Versailles (2015) s03e04 Episode Script

Crime and Punishment

On the streets of Paris, I hear you call yourself .
HE COUGHS First, you steal our money.
Then, our loved ones.
Yet, they did no nothing to harm you.
Or the King.
So, today .
I am justice.
HE GASPS HE GROANS A scar for every day the King keeps them imprisoned.
HE GASPS HE EXHALES Sire, Monsieur Marchal has many enemies and many of them would seek the opportunity to do him harm.
He is not the target.
I am.
This is a reprisal for the prisoners taken in Paris.
I have three options.
Execute the prisoners, take Paris apart brick by brick until Fabien is located, or both.
If I may say, sire, both options seem excessive.
They almost killed you.
They've abducted of my head of security.
That is excessive! Gather some men.
Start at the place where we took the prisoners.
Knock on doors.
Knock them down, if necessary.
How dare they? If it weren't for me, they would be living in squalor! And where the hell is my brother? I have no idea, sire.
No! No! No! Brother, your absence has been noted.
I had important matters to attend to.
More important than a meeting of council? I saw him.
The man in the iron mask.
But before I could speak to him, I was attacked.
Who attacked you? The men who were guarding him, but they're not just ordinary guards.
They are ready to kill and to die.
Did they know who you were? There wasn't time for formal introductions.
So, what are you going to do? Perhaps I can help.
In Monsieur Marchal's absence, I could accompany His Highness to the place where these events occurred, and help him to unmask the attackers.
Brother? I wouldn't want to take you away from important business.
What could be more important than ensuring His Highness's peace of mind? Oh, forget my peace of mind.
I just want to know who tried to kill me.
DOOR CLOSES It's a long time since anyone lived here, Your Highness.
Apart from poachers perhaps.
Or vagrants.
Never heard of a vagrant with an armed guard.
No, of course not.
And he was where when you saw him? Here, where I'm standing now.
I saw him through Well, that window there.
Shall we search outside? Excellent idea.
I want you to visit all the houses in the area.
Question the inhabitants - have they seen anyone suspicious, who does this house belong to, and then go back to them by the end of the day.
I'm beginning to wonder whether I imagined the whole thing.
Your Highness, I believe that you saw someone.
The question is whom? And I am as determined as you are to get to the bottom of it.
Thank you.
May I suggest that we return to the palace? Thank you.
Your Majesty.
I thought you were on your way to Spain.
I felt ill and decided to turn back.
Are you recovered? Yes.
Then, it's not too late.
I shall arrange another carriage and send word to the Emperor that you're on your way.
Your Majesty, I urge you to leave.
My mind is set.
I realise my duty lies here.
Your Majesty, remaining here carries its own dangers.
You mean the King? He shall not find out.
As you wish.
Have you received word from Leopold? No.
COUGHING COUGHING Come now, you have to eat.
COUGHING CHURCH BELLS Oh, my God! SHE GASPS You know who that man is? Of course.
What the hell is he doing here? I brought him.
Well, he took my son.
And you think this will bring him back? Yeah.
You bloody fool! The King's musketeers are already searching the city.
What if they find him here? He'll more likely get us all killed! And what about Tristan? Look, I am sorry for you.
And for him.
But he cannot be my sole concern.
Yeah, what is your sole concern? Buying favour with the King, perhaps? Eh? My brother is right.
It was a stupid idea.
But our cause is not lost.
We must go straight to the palace and say that we have found him.
So, you'd betray me? No.
We refuse to give your name.
We say that we're here on your behalf to negotiate an exchange of prisoners.
We? You.
DOOR OPENS I see Her Majesty's fully recovered.
You seem disappointed.
Only for you.
I know how much you wanted to see your brother.
What was ailing you? Just a slight chill.
If so slight, why did you not continue the journey? I feared that with the travel, it would get worse.
I assume you've already made plans to leave again soon.
No, I decided to stay.
And your brother? Why all these questions? His Majesty will drive me back to the sickbed.
Well, since your brother is not expected to live long, I merely assumed you would be determined to see him.
He no longer needs me.
A visit would have been for my benefit alone, and I'm well used to denying myself.
Has Madame de Maintenon kept her silence since her departure? I have not heard from her.
Nor do I wish to.
Losing a close friend such as she can be difficult.
Unless the friend is not as loyal as you thought they were.
Thank you for accompanying me.
It was a pleasure and an honour.
I shall report back to His Highness as soon as my men have carried out their investigation.
No, I think we should call off the investigation.
Your Highness? I have considered the matter and .
I think my brother was right.
There are things more important than a wild chase after a man in an iron mask.
As His Highness wishes.
I'm sorry this happened.
I do not blame you.
I'm grateful for your care.
How long have you served the King? All my life.
And does it not bother you to just do exactly what the King says? 'Tis an honour to serve His Majesty.
My loyalty is recognised.
And is he loyal to you? Of course.
But for how long? He may dress you up in fine clothes, but at the end of the day, you are no more than a useful tool, and as soon as you have outlived your usefulness, you will find yourself tossed into a common grave just like the rest of us.
Do you know what it is to be poor? To work from dawn till dusk every day? I have seen poverty.
Suffering, horrors beyond your worst imagining.
And what about injustice? It's all around you and you do nothing to stop it.
You're a fool.
You should learn to curb your tongue.
And you should learn to open your eyes! To what? The truth.
I've been to Versailles.
I have seen the King and his court gorged on wealth and opulence.
Fat from wine and food.
Idle and gambling in debauchery.
That is the way of things.
We must all learn to accept our lot.
Must we? You think you can dictate terms to me, to the King of France? You dare tell me what to do? Not I, sire.
The people who took Monsieur Marchal.
Give me their names.
I cannot, sire.
Why not? Because I do not know their names.
You expect me to believe you? What's going on? The people who took Marchal want to exchange him for the prisoners we took.
I want their names.
This fool says he doesn't know them! You're wasting your time.
I know this man.
If he says he doesn't know, then it's the truth.
We thank you for your help.
I thank you for yours.
A straight exchange sounds like a reasonable solution to me.
You'd have them get away with this? If it saves Marchal's life, why not? Because I am in no mood to be reasonable! Your vision is blurred, brother.
Treat the people fairly, and they will treat you with respect.
Treat them with cruelty and excess, and they will turn against you.
All that matters is getting Fabien back.
I shall supervise the exchange myself.
Very well.
But he must be released first.
When I set eyes on him, then I shall release the prisoners.
Fair enough.
Sire? A word before you go.
You should never apologise for winning.
I had sensed you had your heart set on leaving.
I have now set my heart on staying.
What changed your mind? Did the King ask you to speak with me? Why would he do that? Cos it's the sort of thing he does and because he knows we're close.
I played a spade, you just played a diamond.
Please confirm what I already told His Majesty.
I felt ill, I decided to return to Versailles, and I shall be staying here at His Majesty's side.
Are you asking me to lie for you? Come on, everybody! This way! Come on! Come on! Let's go.
Go, go, go! Soldiers are back - run! Fabien! When do we get our men back? Release him! No, no, no! When Monsieur Marchal is safely in the King's presence, your men will be freed.
You have the King's word.
You have the King's word.
Fabien, come to me.
You all right? Thank you, Your Highness.
Fire! No, no! Get back down! Fire! Fire! I gave them your word! I gave them a lesson.
And I'm sure they're grateful for it now that you've slaughtered their fathers and brothers.
I did what was necessary.
Mindless slaughter is never necessary.
Monsieur Marchal, I'm pleased to see you've returned.
You must see a doctor immediately.
And the prisoners, sire? What do you intend for them? They will be treated with the respect they deserve.
Yes, sire.
COUGHING It's all right.
We'll be out of here soon.
Hey, friend? The lad is sick.
He needs a doctor.
If you do nothing, he'll die.
Is that what you want? COUGHING May you rot in hell.
You feeling better? I am, Your Highness.
Thank you.
What did they do to you? Um, these things are best forgotten.
What can you tell me about these markings? Mmm.
I've never seen such a weapon.
"Diaboli mors.
" Someone tried to gut me with it.
There is someone who might help us.
Are you fit enough to accompany me? I am.
His Majesty called for me? What is the Queen's mood? Relieved that illness prevented her making the trip.
And you believe her? If I may say so .
His Majesty is unnecessarily suspicious.
No-one loves him more than his wife.
She is above suspicion.
Your loyalty does you credit.
Sire, you need a distraction.
What sort of distraction did you have in mind? There is an intriguing visitor to the salons.
A scientist and philosopher.
Monsieur Dupuis is an entertainer.
I fear his ideas may not be to His Majesty's taste.
He is a Huguenot, sir.
An entertaining Protestant? Let me share with you the human brain! GASPING God's finest work! Capable of the highest art.
As a theologian, I bow to God's Majesty.
But as a scientist, I must investigate His creations for a true understanding of His genius.
Rene Descartes, himself a devout Catholic, showed me that the seat of the human soul is located right here in the pineal gland.
Through learning, we question, we marvel, we seek, we come ever closer to finding answers to the greatest questions of mortal life.
While God created the universe, it is science that can uncover its secrets and mysteries.
APPLAUSE It is a great honour, sire.
A fascinating discourse.
My congratulations.
Lock him up.
What is the meaning of this? I'm a scientist! I advise against it.
It would be unwise.
I call it cowardly! Leave it to with me.
I shall speak with the King.
I'll see what I can do to ensure his release.
Thank you.
You lied to me.
I have noidea what Your Highness is talking about.
The man with the mask of iron is still alive.
I'm governor of this prison.
I know every guard, every prisoner, every rat.
HE SPITS If there was a prisoner wearing an iron mask, I would know about it.
Argh! Oof! HE GROANS Who is he? How can I know who someone is if they don't exist? Argh! HE PANTS I still don't know! What about this? What about it? Well, these markings.
What do they mean? I've no idea.
I've never seen such a knife.
You killed Marchal, didn't you? He killed himself.
On whose orders was he killed? The only person who gives orders in here is me.
And since I didn't give the order to kill him, he must have taken his own life! I wondered whether I might speak with His Majesty.
It concerns the scientist Monsieur Dupuis.
A friend of yours? No.
But I believe he has been a victim of injustice.
Locking someone away for simply stating his opinion seems to me excessive.
And this is what you wish to say to His Majesty? I do.
Oh, I admit I did not expect to hear such words coming from your mouth.
Well, I shall take that as a compliment.
However, I warn you that the King is in poor humour.
I strongly advise you to make your case once the clouds have lifted.
Yes? I believe His Majesty has gone beyond the bounds of decency in his treatment of the scientist Dupuis.
I agree.
GENERAL CHATTER Look! LAUGHTER You all right? Tristan! INDISTINC Tristan! You well, yeah? Where is Olivier? I don't know.
Let him go! SHRIEKING SCREAMING Argh! Argh! SHE GASPS Find your power.
SHE SOBS A one-armed beggar could do the job better.
Get out of my sight! Yes? News from our spies in Spain, sire.
It concerns the cavalcade of Austrian nobles spotted crossing the border a few weeks ago.
It appears they've arrived in Madrid, and have been welcomed by King Charles.
I understood the King to be sick and dying in bed.
No, it seems he's in reasonable health and fully expected to last the winter.
It would seem that the marriage is going ahead.
Arrange for Princess Eleanor to meet me in the gardens.
Senor Vasquez.
I have some good news.
The King has promised to consider the matter.
In the meantime, your dear Monsieur Dupuis will have to enjoy his cell a while longer.
I hope they don't mistreat him.
A man that fascinating? He'll have no trouble making friends.
I know the King.
If he truly meant your friend harm, he would be dead by now.
I am grateful for your efforts to help him.
I didn't do it for him.
I know.
Are you enjoying your time at Versailles? Very much.
You must miss home.
Not yet.
But you must be sad not to have gone to Spain as planned.
For the marriage.
Sire? I know of your uncle's plan.
You need hide nothing from me.
As you wish.
Your uncle will be disappointed.
I'm sure he will enjoy Spain without me.
What is it that pleases you the most at Versailles? The gardens? No.
I prefer people to flowers.
Anyone in particular? There is one.
I'm throwing a party this evening.
I hope to see you there.
I would like that very much.
Tell the Queen I wish to see her.
I wanted your advice.
Of course.
On what subject? The subject of treachery.
I see.
I've recently discovered that someone very close to me has plotted behind my back.
Not just to destroy me - but to destroy my empire.
The question is what to do with them.
What would YOU do? I don't know the circumstances.
But you do know the person involved.
Did you really think I wouldn't find out? What are you talking about? You conspired with him to marry Eleanor to Charles, didn't you? With whom? With dear cousin Leopold.
I knew of no such treachery.
That's why you were going to Spain, isn't it? No, I wished to visit my brother.
As you know, he has a very weak constitution.
Not that weak.
I've received confirmation that far from being at death's door, your brother is in fine health.
If that's the case, then God's been merciful.
Explain to me the coincidence that my wife and her cousin, both Habsburgs, left Versailles within a few days of each other, both heading to Spain.
Explain it! Oh, my God! You slept with him, didn't you? Why did you come back? I realised my place was by your side.
You mean, you couldn't go through with it? You doubt my words, but I beg you to trust my actions, I came back.
Yes, you did.
The Queen shall be confined to the palace.
It's what we do to little birds that try to fly away.
BELL TOLLS Mother Superior! Please, sit.
This is a great honour.
I came to ask whether you are happy here.
Of course.
I came here to seek redemption.
It is my wish to spend the rest of my days in prayer and devotion.
Do not lie to me.
I am not.
That look of piety may fool many, but it does not fool me.
You question my belief in God? No.
I question your belief in yourself.
I don't understand.
What will you do if the King comes to find you? I don't know.
I think you do.
But you're too scared to say it.
You want the King, don't you? Yes.
And? What else? That is all.
No, it isn't.
Tell me the truth.
I am! You are not! You are lying to yourself, to me and to God! Stop attacking me! It is not me that is attacking you.
It is the shadow of doubt.
What do you really desire? Say the word.
Please, stop! Not until you say the word.
I cannot.
Say it! Power! I want power! Dominion.
Joy, pain.
I want to crush my enemies.
I want to feel the fire of our Lord inside me.
Welcome home, Bossuet.
I trust your travels were fruitful.
I bring greetings and good wishes from Cardinal Leto in the Vatican.
And a visitor, I see.
Monsignor Di Marco.
The Cardinal was kind enough to provide me with a companion for the journey.
Please provide our esteemed guest with rooms and a meal.
When you say companion - in truth, you mean spy.
The Cardinal insisted that he accompany me.
So, is Spain mine or not? While the Cardinal acknowledges His Majesty's claim to Spain and its territories Yes? .
he also recognises the strength of Leopold's claim.
So you've failed completely to win him round to our side? I fear His Majesty underestimates the authority of the Vatican.
They will not be dictated to.
They take their own course in such matters.
You failed! It is not I that failed, Sire.
I made your case as best I could.
The fact is your position is weak.
Is there no one I can count on in this court? Come this way.
Wait! LAUGHTER LAUGHTER Ever since she left, he's been walking around like a corpse.
He misses her.
I don't.
Neither do I.
Congratulations on the entertainment.
I serve to please.
Good evening.
You look exquisite.
Thank you, sire.
It must be wonderful being King.
How so? All that you desire is yours.
There are many things I desire which are not mine.
Perhaps His Majesty needs to try a little harder.
That depends on the reward.
What the hell are you doing here? I told you not to contact me.
I had no choice! The duc d'Orleans came to see me.
He knows too much.
I've no wish to continue with this.
We are here to serve the King.
You should consider the consequences if he finds out that you have doubted him.
Does the King even know what we're doing? The King knows everything! Then I wish to speak to him.
In person.
I need reassurances.
That will not be necessary.
As I said, His Majesty knows everything.
I think you're lying.
Unfortunately, you are never going to find out.
MUFFLED CRY GASPING Where are we going? Somewhere private.
Scared? Don't be ridiculous.
Tell me, what is it you like about me? No doubt, you assume I was first attracted by your Wealth? Yes.
But I have since come to know you.
And I find you beautiful.
Have you been intimate with a woman before? Of course.
Many times.
Well, once.
Sort of.
What normally happens at this point when you're with a man? Normally .
one of us kneels down.
This is your first time, isn't it? Is it so obvious? Obvious.
But utterly charming.
Let me see you.
Monsieur Marchal! I heard about your terrible treatment.
I'm fine.
The doctor stitched me.
Maybe you should consider a change in job.
Either that, or find somebody to look after you.
I don't like this game.
I'm not playing any games.
SHE EXHALES Come here.
May I ask a question? Promise not to laugh.
What is it? Do you love me? Did I say something wrong? Er, no, the wrong is mine.
Get dressed.
I am not His Majesty's taste? It's not your fault.
Go back to your rooms.
You are justa child.
But you can teach me.
Someone else shall have that honour.
I'm sorry.
Oh! Are you all right? What happened? You went with the King, didn't you? What happened? He said I was a child.
And I realise now he was right - I'm just a child pretending to be an adult.
What were you doing? Come on.
Let's get you to your rooms.
You cannot sleep, sire? My body is tired, but my mind is restless.
Can I fetch His Majesty anything? Your companionship is all I care for right now.
May I speak my mind? Yes.
The young girls whose company you share What of them? I fear they may not be the answer, sire.
Perhaps the problem is another woman.
Not the ones you have.
The one you have not.
She left of her own volition.
You said I was right to let her go.
We were both wrong.
If I go to her, does that not show weakness? On the contrary.
Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for our sinners now, now and at the hour of our death.
SHE CONTINUES TO PRAY Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for our sinners now, now and at the hour of our death.
SHE CONTINUES TO PRAY You told me I needed to change.
And I accept that now.
Without you, I am incomplete.
I sought solace in other women in indulgence, but it was all empty ashes.
My judgement has been poor.
I need your counsel.
I want you back.
I don't care about who you once were.
I love you Oh! .
for who you are now.
You will never kneel before me again.