Vida (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 I am looking at different options for the building, including a potential sale.
I didn't agree to sell nothing.
Johnny! I want to take care of you here Aah! I'll pay my mother's debt before I ever sell to you.
EMMA: We're gonna have to stay a little longer until I figure out what we are going to do.
Tú lo que quieres es que te coma eltiguere Que te coma eltiguere, que te coma eltiguere Tú lo que quieres es que te coma eltiguere Que te coma eltiguere, que te coma eltiguere Tú lo que quieres es que te coma eltiguere Que te coma eltiguere, que te coma eltiguere Tú lo que quieres es que te coma eltiguere Que te coma eltiguere, que te coma eltiguere Tú lo que quieres es que te coma eltiguere Que te coma eltiguere, que te coma eltiguere Tú lo que quieres es que me coma eltiguere - [WOMAN MOANS.]
- Yeah? Yeah? Tú lo que quieres es que te coma eltiguere Que te coma eltiguere, que te coma eltiguere Tú lo que quieres es que te coma eltiguere Que te coma eltiguere, que te coma eltiguere Tigueretiguerazo Tiguerazo Tiguere tiguerazo Tú lo que tú eres es un tigueretiguerazo Tiguerazo Tiguere tiguerazo Tú lo que tú eres es untiguere tiguerazo Tiguerazo Tiguere tiguerazo, zape gato [MOANING.]
Tiguerazo Tiguere tiguerazo Tú lo que tú eres es un [MOANS.]
Es untiguere tiguerazo Tú lo que quieres es que te coma eltiguere Que te coma eltiguere, que te coma eltiguere Watch me as I ride this wave They're beyond amazing.
They were substitute teachers, like, basically last year, and now they're playing Coachella.
Yeah, I haven't heard of them yet.
You want me to share their playlist with you? I mean, if you don't mind me knowing your profile name and stuff.
No need.
- Got it.
Thanks for the recommendation and everything else.
I hope it did the trick for you.
I'm so thirsty.
Hello, Loquita.
Why "Loquita"? You know Some of those moves you did I mean I watch some porn, but I must be watching the wrong kind.
Which moves? You know Like when you twisted around so I could see how I looked going in.
Like that.
That's a move? Hey, I don't mean nothing by it.
I just mean you got some wild new tricks in your repertory.
I like it.
It's like the old Lyn, but, like, 2.
0 and freaky.
Your body, too.
Like these.
I mean I like 'em.
I'm not going to lie.
But also, there was nothing wrong with the old ones either.
- [SIGHS.]
¿Quiúbole? Do you understand that that is a shitty thing to say? Wait.
Why? I'm telling you I like them.
Where you go Where you going? Lyn! [SOLEMN ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC.]
- Hey, shady lady.
Is this insomnia, or are you just getting in, too? Just got in.
I was hanging out with Johnny.
Emma, why is it all so complicated? [SIGHS.]
Because you make it complicated, Lyn.
You're a full-on agent of chaos.
No, it, like, follows me.
It's a scientific fact.
I can't escape drama.
Where have you been? I knew it.
- Okay.
- I totally knew it.
Then why didn't you say anything? - Why didn't you say anything? - When do we ever say anything? God, that's so true.
That's sad.
We should say stuff.
You know, for a while, I was a little fluid myself.
I mean, who isn't, right? [CHUCKLES.]
I guess it runs in the family.
I'm just saying I support any way you want to identify.
I don't identify as anything.
I'm just me.
No, I hear you.
I'm just saying Your sister supports you.
So did you have fun tonight? Are you going to see that Sam again? - I don't do that.
- You don't do what? See people again.
See, that's sad, too.
Hey, do you think I could borrow some money, just to get by for a little bit while we figure out the whole bar situation or how we're gonna split the profits or whatever? What bar profits are you talking about? Have you not understood what I've been saying? Vidalia was completely overleveraged.
She took out that fucking loan which she was never going to pay back.
So all we inherited, little sister, was her debt.
And what does that mean? And please don't yell at me for asking.
It means I paid the overdue mortgage payments out of my own money to keep us from going into foreclosure, and foreclosure's bad, just Well, I know that.
Now I need to figure out a way to get the building to bring in enough to pay its own mortgage until I can find a way to sell it.
Well, fuck.
There's just too much I don't know about how they were running this place, because the wife has been shady about showing me the books.
You know what? I'm not gonna wait for her.
Emma, wait.
I know they're in there.
I'm sure Eddy has the key.
You can ask her for it in the morning.
If she wanted me to have the key, I'd have it already.
Emma, no! [GRUNTING.]
This is so unnecessary.
- JOHNNY: Oh, it's just me.
What the hell are you doing here? It just got too late.
I didn't want to wake Karla.
Well, nah, 'cause then she'd know you've been stepping out on her.
Shut up, Mari.
No digas things you know nothing about.
No, hey, I do know, okay? I fucking saw you.
Yeah, I saw you at the shop with that puta, cabrón.
Johnny, you're not that dude.
You're about to be a dad.
And Karla she's good people, okay? She don't deserve you doing to her like this.
You think I haven't said all this to my own self? Then por qué chingados are you doing it? You don't get it, 'cause you never had a thing like this with nobody.
Me and Lyn No, please.
No empieces with Lyn, okay? Because I'm gonna throw up.
Look, all I know about Lyn and you is that every time she comes around, you turn into a pendejo.
Only before, you didn't have a kid on the way.
You don't have to be a husband to be a good father, Mari.
Can you hear yourself? You know, why don't you mind your own fucking business already? - Really? I'm - ¿Qué están haciendo? Es muy noche.
Sorry, Apá.
Um, I'm just not used to Johnny sleeping here, so me asustó.
No, you were being a metiche, Marisol.
I heard you.
Tu hermano He's a grown man.
Go back to bed.
Apá, I wasn't being a metiche.
A dormir, te digo.
- Did you find stuff? - Yeah.
Even though this thing is a hot mess.
And by the way, what kind of dinosaurs keep their bookkeeping in an actual book? Even though it's a mess, I can tell that Vidalia had this place bleeding money.
The wife, too, for that matter.
She doesn't exactly seem the brightest.
Emma, don't be mean.
They never raised the rent.
They ran bar tabs no one ever paid.
The drinks cost the same as when we left.
And they're borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.
I seriously don't see how this building can be salvaged.
EDDY: You don't want to save it.
So what do you care? You just want to sell it and go.
Sell it? Has no one been paying attention? There is nothing to sell.
We owe more than the building is worth.
We were fine until Vida had to take out that loan.
There is no way you were fine if you had to take out a second mortgage.
Pos, we were making due.
- They lent us that money so we could fix all the plumbing upstairs.
And te lo juro that we would have worked it out, because we always did.
Your Amá always figured it out.
But then she got sick Really sick.
And by then, who gave a fuck about pipes and mortgages and shit like that? She was fucking dying! [FOOTSTEPS DEPARTING.]
Eddy, I'm so sorry.
No te quería molestar, pero it's the sink again.
Mi viejo doesn't come back until 4:00 this morning from his shift.
Oh, okay.
I can take a look.
Eduina, Eduina.
¿Viste? Estos me los regaló un fotógrafo muy famoso.
Ay, excuse her.
Tita's on her shoe trip, like she gets, where she swears she was a famous shoe model.
Yo no sé de dónde saca esas cosas.
Claro que sí fui shoe model y muy famosa.
But then ese viejo bueno-pa'-nada came and fucked everything up, and then no more beautiful shoes.
- Tita.
- Eduina don't you never marry a lazy man.
Don't worry, Doña Tita.
I won't.
Por acá, Eddy.
Where did she get all those shoes? Sabrá Dios.
Eddy, ¿me disculpas? I have to get ready for work.
- Sí, pásele.
- ¿Sí? Ahí te dejo entonces.
Sabes que si you no talk to las plantitas, they die? Y no es el agua.
Es la conversation.
¿Verdad, mi linda preciosa? I should have you come over and talk to my plants, Doña Tita.
I don't have the thumb.
Sabes a mí me han dicho, "We all die three times.
" Una vez when we breathe our last breath.
Y luego when they put us in the ground.
And third when the last person alive who knows us and remembers us says our name for the last time.
I don't have to tell you, but three more families have been pushed out of their homes this week.
- That shit ain't right.
- ALL: Mm-mm.
We need to step it up.
- MAN: Yeah.
Ya límpiate la baba.
How's that "bajapantis" routine working on you, too? Cállate.
Even the nonprofits letting this shit happen.
So, like always, we remain the last line of defense.
We cannot lose another Pérez, another González, or another Calderón family to these developers.
We need to take action.
This is economic warfare.
- That's right.
- Let's do it.
All right.
I need help looking for buildings that are for sale in the 90033.
Any volunteers? Ay, Mari.
I was thinking of hunting down some vegan food downtown.
- Are you up for it? - No, not right now.
How's it going? Here, make yourself useful.
Take these up to the wife.
Tell her these are personal and have no business with the bills and invoices down here.
This is what I get for asking.
Also, tell her she needs to come down and explain her scribblings from those notebooks I found by the bar.
And you come back down, too.
I'm about to open the bar, and I'll need your help.
- You could say "please.
" - Please, Lyn.
Just please.
YOLI: Hey, you're going to that vendor rally in Hollenbeck? Want to walk over together? - Um - Hey, Mari.
Can you stay after a bit? Talk about posters? Yeah.
Of course.
Thank you.
- Um - WOMAN: Okay, bye! - No.
No, that's all right.
- Sorry.
EDDY: Hey, let me grab the notebooks.
I'm gonna go get my marching orders.
Although if you guys are gonna want me to tend bar, y'all are gonna have to show me.
I don't know a single thing about mixology.
- KARLA: Where is she? - Oh, hey, Karla.
- Where is that puta? - Which one? You know who I'm talking about, Eddy.
- Where's Lyn? - Uh, Lyn? - Uh, I haven't seen her.
Come on, Eddy.
No soy una pendeja.
I might be a cabrona right now but I'm not a pendeja.
You're not a cabrona, and you're not a pendeja, Karla.
Why is everybody playing dumb right now? Hey, girl, I know that you're encabronada, but maybe that's not so good for the baby.
You know you recognize that tattoo.
Don't even front like you don't.
Don't you cover for that cualquiera, too.
EDDY: Hey, I'm not covering for no one.
I just never seen you like this, so you got me all frekeada.
KARLA: That bitch thinks she can come back here and play with people's lives? It's all a game to her, Eddy.
She was always like this.
Una hija de la chingada.
Sorry, Eddy.
You know what I mean.
Not saying anything about Vida.
What do you think you're doing coming into our place of business, causing a scene? Emma, I have no bronca with you.
I just want to talk to your sister, and I'll be on my way.
And I have no bronca with you, but you need to go.
Hey, Karlita, maybe leave this for later, for when you're more tranquila.
Really, Eddy? You're gonna take that low-down bitch's side in this? Fuck you, Eddy.
You known me all my life.
EDDY: Hey, come on, Karla.
Hey, enough with the chola antics.
Watch who you call a chola.
You're not coming in here and disrespecting this person you claim to know all your life when she just buried her wife Because you're caught in some hood love triangle! Have some fucking respect! Eddy, I meant no disrespect.
This This is just a shitty situation to find yourself in right at this moment.
Karla, you should talk to Johnny.
He's the one who gave you that ring, not me.
- You're something else, Lyn.
- She is.
She is something else.
You're not wrong to want to murder her, but not here, okay? Fine.
But I want to give you something.
This is what Johnny missed when he didn't show up to our appointment this morning.
You should remember, you're messing up three lives, not just two.
Chaos, Lyn.
Always the fucking chaos.
TLALOC: All right, I got it.
Hey, Mari.
Come over here.
Why do you look like you're going to the principal's office? [CHUCKLES.]
Hmm? I like it when you do your hair like that a lo chonguito.
It's 'cause it's dirty.
Uh, my hair.
Damn, girl.
You really know how to handle me, don't you? Mmm.
Wasn't that just the tackiest thing anyone could possibly do? Like, she thought of that move ahead of time and brought the sonogram on purpose to make some kind of point? I mean, who uses their unborn child that way? [CHUCKLES.]
Wait until Johnny hears about this, because he's going to, and he's gonna think she is so ratchet.
Lyn, you do understand that you're the wrong one here.
What you're doing, it's wrong.
You know what? I know everyone around here abides by these notions of monogamy that society has imposed on them, but fuck that.
That shit's not real.
Lyn, you just fucked up that girl's life for sport, just to prove that you could, but this isn't school games anymore, Lyn.
You and Johnny need to grow the fuck up.
There's a link I have with Johnny that I'm not even gonna try to explain to you because you're incapable of understanding anything having to do with real human emotions.
So why don't we just leave it at that? Is this what you're gonna do with your time Watch TV all day and jog? - What do you want me to do? - I don't know.
I could really use your help figuring out how to save this building.
But that's not what you do, right? No, your thing is letting other people fix your problems.
MAN ON TV: I just want to say that No, wait, Amber.
I want to say this one thing to you.
If I walk out of that door, that's it, I mean it.
No more looking back.
Are you okay with that? JOHNNY: You know the last time you left I changed it all around.
I was like "I'm gonna turn my life around.
" I took night classes.
That's when I started working out, not eating pork, all that shit.
And that's when Karla came along.
She helped me pick up all the pieces.
- No llores, please, baby girl.
You know I can't stand it when you cry.
I just did this all wrong.
I No matter how much I want to do this, no matter how much I want to do you and me I can't just think about myself no more.
I can't You could've just told me this in a text.
You didn't have to bring me to the most romantic parking spot in the city to fucking break my heart.
I owe you better than that.
Come on, a fucking text? And this is so stupid, but I couldn't leave things how we left them last night.
I mean, if that was going to be the last time - we were ever going - [SIGHS.]
Who gives a fuck at this point? I give a fuck.
I need you to know that I wasn't saying any type of thing about your Well, about your boobs.
I think it came off like that.
Don't Stop.
You're making it worse.
Lyn I think you're the most beautiful thing that's ever walked the world.
And I didn't want you to go off thinking otherwise.
I didn't even want to get them done.
Did that asshole make you do it? Not that asshole but another asshole.
And he didn't, like force me.
I just didn't know how to say no.
I'm so bad at saying no when people want me to be the thing they need, you know? I'm so stupid.
- No, you're not.
- I am.
I am, 'cause look at me Now I'm stuck with these and [CRIES.]
All alone.
- Just stop.
- [GASPS.]
Some old Cuban man gave Vida this cigar, like, when it was illegal.
Es más sabroso.
¿Verdad? [CHUCKLES.]
She was saving it for a special occasion I don't know, for, like, when the girls had a baby or something.
I don't know what for.
Why do we do that Always save the good stuff for later? And later never comes.
And we never get to enjoy it.
Yo no.
Yo sé que my days are numbered.
So I touch every leaf, every petal, and I grab, eh, puños de tierra.
And when I can get away with it, I grab an ass or two también.
Doña Tita! Hey, I'm not dead till I'm dead.
Pass me that cigar.
Me and Vida we had so many plans, Doña Tita.
We were gonna remodel the bar.
She had a whole "Pin-interest" board of design ideas.
We were even gonna tell the girls, uh, about us getting married bring the family back together again set things right with Emma.
But then ¿Ya ves? [SIGHS.]
You know what I should've done? Mm.
I should've dipped the cigar in some rum.
Vida always liked her cigars dipped in rum.
Pues sí.
Our Vidalia was a beautiful dragon.
Although si lo mojas, pues luego no prende.
- What you mean? - The cigar.
You can't light it if it's all wet.
Enterita te la doy EDDY: You're right.
Pues me ha llegado hasta el alma Lo que por ti siento yo Yo quiero hacerte feliz Puedes creerlo porque sale Del corazón Que vive enamorado Del corazón Del corazón que te hablo Del corazón Quiero unirlo con el tuyo Del corazón Para que sean solo uno Ya que somos uno solo Tratemos de ser feliz Pues la vida es una sola Tenemos que aprovechar Seré sincero contigo Y espero que tú conmigo Pues es la única forma Que sale, que sale Del corazón Te amaré toda la vida Del corazón Y yo espero que tú a mí Del corazón Lo que yo te digo sale Del corazón Que se desvela por ti