Vegas (2012) s01e20 Episode Script

Unfinished Business

Previously on Vegas Chicago gangster and a mining tycoon, they walk into a casino It's no joke, sheriff.
Your Porter Gainsley, he's meaner than a rattlesnake if you cross him.
Gambling is this casino is hereby suspended.
Maybe you should tell Mr.
Gainsley how the casino business works.
Not everybody walks away a winner.
Listen, victory in this town without you by my side is just gonna mean so much less.
Agent Byrne? Somebody help me, please! God, I love the French.
How do they even do that? The French have always been known for their flexibility.
Just ask the Germans.
These girls are no joke; You're looking at the number-one tourist attraction in Vegas.
Not to mention, the most expensive.
A director, an assistant director, a choreographer, a translator This is costing us more than what it took to build the Taj Mahal.
Girl dates a guy whose idea of high-class entertainment is an afternoon at the rodeo.
No wonder you lost your taste for sophisticated material.
Funny, all I see are strippers in old-fashioned underpants.
European strippers in old-fashioned underpants.
Tommy I want you to take Commissioner Fowler here - to a front row seat.
- Absolutely.
You've got to see these girls up close.
It's the only way to get the full experience.
Gaming commissioner.
He looks the part.
Gaming license can take months to go through.
But our esteemed public servant is helping us skip the line.
- And all he wants is a front row seat? - That and 25 grand.
Once I get the Tumbleweed up and running again, it'll pay for itself.
I thought Porter Gainsley was fronting the Tumbleweed.
It's about to come under new management.
If I never see another Jell-O cube in my life, it's too soon.
Well, I could smuggle you in a chateaubriand, if you'd like.
A law enforcement officer breaking the rules what would people think? We're still looking for the woman who shot you.
It appears she skipped town with her child.
We have bigger fish to fry.
If by fish you mean a certain white whale.
I think Porter Gainsley's our way into Savino.
I put in a call to Washington.
They're sending everything we have on him.
If we dig up enough dirt on Gainsley Then we use it to pressure him - into turning on Savino.
- Bingo.
And then as soon as I get out of here you and me put together our case.
It's a setback.
The FBI padlocked our casino because you couldn't keep your hands out of that miner settlement fund.
I'd say that's more than a setback.
My lawyers are working at having the injunction overturned.
It's just a matter of time.
They can forget it with your name still on the Tumbleweed, those G-Men'll be like sharks with blood in the water.
By the time they're through, there'll be nothing left of you but gills and gristle.
What are you suggesting? You sell me your shares of the Tumbleweed.
Then you reopen it tomorrow, keep all the profits for yourself.
The alternative being You lock your cash up in a closed-down casino.
How much? I'm not giving away what's mine for nothing.
Well, seeing as though you bought the joint for nothing but a gun held to my head, I'd say it's a pretty square deal.
You Guineas are really something.
You just love putting the boots to a guy when he's down don't you? You can leave here with money in your pocket or an albatross hanging around your neck.
Choice is yours, Gainsley.
I'm gonna miss you, partner.
Oh, my! * Yeah! * Busy morning? - Oh, just a few things.
- Oh, thank you.
I'm off to Tahoe for a week to meet some old friends.
A week in Tahoe? How many times can you look at a lake? Well, if I didn't know you better, I'd think you were jealous.
Of a week in Tahoe? I'd rather spend a month in Jersey.
Well, don't worry.
I'll be back before you know it.
You don't mind walking to lunch, do you? You didn't fix it yet.
I'm working on it.
Your driver's side window is completely blown out.
And your passenger door doesn't open.
It does too open.
You just got to lean into it is all.
Well, isn't this a coincidence? Lena.
Hi, um, this is Jack, I've heard so much about you.
How do you do, ma'am? He's so much more handsome up close.
Um, we really should be going.
Where are you off to? Just a quick lunch.
Oh, that's fun.
Would you like to come? Oh, you are so sweet.
I would love to.
But I have to pack I leave for Tahoe tomorrow.
Final bets.
Jack, when is your birthday? My? Uh December 13th why? I know a lucky man when I see one.
Oh oh, oh, no, I wouldn't do that, uh You're throwing away that money.
Jack and I are having fun.
- Aren't we Jack? - Uh Not if you know the odds of roulette.
So, Sagittarius.
You must be a seeker of wisdom.
Sagittarius is a passionate lover, too.
Um We're we're going.
Safe travels.
I knew you were good luck.
You hear that? Oh, I no, I couldn't.
I wouldn't have won without you.
Have a nice lunch.
Hey, Jack Something you need to see.
That's nasty.
Deputy says the car's been parked overnight.
No one's claimed it.
Whew It's Milton Krill.
Wait, he was a big-time lawyer, wasn't he? All due respect to Mr.
Krill, I think we're ignoring the elephant in the room here.
That ain't no elephant.
Well, I'm just saying that someone's got to do it.
Well go ahead.
Nobody's stopping you.
Yeah, you were first on the scene.
Well, that's debatable.
How exactly is that debatable? We're debating it right now.
Oh, hell.
Looks like Mr.
Krill had trouble keeping secrets.
Somebody thought he was singing.
Krill was part of the country club set.
All of the old money families in Vegas had him on retainer.
Including Gainsley.
Krill was trying to get the FBI injunction lifted against the Tumbleweed, but I think he was the one that leaked the information that got the Tumbleweed shut down.
That's a pretty stupid move.
Stabbing Gainsley in the back.
I think Krill was more afraid of Savino.
A source of mine told me that Savino paid off Krill's $50,000 gambling debt two days ago With that kind of leverage, Savino could get Krill to do whatever he wanted.
Like getting the Tumbleweed shut down.
And once Krill gave up that information, he was no longer useful, so Savino disposes of him.
I don't know.
If Savino did it, putting a canary in his mouth's a pretty obvious move, isn't it? Gentlemen, wait right over here.
Well, look who just strolled in.
Porter Gainsley.
Sheriff, you have a visitor.
You want to give me a minute? Hey, Jack, do you have a sec? Place hasn't changed much since Sheriff Clyde passed.
Well, we haven't had a whole lot of time around here to redecorate.
I didn't realize you'd been so busy, Ralph.
I mean, with all the bodies piling up around here, sometimes I wonder if Clark County even has a sheriff.
Anything in particular you wanted to talk to me about, Porter? You found my lawyer with a bullet in his head and a parakeet in his mouth.
Now I say all roads lead to Savino on this one.
I was under the impression that you and Mr.
Savino were in business together.
Oh, I'm out of the casino business.
I find the particulars of that industry not much to my liking.
You two are splitting up.
That's a real heartbreaker 'cause people were starting to think of the two of you as soul mates.
Why don't you lock that son of a bitch up before people start wondering who it is you work for, hmm? Well, I tell you what why don't you come back and see me when you got a something a mite stronger than just a hunch? All right? Sheriff Clyde was a good man.
Problem was he forgot who his friends were.
Started believing that badge of his was something he earned.
My advice? Do some redecorating.
Especially if you plan on sticking around.
Don't worry about the sandwich.
Mia's got it back to where it was before the feds showed up.
We got this on the wire yesterday.
A phone call back to the bosses in Chicago.
You're the one who planted that bug you had to know that she would end up on these tapes eventually.
So what-what am I supposed to do? Tax evasion is one thing.
I'll let the IRS worry about that.
But Mia could be involved in other crimes.
Crimes we don't even know about.
Katherine, Mia does the numbers.
She does accounting That's it.
She's not involved in anything else.
I hope you're right.
As soon as I heard what happened to Mr.
Krill, I just knew it was that man.
This fella He said he was a client? He didn't have an appointment, so I told him he'd have to come back, but he just stormed in and started yelling at Mr.
What was he yelling about? I couldn't make it out.
I try not to eavesdrop.
You remember his name? I wrote it down somewhere.
Was it Calvin Sprouse? It's right here on the desk.
Uh You wouldn't mind leaving us for a minute, would you now? Sure.
Can you tell me why my wife's brother was involved with Milton Krill? Well, you were overseas at the time, but it was Krill negotiated the sale of Marilyn's family ranch after she died.
Cal stood to make a lot of money, so I'm sure he was more than happy to get involved in the whole deal.
What's he doing back here now picking a fight with a dead man? We thought you were out west, Cal.
I got back a couple months ago, after I started to clean myself up.
Jim, he's my boss here, he helped get me sober, hired me on as a cook.
Even lets me sleep in back.
Haven't touched a drop in six months.
Good for you.
We want to know what you were doing in Milton Krill's office last week.
The company that bought our ranch, Nevada Land Consortium, they were supposed to pay me out over 25 years.
Krill sent me a check every month, and, all of a sudden checks stopped coming.
He say why? The company NLC, they call it They ran out of money.
Nothing I could do.
Your timing, it just seems to be perfect, doesn't it? Milton gives you some bad news, then he winds up dead a couple of days later.
There's the Ralph lamb I remember.
You never liked me.
The only reason you put up with me 'cause of Marilyn.
And the second she died, you were through with me.
It's not the way I remember it.
The second Marilyn died, you hightailed it out of town.
Seems like you were done with us.
Maybe I didn't feel too welcome.
Look, Cal, we're not here to dredge up past history.
We just want to get to the bottom of what happened between you and Mr.
The day after I saw him, a couple of fellas showed up in here, warned me to stop asking about the money or asking questions about NLC or I'd regret it.
That's all I know.
Let's get out of here.
Thank you for talking to us.
How's Dixon doing? I think about that kid all the time.
He's not a kid anymore.
Uncle Cal taught me how to shoot.
He lined up a bunch of cans, handed me a Winchester 30-30.
Forgot to tell me about the recoil, and the kick nearly took my arm off.
The last time I saw him was, uh, at my mom's funeral.
How come it's been so long? After mom died, he sold the ranch, left town.
And I'd beg pop to let us visit him out in California, but never got around to it.
Wait a second.
You said, he sold the ranch after she died? Yeah.
Look at this.
This company, Nevada Land Consortium, they were trying to buy the ranch for months before your mom died.
There must be ten different letters like this between your mom and the company.
They wanted her and Cal to sell, but she just kept saying no.
Hey, are you okay? Yeah, of course, I'm fine.
We should show these to your dad when he gets back.
I'll make sure he sees them.
Jean-Michel! We can talk about this! Jean-Michel! Is everything all right? You fired Jean-Michel? His per diem was more than what most dealers make in two weeks.
It was unsustainable.
He was a first-class translator! He doesn't just repeat what he hears, he gets the meaning behind it, the nuance and the specificity.
Oh, I'm sure you'll do fine without him.
Why wasn't I informed of this? You're the entertainment director, Tommy.
You handle the entertainment, and I handle, well, everything else.
You're bossy, you know that? No, I'm your boss; There's a difference.
I would hate to be your boyfriend.
Oh, I think we both know that's not true.
I won't forget about this.
Firing Jean-Michel? That is low, even for you.
What kind a of man kills his own sister? - Who are you? - They kept offering you more and more, and she wouldn't sell, would she? Dixon? She dies in a car accident, and one week later, you sell the ranch and skip town.
I'm just gonna turn on this light Then we'll talk about this.
Okay? Coffee and aspirin's on the counter.
So's your shotgun.
I held on to your shells, lest you weren't feeling too hospitable.
Have a seat.
Now, you may not remember me much, but I recall even as a tyke You had a hell of an appetite.
I remember you plenty.
I don't think it's very family-like you going all Willie Mays on my noggin.
I should've guessed you'd have a temper like your mother's.
I, uh, wager your dad's got plenty of stories.
I wouldn't know.
Pop don't talk about her very much.
I do remember some things, though.
And I wish I remembered more.
Nothing I've never seen like how much she loved you.
You were all there was in the world as far as she was concerned.
And it's true what you said.
She did not want to sell.
I tried to convince her that I needed that money so bad, but I never laid a finger on her.
Right after she passed, NLC, they made another offer, and I took it.
They were after the ranch for a long time.
You think they had anything to do with what happened to her? I need you to listen to me.
There's nothing good gonna come from poking around in this NLC business.
Now you just stay away from it.
I wish I could.
I'll get your shells.
You're gonna need 'em.
I hear they're kicking you out of here.
Hey, got a special delivery from the Bureau this morning: All of Gainsley's financial history, his political contributions, parking tickets, everything.
Find anything yet? Just more questions.
was a dirt-poor ranch hand with a grade school education.
Then overnight, he buys up half a dozen mines in the state of Nevada.
What's our next move? Actually, I have some other news, too.
I got a call last night from the Director's office.
They're making me Special Section Chief of organized crime In Washington.
You're leaving.
I fly out tomorrow night.
Well, that's great.
I'm-I'm so happy for you.
Why don't you come with me? DOJ would be lucky to have a prosecutor like you.
Timing seems rather coincidental, don't you think? You start digging into Gainsley, and all of a sudden you get a promotion that takes you away from the case.
I don't think one has thing has anything to do with the other.
What are you doing? Well, if you're not gonna investigate Gainsley, I will.
Good luck in Washington.
You should never have gone there in the first place.
He's my family, too.
He's a lowlife drunk who ran away a long time ago.
Drunk or not, mom was holding out on that sale and she died.
Now this company, NLC, what if they killed mom so they could buy up the land? You start looking into this, you don't know where it's gonna lead.
I got no other choice, pop.
I gotta know the truth.
All right.
But whatever needs doing, you don't do it alone.
We do it together.
Yes, sir.
Vincent, what a pleasant surprise.
I've got something I want to show you tonight.
at the Tumbleweed.
I thought the Tumbleweed was closed.
It's reopening tomorrow morning.
Gaming license just came through.
I wish I could make it.
I canceled your reservations to Tahoe.
I got you a library book.
You can stare at lakes all day long.
Vincent, you know our arrangement.
Yeah, I do.
You do your thing, I do mine.
We don't tie each other up, we don't get in each other's way.
I liked that arrangement Until I thought about you spending a week in Tahoe with another man.
Now I don't like it so much.
I'll have this sent right back up to your room.
See ya tonight.
Come here.
What am I looking at? Well, what does it look like you're looking at? I don't know.
You are standing smack in the middle of 500 acres of prime Clark County ranch land.
It's a good plot.
It's a decent price, too.
Wait, you're thinking of buying it? Well, not right away, but I figure, you know, I keep saving up my paychecks, you keep saving up yours, who knows? A couple years, this could be ours you and me.
We could run our own ranch, huh? We can make a business from the ground up.
You could do the numbers, right? I could do the ranching.
Hey, look, I know you're, uh, used to running your big casino, but hell, imagine running all this.
What do you think? Well, before I met you, I wouldn't have thought to have spent an hour here.
And, even a few months ago, if you'd asked me, I wouldn't have said no I would've said hell no.
But now? How about a maybe? Oh, I would take a maybe any old day of the week.
Is this illegal? It's frowned upon.
New Year's Eve, '58.
It's a couple of days before Castro and his boys came into Havana.
I got onto a plane with this bottle, those cigars, the clothes on my back, and I got the hell out of there.
As the plane took off, I made a promise to myself that I would not enjoy these things until I had a place of my own.
No one on my back.
Not the bosses in Chicago Not the commies in the jungle No one.
Just didn't want to celebrate alone.
Well you sure know how to make a girl feel special.
Let me try again.
I had a feeling you wouldn't want that cigar.
You like it? Uh-huh.
But I'll still take that cigar.
Lena! Lena! Lena Come on, we gotta get out of here.
Come on.
I call that opening with a bang.
I'm not in the mood for your gallows humor right now, sheriff.
Well, I'm not in the mood for a bloodbath, which is what's coming, if you don't help us - prove Gainsley's behind this.
- What makes you - think he's involved? - His dead lawyer.
Gainsley most likely killed him because he leaked the settlement fund information that helped you get the Tumbleweed back.
Apparently that didn't sit very well for Mr.
What do you want from me? Cooperate with us.
Tell us about his operations.
His finances.
That's a hell of a turnaround.
You want me to work with you? Well, by the looks of you, it beats working with Gainsley.
Hey, you want a pigeon, keep looking.
I got a business to run.
I say we take his advice.
How's that? Well, if Savino's not willing to help us bring down Gainsley, then we use Gainsley to bring him down.
Blowing up the Tumbleweed is an act of desperation.
Perhaps Gainsley's looking for a safe Haven.
You know, I think this FBI business is starting to rub off on you.
Just the good parts.
Can you believe this? A damn shame.
What's your problem? I don't see a funeral.
At least not ours, anyway.
You're on the first flight to Chicago in the morning.
Let them know it's going to get a little noisy here the next few weeks.
These hicks have no idea the hurt they're in for.
How's your mother doing? She's fine.
She's in her room.
Well, maybe that'll teach her to stay away from Savino.
And how is this Vincent's fault? Gainsley doesn't care about the Tumbleweed.
He was after Savino.
He and his boys won't stop till he's dead, and they don't care who goes down with him.
That's why you got to get out of this place, now.
And go where? Take a stroll down Fremont half the casinos there - would hire you on the spot.
- As what? Head of housekeeping? None of those casinos will give me the responsibilities that Vincent has.
None of those casinos are gonna get you killed.
Jack that plot of land that you want to buy, that's where you want to be.
The Savoy is where I want to be.
It's who I am.
I already lost you once, Mia.
I ain't gonna lose you again.
Certainly not to Savino.
Here you go.
My ears are still ringing.
Yeah, it'll be like that for a couple of days, then it goes away.
You make it sound like you're used to this kind of thing.
You don't come up in Chicago without getting your ears rung once in a while.
- It doesn't bother you? - What? - Almost getting killed.
- I like the "almost" part.
You know what I mean.
Look, I I believe you and I were meant to walk out of there together.
We're survivors.
It just bothers me that they almost killed you.
Price of doing business.
Don't worry.
They'll pay.
I'll make sure of it.
Gainsley, I'm ADA O'Connell.
Have a seat.
My office is investigating the death of your lawyer Milton Krill.
The sheriff talked to me, but he didn't seem too interested in hearing what I had to say.
You paid Krill $15,000 a year as a retainer, and yet, the only file he has on you is a single contact sheet.
That seems like an awful of money to pay a man to store your address.
Well, I'm touched that you're so concerned about my finances.
Does the name Victor Ferris ring a bell? No.
Should it? Probably since the bulk of your income comes from a company called the Nevada Land Consortium.
Lists Ferris as its president.
And yet, I cannot find Mr.
Ferris anywhere.
Well, how is that my problem? Because I believe this land company is a front for criminal activity, just like the Tumbleweed.
I believe that your lawyer, Milton Krill, leaked your dirty secrets to the FBI, so you killed him And made it look like Savino did it.
You can direct any further inquiries to my new counsel.
Gainsley, I'm not done with you.
You have walked through this valley for far too long thinking you're above consequence, but I will bring the full force of the law down on you, unless you start telling me everything about your land deals, about Savino.
You know, they tell me you were raised on a ranch in these parts, hmm? Yes, I was.
You know, you'd think a local girl like you would have a whole brood of ankle biters by now, instead of running around playing lawyer and sticking her nose into matters that'll get her hurt.
Are you threatening me, Mr.
Gainsley? You have a good day, miss.
Assessor's office had some files on NLC.
It was founded in 1943, and for a couple years running, it swallowed parcels of ranch land all across the valley here.
They were after water rights.
You see these parcels here? That's an aquifer underground.
Runs through the limestone for miles.
Well, no wonder they were dogging Marilyn and Cal for that land.
NLC made a fortune selling that water off to the fat cat ranches.
But after '45, there's no record of them.
No purchases, nothing.
they've been out of business And they're still issuing checks to Cal.
They were a company in name only.
NLC head honcho, guy by the name of Victor Ferris, signed all the checks.
- Ferris? - I never heard of him.
I can't find anything on him either.
Phantom company.
Phantom boss.
Maybe Uncle Cal wasn't so crazy after all.
Victor? You have a visitor.
Thank you.
Ferris, my name is Katherine O'Connell, and I have a few questions I wanted to ask you about the Nevada Land Consortium.
I understand you're the president.
Why, yes, young lady, I am, indeed, the president of France and Idaho.
Looks like the Parisians live to kick another day.
I recruited a French major to translate.
Don't worry, she's working for class credit.
Well, I heard there's a monkey act killing it over at the Nugget.
If that doesn't offend your artistic sensibilities I put a quality act on stage and you sabotage it.
Now I know why.
- You're bored.
- Oh, really now? Yeah, really.
'Cause you're looking forward to a life of calico dresses and biscuit bake-offs with Deputy Jethro, so you play cat-and-mouse with me because, unlike him, I'm actually your type.
You need to work on your attitude.
Really? Do I? I'm with Jack.
Then why didn't you pull away sooner? Get back to work.
Aye-aye, cap'n.
* Pretty baby, you're my turtledove * * it's no wonder that I fell in love * * I'm telling no lie * * don't try to deny * * it's true * * you're the one for me * Hey, go around! Go around! Hey! How is she? She's hurt bad, sheriff.
Multiple fractures, cerebral hemorrhage.
She gonna be all right? I've called in a neurosurgeon from L.
He should be here tomorrow.
Can't you get somebody here sooner? It won't make a difference.
Until the swelling subsides, there's no way to determine her prognosis.
How is she? Not sure yet.
Thought you were headed back to DC.
Changed my mind.
Unfinished business.
Ralph, they found this in her car.
"Providence retirement home"? Take a look at the name.
Victor Ferris? That situation you wanted me to take care of? Yeah? I just spoke to the office.
I'm afraid you can't go dancing with Gainsley.
After what he did? Look, they didn't say forever, it's just that things are hot right now.
There's a lot of attention on you.
Look, I tried my best to I'll be a son of a bitch.
They've been bugging us.
The Feds? They never had access.
Who did? About a month ago, Jack Lamb whacked me over the head with that phone.
I must have been out for a minute.
Your boyfriend's gonna put us all in prison.
Sheriff's office.
Is that the hospital? Ralph Victor Ferris has been living in Providence retirement home for the last 21 years.
So some senile old man's been running a multimillion- dollar company? Well, that's what it was made to look like.
But his food, board, medical bills are paid every month, in full, by Porter Gainsley.
And Katherine had just figured that out before she was run off the road.
Gainsley That son of a bitch bought my wife's land.
I just spoke to the mechanic.
It looks likes Katherine's car ran out of brake fluid.
That's just like mom.
You know, the word is that you're a headline chaser.
"FBI thugs harass local.
" How'd you like to see that in the morning papers? I'm partial to "rancher Gainsley kills lawyer Krill.
" It's got more of a ring to it, don't you think? Or how about "Gainsley puts assistant DA in a coma"? That's short and to the point.
I think I'd like to see my lawyer now.
You're telling that to the wrong man.
Anything else? Nope.
You know, sheriff, if it's your intention to waste my time, I'd say you've been successful.
I ought to break your! Take your hands off my client! Ralph! Here, take these We're leaving.
He's not going anywhere! He has the authority to hold him for 24 hours.
Actually, only the sheriff of Clark County can, and you're no longer the sheriff.
What the hell are you talking about? I had a talk with Carson City before coming here.
The Attorney General's gonna be calling any minute to inform you that you've been suspended, effective immediately, pending an investigation.
Investigation? Into what? Your harassment of my client on behalf of Vincent Savino.
That's a load of crap! No.
That is history repeating itself.
Because like the sheriff you've replaced, you've been corrupted by the mob.
Sheriff, Attorney General Bass is on the line.
Sounds like an important call, Mr.
I suggest you take it.
We're gonna fight this.
I should've known.
Gainsley going after Katherine.
It wasn't your fault.
And it wasn't your fault with Marilyn.
First day I got back from the war I knew Marilyn was dead and buried.
But it wasn't until I got into bed that night and I rolled over and, uh I felt the emptiness where she should be, that, uh I felt it in my bones.
Why does it take so long to know what you got that's good? * My love must be a kind of blind love * * I can't see anyone but you * Hey Oh, evening, Mr.
What can I do for you, Jack? Well, I'm looking to buy a diamond ring.
The very best 500 bucks can buy.
Well, let's take a look.
Thought we could have us a powwow.
In private.
Well that would indicate a mutual respect and trust between us.
But what we really have here is this, the bug your brother put on my phone.
We can talk about that And we can talk about Gainsley.
I don't see the connection.
Do you want to hear me out or not? All right, sheriff, say your piece.
Funny thing happened.
Attorney General says I'm not the sheriff anymore.
Katherine's over there in the hospital fighting for her life.
I'll give you one guess who put her there.
So, whatever business between you and Chicago is on these tapes It don't interest me right now.
Why do I have the feeling that you're not gonna hand back the rest of these tapes to me? Everything's got a price.
Let me tell you something about ranchers.
We undersell each other at auction, we steal each other's water, but when there's a pack of wolves going after too many head of our cattle, we put aside our differences and we pick up our guns.
Nothing brings people together like a common enemy.
Gainsley burned you out, and he's coming after my people.
Maybe so.
But what I said before still goes.
You and Byrne, you'll never get me on the stand.
The stand?! That's not where you do your best work, is it? You see, uh Gainsley's got the Attorney General thinking that I'm in collusion with you.
And I'm thinking that's the first good idea the man ever had.
Alla tua salute.
To your health as well.