Vida (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 What's wrong with you? Our mother is dead.
Hi, I'm Eddy.
Oh, my fucking God.
It's Johnny! Because Eddy's good people and her wife just died.
- How long ago? - Full-on married? Just two years.
Listen to this, Vidalia has left us the building, but we have to split it three ways.
- With the wife? - Yeah, we have to sell it.
Hey, what the hell? Get your cracker ass out of our neighborhood, all right? Nobody wants you here! Pinche gringo pendejo! What the hell? Lyn! Lyn Good morning.
You know I don't do the whole co-sleeping in bed thing.
I freaked out with my bed by the window.
I don't know who moved it back.
I guess they're not worried about drive-bys anymore.
It's awful Martha Stewart's awake.
I'm sure she's a lovely human, but, like, do we have to deal with her? Not not for long.
I'm meeting with that developer to discuss options.
Do you think he, or they, or however that works, do you think they'll want to buy the building? I hope so.
Or I mean, we can give up our inheritance and save ourselves a headache, I mean, that's also an option.
Even that takes six months to probate.
What even is "probate"? For a second when I woke up I forgot why we were really here.
Are you coming with me? I want to It's just that Juniper flew down to get his truck, and I have to go meet him.
Heads-up, I might spend the night.
Oh, hey.
Buenos días! - Good morning, Eddy.
- Morning.
Something for your panza, before you guys go out.
Los chilaquiles are a hundred percent vegan.
Chequeé online and everything just to make sure.
- That's so sweet.
- Yeah.
I wish we had time to, like, properly Mm-hm.
But you know what? Uh A little bite won't, you know Oh, my God! These are beyond! I want to make sure that you are aware that I am looking at different options for the building, including a potential sale.
That's where I'm heading right now.
Thank you, um, for all this.
Seriously, thank you.
- So good! - I'm sorry, but I don't wanna be that person, mala gente, but I didn't agree to sell nothing.
And if I'm correct, I do happen to own a third of it, so I think maybe I get a say.
I think we can all sit down and talk about it when Emma finds out what's going on with everything, right? Well, I'd know better what's going on if I could see income ledgers, expenses, tax returns? Just to be better informed.
Do you think I could take a look at those? Mm, your Ma is the one who kept the books.
I would have to look for them.
I'll be so grateful if you did.
But I'm not selling, no matter what the books say.
I could never do that to Vida.
Then I'll see you in court.
This is your girl, La Pinche Chinche, bringing you the real, multilayered tragedy of gentrification, mi gente.
This house, I knew the familia that lived there.
I went to school with two of the boys.
Pero now, because their landlord was money-hungry for them Trump dollars, they've been displaced to the Four Winds, or to Norco, but to a one bedroom for the five of them.
But you know what the real tragedia is? That's the real tragedia, that you've got neighborhood people.
And no shade, okay? Because I know everybody's gotta eat and pay that rent, but they're the ones that are nailing these nails to these fucking coffins, building these putos sideway fences! Gentry-fences? They make them for rich assholes that are colonizing our hood! Qué onda, guüey? I I'm sorry if I fucked that up for you, Mari, I, uh I'm just really glad about what you say.
N-no, it's it's fine.
Do you wanna finish it off? It's It's for my my Vlog.
I'm doing one about these sideway fences.
I I know your Vlog.
I'm subscribed.
You want me to do it? What? Oh oh, yeah! Well, let's take it over here.
You ready? Yeah.
Mi gente, these opportunistic putos, these corrupt city politicians and these greedy ass developers with their talks of inclusive planning process es puro talk.
It's meant to obliterate us! To obliterate us! So, what you gon' do about it? Let me tell you.
We're gonna speak up and we're gonna use our voices to unapologetically protect what's ours, by any means necessary.
You feel me? Tlaloc out.
You don't have to use that if you don't want to.
No, I will.
It's It's what I was trying to say.
It's great.
Right on.
Shit, look, I-I gotta get to school, I'm riding the bus these days, so I'll see you at Vigilante's? Yeah, of course.
One more, babe? Yeah, baby.
Oh, fuck! - Oh.
- Hey, babe.
- Did you bring a plug? - No, f-fingers are good.
Wait, wait, wait! Are you getting dressed already? You expect me to stay half naked while you break up with me? I I said a break.
I said I need to explore a break, for both of us.
- Like I said.
- Could you? Could we not make this, that, please? I'm sorry that I'm making it that for you.
Come on, babe, this is already hard enough for me as it is.
Are you serious right now? You know, this is not how I wanted this to Fuck! The cylinder's like jamming.
Yeah, I, look Hey! Babe I wanna be here for you.
If you need I don't know, if you need closure, or something, I I I wanna You know, I don't wanna be that guy.
Here's closure for you.
You waited to dump me until after I ate your ass.
Whoa, wait! That's so fucking shitty of you to leave me with.
- You'll be fine.
- Wait! Uh - Lyn! - Yes? That's your bag.
You fucking packed my bags? Just the one.
Lyn, look, I don't wanna be tacky and have to ask, but I'm sorry, baby.
I mean Lyn.
Know this about yourself, Juniper.
You broke up with me two days after I buried my mother and that will always be the truth about you.
Espíritu infinito, ábrele el camino para que le llegue la ilumuminación.
Ábrele el camino.
Ilumínala, Padre.
Ábrele los ojos Te tronaron.
What? Que si tu gringo broke up with you.
Oh Va a estar un poquito bitter, pero it'll calm you down.
Yo te lo digo, he was not the one for you.
Yeah, you said that yesterday.
Y? Was I right? Pero, like, you said something else.
- You said that - Te dije that your true love has and always will be here.
Pero that's like confusing.
Por qué confusing? The cards estuvieron muy clear.
Your big love está aquí, at home.
Señora, that could only mean Johnny, that we're meant to be together.
Las cartas no dijeron nothing about a man, mi amorcito.
- It's bigger than a man.
- But see? I don't I don't get it.
Could you look at your cards and ask if Johnny still loves me? Eso no es algo that I have to see in the cards.
Sí, este Johnny todavía está empelotado contigo.
Pero can you call that love? Wait.
So So he does love me? Ay, Dios mío! Sure, yes.
Thank you! Thank you, Doña Lupe.
Gracias! Muah! And and and for esto, también.
I¡No, hombre, yo sé! iEstas pendejas nunca hacen caso! ¿Qué le vamos a hacer? I pictured you in knee-high boots plowing through that Chi-Town snow by now.
Not yet.
Still things to do here, and I noticed you didn't treat yourself.
I don't do sweets.
That's new.
Is it? When this was a regular panadería you always let me buy you orejitas after school.
Funny, I don't remember that.
Oh, really? What happened? They're good, but not as good as the old-school ones.
Now, everything's slowly becoming a plastic version of what they were, right? - Mmm, hm.
- First of all Almond milk, café de Goya.
Like, what? And what panadería had tables and Wi-Fi growing up, yeah? Mm-hm, that's the only place with Wi-Fi in a whatever block's radius, so I'm grateful for the upgrade.
Speaking of upgrades, I hear you're thinking of making a deal with Nelson.
This fucking neighborhood! Nelson has single-handedly transformed block after block of this neighborhood.
You can't just hand over your property to Cruz.
We're not discussing this.
Sorry, I just Yeah, okay.
Bueno, back to work.
I I'm right next door, at Unidos Por East Side.
Cruz Thank you for this sweet thing.
Call, or text, or smoke-signal me, if you need anything while you're in town, yeah? Or when you're back in Chicago.
Oh, my God, you have no toilet seat.
I had to, like, yoga squat.
Why don't you have a toilet seat? No need.
All dudes here.
I mean, but like, for clients.
You good, then? What do you mean? Oh, yeah! Thank you.
C'mon, I'll walk you out.
Are you okay? Me? I'm fine.
You don't seem fine.
- Do you wanna talk about it? - No! No, no, no, no, no! You're not coming up here doing all that! Doing all what? Lyn, I'm real sorry about your amá.
I mean it.
In all this, I want you to know that I'm sorry she's gone.
Thank you.
But I shouldn't have gone to the velorio.
'Cause I should've remembered about you.
I should've remembered that you'll always be a mala hierba.
No, I know you got used to it, Lyn.
All those times you came back 'cause of whatever asshole up there wasn't working out.
All those times I came back to you, like a baboso.
And every fucking time you break my heart! Well, I'd say that it was much more complicated than that, Johnny.
Please! All this time I'm not letting you get in there! I ain't the same pendejo from before, who just smell you and starts babeando.
I got myself a great girl and I'm about to be a father with her, and you know what? I've never been happier about nothing in my whole life, so I'm begging you, please, for however long you have to be in town this time, stay the fuck away from me! Apá! No fuistes a diálisis? Hoy no, m'ija.
What do you mean "Hoy no"? You know you have to go to get your dialysis today, Apá.
Si no, te pones real sick.
Pos Johnny nunca vino.
- What? - Tú me haces otra cita, m'ija? No, Apá, okay? That'll get you out of your rotation.
Usted sabe what the doctor said! Your call has been forwarded to an Okay, just put your pants back on, voy por Johnny, okay? I'll be right back.
Johnny! Johnny! Eres la hijita de Vi Vidalia? Mm-hm.
Qué pena! I am so sorry.
- Gracias.
- Yeah.
You always won the spelling.
Siempre le ganabas a mi hija, Chela.
Eras bien aplicada.
But now you are here, just like me.
About to lose everything.
- No, I'm - Pero don't feel bad, m'ija.
Son víboras.
These people, they are sucking the blood out of the neighborhood.
Pero sabes qué, m'ija? In a way, this was always going to happen to you guys.
Ever since your mother turned You know.
People didn't go to the bar.
I don't know how she kept it going all those years.
Not that los Hernandez were ever known as good business people.
Before, tampoco.
But at least, your abuelo kept things going.
We're ready for you, Sra.
It was nice seeing you, m'ija.
Good luck in there.
She's - She's really gone! - Shit! Mami is gone! Shh.
Thank you, Daria.
You have to try this coffee.
It's crack! I met these guys when they were first brewing the stuff out of their garage in Silverlake.
Now they got shops all over LA.
We're trying to get a location in Cesar Chavez going.
I think people there are gonna love it.
Try it! I came to talk numbers.
All right.
Down to business.
I like that.
So, it's gonna take some finagling, alright? But I'm prepared to twist an arm if I have to, to get you an offer that's gonna cover not one, but both mortgages.
Both mortgages? What are you talking about? Let me show you.
You see, your mother, may she rest in peace hadn't raised the rent on these tenants for years.
Since she took it over from your grandfather, probably.
When I first met with her, she was having trouble making the payments on the first mortgage.
You know the one she took out for all those building improvements? And then, when she got sick, she started having a little trouble keeping the bar open every day.
So the bar business started to decline So that's when we came in, with a very generous offer, by the way, for a second mortgage.
For a 110 percent of the value of the building.
But the funny thing You gave my mother a predatory loan.
We owe more than the building is worth.
I see why it might look that way.
- Mm.
- but you're a smart girl.
Well, thank you.
Think about it.
Your mother was in the thick of it.
It was a matter of survival for her.
And, to be honest, it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to start thinking about it that way too.
You knew Vidalia would never be able to pay this loan back.
What I want you to focus on is you're a hair away from foreclosure.
But you don't want that on your record.
So look, if I can even swing it and get you the offer that'll cover the entire mortgage Emma, you take it and run.
Because no one else will pay you anything close to what you owe.
I wanna take care of you here.
I'll pay my mother's debt before I ever sell to you.
In fact it's exactly what I'm going to do.
I thought you were staying with Jupiter tonight.
Yeah, there's no more Jupiter.
How much are we getting for it? It's not good.
Vida owed a ton.
She owed everything, actually.
Made a fucking mess of things.
Wait, so What's gonna happen, then? We're gonna have to stay a little longer, until I figure out what to do.
Until I figure out what we are going to do with all of this.
You weren't going to say a word? I figured you'd find out in the wash.
Is that flan still good after two days? Well, yeah.
Flan keeps for a week.
More, sometimes.
It's gotta get eaten.
This is corn flan, this one's chocolate and this one's got some weird nuts in it, so No está tan rico.
Oh, man! What was, uh Chela's last name? The one I used to always beat at the Spelling Bee.
- With the moles? - Mm-hm.
- Benitez, I think.
- Oh, yeah! Benitez.
Her mother is an asshole.
Oh, yeah, not a nice woman.
She made some trouble for us here and there.
Vieja metiche.
Flan has like, milk, right? Yeah, y eggs.
Fuck it.
God, I'd forgotten about flan! It's impossible to be a 100 percent vegan here.
No te preocupes.
We won't tell nobody.