Vida (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Call me if you need anything when you're in town, yeah? Can you stay after a bit? [MOANING] No matter how much I want to do you and me, I can't just think about myself no more.
LYN: You think I could borrow some money? EMMA: Vidalia was completely over-leveraged.
I need to get the building to bring in enough until I can find a way to sell it.
[MARIEL MARIEL'S FOTO PA TI] Para encontrar el amor hay que salir a buscar Para cambiar hay que saber cambiar Salirse del vaivén, tomar la carretera Mirar las piedras, cosa pasajera Tanto trabajo, no me relajo El intelecto me está matando Mira que yo voy adonde va la situación Que siempre hay motivo de celebración Ponme a gozar, persígueme Para empezar, invítame Pregúntame cómo me llamo No tengo identidad Puedo ser lo que te guste más En la pista soy tu fiera con la pierna en tu cadera Soy la pícara mañosa, consentida y caprichosa En el patio de tu casa, en la disco, en la playa Vaya donde yo vaya Vaya donde yo GEORGE: I don't know.
That was ridic Who knows? CHASE: This dude was Asperger-y.
- I'm telling you.
- He was on the spectrum.
Who does that, you know? Well, you know, suffice it to say, I let him go.
CHASE: You had to do it.
The guy's a liability.
Uh, so how many upper management did we let go? Like, um, half of them.
Chase, will you get me the exact number, severance packages, company history, all of that? I need it for the report.
Yeah, we can send it.
All right, moving on to Brunig.
CHASE: Intel's coming back that Brunig's got this old battle-axe CEO who's not really looking to fire anyone.
Fucking boo.
Uh, well, we're gonna need a female to talk female, then.
We're gonna put you on this, Emma.
George, I can do the analysis, but I won't be back in time for a presentation.
I have a lot of family loose ends to tie up here in L.
Oh, right.
Yeah, the Did you get our thing? Yes.
Very nice flowers.
Thank you.
Hasn't it been, like, a whole week since her mom died? Six days, actually, Chase.
And because I've never used any of my vacation time, I'm doing that now.
How long can we expect you to be gone exactly? I won't be gone long, but I can't really guarantee a timeline right now.
Well, all right.
Thanks, everyone.
WOMAN: Just a medium coffee.
- [CELL PHONE VIBRATES] - Oh, what? MAN: Hey, can we get some help over here? [SIGHS] It's racist.
¿Cómo que racist? It's historic.
It, like, honors the Japanese culture.
Then why does it say "La Chinita"? What you mean? Why does it says "little Chinese girl"? Well, it's a Japanese chinita.
I know some people around here are okay with casual racism, running around calling all Asians "Chinos," but I'm not.
It has to come down.
We need all the help we can get, and this branding isn't helping.
Hey, if you're trying to get esos hipsters up in here, I might feel some kind of way about that.
Hey, what's going on? Your mother, the unwoke dinosaur that she was Hey! Never understood that what was keeping customers away had a lot to do with abuelo's racially tone-deaf geisha imagery, along with the bigoted name.
It has to come down.
What would we call it? That's not important right now.
But isn't it? Doesn't it have to have a name? Yeah, what's it gonna be called bar? Vida.
That's the perfect name for it Vida's.
That's what everyone around here calls it anyway, right, Eddy? Yeah.
Everyone's todo like, "Hey, let's go to Vida's.
Why don't we meet at Vida's?" [GIGGLES] Oh, what, so you're a professional brander now? You can just pick a name out of thin air? Well, no, but I think I can have an opinion about the name for our own bar.
Why don't you go for a jog? Maybe watch a little more TV while you're at it.
- Gacho.
- I was just trying to help.
You know what, Emma? Sometimes you can be such a Such a what? A voice of reason? Do whatever.
Take it down, leave it.
Do whatever you want.
All right.
So the sign Pues, I know a guy who knows a guy who can take it down for cheap.
- He lives a la vuelta.
- Great.
Now, so what I think I should do is scope out the competition in the area.
You'll see, Eddy.
We'll wash away the sins of the mother.
What? Nada.
Hey, ¿qué pasó, Marisol? What's going on? Why you fucking with your sign? Ah, pos, apparently it's racist.
Well, yeah, it's racist as fuck, but why are you taking it down now? Are you guys thinking of changing things up? I don't know.
I-I think that's the plan.
All I know es que we got to take it down so we can get more customers or some shit.
Damn, just don't let this become one of those places, porque, like Over my dead cuerpo, Mari.
No fucking way.
All right.
Stay firme.
Ahí te watcho.
You forgot your card at the register.
Oh, my God.
Well, thank you so much.
That dress is perfection on you, by the way.
- Thanks.
- All right.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Do you want a picture in front of our Insta Wall? What? [STAMMERS] - I don't know.
Is that a thing? - Here, I'll take your bags.
Yes, the pictures look sick.
If you say so.
- Is here okay? - Perfect.
Work, girl.
One more.
- You're beautiful.
- [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - LYN: You're so sweet.
- MAN: All right.
I've got some angle options there for you.
Oh, my gah.
I love.
- Be sure to tag us.
- Thank you.
[GROANS] - Damn it.
- Here, let me help you.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
[SIGHS] You'd swear I have, like, noodles for arms.
- [CHUCKLES] - Fantastic.
Now everyone knows about my super-serious T-shirt addiction.
IPhone cases.
Sorry? I'm a pretty serious iPhone case addict.
Actually, I just bought three today.
Who needs that many iPhone cases? [CHUCKLES] I don't know.
I guess a person who's really into keeping their iPhone safe.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] So each lotion is named after an Aztec goddess.
The whole line is named Diosa.
That sounds so Uh, that sounds nice when you say that Diosa.
It means goddess.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
Am I holding you hostage? No, no, no.
Seriously, this was not the best planned business trip.
Uh, I don't have anything else until dinner tomorrow night.
What about you? Uh, I'm just visiting family over on the Eastside.
Eastside? Like, Silver Lake? Yeah, around there.
- What? - [CHUCKLES] Um Listen, I'm, uh I'm staying with my friend Charlie while I'm here.
He has this amazing house in the Hills, and there's always a party going on.
If you're not doing anything and I'm not doing anything No te me vas a escapar de nuevo Y en tus oídos Urband Melodía Faltan diez para las cuatro [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] Can I get you something? What's in a Dirty Frida? Tequila, orange mist, and a bit of Diego.
Just a mezcal, neat.
It's gonna be eight bucks.
Eight dollars.
Is that, uh, high for this neighborhood? It's, like, $15 downtown.
There you go.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Ay, mi nena linda Me fascina tu manera de bailar Yo no te dejo de mirar Ay, mi nena linda Me fascina tu manera de bailar No te me vas a escapar You're the last person I expected to see in here.
I'm just, uh doing, uh, research Uh, uh, market research for the bar.
- Oh.
- Just checking out what the standard is around here.
Well, then you should meet my standard friends.
Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm [WHISPERING] Just quietly scoping out the competition.
Just one drink, and then I'm Okay, well, Miss Fancy Consultant, don't you think you should know the bar patrons, too? For your market research? - [MUMBLES] - Come.
Meet everyone.
Hoy me juego por tu amor [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Mi gente, this is Emma.
- EMMA: Hello.
- MAN: ¿Qué tal, comadre? WOMAN: Hi.
MAN: Dale, dale.
Muévete, muévete.
A ver.
MAN: These guys have been at it since yesterday, so apologies if they're a little rowdy by now.
So pretty.
Can I take your bags, miss? Ah, sí.
Por favor.
De nada, señorita.
You know, I-I spent a semester in Mallorca, and there is nothing sexier to me than when you guys roll your Rs.
Come meet these bunch of maniacs.
- HARPER: Jackson, what's up? Where's my juice? Fuck, I forgot your juice.
HARPER: Oh, fuck.
We should get started, if that's cool with everyone.
[CLEARS THROAT] [PEOPLE WHISPERING] I want us to continue our conversation about the new coffee shop on 3rd.
We have to make a move before they open to make real impact.
The owners are raza.
They're gente.
TLALOC: Doesn't matter.
They can be gente, and they can be from the neighborhood.
[CELL PHONE CHIMING] They're still displacing.
We know this.
They're gente-fiers.
So we'll get that protest going, and we'll catch the shit at the root.
Hey, um, what about La Chinita bar? I saw that they were taking down their sign.
And those two sell-out daughters are gonna be taking over, and I know they're thinking of selling.
And they're definitely trying to change things up to bring in different clientele, from what I hear.
We should do a paro there.
We'll take a look at La Chinita.
Well, I'm just saying, I know those two sell-out white-tinas, and whatever they're planning for the building can't be good for the familias that live there.
Yeah, okay.
We'll keep it in mind.
TLALOC: All right, how many for City Hall next week? Coming with us? GIRL: I got to see if I can get off work.
MAN: I can give, like, five people a ride, maybe six.
We got a lot of work to do.
- Hey, what's up? - [SIGHS] I've been trying to catch you all day.
Why haven't you texted me back? My phone's dead.
It's inside.
I just put it to charge.
Girl I've got something to show you.
- Come on.
- What? [SCOFFS] [SIGHS] YOLI: I was trying to tell you before you went in there.
That's posted? No, it's not.
Not yet.
Mari I mean, it's obvio that Tlaloc sent it to people who started sending it around.
No, it's not obvio to me.
He he wouldn't do that.
Just send that shit to people? Oh, please tell me you're not gonna do that Be a total pendeja about this.
There's only one cabrón who could've taped this, and it was him.
And it's not like the Hacking Fairy came at night and texted that shit to everybody.
No seas that girl, Mari.
He recorded me? He recorded it? MAN: All right, man.
Finally, a fucking drink.
She keeps getting it so wrong.
Would somebody teach them how to make a proper gimlet, please? Here.
Shut up and be happy.
Mm, no, fuck that.
That makes me shit.
Lyn, will you pass me some of that, please? I am obsessed with your eyebrows.
[SIGHS] I keep telling my girl I want, like, Frida brows.
Really? I kind of hate them.
How in the world can you hate these? I can't stop looking at you.
HARPER: Here, take this away from me.
Do we swim, or do we swim? - Aah! - [LAUGHTER] I guess we're gonna swim.
- JACKSON: You want to go swim? - Let's go, Charlie! - LYN: Yes.
- JACKSON: Okay, let's go swim.
- Hey.
- Wait.
[GASPS] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - Oh! [GASPS] - [LAUGHING] Oh, my God.
I feel so bad.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Whoo! Who says I'm ratchet just 'cause I like getting the D? I say you're ratchet, honey, but because you a messy bitch.
This is what sex positivity looks like.
No, this is what a sucia cochina mugrosa looks like.
Don't fall for this fuckery.
This one has a PhD in organizational leadership, and that one's working on a masters.
EMMA: No, I get it.
I recognize a proud power bottom when I see one.
- [LAUGHTER] - MAN: Oh, she called it.
Google Earth from space could've called it.
Come on, let's keep it cute.
Let's go dance, y'all.
CRUZ: Ah, in a little bit.
All right.
I'll come.
MARCOS: Un comadre.
Vente a mover el culo.
- [GASPS] Oh, fuck, man.
What the fuck? You scared the shit out of me.
- I was just waiting for you - What the fuck, Tlaloc? Sorry.
I was just waiting for you to come out.
I didn't want to knock.
You off to work? Yeah, I'm fucking off to work.
What the fuck are you doing here? Well, it was weird to me that you didn't stay to talk after the meeting.
I know there's some things we got to talk about.
So I'm the one that's got to go looking to you to talk to you about the shitty thing you did? Well, that's why I'm here.
You were recording us? - That's so - It was just for me.
You got to believe me.
It was just for me.
Hey, I just like how pretty you look - when you're giving me - Oh, dude, please.
I have no fucking clue how it got out of my phone.
So it just fucking got out on its own? I'm for reals, Mari.
That's why I'm here.
I didn't send it to anyone.
I don't know if it got on my cloud and then my roommate got a hold of it.
Shut the fuck up.
The cloud? I'm hella serious, Mari.
I-I I got to go to work.
Mari [SIGHS] - I'm gonna be late.
- I-I I got to go.
Mari, come on.
MAN: Aquí tienen pa' que no se me rajen, eh? ALL: Pa' arriba, pa' abajo, pa'l centro, pa' dentro.
[REBELS' BANANA PLAYING] Hot, Hot - Otro, baby.
- Young girl like it Old lady like it She don't like it I don't want it Banana duro Banana tieso Banana perverso EMMA: Do you know how incredible you are? - What if he doesn't take me back? - You have so much potential.
Banana sweet Banana nice Banana big Banana long Banana nice Banana sweet [SONG CONTINUES] [CAIFANES' LA NEGRA TOMASA PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND] [DOOR CREAKS] [MUSIC VOLUME INCREASES, INDISTINCT CHATTER] CRUZ: There you are, desaparecida.
I want to be totally basic and get one of those micheladas with the chamoy.
- Do you want one? - Sure.
You're having a good time, huh? See? Things aren't so bad around here.
Hey You think I don't like it here, that I hate where I grew up? Yeah.
That's what I've deduced from all the years you've stayed away, yeah.
I never wanted to leave.
Vidalia sent me away.
Do you know that? de mi negra preciosa One day she found me with Lucy, this little girl that lived in the building, and we were [SIGHS] I don't know, touching, I guess Uh, kissing.
And we were, like, 11, and Vida freaked the fuck out, and there I went to live with abuelita in South Texas.
You never told me that.
No, because that's the kind of shit I had to put together later After I figured out why she sent me back that second time.
That time, she found fucking poems and journal entries.
Why the fuck did I ever keep a journal? It was just so stupid.
Que cuando se va de casa Triste me pongo They were all about you.
And there went Vida, freaking the fuck out again.
By then, it was undeniable what she was freaking out about.
Emma Bebita, I'm so sorry.
Why sorry? Because that pinche hypocrite was still in the closet back then? Had to work out her own fucking gay shame by sending me away? Don't be.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] I lived happily ever after.
Ay, ay, ay Esa negra linda Que me tiene loco Que me come Poquito a poco La la la la la la La la la la la la Mi negra linda Nunca me dejes [LAUGHTER] [LIGHTS BUZZING] [SPRAY PAINT CAN RATTLING, HISSING] [BOTH MOANING] [CRUZ GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [EMMA GROANS] - CRUZ: [ECHOING] Emma? - [EMMA GASPS] Emma, you okay? - [BREATHING HEAVILY] - CRUZ: Hey.
What can I get you? Water.
Just get me water.
Okay, okay.
- [LAUGHTER] JACKSON: No, that's not what they call it.
Jackson, you have to bring this one to Mammoth next weekend.
You don't understand.
I am in love with her.
[LAUGHS] What do you say? I live for Mammoth.
- [LAUGHS] - Yay.
You guys, Lyn is coming to Mammoth! [ALL CHEERING] [RETCHES, COUGHING] [ALL GROAN] - [SIGHS] - WOMAN: Disgusting.
Charlie! You throw up every time! [SCOFFS] Aurora! [CHUCKLES] Charlie threw up again! I feel so bad.
She has to keep cleaning it up.
That's what she's here for.
Mm, it's so gross.
Oh, my God.
Lyn, you're gonna be obsessed with Mammoth, because it's, like, hashtag heaven.
Like, the photos are out of this world.
I swear, like, half my following [SOLEMN MUSIC] [SUSANA BACA'S MARÍA LANDÓ] - María no tiene tiempo - María Landó De alzar los ojos - María de alzar los ojos - María Landó Rotos de sueño - María rotos de sueño - María Landó De andar sufriendo - María de andar sufriendo - María Landó Solo trabaja María solo trabaja, solo trabaja - Solo trabaja - Solo trabaja María solo trabaja y su trabajo es Ajeno La madrugada estalla como una estatua Como una estatua de alas Que se dispersan por la ciudad Y el mediodía canta campana de agua Campana de agua de oro Que nos prohíbe la soledad Y la noche levanta su copa larga Su larga copa larga Luna temprana por sobre el mar