Vegas (2012) s01e19 Episode Script

Past Lives

Previously on Vegas But one of these days this city that you are supposed to protect is going to get run by the Vincent Savino's of this world and when it does, you have my card.
Agent Byrne, I was just coming to congratulate you.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Can I buy you a drink? Uh, I don't suppose you'd care to have dinner tonight with me? Sheriff's deputy dating the mob boss's daughter? I don't think that could ever be a problem.
I've been keeping something from you.
Savino didn't kill your father.
I did.
I'm sorry.
I got something you need to hear.
And why should I trust you? Because I'm still in love with you.
As long as I'm singing there's a bell up in my brain that's ringing making a crazy ding-dong Stop me if you've heard this one before, all right? Chicago gangster and a mining tycoon, they walk into a casino It's no joke, sheriff.
This is a legitimate enterprise.
With Porter Gainsley? He's meaner than a rattlesnake, if you cross him.
Don't tell me you're afraid of that bolo-wearing lug.
Oh, no.
Rattlesnakes? They fall prey all the time.
To hawks.
Oh, I get it.
Now I'm a weasel.
Don't matter.
I've taken out all kinds of pests in my time.
Good luck.
Singing my song You seen Gainsley? He made an entrance a while ago.
I haven't seen him since.
You'd think he'd stick around after dumping all his dough into the joint.
Yeah, well, he's missing out.
The place looks great.
Hey, what did I say? Lose the spurs and the sawdust, we've got ourselves a money-maker here.
The problem is, we're not getting any of the action.
Gainsley ties you to a chair and now we're his errand boys.
Can't wait to hear what Chicago says about this.
Hey, look, trust me.
A year or two down the line, between cooking the books and running inventory out the back door, Gainsley's gonna be so deep in the red we'll be the least of his worries.
We have a problem.
Gainsley! What the hell is going on here? We caught this waiter wheeling a crate of liquor across the street to the Savoy.
I ordered inventory for both casinos in the same shipment.
- He probably got confused.
- Mr.
Savino, I may be a touch naive when it comes to the ways of casinos.
But I do know when somebody's stealing from me.
Whoa! Hey, hey! Hey, I told you, it's not his fault.
He was following orders.
I'm gettin' real tired of your yapping.
I been paying bills for champagne and chandeliers for months now.
My lawyer's been looking into your books.
He don't like what he sees.
This isn't like breeding cattle for auction.
Those tables out there, they'll yield a cash flow like you've never seen before.
You'll get your investment back, you trust me.
It's gonna take more than your promises to earn my trust.
We won't have any more problems.
You have my word.
When I took you to the diner, I got a peck on the cheek.
Mm-hmm So tonight, I figure I'll buy you a steak.
So food is the way to my heart? Based on what you did to that turkey sandwich at lunch today, I'd say I like a woman with an appetite.
Hey, how 'bout we go see a movie and I just stop talking? - Yes! - Yeah? Mm-hmm! You know what? Whoa.
Let's skip the movie.
Are you sure? I heard it's good.
I'd rather see you try to get yourself a better kiss.
Well, that I can oblige.
Sweet Mary Lou, I'm so in love with you What the hell is going on here? Agent Byrne's new strategy.
He's using the threat of tax evasion to get the casino employees to turn on their employers.
What's he trying to do? Take down all of Vegas? No, Savino is still his Goliath.
He falls, they all fall.
Sheriff Lamb.
Uh Leila.
An FBI agent just said that I-I cheated on my taxes.
Said he would garnish my wages if I didn't cooperate.
This is the first I've heard of it.
I need that money.
I understand.
I do.
And I'm gonna look into it.
Guess it's not enough that he got Reynolds killed.
Now he's going after working folk.
Ned Harris.
Craps dealer.
You own your house on Canvasback Drive? I do.
I wouldn't have thought $30 a week would get you into that kind of ritzy neighborhood.
Well, I I've been saving.
Oh, and you built yourself a brand-new swimming pool.
How much did that run you? A couple thousand? Listen, Ned.
You seem like a perfectly nice fellow.
So let's not waste each other's time here, okay? We both know you make more than $30 a week.
A lot more, right? Well, maybe I could do better reporting my cash tips.
I haven't even begun to start looking into your life yet, Ned.
And when I do who knows what I'll find? Please.
There must be something I can do.
Well, there may be.
What do you say we get your fingerprints taken, and we'll take it from there? My-my fingerprints? Yeah, it's just a formality.
For our records.
Thank you.
Next! groovy-doo me ooby, dooby ooby, dooby, ooby, dooby Whoa, easy, pal.
That's a beautiful car.
Excuse me.
Get ahold of yourself.
Wayne! My car! Deputy Lamb! Dixon Do I know him? Um, Wayne Lasky.
He's city treasurer.
Thank God you're here.
Arrest this drunk.
I'm afraid I'm off duty, Mr.
He's getting away! Wayne, do something.
Deputy! Get this man off the street, or I will slash the sheriff's department budget in half faster than you can say "cheap whiskey.
" Rain check.
I know.
Neighbor found him about an hour ago.
He's in the pool.
Sounds so refreshing when you put it like that.
I know him.
He was down at the D.
's office getting hassled by Byrne.
Guess that's one way to get out of paying your taxes.
Ned was a typical bachelor.
Couldn't even boil water, so I brought him some leftovers, and that's when I found him.
Does he have a next of kin we could contact? Uh a girlfriend, even? It's more like girlfriends.
No, I rarely saw the same one twice.
Maybe that was part of his trouble.
Maybe one of those girlfriends had a husband.
No, he wouldn't do that.
Ned was a He was a good man.
Um, he, uh He w he didn't settle down, that's all.
Ma'am, why don't you go on home? If we have any more questions, we'll come find you, all right? Dan, take her home, would you? So Man works at the Savoy.
Gets questioned by the FBI, next thing he's a floater.
You think someone at the Savoy was trying to shut him up? Hard to believe a craps dealer knows anything about inside mob operations.
Roberts, what do we know about this guy? Not much.
No next of kin.
I can't even find an old Christmas card in there.
" You don't see that brand too often.
Pretty pricey, Melvilles.
He puffed a bunch of 'em.
Ashtray's full.
Maybe he was upset about something.
Or whoever shot him was.
Your shift started an hour ago Why aren't you in uniform? I, um I-I need an-an advance on my on my paycheck.
Right now.
You know I can't do that.
But if this is about Agent Byrne or the FBI, I assure you we'll help you in any way we can.
I-I don't need your help.
I need ten grand.
Or-or 20.
Make it 20.
Harry whatever this is about Open it.
Open it.
You make as much as a peep, I'll shoot.
- What do you want, Harry? - You-you send money up to the rooms all the time, right? For, uh, players? It's done.
Okay, I want you to do that for me.
Grab that phone, call downstairs, have them send I can do that.
But before I do make sure you realize what you're doing and who you're doing it to.
My advice: Walk away now while you still have a chance.
Call them.
Count room.
Tony, this is Miss Rizzo.
I'm expecting the arrival of a high-profile guest, and I need you to send $20,000 to suite 519.
No chips; This is a cash player.
Do you understand? Sure, Miss Rizzo, but I am the only one here.
Everybody got called down to the D.
's office.
It might take me a while to put it together.
As soon as you can.
This is your first priority.
It should be here momentarily.
Okay, I guess we just wait.
Look a them over there.
Who, Gainsley's Band of Merry Rednecks? They've been posted there since last night.
They're like monks.
They don't drink, smoke or gamble.
What's the hell's the point of living? The point is long as they're eyeballing us to death, my plan to bleed him dry comes to a halt.
Gainsley's lawyer's got his nose in our books, so we make him go away.
Yeah, and then Gainsley comes after us twice as hard.
You think Chicago wants another bloodbath on their hands? Find what you can about this lawyer.
Maybe we can motivate him to focus his attention elsewhere.
All right.
That man is guilty of a truly heinous crime.
Like you've never had a few too many? I don't mean that.
He ruined our date.
So what do you say we catch that movie tonight? Dixon When you go to the theater, where do you like to sit? Tenth row, right in the middle.
Well I can't.
I have to sit in the balcony.
Fern! Fern! George, what did you do, George? I was celebrating with Henry, overdid it, caused a little bit of a scene.
That's all.
Well, if that's true, then why, why are you all still holding him? It's a little more complicated than that, Miss.
George is gonna need to be arraigned.
But today is our wedding day.
Can't you let him off with a warning? Look at him.
He learned his lesson.
Excuse us.
I thought you were gonna let him sleep it off and turn him loose.
I was, but the treasurer's office already called today.
- Twice.
- So? So, Lasky gave that T-Bird to his wife for her birthday last night.
She hadn't even driven it before George here upchucked in the front seat.
Says he wants to be there personally when George is arraigned.
- When will that be? - Monday, I guess.
Monday! Deputy, please, don't make me put this dress on twice.
So I looked up the social security number that Ned Harris had listed on his work card.
Turns out he died in 1951.
Sounds like he had one hell of an embalmer.
Or Ned wasn't Ned.
He's done a pretty good job of wiping out his past.
Can't find a trace of him before ten years ago.
Agent Byrne's been fingerprinting the people he's been questioning.
Could be worth our while to pay him a visit, see what Ned's background report turned up.
I was thinking I'd talk to Mia.
Find out if he had any trouble with anybody at the Savoy.
Mia? You think that's a good idea? I'm cautiously optimistic.
So you want Ned Harris's fingerprint reports, huh? Technically, he's a John Doe, not Ned Harris.
He got killed right after you questioned him.
Between him and Reynolds, you've been making quite a mark in this town, haven't you, Aagent Byrne? Your DA Reynolds flew the Coop once.
Who's to say he didn't run a second time? Well, it's kind of hard to run, when you're buried six feet deep in the desert.
Excuse me.
I-I just came from work, and they told me that they won't pay me my wages until I'm square with the IRS.
Well, ma'am, if you help us, we'll help you.
Byrne, she's a widow with a baby.
Please give her what she earned.
It's out of my hands, sheriff.
Unreported income is subject to fines and imprisonment.
Sounds like coercion to me.
I'm just following the letter of the law.
Please, I I do turndown service.
I put mints on pillows.
I have no information.
Then I'm afraid I can't help you, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
Here, here.
This is too far.
Whatever good his investigation might do, it's not worth the risk.
That's good to hear, coming from you.
I'm sorry if it seems like I haven't been in your corner lately.
Sweet Katherine, you're always welcome back.
Hey, Stan.
It's the green sedan and the one hind it.
Come on.
Ralph, are those FBI cars you're having towed? They're illegally parked.
They're a safety hazard.
Just following the letter of the law.
There's your money.
Make-make sure.
Who is it? It's Jack.
Count room said you'd be up here.
I can't talk right now.
Please, Mia.
I wouldn't bother you if it wasn't important.
Get rid of him.
You have one minute.
What is it? Uh, it's about one of your employees, Ned Harris.
You know him? No.
Are you sure? Cause he's been a dealer here for-for months.
I'm sure.
I thought I could come to you with something like this.
Uh, we just found the guy shot dead in his pool.
I don't have time to do your police work for you, Jack.
So, if that's all I really thought we were in a better place than this but Guess I was mistaken.
And I can't come to the show tonight.
Something's come up.
Drop it! Drop it now! Drop it! Drop it! Drop it now! Drop the gun.
All right.
Put it on the floor, slide it over here and close that door.
Close the door.
Take it easy.
And I'm gonna need your handcuffs, deputy.
Should've known better than to trust you.
What, you think you were gonna get away with that? - Calling the cops? - No.
I didn't think I would get away with it.
That's why I didn't call him.
Then how the hell did he know we were in here? Ask him.
Look, I just come up here looking for her.
The guy in the count room said she was here.
He also said he'd be up shortly, so You better hope so.
You okay? I could think of better ways to spend my morning.
Did I say that you could talk?! Nobody says anything until my money is here, understood? There's nothing today.
There's not one judge in this whole courthouse who can hear this case today? The felony judges are busy with actual crimes, and the only judge who handles misdemeanors in Clark County on is on vacation.
Could you bring in someone from Jefferson County? I have a lot of filing to do.
We tried.
That's it? "We tried"? What about George and Fern? Hey, we did all we could.
I can't change the rules.
Rules are rules.
Might as well just give up.
Hey, what else do you want me to do? Nothing.
I guess that's just the way things are.
Towing my agents' cars while they're having lunch.
It's good to see that you're keeping the streets of Vegas safe.
Why don't you talk to Williams down at impound? I hear he gives a discount to government employees.
Now you didn't go and do my taxes for me, did you? No.
I ran Ned Harris's prints like you asked and got you an actual lead on your case.
You're welcome, sheriff.
Ned Harris, born in 1921, real name Gary Spiegler.
Half-owner of Spiegler and Hauser's Men's Clothing in Philadelphia.
The factory burned down 12 years ago, killing one employee.
And that's how you go from haberdashery to homicide.
Case never made it to court because he and his partner Hauser jumped bail.
So, with a secret like that, it makes sense why Ned would a lone wolf.
Could be that family of that fire victim caught up with him.
Or his partner with the hot feet.
That neighbor who brought him dinner, she seems like the only one who knew him.
It might be worth talking to her again.
I'm a bachelor.
How come nobody brings me dinner? Okay.
Go play the ponies, kid.
Ah-ah-ah! That's cheating.
Funny thing about these traps.
You know they're there, and yet you walk right into 'em anyway.
Do I know you? Vincent Savino.
And you're Milton Krill, the eager-beaver lawyer who looks after Porter Gainsley's money for him.
Look, I I can't discuss Mr.
Gainsley's finances - when he's not present, so - Okay.
Then let's talk about yours.
You're into Joey Buccone for 50 grand.
But what's your game? With a face like that, I know it can't be poker.
I'm g I'm gonna pay back that debt as soon as I can It's paid.
You're square with Joey.
But now you owe me.
So I'm gonna need you to back off from Mr.
Gainsley's books.
And with a business like this, there's miscellaneous overhead, inventory goes missing You understand.
I do, but I'm not your problem, Mr.
Gainsley, he's got an eye on every penny.
He goes over his books two or three times a month.
You mean to tell me the man who owns every bauxite mine from here to Reno is that much of a tightwad? The mines are his trouble.
The cave-in that happened three years ago, that wiped him out.
He hasn't recovered from that.
Gainsley's entire fortune was diverted off to compensate the families.
So he's out of cash.
It's worse than that.
The Tumbleweed is the last hope he has.
and what else? I need every other flight out of McCarran today.
What do you mean those are the only two? Where's the money? My count room is short staffed.
- I can call back, if you like.
- No.
It's too suspicious.
We wait.
What's the procedure when he comes up here to drop off the money? - What do you mean? - The money what do you have to do when he gets here? I have to sign for it.
Okay, so you'll Answer the door, and you will stay right there.
And if anyone tries anything funny, I will shoot.
Do you understand me? Hey, guess a guy'll do anything to get close to you, huh? Never a dull moment between us.
My husband was beside himself when he got the news about Ned.
They go way back.
Uh, do you know exactly how far back, ma'am? We're having a little trouble finding out any details of Ned's life before 1950.
That's about when they met.
They both moved to Vegas about ten years ago.
And you didn't know your husband before then? No.
And you've never met anyone, or seen anything from his life before then? Not even a photograph? I'm sorry, what exactly does our personal life have to do with Ned's death? Uh, maybe we ought to speak with your husband directly.
Well, he's at work.
Um, he's at the Savoy.
I asked him not to go in today.
I don't think he slept a wink last night after finding out about Ned.
Harry and Ned were like brothers.
They even dressed alike.
Um, ma'am, this might sound like an odd request, but would you mind if we took a look at your husband's closet? "Spiegler & Hauser.
" What are the chances that two neighbors who've been in Vegas for ten years happen to like the same out-of-business clothes store from Philadelphia? Looks like we found Arthur Hauser.
You know, I never tried one of those.
Oh, now you want a smoke? I'm not uncuffing you, deputy I wasn't born yesterday.
What's the big plan, Harry? You got to uncuff us if she's gonna get the door.
Miss Rizzo? It's Tony.
He has a key? There's a couple masters in the count room.
Get the money and get rid of him.
Miss Rizzo? Yes, Tony, leave it at the door and you can go.
Oh, I don't mind bringing it in.
I didn't realize there was somebody here.
I took a lot longer than expected.
I'll just set it here on the chair.
- Is everything okay, Miss Rizzo? - I said go.
I'll be down in a minute to sign off.
If you're sure.
- Don't move.
- Tony, just do what he says.
- Harry - It's gonna be okay, Tony.
Harry, we can work this out.
Tony! It's gonna be okay.
- Miss Rizzo - Tony, don't talk.
Just keep breathing.
We're gonna get you help.
What do we do? Hazel, just pack a bag and meet me in an hour off of Route 9, where-where we got engaged.
Right, right by where where we had the picnic.
H-Hazel, who are you gonna believe? Them or me? Just just I-I'll ex-explain everything.
Just-just meet me there.
This man is losing a lot of blood, Harry; if we don't get help, he is not gonna make it.
What's his problem, hmm? Why didn't he leave - when you told him? - He's new here.
Maybe he didn't know any better.
Well, he should know better than to run.
I didn't want to shoot him.
Just like you didn't want to shoot Ned Harris.
All right, just shut up.
I need to, uh I need to think.
Well, think about this.
One more dead body isn't gonna solve any of your problems, Harry.
No? Maybe three more will.
You're not gonna do that.
I look at you, I don't see a killer.
I see a man who loves his wife.
Who just wants a fresh start.
Yeah, I didn't need a fresh start.
Ten years I've been here.
I had it all worked out.
Then Ned gets yanked in by the Feds.
They take his prints, he figures it's just a matter of time before they found out who he is.
Who we both really are.
"So let's run," I said, "let's run.
" But no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
He panics.
He was gonna rat you out.
- Hell, yeah, he was.
- Yeah, but we're not.
Nobody needs to know anything, Harry.
You could walk out that door.
We get some help for this boy.
Everything will work out just fine.
Stop acting like you're my friend.
We're not friends.
You're the cop.
I'm the guy with the gun! Harry, if I figured it out, it means the sheriff has, too.
Did your wife say he'd been by? Yeah.
It means they're looking for you.
And when Tony here doesn't get back to that count room, there will be men coming up here looking for that money.
You don't have time to think, Harry.
Look, if you want to get out of here, I can help you with that.
But we got to help Tony first.
Can we agree to that? So, Gainsley's mine caves in and a judge orders him to set aside a fund to pay the families of the victims.
A $3 million fund.
That's a lot of bread, even for him.
Yeah, and it's all gone.
Only get this He never paid the families.
He's been raiding the fund to finance the Tumbleweed remodel.
No wonder he's sweating.
Judge gets wind of that before he puts that money back He'd be so tied up in legal red tape for months, if they didn't put him in prison first.
So we blackmail him.
No, no, no.
I got a better idea.
Look around.
I got dealers missing, my count room's empty, Mia's been gone all day.
You think that's gonna help get the feds off our back? Best way to get a dog to drop a bone, give him a steak.
Miss O'Connell, sheriff.
What can I do for you? The name Harry French mean anything to you? I believe he's one of our dealers.
What about him? We want him for the murder of Ned Harris.
Ned Harris got murdered? First I'm hearing about it.
Really? My brother's been here all day.
I figured he's spoken to you about it already.
I haven't seen him.
Why don't you pull Harry - off the floor.
- He's not here.
He was a no-show.
Got a call about a gunshot wound in suite 519.
Got a man down.
Get in here.
Can you tell us anything? Anything at all? They, uh they took the Deputy's truck.
Miss Rizzo is with them.
- Where were they headed? - Uh S-some, uh, picnic spot off of Rural Route 9.
Hey, you stay out of this.
- If he's got Mia - I'll handle it! Make a right at the fire road.
It's about a half mile up.
Get out.
Get out! Now! - What's going on, Harry? - Just-just Get in the truck.
I'll-I'll explain everything.
Sheriff says you're wanted for murder.
- He says Harry isn't even your real name.
- Hazel, I don't have the time for this right now.
Please just-just get in the truck.
What happened to Ned? N-Ned was gonna take away everything we have.
And I wasn't gonna let him do that, Hazel.
'Cause I love you.
I'm doing all of this for us, Hazel.
So please just-just get in the truck.
I can't.
Hazel, don't I'm sorry.
Y-you two, - get back in the truck.
- What for, Harry? - Insurance.
- Just take me.
I'm the deputy sheriff.
I'm-I'm the best leverage you got, and it'll be easier to get out of town With just one hostage.
Leave Mia here.
Come on now.
Think about it.
You unlock her, but then you give me the keys right back.
Come on.
Let's go.
Give me the keys.
Give me the keys.
All right, go.
Go! You know, Harry, uh I've had more than my fair share of trying to outrun your past.
And, uh Well, in my experience it's It's better to start over.
With what? Ned's gone Hazel's gone.
- I got nothing left.
- Well, I helped you before.
Maybe maybe I could, you know, help you again.
- Right? - It's too late for that.
You all right? Did you have to wreck my damn truck? I'll take that as a thank you.
You all right? You drove off in that truck, and I never thought I'd see you again.
I'm right here.
Where's Uncle Jack? He's down at the hospital checking on the kid that got shot.
What's going on with you? Thought you'd be with Yvonne by now.
Got too much work going on around here.
What'd you do? Nothing.
'Cause if I have to choose between the two of you you're not gonna like how it goes, Romeo.
I'm not the problem.
It's everyone else that's the problem.
Really? How's that? You ever sit in the balcony at the Palace Theater? No.
Can't say that I have.
She says we're too different.
Says it's gonna be too hard to be together.
She's right.
It would be too hard.
For a certain kind of man.
Question is, what kind of man are you? Straighten up and fly right straighten up and fly right straighten up and fly right cool down, poppa, don't you blow your top straighten up and fly right straighten up and stay right straighten up and fly right cool down, poppa don't you blow your top fly right.
Everybody, listen up! Sorry to break up the party, folks, but gambling in this casino is hereby suspended.
On whose authority? FBI.
Special Agent Patrick Byrne.
And you must be Porter Gainsley.
It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir.
You gonna shut us down, you better have a court order.
Right here.
Fraud? Where's this coming from? The FBI received an anonymous tip that this casino is being financed with money that was meant for the families of the victims of a mining accident.
This is a violation of my constitutional rights.
Well, you should try that one in court, Mr.
Oh, you can bet on it.
We're gonna be suing you for lost income.
Maybe you should tell Mr.
Gainsley how the casino business works.
Not everybody walks away a winner.
Ah, this will never stick.
I'm gonna get my lawyers on it right away.
What's happening? My mother said you called about an emergency at the station.
It is an emergency.
We can't start without you.
You're the maid of honor.
I'm the what? Chaplain, just in time.
Happy couple straight ahead.
Come on in.
What's going on? Well, Yvonne, I believe love does conquer all.
Start 'er up, chaplain.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered today in this sheriff's station, to witness the joining of George and Fern in holy matrimony.
Fern, do you take take George to be your husband? There may be things I can't change, but I'm not giving up.
And in health, for richer I know when something's worth fighting for.
As long as you both shall live? I do.
And do you, George, take Fern to be your wife? To love, honor and cherish? In sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, forsaking all others for as long as you both shall live? I do.
Then, by the power vested in me by the State of Nevada, I pronounce you man and wife.
We should have subpoenas for Gainsley's financial records by tomorrow morning.
- Quite a night.
- Yeah.
Do you want to tell Lamb, or should I? Tell him what? Tell him that my methods of coercion yielded a tip that shut that casino down.
As much as it might surprise you, Agent Byrne, I wouldn't be so sure the tip was a result of your shakedown.
Well, something I need to say to you.
I've sensed your disapproval since I got back in town.
The fact is, I deserve it.
I do.
I get carried away, and I I take things too far sometimes.
But I want the same things you do.
Well, that may be true, but I don't believe in ruining people's lives to get it.
Katherine, if my methods have caused you to waver in your support, then I want to apologize to you Listen, victory in this town without without you by my side is just gonna mean so much less.
So, I can do things differently.
And I will.
If you give me the chance.
Fair enough.
Agent Byrne? Somebody help me! Somebody help me, please!