Victim Number 8 (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Starting to Believe

We're continuing special coverage of the attack in Bilbao.
The number of victims is still not clear.
Gorka is dead, Mom.
What's that? The asshole from the attack.
We're talking about Omar Jamal Omar would never kill, not for Allah, not for anyone.
I already told you, he hurt his ankle skating the night before.
The guy in the video took off running.
He couldn't have run like that, he would surely have been limping.
I know you've dreamed about running this company since you were little.
It crushed you when I named Gorka as my successor.
Are you willing to help me prove Omar is innocent? In a jihadi attack, no one looks at who benefits from anyone's death.
A jihadi attack doesn't raise any questions.
You say you want to get back the life your brother stole from you.
This is what it is going to cost.
Put down your fucking weapons.
You're making a mistake.
Agent Juan Antonio Gorostiza, from Intelligence.
Hello? Zakir, listen closely.
We said we'd meet ten minutes ago.
She was taking Iker to a friend's.
They must have hit traffic.
We're going to hit traffic.
The road on the coast is terrible at this hour.
I don't know why we have to go to Zarauz for this.
Because Almudena wants to, she's his wife.
Do you know what this is? The funeral home gave it to me with the urn.
His wedding ring.
The other thing, the balls.
I think it's a piercing.
A piercing? Yeah, a piercing.
What the hell do you mean a piercing? A piercing is what you get on your nipples, right? Your nipples or wherever you want.
Gorka didn't wear that shit.
If they gave it to you, it means he did.
What if they mixed up the bodies? They didn't mix them up.
That's his ring.
And his piercing too, I'm sure.
Then where did he wear this thing? Not on his nipples, I saw him at the beach this summer.
He must have worn it somewhere no one saw.
I don't know Use your imagination.
My imagination? What do you want me to imagine? What's this about? Why are they writing to say tomorrow's meeting is in Madrid? Because I decided to meet there.
What do the Japanese like? Flamenco.
We can take them to a show after we sign.
A show? Do you think your brother would ever have advocated something so distasteful? Unfortunately, he's not here to ask.
Well, I can tell you.
He would be horrified and so am I.
We have a company, we're not stinking party planners.
You can't even wait until we spread his ashes before talking about that darn company.
She's here.
Let's get a move on.
When did you plan to tell me my husband was screwing another woman? What did you say? What did she say, honey? - Your beloved Gorka was cheating on me.
- Almudena, please.
And not just that, he knocked up his little whore.
Congratulations, Concha, you're going to be a grandmother again.
That son of a bitch.
Almudena! - Almudena, please! - Almudena, what are you going to do? - Almudena, where are you going? - Almudena! - Please, calm down! - Almudena, where are you going? Almudena! Almudena, don't do something rash, open up! - Open up, dammit! - Almudena, please! Open up, dammit! Almudena! Open up, dammit! No one touch it, don't let it out of your sight.
We have to get as much information as we can from that belt.
Fingerprints, DNA Hold on.
I'm sorry, but I can't let you touch that belt.
It's evidence, we have to examine it.
Yes, it's evidence, but it's also an explosive.
And no one is touching it until my men get here.
If there's anything we know, it's explosives.
I'm not wasting time waiting.
Excuse me, I said no one is going to touch that belt.
What's going on? He is denying my access to a piece of evidence.
I am protecting us all, and the investigation, of course.
Jamal is getting farther away every minute.
- We're wasting precious time.
- I agree.
You're wasting it arguing an order when you should be following it.
Who does this guy think he is? This guy is an Intelligence agent and only answers to the Secretary of State and the Minister of the Interior.
So what, I have to follow his orders? You, me and Jesus Christ himself.
and that jihadi cells operating in Europe or Africa The Minister of the Interior has confirmed that the explosives found Mom match those that jihadi groups normally use.
- I am sure that Omar is ok.
- Of course.
Aren't you going to finish breakfast? No, we have a field trip to Loyola today and I don't want to throw up on the bus.
Don't forget your raincoat, they say it might rain.
is still wanted.
Authorities are sure that the coming hours will be crucial in getting closer to Jamal and they're asking for civilians' help in determining his whereabouts.
While authorities continue to highlight the favorable progress in the investigation, the victims Zakir, I'm very proud of you.
I'm very proud of all three of you.
Of you, Omar, and the little one, of course.
I couldn't have asked for better sons, even if I never tell you that.
It's fine, we know.
We're also proud of you, even though we never tell you either.
Then tell me.
- I love you very much.
- You too.
Don't tell anyone I talked to you.
Not even mom or dad, you understand? Do you understand? You could do that with your eyes closed.
Look, today I brought my own cookies.
So I don't have to steal from anyone.
Listen, Edurne.
I might have been a bit rude yesterday.
I'm sorry I wasn't more sensitive with you.
About your boyfriend Look, don't listen to me.
Sometimes I'm wrong.
Me too.
But not this time.
- Listen, Edurne, look - What the hell is wrong with you? You promise to help and less than four hours later you leave me hanging.
If you think I want to chat, you've got bigger problems than your kidneys.
- Why are you looking at me like that? - It's nothing What are you watching? Did something happen, did they find Omar? - No - Let me see.
No, honestly.
It's nothing like that.
- Please, let me see.
- Edurne Eche, please.
Let me see.
They leaked that Omar rented the van used in the attack with his documentation.
That's all.
Eche, that's a lie.
Omar had his wallet and ID stolen two weeks ago.
He can't have rented the van.
Edurne Hang on.
I bet I have the messages - What messages? - The messages that Here.
Two weeks ago, on the second.
"Dammit, I just got my wallet stolen.
" I said: "What? You'd better go report it right now.
" He said: "I'm an idiot.
I'm sure it was on the bus.
I saw some guy coming towards me and thought he was looking for trouble.
" See? It couldn't have been him.
He couldn't rent anything without an ID.
- Yeah, sure - No, listen Eche, this is real proof.
It's not like the limp.
This is proof.
I have to go to the Ertzaintza right away.
No, hang on.
Hang on a second.
Listen to me.
Omar could have used something else, maybe his passport.
The news says he rented the van used in the attack with his documentation, not his ID.
Are you ok? How are you? Fine, it was only a few cuts.
Not a single serious injury, it's a miracle.
A fundamental piece of evidence in an investigation exploding isn't exactly what I'd call a miracle.
Well, I am finished.
Now you should go get an ultrasound.
Thank you.
Go to the hospital, and then go home and rest.
- Is that an order? - It's a recommendation.
Then I'm going to get another coffee.
The blast made me spill my other one.
Boss, there is somebody here to see you.
I don't have time to see anyone.
It's a relative of one of the attack victims.
Gorka Azkarate's widow.
Come on, man, it's not that hard.
Don't make me bother the police for something so silly.
All I need is a screenshot.
It's just to cover my ass.
No, dammit, I'm not going to publish it.
Attaboy, I owe you a drink.
Adila, I only take half a Sintrom.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
María, I don't know where my head is at.
It's understandable with everything going on, you're doing your best.
If my hip wasn't in such bad shape, I would give you a month off.
Thank you, but it wouldn't do me much good.
All I can think about is Omar.
All the time, thinking about where he is, with whom, how he is My poor boy must be so scared.
I can't imagine what you're going through.
Look, a while back I lost track of my little Itziar in El Puerto de Santa María.
She was three or four.
It was for a few minutes It's the most I've prayed in my whole life.
More than when my husband was diagnosed with cancer.
You know what you can do? Pray for Omar too.
Good idea, you to your God and me to mine.
That way, we have twice the chance of success.
I am sure it will work.
Well, I'm not so sure.
It worked with the girl but my husband died two months later.
I think I might be a cursed Catholic.
I don't know, I'll think about it.
Hello? Ah, Zakir.
Yes, what is it? What do you mean he didn't go on the field trip? Yes, I understand.
When did you say my husband called? Yes, everything is fine.
Thank you for calling.
Is something wrong, Adila? I don't know.
I have to make a call, it's important.
Yes, make the call, my God.
You're not a prisoner here.
Ibrahim The school just called saying Zakir didn't go today.
Is he with you? They also said he left class yesterday because you called him Are you sure you didn't call him yesterday? You didn't call Zakir's school asking for him? Okay, forget about it, I'll talk to him.
Translate for me before I have a heart attack.
Try your call again later.
Zakir! Don't be scared.
It's not Dad.
It's me.
I need you to go see Edurne.
Tell her I'll wait for her there.
Tell her in person, don't call.
Don't tell anyone I talked to you.
Not even mom or dad, you understand? Do you understand? It's very important, don't talk to anyone, only Edurne.
Yeah? The van in the attack was rented using Omar's ID.
- Really? - You heard right.
I just saw the rental agreement with a copy of his ID.
But listen.
If Omar's wallet was really stolen, someone had to use his ID to rent the van used in the attack, right? But that proves he's innocent, right? Only the judge can decide that.
It's more than nothing.
Where are you? At home, about to walk in the door.
Get to Central Intelligence as fast as you can.
I'm on my way.
We have to show the head of the investigation those messages where Omar tells you his wallet was stolen.
Ok, I'll be right there.
Is there anything left of the belt? Nothing.
They could guess the type of explosive by analyzing the shrapnel, but that's about it.
Good work.
Hello? A journalist? Take care of it and do it fast.
Easter last year.
He said he was at a conference in Munich.
Was that true? We went to Bayonne.
We spent a few days in a hotel there.
And when he went to Biarritz to see some Mexican clients? We were in Hendaye.
When Iker was hospitalized for pneumonia, it took me more than 24 hours to reach him.
We were in Burgos.
Were you having unprotected sex? I need to know if I should get tested.
Did you screw without a condom? No.
It was an accident.
What did he say about the kid? When you told him you were pregnant, what did he say? Did he ask you to get an abortion? Of course Gorka was a coward.
He asked you to get an abortion, right? And we broke it off.
So, if you weren't pregnant you two might still be together.
Maybe he would have been screwing you on the day of the attack instead of sitting on that terrace where he got run over.
Have you seen the investigator? Did you talk to her? - No, not yet.
- Damn, this is amazing.
Sure Edurne, but relax, what we have isn't definitive.
- Not definitive, but it's something.
- Yes, it's something.
- What was that for? - For starting to believe.
Is it a boy or a girl? A boy.
Please, don't name him Gorka.
Come on, Eche, let's tell her.
- Hang on - Excuse me.
What is it? Has Omar contacted you? No, much better.
His wallet was stolen, he didn't do it.
They rented the van and he didn't have it, so we have proof Relax, Edurne.
I'll tell her.
Look it doesn't completely exonerate the guy, - but it's a start.
- Can you tell me what this is about? The van used in the attack was rented 24 hours before the attack, and it was rented with Omar's ID.
But the kid's wallet was stolen on the second.
Two and a half weeks before the attack.
Did he report it? No.
No, but he sent messages telling me about it.
Here they are.
Let's see.
- It was the second.
- The second, yes.
See? - I can't find them now.
- What do you mean you can't find them? - No, they're not here.
- Don't tell me you deleted them.
Of course I didn't, do you think I'm an idiot? - I swear they were here.
Tell her.
- Yes, I saw them.
He said his wallet had been stolen with his documentation, a guy on the bus.
Yeah, but without a report and the messages, we've got nothing.
You have to believe us because it's true, just like the limp.
I swear on my life that Omar is innocent, dammit.
Edurne I can imagine what you're going through.
But if you really want to help Omar, do whatever it takes to get him out of hiding.
It's very likely that at some point he will contact someone close to him, his family, his friends, you If he does it's crucial that you convince him to turn himself in.
I don't understand how they got deleted.
Do you know how to get an unregistered pre-paid phone? Do you know how to get one? Yeah, but why would I want a phone like that? Do it.
And several SIM cards.
Why? What for? Messages don't just delete themselves, Edurne.
Somebody deleted them remotely.
Who would want to delete them? The same people who bugged your phone and heard us talking when I asked you to come here with the messages.
The same people who are trying so hard to incriminate your boyfriend.
I thought you were in Zarauz, spreading your brother's ashes.
What the fuck is up with the Moor? What the hell is happening with him? He should be dead.
- Why haven't you killed him yet? - You have to calm down, ok? Calm down? Everything is going to hell and you tell me to calm down.
Nothing is going to hell.
That guy is still running rampant out there.
It's only a matter of time before we catch him.
How can you be so sure of that? He's alone, scared to death.
Sooner or later he'll try to contact someone.
We have everyone around him under surveillance.
What if he doesn't? What if he gets away? What if your perfect plan is a fucking disaster? A sinking ship? What then? This is a mess.
And you and your men are a bunch of fucking amateurs.
Gaizka, we aren't amateurs.
We've had a streak of bad luck.
A boar screwed everything up.
- A boar.
- But we'll finish the job, I swear.
Gaizka Gaizka, look at me! Look at me! I've never failed you.
Not you, or anyone else.
Trust me, okay? We're in this together.
Together? No, this insanity was your idea.
I just Besides, since when are you and I in anything together? No.
You're nothing but a fucking employee.
I think I should go.
Sure, because you're some big shot now, right? With some flashy police badge.
Remember where you were when my father hired you? - Remember? - Yeah.
Extorting whores and junkies to make ends meet, that's where.
If it weren't for my father, you'd still be a neighborhood patrol.
And do you know why he promoted you the way he did? Because he needed someone to clean up our shit.
So you'd better clean it up well, alright? Because you're the only one who's gotten his hands dirty.
Don't forget that.
Zakir? What are you doing here, did something happen? Omar Omar wants to see you.
- Inspector Olaegi.
- Oh, goodie.
It looks like you've become a fan of following me down the street like the paparazzi.
It will only be a minute.
I've told you before, I have nothing to say.
- Well, I do.
Those messages - They don't exist.
I can't open an investigation.
And can you open an investigation about who the father of your child is? I am sure he will have everything he needs as an Azkarate It doesn't take a genius.
The Neguri visit the other day, meeting Gorka Azkarate's widow today.
The way she looked at you and touched your belly What do you want? Edurne showed me those messages.
And I saw them.
But they disappeared.
I realize that for you, it's completely insubstantial, but not for me.
So I want access to the reports.
And if I say no, you'll write a story that I'm pregnant with one of the victims' child.
I've had a streak of luck, unlike you.
If you publish it, they'll take me off the case.
Whether or not I publish it is up to you, not me.
Give me the information, please.
It's just for my investigation.
I won't publish anything.
I promise.
How long ago did she leave the perimeter? She may be going to meet Jamal.
Get the assault team ready and have two patrols follow her.
But send them undercover, we don't want to scare her.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
Where will I go to grieve him now? Where? In two days, I lost my son and you took away all that I had left of him.
I don't have anything left of my little boy.
You still love him and always will.
I'm the one who has nothing left of him.
He cheated on you, yes.
So what? He got her pregnant, Concha.
He also gave you a child.
A legitimate child.
What world are you living in, dear? I had to look many of José María's lovers in the eye.
And I did it.
You think you can be part of this family without paying a price? Only because you're my grandson's mother.
Otherwise, you wouldn't set foot in this house again.
But you are.
So, we'll do what we do best in this family: act like nothing happened.
How was the field trip? Did you have fun? Yeah, it was better than a normal day of class.
I am glad.
How was Loyola? Is it pretty? Yeah, very pretty.
The basilica has a really neat vault.
Your teacher called to say you didn't go on the field trip.
I skipped the field trip.
I didn't feel like going and I met some friends in a park.
In a park, doing what? Goofing around, I don't know.
You skipped the field trip to goof around.
- Goofing around and other things.
- What things? - Watching YouTube videos.
- YouTube videos? - Smoking - Smoking? You smoke? - Yeah.
- Since when? For about a year.
A year? Let me smell your breath.
You don't smell like tobacco.
Because I had some mint gum.
You don't smell like mint either.
I don't know, maybe the smell is gone.
Zakir, you're lying.
Who called you at school yesterday? What? Who called you at school yesterday? And don't say dad, because that's a lie.
Who was it? Oh, yeah it was Javi.
Javi pretending to be dad.
Joking around, you know.
Who called? Tell me.
Tell me who it was.
Was it Omar? Zakir, was it Omar? Did you talk to Omar? Zakir.
This is very serious.
Tell me the truth right now, or I'll drag you to the police station.
Give us your position.
I'll send you my location.
Calling all units.
Head to the address we just received.
Quickly, but no sirens.
Two patrols are on their way.
I'm crossing the estuary.
What do you see? - A mosque or civic center? - Nothing, just industrial warehouses.
Everyone keep your eyes peeled.
Omar Jamal may have changed his appearance.
I repeat, he may have changed his appearance.
The girl is heading to a warehouse.
It has a sign, but I can't read it.
Should I approach it? No, let her go in, don't move.
I'm almost there, 200 meters out.
She's going in.
Stay put, I'll go.
Abort, repeat, abort.
The girl only came for a package.
Retreat discretely.
Omar? What the hell are you doing here? Where's Edurne? - Is she ok? Did they do something to her? - No, she is fine.
It's too dangerous.
- She thinks the police are watching her.
- Is she ok? How is she? Edurne is looking fine as always, man.
Relax, dammit.
- She doesn't believe it was me, right? - What do you think? If she thought you did it, she would have sent the cops, not me.
Don't you think? - I'm really glad to see you, man.
- Me too.
Damn, you reek, man.
What are you doing here? Listen.
She said she wants you to see this.
You have to turn yourself in, nothing will happen to you.
The police have sworn you can defend yourself.
I know you're innocent.
All of us who love you know it and we'll stand by you.
But if you keep running, no one will believe you.
I love you.
The phone isn't registered.
You can use it to keep running or or to turn yourself in.
You decide.
And could those messages be deleted remotely? Who could have access to that central server? Nobody besides the phone company? I don't know, the police.
Yeah, with a court order.
Listen, Joseba, thanks a lot.
I'll call you later and tell you more, ok? Dammit.
How the hell did you get out of the bathroom? Look.
Look what I bought you, Manola.
Want to go for a walk? Because I'm not going to keep cleaning up your piss, you understand? Come on, let's go outside.
It's cool outside, the street is nice.
Good girl.
That's my girl.
Come on, let's go outside.
The street is full of dogs whose butts you can sniff.
- Yes? - Hello.
- Juan Echevarría? - Yeah, that's me.
This is for you.
- Thanks a lot.
- Goodbye.
Well, Manola, I think the walk will have to wait.
So you can piss wherever you want.
Except on the rug.
Almudena, what are you doing here? I came to apologize to your mother.
It takes some balls to do something like that.
And you're still alive so I suppose she forgave you.
I don't know how I could have lost my mind like that.
You were very angry.
Yeah, but when you are angry at someone you don't You don't flush them down the toilet.
I imagine your father is also very angry.
Gorka was his favorite son.
I wouldn't be surprised if he ripped out the toilet and hung it over the chimney like some kind of altar.
I was going to have a drink.
Want one? A whiskey neat.
Can I ask you a personal question? Where was Gorka's piercing? How do you know Gorka had a piercing? It's kind of a long story.
Did he have it on his? On his? His You know what I mean.
You mean penis, right? You want to know if your dead brother had a penis piercing.
It's not like I need to know to carry on with my life.
Gorka often said you had always liked me that you never took your eyes off me.
Is that true? I didn't know he thought that.
He did.
But he didn't mind.
He thought it was funny because he knew you disgusted me.
I never thanked you.
Thanked me for what? For sending me a copy of the will.
I didn't send you anything.
You're lying.
Your brother dies, and you discover he was an asshole who was cheating on me.
And bingo! You send me the information, and assume I will be so upset that I will screw the man he hated most.
Well, you know what? Well played.
Where is my son? How should I know where he is? Where is he? Stop lying to me.
Zakir told me everything.
I know you went to see him.
I want to know where my son is.
I didn't see him.
I don't believe you.
I swear, Adila.
The police are watching me, and probably watching you too.
But do you know where he is? Do you know how he is? I need to know about my son, anything.
Calm down, ok? I sent someone I trust to talk to him.
To talk? And tell him what? To turn himself in.
Are you insane? Omar can't turn himself in.
If he turns himself in, they'll kill him.
The police told me nothing will happen to him.
The police just want to capture him, dead or alive.
They have already sentenced him.
Pray that he doesn't listen to you.
Because if Omar ends up with a body full of bullets, it will be your fault.
This is Omar Jamal.
I don't want trouble, ok? Alright.
- Olaegi! - Otherwise I wouldn't tell you Omar Jamal called.
He wants to turn himself in.
- What, turn himself in? - I'm sure it was him.
He's in Galdakao, at a warehouse in Erleches industrial park.
- I'm on my way.
- Me too, wait for me.
- I'll get a head start.
- I told you to wait.
I'll get the vests, I'll be right back.
Go on You have no reason to be here, get lost.
I'm not going anywhere.
Come on.
Knock it off! They've got nothing on you.
Exactly, I haven't done anything but convince you to turn yourself in.
- Maybe they'll even give me a medal.
- No, man, don't risk it.
- Go on, get lost! - Listen! I'm not going anywhere.
Take off your clothes.
Don't look at me like that.
We're not doing anything dirty.
It's so the police see we don't have explosives.
Come on, hurry up.
You can't go any faster? I don't want to get a fine.
Hands on your head.
- Relax! - Hands on your fucking head! Don't move! Handcuff them.
What, you want me to run people over? What happened to your lip? I must have cut it in the explosion.
We're two minutes out.
Hey, where are you taking us? Keep quiet.
Jamal isn't in the warehouse in Erleches.
I repeat, Omar Jamal isn't in the warehouse in Erleches.
Calling all units, close the parameter 1000 meters.
Let us go! He turned himself in, dammit! I want controls at the highway entrance and on all of the side roads.
WE HAVE JAMAL Either he changed his mind or our buddy has a very messed up sense of humor.
What are you going to do to us? You can't do this to us.
You're cops, dammit! These guys aren't cops, Ahmed.
Subtitle translation by Megan Mundt, Antonio Humanes