Vida (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 EMMA: I hired Mari to help with Eddy.
Emma, she hates me.
- You needed a handyman? - You're Mr.
Nava? We were a detour, Lyn.
That's it.
You waited to dump me until after I ate your ass.
EMMA: We're kidding ourselves, Cruz.
NICO: You're the new owner of La Chinita.
EMMA: Come by the bar.
[LATIN MUSIC] [GRUNTS] [CLEARS THROAT] [LATIN MUSIC] - Yo lo quiero y lo reclamo - EMMA: Lyn! Yo decido cuándo deben llegar Quiero estudiar, tener trabaj para ser ejemplo de sociedad Tú mereces todo el derecho De las decisiones que tomarás Eres dueña de todo tu cuerpo Y no te dirán cuándo procrear [SCREAMS] [SCOFFS] Is that really the earliest you can get here? WOMAN: Please hold for one moment.
Yes, I'll hold.
There isn't a single thing of mine in this box.
It's like you were an only child.
I'm sure mami kept some stuff of yours.
It's like Vida wanted to completely erase me.
At least I got spared this.
You're basically a Latina JonBenét.
This is borderline child abuse.
I never even liked dance team.
I was just really good at it.
Fucking Vida.
She kept this place a fucking pig sty.
Of course there's vermin everywhere.
- Miss Hernandez? - Yes, I'm here.
We can have someone there between 11 and 8.
Fine, if that's the best you can do, we'll see you then.
Pest control can only give us a window between 11:00 and 8:00, which is, you know, fucking ridiculous.
How extra is this bikini? So tacky, right? You know, Juniper took me to Ibiza, too.
Lyn, rats.
We have to be here for pest control, - but I have to run an errand.
- Well, I can be here.
Or I can run your errand.
I can do whatever Thank you, but [EXHALES] Lyn, today, um today I want to sign a lease to my new place.
So you're for sure leaving me alone with Eddy? Mari is helping, and I'm going to be around during the day.
But what that means is that the night shift is always going to be mine, and that's shitty, Emma.
Look, I don't mind that I had to give up driving a car or a fucking job with benefits.
I've come to terms with all that.
All I ask is for my own fucking space.
Just please! Thank you, Em.
You should get your own space, absolutely.
EMMA: Um, excuse me? Maybe you could knock next time? Knocking on an open door is stupid.
- You see me.
- Morning, Baco.
What do you need done today? - Did you finish upstairs? - I got to finish the second coat, and then the floors.
What do you need done down here? I want the bathrooms painted.
Fine, I'll go start taping.
But I'm going to be upstairs most of the day.
He is always so disrespectful.
The door was wide open.
If I could afford anyone else, I would get rid of him in a second.
Hey, Em? You have to tell Eddy you're moving.
I was so cute.
I want it all gone.
How long will it take you? Well, you're going to need turpentine for the mirror and the toilets.
Okay, and if I get that for you? No, I mean, I got all that.
- Okay, then - You're just going to have to air things out.
And it depends on if you want me to do it while customers are here or not.
The actual act, how long will it take? Chale man, you are tightly wound.
You're headed straight for a heart attack.
Excuse me? I can have graffiti out by the end of day.
Not the final coat, but the primer and the first coat, and I can get the shit off the mirror and the tiles, too.
- Great.
- And if you need help with the rats, I can lay down a few traps if you want.
Please don't eavesdrop again.
You got a voice on you, and you don't like to close your doors.
Besides, any idiot can see you have a rat problem here.
I've got it handled, thank you.
Are you okay? My sister's kids were throwing up all night, so now, she can't help me set up.
You know, I didn't even want to have the baby shower, but it's too late to cancel it now.
Hey, hey listen, um I know that, uh I know we planned to have me here helping.
You know, back before.
So I'm glad you called me.
I want to do whatever you need.
Good, because I did notice when I picked up the cake from the panadería, but they misspelled my pinchename, so.
I can't leave to go get it fixed, so could you go do that, - please? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.
I spoke to Eddy.
Wait, about the will? Oh, my God What, no.
Didn't you just tell me to say something about me moving? Why would I bring up the will right now? I guess I just feel like one day, you're just going to go nuclear without a heads up, and I'm just, like, on alert.
Yeah, well, you do agree we need at some point, though, right? Yes, but, I mean, when she can walk for herself, maybe? Did she say something about you moving? Nothing.
She was fine.
But what she did do was try to get me to use these homemade rat traps that Vida has in storage.
Why is every solution Vida had to any problem some rascuache Band-Aid? I don't even understand how this place is still standing.
I'm gonna go downstairs and wait for the rat catcher.
Wait, I thought you wanted me to.
Oh, I got it.
Could you go get some heavy duty garbage bags and a new broom? - The one we have is disgusting.
- Okay, but um, I don't have any money.
- Oh, here, take my card.
- No.
I mean, don't you have cash? I don't.
Just take the card.
Come in.
Hi, Mari.
I haven't asked.
How's your dad? He's good.
EMMA: Eddy's in the bedroom.
I'll go open up.
[DOOR CLOSES] Eddy, quihubole? Oh, good, you're awake.
EDDY: Hey, Mari.
I was just watching videos of baby otters.
- Están biencute.
- Oh.
Well, what do you say to a bath today? Well, I-I say please and thank you.
[LAUGHS] All right, come on, let's get you out of bed.
[GRUNTS] Thank you.
I'll be there later.
[LATIN MUSIC] Y ni se entera el cielo En donde - Nico, right? - Good memory.
- I came.
- You did.
Told you I wanted to check it out.
Well, check away.
The last time I was here, the clientele looked a little different.
I mean, it was it was this, but it was I don't know, more inclusive.
We're in transition right now.
It's just the old guard before the dyke bar days.
I really don't care which guard comes, as long as people come and drink.
Lisa will help you.
What's up, man? Señora, please.
I just need you to JOHNNY: Yo necesito que me componga el nombre.
Ay, ahora resulta que a Chuchita la bolsearon, ¿verdad? You guys spelled the name wrong.
It's not my fault.
I mean, I'm trying to fix it A mí no me vengas con eso.
que yo sé muy bien lo que le hiciste - a la pobre de Karlita.
- Señora, what I'm saying is that this cake is for Karlita.
She just needs you to add a palitohere for the K, because y'all misspelled her name.
Ah, ahora resulta que la culpa es mía.
No, I'm not JOHNNY: I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying that you guys spelled it with a C and not a K by mistake, y lababy shower is, like, in an hour.
Señora, excuse me, if this was the bakery's mistake, you should want to fix that.
Mira, pues.
¿Cómo me traes a esta descarada? - Excuse me? - Lyn, please.
[EXHALES] Sinverguüenzas.
Los dos.
JOHNNY: She's not with me! What the fuck are you doing here? It's, like, illegal for her to refuse to fix it.
You know that, right? Excuse me.
Hey, you're just making things worse.
Excuse me? Hi, hello, yeah.
Hi, I'm so sorry, hi.
Um, I know you must be so busy back there doing, like, a million things.
But this cake has, like, a teeny, tiny mistake.
It's so gorgeous, by the way.
And this really nice guy needs it for his baby shower today, and I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind doing us that huge favor.
[SCOFFS] Thank you so much.
That's so beautiful.
Have a great day.
So you're having your shower today, huh? Don't fucking follow me, Lyn.
What? I just fixed your problem.
You know, do me a favor.
Don't ever think that you need to fix anything.
You just caused trouble for me in there.
How? You're walking away with a not-misspelled cake.
Right, because you threw yourself at that fucking kid, and put on a show like you always do.
When exactly did I put on a show? You know what you did, with the whole "Oh, can you my cake uh " You always know.
I was just trying to be a friend in there.
Well, don't.
We're not friends.
We're not going to be friends.
In fact, I'm asking that if you see me out and about, don't feel the need to come up to me.
J, I'm sorry, but I'm here now for good.
You're going to see me, and I'm going to see you.
- That's just reality.
- Not if I can help it.
[ENGINE STARTS] [YELPS] It ran over my foot when I was on the toilet.
Casi casi me muerde.
I am so sorry about this.
We'll get your bar tab for the night.
Psh, you think that's going to make up for it? This is not a shithole I'm coming back to.
Ma'am, please.
Okay, If no one else but her husband gets up to leave with her, at the threat of rats, you have some loyal patrons.
[LATIN MUSIC PLAYS] Yo quiero verte en mis brazos y ya te he conocido These pest people need to get here already.
Can you just [GRUNTS] Must have been pretty rad growing up in a gay bar, huh? No, I wasn't here for the whole gay bar part.
Well, this wall is pretty stunning.
Is it? I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or not yet.
This is your bar.
This wall, this says, "This is a safe space.
" Those bathrooms full of graffiti, they're a haven.
It's so ironic that it reads that way to you.
Growing up, this place was far from safe for a queer.
One of my favorite commissions was this travel series about public restrooms as reclaimed sanctuaries.
Commissions? Mm.
Bartending is a day job.
And the night job is writing? Mm.
Well, graffiti is not really what I imagined for the bar.
This place has great bones.
And it has personality.
You can't renovate that.
If I were you, I would start with a good, solid happy hour to reward the regulars.
Eh, no fancy cocktails or anything yet.
I thought you were all about fancy cocktails.
I am, but you're not that kind of bar.
A bucket of beer, that's the kind of bar you are.
Fancy drinks, that can come later.
Too bad, I kind of liked the fancy cocktail you made.
Well, then, I should teach you to make it.
I mean, for future reference.
If you'll allow me behind your bar? You'll have to be my hands, though.
I'm legally not supposed to touch anything back there.
- What a stickler.
- Always.
First ingredient, a squirt of simple syrup.
- Hey, Lynny.
Hey, Eddy, how you feeling? Do you need me to get out of your hair? Oh, we're just going to do some table walking.
MARI: You sure you don't want to use your cane? - It's good practicing.
- I don't want to need a cane.
Just stay next to me.
You're doing really good, Eddy.
EDDY: Just a couple more days of this, and you'll see.
I'll be all the way better.
No one will have to table walk me como perra.
MARI: Ay, Eddy, it's not even like that.
[LAUGHTER] Hey, Mari, are you going to Karla's baby shower today? Of course.
Ah, I know this album.
Your amáused to take this out from time to time, and brag about you.
Lyn was a trip.
She used to be in this dance group, and Vida used to dress her up real pretty.
Damn, she looks like a baby drag queen.
What? No.
She looks like a pretty muñequita.
Like Mestiza Barbie.
Man, those pictures explain so much.
- What do you mean by that? - Just like, the way you are.
LYN: How am I? [EXHALES] Just like, the way you've always been.
Now, it's this fake hippie shit, but I remember when you used to be all, like, those halter tops, and the Juicy Couture sweatpants that no one around here could afford.
You think that was real Juicy? It's not her fault that she came out bonita.
Look, I get it, you know.
I guess if it's the one thing you got going for you, then I guess you milk it, right? [EDDY EXHALES] I think I need a break, Mari.
'Ta, bueno.
MARI: Um, let's get you to the recliner.
That'll give me a chance to clean up back there.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] [SIGHS] TITA: Who are you hiding for? I'm not hiding from anyone.
Ven, tráete tu chair.
You look like a dog that just got his shots.
Here, te voy a dar a little of my special tamal so your worries go away.
Pero, take your time.
[CHUCKLES] Remember when in "Alice in Wonderland," she took the cookie, and then, she turned big and small? Well, it's like that, only solo tú vas a pensar in your head that you're big or small.
I got it.
So this is, like, a pot brownie but, like, in tamale form? "Tamale" is what the gringos say.
That is a tamal.
Thank you, Doña Tita.
All right, Eddy, it's time to get you back in bed.
Oh, I wish I could stay out here a little longer.
I know, but I got to get you comfy and safe before I take off to the baby shower, so.
Oh, can you give Karlita my cariño? - Yeah, come on.
- Okay.
[GRUNTS] EDDY: You washed the sheets? Yeah, I thought you'd want a fresh bed.
Did you wash everything? What what happened to-to the San Diego T-shirt? I washed it.
Was was I not supposed to? Mari, that was the last thing that I had that still smelled like Vida.
- What? - I sleep with it, and then, I put it back in a Ziploc bag so it still smells like her.
Uh I I'm so sorry, Eddy, I Can you just give me a minute? If fact, ¿sabes qué? You can take off early if you want.
I I just kind of want to be alone, if you don't mind.
Yeah, yeah, sure, Eddy.
Um Again, I'm so sorry.
I didn't know.
[EDDY SNIFFS] [SNIFFS] - I'm not crazy, right? - Right.
She's absolutely horrible.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I see.
Nobody needs that muchguüero hair.
And I think it's natural.
It does look natural, God damn it.
I bet you that she has no rhythm.
At least I got that over her.
Mm, I don't know.
Aquí parece like she's got some rhythm.
- What? - Mm-hmm.
Fuck my entire life.
She does.
She's basically Amal Clooney.
I can't I can't I can't compete with her feed, Doña Tita.
[GROANS] Who told her that she could run some sort of, like, environmental non-for-profit, and still look amazing in a thong? [LAUGHS] - It's not fair.
- Mm-mm.
Oh, I got nothing, Doña.
I have done nothing with myself.
The train passed me by, and I never even thought to get on it.
Sometimes, it's not the train.
Sometimes, it's the bus you get on.
Psh, you'll still get there.
Vas a ver.
She never thought I could get there.
I could tell.
She would be all, like, "Find a man, mi'ja.
That'll be the only way for you.
" - Mm-hmm.
- She said it over and over.
And that shit seeped in.
After a while, you believe it.
Calladita te ves más bonita.
- Mm-hmm.
- My entire life.
What kind of a thing is that to say to your own daughter? Ay, ay, ay, ay, no em pieces con que tu mami fucked you up.
Your mami did give you something.
She taught you that you were a peacock, and that's a lot.
Learn to use your feathers, chingao.
[LAUGHTER] [BOTH LAUGHING] Uh, I wouldn't recommend it.
Ran away and joined the Army, and then I never went back to Austin.
But I also probably wouldn't change a thing.
Running away builds character.
[CHUCKLES] The fucking pest people aren't coming, are they? Well, why don't you just go to Home Depot and buy some traps? Actually, you know what? Yeah, I should let you do that.
Turned this into a day drinking day.
If I don't leave now, I won't be able to ride my bike.
Well, thanks for swinging by.
[CHUCKLES] I'll see you later.
Are you okay? Work for us.
Work for me here at the bar.
Create a menu for us.
Help me figure out how to shape this place.
Oh, wow, uh [CLICKS TONGUE] I'm sorry, Emma.
It sounded to me from what you said that you don't have the money for a position like that.
And-and right now, I-I can't really do any sort of pro bono consulting, no matter how much I like the bar.
I found the money.
I'll find it.
I was going to rent something here with what I'm making off leasing my Chicago place, but fuck that.
We need you, and I'm not taking no for an answer.
Let's sleep on it, yeah? [ENGINE STARTS] [LATIN MUSIC PLAYING] I changed my mind.
I don't want the graffiti painted over.
Are you fucking serious? Hey, follow me to my office right now.
[EXHALES] [GRUNTING] [SLOW GUITAR MUSIC] [SOFT GULPING] [EXHALES] [SOBBING QUIETLY] [BREATHING SHAKILY] [GRUNTS] [BREATHING SHAKILY] Rocío de todos los campos [SNIFFS] Rocío de sal en el mar [SNIFFS] Tu baile no pisa la luna - [SNIFFS FURIOUSLY] - Y el viento comienza a cantar - Tú enciendes el fuego en la noche - [SOBS] Escuchas los grillos hablar Tomorrow, you should bring some of those rat cages or rat traps or whatever they're called.
You can email me the invoice.
[EXHALES] [EXHALES] [CARLA MORRISON'S "DISFRUTO"] Me complace amarte Disfruto acariciarte y ponerte a dormir Es escalofriante tenerte de frente Hacerte sonreír No te fallaré Contigo yo quiero envejecer Quiero darte un beso, perder contigo mi tiempo Guardar tus secretos Cuidar tus momentos Abrazarte Esperarte, adorarte Tenerte paciencia Tu locura es mi ciencia Ah-ah Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh Uh-uh-uh-uh Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh [LAUGHTER] Disfruto mirarte Cada movimiento Un vicio que tengo