Sometimes you'll mistake attention for kindness, and you'll take it even when you know it has a price.
Patricia, please let me help you.
Just tell me where Jimmy is.
He's a bad man.
I can protect you.
No, you can't.
In fact, the longer I'm in here, not earning, the angrier he'll be at the end of the week.
Please I know you're trying to help, but just put me in a cell or let me go.
Hold on there.
What happened to your arm? Did Jimmy do that to you? - I'm gonna have a doctor look at it.
- It's fine.
The doctor at the hospital said it's just a bruise.
She would've come in last week.
Bruises on her arm.
Who knows what else.
Maybe accompanied by a man named Jimmy.
Sorry, sheriff.
Excuse me.
Couldn't help but overhear.
Mind if I? A few girls her age have come in the last few months all with the same kind of injuries; always the same guy with them.
Really? You catch a name? He was quiet.
Seemed pretty interested in keeping the girls quiet, too.
He's about six feet tall, around 40, unshaven, horn-rimmed glasses.
He leave a forwarding address? No.
But one of the girls left behind a bracelet.
We sent it on to an apartment on Burd Street.
The address should be in her file.
Let's go.
All that's left, Frank, is for you to sign the agreement to be a cooperating witness and the state sex crime charges will all be dropped.
Isn't that, correct, Miss O'Connell? That is correct.
Go to prison or testify against Savino, assuming he doesn't gun me down before my court date? I already told you we'll protect you.
You know, I've been thinking If Patricia doesn't talk, the county'd have to drop the prostitution charges, losing your leverage for me to testify.
Patricia has already proved to be a very cooperative witness.
I know her pretty well.
Rarely is she cooperative.
Well There's nothing stopping you from walking away right now.
But maybe I need to remind you that Mia Rizzo stopped by and the Chicago outfit already know that you talked to the Feds.
Now, they'll probably believe you when you tell them that you didn't say anything to me.
From what I gather they're a pretty sympathetic group.
Love you.
Sheriff's department.
What's your name? Elias.
Elias, you're in big trouble, unless you can tell me where Jimmy is.
You get me my lawyer, I'll tell you anything you want.
Whatever Lola wants Lola gets take off your coat don't you know can't win? Give in, give in give in.
How long have you been singing? As long as I can remember.
My dad, he played trumpet for Carmen Cavallaro.
My mother never really trusted him when he was on the road.
He slept with everything that moved, so, whenever I wasn't in school, we'd follow behind the tour bus in our Chevy Stylemaster and sing along with the radio.
I talk when I'm nervous.
And you want to sing at the Savoy? Just one song, whenever you can fit me in.
I just always wanted to sing on a stage.
There's a real sweetness to your voice; a warmth.
It tells me who you are.
I can think of a half-dozen producers in Los Angeles who would love to meet you if you're interested.
doot, do-doot, do, do-doot, do Whatever Lola wants Lola gets and little man, little Lola wants you Make up your mind to have no regrets No regrets Recline yourself resign yourself, you're through I always get Barry! What I aim for And your heart and soul Leave! Now! Is what I came for Whatever Lola wants! I'm sorry, I can't get ahold of the sheriff.
Miss O'Connell? This is Patricia Edwards's mother.
She's demanding the release of her daughter.
I want my girl now.
Miss Edwards, do you know why she's here? Yes, and that's between me, her and her maker.
She's been here a day, so you can release her to my custody or I can sue you, the sheriff and the county for false imprisonment.
Is that a hawk on your locket? You know that's bad luck.
Oh, there she is! There's my baby girl! Oh! Are you ready to get out of here and go home now? Miss Whoo! Sweet taste of freedom.
I'll drink to that.
Mm! Oh, and hold on.
I plan on working up an appetite.
You headed out? Your plan it worked too well.
Barry was so scared that I was gonna leave him that he cast me as Athena in his new Hercules picture.
I have 19 lines and six scenes and I get to help Hercules escape from the underworld.
That is great.
I told you you're gonna be big.
I have to go back to L.
Well, that's showbiz, right? The day your dreams come true is supposed to be the happiest day of your life.
But the first thing that popped into my head when I heard the news was how much I was gonna miss you.
Then stay.
I can't now.
But it doesn't mean that I won't be back.
Every girl deserves a cowboy, right? This movie of yours is gonna be a hit.
Because if the only way I get to see you is up on that screen, I'm gonna see it a million times.
Good work.
The blue car will take you back to the Savoy.
By the time you get there, your marker will be waiting for you.
Uh, can I keep the dress? Oh, absolutely.
Not sure if you care, but my real mother weighs 200 pounds and is missing two bottom teeth.
But you got the gambling part right.
You one of Jimmy's girls? No.
There's $3,000 in this envelope.
You get in that gold car, and it's yours.
That guy my date? No.
He's taking you to the bus station, and will escort you all the way to Chicago, where you'll meet a woman who runs a home for girls.
You'll enroll in the secretarial school, and once you get your diploma, I'll send you another one of these envelopes.
Why are you doing this? Because I know what will happen to you if I don't.
Thank you.
Can you do something for me first? I had no choice; A mother shows up demanding her daughter.
There was no legal justification to keep her.
Then you make something up.
You do whatever you can before you send a girl back on the street.
- I did all I could do, Ralph.
- You should've done more.
And if you won't so worried about helping out your pal Byrne on his Federal case This has nothing to do with Byrne.
The governor said we had to drop the charges.
This was not my decision.
You got an answer for everything, Katherine.
- Your client ready to talk? - Not really.
I'm in no mood to play games tonight, counselor.
Well, that alleged prostitute you caught my client with tonight? Turns out she turned 18 a month ago.
He thought she was underage.
Well, you can't prosecute for what they think, sheriff.
And he sure as hell isn't gonna roll on this Jimmy fella over a simple "obtaining sexual services" charge.
But he is happy to plead "no contest" and pay the fine.
- Ma'am, have you seen this girl? - No.
Have you seen this girl by any chance? She's a runaway.
If you could contact the sheriff's department Please let the sheriff's department know.
- Have you seen this girl? - Have you seen this girl? If you do, could you contact the sheriff's department? - She's a runaway.
- Nice work, sheriff.
Is intentionally sabotaging my case part of your Western code of justice? Why'd you let the girl go? I didn't let her go.
In fact, I'm looking for her.
That girl was the only leverage I had on Frank.
Without her, he walks out the back door, and I have nothing on Savino.
So your witness is lost, your case is lost Funny, I don't hear you worrying about the girl who's lost.
Go ahead, play the righteous angle, but one of these days, this city that you're supposed to protect is gonna get sun by the Vincent Savinos of this world.
And when it does Well, you have my card.
You know, if he wanted to get Savino, all he had to do was ask.
Thanks, Peterson.
I wanted to make sure the phone company could actually set it up before telling you about it.
Yeah, Marty? It's Vincent Savino.
My fish are off again.
I think they have scale rot.
The one looks I didn't go to Savino's office to fight him.
I wanted to get to his phone.
I'm afraid to ask.
Is this legal? It's not illegal.
Hell's bells.
It's just Savino's side of the conversation, and it's just casino and personal business so far, but it's just a matter of time before we get him on something we can really nail him on.
He's gonna have a lot more to worry about than his damn fish.
Way to go.
Maybe tomorrow Hey.
When comes the dawn Maybe the dark clouds will all be gone What's going on? She's going back to Hollywood.
Violet? No, ADA O'Connell.
Yes, Violet.
I don't think she's coming back.
You got an order of ham and five fingers of whiskey.
It looks like you're aiming to forget her.
It ain't working.
Do you love her? We just met a few days ago.
Answer the question, dummy.
Well, I don't know.
I just All I know is that I'm hurting.
And I just poured myself this to forget about her, but now I don't want to drink it 'cause I don't want to forget her.
You think this is something that happens every day? You find it, you run after it, you wrestle it to the ground and you hold on.
Get out of here.
Go get your girl.
Maybe tomorrow you'll still be mine.
Oh, Mia, thank God When this guy came - to pick me up, I thought - Enough! You signed an agreement to testify against me.
They had me over a barrel.
'Cause you pay to sleep with little girls.
You would've sent me away to prison for 20 years and that's nothing to say of what would've happened to Savino.
It's all over.
I-I-I I'll never say anything ever again never! I believe you.
Please I I am so sorry.
I Please, I don't want to die.
- I don't - Shut up.
If a potential federal witness were to disappear, that would only bring more heat to the casino.
But don't think there aren't consequences for your actions.
You're fired.
Fired Of course, of course.
Absolutely fired.
But you need to know what will happen if you ever decide to talk.
I won't.
I know it's not much, but Jimmy's all we got.
Yeah, Jimmy.
I'll call you back.
Mia Here.
W-what is this? It's not from me.
Just read it.
Should I ask how you got this? No.
Ralph! You gotta see this.
Dear Sheriff Lamb, I want you to know I'm safe for the first time in a while.
I know I wasn't easy on you.
My grandma used to say, "you tell the worth of man by his actions, not his words" I can only show my worth with words.
The man you are looking for is named Jimmy Munson.
He lives at 146 Palomino Lane.
You're learning.
But remember to call them daddy.
Sheriff's department! Stay here.
Now! Stop! Stop! Good to finally meet you, Jimmy.
Who was it dotty? Susan? Patricia? You'll never know.
- Sir, Agent Byrne - Could you clarify? Why is the FBI here? This a federal crime? Of course it's a federal crime, and the bureau will vigorously prosecute.
We believe some of these girls Uh-huh.
We believe some of these girls have been dragged across state lines.
That's it.
Thank you.
Hey, sheriff Lucky I got that call over the radio, huh? "State lines.
" Only thing you care about is headlines.
Well, I walked down to the corner to get a soda pop Producers, press agents, names and numbers of everybody I set you up with.
Wait, who am I meeting at Langer's Delicatessen? Nobody before you come back on Saturday, I want you to go there, pick me up a pastrami sandwich.
On rye.
You want me to drive a sandwich Actually, buy yourself one, too.
But don't eat it until you get back here.
I want to see your face light up when you take the first bite.
Is it a date? It's a date.
Knock 'em dead, Yvonne.
Rock me, daddy, don't stop I said rock me, daddy-o, daddy-o rock Did you come to escort me to L.
? Nah.
I got to get Violet back, and I figure this is cheaper than bus fare.
Hop in.
Well, a gal started smiling and looking at me she said come on, daddy, let's dig this beat now I'm kind of slow but catching on but when I got it, I was real gone every time you hear a nickel drop they played the rock me, daddy-o, daddy-o rock Hello? It's me.
The package on its way to Chicago? Yeah, it's away.
Good work.
Hello? The package on its way to Chicago? Good work.