Vegas (2012) s01e21 Episode Script

Sons of Nevada

Previously on Vegas I know you're used to running a casino, but imagine running all this.
I'm looking to buy a diamond ring.
Jack Lamb been bugging us.
Your boyfriend's gonna put us all in prison.
Men like us have been keeping peace in this valley since the first wagon train arrived.
Everything you've had in this valley's Mining, ranching, water.
Sure, you got land.
We're the only people who know what to do with it.
Gainsley, you have walked through this valley for far too long, thinking you're above consequence, but I will bring the full force of the law down on you.
Katherine's car ran out of brake fluid.
That's just like mom.
Attorney General says I'm not the sheriff anymore.
Whatever business between you and Chicago is on these tapes It don't interest me right now.
Nothing brings people together like a common enemy.
Think Porter Gainsley's behind this? Could be.
I just got word from the hospital Miss O'Connell's stable, but she's still not conscious.
I'm real sorry, sheriff.
I'm not the sheriff anymore.
Ah, I wish I could.
Oh, shoot.
Housekeeping's coming later and I'm a little light.
Oh, I got it covered.
What? You're off your game.
I've been up all night thinking about this deal with the sheriff.
You don't trust him.
I don't know.
These tapes that he's got could put me and everyone back home in a federal pen.
But if I help him take down Gainsley, those tapes are mine, and back home never knows.
But they want me to keep my hands in my pockets.
What do they care about Gainsley? Ah, they think the good old boys out here are gonna pull our gaming license if we mess with him.
What they don't understand is that Gainsley is gunning for us.
The Tumbleweed was his first move.
Now we're next in line.
Vincent You know what you have to do.
Trust me, you're coming out of this on top.
What makes you so sure? 'Cause I only pick winners.
I hope you're right.
To the removal of impediments.
Before we get all black and blue slapping ourselves on the back, Mr.
Attorney General, we may have neutered Savino and Lamb, but that's not the end of our troubles.
Porter, the casino's burned down and I took the sheriff's badge.
I'm not sure how much more we can do.
It's not what we can do.
It's what you can do.
You can use your influence to find issues with every casino in Vegas: Zoning infractions, licensing violations.
We want you to tie 'em in red tape until they're begging us to bail 'em out.
Respectfully, after what you just pulled with Savino and Lamb, getting more aggressive now is a risk.
Catch your breath, take a beat, work your ranch.
Oh, we're done with ranching.
After today we're gonna sell off all our cattle interests.
The only real resource in Clark county is neon.
And moving forward, those casinos, they're gonna be run by the Sons of Nevada.
On our own.
Now that that is something I can drink to.
I was on my way to work and thought I'd stop by.
Come in.
I want to talk to you.
I want to talk, too.
I'll go first.
What the hell were you thinking, planting a bug in Vincent's office? Uh, I'm not sure exactly what you're Don't deny it.
Don't lie to me.
Vincent found it in his phone, and he said the only way it could have got there was when you two fought in his office.
Is he right? Is he right? Hell, yeah, he's right, but it was to implicate him, - not you.
- Do you think my name doesn't come up in Vincent's phone calls? I help him run a business.
And for anyone who isn't in our business, almost anything I do sounds illegal! With all respect, the law doesn't care about you.
You're small potatoes.
Savino's the grand prize.
Wrong! Everyone would go down.
Not you.
That was your plan, hmm? You get Vincent, have me cut some kind of a deal so I could be home baking biscuits, waiting for you to get back from the station? Mia, I'm giving you the opportunity to get out.
I don't want out.
You never seemed to understand that.
The only thing I want out of now is us.
We're through.
Don't do this.
Jack, it's over.
Katherine Oh, hell, I'm just gonna come out and say it.
I'm gonna take care of this Gainsley business once and for all.
I'm here and I'm waiting for you to wake up and tell me I'm a damn fool.
You were good at that.
Put me in my place.
I miss it.
Should've told you that a long time ago.
Suppose there's a lot of things I should've told you.
The doctor says there's no change.
Yeah, that's what I hear.
Uh, so you know, I've contacted the governor to get your badge back.
Better call Porter Gainsley on that.
He's the one pulling the strings.
I don't doubt it.
I can understand the impulse of taking matters into one's own hands, but I advise keeping a cool head.
The last thing this town needs is a bloodbath.
Now, look at you.
Concerned about the welfare of Las Vegas.
Well, somebody needs to be.
Seems like I'm the only real law left in this town.
Let's make sure we understand each other: I help you kill Porter Gainsley, and in return, all these tapes are mine.
Sounds about right.
Tapes you made from an illegal bug you put in my phone.
You want to talk about breaking the law, I think the horse is already out of the barn.
Now, I have reason to not like the man, but for you to just hand these tapes over to me, why not just do it yourself? I don't want my family involved.
And you seem to have experience in getting rid of people and not getting caught.
All right, fair enough.
But to be clear, I need to know, when it's time to pull the trigger, that you have reason enough to finish what we've started.
The son of a bitch murdered my wife.
Is that reason enough for you? Whip-poor-wills call, evening is nigh hurry to my blue heaven Turn to the right there's a little white light will lead you to my my blue heaven Business up? Do you see people gambling? Hundreds.
Then we're up.
It's sad when you think about it.
About losing? I don't see any sad faces in here.
Yeah, 'cause they're crying on the inside.
You know what people need? A good laugh.
Takes the edge off losing.
I'll pass that along to Vincent.
You can do better.
Kick some of those tidy profits my way.
Got a comedian out of New York.
Smokes a pipe, talks filthy.
Audiences love him, but he doesn't come cheap.
You want me to spend money on a dirty comic? I want you to spend money on some levity.
Me, them, you.
Hey, everything okay? You seem a little down.
I'm fine.
You sure? Let me cheer you up, take you to lunch.
I eat lunch at my desk.
Not today you're not.
I got a 12:00 reservation at Emil's.
All the power players are gonna be there.
A woman as beautiful and as powerful as you should be seen.
You never stop trying, do you? Blame me? Where you going? Hunting.
Mia just told me Savino found the bug.
Now I can't find the tapes anywhere.
You know where they are? Yeah.
I'm sick and tired of Savino getting between me and Mia.
You give me those tapes, and we'll nail his ass to the wall.
Tapes are gone.
Gone? Gone where? I gave them to Savino.
You gave Savino the tapes? All the evidence we have against him? Yup.
Why the hell would you do that? 'Cause I needed something to trade.
Trade? Trade for what? To help me take down Gainsley.
You gave me hell for getting involved with Mia and now you're getting into bed with the boss of the Chicago outfit? All along I've been thinking our troubles are because of those gangsters coming in from Chicago and New York.
Well, I was wrong.
Our trouble's been right here the whole time.
Look, I want Gainsley, too, but what you got in mind is crazy.
Pure and simple.
Gainsley's just getting warmed up.
You wear the badge.
You can't stop him.
So if I don't, who will? I can't let you do this.
It's a suicide mission You know it.
What are you gonna do, sheriff? Arrest me? We need to talk.
I was thinking about that bug on your phone.
- Ah, don't worry about that.
- I am worried.
There's evidence on those tapes Jack said.
Oh, don't tell me you're still hanging around with that son of a bitch? It's over, trust me.
For good this time I hope? Now, how many times do I have to tell you? Getting mixed up with the Lambs can only end one way.
Ah, I guess love is blind.
And deaf, too.
Well, I heard one thing loud and clear.
Jack's got some evidence on those tapes implicating you in some pretty serious He's got nothing.
I got the tapes.
How the hell did you manage that? Everything has a price.
And everyone including Ralph Lamb.
We made a deal.
You and Lamb? Do you trust him? No risk, no reward.
Like you said Getting mixed up with those Lambs can only end one way.
You ready to go? I'm growing old, waiting on you.
Hey! I made a deal to work with you.
Just you not Frick and Frack.
They're my men.
- They come with me.
- No.
They get pinched, they're gonna squeal on me to save their bacon.
I'm going with him.
- Vince, I don't think that's a - Just stay put until you hear from me.
Smells like manure in here.
Well, that's funny.
Didn't a minute ago.
All right, close it up.
Same make, same color as the last three cars.
Gainsley does it to keep us guessing which one he's in.
What'd you find out there? Counting those guys, there's eight men guarding the perimeter.
All armed to the teeth.
And there's a crew out back loading cattle.
Getting ready for the big auction.
Storming the castle's not the call here.
We slow-play this one.
No way we take Gainsley head-on.
I'm not talking about taking him head-on.
He's gonna come to us.
Gainsley's got a thousand head up for auction.
He's gonna show his face at the inspection and make sure the wheels are greased, and that's when we're gonna take him.
We're gonna hide down there.
Around the hay bales and the trucks.
We're gonna take our shots And then we're gonna slip out during the commotion.
Sounds perfect.
So what's your problem? I don't know.
I'm just wondering if our little escapade here ends with me catching lead and you walking away a hero.
Well, that cuts both ways, doesn't it? Who's to say I don't take a bullet and you just waltz out of there with a big story to tell? Well, then, I guess we're just gonna have to trust each other.
Ain't that a bitch? Savino and pop? Well, I didn't see it coming, but if that's what it takes to kill Gainsley, that's fine with me.
Since when is murdering a man fine? He killed my mother, Jack.
I want him dead.
I'd do it myself if I had the chance.
I want Gainsley to pay for Katherine and for your mom.
But if we let your dad go through with this, there's a good chance he could end up dead, too.
And I don't think your dad's gonna want to spend the rest of his life locked up, so he's gonna want to knock him off and go unnoticed.
Now, if I'm him, I go after Gainsley where I blend in.
Where I don't call attention to myself.
They'd be stupid to take a shot at him where he lives he's too protected.
Right, so they're gonna wait till he's exposed, uh, someplace with a crowd.
Fremont Street? Nah, it's too hard not to be seen.
Plus Gainsley hates Fremont even on a good day.
And good luck trying to get him out there now.
He's gonna be on guard.
I don't know.
But if we don't crack this soon, we may as well start clearing a space out by the big oak for your dad's headstone.
What's going on? All I heard was something about your dad and Savino? Mm-hmm.
Jack says they're fixing to take down Gainsley.
Together? - Mm-hmm.
- That's crazy.
So, what are you gonna do? I don't know.
Back to work.
Porter Gainsley! Son, my quarrel ain't with you.
You killed my mother, you son of a bitch! Come on now, put that rifle down.
Let's talk.
Porter! I got a dozen witnesses who will vouch it was Lamb and Savino there.
Cowboys and mobsters teaming up.
Suppose I've lived long enough to see just about anything.
Call Reno.
Have extra hands sent down.
They want a war, they got one.
Suppose it looked better on the drawing board.
All the X's and O's Look I know what I'm doing doesn't make sense to you.
All I'm asking is that you keep Dixon out of it.
Bit late for that.
Hell, I should be arresting him for attempted murder after what he did at the cattle auction.
Well, you'd better hurry up.
Because how long you think Gainsley's gonna let you keep your badge? Listen.
You want to go off with Savino and play vigilante, that's fine, but don't pretend you're not dragging the rest of us in the line of fire.
'Cause the second we followed you off this ranch and into the sheriff's station, it stopped just being about you.
It became about us.
Just keep Dixon out of it.
How the hell does shooting Gainsley fix anything? Best case, he ends up dead and you end up in jail.
You think that's gonna fix anything? What he did to your mom? Make her roll over in her grave is more like it.
Yvonne You're crazy if you think I'm gonna stick around and watch it happen.
Sorry to interrupt.
It's fine.
I was just leaving.
Not sure I had any luck knocking sense into your dad.
Hope Yvonne did better with you.
I had him, Jack.
Right there, dead to rights.
I couldn't pull the trigger.
I wanted to, but I couldn't do it.
'Cause that's not how I raised you.
Hope this meeting is as important to me as it is to you.
It is.
Since you're from upstate, I just wanted you to know that you're dealing with some nasty players in Vegas.
I'm not worried about a few Chicago gangsters.
I'm not talking about Vincent Savino.
I'm talking about your pal Porter Gainsley.
Porter Gainsley is one of the state's most influential ranchers.
Yes, but we suspect him of trying to muscle his way into town any way he can.
Surprised? It's just another ruthless businessman.
You planning on putting them all in jail? We're not looking into him because of some white-collar crime.
We suspect your friend Porter Gainsley of being involved in everything from arson to murder, sir.
Well, you need more than your suspicions dealing with somebody with Gainsley's political clout.
That may very well be.
But when all this goes down, the Federal Government won't look very kindly on the highest law enforcement official in the state getting caught in Porter Gainsley's pocket.
If I were you, I'd think about spreading my bets across the table sir.
I'm looking for Jack Lamb.
You found him.
William Dylan.
I've been appointed sheriff of Clark county.
We have orders to take you into protective custody.
We believe you're in imminent danger from Porter Gainsley.
These orders come from the Attorney General's office? That's correct.
The same Attorney General who took my brother's badge? We go for a drive with you, we don't come back.
We are authorized to take you by force if necessary.
You're welcome to try.
But I'm warning, if you do, the only way you and your boys are leaving this building Is feet first.
Execute the orders.
FBI! Stand down! I'm taking these men into custody.
Which men? Jack and Dixon Lamb.
By order of the director of the FBI.
What the hell are you doing? I'm saving your life.
Let's go.
I just got to lay low for a few days.
I'd ask where you're going, but But then you'll know something you don't need to know.
Tell Mia to keep an eye on the place.
I want to find a casino here when the dust settles.
Just make sure you come back.
You better get going.
You running scared? I thought we were supposed to be - putting together a plan.
- I got a plan.
Get out of town, regroup, and strategize.
Gainsley's gonna be coming at us hard and fast.
What happened to taking him down? Still gonna happen.
But after what I saw today, whatever I'm doing, I'm doing alone.
Look at this.
The Johnny Fed Trio.
What the hell's going on? New sheriff took over.
Wanted to take me and Dixon for a ride, but Byrne here stepped up and bailed us out.
I think the best thing is for you all to come with me until things settle.
Until we can link this to Gainsley and bring him in.
Might as well hang a neon "snitch" sign around my neck.
Wasn't it Gainsley who pulled strings in D.
And got you your promotion? See, this is the mess I'm talking about.
You, your family, the Feds I'm out.
- We made a deal.
- Oh, yeah? Got any more of those tapes I can burn? I didn't think so.
I didn't need 'em.
'Cause I'm a man of my word.
Hey, Lamb! I got news for you.
My word is gold! The only reason I'm walking is because you can't keep a leash on your son! I finally get back upstairs, and the pigeons are gone.
- Oh, God.
- There's not one pigeon in the Coop.
- That's awful.
- I know.
But on the bright side, my uncle for some reason never asked me to look after his pigeons again.
Oh, well - Oh.
- Oh Watch out there.
I think I had one too many gimlets at lunch.
Well wait till I take you to Antonio's.
They got a Singapore sling that'll put you to sleep.
Antonio's? Come on, we're having fun, aren't we? Let's have some more fun, except at night this time.
It wouldn't be appropriate.
I know, you have a boyfriend, but All due respect, he doesn't seem to be making you too happy.
It's not right.
You work for me, and Fire me.
Fire me.
I can find another job.
I can't find another girl like you.
I haven't stopped thinking about kissing you.
Not for a second.
And I'm not gonna stop until I can do that again.
I never give up when I find something that I want.
I always thought you and I were the same that way.
Well If you were this persistent when you were watching your uncle's pigeons, you Oh, God.
That's Vincent's car.
Okay, we're here.
Now can you tell us what the hell's going on? You're a cowboy.
Hold your horses.
What's with all the secrecy? Just keep an open mind.
And you've brought company.
So this is what it's come to? Working with a guy who killed one of our deputies, two jail guards, an innocent woman Amongst others.
Jack, look, two years ago, a gangster named Johnny Barone was living in a mansion on Long Island's North Shore.
Surrounded on three sides by ten-foot walls with machine gun turrets.
On the fourth side was the Long Island Sound, which gets pretty rough in the winter.
Johnny was found dead in his bedroom.
Was that your handiwork? Maybe.
Adding bodies to his résumé hardly seals the deal for me, Ralph.
Gainsley, he's coming after us now, full bore.
And if this is what it takes to get him before he gets us, then That guy's the best at what he does.
Why, thank you.
Raisin Roundy? After you.
I don't eat cookies.
I just like the smell.
See, right there.
I think they're using a wire to pull his lips up.
Why can't people love each other, Wilbur? Pretty sure this ain't real.
Nah, I taught my mare a few words.
" "Howdy.
" "Pretty bird.
" You got a horse that says "pretty bird"? Unbelievable.
You were right.
I should've known I couldn't keep you and Dixon out of this.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you Get on out of here, take him with you? It'd take a herd of buffalo to drag that boy out of here.
And as for me If you think for a minute I'm gonna walk out on my big brother right before the storm comes then we must've been raised in different homes.
Hell, you've pulled my fat out of the fire so many times.
I don't know if we're gonna make it out of this fire, Jack.
So we burn.
But we burn together.
If this is the road you say we take You lead and I'll follow.
Gainsley's place is about a quarter mile that way, through the scrub.
Renoir needed his brush, Mr.
We'll see you at the slaughterhouse.
Do your job.
Who's there? Don't move.
Who the hell are you? I'm the man sent by Vincent Savino and Ralph Lamb to kill Porter Gainsley.
My gun is in my waistband, but I hope to not use it, because I work for the highest bidder, and from the looks of this place, I'd say that's your boss.
So How about he and I make a deal? It had to be you It had to be you I wandered around, finally found that somebody who could make me be true Manhattan.
Right away, Miss Lena.
Better chance of finding a whale in a kiddie pool.
This place is a ghost town.
Turns out a car bomb can really clear out a room.
Go figure.
I broke up with Jack today.
Good for you.
Thought you'd be a bit more philosophical than that.
I loved that man.
I still do.
Even better that you ended it.
He's the law, you work for the mob.
Where'd you think that was headed? Not here.
Trust me, you don't want to make the same mistake I did.
And what mistake was that? Confusing Mr.
Right with Mr.
Right Now.
That's what gets you hurt.
You fell in love with a man you know isn't good for you.
But you broke it off.
So keep it broken.
It had to be you What the hell is taking him so long? You wouldn't have a nail file, would you? You, sir, have ten seconds to tell me your story.
I don't like it, you die here in my stable.
Well, perhaps we should discuss remuneration first.
Five seconds.
We'll table it for now.
In short, the plan was to take out your security.
I would then fetch Mr.
Lamb and Mr.
Savino from your acreage and tell them you were without protection.
The former sheriff very much wanted to place the bullet in you himself.
He seems angry with you.
Something about his wife.
They're here now? On the property nothing gets by you.
I feel $20,000 is a fair price for my efforts so far.
Now, how about we go and kill those men so I can be on my way? It's getting late.
I'm hungry.
They're in the back room.
What's that expression? "Like lambs to the slaughter.
" Lay down your guns.
Real slow.
Nice shot, cowboy.
Are you deaf, Porter? We got you in a box.
Now lay down your guns.
You must be real proud of yourself, huh? Pretty much.
Excuse me.
I followed your plan to the letter.
I expect you to hold up your end of the bargain as well.
Transportation to the border unmolested by the authorities.
You slippery little bastard.
Somebody throw him some keys.
- Cota.
- What? Oh, why my car? 'Cause mine got blown up.
Now throw him the damn keys.
If you ever come north of the border I'm gonna enjoy killing you.
Pleasant evening, gentlemen.
Teaming up with lying scum and two-bit hoods.
You must want me real bad.
Like a kid wants Christmas.
Turn around.
Wha What the hell is this? We're supposed to whack this guy.
I changed my mind.
Take care of them.
Lamb, Lamb, stop.
This man is as dangerous to us inside of a prison as he is outside.
That's a risk we'll have to take.
You don't want to do it, I will.
Put your weapons down.
Assume that's for me.
Here's your prisoner.
Byrne? Thanks.
You called the FBI? That's the man who killed your wife.
He's driving off in a paddy wagon instead of a hearse.
What kind of a man are you? I asked myself the same question.
Thought you'd be here.
You all right? Yes, sir.
You? Yeah.
You didn't shoot Gainsley when you had the chance.
Well, uh, I know this guy.
Known him all his life.
He's a good man.
He's a real good man.
One time he had Porter Gainsley in his sights, and he didn't shoot him either.
I didn't want to lead him down the wrong road.
I almost did.
Come here.
I'll, uh, I'll leave you be.
It's now or never Come hold me tight You're here.
Remember when you tried to kiss me at the Christmas party, and I slapped you? Cheek still stings.
That'll feel like a cool breeze if you ever do anything as reckless as you did tonight.
We're either a team or we're not.
When I first saw you with your smile so tender Teammates.
My soul surrendered I spent a lifetime waiting for the right time Now that you're near, the time is here at last It's now or never Tonight I was in a dark room with guns, waiting for something dangerous to start up, and I thought to myself, "if I get out of here, "the first place I go is right here, in front of you on my knees.
" Jack.
I know I messed up, but I love you and I want to marry you.
Will you marry me, Mia? Jack Is there any more wine? I couldn't find any in the I'm sorry.
Oh, the shark, babe has such teeth, dear Hey, don't lay this gypsum down anywhere near water.
I don't want to pay for it twice.
You understand me? Just a jackknife Lamb! You heading over to the diner? Good ambush tends to work up my appetite.
I'd join you, but I'm, uh, overseeing a renovation.
Tumbleweed will be reopening in a few weeks.
No rest for the wicked.
I believe that's "no rest for the weary.
" My faux pas.
You know, it doesn't always have to be this way between you and me.
With Gainsley out of the way, there's nothing stopping me from growing Vegas faster and bigger and better than any other place - in the world.
- Is that so? Damn straight.
Anybody on my team is gonna be made right with this thing.
So why don't you check your ego at the door and come work for me, huh? Be my head of security.
You need a job, and I need a man who can get things done.
Someone who has the trust of the people.
Well, I appreciate your offer.
I really do.
But it seems the departure of Gainsley has cleared away a few obstacles for everybody.
So don't you go growing too big or too fast, Mr.
Savino, 'cause I got my eye on you.
On the right, babe now that Mackie's back in town Look out old Mack is back.