Vera s11e02 Episode Script


It's not movin' Come on, man.
You might have to send someone down there for a tow.
Couple 'o clowns stuck in mud doing wheel-spins.
- Right, OK.
- Yeah, but not now! They can wait.
- Where's the body? - It's a bit of a trek.
- So, a welly job? - Yeah.
DCI Stanhope.
We've been waiting with bated breath for you.
Well, I'm here now, Malcolm.
So what have we got? Woman in her mid-50s to early-60s.
Been dead approximately 48-60 hours.
So Saturday, then? How long would you say she's been exposed to the elements? The same.
So died here.
- Cause of death? - Multiple injuries.
There's bruising to the throat and the neck.
A small gash on her forehead, but just because the cut's small doesn't mean there wasn't internal damage which caused her death.
No sign of sexual assault.
Two broken fingers on the right hand.
- So she fought back? - Too early to tell that.
No shoes or coat? Maybe she was camping.
Hmm Any ID? Travel pass.
Angela Konan.
- What's the area of search? - Thousand metres.
Yeah, well, double that, and focus on all the entrances on this side of the park, from public and private properties.
Yes, ma'am.
It's gonna be a tough one, this.
Oh, Jac.
Have you requested the CCTV? - Yes, ma'am.
- Right.
Now where's the lad who found her? - He's in the back.
- OK.
Noel, is it? I'm DCI Stanhope.
I'm leading the investigation.
Can you tell us what your job is here at the park, Noel? I'm the ranger from the south west.
- From Disley to Breeze Hill.
- Unzip your jacket, love.
We can't have a proper chat zipped up like that, can we? Now, why didn't you call the police straightaway? There's no signal down there.
- Will I lose my job because of this? - Why would you lose your job? Dunno.
Did you recognise the woman? No.
I hardly saw her face.
How difficult is the route you found her on? I-I don't Well, would you say only an experienced walker would take that route where you found her? Or is it a an everyday one? I don't know.
I'm new.
I don't know about this kind of stuff, so you're just gonna have to ask Stanley.
My boss, Stanley Booth.
Can I go now, please? You'll be OK, son.
We'll get you a lift home.
Terrible business.
Poor lad was really shaken.
We'll make sure he gets home OK.
Can we ask you a couple of questions, Stanley? Yeah, absolutely.
Whatever I can do to help.
You're the manager here? Yeah, I manage the centre and the cafe, as well as the upkeep of this side of the park.
Does the name Angela Konan mean anything to you? - Angela? - Mm.
Was that her? Aye, we think so.
Did you know her? Yeah, a little.
Just from round the park.
Ah And did you see her, at the weekend? I don't work weekends.
So when would you say was the last time you saw her? Not for a while, you Sorry, I'm just a bit shocked.
- No, that all right, love.
- Er a few weeks ago? Do you know how many visitors walk through here over the weekend? Oh Approximately? Well, it's hard to give exact figures cos people enter at different points.
I mean, there's two more between here and Breeze Hill.
Can you show us on the map? Er, yeah, well, er this is the part of the park that we look after, erm You can park on the road here and enter there, or up near Disley Park train station, there's another entrance, but people enter from private property all over the place.
We're surrounded by farmers' fields.
And what are the purple squares? - Bothies.
- What?! They're resting places.
Like stone huts.
I see you got three? Yeah, there's three in the area, but one's not fit for purpose.
Anyone from anywhere could have attacked her.
There's an entrance every other mile.
We can get CCTV from all the official entrances, but it's gonna be hard to trace every route in and out of here.
And what about them two? Like a double act.
Odd, the pair of 'em.
Maybe it's a prerequisite for working here.
Lonely place for her to die.
Right, I want uniform right round the periphery of this side of the park doing house-to-house.
Someone must have seen her.
Yes, ma'am.
So, I spoke to the neighbour.
She said she definitely wasn't married.
Christine? Make sure we take this.
Yes, Ma'am.
I think she lived alone.
There's a rack of shoes here.
All the same size.
She left her phone here.
Seven missed calls.
No caller ID.
Why wouldn't you take your phone on a walking trip? Alone.
- We don't know she was alone.
- Well, maybe she forgot it? Mm Maybe didn't wanna hear from anyone.
We've all done that.
She worked at Home Steps.
Is it definitely Angela? I mean are you sure? As sure as we can be at this stage.
Yeah, we're hoping to get a formal identification as soon as possible.
Do you have the name of her next of kin? No.
Nobody that I know of.
When did you last talk to her? Thursday.
I was on leave on Friday.
You didn't speak on Saturday? Oh yes.
I tried calling, but I couldn't get through.
- Was it a normal week here last week? - How do you mean? - Well, did anything unusual happen? - No, not really But we are all under extra pressure right now working on a new bid after getting our grant cut.
But, you know, staying positive.
Was Angela a positive person? She wouldn't even hear talk about closing down.
Did she ever confide in you about her personal life? I mean, did the two of you socialise? Some of us get together for a drink every week.
She'd join us occasionally, but she wasn't a regular.
So, what was the nature of her work here? She was a support worker, facilitating resettlement after residential rehab - for alcohol and substance abuse.
- Ooh, high stakes work.
You said that you tried to call her on Saturday? Yes.
A few times.
Any particular reason? No, just checking in, you know.
On her weekend off? Ah, I must have wanted to ask her something.
I can't remember what.
OK, now is there a list of the women she worked with we could have? And also a note of her appointments for the last couple of weeks.
Angela Konan, 55 years old.
Her body was found by a ranger in the Disley Valley area of the National Park this mornin'.
No apparent next of kin and no obvious suspect yet.
- A random attack? - Yeah, could be, Jac.
Now, her manager at the Home Steps housing project, Darlene Houghton, said she had a happy, busy work life, but she did seem to be stressed these past few weeks.
Funding problems.
"Now, work carried out by the support workers "included family sessions, "such as facilitating the re-establishment "of fractured family relationships.
" Try saying that after a skinful.
And talking of skinfuls, when's Kenny back? Oh, he's got the wedding tomorrow.
That's the third time his daughter's been married by my reckoning.
No, he's got three daughters, ma'am.
Has he?! Oh Darlene said that the National Park was her favourite place and that she would often go up there to get away from it all.
Yeah, but she also said she sometimes took women from the project up there.
She got on "brilliantly" with the women.
They all went to her with their problems.
So while we dig deeper into her personal life, lets focus on her work at Home Steps.
I mean, working with estranged families could be a possible lead.
I mean, did she have an argument with one of the residents? Er, I'm still working back from Friday, but so far what stands out is Angela evicted someone on Friday morning.
- Did she? - Yeah.
She issued an immediate notice to leave at 10:30am.
Ayisha Nassar, aged 28.
Angela was her key worker.
Do the notes say what the eviction was for? No, looks like they're incomplete.
Just a signature from her and from Ayisha.
What about the rest of the notes? Are they filled in comprehensively? - Uh, yeah, it's just that day.
- Hmm Have we got an address or a number for this Ayisha? - I'm working on it.
- Ma'am, we got Angela on CCTV.
8:45 on Saturday morning, heading straight for the south-west area of the park.
8:45? Well, she had a meeting booked in on her home calendar for eight on Saturday morning, with "B".
I mean, find out who "B" is and whether that meeting took place.
We've established her manager called her six times on Saturday, but what about that unidentified call at 8:15? I'll get on it.
We're also missing her bag, coat and boots.
Yeah, and scarf.
Is that a takeaway coffee she's got in her hand? Yeah, she must have stopped off on the way.
Maybe she met "B" for a coffee? Well, that's what I'm thinking.
- Well, find out where.
- DS Healey.
And we need to locate her belongings.
I wanna know why she was up that park with no coat or boots.
We've got blood in one of the bothies.
Early start, Malcolm? - Late night and an early start.
- Mm.
But we've just found this.
- Hidden.
- A teapot?! Something tells me it hasn't been used for brewing Earl Grey.
How do you know it was hidden and not just here? - It was in the rafters.
- Well, that's bizarre.
Wrapped in a towel, with care.
So whoever it belongs to uses the place regularly.
Where's the blood? Blood is there, and there.
That's a perfect height if she'd stumbled or was pushed.
- None on the floor.
- Are you sure? The head wound was minimal, so I wasn't expecting to find an excessive amount of blood.
- So no match? - Not yet.
But it fits with the time scale, mm? It does, yes.
Oh, and there are no signs of any belongings.
- Mm.
- Door's not been forced.
Maybe she disturbed somebody? Or she was spotted and followed in? Hmm Maybe she came in for a rest.
Would've taken off her coat and shoes, and was then attacked.
And ran? Mm.
I want all the DNA here taken for analysis, Malcolm.
Are you still on for the postmortem results at one? I'll be there.
With the teapot.
Ooh, good.
Maybe we can have a brew.
Ha-ha (!) - I thought you were all done here? - Not just yet.
- Y'all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Mr Booth, do you or your staff clean the bothies up in the park? We make sure they're left the way they were found, I mean, but, pfft, most visitors tidy up after themselves.
Who cleans them? - That's Noel's job.
- Every day? Every Monday morning.
Er, what about lost property? Well, it's cleared and logged.
Can you check to see if anything was collected from there Monday? I don't think there was anything.
Well, can you check? Looks like there was some items.
Ah, well, can we have a look, please, love? These look like Angela's to me.
And you didn't think to check these boxes, Mr Booth? We do it at the end of the week.
- And it was Noel who brought this in? - Well, he would have done.
And is Noel in work today? No, he called in sick, he All the excitement.
He's a sensitive one.
Yeah, well, we'll be paying him a home visit.
And we'll need your prints and DNA, love.
Mine? Why? Well, I'm assuming you handled these items? He went as white as a sheet when he saw us again.
Well, seeing a dead body and having us all over the place - may have taken its toll.
- Aye, a body found under his nose, and neither he nor his protege thinks twice about finding this lot in the bothy? There's something not right here.
Jury's out on the pair of them.
Sorry about the mess.
It's my flatmates.
- I'm a tidy person.
- Yeah, can you just leave that love? - Cos we need to talk to you.
- Wh-What about? You cleared the bothy up near Roamers Point on Monday.
Do you remember? Yeah.
What did you find? A pair of boots, jacket and a bag.
Yeah, well, those items belonged to the dead lady you found.
Have I messed something up? By touching them or some other way? Well, it would have been helpful to have known about them.
I didn't think.
You noticed she wasn't wearing boots, didn't you? Well, did you not think the ones you found might have belonged to her? Are you all right, love? I didn't.
Where were you, on Saturday? Here.
Who with? My flatmates.
Are your flatmates here now? No.
Well, when your flatmates return, you tell them the police need to talk to them.
All right? Did you hear what DCI Stanhope said, Noel? My flatmates, to call you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's it.
He finds the body and doesn't call straight away.
And finds her belongings and says nothing.
I'm not buying that he wouldn't have put two and two together about her boots and clothes.
- I wanna listen to that 999 call.
- Absolutely.
And get someone down here to get his prints and DNA.
Ah, the wanderer returns! The wanderer has had a lot of ground to cover.
- How's it going up there? - Well, we should have finished processing the scene by the end of the day.
I take it that's for me? Yeah, retrieved from the bothy by the park ranger.
Been handled by untold numbers of people no doubt? - Yep.
- Teapot first.
So we found significant, recent traces of psilocybin the naturally occurring psychedelic compound which is found in - Magic mushrooms.
- Very good.
From where, up in the park? Possibly.
It is the right time of year for them, though they could've been home-grown.
- What about prints? - Ah, well, you see, this teapot has been meticulously cleaned and cared for.
But in a moment of brilliance, I managed to lift two.
Well, I wouldn't have expected anything less from you, Malcolm.
Have we got a match? Not on the system.
So official cause of death is hypothermia.
It appears that none of the injuries led to her death.
So she might have survived if she was found soon after the attack? Possibly.
But there are also these injuries around her collar bone and chest.
What, more evidence of a struggle? No, I'd say that she was involved in a minor traffic collision.
Those bruises suggest seatbelt injury to me.
On the passenger side.
Thanks, Malcolm.
OK, everyone, listen up.
Now, the postmortem shows cause of death, hypothermia.
It also shows further injuries possibly sustained from a minor traffic collision, day or two before she died.
Seatbelt bruising.
Passenger seat.
I'll check for any traffic incidents on her routes.
Yeah, the bruising could well be from hard braking, but check anyway.
Jac, have you got anything for me? Yeah.
We found where she bought her coffee from, it's a little place in Market Square.
The owner served her on Friday and Saturday morning.
- Was there anyone with her? - No, she always went in there alone.
But the owner mentioned that she seemed out of sorts on the Friday.
Mark, where are we with her phone records? Er, her last outgoing calls were on Friday during work hours, and all have been accounted for.
But what about the unidentified caller on Saturday? Looks to be an unregistered pay-as-you-go, but we'll keep looking.
Anything new from the flat? Contact details for family or friends? - Absolutely nothing, ma'am.
- Nothing?! No photos? Paperwork? No, not even an old passport, but maybe that was her.
An organised woman who lived alone and had a good clear-out every year.
Yeah, but she still had a past, Jac! Parents, a childhood, previous address I mean, w-where was she before Home Steps? Did she pay tax? Where was she born? Where did she go to school? We've gotta build a picture of this woman.
I'm collating a list of everyone who knew the park was her special place.
Well, that's probably everyone from Home Steps! How we doing interviewing the, uh, residents? The only people we haven't made initial contact with are Ayisha Nassar and Beth Draper.
Who's Beth Draper? Like Ayisha Nassar, she also moved on from the project last weekend.
No eviction, though, she was being reunited with her daughter in a flat.
Beth? She could be this "B" she was due to meet on Saturday.
Yes, ma'am.
Although she was off-duty on Saturday.
Hm Have we got an address yet, for this Ayisha? I've spoken with the manager of a drop-in service that she uses.
She's pretty confident that Ayisha will be at this afternoon's session.
- It's 3 till 5pm, on Lean Road.
- Right.
Aiden, leave that.
Come on.
- What happened to her? - That's what we're investigating.
What do you wanna speak to me for? I don't know anything about it.
Well, we understand she evicted you on Friday? Yeah, she kicked me out for no good reason.
If it wasn't for an old mate, I'd be on the street.
Not that she cared.
Why did she evict you? Weed, which they usually turn a blind eye to.
Total overreaction.
And now I'm screwed.
She's not exactly in the best place herself pet.
Ah, yeah, well, you never really know a person, do ya? Can you talk us through it? How did the eviction come about exactly? She came in, went through me stuff, opened me drawers, found a bit of weed and that was it.
Why was she going through your stuff in the first place? I don't know, why don't you ask her? Was there an argument? Well, I wasn't gonna walk out without a fight, was I? - I told her what I thought.
- Which was? That the whole thing was a joke.
Would you say that was out of character? To evict someone for having a tiny bit of weed? Yeah.
She was on the warpath.
I had no chance.
She had a face on her from the minute she walked in the door.
Yeah, well, aside from all of that, would you say she was she a good support worker? She was all right.
She ever take you up to the National Park? Ha! Yeah, there's a day in my life I'll never get back again.
Now, is there anyone at the project she had problems with? Anyone you think we should talk to? I don't know.
You're the detectives, aren't you? Aye, pet, we are, and we're trying to find out what's happened to her.
So can you help us or not? Have you spoken to Beth Draper? They were really close.
In what sense? They were joined at the hip.
Beth's like a needy kid.
I bet she wouldn't have evicted her for having a bit of weed.
Beth? That's empty, that one.
Er, we've got this as the address of a Beth Draper and her daughter? Police, love.
No, no-one lives there.
You've not seen a woman and a teenage girl moving stuff in? - Or coming or going? - No, sorry.
All right, thanks, love.
Get onto Jac.
I want her found.
Priority! If she's not here or the housing project, where the hell is she? PHONE RINGING - Malcolm.
You got something for me? A match with the teapot.
Same prints on the jacket and the boots.
- Don't tell me.
The park ranger? - So it would seem.
Noel Henderson, you're being interviewed in regard to the death of Angela Konan.
Do you understand why you're here? Yes.
For the purpose of the tape, DCI Stanhope has entered the room.
So, Noel - need some answers from you.
- OK.
I mean, if I if-if I can help Oh, I'm sure you can.
Now, then why did we find this teapot hidden in the rafters of a bothy in the park, with your prints and bearing traces of psilocybin? What? That's magic mushrooms to you, pet.
Mm? We're waitin'.
I make medicine with them.
- Medicine? - It's a class A drug! - I have tea ceremonies.
- Mushroom-tea ceremonies? Being in nature helps with my anxiety.
W-Will I lose my job? Oh, that's the least of your worries, pet.
Now, were you in the bothy on Saturday night? Is that a crime? - What time were you there? - Around nine.
And how long did you stay? I-I can't remember.
- Who were you with? - Nobody.
- I was alone.
- Did you see Angela? No.
Ah, maybe she interrupted your little ceremony? - No! - Did you seen anyone at all? The tea was pretty strong, I I can't remember.
Well, we know Angela was at the bothy on Saturday night.
Of course, you know that, don't you? Because you found her boots and stuff.
Sorry, ca can I stop, please? I'll ask you again, were they there on Saturday night?! - Maybe, I dunno.
- Well, that's not good enough.
- Where they or weren't they?! - I was focused on the tea! If you can't remember anything, how do you know you didn't bump into Angela and attack her in that bothy? Cos somebody did! Me? Attack someone? Wh-Why would I attack anyone? I wouldn't! I know I wouldn't.
- I would have remembered that! - Are you sure you'd have remembered? Yeah, of course I would.
So when you say you can't remember, that's not really true, is it? No.
I mean Yes! It is.
Yeah, well, which is it? I didn't realise how strong it was.
I thought I was hallucinating, and the thing is, it's it's all still a bit of a blur.
I thought I just thought it was the mushrooms, but I didn't realise until after I saw her.
But now I don't know if Are you saying you did see Angela on Saturday night? She was, just lying there.
And I didn't think she was real.
Where did you see her? In the bothy? She was in the woods.
So when you found her on Tuesday, you were actually looking for her? You already knew she was there! - No.
- You must have! You knew she was real because you'd found her things the night before.
No! I didn't.
I swear, I didn't know what I thought.
- Did you speak to her on Saturday? - No.
She looked like she was sleeping.
She was She was on the ground, but not where I found her on Tuesday.
Somewhere different.
She'd moved? So, she was definitely still alive when you saw her on Saturday! Yeah.
Meaning, that poor woman had been stumbling through that park, dying, looking for someone to help her.
I could have saved her.
I want him done for possession, and I want him held until I'm sure he absolutely had no physical contact with Angela on Saturday.
Yes, ma'am.
Now, then, we need to talk to this illusive Beth Draper.
- Have we got the next of kin address? - Yeah, we've got it.
- Do you wanna go there now? - Well, yes, now! Jac! Where are we digging into her victim's past? Nothing yet, ma'am.
Mark's onto it now.
Look, I hope no-one thinks because this woman lives alone and has no family, the pressure's not on to find her attacker! I want every woman at Home Steps looked at thoroughly.
- Reports on my desk in the morning.
- Ma'am.
Excuse me, pet.
You Beth Draper's daughter? - Yeah.
Who wants to know? - Police, love.
Erm, we're looking for your mam.
What's happened now? Has she been arrested? - Do you know where she is? - Sorry, can I can I help you? Uh, DCI Vera Stanhope.
DS Healy.
We're looking for Beth Draper.
- Can't this wait until the morning? - I'm afraid not.
When was the last time any of you saw her or heard from her? Saturday.
Is she OK? She's not in any trouble, is she? Now, the address we have for her is a flat on Cairns Street.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
Yeah, she was supposed to move in last Saturday, but there's been a delay.
Is that what you call it? She's messed it up again! It was never gonna happen.
Why would she even bother giving us a key?! Maya! My mam's changed her mind about actually wanting to be a parent for the first time in her life! Do you know a woman called Angela Konan? Yeah, she's Beth's support worker.
Well, I'm afraid she was found dead yesterday.
- Oh, no! - What?! Oh, God.
Oh, Beth'll be devastated.
We understand that they were close? Yeah, she were like a mother to her.
Did the two of you know Angela? Yeah, she were about the only person Beth'd speak to sometimes, so we'd often go through Angela to speak or arrange something with Beth, wouldn't we? Yeah, that's right.
And how long you been looking after your niece? On and off for five years.
So this was supposed to be a fresh start for everyone? That was the idea.
So what happened? Mm? Why did Beth change her mind about moving? We don't know.
She turned up here last Saturday in a terrible state.
Said she couldn't cope and she wasn't ready.
Did she say why? Had something happened? I couldn't get any real sense out of her, but she did say summat about being let down again.
Do you know if she met with Angela on Saturday? - In the morning, perhaps? - I don't, sorry.
I'm going out! Do you know where we can find Beth? Try Shaun Barrow.
- Shaun Barrow, is that her boyfriend? - If you can call it that.
An awful human being.
Angela did everything she could to keep Beth away from him, but she kept going back.
Last time she relapsed was cos of him.
Angela went round there and literally dragged her out, - didn't she? - Or tried to.
So he knew Angela? Oh, they knew each other, and they most certainly were not friends.
So, what we have is a vulnerable woman trying to stay clean and get her life back on track with her daughter, and a small-time career criminal she can't seem to stay away from.
- When did the family last see Beth? - Saturday.
When she told her daughter that their move to the new flat was off.
Oh, sorry, ma'am.
Oh, Mark, you're here.
I hope you've got something for me.
Well, I had an early appointment at the registry office.
I checked through the deed poll records.
Right? Well, Angela's birth name was RACHEL Angela Konan.
Married name Kassin.
Finally! Some light shed on this woman! Well done, Mark, good work.
So who was she married to? A Jack Kassin, who she ran a family restaurant with in the late '90s.
It's still there.
We're not open yet.
Actually, we're looking for a Jack Kassin? - What's this about? - Do you know him? He's our dad.
- Jack Kassin? - Yes.
Who wants to know? So what's this about? Er, there's not easy way to say this, sir.
But I'm afraid we found the body of a woman in the National Park at the weekend.
Right And we believe it to be that of your wife.
What?! We're very, very sorry.
How do you know it's her? We found identification at the scene.
In whose name? So you were aware that she had changed her name? - Yes, we knew.
- Like we wanted to find her anyway.
The ID was under the name of Angela Konan.
When did you last see your wife, sir? Um July 1999.
But the two of you were still married, is that right? Well, you can't divorce someone you can't find.
I didn't want a divorce.
When was the last time you saw your mother? We haven't seen her since she left.
So there's been no relationship at all? No.
How did she die? I'm afraid I can't give you those details at the moment, sir.
Would you be able to identify your wife's body, Mr Kassin? - Yes.
- No! Sh-She really has nothing to do with us.
I'll do it.
No! Why?! Because she was our mother.
- Seriously? - Stop! Both of you.
I'll do it.
I can come now, if you like.
It's OK, Mr Kassin.
You can take your time.
We'll make you an appointment and get you a car if needed.
- That was a bombshell for 'em.
- Hm.
Leaving your kids aged, what, ten? The woman must have been desperate.
Let's do a background check on him.
See there's no reports of any domestics.
DS Healy.
Yes? Great.
Thank you.
What? Get away from me! I don't want your help.
She was the only one that cared! Please go away! DCI Stanhope.
'Ey, that's some temper you got on you there, Beth.
How's the hand? Do you feel up to answering some questions? Mm? Where've you been for the last five days? Here and there.
Different mates.
Your sister mentioned a boyfriend? Shaun.
- Have you been staying with him? - Mostly, yeah.
- Anywhere else? - No.
I've been there.
Do you wanna tell us about your relationship with Angela? - What do you want to know? - Well, we understand the two of you were close.
- Yeah, I guess.
- Joined at the hip, we heard.
Well, she was there for everyone.
But, yeah, we were pretty tight.
Was there a specific reason for that? Did you bond over something? She knew I was desperate to get my daughter back.
And she was helping you do that? Yeah.
And she helped me get the flat.
Why didn't you move in on Saturday? SHE SIGHS Cold feet.
I do want to be with Maya, I just Was Angela supposed to meet you on Saturday morning? Yeah, at the flat.
But she didn't turn up.
Did she call you? Message? No.
And that was a first, was it? No show.
No contact? Yeah.
Oh, how did that make you feel? Hm? Upset? Not really.
- Confused? - Maybe.
- Did you try and call her? - Yeah, but she didn't answer.
Do you have a pay-as-you-go phone, by any chance? Yeah.
How'd your boyfriend get on with Angela? - What? Why? - It's just a straightforward question.
Well, they didn't really know each other.
- But they've met? - Yeah.
How did he feel about you getting your own place? Fine.
Did Angela ever talk about her personal life? Her family? Friends? There was a bloke she met.
- A boyfriend? - No, I don't think so.
More like a mate or something.
They used to meet him up at the park.
Are you sure about that, love? Because we understood she was a solitary sort of person outside of work, - liked to walk alone.
- Yeah, no, I'm sure.
She told me.
What was his name? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
When can I go home? Oh, come on, we'll give you a lift.
All part of the service.
I thought you were going home? I'm homeless, remember.
I'm gonna take a bath.
Thanks for dropping her off.
You can shut the door on your way out.
Nah, we've got some questions for you, Mr Barrow.
Yeah, what about? Beth says that she spent the weekend here with you.
Is that right? I don't have to talk to you.
Is there a reason you wouldn't want to help us with our enquiries? I'm just saying.
I don't have to speak to you.
Whose flat is this? Is it yours? It's my brother's.
AIDEN WHISTLES I'm looking after it for him.
So, what enquiries? We're investigating the death of Angela Konan.
She's dead? So you knew her, then? Yeah, nosy old cow.
How charming (!) Well, she was! She had no life of her own so stuck her beak into everyone else's.
When did you last her? - Don't know.
- Recently? Nah.
Anything else? I've got stuff to do.
That's it.
We will speak again, though.
And you can shut the door yourself.
Well, there's no love lost there.
Nah, fella like that has love for no-one.
He's a wrong'un.
And Angela was onto him.
Mr Kassin.
Can you tell me a little about your wife? Well she was amazing.
Kind, clever, beautiful.
And an addict.
What, drink or drugs? Everything and anything.
Tough childhood, you see.
It never really left her.
I tried to make up for it.
But That didn't work.
Ah, well, I'm not sure it ever does.
Er, how did you know she'd changed her name? I tracked her down, just over 12 years ago.
She was sober.
So, you lied? I didn't wanna say in front of my kids, but I wanted us to try again which is daft, I know, given everything that's happened, but I never gave up hope, you know? But she'd moved on, said it was too late.
Said the kids would never accept her.
I became a bit unwell at that time.
I had a bit of a breakdown, you know.
Why did she change her name? Even though she was in recovery, she was still ashamed.
Of leaving the kids.
I think she changed it so they'd never find her.
AIDEN SIGHS Poor fella.
Aye, he's certainly been through it, that's for sure.
So what are you thinking? I'm thinking she might have started drinking again.
She's not filling in her paperwork properly.
She missed that meeting with Beth on Saturday.
- Evicted Ayisha.
- Yeah, there's that.
So let's say she was secretly drinking whilst trying to support women in recovery, women she genuinely cared about.
So, is she drinking because she's stressed, - or stressed because she's drinking? - Ma'am, you'll wanna see this.
What am I looking at? It's historical CCTV from the Visitors' Centre.
This is two months ago, on Friday the 2nd of August at 10:25.
There's Angela outside.
- Oh, that's the scarf.
- Yeah.
And there she is inside the centre on the 16th of August.
Oh, here he is, Tweedledee.
Wait for it.
On the 10th of July Look at what he does now.
He's the man that Beth said she was meeting up there? We've got three more clips like that.
Angela going in, then Stanley serving and joining her.
How long does he sit with her? Between ten and 18 minutes each time.
And you said you didn't know her, Stanley! Oh, he knew her.
On two of those meetings, they leave together.
Mr Booth.
- Back again? - Oh, aye.
Now, where were you on Saturday night? I was I was at my sister's.
It was my nephew's birthday.
All night? Yeah.
Most of it.
Where does your sister live? Other side of town.
About half an hour or so away.
Now, is this you with Angela Konan on July 10th? And again on August 2nd and again on August 16th? - Looks like it.
- So, yes? Yes.
So, you lied when you told us you knew her "only a little".
I can't remember I apologise if I wasn't clear enough.
No, it's not a question of being clear, love, - it's a question of lying.
- I didn't lie! So, where did the two of you go after you left the centre? For a walk.
A walk.
Where? Around the park.
What so you spent hours together? It was a regular occurrence.
When'd you last see Angela alive? - Oh, not for a while.
- Be specific.
Four weeks ago.
How often did you talk to her? It wasn't a regularly thing.
It was just casual.
She'd come into the centre, I'd be there.
Ah, come off it.
You can just leave your post at the centre, can you? Go for a walk whenever you feel like it? Or did she miraculously turn up at the end of your shift? Did the two of you exchange calls, messages? No.
So we won't find her details on your mobile? We could always check Angela's phone records No.
I think we-we did exchange numbers at some point.
So another lie? I hope you've got the name of a good solicitor, Stanley.
Cos you're going to need it.
Get me a warrant to search his house.
- With pleasure.
- I'll drop you off at the station.
Do you recognise him? I think so.
I can't think where from, though.
Now, take your time, love.
Take your time.
I know.
Yeah, I've seen him outside Home Steps.
- What? What was he doing there? - I don't know.
Just being weird.
How d'you mean "weird"? What was he doing? Just, you know, hanging around.
When was this? A few weeks back? Not long ago.
Angela had to tell him to leave.
And you're sure it was him? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Thanks, love.
We've found nothing, Ma'am.
Yeah, well, get 'em to keep looking.
Beth Draper just ID'd him as hanging around Home Steps a week-and-a-half ago.
- What? He's got some front.
- Aye, hasn't he just.
Ma'am, we've got something.
Oh, ye of little faith.
Well, well, well.
Can you explain why this scarf, worn by the deceased on the day she died, was under your bed? Mr Booth? And can you to explain why this item was also under your bed? - I didn't hurt her.
- Just answer the question.
Why where these items found in your possession? - I took 'em.
- What, when you attacked her? No! From the lost property box.
Ah, so you just decided to stuff 'em in your pocket - and then hide them in your house? - They weren't hidden.
- You knew that scarf was Angela's.
- I didn't.
We've got you on CCTV with her, when she was wearing it on several occasions.
So when you took these items from the lost property box, you knew they belonged to Angela, didn't you? I didn't know she was dead.
I don't know why I took 'em.
Or why I lied.
Well I lied because I took 'em.
You also lied about the nature of your relationship with Angela? No.
- We had a connection.
- What kind of connection? It was private.
Well, describe it.
She trusted me.
She could talk to me about personal stuff.
For example? Family.
Look, I'm getting sick of your cryptic answers, love.
Your friend Here you are, that's you, isn't it? was brutally attacked and left to die, and her personal items are found in your possession.
That's not looking good, love.
Tell him.
All right.
She hadn't seen her kids for a long time.
I know it really bothered her.
This has got something to do with them.
I'm sure it has.
What makes you say that? A few weeks back, she-she tried to get in touch with them.
That's when she went funny on me.
After that, we stopped our walks, and she wouldn't return my calls - or message me back.
- Is that when you attacked her? No! I didn't! What? Is that why you went to Home Steps Housing Project looking for her? Cos she was ignoring you? No, I, I That-That was a misunderstanding.
I was confused.
Did you turn up anywhere else? - Only a few times.
- A few times?! And did she tell you to stop "turning up"? Sometimes, people don't know what's best for them.
Listen, love, when a woman says go away, she means go away.
And when a woman stops answering your calls and your messages, she means go away! Now, did you follow her up to the bothy on Saturday? No! I didn't see her on Saturday.
So, when did you last see her? - Friday.
- Give me strength.
You saw her on Friday and didn't think to tell us? I followed her from her house, Friday morning.
- I didn't speak to her, I promise! - What, you were stalking her? No! I was I I was desperate.
I was worried.
I loved her.
Tell us precisely what happened on Friday.
I followed her to a cafe on Market Square.
I was gonna go inside, but I didn't want to surprise her.
Scare her, more like.
I waited outside, and when she left I went back to work.
You can check the time I arrived, you've got the CCTV.
Oh, we will, love.
Look, I'm I'm really sorry I took her things, I truly am, but I would never ever hurt Angela.
You have to believe me.
Do you believe him? I believe he's deluded.
But, no, I don't think he killed her.
So, where does that leave us? Back to square one? Now, you say, you left and went back to work on Friday.
I told you I did.
But you waited and watched her leave the cafe? Yeah.
I think you followed her, Stanley.
You'd already followed her all the way from her home.
I couldn't follow her.
She got into a car.
- Who's car? - I don't know.
Don't lie to me, Stanley, you're already looking at perverting the course of justice.
This isn't about making yourself look less bad, it's about finding out whoever it was attacked your friend.
Hm? Now you're telling me she got into some car.
- She did.
- Who's car? I didn't see.
Well, what type of car was it? What colour? HE SIGHS Grey, maybe.
Might've been a Mercedes.
Aiden! Looks like Stanley was telling the truth, - his alibi stands up.
His sister - Listen to this.
We're going to find out why Jack Kassin failed to mention Angela had been in touch with them in the weeks leading up to her death, and to find out where he was on Friday morning.
Where were you between 8:00 and 9:15 on Friday morning? - What's this about? - Answer the question, please, sir.
I'm not sure.
I'll have to check my diary.
You've got a grey Mercedes, don't you? Yes, but Angela was picked up in a grey Mercedes on Friday morning.
It must be a coincidence.
It wasn't me.
- She contacted you lately? - No.
And I've said.
Now, I think we'll finish this down at the station.
- This is ridiculous.
- I've had enough lies for one day, love.
This way, please, Mr Kassin.
It was me! In the car.
- I picked her up.
- What? She contacted me three-and-a-half weeks ago.
After all this time, how do you feel about your mam contacting you? Angela.
I didn't feel anything.
Did you want contact with her? You met her more than once.
Well, the first time we met was weird.
I was curious, but, no, I didn't want contact with her.
So it wasn't upsetting when the reunion didn't go well? It wasn't exactly a reunion, but, yeah, I suppose in some level, it didn't feel great.
Why do you think she approached you and not your brother? I really don't know.
Perhaps she thought we'd have some sort of female bond.
- But you didn't? - Clearly not.
Why didn't you tell your dad your mam had contacted you? Do you know what she did to him? Ah, now, I do know your dad took the breakdown of his marriage hard.
She rejected him again 12 years ago, and he tried to kill himself.
There's no way I was gonna let him get hurt again.
He thinks I don't know.
Did you have a car accident on Friday? I wouldn't call it an accident.
Just that your mother, Angela, - she had visible injuries from an accident.
- Mm.
I had to make an emergency brake.
So, why, exactly? I could smell the drink on her, but she just kept denying it.
After all that talk about being a different person, she actually hadn't changed at all.
Oh, that make you angry? Yes! I was angry! OK, love.
Let's just get this straight.
You met her the first time, and it was odd.
And then you met her again, just to see if there was a future, - and there wasn't.
- That's right.
So my question to you is this Why did you meet her again on Friday? Because that awful lass came to the restaurant.
What lass? Oh Just Some sort of protege of hers.
Wanted to let me know how hurt Angela was.
How she didn't deserve it and what an amazing person she was.
- When was this? - Thursday night.
- Did Angela know about that? - No.
She were angry herself.
That someone from the place where she worked - would just barge into our lives.
- What did this lass look like? Early '30s Pendent with the letter 'M' on.
You've got some explaining to do, Beth Draper.
It's the Police! Open up! Open up! Police! What do you want? Agh.
We have a warrant, love.
Now, where's Beth? You've just missed her.
Oh, having a small party? Just a small one.
Is it a crime? No, love, it isn't.
But this is.
She's on the move! She's gone out the back! Shaun Barrow, I'm arresting you for possession of a Class A drug.
Beth! Beth! Beth! Do you sell anything else, apart from 20 grams of cocaine - we retrieved from your flat? - That's not mine.
- Well, whose is it? Your brother's? - No idea.
That happen a lot, does it? People leaving cocaine down the back of your sofa? When we attended your flat today, Beth Draper had just left.
Any idea how she came about those injuries on her face? None whatsoever.
Oh, so you're saying you had nothing to do with these injuries? Definitely not.
Now, we'd like to talk about Angela Konan.
Can you tell us about your relationship with her? There's nothing to tell.
I've had to tell her to do one a few times, like.
And when is the last time you had to tell her to "do one"? Saturday? No.
How do you feel about Beth getting her own flat? None of my business.
Or yours.
So, you were ok with Angela helping your girlfriend to gain independence? - She's not my girlfriend.
- Well, it certainly seems that way.
I can't help it if she likes being around me.
She just turns up.
If I'm honest, I feel sorry for her.
She's a bit of a loon.
"A loon"? Yeah, you know, nuts.
Like most women.
Now, listen, whatever happens here in the next minutes and hours is going to determine your future.
So you need to think very carefully about your exact movements on Saturday night and whether anyone can vouch for them.
I had some business with a mate.
Illegal business, I'm guessing? What time did you leave and return to the flat? - Early, and late.
- Don't push it, Shaun.
I left at seven, I got home at two, two thirty.
So you've no idea if Beth was in the flat between those hours.
None whatsoever.
- Shall I tell you what I think? - I'm sure you're going to.
Underneath all that bravado, is just a sad little bully.
Is that what you think, yeah? Mm.
Did you try to bully Angela? She stand up to you? No.
I've got better things to do than leg it up hills after some old bat.
Like I said, no idea where Beth was Saturday night, so why don't you take your little notebook and go and speak to her? For the purpose of the tape, DCI Stanhope has entered the room.
Tell us what happened to your face.
Did Shaun do that? Shaun wouldn't touch me.
He's not like that.
Why am I here? Oh, well, just so's you know, your alibi for Saturday night doesn't hold up.
- But I was with Shaun.
- Well, he's just told us different.
- Didn't take him long, did it? - Not long at all.
He said some other nasty, disrespectful things as well.
Let's go back to last week.
Where were you Thursday evening? Er Nowhere special.
I was with Maya for a bit.
What about after that? Did you go to town? To see Lara? Angela's daughter? I wanted to help.
You told us you didn't know her family.
That she didn't talk about her personal life.
She didn't, usually.
Not ever.
It was just in the last couple of weeks that I knew something was up.
- Well, how'd you know that? - Cos she She'd started drinking.
I mean, nobody else noticed, but I knew her.
And then on Wednesday night, I I caught her drinking at work.
I just, I wanted to support her.
I felt protective of her.
Did you tell Darlene? No.
I got rid of the drink, and that is when she told me about the kids.
She-She was so upset.
She was in a state.
I'd never seen her like that before.
She was saying that she was a a terrible person, an awful mother.
Which I knew couldn't be true! What did you say to Lara at the restaurant? That Angela deserved a second chance.
People make mistakes.
Don't they? I do.
I make them all the time.
How did Angela react when you told her you'd approached her daughter? She was disappointed and hurt.
- And angry? - A bit.
- Were you angry? - A bit.
I just wanted to help.
It's another mistake, I guess.
And did that anger grow over the next 24 hours, Beth? What? No! Well, it influenced your decision about moving into the flat.
Which in turn upset your daughter who went missing for most of the weekend, which caused more upset.
- Now, did that fuel your anger, love? - No! I mean, it did affect me, but Did you go looking for Angela when she didn't turn up to help you move into your flat? - When she wasn't answer your calls? - No! I honestly didn't.
I think you took a punt that she was up at the park.
Her favourite place.
I didn't go to the park! The last time I was up there was weeks ago with Maya.
With Maya? Yeah, we-we were paddling in the stream.
Has Maya been to the bothy? Er no.
She didn't.
Did Maya know Angela was up there on Saturday night? Could she have found out? Did Maya do that to your face? No comment.
Interview terminated at 13:07.
No, wait! Why you stopping? Where are you going? - Is Maya here, love? - What's going on? We-We need to talk to Maya.
Well, she's at school.
She might have been there at 9:00 this morning, but she's not there now.
Oh, my God.
Oh, what's she done? Right, love.
Now, can you jot down the names and numbers of anyone she might be with, or anywhere she might've gone.
That's everyone we can think of.
Thank you.
On Saturday, after Beth left, having told Maya the move was off, you say she ran off then? Aye, but she didn't take any of her stuff with her.
Thanks, love.
If anything happens to her Now, I want a team out looking for her.
A distressed vulnerable, 15-year-old.
And get an officer over here in case she turns up.
Has Maya Draper been here today? No.
Is everything OK? Did you know Angela had a history of alcohol and substance abuse? No.
Did you ever have the conversation with her? Never came up.
But it did cross my mind.
Well, if you suspected there was an issue, you should have brought it up with her.
I'm not sure you realise the time and energy it takes to support the women here.
You have a duty of care to your staff as well as the residents.
Yes, yes, you're right.
And I feel awful, OK? Sorry.
It's just What? I should have been here on Friday.
If I had, then maybe Look, I don't know what's going on, and Maya hasn't been here.
But she did call.
- When did she call? - Saturday.
What for? She wanted to make a complaint about Angela.
What about? About her alleged drinking.
I talked her out of it.
So, you knew Angela had been drinking and still you didn't think to tell us? I didn't believe Maya.
Which is why I didn't record the complaint.
I was trying to protect her.
She could have lost her job.
Aye, and put a spanner in the works for your funding bid.
Yes! If this place closes, they lose the only home they have.
- Instead, a woman has lost her life.
- Where's the key for Beth's new flat? - Did she give it back? - No.
She still has it.
Good thinking.
Let's go find her.
It's all right, love.
Step back.
Hello? Maya? That's her bag.
Oh, God! Baby! Maya! Baby! - Call an ambulance.
- Maya! Maya! Please.
Can you hear me? Maya, wake up.
Maya! Maya! Maya, can you hear me? - We're leaving now.
- Yeah, and how is she? Quiet.
They're happy it's a case of reckless overindulgence.
Now the Maxwells are here.
Duncan's gonna act as appropriate adult.
We'll be in the soft room.
- OK.
I'll see you soon.
- Right.
Right, you, come on.
Right, your brother-in-law has agreed to act as an appropriate adult.
She's in no fit state to be interviewed! - She should be going home.
- A woman has died, love.
Or have you forgotten? Now, is there anything you want to tell me before I bring her in? I'm a terrible mam.
There's a time for pity parties, love, and it's not now.
Your daughter needs you.
Come in.
Come in.
Thanks, Jac.
Now, I want direct, honest answers from all of you.
Does Maya have a history of violent behaviour? Yes.
This isn't the first time.
What? That's a lie.
Oh, Beth, come on.
This is ridiculous! She's a child.
Beth, does your daughter attack you? - No.
- Yes.
Well, that eye tells us different, love.
When did she give you that? She came to Shaun's last night.
Now, what time did she leave your house on Saturday? Just after Beth left.
Around one.
Did she say where she was going? Into town to meet her mates.
She was supposed to be back by four, but by four thirty, there was no sign of her.
- I went to try and find her.
- And did you find her? Two hours later, sat under the bridge on Binder Street.
Will you stop! This is insane! Ma'am.
She is being processed downstairs.
Did she say anything in the car? No, not a word.
How are you feeling? Like shit.
My head's banging.
When can I go home? No.
I need to ask you some questions about Angela Konan.
You made a complaint about her? So? She was drunk at a meeting.
When was this? A week ago.
So why did you wait until Saturday to make the complaint? I can make a complaint whenever I like.
- There's no time limit.
- Yeah, but, why Saturday? - You know why! - Mm.
Because my mam wanted to go back and live in that dive instead of being a proper mam.
Ah, now, last night when you turned up at Shaun Barrow's place, what happened, hmm? That's a nasty black eye your mam has.
- Yeah, well, she wouldn't leave.
- Happens a lot, does it? You lashing out at people? I don't go round beating people up, if that's what you mean.
Ah, just your mam, is it? - Where were you on Saturday? - Out.
You left the house at 1:00pm.
Is that right? I don't know.
I don't want to be here! I want to go.
Sit down.
- No! I want to go home.
- Well, you can't.
Just sit.
- What, am I under arrest? - You're under police caution.
What the hell?! What, you're just gonna sit there? Now, where did you go when you left the house? To the bus stop, obviously.
And what about when you got to town? Who did you meet? - Some girls from school.
- Who? I can't remember.
Can we take a break for a minute? She's struggling.
No, we can't.
Did you go up the National Park on Saturday? Specifically to a bothy? - What's a bothy? - Please, let her have a break.
What time did you get back on Saturday? You were supposed to be back by four o'clock.
I'm never back by four.
Am I? Tell 'em.
Answer the question.
What time did you arrive home? It was around seven, or just after.
How did your uncle know where to find you? Cos I called him.
Didn't I? Well, did she? - Are you thinking what I'm thinking? - He's covering for her.
He never mentioned a phone call.
- Jac, Maya's phone records? - On your desk, Ma'am.
He said he went out looking for her and eventually found her, not he went looking for her and she calls to say where to pick her up! They both said that.
Him and Lou.
Got ya! Aiden? The last three digits of Duncan's number? Right.
Now then, she made a call at 18:06.
How long would you say from the bridge on Binder Street, where he said he found her, to the Maxwell's house? Ten minutes.
Well, he said they got back at seven.
- That's 40 minutes unaccounted for! - Maybe they stopped off.
Or maybe he picked her up somewhere else, like the park, which is 40 minutes.
Ma'am, I've got a printout of the mast pings.
Thanks, Mark.
Here we are, 18:06.
Oh She was on Binder Street.
What is it? Oh, Mr Maxwell, sorry, erm you left home at 4:00pm on Saturday to look for Maya.
And returned at 7:00pm.
That's right, isn't it? Yeah.
- So that's three hours of looking.
- Did you call Maya's friends? Er, Lou was doing that at home.
Why didn't you mention Maya had called you? I thought I did.
Er, sorry.
Can you tell us where you were when you received the call at 18:06? No.
I don't know.
Well, I can enlighten you, love.
You were a quarter of a mile from the National Park.
The place where Angela Konan was attacked and left to die.
You have the right to have a solicitor present.
I I'm fine.
So why were you up there at 18:06? I don't remember being there.
I think you've being lying to us from the start, and I think you are responsible for the death of Angela Konan.
What? No.
No! That on Saturday afternoon, you went up to the north side of the National Park, and confronted her in a bothy.
A confrontation that led to an undignified and terrifying death.
And almost as bad, you were happy to sit next to an innocent 15-year-old lass and let her take the blame for your actions.
Am I correct? Yes.
I was angry.
I wanted answers.
She always let Beth get away with shirking her responsibilities.
That was her job! To support her.
What about support for us? For my wife? Our lives had been taken over by Beth for too long! I was sick of never getting any answers.
We'd been building up to this move for months.
Building Maya up for it - and just like that, it's over.
How did you know where to find her? I've I've called her before, on many occasions only to be dismissed or ignored.
It's all about boundaries, see? Professional boundaries.
Client boundaries.
Resident boundaries.
Doesn't matter how many times they screw up! Doesn't matter how many times they lie and cheat and-and-and steal and lie again.
It's all about respecting their space and allowing them the opportunity to turn their lives around, as if that's ever gonna happen! Meanwhile, we, the ones absorbing their reckless behaviour, we have no life! We have no life! You wanna tell us what happened in the bothy? I, er I drove up there to talk.
I I wanted her to intervene and persuade Beth to take the flat.
I begged.
I-I I was, I was actually begging.
But she wouldn't listen.
Perhaps she was scared.
Perhaps you turning up in the middle of nowhere was unnerving for her.
How else are you supposed to get through to these people?! It was like all the years of being the good uncle, the good husband, the good brother-in-law I I I couldn't stop the-the rage.
We could see that, love from the extent of her injuries.
I went back.
I got half way to the car and I I came back to my senses.
You returned to the bothy? She was gone.
I I assumed she'd gone to find help herself.
Oh, aye.
She had, love.
She failed.
And died in a ditch.
I didn't know how serious it was! I swear to God, I I had no idea.
Duncan Maxwell, I'm arresting you for the manslaughter of Angela Konan.
You don't have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
There's Beth, there.
You did well today, Beth.
It doesn't feel like it.
Ah, well.
Give it time.
You'll see.
I've ditched Shaun.
Pleased to hear it.
- And I'm gonna keep the flat.
- Well, that's good.
I mean, I don't think Maya will want to live with me, though Well, from what I saw, there's nothing she wants more.
She's just got to learn to lose that temper of hers.
Or you've got to learn to duck.
D'you think they're gonna be OK? Oh, well, your guess is as good as mine, love.
Sorry It's OK.
Come here.
They're gonna be fine.
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