Versailles (2015) s03e02 Episode Script

Question of Trust

He looks awful.
Nothing to worry about, Your Highness.
I'm sure of it.
Your diagnosis? Mild concussion.
Caused, no doubt, by the fall.
I didn't fall.
I was hit.
Careful! Your Highness.
Clothes! Tell the king I want to see him.
You're not going anywhere.
I need to talk to my brother.
What on earth for? The mask.
What mask? What are you talking about? His eyes.
One of the prisoners was wearing a mask.
Try to ensure he gets the rest he needs.
He's right.
You need to rest.
Not yet.
Not yet.
It is customary for the king's adversary to bow after the fight.
In Austria, it's customary for the loser to bow first.
This is not Austria, Your Majesty.
This is Versailles.
A clever ploy.
A vicious attack hidden behind a show of weakness.
History remembers the winner, not the manner of his victory.
On the subject of winners, it is time for us to enter into negotiations.
I received word from Rome this morning.
They look favourably on your guardianship of Strasbourg and Luxembourg.
Then it only remains for us to discuss Spain.
Is there so much to discuss? Our claims are equal.
We made a deal.
On King Charles' death, we split the spoils.
Half to you, half to me.
Much has changed since that deal.
Such as? I won the war.
May I ask who won? His Majesty was kind enough to allow me victory.
His Majesty It's nothing.
You seem tired.
Nothing that can't be remedied by a walk in our gardens.
How much of Spain do you want? All of it.
Brother, you really should be in bed.
I hear your imagination is playing games with you.
I was just explaining to His Majesty that you had an unfortunate accident.
Accident? I spoke with the governor and he assures me His Highness slipped and fell.
I went to the Bastille to see the prisoner.
The Duc de Sullun? Yes.
I went into his cell and I was struck and I fell.
He wore a mask made of iron.
I am told that the prisoner's real name is Macquart.
What? A petty criminal, deranged.
He believes himself to be a duke.
They gave him the title of Duc de Sullun to appease him.
Why Sullun? Have you forgotten your Latin? Sullun is the inversion of nullus, meaning "no-one".
And the man in the iron mask? Does not exist.
It's all in your head.
Now, please, brother, go back to bed.
Why not? You'll soon be gone.
So let's enjoy each other's company while we can.
It will only increase the pain of your departure.
Can I trust you? Of course.
Why? I need your help.
In what way? Your husband is trying to destroy the dynasty our ancestors have spent 600 years creating.
He will claim all of Spain on your brother's death.
The Habsburgs will soon be extinct.
What do you intend to do about it? I will stop him.
How? My niece, Eleanor.
She will marry your brother, Charles.
And I want you to write a letter to your brother recommending the union.
Why should I help you? Because you're a Habsburg .
just like me.
Because your husband has only ever seen you as a political tool.
He abandoned you the day he married you.
Since then, his only gifts to you have been solitude and infidelity.
"My dear brother Charles.
"I am writing to you concerning marriage.
" They say that at Villarceaux she spent her nights on her back in bliss and her days on her knees in penance! If you want my opinion, and I'm sure you do The question is, what colour for the forthcoming season? Blue or green? Possibly a vexing proposition.
She likes to parade herself as purer than the driven snow, but behind that air of prudishness, Madame is quite the slut.
And the next time I see the king, I have a good mind to tell him about it! Who are they talking about? Me.
But there's no truth to these rumours? Of course not.
If you will excuse me.
Her Ladyship seems upset.
Tell me, Bontemps.
Do you consider it the mark of nobility to destroy a lady's reputation with sordid gossip and lies? No.
Neither do I.
Madame de Montespan.
Good morning, Francoise.
Are you well? It's you, isn't it? I beg your pardon? Behind the rumours.
Why would I do such a thing? Because you're jealous.
Of you? No, I think it is the other way round.
Because I was ready to risk everything and you are not.
Is it true you put other women in his bed? The king has needs that must be satisfied.
These women mean nothing to him.
You're scared, aren't you? Of what? Of your own passion.
You're scared that if you give in to it, you will lose control.
You take refuge in piety and denial.
But behind the mask, you're just screaming with pain.
Any word from Spain? This morning, Sire.
King Charles is expecting our imminent arrival.
Inform him we shall leave as soon as our negotiations are concluded.
May I ask what approach His Majesty is considering? The same as Louis' - lie, haggle, concede, coerce, protest, and smile.
The king is dangerous.
I advise His Majesty I don't need your advice.
This is a game of cards.
The prize is Spain and I have the trump card.
Thank you.
There is talk in the salon.
I know.
Is there any truth in it? No, Sire.
It is scurrilous gossip designed to destroy my reputation.
And mine.
The king must know he has my total trust.
I only pray that I have his.
Come with me.
Uncle, may I go to the salon? No.
You'll stay here and practise your embroidery.
Embroidery is for spinsters.
Which is what you'll be if you don't show a little more humility and respect.
And I want you to befriend the queen.
Why? She seems terribly dull to me.
She is a Habsburg, as are you.
Though she deserves that title more than you.
But what shall I talk to her about? Spain.
Spain? Its people, its culture, its traditions.
But I don't give a fig for culture and traditions.
I want fun.
You are not here for fun.
You are here because I have a use for you.
Yes, Uncle.
The king! To lie is a sin.
To slander is a sin.
To seek to destroy someone through unfounded gossip is a sin.
A woman close to me who does great honour to this court has seen her reputation stained by the poison of gossip.
In harming her, you harm your king.
This will stop .
Mademoiselle de Vasseur.
You are no longer welcome at Versailles.
How embarrassing! I feel sorry for her.
That girl is innocent.
Nobody here is innocent.
You started those rumours.
They're not rumours, they're true.
She deserves to be punished for her past, just as I was.
I think you'd probably better arrest me.
I never thought I'd see you again.
Thought or hoped? Where have you been? Holland.
I took refuge in the court of William of Orange.
What were you doing there? That is where Thomas told me to go.
I was arrested, taken before the stadtholder and questioned.
They asked me all I knew about Versailles and the king, and I told them all I knew, which is not very much.
And then? He asked me whether I'd like to work for him .
as a spy.
A spy.
Here at Versailles.
Yes, Sire.
I refused.
Why? Why would I serve a man who has already lost? Is that what you told him? No.
I told him I was ill-suited for such work.
And he released you? No, Sire.
I escaped.
How? The guard was susceptible to my charms.
I fled south, taking refuge in convents and taverns on the way.
And now you wish to reclaim your title and fortune? I place myself at your mercy, Sire.
Bravo! On such a wonderful performance.
I speak the truth, Sire.
Lock her up.
Then His Majesty would not be interested to know that William of Orange's army is on the march.
10,000 men are headed to Austria to support Emperor Leopold.
How do you know this? General de Salm told me.
Another who was susceptible to your charms? Why would I tell His Majesty such a thing if I was a spy for William of Orange? I shall make a few inquiries to confirm her story.
In the meantime, she will remain under lock and key.
Very well.
Your Highness, the doctor was most insistent that your remain in bed.
He is no longer my doctor.
And I know what I saw.
Go to the stables.
Tell Monsieur Jadot to prepare a horse and a messenger leaving immediately for Rome.
Dios mejora las horas.
Dios mejora las horas.
What does it mean? You would say, "After rain comes sun".
It's beautiful.
And what do the Spanish eat? Well, the king's favourite dish is rabo de toro.
What's that? It's a stew made from the tails of bulls killed by a matador.
And the king, your brother, you must miss him? Yes.
I miss him terribly.
But I have his portrait here to remind me of him.
It's not his fault he was born that way.
As you can imagine, he suffers.
But he has a noble heart.
If you claim all of Spain and its territories, you will trigger a war with every country in Europe.
I have just won one war and my army is well-prepared for another.
This would not be a war you could win, Louis.
It would be a war without end.
Is that what you want? I want what is mine.
You think everything's yours.
What will you do if the Turks advance on Vienna? Hope it rains? Or are you counting on the rabble that is William of Orange's army? The only person who can protect you is me.
You already have Luxembourg and Strasbourg in return for your protection.
And I want Spain.
The Pope would never approve it.
Not even you would challenge the Pope.
I'll settle on 80%.
My dear cousin, you know perfectly well that is still too much and I cannot give in to your demands.
Then you'd better start taking Turkish lessons.
I trust Your Highness is fully recovered.
What's going on? Nothing, Your Highness.
It's just .
an accident.
Cut his wrists, poor wretch.
His name? Macquart.
Why did he take his own life? Would His Highness wish to spend the rest of his days in here? Who struck me? Your Highness? Don't play games with me.
His Highness slipped and hit his head on the floor.
I witnessed it myself.
The last time I saw this man, he wore a mask made of iron.
Your Highness, there is no prisoner wearing such a thing.
I would know if there was.
Take him away now.
Daddy's lying down for a sleep in the hay.
Along come a snake and he winks at the sow.
She lies on her back and says, "Give it to me now.
" Poor bloody fool.
Do you know who I am? I know you better than you know yourself.
Philippe of Gutter, Arsewipe and Goat Dung.
Did you know the man in that cell? Duc du Sullun.
Everybody knows him.
Nobody knows him.
Know what I'm saying? Who was he? Don't look him in the eyes.
He'll eat you up.
Is he still alive? He's undead.
You can't kill him! Did he wear a mask? Poor bugger.
Did he wear a mask?! He'll kill you with his eyes.
Shut up! Cain, brother of Abel.
Two brothers drenched in blood and cursed forever! ECHOING: Cain, brother of Abel.
Good morning.
Good morning, Your Highness.
May I? He's beautiful.
Thank you.
Your Highness, if I may.
I don't mean to seem impertinent, but I think you are making a grave mistake by keeping him here.
Is that so? Well, it is not the right environment for a child.
May I ask, what gives you the right to tell me how to look after my child? I was a governess.
Yet never a mother.
Alas, no.
You'd think one of your many lovers would have solved that problem.
It would seem your reputation for honesty and integrity is ill-deserved.
Well, that went well.
You're sure there is no error in the calculations? I'm certain, Sire.
The money required to finance our expansion into the Americas and the fortification of our borders will add another two million to the deficit.
What of the new taxes? In place, Sire, but the people are refusing to pay them.
The people of France must learn to respect and obey the law.
But, Sire .
how on earth? Inspire them.
Yes? Sire, the rumours regarding Madame de Maintenon.
I've discovered their source.
Who was it? Bring her to me.
We cannot allow this.
It could damage the business.
It's not their fault if they can't pay.
Of course they can pay.
They just don't want to.
Tell me.
Who here has not paid their taxes? Raise your hand.
You would disobey your king? I have always paid my taxes, but not these.
The king's gone too far.
The taxes are for the common good.
I tell you what.
If you want us to pay our taxes, give us more money.
If I pay you more money, the business will fold and you'll be out of work.
Whether we work or not, most of us are going to die in rags and poverty.
Will Louis the Great shed a tear? Come.
There is a piece of paper on the table.
You will read it aloud and then sign it.
"I, the Marquise de Montespan, do hereby renounce "and relinquish my place at the court of Versailles.
"I pledge to sever all contact with anyone I may know at the palace "and will take no further part in court life.
"I shall devote the rest of my days to prayer and charitable works.
"I have sinned, and I accept my penance.
" Your affairs have all been prepared.
A carriage will take you immediately to the Convent of St Ursule.
You will never return here.
The condemned normally has a right to a last word before being led away.
Where I once saw the warm face of a man, I now see the stone face of a tyrant.
You treat those around you like slaves and you place yourself beyond mortal sway.
But remember the story of Icarus.
Fly too close to the sun and you will fall and drown.
The dance is over.
DOOR CLOSES In time I will forgive her.
But I will never forget.
Sire! I apologise.
Had I known How long have you been there? Let me get you a Thank you.
I wanted to thank you for what you said in the salon today.
You defended my honour.
I was honoured to do so.
Please stop.
I can't.
Why not? Don't tell me you don't want to.
His Majesty takes advantage of his station.
Sometimes, I don't know what my station is with you.
I would ask you to leave.
Sire? The Marquise de Canchy awaits His Majesty in his room.
I thought you weren't going to come.
I've changed my mind ten times.
Did you write the letter? Yes.
Good morning, Sire.
I trust you passed a satisfactory night.
Come join me a moment.
Something amuses His Majesty? Everyone looks at a king and says, "I would give anything to be in his place.
"All he wants is his.
" But they see only the surface.
They see nothing of the shadows below.
No-one has all he wants, Sire.
Not even a king.
From the darkest shadow springs the brightest light.
You've come to torture me? My men have checked every detail of your journey from Holland.
It seems you were telling the truth.
You sound almost disappointed.
The king has given permission for your release.
You are once again the Duchesse de Cassel.
You still don't trust me, do you? No.
You may be free .
but whatever you do, whoever you talk to, wherever you go .
I'll be watching you.
Even when I retire to my chambers? Give me a smile.
That's it.
Philippe, he smiled.
Come and look.
He's simply adorable.
Look at those blue eyes.
Aren't they beautiful? What did you say? I said, look at those blue eyes.
Where are you going now? DOOR SLAMS BABY CRIES Your Highness.
Does the name Macquart mean anything to you? No.
Should it? Probably not.
A thief held in the Bastille.
When I saw him for the first time .
his face was hidden behind an iron mask.
When I went again to the prison yesterday, they were removing a dead body from his cell.
Macquart? That's what someone wants me to believe.
He wore the same clothes and was of similar size.
But the first man I saw had blue eyes.
The man yesterday had brown eyes.
And why has His Highness approached me on this matter? Because I want you to help me get to the bottom of this.
I'd like to.
However You only serve the king.
Then don't see this as work.
See this more as a leisure activity.
I know you're intrigued.
I can see it in your eyes.
Length, nine inches.
Arch, three and nine.
Tell me about the mood of the people in Paris.
They are happy, Sire .
to be ruled by so generous a monarch.
Yet life is hard for them.
I understand they are unhappy about paying their taxes.
Nothing that is not cured by hard work, Sire.
But I'm sure there must be some who despise their king.
There will always be those, Sire.
They do not see the glory of France.
They think only of themselves.
They are hungry.
Mind your tongue.
It's quite all right.
I'm rather enjoying this discussion.
You must understand that a king is only there to serve his people and his country.
To defend the land, to develop trade and commerce, to pay for construction.
All these things require money and the only way to raise money is through taxation.
Is that so wrong? It is .
if it bleeds the people dry.
The people His Majesty claims to serve .
believe he serves only personal ambitions.
What my sister meant to say is there are certain greedy and selfish people.
What I meant to say is what I said.
But you are wrong.
I do not seek glory for myself, but for France.
Your people care little for the glory of France, Sire.
They are grateful for clean water and lighting, but neither will fill their stomachs.
I thank you for your honesty.
Have you lost your mind? Have you forgotten your origins? You used to be a friend of the people.
Now you've turned into exactly the sort of money-grabbing coward you used to despise.
The king has bestowed great honour on our family and our business, and you just threw it back in his face.
He asked me what I thought and I told him.
Would you have me lie? Yes.
Why? Because he's the king! And one should always lie to the king? Your Highness.
You have news? I've spoken to my agents in Paris.
It appears that Macquart was well-known to the police.
Ten counts of petty theft, two of extortion.
But, by and large, a harmless fellow simply trying to feed his family.
So if he was just a petty criminal, what was he doing in the Bastille? He was not in the Bastille.
He was imprisoned in Clichy.
Someone must have moved him to the Bastille.
And the Pope promises to look favourably on the match? Yes, Your Majesty.
His concern is that the balance of power is maintained.
If Louis acquires Spain then all of Europe will follow.
He needn't worry about that.
Louis, I have good news and bad.
The good? I have examined all the options and have concluded that your proposal to take 80% of Spain and its possessions on Charles's death is the best.
Your generosity surprises me.
There's nothing generous about it.
I've had enough of war.
My army is exhausted.
My people are broken.
They want peace and stability.
I believe this to be the best way to give them that.
And the bad news? I must leave you.
My people need me.
You will be missed.
Let's embrace.
As cousins and as allies.
Tomorrow I will return to Vienna.
Of course.
And tonight we will celebrate the signing of our agreement.
Don't take him away.
Let me talk to the king.
It is the law of the palace, Your Highness.
I'm sorry.
Get your hands off him! Your Highness! Take him away and you take away my heart.
This is no place for children, Your Highness.
It is for the best.
People of Paris, I am here to remind you of the shared vision that binds us all together .
and of the wonder of our king, Louis.
You have chosen to question his authority.
Our great king has only one purpose - to further the glory of France.
But we all must make sacrifices, just as he does.
We must believe as he does, dream as he does, suffer as he does.
We must trust in him as he trusts in us.
Why should we trust him? So he can steal our money more easily?! The king steals from no-one.
He raises taxes which he then returns to his people.
Look at his gifts.
Education, roads, clean water, street lighting, glory! And poverty! Glory, my arse! Listen! We all must do our duty, just as he does his! Leopold has offered 80% of Spain and its possessions, but I need the weight of the Vatican behind it.
You will go to Rome to ensure their support.
As you wish, Sire.
But Remind the Pope where his loyalties should lie and remind him that the bastion of the Catholic Church is France, not Vienna.
Sire, I cannot see what sort of influence I could expect to have over his Holiness.
If you're convinced the journey is a waste of your time then by all means remain here.
You could make yourself useful by drawing up a list of suitable candidates to replace you.
The king must be informed.
If you discuss the matter with him, he will order you to stop this investigation.
Why? In part because he believes it to be a figment of my imagination.
And? Give us a few more days before informing him.
Your Highness, you compromise me.
Then tell him.
A few days then.
Did you know that the Spanish word for cavalier is caballero and the word for tresses is cabellera.
And she told me all about the men.
Very passionate, apparently.
Do we have to return to Vienna? Can't we go to Spain? We are going to Spain.
Just as long as I don't meet the king.
You should see his portrait.
Oh, you will meet him.
But why? Because you're going to marry him.
Your mother's already on her way to Madrid.
We'll meet her there in three weeks' time.
We leave tomorrow.
I refuse.
If you think I'm going to marry that hideous You will be queen of Spain.
You should be grateful.
Sire! Sire, a small matter which may be of interest.
We have received a report from Perpignan.
A cavalcade of Austrian nobles has been spotted crossing into Spain.
Do we know why? No, Sire.
A family gathering perhaps.
And why do families gather? For funerals.
And weddings.
Your Highness.
What a relief to see the face of a true friend.
Where have you been? In a convent.
Well, I am pleased to see you returned.
The last time I saw you, you were expecting a child.
May I ask? A son.
Where is he now? Taken from me.
On whose orders? The king! Louis .
your hospitality is the envy of the world.
I thank you.
I think you'll find everything in order.
It is all as we agreed? Incidentally, a small matter.
Your niece, Eleanor.
Yes? I would like her to remain here with us at Versailles.
I'm sure she'd prefer to return to her family in Vienna.
And she will do so very soon.
In the meantime, let her stay here.
We shall show her all the wonders of Versailles.
It's a kind offer, but My wife has conceived an affection for the princess.
She would enjoy her company for a few months.
Would that please you? Yes, Sire.
Then it's settled.
I give my word that she will be well looked after.
Who knows? We may even find her a husband.
As you wish.
Ladies and gentlemen of the court, tomorrow we say farewell to someone who, two weeks ago, was an enemy.
Blood has been replaced by wine, war by peace.
We are now allies and friends.
APPLAUSE A volunteer, please! Somebody willing to make a fool of himself.
The forthcoming, a favourite pastime of the Duc d'Orleans, were he not sadly absent.
Louvois! On second thoughts perhaps someone a little more sprightly.
I shall take his place.
A brave proposition from the king.
Do I need to remind His Majesty of the rules? No.
Ole! Sire? You heard what the king said? What will you do? Not me.
What do you want of me? Courage.
My God.
Who did this to you? The people of France, Sire.