Vida (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 Work for us.
Work for me here at the bar.
We were a detour, Lyn.
I want to see who you're looking to bring in here.
She feels a certain kind of way around you, and, honestly, I don't blame her.
I mean, I'm still coming for that beauty of a building.
It's like you were an only child.
I'm sure mami kept some stuff of yours.
VARIOUS; Happy Birthday Emma! Are you gonna show me if the neon works? Does it blink? You're settling in.
It's not a little presumptuous? I just mean I'd work on the foundation first, then make the big public gestures.
As they say, you can't put lipstick on a pig.
And I'm gonna trust the business acumen of a man who dresses like a newsy? So you noticed I got style.
That means you're looking.
Yes, and to confirm, you can put a vest on a pig, but a pig it remains.
Just two more to go.
You're not done yet? And here I thought I'd met my match.
Fuck you.
I'm still destroying the top score today.
This is how you address your local councilman? I will assassinate you, Councilman.
Ah, salty.
- No, wait.
I can't.
- Huh? Oh, right.
This is very public for me, too.
Um, we can go back to my place if you want.
It's not too far from here.
No, it's not that.
It's just that, um I'm kind of on a fast right now.
I'm taking a break from Vitamin D.
Not forever, though.
But just for, like, the foreseeable future.
Mm, enough said.
- Don't get angry, Councilman.
- Mm, no, no, I respect a good self-discipline regimen.
Shall we? Oh, um, heads up, literally.
You still have a massive situation down there.
That I do.
Um, I'm just gonna hang back and Good idea.
Just tell me one thing that's wrong with him.
He has magnificent credit, which, come on, isn't something you see around here.
He's young and educated, has a housing grant for two years, which means he won't miss a payment.
But it's just only one application.
We're not getting to choose, nomás que What else do you want? He's perfect.
He's from the neighborhood, and if it makes any difference to you, he's queer.
Well, he's gay, and I know how those young gay boys can get.
I actually don't know if Marcos identifies as a boy.
But I know he's fucking queer and Latinx and that should do something for you.
- Emma.
- She's like a straight viejitosometimes.
You don't know how these gaycitosare to us.
They're mean girls.
Is this someone for Don Fully's place? Yes, Marcos This kid that I think would be really great.
But Eddy here is objecting to him just because.
Would you like to meet him in person first? - Maybe that would be good.
- I think the application should be enough.
I said I would run the applications by you, and I have.
I just don't know him.
See, that's the problem right there.
She's objected to everything To this yard sale, to me hiring Nico, this new tenant, all because she's not the one making the decisions.
Well, yeah.
I mean, not alone.
Perol do want to be in on the decisions.
I just don't see why we need this Nico person, and I don't see why you didn't tell me hastalater.
We needed someone to cover you while you heal.
You know I gave up having my own place to hire Nico, right? Yes, we know, and we thank you.
Eddy, I have been watching Nico for the past week, and she's a badass.
I think you're going to love her.
I just need to be consulted more.
I am a partner here.
I have say.
Do you, though? - Do you really? - Emma.
I'll go set up.
Stuff from up here, I think that I should go through first.
Those are your amá's Beanie Babies.
No, that's how much you know.
Our dad gave us these.
Yes, he did.
He he used to give them to us for, like, birthdays and stuff.
Papiused to say they were gonna pay for college.
I think it's funny people thought these things were actually gonna make any money.
Let's hope we get a few dollars today.
Made us a system to end all systems.
Let's do it.
That's for you.
Okay, I got the picture.
Think we could get away with 150 for these? To start, that is? Kind of want to get a bidding war going.
150 American dollars? As American as bean and cheese burritos.
In this neighborhood, maybe $1.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
These are legit antiques.
Hey, and I promoted this shit all over the trades and networks.
I got I got collectors coming, interior designers.
No, these signs we get a bidding war going over these, it's enough to cover the new bar stools alone.
Somebody's done this before.
Ooh! It's like a proper swap meet back here.
Watch out, Mercadito.
Nico's running the ship, so Reporting for prep duty, sir.
Look alive, soldier.
Let me show you your station.
Over here we have the under-$5 table.
Hottest-selling item at this level the dollar grab bag.
I once made a G selling Ziplocs stuffed with Monopoly McDonald's game pieces.
- Shit goes quick.
- Genius.
- Want to get us some Ziplocs? - Yeah.
I think there's some behind the bar.
Uh, you want to try that again, soldier? I mean, sir, yes, sir.
I'm on it, sir.
She's cute.
Oh, my God.
- You scared me.
- Sorry, I-I just came to Oh, we're not open yet.
I'm sorry.
I know.
I'm your neighbor.
- Just wanted to bring you this.
- Hmm.
I wanted to let you know we'll be, uh, turning off the water for a couple of hours, and I wanted you to have time to plan ahead.
Oh, wow, for us, too? Unfortunately, but we'll be super quick.
Well, thank you for letting us know.
What are you doing here? We're not open to the public right now.
And we're never open for you.
I just wanted to give you a heads-up.
I gave your stunning sister the notice.
A good day to both of you.
That motherfucker is our mortal enemy, Lyn.
He's the Nelson that wants this building.
That's him? Got it.
Oh, he's going on the Arya Stark list immediately.
I'm gonna put his wanted picture up by the bar like they do shoplifters.
That's my mixer.
Excuse me.
Was there an exchange in legal tender? It's not for sale, Carol.
Do we know each other? Oh, shit.
Is your name really Carol? I-I just picked the first white name that popped in my head.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
It's not for sale.
- Come on.
This was on your pinche dollar table.
That's weird.
Those even in fair condition go for, like, 25 bucks.
Cuántas otras cosasof mine are out here? Oh, Eddy, right.
Hey, I'm glad I finally get to say hi.
I'm Johnny.
- Hey.
What's up? - All right.
Maybe we should take a lap around the tables and you can tell me what's good to sell, what's not.
Hmm? Are you who I can talk to about the pool table? No, she's, uh, on her way.
I can talk about the pool table.
Sorry to see this place go out of business.
- It's not going out of business.
- Oh, it's just an estate sale.
Listen, 1,200.
I can get a truck over here in less than an hour.
For the Cola sign? The billiards table, my best offer.
Oh, nothing inside the bar is for sale I'm sorry.
1,300, but, really, my final offer.
Sorry, but, no.
You at least got to counter.
How about nothing? Uh, there's a dart board somewhere around here.
Sounds like it's a big decision.
Think on it, and if you change your mind Hey, Emma, I could throw that away for you if you want.
If you're going to be out here, Eddy, don't hinder.
Help, or go back upstairs.
Oh, don't look at me like that.
I know she's not supposed to come down the stairs, but you still brought her down.
She hurts herself, it's on you.
How much for a Beanie? What am I doing here, you ask.
Well, I'm not being creepy.
You are in my district, and, um my Beanie Baby collection is missing that exact one.
Don't make fun.
It's just crap.
Oh, you think Lion Beanie's crap? Somebody will pay good money for Lion Beanie.
I think my tíaTencha used to collect these.
Everybody has that tíaTencha that collects things, don't they? My dad used to give us those for, like, birthdays or if we, like, got good grades.
Well, I never got them for that, but But he used to do this little thing.
High five.
On the side.
Down low.
Break the hole.
Split the pickle.
Tickle, tickle.
I don't remember that one.
I freaked you out a little by coming, didn't I? Maybe dropping by unannounced is a little bit - abusing the powers - No.
I just I didn't want you to see the bar until we had a, like, a soft opening or something like that.
We're so in transition right now.
That's the exciting part.
But I get it.
So I'll take my Beanie, and I'll be on my way.
- It's on the house.
- I insist.
It's my rightful Beanie.
Sorry, I just had to.
Buena compra, ¿ah? Have you eaten? Eh Are you opposed to marinated rubber? Well, tempeh.
Tastes better than it sounds.
Hey, you got to eat something.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Shit is moving.
Got to be close to a couple Gs at this point.
A little closer to 3,000, actually.
We're gonna be able to get that soda gun system.
Oh, moving on up to carbonated beverages.
Hey, Emma, fireman He wants to talk to you.
You the owner of this bar? Yes, is there a problem? You need to follow me.
Of course.
Uh Thank you.
Muchachos, gracias.
Chau, nos vemos.
Chau, chau.
Hey, Lisa, would you mind? Just in case any of the buyers come up to you while you're cleaning up.
Yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
I can help you, Lisa.
Some of that stuff's real heavy.
Hey, um, you don't have to.
But thank you.
30 days.
How are we gonna keep the bar closed for 30 fucking days and not go under? Is it 30 days at most or at least? - Even one day is bad, Lyn.
- No, I know.
I'm just trying to figure out if this 30-day thing has any wiggle room.
The fire marshal said 30 days is the earliest he could come.
I've seen him do it earlier than that, but you kind of have to have an in with the fire marshal.
You know who's behind this? You let him in here to look around.
Who? Public enemy from across the street, that guy? - Nelson came in here? - You think he did this? Oh, I know he did this.
I'm sure he has the in with the marshal.
That piece of shit.
Fuck! As if this place wasn't already hemorrhaging money.
Okay, okay, this is this is rite-of-passage shit.
It happens.
I've been through this before.
Let's focus on what you're being fined for.
We'll make your checklist, we'll get the repairs done, we'll call the fire department, we'll tell them we're ready for the reinspection, and hope they can come in earlier, okay? But nothing can happen until we get the repairs done.
- Extinguisher needs servicing.
- Easy.
Exit signs aren't correctly illuminated.
We'll get new bulbs.
Those exposed wires are live, but we have more electrical problems.
It's gonna cost a shit-ton.
- No, I got a guy that specializes - Not to mention the backlog of unpaid fines Vidalia ignored.
That's gonna fuck us.
Cuálesunpaid fines? Come on, Eddy.
I don't know nothing about no unpaid fines.
You know what? I actually believe you.
Vida lived her life behind a veil of secrets and lies.
Why would she tell you about something like this? Vida did the best she could with what she had.
I'm not gonna let you hablar de ellaasí.
Vida is taking a shit on us from hell, Eddy.
- I'm dead serious, Emma.
- God, Emma! A shit on the place abuelobuilt.
Hey, at least she kept it going.
How many places in this neighborhood have gone under or have had to sell their liquor license? Huh? She kept this going for you.
She really shouldn't have.
Look at this shit.
Look at her legacy.
If you hate it so much, what are you doing here? I don't know what you thought it was going to be.
I don't know either.
Hey I think I have an in.
Nico, right now I just need to be Thank you.
I'm sorry, Nico.
I might just need to take a walk to clear my head.
I don't really have time to strategize right now.
I know.
How big is your head? Excuse me? - Oh.
- Gracias.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Valentina? On a taco? Why do Mexicans always react that way whenever I put Valentina on a taco? Well, first of all, I'm not Mexican, but I think it's because you have all of these salsas at your disposal, and Valentina is for, like, chips and fruit or something.
But then again, I say that with the authority of a non-Mexican.
Well, all my life I've been policed to be the thing I already am.
Why can't it be a Mexican thing if a Mexican is putting Valentina on a taco? I stand down, Miss New Mestiza.
Well, if you're not Mexican, then what are you? Oh, well, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, mostly hondureña y argentina, boluda.
Nice combo.
I like to think so.
My grandfather would bring Valentina back from Mexico when he would go visit.
Now they sell it everywhere, but there was a time when people had to bring it back, I guess.
It reminds me of him, of home, when he was still here.
I mean, things were just so different when he was around.
God, I was so stupid to think that I could make it all like it was.
Well, no, I thought I could make it better than it was.
You will.
I don't know about that.
I got so fucking cocky.
I've been on teams that have resuscitated Fortune 500s from the fucking dead.
This shithole bar my mom left behind Easy, right? But the joke's on me.
You ever read Bird by Bird? No, but I have read Anzaldúa, so don't think I missed your New Mestiza reference.
Yeah, well, Bird by Birdis this book by Annie Lamott.
I like her, but she's definitely a white woman with dreadlocks, so You know.
Anyway when she was a kid, her brother fucked up bad and waited till the last minute to write some ornithology report.
So he asked his dad, "How am I gonna catalog hundreds of birds in one night?" And his dad said, "Bird by bird.
Just do it bird by bird.
" That's how you have to do it Go bird by bird.
- We said 1,300, right? - Yeah.
It'll have a good home.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
- Wait.
- Oh - Are you in? - Wha Not really.
Hold on.
Oh, yeah! Yeah! Oh, my God! Yeah.
- Oh! - Is that you coming? Oh, yeah.
I'm so close, yeah.
Oh! Oh, my God! Yeah.
Oh! Wait, you're not even, like Are you going to come? It's okay.
I was just enjoying watching you.
You're so gorgeous.
Oh but you but you didn't come.
- You weren't even, like, all the way - It's okay.
It happens.
Not to me.
It's not you.
Don't say that.
Don't you dare say that.
Oh, my God.
It is me.
I lost it.
I broke me.
Trust me.
Listen to me.
It's not what you did or didn't do.
It's just that I have this whole thing that I like, and missionary's not it.
Oh, so I was boring to you? Trust me.
I'm not boring.
Oh, God.
I'm boring now? No.
Nobody said anything about being boring.
How do I deescalate this? Wait, do you not think I'm cute? Cute? I think you're fucking stunning.
There's nothing wrong here.
Oh, my God.
This is so embarrassing.
I can't even You know what? I'm I'm just I'm going to go, because lately everything I touch turns to shit.
Wait, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What can I do to not make you go away like this? I really, really like you.
And I don't want this to be it.
What can I do? This is not how I thought I was gonna ask this.
What happened to the pool table? We're gonna pay the fines with it Bird by bird.
Abuelo'spool table Lyn, we made enough today to cover the exposed wires, but where was I going to find the money for all those fines? No, no, no, I-it makes sense.
I get it.
You needed to find the money.
And look, we have a dance floor now.
What we don't have is a cushion to keep this place open for another 30 days - without us making any money.
- We don't have to.
I fixed it well, the 30-days part.
A friend of mine, this new friend, he has the in or whatever, and as long as we do the fixes, he had the fire marshal agree to come back on Monday the 17th and do the inspection again.
Monday is the 16th.
No, it's not.
Yes, it is.
Today's the 14th, tomorrow's the 15th, Monday's the 16th.
Today is the 14th? Yeah.
Emma, today is the 14th? It's your birthday.
Why didn't you say anything? - 'Cause it's just a day.
- No, it's not.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I forgot your birthday.
I'm a horrible sister.
Everyone forgets.
It's just It's not a thing for me.
Oh, no.
We forgot your birthday.
I-We have to do something.
I have to get you something.
If your friend's favor is a real thing, that means we only have two days to get Em, high five.
High five.
On the side.
Down low.
Break the hole.
Split the pickle.
Tickle, tickle.
We are celebrating the day you came into this world, God damn it.
Shots! Que si me muero sea de amor Si me enamoro sea de vos Y de tu voz sea este corazón Todos los días Yo A Dios le pido - Thank you very much.
- Whoo-whoo-whoo! Thank you.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
That one was for my big sister.
Any other requests from the birthday girl? Sing that one again.
Whoo! - Whoo-hoo! Whoo, whoo, whoo! - Gladly.
Since it's the only one I ever learned.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Oh Cheers to you.
Que mis ojos se despierten Con la luz de tu mirada Yo A Dios le pido Que mi madre no se muera y que mi padre me recuerde A Dios le pido Que te quedes a mi lado y que más nunca te me vayas Mi vida a Dios le pido Que mi We got this.
Que mi alma no se canse cuando de amarte se trate Mi cielo a Dios le pido Que te quedes a mi lado y que más nunca te me vayas Mi vida a Dios le pido