Vera s11e03 Episode Script

Tyger Tyger

All good.
Sorry to drag you out on a Sunday.
24/7, this place.
Aye, so am I, pet.
Now, hit and run, they said.
Container lorry was pulled over by Customs, but it failed to stop.
Ran over the foreman, Gary Mallon.
Drove straight through the barrier.
Any news on his condition? Well, paramedics scooped him up about an hour ago.
Severe head injury.
Got Jac at the hospital now.
Well, plenty of witnesses.
Yeah, dockers, hauliers, security - we're working through the statements.
So what was it, a robbery? Well, the pick-up seemed legit.
"Beadnell Haulage.
" Driver's name on the docket - Michael Brindle.
One of the regulars by all accounts.
Well, get on to their head office.
There'll be a tracker in that lorry.
They might be able to tell us where it is now.
Now, I better liaise with Customs Nicola Dobbs, she's the one in charge.
MAN: Mark! Aye, one sec.
DCI Stanhope, love.
Erm, was it you who apprehended the vehicle in question? Container was already loaded and locked.
I picked up an anomaly on one of the seals.
Numbers on the pin and the barrel didn't match.
Right, so what was in the consignment? Laptops, hard drives, widescreen TVs.
And who was the shipper? Carr's Electrical Imports.
Wholesale suppliers.
Came in from Lahore.
Now, have there been any other incidents recently we should know about? A few containers broken into while they were sitting in the yard.
Small-time theft.
They're written off by the port authorities.
What, you mean they're hushed up? Haulage is a big business.
Clients like to know their goods are secure.
Now, the driver, Michael Brindle - can you give us a description? There might be something on CCTV.
'Ian, can you bring up the footage of the incident?' So he's pulled over for a random check drives off, hell for leather.
Doesn't want that container opened.
Most of the hauliers have no idea what they're moving.
Well, clearly this fella was on to something! Would he need to get out of the lorry? Booths are fully automated.
Faster, safer more efficient.
So you've no footage we can work with? Ian, can you bring up Platform Container Surveillance? Yeah, that's on the top screen now.
Around 20 minutes earlier.
Can you go in any tighter? Doesn't fancy being on camera, does he? VERA TUTS What's this number here? Every container has a designated consignment PIN.
And would anyone else have access to that PIN? The owner of the freight and the shipping agent.
'Ma'am, I thought you'd wanna know.
'The real Michael Brindle just rolled up.
' Er, 9AM on the dot.
Travelled up from the depot in Stockton.
He always stops for a full English at Killingrove Services.
You can set your clock by him apparently.
So our missing vehicle was wearing false plates? Innocent victim.
Someone stole his ID.
Yeah, I'll take him down the station, get a statement to rule him out.
Ah, now, never mind that.
We need to focus on the missing rig.
Lock ups, warehouses - anywhere you might wanna hide a lorry! Yes, Ma'am.
Can you follow me, sir? Jared, isn't it? Hear you had a lucky escape.
If the foreman hadn't stepped up, would've been me in the ambulance.
Now, what we're after is a description of the driver.
Barely got a look at him.
But you signed him in at the gate! One of your regulars.
Only started in the job a few weeks ago.
Still putting names to faces.
They pay us money to keep those lorries moving.
You need to be checked out by a doctor, hm? I'm OK.
You might have concussion.
And make sure somebody else drives you there.
I thought I'd lost you.
I've just spoken to young Jared.
So what are we thinking? Someone forges that driver's ID, pitches up with the PIN number and steals the consignment.
And no-one at the port here seems to have got a proper look at him.
Why that container? Well, TVs and laptops - flog 'em on eBay.
Now, all that trouble for a few tellies.
Not worth the risk.
Jac? Is he awake? Doctors found a bleed on his brain.
They're keeping him sedated, but he's gonna need surgery.
So he won't be talking to anyone soon.
Who's that with him? That's his mum, Sandra Mallon.
She hasn't moved since they brought him in.
There you are, love.
Thank you.
They, er, said it was a robbery.
Well, one of his team members was in the path of the lorry.
And your son pushed him clear.
Took the brunt of it himself.
Wasn't even supposed to be working this morning.
You sure about that? Promised to drive me into town.
Save me a bus, he said.
Rang last night and cancelled.
Short staffed.
Huh! Always a soft touch, my Gary.
Look where it's landed him.
Now is there anyone else you'd like us to call? He's been on his own a while now.
His mam'll be here.
Soon as he wakes up.
Course she will.
I've got an address for Carr's Electrical Import Limited.
They've got a distribution plant in Wingrove.
Their owner is Julian Carr.
We've been trading for 30-odd years now.
Independent suppliers.
You know, high street shops Although most of our business is online these days.
Electrical appliances? Aye.
And this will seriously affect our supply chain.
And it's all imported through Peyton, is it? Aye, well, the duty's always cheaper in the smaller ports.
Less red tape to contend with.
Now, this customs declaration and your description of the stolen goods You say it all tallies? Why, everything seems to be in order.
Oh, good.
Now, Beadnell Haulage - any issues we should know about? We outsource shipping and transport.
Third party forwarders.
They've always been reliable enough.
Now, the question I've been asking myself, Mr Carr, is why would they target your container? Maybe they just got lucky, hm? Mm.
I heard one of the employees was injured? Yeah, a foreman down at the port.
He's still in a critical condition.
My thoughts are with his family.
Oh, aye.
Thanks, Mr Carr.
Anything? All seems above board.
Well, imports and exports must be a lucrative business judging by the cut of his suit.
You think he might be in on it? Ah, there was nothing random about that robbery.
It's got to have been an inside job! HER PHONE RINGS Mark? I'm over in Peyton, Ma'am - the industrial park.
We've found the lorry.
We've just had confirmation from Forensics.
It's definitely the vehicle that was used for the robbery.
The damage to a side light from the collision with the gate.
Perps abandoned half the gear.
Ah, well, they hadn't banked on running over Gary Mallon, had they? Well, yeah.
Most of what was left has been nicked by local scallies.
They must've thought it was Christmas.
Right, check out the roads in and out of here, Mark.
See if anyone saw anything.
Malcolm? Yes? What have you got for us? Well, the cab's been sprayed with disinfectant.
So whoever was driving it has cleaned up all the evidence.
Oh, great (!) But as for the container, it's another story.
I can manage! Thank you.
And none of this has been wiped clean? Doesn't look like it.
Bear in mind we haven't processed this yet so I'd appreciate it if you didn't touch anything.
Looks like a bit of a free for all.
I wouldn't be surprised if we pick up dozens of prints in here.
Well, I'm just after the one set of prints, Malcolm.
You know people live in these things? They like to call them starter homes.
Well, I've seen worse.
A couple of windows I'd have one down that end .
and another down this end.
The panelling's been prised open here, Malcolm.
You're not touching anything, are you? And I'm guessing there was something stashed in there.
That's not on the manifest.
DS Healey, can I help you? I need a word with the SIO.
SHOUTS: Ma'am? I've been authorised to impound this vehicle and its contents.
And you are? Lucia Kehoe.
National Crime Agency.
Well, you're a bit late, love.
Half the stuff's been nicked.
We're working with the North East Regional Crime Unit.
An ongoing surveillance operation.
Got a warrant, have we? Might be better if we discussed this in private? Well, I'm assuming this is drugs.
Yes, we think the robbery was connected to organised crime.
So you must have someone in your sights? I'm not at liberty to divulge that.
VERA TUTS Grace Webley .
head of a crime syndicate with links to the town.
Yeah, I know who Grace Webley is.
Well, then, you'll know the Webleys run the port.
Place is riddled with corruption.
Bit of an accusation.
Well, it's the reason we left you some leg room this morning.
Couldn't afford any leaks.
Well, I can vouch for this lot, love.
Have you tracked down the haulier - Michael Brindle? Michael Brindle wasn't driving the vehicle.
We're still trying to ascertain who was.
We got a result with the VIN.
It was stolen from an HGV hire company three weeks ago.
That doesn't make any sense.
The Webleys need to look clean.
No chance of any blowback.
So why would they risk using a stolen vehicle? Puts their whole operation in jeopardy.
Well, if there were drugs in that container, love, they're long gone.
Drugs? Are you gonna enlighten us? Yeah, cavity at the back of container.
Tyre tracks and shoe prints Yeah, well, obviously the contraband was transferred to another vehicle.
We're looking at a Transit van.
So they took what they could carry and left the rest.
And then the evidence would be contaminated.
Mm! Right, so put out an ANPR.
Any van in the vicinity of this site window of the robbery.
This incident was Customs related.
That falls under NCA jurisdiction.
Now, let's get one thing straight, love I'm running this investigation, so call off your dogs and let Forensics do their job.
So what do we know about the Webleys, Kenny? Well, Grace Webley's in charge of the family business.
Not that she gets her hands dirty.
Well, her eldest son, Dylan, was minding the shop until he was found dead a few months ago.
No great loss to anyone.
Rumour has it he was taken out by a rival drug gang.
Word on the street? Grace Webley's past it these days.
Too busy grieving for her son.
But maybe she just wants to prove them all wrong? What if they've got a mark down at the port, hm? Someone they knew they can flip.
Haulage company came back clean.
What about the driver, hm? Michael Brindle? Nothing that ties him to organised crime.
No, but regular as clockwork, he's up at Killingrove Services downing his bacon and eggs! Yeah, well, somebody at the port must've had a heads up.
Somebody that knew his routine.
Exactly, Kenny! All employees are thoroughly vetted - baseline and national security checks.
Well, clearly, someone slipped through the net! Er, sorry to interrupt, Ma'am.
Oh, here he is at last! Have a little lie-in, did you, pet? Er, no, I've got Kelly Mallon in one of the interview rooms.
Who? Gary Mallon's ex-wife.
Claims her son's gone missing.
Gary gets to see Joe on odd weekends.
That's when he coughs up for maintenance.
And this was his turn? He should've dropped him off at school this morning.
He never turned up for classes.
Well, I'm afraid your ex-husband was involved in an incident at work yesterday morning.
What kind of incident? I'm afraid he was hit by a lorry, love.
He was badly injured.
He's in intensive care.
So where the hell is my son? How old is your son? He-he's 13.
And when did you last see him? Er Saturday morning? I drove him over to Bedlington.
Handed him over to his dad.
Bedlington? Joe always plays rugby Saturdays.
Junior Sevens.
And what time did you drop him off? Must have been around 2:30.
And he's not with any of his mates? I've been ringing round all day.
No-one's heard a peep from him.
His phone's switched off.
No sign of life at his dad's place.
And that's Peyton? Canton Farm Estate.
Gary's mam'll have a key.
Did you know Joe was spending the weekend with his dad? Kelly likes to cancel last minute.
Some cobbled excuse.
Anything to stop my Gary from seeing him.
Now, you should've told us Gary had a son, love.
An ex-wife.
It's been a couple of years since she walked out on him.
Broke my Gary's heart when she took his son.
And you say Gary had limited contact with his son? That were all down to Kelly.
Even took out a restraining order.
Ma'am? I've spoken with most of the neighbours.
Next door saw Gary park up on Saturday evening, but no-one remembers seeing Joe with him.
Right, pull out his phone records.
See if they can tell us anything.
He-He He will have tidied if Joe was stopping.
Not left the place like this.
Ah, well Joe will have been with one of his mates somewhere.
But he wouldn't have left his inhaler behind.
Oh, I think that's an old one, love.
Stress brings it on.
I told Gary.
Mam and dad always fighting Could I ask you to just wait outside, pet.
Hm? I'll not be a minute.
Thanks, Sandra.
Kenny sent through some intel on that restraining order.
Gary Mallon turned up drunk at Peter Henson's place, demanded to see his son.
Police had to arrest him for breach of the peace.
He's not quite the saint that his mum thinks he is.
Well, he sounds like a desperate dad to me.
What, precious time with his lad and he'd been on a bender all weekend?! There's a fridge full of food, couple of DVDs Where's his bedroom? This bed hasn't been slept in! Well, Kelly said they were both at the match.
So where's his stuff? His dirty kit? That lad didn't stay here at the weekend.
His dad must've come home without him.
So where is the little fella? So Joe Mallon played a match here on Saturday - Junior Sevens? Scored the winning try.
And did his dad stay to watch the match? Retired to the club house for some liquid refreshment.
Missed his lad's big moment.
Did you see Joe afterwards? He was sat on his own in the changing room.
I had to chivvy him along to lock up.
Oh, so he didn't go off with any of his mates, then? Was waiting on his dad, he said.
What time was this?! Must have been around five o'clock.
Has something happened that I should know about? Do these cameras belong to the club? We'd had a few car break-ins, so the, er, committee installed them for peace of mind.
Ah, I couldn't look at the footage, could I, love? I'd need to ring the club secretary.
Yeah, if you wouldn't mind.
So no-one's seen him since Saturday.
Day before that consignment was stolen If his dad left him waiting, maybe they've fallen out? Yeah, well, maybe they had, but it doesn't explain where he's been the last two days.
No, and he should've dropped him off at school this morning.
So why didn't he report him missing, hm? Instead of that, he changes his shift and goes into work.
This has got to be connected to that robbery.
Now, I ran a GC/MS test on that powder residue you spotted.
Definitely traces of heroin.
I'd say there was room in that cavity for around 20 kilos.
No wonder they didn't want Customs anywhere near them.
Now, finger prints - follow me.
So, we've isolated seven different sets of prints from the container.
Two of which have come up trumps on the PNC.
A teenage girl with previous for shoplifting and a pensioner with a conviction for fly-tipping.
Oh, well, they're hardly candidates for a drugs cartel.
No, but it should narrow down the whereabouts of a couple of those tellies.
SHE EXHALES What's this? Collecting insects now, are we? Ah, yes, well, you see, I've always had a passion for Forensic Entomology.
I found it on the floor of the driver's cab.
Culiseta annulata.
A common mosquito.
Aye, I know what it is! Bit of a long shot, but bear with me.
There was a fascinating case a few years back which set a precedent.
A fisherman from Tromso was convicted of murdering his wife.
Now, the wife was having an affair with the brother Oh, just cut to the chase, will you? Ah.
Well, they extracted his DNA from a mosquito they found in the car he'd hired to follow his wife the night she was killed.
So if this little chap here has had a nibble on our driver, we'll run the blood for a match.
Any questions? Kenny, anything? Ah.
Those checks on port security you asked me for Aye.
Jared Drew? He has previous.
Has he, indeed?! Yeah, six months for minding a firearm.
Now, the weapon was connected to a warehouse robbery.
The chief suspect - Grace Webley's son, Dylan.
And there he is, back from the dead! OK, this'll do, love.
Now that lorry driver - you told us you barely got a look at him, hm? Aye, that's right.
Well, I think that bang to your head must've muddled your senses, pet! And we know this is an inside job.
The name, Dylan Webley, ring any bells? I knew him well enough.
I think you must've been pretty close if he asked you to mind a gun for him.
Didn't have much of a choice.
What did you get in return, hey? Besides six months in Young Offenders? His mam pulled a few strings, told us a job had come up at the port.
They'd never have taken us on.
Not with a record.
Grace Webley's eyes and ears.
I had nothing to do with that robbery! Trafficking narcotics - that'd land you back inside for the duration.
I didn't know it was drugs.
Oh, but you knew there was something going down, dodgy.
Made sure you were on the gate.
That was down to the gaffer.
Gary Mallon? Comes in early and changes the rosters.
I wasn't gonna argue.
How'd he seem when he turned up for work? I dunno A bit distracted on edge.
And did he ever cross paths with the Webleys? You'd need to ask him that.
I'm asking you! There's a Social Club on the Canton Road.
Owned by Grace Webley.
Dockers like to drink there.
Still hard at it? Making sure there's nothing I've missed.
That stolen container .
we believe there was a consignment of heroin stashed inside it.
Which throws suspicion on the fella who imported it.
And I can see you've already got him in your sights.
We haven't seized any drugs in situ.
There's no evidence that ties him to a crime.
Well, what about those previous break-ins, hm? The containers in the yard.
Nothing that appears to connect them.
Aside from the fact they were all shipped from Lahore.
Carr's Electrical Imports.
And I'm guessing that's a front for the Webley syndicate.
This surveillance case is delicately poised.
They find out we've got eyes on them Well, might throw up some leads, ruffle a few feathers.
It could jeopardise our whole operation! If we can implicate the Webleys, there's a chance we can nail the suppliers, trace the chain right back to the source.
It must've taken a lot of work, all this.
It's impressive.
But I don't see .
any surveillance orders.
We're dealing with organised crime.
Sometimes you need to get dirty.
I didn't hear that Who's this fella? Connor Barton.
One of Grace Webley's lackeys.
Ah, someone I should be talking to? No, he collects rent on her properties, cashes her cheques, cleans her money.
Bottom of the food chain.
So why's he up on your wall? He works on the doors at the Canton Road Social Club.
Now that is one of Grace Webley's businesses.
Managed by Declan Webley.
Grace's surviving son.
Gary Mallon, he's your inside man.
The foreman? Kicks off every shift in Pre-Arrivals.
He has access to the database, staff rosters and PIN codes.
But he was injured during the robbery.
Well, maybe somebody wanted to silence him.
What makes you so certain he's our mark? Because his son is currently missing.
Now, listen, there's a CID briefing, first thing.
I'll make sure you're cleared to attend it.
Guess I should feel privileged, DCI letting me in like this.
Well, clearly she rates you.
Could've fooled me.
We're on the same team, aren't we? VERA: Right, is this all of it? JAC: Yes, Ma'am.
Well, let's take a look, then.
Oh, everyone, this is Officer Kehoe from the National Crime Agency.
We'll be keeping her up to speed.
Any developments? CCTV from the rugby club car park.
Joe texted his dad at 17:05.
Then rang him a few minutes later.
He's sat in the club house propping up the bar.
The van turns in from the main road, then pulls up, right of shot.
Yeah, that's the last clear image we have of him.
What?! There's nothing else on camera?! KENNY: They must have recce'd the place beforehand.
Well, can we blow up these number plates? From that angle, we can't get a read of 'em.
Well, get a techy onto it! That lad's been missing since Saturday, we need to make a public appeal.
Bit late for that.
Someone's bound to have seen him.
No public appeal until we know what it is we're dealing with.
IF Joe was abducted for purpose of coercion well, the people who did this must have subsequently made contact.
Yep, stated the terms, instructions, demands.
Did you say Joe phoned his dad from the club? I'm guessing he hadn't replied to his texts.
Ma'am, I've got that call logged at 17:11.
Well, that's five minutes AFTER he was abducted.
They called Gary Mallon on Joe's phone? Aye.
To prove they'd taken his son! We're looking at a tiger kidnapping! Why would anyone take my boy? Well, we think his dad was coerced into helping with that robbery.
And they're keeping your son as collateral.
They've got no reason to harm him.
So why haven't they let him go? Because they didn't bank on Gary getting hurt, love.
And if and when he wakes up, they've still got your lad.
He's less likely to talk.
I don't believe this is happening.
Did he ever mention a family called the Webleys? Not to me, we were barely speaking.
But you would've heard of them, growing up in Peyton? I know they're people you don't want to mess with.
Are you telling us these people took Joe? I knew Gary couldn't be trusted with Joe.
I told you, didn't I? Now, when you took the lad to Bedlington, how did Gary seem? Like normal.
We met up in the car park.
I didn't even get out of the car.
Now, we'd heard he'd had a bit of a breakdown when he lost access to his son.
Oh, you been talking to his mam, have you? I'm just trying to get a fix on his state of mind, love.
Why he'd get involved in something like this.
You should be out there looking for Joe! They're just trying to help, OK? Now, we're gonna put you in touch with a family liaison officer, and he'll stay with you until he's found.
And in the meantime, we'll keep you posted.
You all right? What kind of father puts his child in danger? Well, he didn't - whoever it was took him did that.
He should've come straight to the police.
What, and put him in more danger? Bearing in mind who it is we're dealing with here.
Even so, if that was my boy Oh, it's a different world, love.
He did what he thought was best for HIS son.
HER PHONE RINGS Look where that got him! Yeah, well, finding the lad - that's all that matters.
Jac? Ma'am, we got a result back from ANPR.
The Transit van's registered to a Connor Barton.
Thanks, Jac.
Connor Barton? Connor Barton That's the fella on her wall! Works on the door at that social club.
Looks like someone else is keeping tabs on the place.
DCI Stanhope.
Looking for Connor Barton.
Haven't seen him in a while.
Well, he works the doors here.
Yeah, well, he does the odd shift when we need some muscle.
Some of these fellas are a handful.
Ah Mr Webley.
Any idea where we might find Connor Barton? He lives with his mam in Cambois.
Ah, now, a colleague has visited his mam.
She hasn't seen him for a while either.
Is Connor in some kind of trouble? Wouldn't be the first time.
We need to question him in connection to a recent robbery.
Container theft down at the port.
Hit and run, wasn't it? Nah, we're going with attempted murder, love.
And the victim in question was Gary Mallon - one of your regulars.
Gary's in here most nights.
Never been any bother.
Yeah, well, right now, he's lying in intensive care.
I'll get Eva to sort out a whip round.
Did he ever come in here with Connor Barton? Not that I remember.
Why do you ask? Because Gary Mallon's lad was abducted on Saturday - around the same time Connor went missing.
He also works for your mam, I believe, one of her errand boys.
I've always steered clear of the family business.
Ah, somehow I doubt that.
This'd be the perfect place to launder her dirty money.
This club is legit.
I don't need our mam's help to run things.
Well, if he should show his face, be sure to tip us the wink.
Otherwise I might not be inclined to believe you.
Connor Barton - one of Grace Webley's lackeys.
Now, his whereabouts are currently unknown.
Find him, chances are we'll find that lad.
We've got two grabs of this licence plate on the day Joe was abducted - a service station south of Morpeth at 17:35.
Then 15 minutes later, on a B road outside Hartburn.
Holed up somewhere no-one can find him.
Ma'am, most of that area's woods and farmland.
Yeah, we can hardly search every barn.
Look, I'm aware of that, Mark! Now, I need a pair of legs over at that service station.
Couple of fellas in a Transit van.
Any sign of that lad.
And find out if Barton used his debit card.
Jac, I need you over in Tynemouth.
Keep close to the mam.
What, candles and sandals? There's an FLO over there.
Look, I need someone there I can trust, someone to keep tabs.
Mm? First point of contact, case they try to call.
Er, we ran that check on Declan Webley you asked for, Ma'am.
Er, one run-in with the police we know about - assaulted a punter in the club about two years ago.
Blow to the head with a pool cue.
Should hate to see him losing a quiz.
I've got his medical records.
Spent some time on a psych ward after being was sectioned as a kid.
Anti-social Personality Disorder.
It was his mam had him committed? Mm.
Now, that'd be a source of resentment.
That was the hospital.
Gary Mallon is out of surgery.
It's not looking good.
Excuse me, I'm trying to find out what happened to Gary Mallon.
Post-operative stroke.
As a result of a trauma to the brain.
SHE SIGHS Get on to the CPS.
This is now a murder enquiry.
I am so sorry, love.
Really, I am.
You had him down for some kind of criminal.
I-I think your son made some bad choices .
and just couldn't see a way out.
I thought I should be here.
For Gary.
Bit late for that.
I didn't come to fight.
This is your fault.
All of this.
You pushed and you pushed until you broke him.
My Gary would never have got mixed up with those people if she hadn't walked out on him.
All right, love.
Come on He had nothing left.
He took out some payday loan.
He only borrowed to settle his legal fees when Kelly was awarded custody.
Who was it lent him the money, love? Someone from the club, I think.
Banks wouldn't touch him.
He told me not to worry.
He'd sorted things, he said.
There's a public auction tomorrow morning - I'm needed on the floor Right, well, give us some straight answers, we'll make this short and sweet.
Gary Mallon - foreman down at Peyton container port.
What's that gotta do with us? Died this morning.
Result of injuries sustained in a robbery.
Now that we've recovered the stolen shipping container.
Seems they were trafficking heroin.
Dirty drug.
Never touch it.
No, packed it all in, have you? To sell second-hand crockery? Rose-enamelled Qianlong vase.
Late 18th century.
Mm, fancy stuff! Reserve price of 45,000.
Middling copper's annual salary.
Let's talk about Connor Barton.
Name doesn't ring any bells.
No? One of your errand boys - works on the door down at the social club.
You'd need to speak to Declan.
He manages the place.
Nah, I think his mam's still pulling his strings.
Woman like you doesn't miss much.
We've got evidence that ties Connor to the abduction of a 13-year-old boy.
Gary Mallon's lad, Joe.
Went missing the day before the robbery.
I would never endanger a child.
Then you'd better make this right.
She's lying through her teeth.
Yeah, but that look on her face when we mentioned the missing lad.
20 kilos of uncut heroin - what's that worth on the street? A million quid, give or take.
So putting her mark in intensive care.
Full-on police investigation.
Nah Now that doesn't stack up.
She must've known that consignment was coming in.
But what if someone else stole it from under her nose, hm? Someone who knew how she operated.
She'd be looking to get even, wouldn't she? Score to settle.
What did SHE want? Some questions about that robbery.
I heard the foreman was injured.
He died, this morning.
Any idea who-who's behind all this? I'll find out, soon enough.
Lunch is ready.
Go and wash your hands.
SUBDUED CHATTER All right? SHE SCREAMS Their names and their phone numbers We need to double check.
Just one second.
Someone hurled a firebomb through the window.
Around 9PM last night.
Anyone hurt? The place was quiet.
They were lucky.
And I'm guessing no-one saw who did it? Well, if they did, they're not talking.
Declan Webley not here? Well, he dropped in this morning to check the damage.
Took off before the police got here.
Wasn't here last night, then? Out of town "on business".
Well, get a statement from anyone who was.
What the hell are you playing at? Looks like you and Connor Barton are an item.
Good shot! Er, you might want to put that down, love.
Now, I had a word with one of your bar staff.
She told us I'd find you here.
Now, that firebomb attack on your club last night - any idea who's been behind it? I couldn't tell you.
SHE TUTS You must have crossed quite a few people in your line of work.
We've had threats before.
We'll be back up and running in no time.
And I see you lent money to Gary Mallon? I was helping him out.
He agreed to the terms.
And when he couldn't keep up with the payments, you promised to write off the debt.
Sorry, hinny, you've lost me.
SHE CHUCKLES Now, the morning of that robbery - I'm assuming you can vouch for your whereabouts? I was over at the club.
The breakfast shift? Stock take.
So unless you're here to arrest us Now, whoever it was stole that heroin from Grace Webley, well, they would need to be someone close, maybe someone with a little bit of chip.
She might've turned a blind eye to the small things, love, but she's not gonna let this one go.
You'd better hope I nail you first.
I want a tail put on him.
Chances are he knows where that lad is.
Why don't we just bring him in? Well, we will, soon as we've got something to charge him with.
Now, let's have a chat with that bar maid.
No less than nine calls made by you to a burner phone.
And I'm guessing it belongs to Connor Barton.
I sent him texts and left him messages.
He didn't reply to any of 'em.
When'd you last see him? He picked us up from work.
Last Friday.
Said I wouldn't see him in a while.
He had business to attend to.
Oh, and did this business concern Gary Mallon? He barely knew Gary Mallon.
Pff! He was down at the club most nights.
Gary was usually half cut, drowning his sorrows.
Oh, so, he's pouring his heart out while you're pouring him drinks, eh? Declan just told us to keep him sweet, that's all.
Ah, so you knew he was being set up! Let's put the squeeze on Gary Mallon.
And I know, let's abduct his son for good measure! Case he gets cold feet! Connor would never get involved in a kidnapping.
He knew the police were keeping tabs on the club.
Did he tell you that? Couple of plain clothes.
They'd been watching the place.
Connor hasn't been himself for the past few weeks.
I knew he was hiding something.
And .
when I couldn't get hold of him, I thought maybe Grace Webley had Had what? Now, why would Grace Webley go after one of her own, hm? If this is incitement, love, you're looking at a custodial sentence.
Declan and Connor had set themselves up in business.
Loans, car thefts, card fraud This is behind Grace Webley's back, hm? He just resented the fact that she never rated him.
Trusted him to run the club.
That was her way of keeping him out of trouble.
Grace always indulged Declan but she knew he was dangerous.
Well, this is our one chance to put him away! Now, we've already got your boyfriend bang to rights for the abduction of a minor so just give us something to tie Declan Webley to this.
Gary came into the club.
Saturday evening.
The day his lad went missing.
He went into the office with Declan.
They were in there like, five minutes, tops.
His face when he left .
he looked like a condemned man.
VERA'S PHONE RINGS Yes, Mark? Update on Declan Webley's whereabouts, Ma'am.
Looks like has gone to ground.
Not is not what I want to hear, right now, Mark! Ma'am.
Declan Webley's gone AWOL! HE SCOFFS No surprises there, then! Right, put it out to Uniform.
I want him apprehended and brought in for questioning.
Erm, Ma'am? I pulled out an anomaly in Connor Barton's rap sheet.
He was arrested three weeks ago - Intent to Supply.
No charges filed.
Released due to a lack of evidence.
Well, who sanctioned that? There's nothing on his file.
Ma'am? What? Connor Barton.
That mobile number we've got for him.
We've narrowed down the GPS coordinates.
Places him somewhere around Ewesley Village.
Good work, Jac! DOOR UNLOCKS I want to see my dad.
These people I work for they've been watching your house.
You want to make sure she stays safe? You'd better stop messing me about.
Sports bag.
DOOR LOCKS Connor Barton bought food and cigarettes yesterday.
Paid in cash.
Definitely him? Well, he parked up in a Transit van.
He told the shopkeeper he was staying in the area.
Well, can we narrow down those phone coordinates? There's a farm near the river.
I know it.
It's rented out as a holiday let.
A holiday let?! Place is falling down.
Well, let's check it out.
Anything? There's a grey van parked up outside.
Right, come on.
Hang on! We should wait for back-up.
We've got to get in there! We don't know how many people we're dealing with.
GUNSHO This is DS Healey en route to a farmhouse near Ewesley Village.
Dealing with a suspect in connection with a kidnap.
Request armed response attend.
Aiden, there's someone legging it.
We've got eyes on a vehicle leaving the scene.
Unable to verify details.
Confirming vehicle registration.
DS HEALY SHOUTS: 'Ma'am?' Requesting ambulance and Forensics Tell me it's not him, tell me it's not the lad! Single shot to the chest.
Point 22 handgun.
This flat burn ring here, that matches the profile of a muzzle.
Traces of smoke.
Everything points to a contact shot.
Oh, and signs of a struggle over there.
So someone chases him from the house Yeah, so there's a tussle and the gun goes off.
There's a good chance we'll lift the assailant's DNA.
Right, well, we found Connor Barton's prints on the zip of that sleeping bag over there.
Presumably he'd been kipping on the sofa.
Holed up here since the weekend.
Well, they made a bit of an effort to cover their tracks, Ma'am.
Back door handle's been wiped clean.
Well, we did manage to lift someone else's prints off that cupboard door and back of that chair.
Well, run a check on those prints, Malcolm, see if you can find a match with Declan Webley.
He'll be on the system.
What about the lad? They were keeping him upstairs in the attic.
Tied up a lad.
We were so close and we've lost him.
Whoever took him drove away in that car.
I'm trying to get a fix on the vehicle, but MALCOLM: DCI Stanhope, are you there? Well, you were right about those prints.
We've got a match.
Declan Webley! SHE GASPS Oh, not got the stomach for it, love? I heard there'd been a shooting.
I didn't think it would be Who, Connor Barton? Those drugs charges .
it was you made 'em go away We approached him a few weeks ago.
Prosecution immunity if any case against the Webleys went to trial.
You were running an informant a suspect in a murder enquiry? And you didn't think to tell us? I was trying to protect a source! Did he warn you that robbery was going down? If he had done, we'd have been ready.
So his intel was questionable to say the least! Past few days, he'd he'd gone to ground.
He was worried the Webleys were on to him.
Well, if they were, love .
all this is on you.
You were warned not to talk to Grace Webley.
I'm not the only one who compromised this case.
I'm investigating two murders and the abduction of a child! Your actions in not waiting for back-up have raised questions about your competence to lead.
The lad's life was in danger.
We couldn't afford to wait.
And where is he now, hmm? The ACC's been fully appraised.
He's decided you should take a step back from this.
Yes, sir.
VERA SIGHS What, he's taking her off the case? No way.
That's not happening.
Boss? Been called in for a meeting.
Doesn't pay to keep the man waiting.
You're seriously gonna walk away from this? Look, you just concentrate on finding that lad, all right?! 'You've got through to DS Healy.
Please leave a message.
' SHE SIGHS Aiden, it's me.
Will you call me as soon as you get this? I need your help.
In the absence of the DCI, I will be stepping up as Acting SIO.
If Connor Barton had been tapped up as a police informant, we have to keep in mind the likelihood that he may have been compromised.
At the moment, that's pure supposition.
We know that Declan Webley was at the farmhouse.
Any new leads on his whereabouts? Nothing yet.
He must be in the frame for Connor's murder.
We should get some legs over to the social club.
See if anyone there can shed any light on his whereabouts.
Mike? It's time to lift the press embargo.
We need to turn up the heat on Grace Webley.
What about the surveillance operation? Well, thanks to the actions of DCI Stanhope, I think our cover's well and truly blown.
Yeah, well if the boss has been sidelined .
I'm off the case too.
Connor's girlfriend, Eva Pinnock.
Someone needs to break the news.
Drill down on that statement she gave us.
Well, I've got a home address for her in Peyton.
I'll drive us both over.
She's busy.
Ah, put a sock in it.
I'm sure she'll whistle if she needs you.
Keep an eye on that for us, will you, love? This is beginning to look like harassment.
Just wanted to chat.
Just the two of us.
It's a good a place as any.
Police never bothered to find out who killed him.
My son was a Webley after all.
Oh, well, I can see why you want to keep Declan safe.
Save him going the same way as his brother.
There's an anger inside of him that frightens us.
So that firebomb was a warning, was it? His mam's way of saying he'd stepped out of line? Stealing a consignment of Class A drugs .
all to prove he was worthy of the family name.
I think this little talk is over.
Connor Barton.
We found his body at a farmhouse where they'd been holding that lad.
And the boy? Still missing.
And we can place your son at the scene.
Which puts him in the frame for Connor's murder.
Connor was the one person Declan trusted.
Well, found out his best mate was a police informer - that must've rankled.
Well, maybes Connor had it coming.
And what about the lad, Joe Mallon? I don't rate his chances.
And you know what your son's capable of.
More than anyone.
Your choice, love.
You're asking me to turn him in? A grown man abducts a teenage lad.
Now, you said yourself, that's not the way you do business.
You think Declan'll come looking for his mam after this? I think he'll do whatever she tells him to do.
A chance to put things right.
What have you got for us? Officer Kehoe? I'd say we've bonded.
Oh, turned on the charm, did you? Well, once we agreed that you were a dinosaur Eh?! Well, I had to get her onside! You were right.
As usual.
That approach she made to Connor Barton, it wasn't sanctioned by the NCA top brass.
Ah, broke every rule in the book.
So what about Grace Webley? Now, that was a tougher proposition.
But I think we reached an understanding.
I'm sorry.
I know.
HE SOBS Mam? Mam?! Armed police, do not move! Get down! Get down on your knees! SCREAMS: Mam! Down! Down! Show me your hands! Keep your hands up! Do not move! Keep still! You? Stay still! Bring him this way.
Declan Webley, you are under arrest on suspicion of murder Malcolm? Ah, I heard you'd been transferred to the Underwater Search Unit.
Probably canteen gossip.
Now, Connor Barton's killer - did you find anything to implicate Declan Webley? Well, the fibres on the deceased's jacket didn't match any of the clothing we found in the farmhouse.
We took skin cells from his face and neck - still extracting DNA for analysis.
So you might want to hold off on that interview with Webley.
No, he's been in custody for three hours, Malcolm.
I can't afford to wait.
Well, you can tie him to that robbery.
What? Don't thank me, thank the mosquito.
You're joking? It was full of his blood.
Right, you can bring him up, Kenny.
You've arrested Declan Webley? I'm all set to interview him now.
In case you'd forgotten, you've been pulled off the case.
Oh, we sorted it all out with the ACC, love.
Oh, and I thought it best not to mention your little arrangement with Connor Barton, cos that was all off the books, wasn't it? So, I-I cut a few corners.
Who doesn't? Ah, but you turned his head with a bribe, love.
Same as the Webleys did.
Gave a source licence to commit a serious crime.
Now, that may look like corruption to those nervous types upstairs.
Word of advice - if you're going to break the rules, make sure someone's got your back.
Now, then, there's a viewing room down the end there.
Connor Barton, murdered yesterday.
Farmhouse out near Ewesley.
You seriously think I killed him? Well, found out he was a grass! Put a bullet through his chest.
Proper Webley after all! Connor was family.
He'd have never betrayed us.
Well, we can prove you were there - your prints are all over the house! BREATHES HEAVILY 'Connor called us.
'Said he'd got himself involved in a robbery.
'I went there to hear him out, that's all.
' Where's the rest of it? Left it behind in the lorry.
Got what we needed.
Now, Barton was at that farmhouse along with Joe Mallon - the lad you kidnapped from Bedlington.
You've got nothing to tie us to any of this.
Connor won't be talking.
No, we have a statement from a witness, love.
Tells us that you met with Gary Mallon at your club the night his lad was abducted.
Coerced him into helping with that robbery.
She's lying.
Now, know who it is, then? Plus, we have forensic evidence.
Mm? Now, this little mozzie gave us a match with your blood, which proves it was you driving that lorry.
And that's enough for us to charge you with Gary Mallon's murder.
I'm done with minding that kid.
That kid is the one thing stopping Gary from talking! And we are in this together mate.
No going back now.
I thought I could trust you.
Course you can trust me.
Put the gun down, Declan.
Now, I've been taking a look at your juvenile medical report.
Borderline psychosis.
Wasn't that the clinical assessment? Couldn't match up to you brother.
Well, now your mam's even washed her hands of you, love.
Sometimes I'd watch her.
The way her eyes never left him.
She'd She'd catch us staring and she'd She'd look right through me.
But none of this has got anything to do with that lad.
And his mam, right now, is sat at home, worried sick.
So just tell us where he is, love.
Please? I left him at the house, with Connor.
Day of the robbery.
Last time I laid eyes on either of 'em.
PHONE DIALLING OU Mam? 'Joe? 'Oh, thank God! Are you OK?' I'm fine.
Where are you? 'Dunno A phone box.
' Sign says near Meldon.
Joe, I need you to stay where you are.
The police'll come and find you.
No! No police! Oh, OK.
Mam, you need to listen.
Peter's gonna come and get you, love.
Just promise us you'll stay where you are.
Joe? Joe! INDISTINCT CHATTER So who did the lad speak to? His mum.
She said he sounded frightened.
Why didn't she call us straight away? Apparently, Joe warned her not to.
Last call from that phone box was over an hour ago.
He could be anywhere by now.
Ah, well, he won't have got far if he's on foot.
And let's hope he is! And not in the boot of someone's car.
Right now, I want feet on the ground main roads and the nearest village.
Er, Mr Henson, erm, I'm assuming you searched the immediate area? I've been driving round in circles for 20 minutes.
Took us a while to find the place.
Ah, wasting valuable time! We could've got the patrol car here earlier.
I wasn't thinking straight, I just got in the car, drove over.
What can I do to help? Ah, the best thing you can do, love, is just go home, leave it to the police.
All right.
Chances are, he was never in that car we saw screaming away.
Phone box is less than five miles from the farmhouse.
Where's he been all night? Phones his mam, says he's fine.
Why didn't he just stay put? At least he didn't bump into Declan Webley.
Oh, small mercies.
Anything? No joy in the pub.
But the landlord says he'll put the word out.
Right, well, keep in touch with the TFOs.
Young lad, country road Ah, someone must've seen him.
There you go.
Well, you have been in the wars.
You had us worried.
Busted my ankle when I fell off the roof.
Yeah, you climbed out through that skylight, didn't you? You clever lad.
Now, those people who were holding you captive .
do you recognise either of these fellas? Never saw their faces.
His mum's on the way.
Ah, well, that's good.
That fella's dead, isn't he? I heard a shot.
But you didn't SEE what happened? Just kept running.
Hid in the woods till morning.
Well, you must've been frozen.
It was all right.
Well, it's best not to dwell on it, love.
They can't hurt you now.
What about my dad? Can I see him? Joe? Thank you.
Joe! You all right? He'll still need to make a formal statement.
Hasn't he been through enough? Ah, nothing that can't wait, love.
Let's get you home.
Come on.
Shall we go? You all right? You all right? Lean on me.
Hey? What's up with your foot? Poor lad's in bits.
Well, he's just lost his dad.
Going to take a while to sink in.
Said he didn't see their faces.
You don't sound convinced.
I know there's something he's not telling us.
Er, Ma'am, forensics sent over that touch DNA analysis.
Now, chances are it came from Connor Barton's assailant.
But it wasn't a match with Declan Webley.
Connor's killer's still out there.
Ah, my money's on Declan's mam.
Grace Webley? She's got a bus pass! Ah, found out where they were hiding the drugs.
Took out Connor.
Threw in Declan just for good measure.
No, she seemed plausible when she was stood at her son's grave.
Well, you said it yourself, Ma'am Never gets her hands dirty.
Maybe she's been playing us.
VERA EXHALES Heard you'd found him, the boy.
Lets you off the hook.
IF Connor Barton's death was down to me, I need to own this.
File a report.
Did a bit of digging, I found the deeds for the farmhouse where they were keeping Joe Mallon.
Don't know if it'll help? Declan Webley didn't kill Barton.
His DNA evidence ruled him out.
SHE EXHALES What's this? "Brightholden Enterprises.
" Anonymous shell company.
Brightholden? Brightholden That's the company those cheques were made out to.
"Henson Larford.
"Managing Partner Peter Henson.
" Oh, no.
Aiden! Get hold of that lad's mam.
Call Kelly now! I owe you, love.
Where is he? What were you thinking of, coming here? The police are looking for Declan.
They know we pulled that robbery.
What if he drops us both in it? He won't.
I want my cut! 30%, we agreed.
You'll get your share.
Soon as it's sold.
Kelly's not answering! Well, keep trying! You think anyone will touch you after this? 'You need to let the boy go.
' Drive him somewhere quiet and leave him there.
I think you're forgetting who's in charge here.
Oh, there you are, love.
We've been trying to call you for the past hour! I had my head down.
I haven't slept properly in days.
Peter gave me one of his pills.
Yeah, well, we need to talk to him, love.
Where is he? He took Joe out for his tea, said he needed some quiet time.
Where did he take him? Down to the beach, I think.
Is Peter a member of the gun club? Yeah, he's over there most weekends, he likes to think he's one of the boys.
He ever bring a gun home with him? Why? What's happened? What you saw at the farmhouse .
wasn't how it looked.
They told us they'd hurt you if I didn't go along with the robbery.
Said your mam'd be next.
You think I won't tell her? They'd send us to prison.
That what you want? MEN GRUNTING GUNSHO Joe! What did you say to the police? Nothing.
I'll make this up to you.
I promise.
We need to leave.
I'm not going ANYWHERE with you.
You'll do what you're told for once.
We need to get home, to warn Mam.
That fella told us they knew where we lived.
He had pictures.
Just shut up and move, will you? It's you they're after If they catch us, I'm finished.
You know what they did to your dad.
You set my dad up.
It's your fault he's dead! Your dad was a loser, he had it coming! My dad was worth ten of you! Let him go.
He's got a gun! Oh, no.
You don't want to do that, love! OK, get the gun.
Get the gun.
You know I'd never hurt you.
Aiden Joe, come on.
SHE BREATHES HEAVILY LIVELY CHATTER FROM BOYS AND COACH We'll get you in there soon, won't we? What? We'll get you playing soon.
Come on, Joe! WHISTLE BLOWS Well done, lad! Come on, Joe! You're missing a good match.
Winning, is he? He is.
Who's that? This is my boy - Max.
It never is! Well, you've grown.
Well, you only get to see him once in a blue moon! Hello, Boss.
Hey, don't be cheeky! He's all right.
Your dad calls me "dinosaur".
I know.
Right, get the ice pops, go on.
It's good of you to bring her.
She couldn't get here quick enough.
I'm glad he's happy.
COACH: Touch! WHISTLE BLOWS That's it, well done! Well done, Joe! That's it, put that back on there.
There we go.
Hey, we're gonna get some burgers after.
Yeah? Why don't you join us? Nah.
You be with your bairn.
Bit of father-son time.
Bye, Max.
Why don't you join us for the second half? Right, which one? That one? WHISTLE BLOWS APPLAUSE
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