Versailles (2015) s03e03 Episode Script

The Truth Will Burst

1 An eye for an eye.
It sends a message.
Sire, it was an isolated incident.
And a forceful response will ensure it remains so.
The King must be seen to be just.
This is justice.
An affront on authority will not be tolerated.
No, Sire.
So The rebuke is already under way.
SCREAMING AND SHOUTING No women, no children! Tristan! SCREAMING AND SHOUTING Tristan! Tristan! Tristan! Train your weapons! Arr Arrgh! Stand back! Bastien, no.
Arr Arrgh! Argh! Evil must be extracted.
Sever the root and it will wither.
THEME MUSIC: Outro by M83 # I'm the king of my own land # Facing tempests of dust # I'll fight until the end # Creatures of my dreams # Raise up and dance with me # Now and forever I'm your king.
Come on.
You, come on.
Get in there! Come on! Come on! You! Arrgh! Stay close.
I'll see you right.
I haven't done anything.
Put my clothes besides the bed, please.
That is not why I am here.
I believe Her Majesty's expecting a messenger.
You believe wrong.
I have news.
From the Emperor.
Do you play with me, Duchesse? I simply follow orders.
One word from me and you could lose your head.
As could you.
How do I know I can trust you? Because I know who gave you that brooch.
You would betray your king? You would betray your husband? You must find a way to persuade the King to let you leave tomorrow.
I'll ensure Princess Eleanor joins you in the forest so she can ride with you to Madrid to marry your brother.
Why not? The moon is in our favour.
I don't think so.
It's your duty as my husband.
Another child won't cure your pain.
KNOCK ON DOOR The Queen requests your presence as a matter of urgency.
I don't know how, but Madame de Maintenon has cursed us.
Cain, brother of Abel.
Two brothers drenched in blood and cursed! No, that's not right.
Make it, "Tu querido hermano, Charles.
" How may I serve Your Majesty? I'm so glad you could come.
It's from Madrid.
My brother sickens.
I fear he'll not survive the summer.
I'm so sorry.
I have to see him one final time.
Is that possible? Perhaps together we could persuade the King this afternoon.
He's always valued your honesty and kindness and you know what it is to be separated from family.
Of course.
I can teach you how to gamble and when to raise the stakes.
How to gain favour and how to make others lose it.
How to hook a man .
and how to land him.
And most important, how to use the most powerful weapon you have.
That delicate flower God gave you.
We should meet away from prying eyes and eager ears.
You could plead for him.
They won't listen.
But you have business at the palace.
Yes Oh, for God's sake, they could be torturing him right now.
They might even kill him.
We'll do what we can.
We'll beg for him.
We'll go on our knees if we have to.
You provoked the king once before and you were lucky to get away with it.
Tristan is a child.
I don't want us mixed up with this.
The King will be merciful.
We owe this to our people.
No, we owe it to them to keep this business going.
What good'll it do if there's no work? Then we're mixed up in this already.
It is our belief that man can have a direct relationship with God.
We may need priests to illuminate our lives and show us the path to God.
But they cannot take the place of God.
They cannot talk to God on our behalf and they do not need to because we can do so ourselves.
But surely in saying this, you question the place of those in authority.
Not just the King, but the Pope.
No-one respects the King or the Pope more than I.
And what about matters of the flesh? Be more precise.
But not too precise.
Are intimate relations between man and woman encouraged in the Protestant faith? Are Catholics not encouraged to have intercourse? I meant outside marriage.
I personally consider intercourse between a man and a woman to be a healthy activity at all times.
Well, who doesn't? The Church does not see it quite that way.
I believe them to be wrong.
You would defy your own Church? No.
But I have the right to think freely and question the world.
And no-one will take that right away.
Bravo! Bracing, isn't it, to be challenged in one's thinking? Well, that's not your only challenge.
What do you mean? The fabulously wealthy widow whom you're trying to seduce.
Don't be ridiculous.
Just as well, because you haven't a chance.
And why not? Because she knows you.
What is the matter with him? He has an obsession.
Oh, yes.
I used to be one of them.
The book of Genesis tells simply that Cain killed Abel and then was condemned to walk the Earth.
Brother killed brother.
I know that much.
But why? For jealousy.
For greed.
It was the first act of true evil.
That's why God gave him the mark.
What mark? God put a mark on Cain as a punishment, so everyone would know who he was and that he was a sinner.
Was it a A symbol? A scar? Your Highness, I believe it is more of a curse.
Your Highness, the Bible is meant to help us, not cause vexation.
I suggest you might achieve peace through more prayer.
That's a great help.
Jeanne, I said no.
You don't have power over me.
Yell at the king again, there'll be trouble.
I won't yell.
Guillaume! Your Highness.
I've an appointment with the King.
I know, but I was hoping I might have a word? Of course, sir.
Do you mind if we? You can meet the King, but don't mention Tristan.
I'll deal with it.
You appear somewhat preoccupied too.
It's the arrests in Paris, sir.
Everyone in town is worried.
We pray the King won't hurt them.
Don't worry about that.
I'll talk to him.
Listen, I've been .
given an assignation in Paris.
What sort of assignation? Hard to explain, but .
I need to know if it's safe.
I'll go with you.
I was hoping you'd say that.
I need to deliver this message for His Eminence.
You'll find him at the end of the hall.
Thank you.
It's from France, Your Eminence.
So the esteemed Monsieur Bontemps fears trouble may be brewing at Versailles.
Damn kings are more trouble than they're worth.
Will they ever learn their place? BELLS RING Tell the Pope we must speak of this imminently.
Why is it always the bloody French? I don't wish to trouble you, Sire.
I hope that you won't, Madame.
But I have a predicament that needs your compassion.
My brother's health is failing.
They fear he'll not survive the summer.
I seek your permission to travel to Spain to see him one last time.
Sire, perhaps the Queen would thrive in the sunshine.
Her pallor is a little wan.
Did she not recently sample the waters at Vichy? Yes, but the warmest place is in the bosom of one's family.
To be separated in times of need is cruel.
You may undertake the journey.
I thank you, my King.
But without spectacle to ensure your safety.
You are as wise as you are good.
If Charles dies, having the Queen in Madrid should provide us with the chance to take complete control.
That would certainly strengthen your hand, Sire.
An unlikely ambassador, but perhaps an effective one.
Your Majesty.
The stitching is exquisite.
Our youngest apprentice did it.
He's called Tristan.
Tell him the King spoke highly of his work.
I would like to, Sire, but .
he was taken by your men.
A mistake, probably.
He has nothing to do with them that attacked your minister.
Are you acquainted with those responsible? Oh, God, no.
Not at all.
We have no truck with that sort.
But I know Tristan.
He's just an innocent child.
Do you think the King made an error? No.
But perhaps his men did.
To them one apprentice just looks like any other.
How do you know the King hasn't executed the prisoners already? We would have heard by now.
If you are right, what do you think the King should do with them now? I hope .
you release them, Sire, so the people can see your mercy.
Perhaps I will, when the people show me respect.
You'll have their respect if you release the prisoners.
I thank you for your candour and the gifts.
We receive them with good grace.
Your political instincts do you credit.
To govern the self is to govern the world, Sire.
That is the burden of greatness.
Keep watch.
You wanted to see me? That was quite a bang on the head, Your Highness.
I was there that night.
You know about the man with the iron mask? I buried my wife last week and I got three children to feed.
Look, I don't know who he is, but I can tell you where he is.
Take me to him.
No way.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
Can you show me or not? This man he isn't of this world.
Look, I'm risking my neck just talking to you.
How hungry are those children? I was wondering if you might do me a favour.
My nephew has established a business in stained glass.
I believe he could become a major exporter with the King's approval.
Do you think you could request that for me? I can do better than that.
Come with me.
We'll ask him together.
Are you sure? The King is a man of tolerance.
He knows he needs to reach the hearts of all his subjects, regardless of their faith.
What if he's not sympathetic? If anyone can sway his mind, you can.
The King admires a woman with wit and intelligence.
PANTING AND GIGGLING Another time might be more appropriate.
Of course.
You may leave me.
You know me.
You know that I have women in my bed.
You've put them there yourself.
You've chosen them for me.
Please, Sire.
I have done what I believed to be necessary.
So why is it so different when I choose for myself? Precisely that.
You chose them, not I.
You wish to control the King? I just wish my king could control himself.
Do you wish to change me? No! But there has got to be some measure of self governance.
Do you not wish to harness your impulses rather than be a slave to them? You're calling me a slave.
Certainly not.
Forgive me, Sire.
What must I do?! What will you do? I will not give myself in sin, no matter how much my body burns for it.
And I will not be diminished as a man! But God chose you to be above all men! I just want you to achieve greatness .
as only you can.
How can I undo this hurt? Let me touch you.
Pray with me.
SQUAWKING What is it? I don't know.
Something in the trees.
TWIG SNAPS Did you hear that? A fox or a boar.
Somebody's following us, I swear.
No, I'm afraid.
As should you be.
Tell me who you are and I will spare your life.
SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE No! No! No! Argh! It's from the colonies, with aphrodisiac properties, apparently.
Oh, no, thank you.
You prefer bread and water? Me too.
Provided the bread stays as bread and doesn't mysteriously turn into flesh.
You've been studying.
I've developed an interest.
But you'd have to convert if you wish to get your hands on my extensive fortune.
No need to convert.
I'm as proficient with women as I am with men.
Your Highness.
You're bleeding.
What? No, it's nothing.
Bad news, my friend.
You must be moved again.
Your safety is my duty.
What did they say? Tristan's alive.
That's all I know.
Did you speak to the King's brother? I did my best.
He can't promise anything.
That's it? After everything we've done? I have no doubt the King will be merciful.
You just have to be calm and wait.
Calm? How can I be calm?! He's not just my son.
He belongs to all of us.
Well, if you won't do anything, I will.
I'll find a way.
Are you lost? It would seem so.
I seek the Princess Palatine? Then your quest is over.
I am the Duc de Blaye.
Remind me.
I paint.
Madame de Montespan said the Princess would appreciate a portrait.
Well, we're not all as vain as her.
That's not really my idea of fun.
But I have brought samples.
She assured me you would like them.
I've come all the way from Villarceaux.
Villarceaux? Really? Do come in.
I hope they're to your liking.
Tell me, at Villarceaux, were you familiar with this young woman? Oh! Young Francoise was known to all the men at the chateau.
Though never the most beautiful, she had a particular allure, like a spirit that only rises in moonlight.
She was a favourite subject.
Some of my finest brushwork.
My God.
Madame de Maintenon.
I hope Her Highness will consider a commission.
I think you should pack these away and go back to the country quickly.
Have I offended you? No, it's just .
better you leave now for all our sakes.
KNOCK ON DOOR I thought you should know the Queen leaves imminently.
Get him out of here and take the back stairs.
Do I have the air of a servant? I'm trusting you with this.
He's a libertine.
Maintenon would not appreciate his presence.
Sounds like my kind of person.
Do not let him out of your sight.
Did I just see a nipple? Tell them to hurry.
I don't wish to ride in the dark.
I came to say my good-byes.
Why? I'll be back before Ascension.
I wanted to wish you well.
I know it will be hard.
Your poor brother.
But it'll be nice to see the Spanish sun again.
I wish I could accompany you.
Thank you for your friendship.
You made some of my time here bearable.
I will always remember it.
To send so senior a cleric as messenger boy .
don't you see that as disrespectful to the Church? On the contrary.
The King sent me as a demonstration of his esteem.
That would suggest Louis must have a request of some significance.
Not a request, Your Grace.
He is simply seeking the Pope's approval.
For what? He would like to point out that Emperor Leopold has shown his true weakness in losing the war.
The war in which the Pope supported him.
But following his victory, the King of France has negotiated a more generous deal regarding Spain.
On the death of King Charles, Louis wishes to take .
80% of Spain and its territories.
HE LAUGHS To control Spain would be audacious, even for Louis.
That is why the king humbly asks that His Holiness, the Pope, will give his blessing to France as a true Catholic nation.
Our feeling is that the King could do with some permanent presence from the Vatican at his court.
That is my role, Your Grace.
We fear things may become more challenging for Louis in the coming days.
And this is our way of helping.
So it's not actually a question of how you approach the gentleman.
It's about how you make yourself available to him.
Yes, but should I ever look at him directly? Never No.
That would be telling him that you're equal.
Stop! Whoa.
It's getting late.
We should be heading back.
I thought you had left.
I am unwell.
Suddenly the journey seemed more taxing than I could stomach.
Do you find it strange? Aren't all women adept at changing their minds? She seemed so sure.
Now, tell us some more of Madame de Maintenon.
Ah, Francoise! One word.
LAUGHTER Why is he here? A bumpkin is always welcome.
But Montespan sent him here to destroy Maintenon's reputation.
Which serves her right for what she did to you.
Francoise .
is consort to the king? I know.
Hard to believe.
How fortunes rise and fall.
I I have been deceived.
I will have no part of your plan, sir.
To what do we owe this mirth? Something unfit for the royal presence, Sire.
I shall destroy it.
Which one of you painted this? Are you to blame for this abomination? Hm? You wish to humiliate Madame? The fault is not theirs, Sire.
I was troubled.
I had lost my husband.
I was innocent and alone.
I had nowhere to go.
No-one to turn to.
And Villarceaux offered opportunity.
But it was a new Gomorrah.
To thrive, one had to To comply.
I needed money.
I needed protection.
So I So you became a whore.
I committed sins that I regret.
But I no more wanted those paintings than I ever wanted to hurt my king.
Do you understand me, Sire? No.
No, I do not.
You lied to me.
For God's sake, I believed in you.
Have I no judgment? Am I a fool? You spoke to me.
You touched my heart like never before.
You looked me in the eye and you promised me.
I know I have humiliated you.
I'm the King! I cannot be humiliated.
I feel You have betrayed me in the worst possible way.
This life That life was never my choice.
But it was your choice not to tell me.
To make me think that the world contained someone someone better.
Something we could Some Someone to whom we could aspire.
I ask forgiveness from God every day.
Enough of the Lord's word! I'm talking about us.
Me and you! Being honest with each other.
Utterly! So .
where do we turn to now, hm? I should leave you.
I will withdraw from this world.
Take myself from your sight.
I must atone for my sins.
Nothing can be atoned for what you've done to me.
Then I will pray for your mercy, Sire.
There can be none.
HE SOBS LOUD GRUN Sire? Order my horse to be prepared.
I want to go riding.
But, Sire, the stable hands will still be asleep.
Then wake them up.
Of course, Sire.
And wake Lorraine up.
I want him to organise a party, something out of the ordinary.
It's a beautiful day for a ride, Sire.
If you say so.
This way! But, Sire, I see no track! Then we should make one! Come on! Ya! Come on! Ya! Sire! Come on! Ya! Ya! Sire! HORSE NEIGHS Are you injured, Sire? He's in pain.
Perhaps they can reset it.
Give me a pistol.
'My dearest Leopold, 'I couldn't go through with it, my darling.
'Please forgive me.
'I can only share with you my regret '.
my heartfelt apology '.
and my warmest love.
' HE WHISTLES Let us sample the medicine of the Aztecs, see what the heathens know that we do not.
Ladies and gentlemen, this nectar of chocolate is guaranteed to swell the senses and boost the libido.
Can you not plea for his mercy? I did.
This is my decision.
I have chosen to go.
But your life is here.
I have no choice.
You always have a choice.
That's what God gave us.
This is what I must do.
I can't pretend to understand you, Francoise.
You are harder on yourself than the Lord would ever be.
Goodbye, my dear friend.
Right, Let's go.
Hold on, hold on.
It's too dangerous.
I don't care.
We're not going back now.
Have you lost your mind? Hurry, hurry.
Get it ready.
Is their venison ready? Where the hell is it? It's that bastard.
Your hand is shaking.
Is it? Surely I do not make you quake.
Sire .
I deceived you.
It was Madame de Montespan who sent De Blaye here with the painting.
I should have sent him away the moment he arrived, but I didn't.
I was at fault, Sire.
There's always call for sturdy women in the colonies.
You're close to the Queen.
Yes, I suppose I am.
Why did she change her plans? I I don't know.
Find out.
Become closer.
Reassure me that all is well in her world.
It appears we've been let down.
If the Queen can't be trusted, we must find another way to undermine Louis's claim to the Spanish Empire.
Send this message to our spy at his court.
'Our plan to marry Charles has failed.
'It's time for the more radical solution.
'We must act swiftly and without remorse.
'I await the news that the Queen is dead.