Versailles (2015) s03e05 Episode Script

The Beyond

1 Welcome home.
I beg your indulgence, sire.
I know.
It's all right.
But his Majesty has needs.
We are together now.
And, from this moment, there will be no one else but you.
And this is my pledge to you.
I will help you fulfil your destiny.
And together we will fight anyone who stands in your way.
I'd like you to welcome Madame de Maintenon as a permanent member of my counsel.
Now to business.
Well, scouts tell us that Strasbourg and Luxembourg have been fortified anew, so it seems Emperor Leopold might renege on the deal.
Have my troops loose cannon fire by the city walls during darkness.
Fill his people with the fear of God and keep Leopold distracted from Spain.
Excellent idea, sire.
Marchal, what have we learned of our uninvited guest? Our informers tell us Monsignor Di Marco's record is entirely without blemish.
So, why would the Vatican send him here? I want you to stay close to him, Bontemps.
Certainly, sire.
I believe you have good news, Colbert.
A trader has arrived from the East, who promises riches hitherto beyond our reach.
He is from the Ottoman Empire.
For our economy to blossom, we must see beyond religion and identity, sire.
Move! I require an audience with the King immediately! You treat your Queen with contempt! Your Majesty, the council is in session.
I've caught that vicious bitch with my husband! I trust this petulant spectacle comes with adequate explanation.
You may judge that when you hear what I have to say.
Your Majesty's determined to test the King's resolve.
I refuse to tolerate your disdain any longer.
Your worth is purely symbolic now.
You represent a vital link with Spain.
I am your wife! Not a commodity you can trade with.
You have value collateral, but your betrayal means that any relationship is untenable.
You talk to me of betrayal?! This is ill-advised You have humiliated me in front of the entire court by fucking your whores! You've betrayed me since the day we wedded! When I make one mistake, you think you can put me down?! Yes I lay with Leopold and it was a sin, and I came to confess it.
But I did not betray your throne.
That's why I wish to see you, to tell the truth and to say that I'm sorry.
# I'm the King of my own land # Facing tempests of dust # I'll fight to the end # Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me # Now and forever I'm your King.
What happened? Are you all right? They wouldn't tell me anything.
I felt a little dizzy, that's all.
I suppose it's just the mockery of the moon.
Oh, I'm so relieved.
I over-exerted myself, but I feel strong now.
His Highness wants you to stay confined to bed, please.
Her Majesty does not need to lose any more blood.
Damn doctors.
I wish everyone in Versailles were like you.
Then I'd be nothing special, would I? I hear you had words with the King.
I was perhaps too honest.
How did he respond? No doubt he's laughing at me now.
I don't think he'd do that.
Oh, my dearest, what would I do without you? I trust Versailles offers adequate comfort, Monsignor Di Marco.
In my order, we pay no heed to the needs of the flesh.
Well, if there is anything I can do for you, please ask.
Cardinal Leto sends his regards, Monsieur Bontemps.
I don't believe the Cardinal and I are acquainted.
But you and he have a long-standing arrangement.
Why are you here? As a precaution.
You may return to Rome and tell the Cardinal it is not needed.
But you no longer have the trust of the Vatican.
The Duc d'Orleans has become bothersome.
And you have become careless.
The King! So, it's official, then.
It would appear so.
Finally, she's learned how to dress like a King's mistress.
Though I fear the fabric is poorly judged.
Is this the demise of the modest mouse? There was always a shewolf lurking beneath.
It's in poor taste, parading her in public when the Queen's ill.
He's doing this to humiliate me.
He can't seriously want her! She's old, plain and barren.
He wants me in his bed.
I know it.
If the King wanted you, he'd have you.
You will have noticed, we have no shortage of silk and spice in Versailles.
But what I offer His Majesty, more pertinently, is a trading network, a commercial infrastructure.
Controlling the routes into all Europe would bring huge financial gain.
We can supply the finest exotic goods from Persia and the Far East to France and beyond.
And we can export French goods through the same channels to Asia.
A moment alone.
An Ottoman agent in Versailles.
You show great bravery.
Or stupidity.
My offer is sincere.
Do not play with me, Barek.
Why are you really here? Sultan Mehmet shares your antipathy towards Emperor Leopold.
He prays that his enemy's enemy might become his friend.
He wishes to advance on Vienna, and he requests your support.
The Sultan asks me to support a Muslim empire against a Christian? Might I remind His Majesty that his grandfather had a fruitful alliance with Sultan Ahmed? You may continue trade discussions, but under the strictest confidence.
I will give my answer in good time.
The prison governor has surfaced.
Oh, yes? What did he say? He was dead.
His belly opened with a single stroke.
Because we spoke with him? That would seem likely.
He knew the truth.
That's why they killed him.
Somebody knows we're getting close.
Someone in the palace is watching us.
If so, I would know about it.
What about Bontemps? He's the only one here who's had dealings with the governor.
That hardly makes him the killer.
Bontemps hit something in the hovel to throw me off the scent, and he's the one who lied in the first place, along with my brother.
Bontemps is not capable of murder.
Not even if the king ordered it? Such requests would tend to fall within my remit.
Unless Louis has a reason to keep it from you, too.
Bontemps would do anything to protect the King, would he not? We should discuss this with him immediately.
No! This is no longer just an inquiry.
That is precisely my point! Two men have been killed and I was nearly the third.
All the more reason to share it with the King.
But I do not trust the King! What have you learned about the dagger? Diaboli mors has an obvious biblical resonance.
Yes, but the insignia.
It's the only evidence we've got.
My dear Francoise, you've been hiding your light under a bushel.
Simply trying a new fashion.
And celebrating your elevation? I am humbled by the King's trust.
And I'm glad, believe me.
In your absence, he's become somewhat impatient with us.
The nobles of court? Protestants in court.
He's imprisoned Augustin Dupuis for no reason whatsoever.
The King always has good reasons.
Then the King is wrong.
On some things, one is best advised to keep one's counsel.
It's me, Francoise.
I'm only asking you to speak up for poor Augustin.
I don't want to trouble the King.
He has all manner of challenges on his mind.
Then he should stop thinking he's God Almighty himself.
I should remind you the King is God's representative on Earth.
Then why does he see the Protestant faith as a threat? Well, perhaps that is God's intention.
It is not for me to speak for either of them.
My God What has happened to you? I've become reconciled with who I once was.
I know exactly who you were.
And who I must be now.
You were one of us.
And it is folly to deny one's history.
The Queen's strength returns? Her Majesty is stable.
The doctor expects her illness to pass, but she is burdened.
We all have our cross to bear.
And what is yours, Madame? I offer my humble apologies, sire.
Surely you can have no more secrets from me.
No, but I was mistaken.
To enter the Kingdom of God .
one must be born again.
Only now do I understand how.
To atone for my trespasses, I must reject my past utterly.
My sins have been laid bare.
My dark days were during my life as a Protestant.
And I thank the Lord for your conversion.
But you were right.
They dare to question your holy status.
Monsieur Dupuis simply said what they were all thinking.
And you know you are chosen by God.
Perhaps the time has come to show them.
Two years ago, one of my galleons set sail for the Americas.
The vessel appeared robust.
The captain declared it seaworthy.
But he had spotted some woodworm.
Just a little.
A few tiny larvae, presumed to be innocent stowaways.
The ship crossed the ocean with ease.
But on the return journey, the sails were raised and the main mast crumbled.
What was thought to be woodworm turned out to be the deathwatch beetle, and the body of the craft was riddled, eaten from within.
You see, the time to deal with the menace was before he set sail.
He could have easily replaced a few timbers.
His mistake was to ignore the threat .
however small it appeared.
It became an infestation.
I want to deal with the Protestant problem as a matter of priority, starting with a detailed inventory of the Protestants under my roof.
But they have been compliant and loyal.
Their faith is private, between the individual and God They dispute the natural order.
They challenge the authority of priest, Pope and His Majesty as our God-chosen King.
Every Huguenot's a threat while he shares faith with William of Orange.
Nevertheless Could I urge His Majesty to remain lenient, if only for reasons of taxation? His Majesty should also remember there is legislation in place regarding the rights of all faiths.
Why so fearful, gentlemen? I am a reasonable man.
I do not wish to be cruel.
The challenge is to help them realise their mistake and encourage them to return to the one true Church.
So, I want you to identify all Protestant businesses and let them know that the King would look more kindly on them if they were to recant.
And if they don't? Their fate is in their own hands.
Now we must accept a woman as the King's principal adviser! I see no problem.
I foresee many, if he continues to reject our input.
Because you may have to work harder? I strive night and day already.
I give the King my every waking minute! I concede that with this new arrangement we must be vigilant.
Vigilant? We should be up in arms! The edict of Nantes is there to protect such vulnerable minorities.
If the King tears it up, there's no telling where it will end.
Do you advocate mutiny? I ask the council to reject naked sectarianism.
This is religious bigotry.
The King has his reasons.
It's our job to facilitate him.
It is our job to do what is right.
A moment, Monsieur Bontemps.
I have business to attend to.
I thought you should be informed of a murder.
You've been acquainted with the governor of the Bastille.
And this concerns me how? I wondered if you knew anyone who might have reason to wish him dead.
In his line of work, I suspect there are many.
And if you don't mind my reminding you, your principal priority should be protecting the Royal Family.
It always has been.
The Queen has fallen ill.
Have you ruled out the possibility of a poisoner? Good day, Monsieur Marchal.
The death of the devil.
I read about this in my studies.
So, it's in the Bible? It is suggested, yes.
The actual story's in the Apocrypha.
A collection of holy scriptures that the Church deems troublesome.
The insignia.
You've seen that before? In Vatican records.
The symbol of an ancient sect, the Knights of Damascus from the third Crusade, I believe.
They were a clandestine order said to have just one aim - to protect the Catholic Church and dispose of its enemies with impunity.
What do you pray for, Monsieur Bontemps? Deliverance from evil.
I wish to see the prisoner.
I will not speak of that here.
You need not speak at all.
Just listen.
No, you listen to me.
I've run this palace.
My services are exclusively to the King.
There is a higher authority to which we both must answer, and you will take me to the prisoner at your earliest convenience.
We gather to remember our good friend, Olivier .
taken from us so cruelly.
We ask you, our Lord, to keep him safe.
And to fold his family in the palm of your hand.
I'm so sorry.
It's from the palace.
A warning of what's to come.
It's not enough to tax us to the hilt and murder our friends.
Now he wants us to give up our religion! It's an empty threat.
We've seen what he's capable of.
We have to stand up to him.
So, what are you going to do? Recant just to please the King? Get back to work.
While we still have it! I will interview the prisoner alone.
Why is he tethered? For his own safety.
You may remain outside.
I've protected this man all my life.
I will not see him suffer now! The King will end my torture soon.
The King knows nothing of this.
And thus it will remain.
An uninvited guest.
I've worked out what you're doing.
And you wish to join me at my table.
You invited the Roman cleric to Versailles, didn't you? Why on earth would I do that? Because I think you might be a lot closer to the Vatican than you're letting on.
Is this more paranoia from your fevered imagination? Give me a straight answer.
I appointed you to counsel for your new-found maturity.
Don't give me more cause to regret it.
Why is the Vatican holding the man in the iron mask? My dear Philippe, since that bang on the head, your behaviour has been erratic, at times alarming.
This madness must stop.
I need you by my side, not chasing lost causes.
I'm losing you, brother.
I fear it is I who is losing you brother.
Are we really expected to do nothing? Accept the world we live in.
Paint on a sunny visage.
There's nothing else one can do.
I dislike my name being on a list.
But it's my nephew that concerns me.
His entire future could be in jeopardy with a stroke of a catholic pen, along with all other decent Protestant businessmen.
And, on that subject, I had been considering recanting myself, so we might have more in common.
You would become a Protestant? Well Not the way things are now, obviously.
But, clearly, the sensible thing to do now is for you to become a Catholic.
You don't know me at all, do you? I know you most intimately.
We had sex.
Don't imagine that gives you access to my heart.
But if .
we were to marry as Catholics, that would secure your position in court.
I need no man.
And I wouldn't marry you if you were the last specimen on this earth.
Ah! The famous shoemaker, alone in the palace.
Have you lost your way? No.
Actually, I I was hoping to talk to the Duc d'Orleans.
Perhaps I can help? Well I'm a loyal Frenchman, sir.
I serve the palace as best I can.
But I'm afraid that I may lose business .
because I'm a Protestant.
You're in luck, my boy.
Really? I wish to commission boots for my entire infantry.
Yes, sir, I'd be delighted, sir.
The contract is yours in perpetuity.
On condition that you'll recant.
Did you talk to the Duc d'Orleans? There's no point.
This can only end one way.
Well, so be it.
We can cope.
We've been offered a contract for the military.
It would secure the business for decades.
But? Guillaume, you'd recant your faith? Just hear me out.
I don't believe it.
It's just saying a few words! A few words before God.
It's about being practical in the face of adversity.
You'd be rejecting everything our father stood for.
Our father was a businessman, he understood how these things work.
Yeah! And he knew that principles were more important than money.
I wouldn't be doing it for me! I'm thinking of the lads! They've been loyal through all the bad times.
This is a chance to save their jobs! They'd be grateful! You don't care about them.
This is about you.
You want to be rich.
Just so long as you can be a part of Versailles! Well, I won't give in to the King's blackmail.
If you've got any heart left, then neither will you.
So, what earth-shattering challenge are we wrestling with today? Matters of the heart.
You wouldn't understand.
The Chevalier de Lorraine has fallen in love.
He's purloined a new mirror? No.
The Duchesse d'Angers.
Him? With a woman? They lack stamina but they offer one or two more options than men.
I am here, you know.
The Queen requests your presence, madam.
Don't discuss any juicy matters without me.
You have somewhere to be? Somewhere else.
I'm not trying to seduce you.
I justhoped we could still talk to each other without rancour.
So? How've you been? Busy.
You? After a fashion.
How's your love life? Solitary.
The true love that never lets a man down.
You are really in love with that woman? I don't know.
Can't remember what it feels like.
It makes me feel marvellous, thank you.
I remember it was good.
I know that much.
Having a real reason to get out of bed in the morning.
Or staying in.
So what's the problem? She's proving quite a challenge.
I don't know what to say to convince her.
Don't say anything.
Find a way to show her.
How delightful to see you, my dear.
I feel fabulous.
Like a new woman.
You wished to see me, Your Majesty? Yes, I have the appetite of an army.
Won't you join me in a feast? I'd be delighted.
I can't help but feel I've been missing out on the pleasures of Versailles.
Today, I shall drink wine.
Lots and lots of wine.
If Her Majesty so wishes.
Mm! But first, Her Majesty wants a bath of scented rose petals.
My dear, what on Earth are you doing? Having some fun.
A facet of life I have resisted for too long.
Want to take me for a ride in the forest? Perhaps the doctor should have a say in that.
Won't you take me for a ride? Touch me again and I'll tell Mother.
She's calling me.
Can't you hear her? I'm coming to you.
I will embrace you, my heavenly angel.
You need some rest.
I can see you sneering, I know what you're doing.
Tying me up, pushing the life from me.
What's happening to me? What's happening to me? What's happening to me? What's happening to me? What's happening to me? What's happening to me? She's possessed by a demon.
I have inspected the Queen.
I believe she is indeed possessed .
of a sinister spirit.
She's sick.
It is her own spirit that ails her.
And there is no question of poison? The doctor has dismissed it.
You must go to her side, she is heartsore.
I must advise against that.
Such spirits can only be treated with exorcism.
Only the power of God can cast it out and save her soul.
It can be traumatic for the unfortunate victim.
But it is the only option.
Do you know who saw the Queen on the day before she fell ill? I want the name of any servant who was with her this past week.
We are in the dark, Louvois.
Can it be true? Our Queen is possessed by an evil demon? You know as well as I there is not a more godly person in the palace.
Why are you so anxious? We are all anxious.
You startled me.
Perhaps that was my intention.
When did you last see the Queen? I've just come from her.
Poor soul is suffering terribly.
Before she fell ill? I met her in the salon.
Why? Her lady-in-waiting claims you were in her quarters the previous night.
Yes, yes.
Of course, that slipped my mind.
What were you doing there? She was looking for me.
I get lost in this place all the time.
The Duchesse came to my aid.
I showed the Princess to her rooms, then retired to bedalone.
Such vexation does not suit you, Duchesse.
Well, aren't you going to tell me? I don't know what you're talking about.
What were you doing near the Queen's rooms? I wanted a word with her, that's all.
So why did you let me lie for you? It seemed convenient.
I don't believe you.
I'm going to tell Monsieur Marchal.
You will do what I tell you.
You don't scare me.
Maybe not, but Leopold does.
You work for my uncle? Where is the King? WHERE IS THE KING? His hands are the claws of a craven beast.
His tongue is the snake of poison.
His hands are the claws of a craven beast! His eyes are the pits of hell, in which all mortals will perish to tumble through purgatories! For all eternity! She is suffering terribly, sire.
You must go to her - she needs you.
What can I do for her? Show her godliness.
What have you done to me?! I beg you, let me go! Begone! You lied to me! My flesh is on fire.
I beg you! Give me peace! Be still.
Peace be upon you.
Return to me.
Thank you.
The Kinghas cast out the demon.
It is a miracle.
The Queen remains gravely ill.
But her soul has been saved.
The King has performed a miracle.
Such wonderful news.
Word has it he saved her with his own hands.
I witnessed it myself.
Our Lord moves within him.
So perhaps now might be an apt moment to approach him with a modest request? You see, I was wondering about the Protestant arrangement.
We all agree it's a good idea, naturally.
However, I was hoping His Majesty might indulge certain individuals.
The Duchesse d'Angers, for example.
Her nephew's got a very bright future in stained glass.
As a Catholic.
I was praying you might find it in your heart to help an old friend.
Incidentally, your services as Master of Ceremony are no longer required.
Butthe King appointed me.
The King has total faith in my judgment.
His Majesty should be pleased.
So many prominent Protestants have seen the light.
I bless you for your wisdom and humility and welcome you back to the one true Church.
Corpus Christi.
Corpus Christi.
Corpus Christi.
Corpus Christi.
Corpus Christi.
I know who you are.
Knight of Damascus.
Who is the man in the iron mask? The King is not chosen by God.
I can't see your face.
More candles.
It is daylight, my Queen.
So be it.
Will you be by my side? I am with you.
I thought I would be afraid.
But not now, with the darkness approaching.
Perhaps because I know God will embrace me.
I admire your strength.
My faith has been tested often.
Yours is constant.
And I never made you happy.
Our life is not meant to be so.
That doesn't mean I don't love you.
You hold no regrets? Just one.
I wish I could see the sunrise in Madrid once more.
To feel the warmth of home on my face.
Can you ever forgive me? I should be asking that of you.
Of course I do.
We're all sinners.
We do not choose this life, we do our best within it.
You are a man like any other.
Do you recall when we first met? Of course.
You smiled.
I was so frightened.
All those cold eyes staring.
My hands were shaking, I thought I would die, but you smiled.
Just a little.
And I knew you were a good man.
You should smile more often, dear Louis.
How can I thank you? Let's pray together as one.
Even for a moment.
Remember your heart.
I ask just one thing, Lord.
For my wife.
I beg you to give her peace.
Sire, the Queen