Vera s11e04 Episode Script

As the Crow Flies

1 That's it, break's over.
Come here! Colby? Dog walker found her an hour ago.
Oh, well, that makes more sense! I thought you said the VICTIM had a dog! Sorry.
Phone signal's terrible.
I was at the base of the cliff.
- So where'd this dog walker find her? - Bottom of the steps.
We got an ID? Yeah, we just found her bag - Elizabeth Swann, mid-40s.
She was wearing a wedding ring, so presumably married.
Looks like she fell down them.
Fell? Or was she pushed? Well, the steps are steep, been raining non-stop, - they'd have been slippy.
- Mm.
Oh! Well, you wasn't joking when you said it was slippy.
Bet Mr Cheerful loved all that rain (!) Well, I hope you can give us something useful, Malcolm, not just excuses.
You do realise the rain will have washed away most of the forensic evidence, don't you? Well, I wouldn't have thought you'd let a bit of bad weather - put you off, pet.
- She's been dead 12 to 18 hours some time between 8am and 2pm yesterday.
Can you tell us how she died? Well, the marks on her face suggest to me that it was face down, for a start.
So, are you saying somebody turned her over? If I knew that right now, I would've told you, wouldn't I? She has considerable bruising, her hands show significant signs of injury.
She was obviously trying to protect herself as she fell.
But as yet, I haven't determined precise cause of death.
Couldn't you tell if she was pushed? Not yet, I should be able to establish that when I get to examine her more closely in the lab.
Is there any forensic evidence at all? After 16 hours of rain and force eight gales Well, all right, Malcolm, we all know there was a storm! Private, isn't it? No-one would know you were here.
Right, come on.
Do we have an address for the family? Yeah, it's a farm, just outside of Brignall.
Thank you.
Elizabeth Swann was the deputy head at Wellstood Academy, which is about three miles away from where she was found.
So what was a teacher doing taking a long walk at 11am on a school day, hm? - Go after him.
- What? You like running.
Go on.
Hello? - What do you want? - I'm sorry, love.
DCI Vera Stanhope, Northumberland and City Police.
I'm here about Elizabeth Swann.
What's happened? - Do you need Phil? - Phil? Is that her husband? He's my son.
Well, then, Mrs Swann I'm afraid I have bad news.
Her kids loved her.
They'll be devastated.
Couldn't move for chocolate at the end of term.
Your son was in the army? That's where he met Lizzy.
She was teaching at the forces school.
When did he leave? About seven years ago.
He got injured.
- What's happened? Did she fall? - Phil.
DCI Stanhope.
I'm so sorry about your wife, Mr Swann.
We don't know exactly what happened.
But we do believe she might not have been alone.
- Someone pushed her? - No, I'm not saying that.
It could've been an accident.
We're looking at all possibilities.
Well, what did you think when she didn't come home yesterday? - What? - Yesterday? She died, yesterday.
Neither of you noticed? It's just me and Phil.
We were flat out! You didn't notice, Mr Swann? I'm in the spare room.
I'm usually asleep by the time she come's home.
It's easier.
So she was alone? All night? Now, can you think of anyone at all who might've wanted to hurt her? No No.
Everybody loved her.
And is it significant where she was found - - Wellstood Point? - I don't know.
She used to like to go for a run before school.
- You know, she'd go there and back.
- She wouldn't have been running .
she had her car.
Her car? Do you recognise this key ring, Mr Swann? It's Lizzy's.
Car keys are missing.
I need to tell the girls.
- The girls? - My daughters.
They're in Newcastle.
Fern's a live-in nanny there.
Zara's been staying with her since Saturday.
Well, we can send a car to pick 'em up.
You don't tell 'em.
I need to tell 'em.
We need to be together.
Excuse me.
Is it all right if I take a look upstairs, pet? Car's not been seen.
What do you make of them not sleeping together? Well, it makes sense if he needs his sleep.
- His clothes are still here.
- Mm.
Well, get Forensics onto that laptop.
Girls come to me.
Let's just leave 'em to it.
Oh, Dad.
Come on.
Come on.
I can't take it in.
- Poor Lizzy.
- Were you close? She was one of my best friends.
We met at our last school, came here to turn it round.
- She was she was amazing.
- Oh, right.
Her family must be devastated.
I had no idea she was suicidal.
- Suicidal? - I I just You said she was found at the bottom of Wellstood Point.
- With her suspension, I - Oh! She'd been suspended? - When did that happen? - Three days ago.
- Did someone do this to her? - And why would you ask that? - There had been an issue.
- What sort of issue? She suspected one of the parents of hurting their child.
I was away, Lizzy reported it last Friday to Social Services.
They started an investigation over the weekend.
Sounds like she was just doing her job.
Not exactly.
The father came in on Monday - he was furious, livid.
After he left, I spoke to Lizzy.
She hadn't been accurate with what she had said to Social Services.
How do you mean? She misrepresented what the child had said.
And taken no written records.
- So you suspended her? - Yes.
- Why was she so hasty? - Cos she was worried about Omar.
She said she didn't care she'd done it the wrong way, but she had to do something.
Well, I think you'd better give us this dad's name, love.
If you wait five minutes, you can meet him.
Did you score any goals today? Huh? I bet you did - Mr Hassan? - Yes.
We're from Northumberland City Police, can we have a word? Er - Go, go with - Come with me.
We're here to investigate the death of Elizabeth Swann.
The death? That's horrible.
We hear the two of you had words at the start of this week.
I feel terrible about that now.
Erm, I was upset about Omar.
I don't blame Mrs Swann - she was doing her job.
- When did you last see her? - Not since Monday.
Listen, I need to take Omar somewhere, I promised I'd take him straight after school.
And where would that be? To his mum's grave, to lay some flowers.
Oh, I'm sorry about that, love.
Well, we won't stop you.
But, er, we will be in touch.
I am sorry about Mrs Swann.
The body of Elizabeth Swann, known as Lizzy, aged 42, a much-loved teacher, was found at the foot of Wellstood Point yesterday.
It's thought she'd been there approximately 18 hours.
Now, her bag was found some 30 metres away on the rocks.
And it appears the contents are present and correct with the exception of her car key.
And we've yet to locate her car.
Now, she hadn't been reported missing because her husband and mother-in-law were working all hours, flat out on the farm, and hadn't noticed her failure to return home.
And her work mates knew she'd been suspended for instigating a child protection case without following the correct procedure.
Now, the child concerned is a lad called Omar Hassan.
His father, Mohammed Hassan, he was absolutely livid at the accusation, and he turned up at the school to complain on Monday.
Yeah, and we should check to see if there's any truth in the accusation.
Jac, get onto Social Services, see what you can find out.
On it, Ma'am.
Now, we know there was someone else at the scene because her body had been turned over.
And unlikely to have been by the dog-walker who found her.
Er, Mark, how are you doing tracing that car? No sign of it.
It's not shown up on any ANPR in the last 36 hours.
It's just disappeared.
Yeah, well, I doubt a magician's involved.
Er, see if this helps - it's a car park ticket - I found in her bedroom.
- It's from Monday.
- I'll look into it, Ma'am.
- Aye.
Good lad.
Now, Kenny, is there anything in the family background - we should know about? - Er, clean as a whistle.
Er, Phil Swann was pensioned out of the army seven years ago due to an injury, er, caused by an IED explosion.
And they gave him a ribbon.
And he came back to run the family farm seven years ago.
Bad luck seems to have a habit of following him.
I ran some checks.
A year ago, his brother, Ryan, died in a car crash, and Phil's daughter, Zara, was also badly injured in it.
Oh, that poor family.
Then this?! I mean, it's hard enough coming back from one tragedy Now you'd think you'd notice if your wife didn't come home at night, wouldn't you? Now, if she wasn't going to school, where was she going? Hm? Mark, find out.
I want her movements for the last couple of weeks.
Kenny, check her bank records and phone records.
Jac, get onto Forensics - have they picked up her laptop? Is that Malcolm? - Yeah, he's ready for us.
- Right.
What have you got? Right.
I've got a fairly good idea about what happened.
Well, I don't like the sound of "fairly".
Well, you can blame the rain for that.
So, we found scuff marks which matched her shoes on these steps here.
So she was pushed? Pulled.
I think she was climbing the steps when someone grabbed her bag from behind.
And we've got significant corroborative bruising here.
I think they pulled the bag so hard that the buckle broke off, leaving the corresponding abrasion here.
The next injury she sustained was a severe trauma to the skull.
- There.
- Was she hit? No, I think the impact of the bag breaking swung her backwards - she hit her head against the wall where we found fragments of her hair.
Most of the other injuries she sustained are consistent with her falling down the steps, but there are these bruises here, and also on the other arm.
Well, it looks like someone grabbed hold of her.
You should be a detective.
- So some got hold of her - And there was a tussle.
and deliberately pulled her so that she fell over backwards.
Well, whatever happened, they left her for dead.
- Malcolm? - Yes.
Is that an older bruise on her wrist? Well spotted.
Yes, from a few days ago, possibly a week.
We've run some tests, just waiting for the results.
Well, let's have those results ASAP.
- So what actually killed her? - She died from a broken neck.
It would've been instantaneous the moment she reached the bottom.
No later than 1:30pm.
- So that's between 11:15 and 1:30.
- Aye, well, that narrows it down.
- Thanks, Malcolm.
- You know me, I aim to please.
No-one likes a show off, love.
What clown's left that there?! This your vehicle, sir? I wouldn't go up to the farm right now, they've had some bad news.
You were with Phil in the army? Northumberland City Police.
We were in the same squad.
Went to school together too.
Sorry, Jamie McCarthy.
So you've heard what's happened? Came to see Phil as soon as I heard.
I can't believe anyone would do that to Lizzy, it's ju Do what, Mr McCarthy? Well, I dunno, I just thought with all the police Ah, gotcha.
Were you close to the deceased? Close to the whole family.
Cos of Phil.
- You work for Phil too? - No, no.
Just rent the barn off him.
More of a favour, really.
Checking to see it was still dry after the storm.
That was some rain, eh? - Can you shift your motor? - Course.
If I can do anything to help, just let me know.
They're barely keeping it together.
Explains why they're renting the barn out.
That's enough, Rose.
She's not been dead two minutes, just drop it! Rose this is the police.
They're finding out what happened to Lizzy.
- And you are? - Lizzy's sister-in-law.
- Or was.
Rose Swann.
- Ah, Phil's brother's wife.
We just saw Phil's mate down the lane.
Macca? Can you tell us about Lizzy's movements over the last week? Same as normal.
Lizzy did long hours at the school.
- So what did she do at the weekend? - She was at home all day Saturday.
On Sunday, we all went to Ryan's memorial in Brignall.
- Who else was at the memorial? - Lizzy, Phil, Moira, me.
- A few men from work.
- Were your nieces not there? - Zara and Fern? - Mm.
They were too busy.
- Are they still around? - Just started milking.
You need to get back.
I just think Dad might need us, you know? But you've got work.
I can stay.
I'm DCI Stanhope.
I'm heading the investigation about your mam.
Don't tell my dad, will you? About the cigarette.
Well, I think he's got bigger things to worry about, pet.
How're you both doing? Doesn't feel right being here without Mam.
Dad said you think someone did this to her? Oh, I'm looking at all explanations, love.
Now, I've just seen your Aunty Rose.
That why you're hiding round here? She can get a bit intense.
She told us neither of you went to Uncle Ryan's memorial on Sunday.
Why's that? Zara's been with me since Saturday.
I picked her up from here, took her back to Newcastle to stay with me.
- Ah, you're the live-in nanny? - Mm.
Been there for two years.
They're like family.
The house is huge.
And the kids love having Zara there.
- And she needed to revise.
- Oh, A Levels? Four.
She's got an offer to study law at Durham.
Seems so trivial now.
Nah, pet.
That's not trivial.
Mam didn't think so.
She was very proud.
So was that the last time you saw your mam, on Saturday? How'd she seem? Quiet.
Said she missed me.
Just, er, just like normal.
You know, just Mam.
She mention school at all? Well, I need to talk to your dad.
Where can I find him? Er, in the top field.
I'll take you up.
- It's OK.
I'll go.
- Oh, no, not if it's tricky, love.
It's fine.
I need to keep moving.
Oh, look at this lot.
My mam always wanted a cow.
Are you OK, pet? Just twinges.
- Is that from the accident? - Yeah.
Ah, is that why you and Fern didn't go to the memorial? Ah.
Your Aunt Rose said you were busy.
I've got to get two As and an A star for uni.
I'm always busy.
And how were things with you and your mam, hm? Not easy being a teenager out here in the sticks.
We'd been having a few arguments.
Last month had been a bit tricky.
We needed some time out.
Just feel so guilty.
- What were you arguing about? - Just stuff.
Anything, everything.
I miss her.
We were close, really close.
Especially once Fern left.
Well, here's your dad, so I'll take it from here, love.
Now, listen, we're doing everything we can to find out what happened to your mam.
What's happened? What have you found? We found out she was suspended from school on Monday.
No, no, that's not right.
She's been going to school every day.
Not been in school since quarter to ten Monday morning.
So how did she get suspended? She was a bit hasty in reporting a child protection case to Social Services.
Caused some problems.
So how were things at home, besides being busy? I mean, Zara said she and her mam were arguing a lot.
Well, she's a teenager - comes with the territory.
I mean, it was intense.
They both needed some breathing space, so I suggested Zara go and stay with her sister.
What were they arguing about? I know Zara has academic pressures It wasn't that.
Lizzy wasn't keen on her boyfriend, and I can't say I was his biggest fan either.
- Oh - He's too old for her.
They're both on very different paths.
Now, it'll burn out, but if we try to break it up, it'd only make them stronger.
So you thought you'd give Zara some breathing space from him too? Hm.
Thanks, love.
- Is that Zara's boyfriend? - Greg.
He turned up not long after you left.
Phil said Lizzy wasn't keen on him.
Well, neither are Moira and Rose.
Moira said family only.
She made him wait outside until Zara showed up.
- Ah, well, he is four years older.
- Well, three.
She's nearly 18.
Four! And you wouldn't be saying that if you had a daughter - instead of a son.
- Well, he was keen to be helpful.
Oh, that makes it OK, does it, if he's "helpful"? I'm just saying he answered all my questions.
Now, come on! We need to establish what our victim was doing while she was suspended from school.
Anything? Mark, what about her car? Still no sign since the day before she died.
But that car park ticket you found was for Brignall.
I'm checking the ANPR for the last couple of weeks.
- Right, get on with that.
- Ma'am.
Have we heard back from Social Services? I've left four voicemails for Omar Hassan's social worker, - Marti Kapp.
Not got through yet.
- Marti?! Oh, she and I go way back.
I'll call her.
Kenny, did you do the background check on the lad's father? Yeah, Mohammed Hassan.
" He's a chef at a seaside diner in Brignall.
And he's got history.
He got sacked seven years ago, and he bricked his employer's window.
So he has a temper! Well, that's good to know.
Brignall, you say? Well, maybe she paid HIM a visit.
Ma'am, I've found this social media group for parents at Lizzy's school.
Mo posted some comments about Lizzy on a thread at the weekend.
He warned parents to be careful of her.
Said that she was a liar and should be sacked.
That she'd accused him of something that he didn't do.
Well, so much for his understanding act! Now, another user was stirring it - "I believe in karma, bad things come to bad people.
" Now, and he says, "Maybe sometimes karma needs a helping hand.
" Well, if that's not a threat I'll eat my hat.
Ring doughnut and an iced finger.
I am a cheap date.
So, what do you want? Marti I need an off-the-record chat.
I want all the information you can give me on Omar Hassan and his dad.
I don't want to go in half-cocked.
You think Mo had something to do with Lizzy's death? I don't know.
He said he didn't see her.
But I know my victim was a teacher at his school and they'd had words at the beginning of the week.
Well, Omar was late for school several times, often in dirty clothes.
Lizzy sent a few emails, concerned about neglect.
So he's been on your radar for a while? Lizzy reported he regularly came to school with bruises.
When I spoke to her last week, she was agitated.
Insisted we had to act.
Convinced Omar was in real danger from his dad.
Maybe she was right to be worried.
At first, I thought Lizzy was just covering herself.
Then she got upset, angry, went really over the top.
She knew when she reported it we'd have to instigate a case.
She was on a mission.
Well, she obviously felt strongly.
What do you think of the fella? He's defensive, as you'd expect.
And Omar loves him.
But then, victims often do.
The thing is, if Lizzy got her reporting wrong The fella's innocent, he's done nothing wrong.
- Damned if you do - And damned if you do.
Can you just hold on one sec.
I'll let you know if I find anything else.
Thanks, Marti.
Oh, and, er, Vera Two iced fingers next time, yeah.
Hello, Marti Kapp speaking.
'Why are you here?' We said we'd be in touch.
Look I had nothing to do with what happened with Mrs Swann.
Then you won't mind us ruling you out of our enquiries.
Where were you on Wednesday between 11:15AM and 13:30PM? I took Omar to hospital for some tests, dropped him back off at school at 11, then came here back to work.
When did you last see Mrs Swann? Monday morning.
At school.
She lied to them.
Told them I'd hurt my son.
I've been to Social Services, love.
Look, I know sometimes Omar's late for school, but that's because he doesn't finish his breakfast.
And I'm not gonna send him out hungry.
He's a clumsy lad.
Just bruises by just touching something, you know? - Why didn't you get it checked out? - I am! I'm seeing a consultant and they're doing tests.
Well, maybe you should have taken him sooner! What did you mean by this? "Sometimes karma needs a helping hand"? I was just shooting my mouth off.
It doesn't mean I wanted to hurt her.
- Just threaten her online, eh? - I didn't hurt Mrs Swann.
Why would I do that and risk losing my son? I need to work.
Yeah, well, I'm not stopping you.
Doesn't help himself, does he? Why didn't you tell us you'd been pressured to suspend Lizzy? It was my decision.
- So what changed? - I had to re-evaluate a few things.
Ah, so you already had your own concerns about her? Lizzy had made a few decisions recently that were a bit off.
She wasn't herself.
I saw Lizzy on Wednesday.
She came round the back just after ten.
Said she wanted to talk.
I wouldn't let her in.
I told her it wasn't appropriate for her to be here.
You saw here the day she died and you're only just telling us now? I know.
I'm sorry.
I just felt so guilty cos I'd turned her away.
You said she'd been "off"? Over the last few weeks she'd been distracted, emotional.
Was it anything to do with Zara's boyfriend? - Greg? - Hmm.
She thought Zara was spending too much time with him.
But she hadn't mentioned it again.
And how was she and her husband? Lizzy found it claustrophobic.
Felt trapped.
She said something about wanting to get away, escape.
From the farm or her husband? Just said things had to change.
Now according to the headmistress, Lizzy seemed troubled for the past fortnight.
But apart from arguments with her daughter, no-one at home seemed to notice anything.
Now we know she was unhappy about Zara's boyfriend, Greg Stein.
Kenny, run a background check on him.
Yes, Ma'am.
Jac, how we doing with her laptop? The report's back from forensics.
Lizzy uploaded this on Tuesday evening.
Oh, that photo's up in their kitchen.
Hang on.
No, that's a photo of the photo.
You can see a reflection of her windows.
Now why would she have done? She also downloaded several statements on Monday.
Savings, investments, bank.
Yeah, well, fair enough.
She thought she was gonna lose her job.
Well, on Tuesday, er, she emptied money from all the accounts that she shared with her husband into her own personal account.
- Did she? - Yeah.
Just over £4,000.
And then she froze the rest.
Anika said that Lizzy wanted to escape.
That could be her escape fund? Well, there's that, or she didn't trust her husband.
Jac, do a financial check on the pair of them, last six months.
I want everything.
Now, Mark, how we doing with her movements? ANPR pinged that she'd travelled to Brignall on Tuesday and Wednesday.
- But nothing on Monday.
- Yeah, but you Well, I've already checked the CCTV for the car park.
It's just for show.
So why was she in Brignall? Friends? Aiden.
Well, it's the nearest big town, plenty of cafes to hang out in.
Now, we're meeting Phil at the morgue.
Kenny, get onto her mobile provider.
I want those phone records.
And remind them, please, this is a murder enquiry.
Yes, Ma'am.
Can you look after her? Where's Phil? He's just left.
Look who's turned up.
So I'm presuming you've got news.
Well, it's not good.
I can confirm that someone else was involved.
It seems likely that Lizzy was pulled down the steps after an altercation.
I'm afraid we still haven't found her car, but we do know she visited Brignall on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Why would she go there? Well, I was hoping you could tell me that.
Did she have friends there? Cafe, favourite spot? No.
I mean, Macca runs a pub there, on the seafront.
Ah, well, that could be it, then.
Were they close? What d'you mean? We met Macca in the lane, by the farm.
He told us he was a friend of the family.
Yeah, but she wouldn't go out of her way to see him.
And if he'd seen her, he would have said.
Can you tell me why she emptied your joint accounts - into her own personal one? - She did what? She cleared out your joint accounts day before she died.
You didn't know that? Well, why do you think she did that? Hm? Financial problems? I've no idea.
Look, I need to be with my daughter.
Why are you walking away from me? - Zara wasn't happy he was here.
- Hmm.
Well, let's keep an eye on him.
Ma'am, I've got Lizzy's mobile phone records.
There's, er, calls to her bank, Anika Er, daily calls with her daughters.
The last call she made was 10:20 Wednesday morning.
Phil says that Jamie McCarthy lives in Brignall.
Runs a pub.
Jac, run him through the system.
- Full background check.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Ma'am, we've found Lizzy's car! Mrs Swann called, said two of her tyres were flat.
- And you picked her up from school? - Aye, about quarter to 11.
Said it'd take till four to sort the tyres out.
She said she'd come by the garage later.
- Did you give her a lift anywhere? - Nah, said she'd walk.
Do you know where she went? Sorry.
Too busy getting her car on my truck.
- And how was she? - How d'you think? Peed off.
Two tyres were flat! Car's over here waiting for her.
We've kept the tyres for the insurance.
Didn't look like an accident.
- It was deliberate? - Aye.
Hey, don't touch, love! Get forensics in.
Ah, we've give it a valet, after the tyres.
You've done what? Part of the service.
We never touched her suitcase, though.
Her suitcase? So, packed case.
Was she legging it? And her husband and mother-in-law didn't even notice.
Well, that says a lot.
- Where was she gonna stay? - Don't know.
Maybe with that headmistress, perhaps that's why she turned up at the school, to see her.
Got turned away.
But more importantly, who was it sabotaged the car? Stopped her from going? Hmm.
Right, Malcolm, what have you got for us, hm? Twice in one day, lucky me.
Right, well, I've been looking at the enhanced photographs of Lizzy's wrist, and it's very clear that someone grabbed it hard indeed.
Aye, that's just as I thought.
Now, see if you can impress me again, Malcolm.
What have you got from these tyres? Well, I wouldn't want you to think I was showing off, But I can confirm it was deliberate.
The punctures were tiny.
Something long, sharp, almost needle-like.
Some needle to go through a tyre! Whatever it was, they would've gone down silently.
So, whoever did this, just wanted her car out of action.
- Needed her to be on foot.
- Yes.
More vulnerable.
What have you got from the suitcase? We only found her prints on the handle and the lock.
But I had better luck with the car.
We found two sets.
One on the passenger door handle, not in the system.
And another set under the wheel arches.
Presumably when they were puncturing the tyres.
Oh, tell me they're on the system, Malcolm.
They are on the system, Malcolm.
Can I have a name? - Mo Hassan.
- Hassan! Well, well, well.
This is harassment! I haven't done anything wrong! This is harassment! Aiden Bullseye.
Brave of you to refuse a solicitor, Mr Hassan.
I've got nothing to hide.
- No? - No.
Now, two tyres on Lizzy Swann's car were punctured outside Wellstood Academy the morning she died.
Just a few minutes after you signed your son into school late.
Which was just after ten, not 11, like you said.
I got mixed up.
You can't hang a man for that.
I didn't touch her.
Oh don't give me that.
I wasn't born yesterday, love.
And look what we found in the glove compartment of your car.
Now, these match the puncture marks on Lizzy's tyres.
We also have with your fingerprints on two wheel arches.
You left her without a car, knowing that she'd have to walk.
Well, she'd be easier to follow on foot, wouldn't she? - Easier to have that quiet word.
- Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
I did the tyres, OK, but I did not follow her.
Nah, don't believe you.
Did you try and make her listen to you, pet? Try a bit too hard? I-I didn't even speak with her, let alone kill her! I-I I did them and then I went to work.
Ask them! Oh, don't worry about that, pet, we will.
You've got a bit of a history of lashing out, haven't you? Her tyres, your old boss's windows.
Leading off at school I didn't hurt her.
I wouldn't do that! I wouldn't I wouldn't leave a child without a mum.
Well, we've only your word for that and so far you've told us nothing but lies.
So I won't be holding my breath.
Can I have a solicitor, please? Why did she go to Wellstood Point? Isolated.
Good place to be alone.
Local beauty spot.
Yeah, but there was a storm brewing, it's completely exposed.
She'd have got drenched.
Well, she obviously didn't wanna go back home.
Yeah, well, why not go to a pub or a cafe? There's two in Wellstood.
If she was killing time, she'd look for somewhere with a roof.
Keep dry, wouldn't she? Nah She went to Wellstood deliberately.
Now, our victim was extremely upset on the morning she died.
And she confided in the headmistress that she needed a friend.
And I think she met one at Wellstood Point.
Now, if it wasn't her, who was it? Well, I tracked down one of the unregistered phone numbers.
Guess who Lizzy was texting on regular basis? Who?! Jamie McCarthy.
- Was she now? - He said he was close to her.
And Phil wasn't very happy when we mentioned ol' Macca, was he? Maybe they were closer than he was letting on.
Kenny, you and Mark get down to his pub.
See if any of the regulars remember seeing Lizzy there.
Jac, what did you find? Er, he keeps a low profile, not on social media.
There's a few newspaper articles about him supporting Lizzy's school.
What does he rent that barn off of Phil for? Do we know? I can find out.
I looked into the farm's books.
It's solvent, but only just.
The last 18 months, it's been kept afloat by Phil and Lizzy's savings.
Well, I wonder if she knew that? Maybe that's why she withdrew the rest.
- Mark.
- Sorry I'm late, Ma'am.
I've just collected this.
Image from the dashcam of a bus taken in Wellstood, the morning Lizzy died.
You're kidding me.
You going somewhere, pet? This was taken near Wellstood the morning Mrs Swann died.
And look at this.
She made four calls to you in the week that she died.
- I did-I didn't speak to her.
- No? Well, you called her the night before she died.
Spoke for three minutes.
Now, this isn't looking good for you, son.
I'd start collaborating.
I wanted to call a truce.
Ah, so you admit the two of you had been fighting.
Not me, her and Zara.
The arguing wasn't good for Zara.
I want what's best for her, same as her mum does.
And that involves Zara spending all her time at yours when she should be revising? Hmm.
- Moving in together at university? - Who told you that? That's what her mam heard.
We're not.
Zara doesn't want to.
But I wanted to talk to her mum, to clear the air.
I thought she'd have to talk if we saw each other face-to-face.
Where did you meet her? Just, erm, off the lane to the farm.
Did you force your way into that car? - No! - Are you sure? She had the wrong idea about me.
I had to make her listen.
I know Zara's exams are important.
All she does with me is revise.
Yeah, course she does (!) We're not stupid.
You're the same as her mam, think I'm only after one thing.
What's that? True love waits.
I know it might not mean something to some people, but it does to me.
I thought I thought if I could talk to her mum, explain, she'd stop trying to break us up.
Make you angry, did it? No, look.
She was the angry one.
I told her she wasn't thinking about what was best for Zara.
And, well, she lost it.
Said there was stuff going on I didn't even know about.
What "stuff"? She kept saying that there, the things were going to change, I had to give Zara space.
It wasn't making much sense.
Made me promise to keep away from Zara.
- It was the only way she'd calm down.
- And then what? Then she, erm What? She gave us a lift to the bus stop.
I walked home.
Took the coastal path.
Got home at one.
Hang on, you were near Wellstood Point?! Yeah.
- Look, I-I didn't see her there.
- Did anybody else see you? You should've told us this, Greg.
You said Zara spends all her time at yours revising? Hmm.
Why doesn't she do that at home? She doesn't like it there.
I don't blame her mum for not liking me.
Zara uses me as an excuse half the time to get out of stuff.
I didn't kill Lizzy.
I spoke to her once on the phone.
The rest of the time, I sent her to voicemail.
'Greg, if you love Zara then give her some space.
'It's important she's with her family.
' Makes her real again, doesn't it? 'There are things going on that you know nothing about.
'It's not all about you, y'know.
'Just leave her alone, for God's sake.
' But what? What are they hiding? Er, Ma'am, Marti Kapp's here.
- She's got news.
- Oh, right.
Now, is there any update on Hassan's alibi? Er, boss said he arrived at work at 10:45 and stayed till three.
- So where is she? - Well, I left her in the corridor.
Well, we're not allowed to bring people in here! You're gonna wanna hear this.
- What've you got? - A diagnosis on Omar.
He has juvenile osteoporosis and a clotting disorder.
- It's why he keeps injuring himself.
- Oh, that poor little lad.
- So Dad's in the clear with you? - Hmm.
And us.
We'll keep an eye on Omar.
Work out a care package with his dad.
I asked him about being late for school.
Know what he said? If he didn't eat breakfast, he got to spent more time with his dad.
Do you wanna tell him? Ten minutes, OK? Sorry, I've got to make tea for the kids.
You're all right, love.
Er, you know, I just wanted to ask you .
what do you think of your sister's boyfriend? - Greg? - Hmm.
He's OK.
His heart's in the right place.
I don't think they'll last, but he's been good for Zara.
He said Zara just uses him as an excuse to not be at home.
I don't know, possibly.
So what's your excuse? You left home at what, 16? Er, 17.
I was miserable there.
Mam and Rose started fighting the moment we lived with them.
Oh, so, did your Aunt Rose and Uncle Ryan used to run the farm? Until Dad took it on by himself.
Oh, well, that must've been claustrophobic.
Especially if your mam and Rose didn't get on.
Mam tried, she really did, but Rose hated us being there.
She couldn't stand Mam.
- She was jealous of her.
- Why's that? Mam was cleverer, had a career.
- And, of course, Dad got the farm.
- Him being the oldest? Well, that would have been tough on your Uncle Ryan.
He wanted to start his own business anyway.
Dad gave him some money.
He left, set one up with Rose.
Oh, that would have made things easier.
It was hard for Dad.
He had to do Ryan's work, too.
But it made a big difference.
So, if things where now OK, why did you leave? I was never going to uni, I thought I might as well go and get a job.
And Mam and me kept arguing.
We were OK once I left.
We were We were close.
Talked most days.
Now, the last time your mam phoned you, did she say anything at all that could be useful? Hmm? Think.
Just wanted to know when Zara would be home.
Mam was missing her.
I wish I could help you, but I can't.
Well, I'll leave you to it, pet.
Now, your Aunt Rose, what's the name of her business? Oh, big operation.
We're very busy.
All the farmers locally use us.
So do you own all of this? Them's new sales.
Most of our business involves small plant hire, servicing and maintenance contracts.
It's been very profitable.
We found a real gap in the market.
Hmm, well, I can see you are busy so I'll be direct.
I hear you and Lizzy had a difficult relationship.
That is direct.
Who said that? Was it? Difficult? Well, hard for it not to be.
She pushed us out.
Out of the farm, our home.
She got rid of us.
I thought you and your husband wanted to leave? And start again?! Moira said there was no room for us, that Phil had a family to support.
Ryan worked his fingers to the bone for his mam.
And for what? But Phil gave you the start-up money.
£150,000? Ryan was worth double that! Might have been Moira that said go, but it was Lizzy's idea.
She never liked Ryan.
Just out for herself.
She wanted Phil to sell-up.
Moira was furious.
Both knew Lizzy could twist people round her little finger, but that No, Ryan was the one that looked after the farm.
Till Phil and his lot moved in.
I know she's dead, but it's the truth.
So, how did you and Lizzy get on at the memorial on Sunday? Not well, I'm guessing? We had words.
She was being disrespectful.
Didn't want to have a scene, so I took her off for a private word.
"Took her"? Did it get physical? Did you grab her by the wrist? I'd just scattered my husband's ashes and she was bored.
Didn't even try to hide it.
So how did it go when you spoke to her, hm? She said sorry and left soon after.
Where were you on Wednesday? I was here.
Ask anyone.
You know, I'm surprised you're not talking to Phil.
They barely spoke on Sunday.
Lizzy must've fallen off her pedestal.
Whatever that woman knows, she's keeping it to herself.
Now, who knew Lizzy was doing a runner? Her husband has to be part of the reason.
Rose said Lizzy wrapped people round her little finger.
What's she getting at? Maybe there was someone else.
Maybe she was having an affair.
Well, long hours at school on her own.
It's a good cover story.
Jac, did you find anything out about Phil and his best mate, McCarthy? Yes, Ma'am.
McCarthy started renting the barn when the farm began to struggle.
He paid £600 a month for the first year.
But he's paid nothing for the last six months.
He said he was still using it when we saw him.
Well, no-one pays that much as a favour.
What's he got in that barn? Did you find anything out at the pub? Er, well, two punters saw her there on Tuesday afternoon.
Did they now? And, er, Lizzy and McCarthy had a blazing row.
He tells her to keep her voice down.
And then he follows her out of the pub.
Oh, tell me you've got it on CCTV? Absolutely.
Got it right here.
And there she is.
Gotcha! Thanks for your CCTV.
Now, it shows you and Lizzy arguing.
Why didn't you tell us about that? Because it's got nothing to do with you.
Really? Now, people had a habit of trying to shut her up.
Makes me wonder what it was she was trying to say.
She wanted help with something at school, but I couldn't.
Now, that's rubbish, and you know it.
She'd been suspended.
Now, you and Phil are close.
Right? Mm? Pair of you go way back, same army squad.
Helps to have a mate around.
Civilian life isn't easy, so Were you close to Lizzy, too? You texted her almost every other day.
- So? - What were the texts about? Running times.
Lizzy started running a few months back and I was helping her, giving her some coaching.
Did Phil know about that? No, we didn't mention it.
Didn't want him to get the wrong idea.
Well, I imagine he'd have got exactly the same idea we got.
The texts were about running.
- Hm.
Can I see 'em? - I've deleted them.
Were you seeing her? Hm? - You're joking, right? - It's no joke.
The woman is dead, love.
Course I wasn't.
Phil was one of my best mates.
OK, tell me about this favour you're doing Phil, renting his barn.
Well, it wasn't being used.
He needed some money and I needed a place to store some crap from here, so - Are you still renting it? - Yeah, I told you.
- Yeah, how's that, cash in hand? - Yeah.
600 quid a month, that's a lot of money.
Very generous.
Well, if it helps him out, you know.
- Get me a warrant to search that barn.
- On it.
Right, go on, Mark.
He's been growing, then.
He's got some nerve.
When do you think McCarthy cleared out that barn? Mm? Before Lizzy died, I'll bet ya.
Tying up his loose ends.
Do you think she knew what was in there? Well, she seemed the sort of person who'd have gone straight to the police, doesn't she? Maybe Phil was taking a cut.
I doubt that.
If he was, he wouldn't have had money problems.
And what the hell is he doing here? I'll kick those doors in.
Open up! Let me in! Mr Swann! - Let me in! - You're not making any sense.
- Mr Swann.
- What were you doing with Lizzy? - Mr Swann, calm down.
- What were you doing? Phil.
Calm down.
What's he got to do with Lizzy? Well, leave it to us, let me ask the questions.
- Come on, we'll take care of this.
- Now, go home.
- Ma'am.
- Look, being done for assault's not gonna help anyone, is it? Now, go home, love.
- Lucky you were here.
- Aye, wasn't it just? Now, we need to have a little chat.
Look, we all know what was in that barn.
One phone call, and we can get forensics in to prove it.
Or you can tell us about your relationship with your best mate's wife.
Or has Phil got that wrong as well? Yeah, he's got that wrong.
Me and Lizzy, we just We made each other laugh, we got on.
But I'd never do that to Phil, betray him like that.
He's a mate.
No, but you'd run a cannabis farm in his barn.
So not that a much of a mate, is he? It's obvious there was something going on between you and his missus.
The texts, the visits, the training sessions, helping out at school - Good cover stories.
- We weren't hiding anything.
I reckon she wanted to run away with you.
Mm? Escape her life in the mud.
But you got cold feet.
Is that why the pair of you were arguing? No, you have this all wrong.
We know she came to Brignull two days in a row.
We can check your CCTV, see if she came here.
Check it, she came once.
But there was nothing going on between us.
So why were you arguing? It was about Phil.
She found a parking ticket in his pocket for Brignall, wanted to know if I'd seen him.
For last Monday? - Yeah.
- Had you seen him? - No.
- So why the argument, Mr McCarthy? Look, I'm losing my patience here.
She thought he was having an affair.
An affair? And is he? Course not.
Lizzy was the love of his life, he worshipped her.
So why was he in Brignull? Seeing a friend.
This friend got a name? Tina.
Tina Callow.
You still haven't scored a goal, so come on.
- Tina? - Yeah? - Could I have a word, love? - Why? Inside.
Fancy a kick-about? Is that all right? Er Yeah.
You be a good boy, Vincent.
Oh, one touch.
We were in the army together.
He's an old friend.
Is that why he's been paying your rent for the last six months? That's not a crime, is it? No, no.
Very generous for a fella who's skint.
Well, I needed help, and he's a good mate.
Oh, I think he's more than that, isn't he, pet? Is he the father of your lad? Well, I'll take that as a yes.
- You still together? - No.
It only lasted a month, and then we came to our senses.
We were on tour together, hundreds of miles away from everyone.
We were both lonely.
Oh, well, it happens.
And I'm guessing it was after you split up that you found you were pregnant? Phil didn't want a new family with me, he wanted his old one.
So why are you here, in Brignall? You're practically on his doorstep.
I lost my job, my flat.
I I didn't know who else to turn to.
Did Lizzy come here on Tuesday? Yeah, she saw me and Phil outside and waited for him to leave and then barged her way in.
I don't know how she got my address.
She thought we were having an affair.
I said we weren't, but But she saw your lad and put two and two together? Hm? I told her nothing was going on any more, but she didn't believe me.
What did Phil say when you told him she'd been here? I haven't told him.
Lizzy said she wanted to talk to him herself.
Do you think Tina could have done it? No, I don't think so, somehow.
She said she was at a job interview, but you can get Kenny to check that.
Here's what I think.
Maybe Phil got angry when Lizzy confronted him.
Annoyed that she'd come over here.
I mean, he wouldn't want it coming out, would he? About Tina and the lad.
He'd need to explain to Lizzy somewhere private, out of his mam's earshot.
And maybe things got out of hand, maybe I'm checking the farm boundaries and he was working a field on Wednesday morning less than a mile from Wellstood Point.
Ex-army? He could've got there and back in half an hour, easy.
So, what did Lizzy say to you when she found out about Tina and your lad? Nothing.
She didn't know.
I'm not proud of it.
I live with that guilt every day.
Tina needed help, I wasn't gonna abandon them.
Lizzy didn't need to know, and I didn't tell her.
Well, I'm afraid she worked it out, pet.
Because she found your parking ticket.
The same as we did.
And she followed you, she saw you there.
- She saw the lad, she met him.
- She what? Saw the three of you together, and after you left, she doorstepped Tina.
Now, you where there twice last week, why was that? I, erm Vincent had a temperature on Monday and I was worried about him.
Why didn't Lizzy say anything? Well, I'd have thought that was obvious.
She thought you were still together.
What, so she died not knowing how much I loved her? She also knew you'd used the savings on the farm.
Did she confront you about that? Yeah, on Monday.
That's why I was in the spare room.
She said we couldn't lose any more money cos it was for university, for Zara.
She knew Macca had paid cash in hand, just didn't know why.
After we argued, she didn't want me near her.
That's why I didn't know.
I couldn't let the farm go under.
You know, I'm meant to be a man, I'm not meant to struggle.
Now, see, if she talked to you about the money I can't believe she didn't talk to you about Tina and the lad.
Maybe she needed to be on neutral ground, somewhere private.
Somewhere where she could shout at you and not be overheard.
Cos you couldn't have that chat at home, could you? Wellstood Point's not that far away from where you were farming on Wednesday.
I didn't do it.
I-I wouldn't.
Well, maybe you didn't mean to hurt her.
Maybe it was an accident.
I didn't see her and we didn't speak.
I should never have come back home.
It all went wrong when we came back.
Ryan resented us being there.
And Lizzy and Rose? Well that was never gonna work.
They were pushed out, paid off.
It was Ryan's idea.
Been planning it for years.
I helped him out best I could to start his business.
But then Fern was arguing non-stop, before she left.
And then Zara had that accident.
When Ryan died? Yeah, Ryan picked Zara up after work.
He was over the limit.
Turned a bend.
He died on impact.
Zara was trapped for an hour.
You know, the physio takes six months The head takes longer.
I should've picked Zara up.
You know, Lizzy never trusted Ryan.
Mark, can you pull out the report on Ryan Swann's accident? - A-S-A-P.
- Ma'am.
He seemed convincing enough.
Yeah, Kenny, Macca's alibi? Rock solid.
He was at an auction in Brignall.
Greg was caught on CCTV in Brignall just after 11 o'clock, - and Tina Callow's alibi stands up.
- Right.
What about Rose? - I've popped it on your desk, ma'am.
- Yeah, thanks, Mark.
Her alibi doesn't add up.
She was seen leaving work between 11 and midday - on the day Lizzy died.
- Oh, was she, indeed? Well, chase up any employees you've missed.
Right, now, bear with me, hm? Phil's just said Lizzy didn't trust Ryan.
Now, something is not right here.
And no-one can decide what it was that was troubling Lizzy.
Was it Greg, young Omar, Rose, her husband? Well, maybe we've not been looking in the right place.
And it's much closer to home than we thought.
I need to talk to Zara.
Get your coat.
Hey, Zara, love.
Erm I need to ask you something tricky, pet.
About the accident.
See, I was looking through the report and I noticed your uncle didn't take the direct route home.
He took you on a detour.
Now, I know your mam didn't trust Ryan.
Did you know he was drunk? I realised when he made a wrong turning.
Only he hadn't got it wrong.
You thought it was deliberate.
He wanted to take you somewhere well, private.
Was that it? I didn't want to.
But he said I did, that that I-I wanted it.
He was my uncle.
Oh, Zara, love.
He kept tryna grope me.
I pushed him off.
And then he hit the bend and Well, no wonder you didn't want to go to his memorial.
- Did you tell anyone? - No.
I was too ashamed.
You should've told your mam, pet.
I did eventually, cos we were arguing.
She kept going on and on about me seeing Greg.
Said he was too old for me and I should be concentrating on my exams, and I couldn't help it, it all came out.
So, when was this? Recently? Two weeks ago.
She was so angry with me, kept asking why I hadn't told her before, why I'd left it so long.
It was - It was like she blamed me.
- Well, of course she was angry.
With your Uncle Ryan, not you.
So, how did you leave it with your mam? Hm? I said not to tell anyone.
I didn't want Rose to know.
I knew she'd only blame me.
Same with Gran.
I didn't want to get into trouble.
Mam wanted to say something, but I made her promise not to.
Not even to Dad.
I said I didn't want to talk about it, but she just kept going on and on and Ah, so your dad sent you to Fern's.
Bit of breathing space.
I'm going back there later today.
I don't like it here without my mam.
I miss her.
Course you do, pet.
And Zara it took some guts for you to tell us that.
Your Uncle Ryan was the only one to blame, not you.
That poor girl.
No wonder Lizzy went overboard trying to protect young Omar.
She was riddled with guilt, not protecting her daughter.
Jac spoke to one of Rose's employees.
Lizzy was there on Tuesday.
Went back for round two.
Got a habit of not telling us the truth, Rose.
I don't know what you're Now, we've got an eye witness places Lizzy at your work the day before she died.
And guess what? She also says you left work the morning she was killed.
I went home.
- Forgot some invoices.
- Really? Are you sure about that? I told you, I went home.
- I wouldn't lie! - Wouldn't you? Now, this witness says Lizzy was in your office for 20 minutes.
Now, why was she there? To pick the argument back up? Hm? Are you gonna tell us what this argument was about? It's got nothing to do with this.
Well, if your husband was sexually assaulting his niece, - it's got everything to do with it.
- That was years ago.
It's all lies.
I've taken a statement from Zara.
She said they crashed because she was having to stop him - from assaulting her.
- That's not true.
He didn't do that.
Nothing happened with Zara.
Now, you must've wondered why they were on that particular road when they crashed.
It wasn't exactly the quickest way home, was it? I thought he must've had one too many, got confused.
Nah, you just didn't want to believe it.
And that, I can understand.
What was the argument with Lizzy about? She wanted me out of the family.
VERA GASPS Said that she would make sure none of them had anything to do with me again.
It was years ago? You just said it was years ago.
Has this happened before? This isn't fair, now he's not here to defend himself.
Ryan's not a pervert.
It was her, Fern, walking around in a towel, parading.
She came on to him! Ryan told me! But yet we were the ones that got thrown out! Do you think Lizzy knew it'd happened before? Of course she knew! Why else were Ryan and Rose turfed out of the farm? Hm? And then Zara comes along and says it's happened to her, too.
Must've driven the poor women ballistic.
Now, I need to talk to Fern, but she's not answering.
'The person you are trying to' Now she's turned her phone off.
- Ah, Zara, love.
- Hi.
Just need a quick word with your sister.
Well, she's taken the kids out.
Why? Don't worry, girls, we're just, erm, going for a drive.
- Why do you want to see her? - Er Now, love, erm Aside from telling your mam, did you confide in anyone else about your Uncle Ryan? Only Fern.
It was last Tuesday.
She was great.
Let me talk it out all night.
Didn't wake up till noon.
Really? She woke me up with eggy bread.
Special treat.
And where would she have taken the kids? - She go to Wellstood Point? - Yeah, they love it there.
- No.
- I'm sorry, love.
This is DC Healy.
I need a support unit dispatched to Wellstood Point.
The suspect is IC1 female and has two minors in her care.
And tell them no blues and twos.
God knows what state she's in.
She's here.
- She look's scared.
- Aye, she does.
You stay here.
Just want to talk, love.
And I reckon you do, too.
Hey, there's no need to be scared of me, pet.
Look, why don't you let DS Healy take the bairns? Hm? Then we can have a chat.
Think there might be some chocolate in the car.
Go on.
This way.
Nice and steady, come on.
Wish this weather would make its mind, don't you? Micro climate.
Now, I know what happened with your Uncle Ryan and you.
Your Aunt Rose let it slip.
Rose thought I was lying.
Gran said Dad couldn't know.
She said Uncle Ryan and Rose would move out.
I wouldn't see him again.
You know, just brush it under the carpet.
Keep it secret? Gran blamed me.
She was protecting Ryan.
Not me, him.
I couldn't bear it there.
I couldn't breathe.
So you left.
And I don't blame you.
What about Zara? Hm? I made Mam swear to never let Zara be anywhere near him.
But she did.
And then did exactly what she did before - nothing.
Oh, no, she had it out with your Aunt Rose, love.
About what happened.
I didn't know that.
Now, you arranged to meet your mam here on Wednesday, didn't you? Mam was waiting for me here.
I told her it had to be somewhere private.
I'd wanted to talk that's all.
Mam was already upset when we met.
And as soon as I mentioned Ryan, she got she got annoyed.
Like Like she didn't wanna talk about it.
You know? She just wanted to talk about Dad.
I grabbed hold of her, you know, shook her.
Told her to shut up, to listen.
She just walked away.
Started up the steps.
She hadn't heard a word.
And I thought I thought, I'm not having that.
You keeping it a secret again.
You know, how dare you walk away from me? I grabbed her bag to stop her, but .
but it broke.
And she she And I panicked.
I went home.
Tried to block it out.
Not easy to do that, is it? You know, if Zara had noticed something different about me, anything, I'd have, I'd have said.
But but she didn't.
So I I just You just swept it under the carpet? Hm? I I loved her.
I'm gonna have to take you into custody, love.
Come on.
Can I can I ask you for something? Gran's not ever gonna tell Dad .
but he needs to know.
For Zara.
Can you tell him, please? Tell him I'm sorry.
Fern said to tell you, it's time for there to be no more secrets.
And I know your mam wanted that, too, for things to change.
For everything to be out in the open.
Come here.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to say to her.
To either of 'em.
Well, you'd better think of something, love.
Cos saying nothing's a choice.
And a loud one, at that.
You could start by saying sorry.

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