Vegas (2012) s01e18 Episode Script


Previously on Vegas I'm your mother.
My mother left when I was two and died shortly after.
No, that's not what really happened.
As far as I'm concerned, it is.
I didn't know we had Hollywood visitors.
- Is that Barry Silver? - In the flesh.
Meet Violet Mills.
She's one of the stars of my picture.
How do you do? - Who's the kid? - That is a sheriff's deputy I hired - to escort Violet.
- Keep him away from her.
Stay calm, stay on the street.
Sheriff is on his way.
Stay on the sidewalk, please.
Doesn't look too happy.
Think you'd be all smiles if your house flipped over in the middle of Fremont Street? Well, I ain't gonna tangle with him.
Yeah, he's an ornery one, all right.
I'm gonna be the header, you're gonna be the healer.
Jack, you rustle up some volunteers and get that trailer set upright.
All right, big fella.
Let's dance.
You know, some days I love this job.
You boys make sure this mess gets cleaned up and that Mr.
Adair and his bull get home safe, all right? Where are you going? Quick stop on my way to the office.
Keep him running, will you? Now, when you're finished, I would like you to grab my wrist.
And concentrate on your card.
The eyes can deceive you distract you keep you from the truth.
Please tell me the name of your card.
The four of clubs.
The four of clubs.
How about a round of applause for our lovely volunteer? Hello, Sheriff.
Just in time; the show's just started.
Seems you're quite the magician yourself.
Managed to make a D.
I understand he hasn't been seen in a week.
That's a shame.
Funny how he was spending more and more time here just before he went missing.
What can I say? He's a fan of our entertainment.
If you share his passion, I understand the magician needs a volunteer to be sawed in half.
You sure you want two of me? Mr.
Savino, you have a phone call.
It's Ms.
If you'll excuse me, Sheriff, my work is never done.
If it was, I'd be out of a job.
Where's the fire? I need to see you Well, I'm a little busy right now, but what do we say your suite in about a half an hour? Make it now.
Suite 742.
Here's that file you asked for.
Headed over to the diner for some chicken pot pie.
You know, ever since we've been back from L.
, you haven't said a word to me.
We still haven't talked about what happened there.
Have you told anyone? Not a soul.
It needs to stay that way.
I agree.
So, want to get some grub? I'm buying.
Are you asking me on a date? Well, meet me there and find out.
Hi, Dixon.
What are you doing here? I know it got crazy in L.
and I feel like there's some things that we need to talk about.
I don't think now's the time or the place.
Come to my hotel room tonight.
The Savoy, room 562.
After all that's happened between us.
It won't take long.
What the hell? He's over there.
- He, who? - His name is Martin.
Son of a bitch.
What happened here? I don't know.
But we were having a really good night.
I'm not sure he'd agree with that.
I know we missed dinner, so I brought you donuts to make up for it.
Powdered sugar or apple fritters? Hey, I'm sorry about last night.
- Dixon.
- Yeah? We got to talk.
Why is everyone looking at me like I got powdered sugar all over my face? Let's go outside.
No, just tell me what's wrong.
- Is that Violet? - Dixon, listen to me.
- What happened to her? - I'm telling you now, - as your uncle, don't say a word.
- Get off of me.
Who did that to her? Who did that to her?! According to her, you did.
Violet claims that when things didn't work out in Los Angeles, she came here to make peace with you.
She stated that you went to her hotel room where she told you the relationship was over and you became enraged and violent.
That's crazy.
She's lying.
We're not saying we believe her.
Then why don't we just drop the whole damn thing? She's filed assault charges.
Your father's the sheriff, you're a deputy.
If I don't at least investigate, it makes you look guilty and the sheriff's office look corrupt.
Investigate what? - We both know he didn't do anything.
- I never even went to the hotel.
She's making this all up.
Well, good.
Because I don't believe her for a second.
This will help me to prove that she's lying.
Violet, why are you doing this? - Why are you doing this? - Dixon, enough.
- Violet! - Enough! I didn't do anything, Dad.
She came to me.
Ask Yvonne, she'll tell you.
Purcell was a high roller.
How did this happen? Your mother decided to make a new friend last night.
Showed up at his room and he was dead.
And what were you doing in his room? Yeah, I'm a little curious about that myself.
We were gambling.
Oh, please, I'm not sleeping my way through every comped suite.
I bring the big players luck.
They keep my pockets full.
Isn't that charming? Can we table the mother-daughter chat, please? Lena, take me through this.
Martin and I were playing dice.
He needed a break.
He gave me a stack, told me to come get him - in a couple of hours.
- Well, how much did he have with him? - A few grand.
- It's not here anymore.
- Suite's been cleaned out.
- Maybe we should - call the police.
- With the FBI crawling around here, sniffing out our skim? The last thing we need is the sheriff here investigating a murder.
Oh, what's this now? What the hell are you doing here? I'm changing the sheets.
What the hell are you doing here? I need to talk to Mr.
Is that right? Well, be my guest.
Well, this ain't good.
Oh, you don't say.
'Cause I've heard that sometimes a dead body could be good for business.
What I meant was, it's worse than you think.
Teddy Brown is downstairs looking for this guy.
Teddy Brown the whale? Is there anyone you don't know? Brown thinks that Purcell robbed him last night and he wants to talk to him now.
All right, Cota.
I want you to put this guy on ice.
I don't think this'll be enough.
Make more than one trip.
So, what are we gonna do about Teddy Brown? I have no idea.
Do you have any idea what she and Dixon were talking about when she came by last night? I really couldn't hear.
I asked him afterward.
He said she just wanted to talk.
He didn't elaborate.
So, he followed her out to L.
? And then he came back and she follows him here? What happened out there in Los Angeles? Yvonne.
This is not the time to pick and choose what you want to talk about.
If you know something just say it.
While we were there, things between Dixon and Violet were going great.
Then I got an audition with Barry Silver.
He got rough with me.
What do you mean he got rough? I'm fine, Sheriff, I promise.
Why didn't you tell us this right away? When Dixon found out what happened, he He what? He went after Mr.
Hehe beat him up pretty bad.
Yvonne, could you give us a minute, please? This is real simple.
Silver got mad because my boy beat him down.
And he's using this girl to drum up charges.
It's not simple.
What Yvonne says establishes a pattern of violence.
Dixon is romantically involved with Silver's girlfriend.
She rebuffs him, he attacks Silver.
She comes to Vegas to clear the air.
Dixon attacks her.
That is how it will be twisted.
You've known him since he was a little boy.
And that's why I know that he's innocent.
But as an ADA, I have no choice but to pursue this.
- I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
- Ralph You're gonna look like a sheriff trying to protect his son.
If Violet was any other girl who claimed she could identify the man who beat her, would you call her a liar? Let me do my investigation, and when I find nothing substantial, we'll close the case.
Brown, I understand there's a problem with a guest? Yes, there certainly is.
I want Martin Purcell front and center, and I want him now! Well, why don't you take me through what happened? That son of a bitch and I spent the last few days playing craps.
He seemed like good company, I invited him up to my suite for a meal and a Scotch.
And the next thing I know, a couple grand is missing.
Well, I'm happy to draw a couple-of-grand worth of chips to cover your loss.
No, whoa, whoa, wait a minute! It's not just the cash.
My watch went missing.
It was my great-grandfather's watch.
There is no replacing it.
I'm gonna do everything I can to get to the bottom of this, but unfortunately Mr.
Purcell has already checked out of the hotel.
Well, according to your front desk, he's still here! Now, I sent Mr.
Cervelli up there to handle this, but all he did was send you down.
I know which room Purcell's in.
I'll handle it myself! Get Cota on the phone.
Tell him to get that body the hell out of there.
Savino's on his way up with the whale.
Hide that body now.
This way.
Hello? This place is a wreck! I knew it! I knew there was something wrong about that Purcell.
When I find this guy, I'm gonna break his legs.
Let me be very clear, Savino.
If I do not get that watch back, I am gonna shout it from the damn rooftops that high rollers get fleeced at the Savoy! I'm gonna find your watch.
You have my word.
In the meantime, why don't you go back down? I'll set you up with some chips and a really nice table.
What do you say? Fine, fine.
But I'm not kidding, 24 hours.
I will not be made a fool.
I understand.
I will not be (thumping) made a fool.
He's heavy.
Check him for a watch.
I don't see one.
The pockets.
If we don't find the timepiece this guy's stolen, I'm gonna have a beached whale on my hands.
Stick this stiff in a hole in the desert somewhere.
Whoever murdered him might have taken the watch.
That's the guy we have to find.
It sounds like cop work.
You think we can handle it? Hey, the sheriff's a rancher.
How hard could it be? Wish I knew why Katherine wanted us to come all the way down here.
She said she wanted to show us something.
Yeah, well, whatever it is, I hope it's good news.
You should have told me about you and Silver.
I thought you'd be mad.
Do I look like I'm not mad now? Well, I didn't think one thing had to do with the other.
The man you whooped up on, he's a powerful man.
Now he's looking for his pound of flesh, and he's gonna take it right out of your ass.
Damn Listen to me.
I don't know how I'm gonna prove that these lowlifes set you up, but I will.
There's no way I'm gonna let you take the fall for this, all right? Ralph? Come on in.
You filled your dad in on what happened with Barry Silver? Yeah.
You fill him in on everything? What are you getting at, Katherine? I just went to the Savoy to ask about Violet's charges.
I showed a photo of you in the lobby, and a couple on their honeymoon recognized you.
Not only did they see you there last night, they had a picture of you.
Dixon you need to start telling us the truth because you're making it real hard for me to keep you out of prison.
- Why did you lie? - I didn't.
- That's you right there! - I didn't lie about touching her! No, you just lied about being at the scene of the crime! There was no crime! Not by me! Now, Katherine, she started talking all that legal stuff, and I just thought that if I said I was there, it'd make me look guilty.
So how do you think you look now? We have a victim, a couple of witnesses with photographic evidence, and now a lie by the suspect.
Suspect?! Will you stop talking to me like I did something?! I'm sorry, Dixon, but I have no choice but to have you formally arrested.
What? Your boss is missing, he's presumed dead.
You know who did it, and yet you're not doing a damn thing about it, and you want arrest my son for something that he didn't do? I want this to go away, but it's not going to.
The state's gonna want him processed.
I say we try to control the situation as much as we can for his sake! Is there a negative to go with this photo? Ralph don't.
We don't know how many more witnesses will come forward.
I'm so sorry that I lied, Miss O'Conn Dixon, stop! Don't say another word.
From now on, Miss O'Connell has a job to do, and that job is not in your best interest.
Come on.
I know you're scared.
I want you to know I'm gonna get you out of here.
All right? Hey, you all right? We got to get that son of a bitch Silver.
Katherine's saying we need to stay out of it.
Katherine just put my son in jail.
So, it looks like Purcell was the life of the party, a real charmer.
He picked up bar tabs for a lot of the Savoy's high rollers.
Did anybody have a problem with him? No, but a couple of the big players I talked to had some personal items go missing right about the time they met Purcell: cash, cuff links, gold pens, - anything small and high value.
- All right, so he'd get buddy-buddy with these guys and then rob 'em.
Isn't it? So where is Teddy Brown's watch? Well, Purcell didn't leave any loot in his room.
Our file on this man is thin.
No wife, no kids.
Kind of a lone wolf.
Well, it makes sense.
A finger man wouldn't want to leave a trail if he got caught.
I approved a $20,000 marker for him last night.
The banker that approved that marker seemed to be the only man I could find that knew Mr.
Purcell personally.
Well, let's do some banking, shall we? I'll meet you ladies downstairs.
We're booking our friend here first class all the way.
Just make sure it's a one-way trip.
You come with me.
I'm gonna track down Silver.
You see what you can find out about who's helping him out with his Hollywood production.
He can't be doing it by himself.
All right.
I'll be back in Who's that? I'll catch up with you.
For your sake, I hope not.
I read about Dixon in the papers.
The kid didn't do it, if that's what you're thinking.
I wasn't.
It doesn't seem like Dixon.
Are you okay? I'll be better when I can prove that Violet's lying.
She and Silver checked in here yesterday? Yes, with his security men.
She claims it happened in a, in a suite upstairs.
Have you, have you heard anything from anybody? I'll ask around.
Well, I'd appreciate that.
Anything you need.
Thank you, Mia.
Cheese it.
It's the cops.
Funny thing.
You just happen to be in Vegas at the very same time that your girl's trying to railroad my son.
You here to make sure she keeps her story straight? I'm just doing a picture.
If I were you, I'd pay attention to that boy of yours.
Got a hell of a temper.
You haven't seen mine.
Yeah, well, make your point, buddy, okay? 'Cause you're blocking my view here.
I'm here to give you one chance.
Now, you either stop all this business, or you're gonna be real sorry you ever stepped foot in my town.
Let me tell you something, pal.
I've worked with every phony cowboy from John Wayne to Gene Autry, and you're as fake as the rest of them.
And your son, he's gonna rot in jail, where trash like him belongs.
You got a lot to learn about cowboys.
Don't let this get any uglier, Sheriff.
Sit down, honcho.
I'm the law in this town; I can run all of you in.
LAPD, tough guy.
You want to run us in, you need a reason.
Don't you worry.
I'll find one.
I'm tracking down a couple of honeymooners who were staying here last night.
They gave a photo to Katherine O'Connell from the D.
's office.
Carl and Lisa White? I remember them.
Um, let me look up their room number.
Did you notice anything strange about them? They were quiet.
You know, the gentleman spent most of the night outside.
By himself? Yes.
He didn't cause any problems.
He just really seemed to like his rye.
What's a man on his honeymoon doing drinking alone out by the pool when he should be in bed with his new wife? Oh, um, they checked out right after Miss O'Connell came by.
M-May I see that? Sure.
Is that the address they checked in with? Yes.
You looked in my eyes And you said quite plain How can I help you ladies? Yes, we're looking for Mr.
Otis Beacon.
Well, I'm Otis Beacon.
Oh, then we've spoken on the phone already.
I'm Mia Rizzo from the Savoy.
I've called about approving markers for Mr.
Martin Purcell.
Oh, yeah.
It's nice to put a face with the name.
You're a teller.
We're trying to integrate departments.
New procedures.
Hmm, tellers sign off on a five-figure line of credit? Excuse us.
You were definitely raised by your father.
What's that supposed to mean? It means a bit more honey, sweetheart.
A little less vinegar.
Excuse me? Hi.
You look like a man in charge.
Well, I am the manager here.
How can I help you? Well, you can start by telling me who to thank for giving you those eyes.
They're like pools.
My goodness, that's Well, thank you.
You're welcome.
Um, I'm an accounts liaison for the Savoy Hotel, which of course has done substantial business with your bank, and we have a tiny hiccup.
Hiccup? We're concerned about a client's marker, a Martin Purcell.
Could you possibly check his account balance, just to put our minds at ease? Gladly.
See, honey.
Okay, well, according to the balance statement, Mr.
Purcell is a few pennies shy of $184.
A cheat's a cheat Hey! No matter what you do Yes, a cheat's a cheat And I'm talkin' 'bout you About you, about you, about you Vinegar works, too.
About you, about you, about you About you, about you, about you, about you.
Your honeymooners they're frauds.
The address they gave the hotel was from Wyoming, but the plates on their car are from California.
And from what we hear, they spent about ten minutes together.
Not your typical lovebirds.
More like actors in a movie.
And they stayed in town just long enough to take that photo with Dixon, then go back to Hollywood.
Silver arranged it all.
I believe what you're telling me, but that doesn't change the fact that Dixon was at the location of the alleged assault and then claimed he wasn't.
And what about Violet's face? The bruises, the busted lip? That isn't makeup.
Come on, Katherine, he's being set up.
I know, but the press is having a field day with this, and the powers that be, they want this moved forward.
Moved forward how? I am recusing myself from the case.
An ADA from Jefferson County will be taking over for the arraignment.
You're really gonna bring him up in front of a judge? Not me, Ralph.
The state.
Everyone in the D.
's office knows and respects the Lambs.
No one will touch this case, but there are excellent prosecutors in Jefferson County.
You need to think about getting a defense attorney for Dixon.
I'm innocent, I swear.
Innocent of what, pencil neck? You really want to lie to me? Okay, I lied about Martin's credit, but that's all I did, I swear.
One of my high rollers, he lost a pen that looks a lot like this one.
No, no, that's mine.
Really? K.
your initials, Otis? You know what I think? I think you were Martin's partner.
You approved markers for him so he could roll with the big guys.
Once he got close enough, he ripped them off.
No, Martin is just a client of the bank.
Yeah, well, he had to go up to his room last night so that you two could split up the money that he stole from Teddy Brown.
That sounding familiar to you? Answer the man.
Maybe you didn't like the way he was splitting things up.
So you two got in a fight, and you strangled him.
I want a lawyer.
We're not the cops, you moron, and I could care less if you con men scumbags kill each other till the cows come home.
But you did it in my joint.
So what I want is the watch that your boy Purcell stole off of my customer last night.
I don't have it.
Martin insisted on keeping it.
Oh, okay.
We checked in his pockets.
It wasn't on him.
It's in the heel of the shoe.
It's hollowed out.
Hehe-he keeps loot in there so we don't get caught.
His shoe? His shoe.
Uh, hey.
I asked around the hotel about Silver and Violet.
I couldn't find anything worth your while.
Silver's framed Dixon good.
The whole thing's gotten out of control.
Then maybe you should stop trying to take things head-on.
What do you mean? I could call in favors from Chicago.
If Silver's union started talking about a strike and his trucks stopped showing up on time, he might reconsider his actions.
Well, I'd like to think the truth would be his best defense.
If you change your mind, the offer still stands.
I should've never gone there that night.
Dixon, you couldn't have known that she would ever do something like this.
She seemed nice enough, and she is beautiful.
Yvonne, that's not why I went there.
I went there to end it.
To tell her that To tell her I had feelings for someone else.
Dixon, I think I feel the same way.
You do? Did you get a chance to talk to the prosecutor? Not yet, but what does it matter when he's already being tried in the press? It's on the radio, too.
How's he supposed to get a fair trial when a jury's gonna see pictures like that? We just can't let it get to that.
Sorry to bother you, Sheriff, but I just got word that Silver's left the hotel, heading for the airport.
I figure he's, uh, escaping town before we get any closer to what he's doing.
Ralph? Look at that picture.
What do you see? Well, tell me what you're seeing.
Roberts, get out an APB on Silver's car.
Don't let him make it to the airport.
And call Katherine.
Tell her to catch up with us.
Okay, where? Wherever we find Silver.
What's this about, Sheriff? Broken taillight.
Funny, it wasn't like that when we left the hotel.
Roads out here are tough on cars.
Looks like I got reason to bring you in now.
This how you handle things out here in the country, Sheriff? Harassment? Come on, we got a plane to catch.
I want to talk to Miss Mills.
All Miss Mills wants is to get back safe and sound to California with Mr.
She's not talking to you.
Violet, get out of the car.
You're coming with me.
Put the guns down now.
You have no jurisdiction here.
We've got every right to defend our client.
Are you willing to die for him? 'Cause I'm more than ready to die for my son.
Sheriff, you've got three seconds to put your weapons down.
I'm not bluffing.
Do you think I'm bluffing? Lower your weapons now, gentlemen.
You heard the lady.
You first.
I was only addressing you.
Seems like your sheriff, here, is abusing his power.
I see guns aimed at my peace officers, and I want them lowered.
Or you can all shoot each other, and the ones that die die, and the ones that live can go to prison, because that's what happens when you kill someone in front of a prosecutor.
All these people are still under arrest.
And for what? Well, for starters, I'm sure those guns you're carrying are only registered in California This is absurd.
Actually, it's a criminal misdemeanor.
And so I suggest we go down to the station, you get processed, and then you can all be on your way.
That seems like the best course of action, doesn't it, Sheriff? I do believe it does.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to take your fingerprints, Mr.
So if you'll take off your ring, and watch your sleeves We don't want to get any ink on your fancy suit.
I'll just hold on to this for safekeeping.
When my lawyer's through with you, I'm gonna own everything you got.
Oh, I've only got a few hundred acres of dust.
I don't think it'd go too well with your fancy manicure.
I just talked to Silver's lawyer.
He's mean and he's powerful and he'll be here in 15 minutes.
This is not exactly part of your Hollywood dream, is it, Mary Louise? Face all beat up, in a police station, sitting across from a sheriff who knows that you're lying.
That look familiar? Now, I could go through all the hubbub of having a medical expert match the width and the depth and the angle of that cut on your lip to Mr.
Silver's ring.
And then I could have you prosecuted for making a false police report.
Or you could just come clean.
Now, I know that it was Silver that beat you up to sell the lie that Dixon did that to you.
And it's my guess that that wasn't the first time, was it? And even if you keep going forward with what you're doing to Dixon, I bet you hell to high water it won't be the last.
You don't know anything about my life.
I know that you're scared.
Just like Dixon in that cell down the hallway.
If I say I've been lying Silver's going to ruin me.
Maybe it's time to stop being Violet Mills and just be Mary Louise James from Montana again.
What about Barry? I'm sure he'll find himself another Violet Mills.
I imagine L.
's the kind of place that's just loaded with 'em.
Violet Violet, what'd you tell him? Violet! Where are you taking her? Away from you.
This ain't over, Lamb.
Not even close.
Next time you come after my family it won't be settled in a sheriff's station.
Hey, Silver.
Don't forget your ring.
It's over.
Really? She recanted.
Thank you.
There's no need to thank me.
And I hope you know I never doubted you, son.
I got it.
I got it! It's right here! Toss it up.
I want to see this thing.
Have a nice night.
Where are you going? We're going home.
What about me? How am I supposed to get out of here? Hey, I got you the watch! Guys, let me out of here! Hey, come back! Leaving so soon? I'm taking my business to The Dunes.
Fair enough.
But don't forget this.
Took you long enough.
What happened to Purcell? Guy vanished into thin air.
If he disappeared, how did you track it down? Just took a little bit of digging.
Buy you a drink? Someone's having a good night.
And it's a lot of fun while it lasts.
That's the smile you had when you were a baby.
When I was coming up, no girl would ever dream of having a job like yours.
And looking at you now, how you run this place I still can't believe what you do.
Thank you.
But, Mia, you have got to learn to have a little bit of fun, or this business is going to kill you.
I appreciate the suggestion, but I know who I am and I know my role here.
So do I.
But the look on your face when you saw that cowboy today That's the Mia I remember.
When I was little, my mama said to me "Someday you'll find a love, son, to last eternally" I want you with me I want you with me Everywhere I go I want you with me I want you with me Hey there.
How would you like to see a miracle? That's the worst pickup line ever.
It's not a line.
Permit me.
Name any card.
An eight.
Of clubs.
Can't win 'em all.
I'll swim an ocean with a raging foam If I know that you'll be there when I come back home Who was that? Oh.
I don't know.
Some guy doing a card trick.
Was he any good? Not really.
It didn't work.
What? Yeah I want you with me What? My lucky day.
I want you with me, I want you with me